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tv   New Day  CNN  July 24, 2017 2:57am-4:00am PDT

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the violence, if the current crisis happening here in jerusalem is in any way related to what happened in jordan. >> just a complex situation there. ian lee live in jerusalem. thank you. let's check cnn "money stream" this monday. global stock markets lower this morning after wall street finished the week down slightly. the nasdaq snapped its longest winning streak since 2015 after reaching record after record. this week will be the busiest earnings week of the current season. about 170 s&p 500 companies are set to report including google parent alphabet, gm, facebook, amazon, and exxon. a couple hundred others. as trades comes under scrutiny, made in germany is facing tough questions this morning. german automakers struggle still from diesel-gate, the scandal over diesel emissions sparked by volkswagen admitting to cheating on tests. not only did it pay u.s. officials $2.8 billion, but the company reportedly says it worked with rivals on emission systems. that's part of a larger
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accusation. germany's top carmakers have been concluding together since the '90s. a huge auto cartel. automaker bmw denies the claims. north volkswagen nor dime -- neither volkswagen nor daimler have commented. they employ 95,000 americans. all the german stocks are falling. big news in college costs, folks. tuition is growing at the sl slowest pace in decades, up 1.9% last year. an uncharacteristically small number in line with inflation, something that never happens. tuition has risen at more than double the rate of inflation since 1990, up 4 hu00% over the past 30 years fueling a slowing of student debt. it's supply and demand. the number of colleges has tripled since 1990. enrollment is down more than 4% from the peak in 2010. i never get to say something like college tuition is up 1.9%.
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i never get to say that. >> no. there's still the student debt crisis that looms over our economy. >> there is still a student debt crisis. two-thirds of students who graduate with student debt have $30,000. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." 6:00 in new york. we have breaking news. jared kushner is going to breck his silence today. white house senior adviser and president trump's son-in-law put out an 11-page statement for the public record ahead of that private meeting today with the senate intelligence committee. >> the statement is pretty extraordinary. in it he says he wants to set the record straight. he outlines his foreign contacts which have been amended several times on his security clearance
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forms. cnn has it all covered. let's get right to justice correspondent pamela brown live in washington. i know you've had a chance to look through this. what do you see in this statement? >> for the first time president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser is sharing his side of the story and he said in this 11-page statement released ahead of the meeting behind closed doors on capitol hill that he had no additional meetings with russians that haven't been previously disclosed. he provided previously undisclosed details. he started with the mayflower hotel last april where he said he first met and shook hands with sergey kislyak, the russian ambassador saying the exchange lasted less than a minute. he goes on to deny a report from reuters that he had two calls with kislyak between april and november. an extensive search of his phone
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records does not reveal the calls took place. clearly trying to put distance between himself and the russian ambassador saying he only had that meeting at the mayflower hotel in april during the campaign. he said he only had one other russian contact that he didn't recall until a document revealed. that's the infamous meeting with his brother-in-law don junior. kushner claims he did not read the back and forth whereby don junior is told he would be receiving incriminating information from a russian attorney about hillary clinton. he painted the picture it was a meaningless meeting, only attended for ten minutes, only heard about adoption in this meeting. he said in a statement, quote, reviewed e-mails confirmed my memory that the meeting was a waste of our time and in looking for a polite way to leave, i e-mailed my assistant from the meeting and wrote, can you please call me on my cell, need
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excuse to get out of meeting. he says there was no follow up to that meeting that he was aware of and he had no knowledge of documents being offered. alisyn and chris, he went into detail on what he said was the second meeting with ambassador kislyak during the transition. so after the election, he said kislyak wanted to meet with him to address u.s. policy in syria and that he wanted to convey information from what he called his generals to inform the new administration. he says kislyak asked for a secure line in this meeting to conduct the conversation. kushner says he replied there wasn't a secure line at the transition headquarters. he asked if it was possible to use existing communication channels at the russian embassy. kislyak said that wouldn't be possible and nothing happened after that. clearly here kushner trying to downplay any idea of a secret communication channel to moscow as has previously been reported. then he says in this statement around a week later, he confirms
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kislyak wanted to meet with him again and shent his assistant who reported back to kislyak that kislyak wanted him to meet with a russian banker, sergei go gorokhov in a meeting that lasted around 20 minutes where he claims no personal business was discussed. he said it was more of a relationship-type building meeting given his role in the transition. he also says gorokhov gave him two gifts that kushner formally registered with the transition office. he says that's the only time he connected with gorokhov and said these are the only contacts with russians during the campaign and during the transition that he can he call. after an extensive search of his e-mails and phone records, that is it. >> pam, interesting to read all of this statement in what sounds like his own words explaining how all this transpired. what does he say about his
