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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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behind the scenes at the moment, brooke. >> got it. monu, thank you very much. we'll be waiting for testimony on that next week. i'm brooke baldwin. but stay right here, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. as comedian michelle mccarthy sheds a tear. a major white house shake-up today. the white house press secretary sean spicer has resigned. the move included a bottleneck of reporters and moves inside the briefing room. it left many white house staffers shocked. a short time ago we heard from sean spicer on twitter saying, it's been an honor and a privilege to serve potus and this amazing country. i will continue my service through august. this comes as president trump announces he hired anthony scaramucci who made his debut from the podium as white house
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communications director. >> ic think there's been at tims a disconnect between how we see the president and love the president, and how you see the president. >> times have changed since the days when donald trump railed against scaramucci's old job and he came back with words of his own for his future boss. take a look at this. >> another hack politician. >> you called him a hack politician? >> another hack politician. he's got a big mouth and he's afraid he'll light them up on fox news and other places. but i'm not a politician. your inherited money due from queens county, bring it, donald. >> scaramucci today jokingly
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admitted that trump reminds him of that every 15 seconds and he's apologized for it. this follows a major shake-up on the president's legal side. cnn remind him that ronald kasowitz will see his role diminish. corollo also resigned in trump's legal team. he was afraid he wasn't being told the truth. all of this to try to uncut special counsel robert mueller and his special investigation and has, according to the post, sk asked his advisers about the power to pardon aides, his family members and even himself in connection with the probe. one might observe that a lot of this is perhaps difficult to defend publicly. whether or not that played a role in spicer's departure, we do not know. we brought together our cnn white house team.
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they have been working their sources in the west wing. we're going to kick off with cnn jessica schneider. jessica, i think it's fair to say it was a smooth move for scaramucci, but he tried to lay credence to the president's free claim about millions of illegal votes for hillary clinton and he said the president is loved by the american people despite his staggeringly high disapproval ratings. >> reporter: that's right, the new director is already pushing the president's lines that the media has not pushed the long list of accomplishments coming from the white house. he says the media is not treating him fairly and that the american public can see through that. of course, this after a big day of shake-ups at the white house and the president saying few words about it. take a listen. >> make america great again. >> reporter: so now anthony
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scaramucci moves to chief messenger for the president as sean spicer calls it quits. a seismic staff shake-up in the west wing. sean spicer out as press secretary after six tumultuous months. spicer submitted his resignation minutes after anthony scaramucci, a former trump campaign organizer, accepted the job of campaigns director. >> i'm a business person, so what happens in business a lot of times is you have some rotation in personnel as you're making changes, and you have lifestyle choices that people are also making. >> reporter: scaramucci announced that deputy press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders, will move into the role. sarah is going to be the press secretary, right? congratulations to you, sarah. >> reporter: president trump asked spicer to remain on staff, according to a white house official, but spicer decided to step down instead, a move that shocked white house staffers. the president has been pushing to add scaramucci to the staff for some time, but spicer
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opposed the move since scaramucci isn't a washington insider. scaramucci is known as a wall street wheeler and dealer who started his career at goldman sachs. he denied any problems with spicer and chief of staff reince priebus. >> i don't have any friction with sean, i don't have any friction with reince. >> reporter: he pledged to advance his role with the advancement the white house is making that the media hasn't given any credit for. >> we talked about letting him be himself, letting him express his identity. >> before i get to the news of the day, i think i'd like to cover the news of the last 24 hours. >> reporter: sean spicer stepped up to argue the fact that the
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crowd was considerably less since the president was voted in as president. spicer seemed to be sidelined at the white house and on the president's trips abroad. in recent weeks sean spicer was replaced in daily press briefings by deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, and the president left spicer off the list in late may. he fumed about being excluded when other staffers like social media master dan scovino were present. spicer's place at the podium was widely spooked on "saturday night live." he became a house name as comedian melissa mccarthy took aim at his combative reputation. he said, it's been an honor to
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serve potus and this amazing country. i will continue my service through office. >> i commend him as he moves on to pursue new opportunities. just look at his television ratings. >> reporter: today marks six months and one day for press secretary sean spicer. scaramucci was asked if we would see a return to the on-camera press briefings which have been noticeably been less in the last three weeks. he jokingly said he would need hair and makeup and then say to stay tuned. >> moments ago we saw saef leavi -- sean spicer leaving the executive office. we have kaitlyn collins, jeremy diamond and sara murray who is in the briefing room.
