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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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because i think it's important. i think donald trump is extremely uncomfortable with the mueller investigation resting in the hands of mueller. he wants to take control of that back. he feels very frustrated about that, and i think this is really about getting sessions out so he can put his own person in there. but to gloria's point, it's going to be one heck of a mess if he does force sessions out. >> david, s.e., gloria and dana, thank you very much. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. thanks, brooke. jared kushner says he e-mailed an assistant during this russia meeting. "can you please call my cell? i need excuse to get out of this meeting." but he couldn't do that with session investigators today. jared kushner making his first comments about the russian meeting behind closed doors. did he make any indication it came from campaign chaos and inexperience and not collusion? plus, as the senate heads
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for a key health care vote, the president speaks to the american people as he continues to speak to members of his own party to get on board. then, it was one of the deadliest human smuggling cases in history. what do we know about the truck? what do we know about where it came from? hello, everybody. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to start with the politics lead. the president's family and inner circle going to capitol hill to face tough questions about the russians. today jared kushner was not under oath and he spoke privately, not in a public hearing. afterwards at the white house, kushner read a statement in which he denied any collusion with russia. that echoed his earlier 11-page statement where he also downplayed four meetings with russians last year. tomorrow kushner will face the
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house intelligence committee, and then wednesday jared kushner, donald trump jr. and paul manafort will meet the senate judiciary committee also in private and also not under oath. lawmakers, it's unclear whether they're satisfied with kushner's answers. >> reporter: jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, tried today to put to rest mounting questions about meetings with russian officials which are now a key part into the investigation of russian meddling in the election. in rare public comments to the white house, kushner insisted his meetings occurred in the normal course of campaign and transition. >> all my communications were proper. let me be clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> reporter: kushner today spent more than two hours behind closed doors with staff of the senate intelligence committee and released an 11-page statement with new insight into
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four meetings with russians last year, including a june 2016 meeting at trump tower with russians at the invitation of his brother-in-law, donald trump jr., a meeting now under investigation since trump jr. was promised dirt on the clinton campaign after being told the russian government wanted his father to win the presidency. while kushner said, quote, i did not read trump jr.'s e-mail exchange ahead of the meeting. he dismissed the brief meeting as irrelevant with no discussion of campaign issues. saying, quote, there was no follow-up to the meeting that i'm aware of. kushner also confirmed sitting down during the transition with russian ambassador sergey k kislyak. they wondered if something could be set up to send information to
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moscow but he said it was tabled until after the inauguration. kushner said he did not discuss using russian sanctions ahead of a russian bank last september. but some members of the senate intelligence committee who did not participate in today's session also want a chance to question him. you want to personally question him? >> yeah, i want to be there. i have questions. we all have questions to ask. >> reporter: at the white house, the president continued to focus on the russia investigation, this time taking aim at his own attorney general, jeff sessions, calling him beleaguered and questioning why he, quote, isn't looking into crooked hillary's crimes and russia relations. kislyak said he spoke to sessions about the campaign.
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president trump jokingly asking today if sessions had resigned. speculation is growing as to whether president trump is looking for a replacement for jeff sessions. rudy >> jiljilgiuliani, the former n york mayor, could be the replacement. he said flat out the report is wrong and also supporting sessions' decision to recuse himself, saying he made the right decision in charge of that russia investigation, and at the same time the senate judiciary committee, diane feinstein calling on jeff sessions to appear before her committee but no commitments yet by chuck grassley on the time frame. he said it's going to happen but maybe not before the august recess, jake. joining me now is senator joe mansion of west virginia. he serves on the senate committee whose staff met with jared kushner today.
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senator, good to see you. you said in that report that you want to question jared kushner further? >> i think all of us on the committee. the fact we serve on that committee, we take it very seriously, and he has a lot to share. he shared it with the staff. the staff has briefed us. we were briefed today around 2:00 so we had a briefing. but now it goes to the next and we reserve that right for him to come and speak before us. >> monu just said that rudy giuliani went to the airport. he has denied that he has been set to replace sessions and he recused himself from the sessions matters. take a listen. >> do you think that jeff sessions is recusing himself? >> i think jeff sessions made the right decision. >> do you? >> i do. i absolutely do.