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security clearance forms and why those have had to be amended? >> this is the first time he's going on the record to walk people through what he says happened with his security clearance form. as we know, he recently amended it to include that june meeting last year at trump tower. he said what happened was last january it was erroneously submitted by his assistant. there was a miscommunication that it was ready to go when, in fact, it wasn't. the next day his office followed up with the fbi to say -- filled in some of the gaps and said it would follow up with the formal contacts he had given the fact he had thousands of contacts with foreign officials during the campaign and throughout the transition. he said it was a growing process as they learned about more contacts. he said it wasn't just russian contacts that weren't disclosed. he said it was across the board, that he continued to update, including the one last june after a document review
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recently. he went on the record to explicitly say, i did not collude nor know of anyone else in the campaign with any foreign government, i had no improper contact. i have not relied on russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. i have tried to be fully transparent with regard to the filing of my sf-86 form, above and beyond what is required. this is the first time we're hearing from jared kushner during the russia probe about his side of the story and him coming back and explicitly saying tlft no collusion with russians and there were no additional russian contacts beyond what was previously disclosed. >> pamela, thank you very much for taking us through some of the high points of this. it is what would be expected. it is a very favorable accounting of all facts from jared kushner's perspective.
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that's what he should be putting out before his testimony. cnn political commentator michael smerconish, cnn correspondent david sang remember and cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. jeffrey, a little red herring that it's not going to be under oath. it's illegal to his not being under oath, people should know it doesn't matter. this is extraordinary in terms of its entire context, but very ordinary in terms of what he puts out here for people to see is his business activities. what was going on the 666 fifth avenue, what happens with that building and what's going on. there's no mention in here at all of anything going on with his business. >> except at the very end where
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he said he's note relied on russian funds. that's the only reference in any specifici specificity. we do need to mention there has been a lot of suspicion about him in terms of contacts with russians and certainly in terms of the june meeting and his role has been questioned. if this statement is verified by outside sources, i think it would establish that he did not have any significant contact with russians. >> there's no proof that he did. i think the one thing that is significant is the period from when trump won the election to the inauguration, the contact with gore cav, he puts an innocent gloss on that.
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if that turns out to be true, that would be helpful. >> he also says he showed up late to the don junior meeting. he says -- he clears himself of any responsibilityies. >> he doesn't speak about documents -- >> david sanger, he also said he found the meeting to be so kind of irrelevant he texted his assistant and said, can you make a call or come in and say i need to get out of this meeting. he was looking for an excuse to be able to leave the meeting. before i let you comment, he said he met with officials from approximately 15 countries during the course of the campaign and the transition. he says it has been reported
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that my submission only omitted the russians. that is not true. he accidentally submitted his first form, all foreign contacts were omitted, he wants investigators to know. what do you see here, david. >> first of all, we have to remember it's mr. kushner that has the most to lose in this moment of the investigation. he's the one with the job at the white house. he's the one with the security clearan clearance. donald trump jr., paul manafort have no official role in the administration. secondly, i thought the most important part was the part where he tries to clear up, set up a secret channel with the russians. it's been called the secret channel. it doesn't appear that any, if you believe this account, was set up. the idea of doing this from the russian embassy i think was at
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best a bit of a naive ugh jegs. anyone who has worked on counterintelligen counterintelligence, going in and using a russian line that is separate, not u.s. territory probe would be unwise. also the nsa monitors those as we know from the conversations with kislyak. the conversations with kislyak, if you believe his account, appear to be pretty innocent. there's still some mystery about the gorokhov meeting, the russian banker that came to see him. the white house first described this as a business meeting and then later said, no, it was more about building a relationship. the last point, and that has to do with the meeting that donald trump jr. set up, it's not surprising that there was no passage of documents. it's no surprising that the conversation seemed so boring
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that he needed to use the dodge of having his assistant call his cell phone. this meeting, if you ask people who have looked at the russians and how they do this kind of thing, was a soft approach to see whether or not there were members around president trump or then president-elect trump who might be receptive to receiving this information. that's what's suggested from the e-mail, the get dirt on hillary clinton. it wasn't really about passage, but about trying to figure out if there was a real channel sme >> from the outside looking in, the e-mail trail that preceded the june 9 meeting at trump tower is stunning. it's an e-mail to someone named donald trump, it's donald trump jr. it says i want to bridge you incriminating information, it's very sensitive information. it comes with the blessing of the russian government because we favor your father against
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hillary clinton -- i'm paraphrasing each of those things, but not by much. a meeting then ensues where we know there were eight individuals present and wund of them is jared kushner. in this statement he asks us to believe -- and maybe it's true, that this in the eyes of the trump campaign or to his perspective was just another meeting where don junior asked me to drop by as i would ask don junior to drop by. he kind of makes me wonder how many other e-mails of that consequence did they receive if it wasn't the subject of discussion like, holy crap, someone is coming in to bring us incriminating information on hillary clinton and it comes from the russian government. alisyn pointed out, he used the trick that many business executives utilize which is to say to his assistant, can you get me out of this. i think it warrants, chris, a lot of followup questioning.