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sara, let me start with you. spicer told dana bash that he wants to give the president and scaramucci a clean slate, that's the reason why he's leaving. what is president trump hoping this pick will mean? what's going to change? >> well, i think that there was some frustration that this job, this white house communications director job, was still empty. we're hearing privately the president has been frustrated. he feels like people have not been out there defending him as aggressively as he wants to be defended. he feels like his presidency is really under siege, under attack. when they look at someone like anthony scaramucci, people look at him like a killer. they defend the president even though he's not been working as a white house, he's still been out there as a surrogate. i think the president appreciates that, he add meyemi that. sean spicer rejected this move. he feels like scaramucci might be good on tv but doesn't understand the strategy side of this position. this is certainly not an easy
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job. sean spicer has learned that in his six months at the podium, or not necessarily at the podium but back in his office. so i think this was also sort of an opportunity for him to make an exit, albeit a little quicker than he expected. >> listen to scaramucci when he was asked about reports of friction in the white house. >> this is the white house, the united states of america. we're serving the president. i want to make sure that our cultural template is that we put the president's agenda first, which is perfect for the american people, and we serve his interest. so we have a little bit of friction inside the white house as a result of that, it's okay, we can live with that. i'm a business person. i'm used to dealing with friction. >> certainly less combative than the response one is used to hearing from sean spicer or even sarah huckabee sanders when it comes to these basic questions just about facts. >> i think we saw a knee jerker reaction from spicer every time he was at the podium.
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it felt like everything he answered needed to be pushback, and that was even about the government spokesman pushing back instead of providing information. we'll see this genial personality who will try to charm the press a little bit. the other side of that, which we've seen from scaramucci in the past, is much more combative. i think there is still the possibility of scaramucci to come out and be a more combative presence, i just thicnk he'll d it better. >> from the first thing scaramucci was asked to do, starting about being at the podium when he told the big lie that there was more of a crowd for trump than president obama, which was a bold-faced lie. that paled in comparison to how many press secretaries would have quit before that.
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>> it shows you how big politics are in the west wing. we heard that there are factions that constantly compete against each other and that led to sean spicer's resignation toeday. that's a great question, why wasn't it when he was asked about the crowd numbers? or when he was asked to defend the president's claim that 300,000 people voted illegally? none of those were too much for sean spicer but today it was. we really saw that affect his credibility and it leaves people speculating about where he's going to go after this. but it's not just credibility, it's personal jobs with spicer, too. you remember when they led in may, president trump constantly criticized him saying he wasn't doing well as a communications guy. we just saw him in six months in the white house. >> you saw that clip where
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scaramucci called him a bul bul and a hack. >> i was supporting another candidate, i never should have said that about him. so mr. president, if you're listening, i personally apologize for the 50th time for saying that. >> he does seem to have a rapport with mr. trump that sean spicer and others have not been able to establish. >> this is an entirely different relationship. sean spicer was never a peer to the president. i think the president respected him at certain points along the way and knew spicer had a tough job. but at least scaramucci is very friendly with president trump. they flew around on the plane together. scaramucci was there for a lot of these transition meetings when trump was making pivotal meetings of who he wanted alongside of him in government, and there was a lot of talk about getting scaramucci into
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the white house sooner that makes other relationships a fraud. there was really no one inside that the president will listen to when they say, i don't know if you should do that, maybe we should back off of this, maybe you shouldn't tweet that. maybe scaramucci will be able to approach that on a different footing. it was interesting to hear him say he wanted the president to have more freedom to be himself. i think the i don't recollect i don't recollect tim-- "new york times" is a great example of how he loves doing interviews. cnn has learned that special counsel robert mueller is asking the white house to be sure to preserve all documents regarding the 2016 meeting with russians that included donald trump jr., jared kushner and campaign
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manager paul manafort. dana bash joins me now. dana, what is mueller looking for specifically? >> reporter: what special counsel robert mueller said in his letter to the white house counsel was that he wanted all white house staff to save any documents related to that meeting with paul manafort, jared kushner, donald trump jr. and a russian source. the request pertains to any subjects discussed in the course of the meeting and also any decisions made regarding recent disclosures about the june 2016 meeting. now, mueller's letter clearly connects this request to the larger russia investigation. here's what it said in part: as you're aware, the special counsel's office is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 election, including any links or coordination with the russian government or any individuals associated with the campaign of donald trump. information concerning the june
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2016 meeting between donald j. trump jr. and natalia veselnitskaya is relevant to the investigation. now, jake, the preservation requests include text messages, e h e-mails, notes, anything connected to that june 16 meeting as well as communication related to it since then. requests like this are often not that common. they are sent early in the investigation to ensure that documents are maintained. but it's also significant because it's one of the first times we've seen actions from the special counsel on this investigation, particularly as it relates to the white house. i should also say a white house spokeswoman said they don't comment on internal communications and the special counsel's office climate, jake. >> seeing the white house scrambling to respond to revelations about the june 2016
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meeting, would that investigation impact the scrambling? >> you may remember the "new york times" first reported that the initial response to media inquiries about donald trump jr.'s meeting was crafted by some of the president's closest white house aides who were traveling back with him from europe. sara murray reported last week that being involved in crafting a response may have exposed those white house aides to special counsel scrutiny. as you know, a legal matter like this is handled by attorneys, especially given the fact that it was about this russia investigation, jake. >> dacna bash, thank you so muc. joining me now is lee zeldin, republican of new york. he is a veteran of the iraq war. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jake. >> first a sean spicer, do you think this is a needed shake-up?