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and i think it was very clear that him and mike flynn had a relationship and they campaigned together, and it was very clear that mike flynn was under investigation, and there is nothing jeff could do but recuse himself. so i would agree with rudy giuliani on that. >> take a listen to jared kushner just a few hours ago. >> the record and documents i have voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events in a very unique campaign. >> all of my actions were proper and occurred in the course of events of a very unique campaign. does the senate intelligence committee have any evidence to the contrary? >> i don't think that we're in that position, and that hasn't been presented to me. i'm glad he did come up and speak, and he's been forthcoming. and i think the biggest concern is i wish they would have the same concern that i have and many of us have over russians' involvement and also what that can do to the confidence of our democratic process.
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we should be very much concerned about that, and i would hope they would be, too. >> kushner also said he did not read that entire e-mail thread from donald trump jr. regarding the meeting of what was billed from a russian government attorney with dirt on hillary clinton. kushner said that's because he received hundreds a day, and he got assistance on a call so he could exit the meeting. do you buy it? >> i don't think he lied to any of us whatsoever. he came to the committee openly and you're not going to make false statements to the committee, so i'll take his comments as accurate. >> the president called him, quote, his beleaguered attorney general. do you interpret the president's comments and tweets about jeff sessions to be him trying to push him out, to get him to quit? >> jake, the president has to put his team around him. whoever they were putting up, i
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always thought he had a right to put his team together. jeff was his first choice. i don't agree with him all of the time, but with that jeff was qualified. that was the president's choice, and i went ahead and supported that. and when i thought he should have recused himself, i spoke out. i was the only democrat that could speak out and not be political. there was no political motive because jeff was the person i voeltd for. a person has to make that decision. i think jeff sessions told him what will he. president trump just made a rare address directly to the american people talking about health care, but is it enough to change any minds of any wavering republican senators? that story next.
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here's a live look at andrews air force base where president trump is about to take off on air force one. he's about to give a speech to boy scouts in west virginia. moments ago we heard directly from president trump who met with people he calls victims of obamacare. >> the first rule of medicine is do no harm. but obamacare's lies have caused this, and throughout the whole country, families like this, nothing but pain. >> let's go to cnn's sara murray who joins me live from the white house. sara, president trump is now leaving for wvr est virginia ofe . he might get to make his pitch to the congresswoman of west virginia who said she will not
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vote to repeal obamacare without a replacement there. >> reporter: that's right, and we are expected to see her join president trump on air force i as he heads to west virginia. she has been a critical holdout and we've seen president trump do something he has not been doing much of throughout this whole thing, which is make a pitch publicly. here's what this bill would do to make your life better. now, he hasn't done a whole lot of arm twisting behind the scenes, either, especially when it comes to reluctant members. this could be an opportunity for him to use the full weight of the presidency to try to make this sell. we'll see if it's effective, we'll see if he talks about it when he gets to west virginia for what is supposed to be a boy scout event. >> what exactly are you hearing from your sources about jeff sessions? >> reporter: it's interesting, i just got off the phone with anthony scaramucci, who is the incoming communications director here at the white house. i can tell you that jeff sessions is at the white house
1:16 pm
today. it's unclear if he has met face to face with president trump. he is meeting with other top west wing aides. i asked scaramucci, look, what does the president want out of these tweets? does he want jeff sessions to resign? is he calling for that resignation? scaramucci said the president is disappointed with sessions. he said they have to sit down face to face and either have a reconciliation or decide what the future is going to be for sessions. so leaving it open-ended and, frank frankly, a little ominous for the future of the attorney general. >> a little ominous, indeed. how does the republican party respond to the comments that the democratic party doesn't stand for anything these days?