3:13 am
secondly, to david's point, the interaction with ambassador kislyak where they talk about a back channel communication, i find it remarkable that jared kushner says i ask kislyak with whom can i converse, somebody who can speak for president putin, so we can have a direct line of communication. i'm thinking, isn't that ambassador kislyak? why are you asking this individual with whom do i speak about vladimir putin? you're with the guy. finally, and i'll stop, he says i did not suggest a secret back channel. yet, two sentences prior he says it was his idea to utilize the russian embassy for a line of communication. so very strg, maybe it all exonerates him, but i'm a trying lawyer. i have a lot of followup questions. >> he also says lieutenant general michael flynn, to david sanger's point, was with him and attended the meeting.
3:14 am
so the idea of should you do this type of communicating on russian territory, he had an intel guy with him in the form of lieutenant general michael flynn who should have known, this is not the type of conversation that you have. >> all the contacts between november and january really underline the fact that the usual practices for the president-elect, that they avoid precisely these problems. we only have one government at a time, only one president at a time. and even though the trump campaign from the president-elect on down, had nothing but destain for john kerry, the state department, barack obama. the fact they did all this on a freelance basis and were improvising contacts and how do
3:15 am
we make contacts shows why you always work through the state department when we have a president of the united states. >> he's also seat iing himself to michael's point to look naive/foolish on a number of issues. i have to tell you something, that's okay when you're dealing with the fbi or this case with these government lawmakers. if you're going to come off as naive, this is the time because it's better than the alternative. >> this is how this reads, in over their heads, i got 200 e-mails a day. >> didn't know any better. >> we'll see if that's good enough for senate investigators. we have more questions for you. there's this new russia sanctions bill, and it has
3:16 am
triggered some muddled messaging from the white house. will the president sign this bipartisan measure that would punish the kremlin from interfering with our election. we'll discuss that next. whoooo.
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from the white house on whether president trump supports this bipartisan effort in congress to further punish russia for interfering in the u.s. election. cnn's joe johns is live at the white house with more. what's the latest on this? >> reporter: good morning, chris. it wasn't long ago that the white house was opposed to key provisions of that bill to punish russia for interfering in the last election. with pressure mounting on capitol hill to do something, the president may be facing a no-win situation after that big communications shakeup over the weekend. another round of mixed messaging. president trump's new communications team offering muddled messaging about whether the president supports a bill that will limit his ability to june naturally lift sanctions on moscow. newly appointed press secretary sarah huckabee sanders signaling the president is open to signing the legislation. >> the administration is supportive of being tough on
3:21 am
russia, particularly in putting these sanctions in place. we support where the legislation is now. >> reporter: incoming white house communications director anthony scaramucci sounding -- >> we have to ask president trump that. it's my second or third day on the job. my guess is he's going to make that decision shortly. >> reporter: the new communications director also telling cnn that president trump still does not accept that russia attempted to influence the 2016 election. >> he basically said to me, maybe they did it, maybe they didn't do it. >> reporter: stark contrast to the unanimous beliefs reiterated last week. >> i have staeted it public and stated it for the president. >> i am confident that the russians meddled in this election as is the whole intelligence community. >> no doubt at all.