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are you happy about this news? >> well, if it improves the chemistry within the white house, if it helps the president to be more effective in getting his message out and getting his agenda accomplished, if it allows him to be a better president, then it's a great move. it seems like, from everything that we know -- or everything we witnessed today, the chemistry seems to be there, anthony scaramucci seems to be ready to hit the ground running. we saw that today. he looks comfortable up there at the podium. he has the relationship, the chemistry with the president, so hopefully he'll be successful in helping the president be effective in getting his message out to the american people and to the world and to help accomplish results that improve our country. >> this was supposed to be "made in america" week. i know for people like you who want to focus on issues like health care reform and tax reform and infrastructure, this has been a frustrating six months and one day.
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do you think that scaramucci will be able to stop the distractions, meaning, as many people would identify the problem as stop the president from tweeting attacks on people, stop the president from going after the attorney general, the deputy attorney general in interviews? do you think he has that kind of power and influence? >> well, i sure hope that anthony has the ability to lay it straight with the president to be honest with him. there are going to be times in the weeks, months, years ahead where the president -- any president is going to surround himself with people who are telling them at times what they want to hear, recommending actions where the recommendation is what they want to hear. but at times you're hearing something maybe you didn't want to hear. you're getting a recommendation to go in a different direction. and to be an effective communications director, it's going to require both with the president when they feel he's
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getting off track or he needs to go in a different direction. the communications director job is more than just coming up to the podium and answering questions and being able to put the message out for a little bit inside the white house one day. there is a lot more to accomplishing an agenda where the president gets out on the road, and he has other elected officials and other organizations, ask you'nd you'r talking to local media in other parts of the country to try and build support. so it's a much more strategic role, not just a tactical component as well with the back and forth of questions getting asked. >> you just heard dana bash's report of telling special counsel mueller about that 2016 meeting between paul manafort, jared kushner, donald trump jr. and the russians. you're also a lawyer. can you see anything illegal in those e-mails or how would describe it? would you call it illegal, would
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you call it inappropriate? what word would you use? >> wolf, with everything that we know, there is nothing illegal that happened at the meeting. and one of the e-mails that came up beforehand for me and don jr. has said that he would handle things differently if he could do it again. one of the e-mails to me should have been a red flag to -- that should have prevented the meeting. it didn't. fortunately, from all accounts so far, we've heard that the meeting itself didn't actually go in the direction of that one e-mail. there is no surprise, at least as far as i believe, in what the special counsel put out today asking for the preservation. and from all accounts, it appears that everyone involved in the meeting has -- they've agreed to cooperate, and i think don jr. has even said he's willing to testify. so if there's anything new that would change my answer, maybe in a future interview i would give
1:21 pm
you a different answer. as far as anything we know now there was nothing illegal that took place during that meeting. >> the washington tim"washingtoe "new york times" said they would do nothing to discredit rob mueller. then in the "washington post" the president heard advisers ask who he could pardon, whether he could pardon friends, family or even himself. when you hear these stories, do you get concerned? >> i'm not surprised by what i read. i don't know how true it is. you kind of just have to assume these stories that you read, you could come up with speculation of what you read is true or not true because there's so much of it being anonymously sourced. assuming it's all true, i'm not surprised these kbez would be
1:22 pm
asked. i don't know what the end game of this special counsel's investigation would be, because on all the different front to it. at some point in the future i wouldn't be surprised if you see an escalation next as opposed to a de-escalation, there might be more of a battle that goes on. but we'll see. it's really hard to know exactly. the good thing is about the special counsel looking into so many different things is that if the special counsel doesn't find anything and the special counsel has credibility and there's transparency, then you're actually getting cleared on certain charges that your political opposition or others may be making, so it certainly cuts both ways and cooperating to get the facts out, especially when you have nothing to hide, that's all good and it's something that can actually work
1:23 pm