3:22 am
>> with three of his inner circled looking into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia, the president unleashing his anger at both political parties, once again calling the investigation a phony witch hunt and excuse for a lost election while attacking fellow republicans for doing very little to protect their president. the president raising eyebrows a day earlier by asserting he has the complete power to pardon suggesting that might include his family, his aids, even possibly himself in relation to the russia probe. >> i'm in the oval office with the president last week, we talked about that. he brought that up. he said he doesn't have to be pardoned, no one around him that has to be pardoned. >> one of trump's lawyers. >> we have not had a discussion with the president of the united states about pardons. pardons have not been discussed and are not on the table. >> reporter: the house is
3:23 am
expected to take up the sanctions bill as early as tuesday. "the new york times" reports when they reached out to scaramucci about the confusion over the president's stance on the bill, he said he was still new on the information, apparently getting up to speed. >> joe, thank you for reporting. let's bring back michael smerconish, david sanger and jeffrey toobin. david, you have an article in "the new york times" this morning. this is a pivotal moment for president trump in techls of the sanctions against russia and a dilemma for him. if he goes along with congress and signs the legislation to sanction russia, that must mean he agrees with the intel chiefs that, in fact, they meddled and, of course, it scuttles his attempt to reset this relationship with putin. if he does not sign what congress wants him to sign in 2er78s of sanctions, that has all sorts of political consequences. what's going to happen here? >> alisyn, i think he'll sign
3:24 am
it. i think he'll sign it because if he, in this political atmosphere vetoed a bill that appeared to be part of an effort by the white house to somehow protect the russians from additional sanctions, you can imagine the outcry, and the veto would probably be overridden. this vote in the senate, 98-2. the house has nat taken this up yet. the second thing i think you need to remember about this is this is a significant setback for both president trump and for vladimir putin, both of whom overplayed their hands here by denying the intelligence so consistently, even after he has been presented with everything you saw those intelligence chiefs you saw speaking at aspen last week said. he is only fueling this movement because it looks like he is denying the realities of what's put in front of him. putin made the mistake, too, because at the moment last
3:25 am
summer when he moved this from a sort of traditional surveillance operation into the campaigns into an influence operation in an effort to change votes in the united states, he fundamentally changed the dynamic here. what's interesting about the bill is, when you read it through, there's a section of penalties for interference in the election. that would be the first significant penalty he has paid when you consider the fact what president obama did at the end of his term was pretty mild. >> michael smerconish, you have the political reality and then you're going have the larger political reality. the basic political reality is, sanctions are often cooperative between congress and the president. the idea of allowing congress to have a hand in whether or not these sanctions are removed down the ed ro, that's pretty easy to swallow politically. that's not the first time that that's happened. but anthony scaramucci gave
3:26 am
everybody a gift every on in his tenure as the head of communications. he said what we've been speculating for a long time, certainly on this show. every time the president hears the words russian interference, he hears illegitimate. that's what he hears when he hears those words, and his analysis stops at that, this is bad for me, i won't own it. it doesn't matter that we have the montage of his director of national intelligence, the head of the cia, all saying what everybody has said. he will say i don't know who did it because it is bad for him. is it as simple as that now? >> then he'll use the word hoax or use the word witch hunt to describe the ensuing process. and he boxes himself in by utilizing that verbiage, not only with sanctions, the way in which david and alisyn just explained, but also with regard to attorney general sessions. we have that report at the end of the week from "the washington
3:27 am
post" that said that the intercepts revealed there had been conversation between ambassador kislyak and jeff sessions relative to the campaign, and the president, as you know last week, threw sessions under the bus. i don't know that he can get rid of jeff sessions for that reason. because to do so would be an acknowledgment that this is all note a hoax and not a witch hunt. the president's own words i think have limited the options he had relative to both attorney general sessions and what he'll now do on sanctions. >> jeffrey, we're often cautioned, look at his actions. his words can be all over the place, his tweets can contradict himself. if he signs this, as david sanger predicts he will, and it does sanction russia in a more tough way than he has been, is this over? then do we know that president trump has accepted the findings of his intel chiefs, that russia did meddle in our election?
3:28 am
>> i think the answer is no, it's not. you can't have it both ways. you can't sign legislation that says russia tried to manipulate our election and say, as president of the united states, as chief of state, as head of our government and say, well, i don't know if they tried to intervene in the election. words matter. the president's words matter more than anyone. obviously, if he signs this legislation, it will be a sign that he is more or less on the same page as congress about russia. but if he keeps saying that that's not the case, that it's unclear whether russia meddled and this is just a hoax, that matters, too. >> david, he's no stranger to parsing. it would not have been beyond his set of political skills and rhetorical skills to say, did they entinterfere? yeah. but to say i had anything to do with it or my campaign had
3:29 am
anything to do with it, that's just the democrats, that's just a hoax. whatever per jurorive you want to put on it, why don't you separate the two? >> it would be easy to get out and say the russians manipulated or attempted to manipulate the vote with a series of techniques. we have to make sure this never happens again. by the way, they didn't succeed and i was elected legitimately. it doesn't strike me -- the president's own aides have not said they have heard him be able to make that leap, as you heard before from michael. to jeff's point, i think it's entirely possible that he can sign this legislation and then continue to deny that he believes the evidence is very strong because he doesn't say they didn't do it. he just tries to muddle it up, maybe they did it, maybe a lot of other people know he did it. it's hard in cyber to know he was doing what and so forth. i suspect that is so n grained in him that he can't get that
3:30 am
line out of his head. i think you'll continue to hear the mixed message. this is sort of begging the larger point which is, if you sign this bill, if you have these new sanctions in, where do you take the relationship with russia? i have a little sympathy for the president on one point here, which is most presidents have the ability to lift sanctions, as president obama did with iran, for diplomatic purposes. the president has basically cut himself out of that by the way he's handled this. >> gentlemen, thank you very much for all of that perspective. another very big story we have to cover with you this morning. nine undocumented immigrants, at the latest count, have been found dead in texas. there are 20 more fighting for their lives. there was this huge group of people all found in a truck. they were victims of human trafficking. the details are terrible. we have them next.
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breaking news out of arizona. rescue crews rushing to rescue 17 hikers. you can see here one man being lifted to safety. eight people including a 4-year-old boy have been rescued from raging waters throughout the day. now to this terrible story. nine people confirmed dead in what's being treated as a human trafficking case. authorities say more than 100 people were crammed inside a tractor-trailer at a walmart parking lot in san antonio, texas. more than two dozen other victims were sent to the hospital suffering from heat stroke and dehydration. the tractor-trailer's driver identified as james bradley of clearwater, florida, will be in court today. >> i was recently on the border. because of the political pressure, legal pressure,
3:36 am
they're trying to cram more people across the border, now making it more dangerous and deadly. the president tweeting a veiled threat to republicans, calling again on the gop to repeal and replace the disastrous, that's his word if you look at your screen, obamacare. adding, quote, the repercussions will be far greater than lawmakers might expect. the senate is expected to vote tomorrow on this procedural motion. this kind of vote to vote again, to bring up the house-passed obamacare repeal legislation as it stands right now. republican leaders don't have the votes for that. there is a new communications team at the white house. does that mean there's some hope for a reset with the media? what does it mean for press briefings? we take a closer look at all of this new "new day" continues.
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the love the president. i'm e very loyal to the president. the president is phenomenal himself. i think he's got some of the best political instengts in the world and perhaps in history. he's done a phenomenal job for the american people. >> that's new white house communications director anthony scaramucci. sean spicer is out, as you may have heard. will these changes somehow turn around the white house's messaging and relationship with the press. let's bring in matt schlapp and anita dunn. great the see both of you. anita, anthony scaramucci is an interesting guy. he is on the record, on twitter, on videotape, disagreeing with many of president trump's positions. anthony scaramucci is pro choice, pro gun control, against the death penalty, he's called
3:41 am
president trump a spectacle. he says he doesn't like how prs has spoken about women. i could go on. how is this going to work for? >> it's not unusual, especially when you've gone through a contested primary purpose. this does seem to be a rather aggravated example of that. anthony scaramucci has made the decision he is going to be donald trump's spokesperson. and in that capacity, he is in many ways, like his lawyer, i've always said a good press secretary is like a good lawyer, you're arguing your case. what's interesting about your approach to the job is rather than seeing it as a job where he's communicating the administration's priorities out to the public, at least initially he seems to see the job as one where he has to communicate to the president how great he is. that is a non-traditional job description as the white house
3:42 am
communications director. >> that's a diplomatic term, slightly non-traditional. matt, it's been said before there is a constituency of one sometimes when you hear the press office speaking because they know they're going to go back to the white house and president trump is going to give them a grade on how he thinks they did. sometimes they telegraph their feelings directly to the president, as i think you heard apartment any scare much chi saying, i love the president, the president is wonderful. but what ability all these different positions he's had. does hi sublimate his own feelings, he no longer has an objection to what the president has said in the past? >> yes, the hard, cold reality, alisyn. when you join an administration, when you work for the white house, it's no longer about your opinions. it's about the president's opinions. the hard thing for people in the communications shop who has to speak for the president, they have to put their ideas aside.