to your benefit at the end. >> congressman lee zeldin, thank you so much for your time. good to see you as always. >> thank you, jake. she's been the president's go-to for in-depth tell-all interviews. maggie hagerman just sat down with president trump on monday. what does she know about the shake-up? coming up next. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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the shake-up at the white house is out, sarah huckabee sanders is in and anthony scaramucci is the new white house communications director. maggie hagerman is joining us on the phone. you were there when all of this went down. take us inside the white house. what was it like? >> sure, jake, thank you for having me. the mood among the stoaffers wa shell-shocked. they didn't know this was
1:28 pm
coming. sean spicer resigning had been coming together for weeks. i'm sorry? >> we're showing a picture of scaramucci talking. go ahead. >> reince priebus had called this a show of unity. in fact, he had been very vocal about being against it, that he had been surprised by it, and you saw that validated by the resignation of sean spicer who said in at least one statement that i saw that he's helping the president start with a clean slate. that doesn't really make sense because most people are remaining. he's the only one going. i think it was a massive sea change. i think it reflects a couple things, one is that this sort of marriage of the rnc staff and the larger trump organism has never really meshed and this is an example of it. there were reporters, you know, crammed into the briefing room
1:29 pm
waiting for any answer whatsoever. you saw sarah sanders who has now been elevated to press secretary and anthony scaramucci come out and speak to reporters. scaramucci went first. the stylistic difference between what we've seen on the podium so far in this administration and him was very different. granted it's day one and most people have good outings on day one and then it gets harder. this man thinks he's the president's best spokesman and we'll see how scaramucci deals with this challenge. >> maggie, i think it seems odd to most people that of all the things sean spicer has had to do from that podium, starting on his first day when he went out there and told this bizarre and clearly not true story about whether obama and trump had larger crowds for the inaugural that this would be the final straw for him, that this would be a bridge too far, the idea that he will not report to scaramucci as opposed to all the other things he did defending
1:30 pm
the false and indecent. >> yes, scaramucci has a red line and makes it very clear it's not about the substance and just about sean spicer's view of his standing. also, as you remember, when mike dupke was the president's first communications director, the setup was that dutke reported to spicer. this is not have i common. spicer hoped to duplicate that in the replacement. there was no chance that would happen this way, and i think for spicer it just became enough. spicer is remaining on for a month, which drags this out quite a bit. >> maggie hagerman, thank you very much. i appreciate your time. just who is white house communications director anthony scaramucci? stick around, we'll tell you. for your heart...
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. we're back with the stunning white house policy move. what do we know about anthony scaramucci, the new communications director? we know he's never held a prominent communications job. he's known the president for a long time but they didn't always see eye to eye. back in 2014, scaramucci predicted that trump's campaign would end by thanksgiving that year. obviously, not quite. >> that was quite a leap out there, right? the man who is replacing sean spicer has quite a reputation and a resume. anthony scaramucci is 353 years old. he's known as "the mucc." a republican, he raised money for mitt romney in 2012 and in
1:36 pm
2016 he backed scott walker and then jeb bush before coming over to the trump camp. it might not seem a perfect fit. back in august of 2015, as we've been showing you, scar muamucci called trump a hack politician and anti-american. scaramucci has obviously apologized for that today. but he took some stances which might alarm supporters. in 2012, scaramucci tweeted, the usa has 5% of the world's population but 50% of the world's guns. enough is enough. it is just common sense to apply more controls. he also said many people still believe in climate change. it's a hoax. he finds that disheartening. and trying to fight
1:37 pm
globalization is counterproductive. >> scaramucci has no formal experience, obviously, in political communications, but my understanding his personal communication skills and the rapport with the president appear to be playing a big role here. what due do you know about th what do you know about that? >> it's not what you know, it's who you know. he's encircled himself with team trump. he's very well liked by ivanka and her husband jared kushner. he is close with donald trump jr. he doesn't seem to be near as tight with reince priebus over here, but he said a lot of nice things about him today, and as long as he's tight with the guy in the big chair, a lot of that may not matter much. jake? >> thank you so much. we have with us matt katherine
1:38 pm
havm, josh green who is out with a new book titled "devil's bargain." steve bannon, donald trump and the storming of the presidency. first of all, josh, you went to college with sean spicer? >> he was a year ahead of me in college. i used to hang out with spicer at keg parties. >> is that true? are you surprised that after all he has dealt with and all the indignities, it was actual the the idea of reporting to anthony scaramucci that was the bridge too far for him? >> i am a little surprised, but we went to a northeastern liberal arts college. spicer was a republican. there weren't many of those. he was used to being the guy in an uncomfortable situation. i guess scaramucci was just a bridge too far. >> mary katherine, what about you? i was surprised by this news, i must say. >> a little bit surprised. but there were rumors he was on his way out, and there was a chance he thought there was a chance for the rnc faction to be rising here.
1:39 pm
it's pretty clear that was not happening. scaramucci is a step in the new york-ization and he did not fit in there. that was part of the overreach in the press conferences where he was trying to prove himself to the president, where scaramucci was comfortable because he's already in that club. >> andre, scaramucci had a good debut on the podium, it seems. people thought he was affable, people thought he was smooth. do you think he's the good choice for white house strategy, though? >> i don't know about that. you see him and spicer, they're totally different approaches as to how they talk to the media. i always thought -- >> which ones are they? you don't have to answer. >> i didn't hear what you said.
1:40 pm
>> i just said which one is which, but go ahead. >> i thought spicer had a lot of backbone but it didn't come off the best with the average american voter, i thought. scaramucci was smooth, he tried to work with them. i thought he was very good how he handled every question. this is the first time at bat so there will be many more challenges ahead of him, but ichk the trump white house was evolving, i think trump was trying to find a way to get to the american public. his message isn't getting out there as much as he would like because of some of the other issues out there. i think an individual who has a different background, scaramucci, what little i know about, sound like he is the best one to fight the enemies. >> don't be a democrat for one second. as an american who wants the white house to succeed and wants any american president to
1:41 pm
succeed, what's your best advice for scaramucci? >> well, first of all, one of the things that's interesting to me here is he seems to be selected because he is a good spokesperson. but being a good communications director is not being a spokesperson. that's what the press secretary needs to do. so number one, he needs to look at himself as someone not performing for the camera but someone who is getting this white house back on message. part of that that's going to be key here is telling the president no. and what was scary to me today was he himself said he was in the white house talking with the president about how he needs to be himself more, they need to let his authentic true self shi shiself. >> i think in order to interact with the president, you need to be front-facing. he's an entrepreneur, does he
1:42 pm
have the managerial gumption to take this on? >> scaramucci is a fund to fund manager not because he has a talent picking stocks, he has this massive hedge fund. what we know about trump and how to keep trump happy is he wants to turn on the tv and see that kind of smoothness, that positivity regardless of what's gog in the scene behind the white house. >> i have to say, what trump needs as a communications director, he needs someone with a strategy to get out among voters and convince people in swing districts, convince independence that his health care plan is actually good, it's going to help him, it will bring down premiums, et cetera, i don't know if anthony scaramucci is going to advise him to do
1:43 pm
those things, but having smooth people on television talking him up really isn't going to convince members of congress to pass his legislation. >> no, but he's a business guy and he's had to make sales pitches before and he needs to get the message out. the job numbers, unemployment, the things that are so good for this administration that really the avrnl voter doesn't know about and why the economy has gotten so as much better. those who have had to make sales pitches most of their life will get out there and say, these are things people relate to. i think he'll be effective in that, but time will tell us. everybody stick around. we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back.
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we're back with our politics lead. sean spicer stepped down from his post just six months and one day into the job.