3:43 am
the reason you take the job, you might ask yourself, well, why would someone who has disagreements with the president take the job. in most cases it's because they really admire that president they work for. they like the agenda overall, and they want to be an asset. but i can't tell you how many times in my experience when people are having beers at the end of the day, then the real honest disagreements come out. when the cameras are on, you've got the president's back. >> i get it. it seems to me he's farther away from the president's agenda than we've heard other recent press secretaries. >> i don't think that's right. >> this is the thing anthony sca sca scaramucci says he wish he hadn't said. listen to this. >> that's another hack politician. >> you call donald trump a hack? >> a hack politician that is probably going to make elizabeth
3:44 am
warren his vice presidential nominee with comments like that. it's anti american, very, very divisive. >> you can tell donald i said this, he'll be president of the queens county bullies association. you have to cut it out now and stop this crazy rhetoric. >> he calls him anti american, a bully, a hack. just one more second with you, matt. this is a long bridge to cross for anthony scaramucci. >> i think about this every time i come on your show. words come to haunt you. if he's ever mad at scaramucci, i think he might play that tape and remind him he's said these things. the president has seen it all and i know they have a good and warm personal relationship. it's exactly what the white house needs. the president needs a communications team whom he will listen to and who he respects at this time more than ever. >> anita, president trump has a new tweet out. i know you haven't seen that
3:45 am
yet, so responding in realtime. drain the swamp should be changed to drain the sewer. it's actually much worse than anyone thought. it begins with the fake news. president trump does his own communicating with the american public. antily scaramucci has to expound on that or clean it up. he's going have a challenging job. >> he has the most challenging job in washington because i think most presidents feel at the end of the day that their communications could be better. if people understood them better, they would have much more support. again, donald trump is his own communications director, his own political director, to some extent his own chief of staff, and he was his own campaign manager. that makes anthony scaramucci's job that much more challenging. i think as he actually learns what the job is -- of course, he has no government experience the same wray the president has no government experience -- he may find it is, indeed, tougher than
3:46 am
he had thought. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens over the course of the next few days and weeks. matt and anita, thanks very much. all right. democrats hoping to turn the tide in 2018 by unveiling an economic plan today. people have been calling for the democrats to step up with ideas on the aca, on the economy. they say we have a better deal. what is it? what is it? details next. you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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3:49 am
it is in part our fault. when you lose an election with someone who has 40% popularity, you look in the mirror and say
3:50 am
what did we do wrong? >> this is something a lot of democrats don't want to hear. what do you mean? it wasn't the media? it wasn't donald trump and hate that made us lose the election? maybe it was the democratic party. a lot of democrats don't want to hear that. that was senate majority leader chuck schumer, saying the party needs to blame itself for losses in the 2016 election, not russia, not comey. the democrats in elected office right now are doing something else, they're looking forward. they have a new economic agenda called a better deal. joining us democratic congresswoman barbara lee who serves on the house appropriations committee, democrat from california. good to have you with us. >> glad to be with you. >> we'll talk about the politics and schumer and what that means for your party. i want to know what is the better deal? we've been pushing on the democrats, what are you going to
3:51 am
come up with, where are your ideas? the headlines i get, create more full-time jobs for americans, crack down on big corporate mergers, lower prescription drug prices. how do you weave those three things together? >> sure. thank you very much, chris. later today the full agenda will be rolled out. let me first speak to the process in terms of our leadership. our communications team met with the majority of our caucus, and we're a very diverse caucus. what we found through the meetings and discussions is people really want to look at where democrats stand in terms of economic security, in terms of good paying jobs, in terms of health care. so we have a variety of districts. we have suburban, rural, urban districts, and this message was discussed so we could make sure we could talk about what we stand for in all of our districts. but what's important is our agenda and what we do to make
3:52 am
sure that people throughout the country, not just democrats, but republicans and independents know we're fighting for them. >> you have the message. i remember growing up the democratic party was the blue collar party. that seems to have switched now where the republican party is the blue collar party and the democrats are the white collar party. do you agree? >> no, i don't agree. when you look at our history in fighting for good paying jobs and fighting for lifting people out of poverty, 47 million people living below the poverty line, democrats historically have fought -- >> true. but you don't feel there's been a narrative shift in terms of how the parties are perceived? >> well, that may be because of the headline sound bites. it may be because we haven't done a good enough job in communicating our message and what we stand for and who we are and what we have done and will continue to do. that's why we're rolling this
3:53 am
out today to make sure the public understands that we're not only fighting for democrats, we're fighting for the country, fighting for economic security, for jobs, for living wages, for health care, and they will say we've been there all along but haven't been able to break through in terms of the sound bites and the media. >> any how when it comes to full-time jobs? >> it will be rolled out later. all of us will have our piece in terms of how it will work. remember, we're in the minority now in the congress. we're still fighting for infrastructure, for efforts to -- i'm on the appropriations committee, for example. let me tell you, we worked on the bills last week, and it's very clear that the republicans stand for millionaires and billionaires. look at state department cuts. they want to propose 30% in cuts, cutting workforce training, cutting apprenticeship programs. we're trying to make sure the
3:54 am
republicans understand -- we're there fighting to ensure that we have the skills to compete in the global economy so they can have a better standard of living for their families. that's what everyone wants. >> prescription drug prices, is a huge thing, for democrats and republicans. everybody will agree the aca needs fixes when you look at the individual markets. it often comes down to cost structure. drug prices are a huge part of cost structure. how aggressive do you think this move will be on lowering drug prices? >> when you look at the affordable care act and where the improvements are necessary, prescription drug costs are one area. we're going to work hard to make sure that we -- look at the va, for example, to make sure we ensure people have the chance to reduce their prescription drugs through perhaps bulk buying and economies of scale. it's very important that people understand. we've been trying this for years. it hasn't worked. but we will definitely move forward so the public understands what it will take to
3:55 am
work. first, republicans must stop this effort to repeal and take away health care from 22 million people. >> this could be something where you find some common ground. a lot of republicans talk about drug prices as well. it will be interesting to see if we can see some type of cooperation on it. as you say, the details will be out later today. there is something we should discuss right now. we talked about appropriations earlier. ryan is taking the aumf out of the appropriations bill. it's not going to be part of what hits the school. what's the aumf? the authorization for the use of military force. everything the u.s. military does right now, it's still doing under official authority from 2001, the war on terror. it just doesn't make sense, barbara lee, doesn't make sense we're still fighting on language against the taliban in 2001. the world has changed. why doesn't congress step up and own its constitutional authority? >> i was the only one who voted
3:56 am
against it in 2001. it was overly broad, 60 words that gave the president authority to institute war. i've been trying to repeal this, saying congress must vote, whether we vote up or down, the substance we'd discuss, koft and consequences of it. what happened in the appropriations committee is finally i was able to get bipartisan support to pass this on a vote. people applauded after it was passed. we had worked hard for years to build this bipartisan support. so what happens in this overall process? the bill moves from the appropriations committee onto the floor, needing to go through the rules committee which establishes the parameters for the debate. in the middle of the night self nights ago, it just disappeared out of a 326-word document, a bill that was democratically voted on, that the people in our country asked their members to
3:57 am
vote for as their constituents, paul ryan just took it out. it just disappeared. that is underhanded. it undermined our democratic process. it's wrong. this shows an exam of how they don't want to work in a bipartisan way. i don't know what the speaker is afraid of. congress is missing in action. we need to do our job. it's our constitutional responsibility. we're going to keep working and fighting. we're building a broader base of support and sooner or later we'll get that done. >> we look forward to the details of a better deal today. barbara lee, thank you. >> thank you, chris. >> much more on our developing story. jared kushner's new statement released just this hour. what he said about the meeting with a russian lawyer at trump tower. when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites.
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you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what? jared kushner put out an 11-page statement for the public
4:00 am
record. >> sharing his side of the story about russian contacts. >> mr. kushner has the most to lose at this moment in the investigation. >> we have a lot of ground to cover. we want to know about several meetings alleged to have taken place. >> the administration is supportive of being tough on russia, particularly in putting these sanctions in place. >> hasn't made a decision yet to sign that bill one way or the other. >> if he vetoes the bill, we will override his veto. >> i'm confident that the russians meddled in the election as is the entire intelligence committee. >> the president said to me, maybe they did it, maybe they didn't do it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> we begin with breaking news today. jared kushner put out an 11-page statement saying he did not collude with any foreign government. the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, he will be facing tough questions on his contacts with russia in just hours when he meets with the senate intel


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