1:48 pm
we're six months into the administration. the trump administration has lost the national security adviser. he's about to lose the press secretary. i can't imagine this is quite where the white house hoped they would be at this point. how can, though, the administration shift the message from this crisis mode and get to health care reform, tax reform, infrastructure? >> well, i don't call it crisis mode, i call it evolving mode. when i took over as lieutenant governor, i continued to change out folks until i found one that worked with the administration i wanted. trump wants fierce leaders. he wants the message out that he thinks is most important. my hats off to sarah huckabee sanders, i'm real happy for her. i think it's a great fit. i think you'll continue to see folks that work with the president to get his message out there. right now his best message is not getting out there like it needs to be. >> one thing about sarah huckabee sanders, we should point out, she is the first female white house press
1:49 pm
secretary since dana perino. congratulations to her. one thing that was very interesting about scaramucci's appearance today, there were more preservations of love than you hear on the not rock channel in an hour. he was very pro-use of the word. >> he is generally a wonderful human being, and i think as members of congress get to know him better and get comfortable with him, they're going to led him lead them to the right things for the american people. >> first off, karma takes place in the next life. without getting into that, is this going to work? >> this is part of the gig when you work for president trump, you have to do some of that. i think also when he had that disagreement with him and called him names on fox business in the past, there is a part of donald trump that you don't get respect
1:50 pm
unless you push back sometimes. they had that fight back then ask now he's apologizing for it. trump needs to decide whether he wants an operation. i think an operation would help them tell the tale they're trying to do, and this conference they do every year, his speech was about, hey, my dad was a construction worker, i lived a middle class life and i went to see president trump and he spoke to my childhood. he walked this line that trump has walked fairly well. i think he understands communicating with those folks. >> here's the question. again, you're the steve bannon expert, you've written this fantastic book about steve banno bannon. steve bannon was opposed to scaramucci, despite the same
1:51 pm
blue collar backgrounds. they both went into the law and other things. why? >> i imagine if he worked in the white house these first six months as he has, tried real hard to push the policies and seen them flop as well as how trump's administrative policies have so far. you see the need to respond to reporters in a way that's less hostile than sean spicer did. >> and one of the issues that he has to communicate, he was kind of given a pass today, but trump stories about him in the newspapers, finding out, can i pardon myself? what are the stories that his teams are looking for dirt on investigators who are working for bob mueller. >> that's what is scary about this. i think this is a yes person for the president, and i think he's going to be part of the team that's going to encourage him to
1:52 pm
just do what he wants to do. pardon himself, go after the investigate or, and at what point does the rest of the republican congress start to break with that? this could be the president putting his foot on the accelerator as this car heads for a clif. and that's scary. >> we shall see. thank you all for being here. sean spicer started his white house career with a very questionable plan. he then went on to become a "saturday night live" laughingstock. then he dropped the mike. we'll look at sean spicer's perhaps unforgivable, unforgettable moments on the podium. here's to the safety first...
1:53 pm
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women come back. there's no question that white house press secretary sean spicer had a tough job. for nearly 200 days, he had to face a room full of reporters, sometimes having to publicly
1:57 pm
defend president trump's lies, and please, really just an audience of one. it really didn't help please many of us who were fans of the truth. then, of course, there is the fact that most americans probably knew his "snl" version better, played by melissa mccarthy. here's a look back at sean spicer's last six months and how he got to today. it didn't take long for white house press secretary sean spicer to tell the first official lie from the white house podium. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period, both in person and around the globe. >> just minutes into his initial press conference, spicer put his long-earned reputation as a republican national committee official up against a simple image search, all just to please the president. over the next several months, the white house spokesman often got more headlines than the policy he was paid to promote. >> first of all, i would just like to announce that i'm calm now. >> reporter: a perfect "snl" spoof among the hardest of
1:58 pm
blows. president trump himself almost undermined any official messaging plan. >> it can't be a ban if you're letting a million people in. >> we had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban. >> reporter: when discussing syria at one time, spicer seemed to forget about the nazi gas chambers. >> someone like hitler, who didn't hesitate to use chemical weapons. >> spicer stood among the white house shrubbery before answering questions in darkness. spicer never seemed to grasp the fu full issue of the press and excluded them. an administration official told cnn he fumed to colleagues for being snubbed. as the russia investigation has heated up and the president's rhetorical attacks on top
1:59 pm
justice officials, spicer has stayed out of sight. he hasn't spoken on camera at the white house since june 20th. >> when i'm needed, i will step in. >> reporter: he often left it up to sarah huckabee sander, leaving questions about her role. sanders now takes his job. while spicer has stayed the course through it all, it now seems the hiring of anthony scaramucci is what has now proven to be too much. tune in this sunday morning for "state of the union." my guests will be senator rand paul and senator al franken. it all starts at 9:00 a.m. and noon on sunday. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i'll see you again tonight at 7:00 p.m. on "out front." now it's time for bowolf blitze
2:00 pm
in "the situation room." thank you for watching. happening now, breaking news, spicer out, white house press secretary sean spicer resigns after just six months on the job. this move coming as president trump appoints a new communications director who once called him a hack politician. pardon me. the trump legal team is reportedly looking at ways to push back against the investigation by special council he will robedas counsel robert muell mueller? the white house is asked to preserve all documents on the white house meeting with russians, including his son. his son voluntarily testified to investigators. the travel ban. the state department bars u.s. citizens to travel to north korea after the mysterious death of an american student who