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president trump so embattled and republicans on capitol hill so deadlocked, one would think this is a great time to be a democrat. but a multitude of polling shows just because president trump is unpopular with many americans, that has not transcended into more support for democrats. 48% of americans have a negative view of democrats. democrats are trying to figure out how to turn those numbers around. >> joining us now is senate democratic leader chuck schumer of new york. senator, thank you so much for joining us. you're huddling with democrats in barryville, virginia, trying to rebrand yourself going forward. i know you haven't been following along what's going on in politics, jared kushner and the president's tweets, so i won't ask you about that. let me ask you what you did say,
1:22 pm
when you lose an election with someone who has 40% popularity, you look at america and say, what did we do wrong? what do you think democrats did wrong in 2016? >> it's not just 2016, it's 2014 as well. the blame goes all around. and the bottom line is people didn't know what we stood for. they knew we were against donald trump in 2016, for instance, but they didn't know. my wages are going down, i'm worried about my pension, my costs are going up. i'm worried my kids won't have a future. so we democrats today, pelosi and i, going to elizabeth warren and mark warner, announced our better deal. a better deal simply put, it's a better deal for working people. higher wages, lower costs, tools for the 21st century. we want to make people's lives
1:23 pm
better economically. america has always believed in that, but that belief is fading. and if we don't do something strong, sharp edged and bold, people could begin to lose faith in this country as they never have before. >> as you know, sir, a recent "washington post" news poll showed that 52% of voters believe that all the democrats currently stand for is just being against trump. 37% say that your party stands for something. >> yes. >> do you think your party is currently making the same mistakes hillary clinton might have made during the campaign, thinking that just going after donald trump is -- go ahead. >> i'm not going to point any specific fingers. we're all to blame. but what you said, that 52% of americans don't know what we stand for, that changes today. we came here to berryville. it was a place that donald trump carried. we discussed some things that will make people's lives better, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, training people for 10 million jobs that
1:24 pm
are now not being filled because people are out of the workforce, breaking up these big monopoli s monopolies, not letting them merge because they raise prices and don't care about the quality of their goods. we'll be rolling out other things in the next few months that will fill this agenda out. i think it's an agenda that will appeal to the american worker, it will appeal across the board. you know, people say, are you going for the trump voter who was a blue collar worker in the midwest or the old obama coalition? what we're talking about appeals to both. you don't have to choose. it will appeal to the worker in akron who is only being paid $11 an hour, it will appeal to the young woman getting out of college in los angeles and wants a bright future, it will appeal to the single mom in buffalo who is cleaning toilets for minimum wage. >> do you worry that your party is too fixated on the russia investigation? >> no.
1:25 pm
>> tim kaine of west virginia said that donald trump's ideas are simply treasonous. do you worry that you're playing into donald trump's hands that way? >> no, i believe we're spending our time fighting this health dare bill where we're resonating with average voters and average workers and we've been spending time putting together our better deal which we announced today. those are our two big focuses. obviously russia is in the news. we want mueller to be able to pursue and our committees to be able to pursue their investigations unimpeded, but our focus is on health care and now on the economic well-being of the working family, a better deal for the working family. >> you say your focus and on health care, but i know there are congressional democrats who for months have wanted to introduce with a major push fixes to obamacare to make that
1:26 pm
the democratic alternative to trumpcare, but a lot of them complain that democratic leadership won't let them do that. >> well, i don't know which leadership you're talking about. we have offered on the floor, blocked by the republicans jean shahin, clair mccatskill, different ways to make trumpcare better. we'll have a whole lot of ideas in the future. we first have to be trumpcare, then we can improve obamacare. we're eager to do that. >> one last question, and this is in the news in the last several weeks, senator. it has to do with the young baby in england, charlie gard, who the government there and the board of doctors have not allowed him to have the treatment that the family has wanted. there are people in this country who see the charlie gard situation and say, that's what happens when government takes control of health care. that's obviously not the
1:27 pm
situation we have in the united states, but that's their fear about single payer or other national forms of health care. what's your take on the charlie gard story? >> let me say this. >> please. >> first, the american people sure don't want the insurance companies and the big powerful interests to control their health care. that's why trumpcare is so unpopular. they want a good system that works, and that's what we're looking at. on the charlie gard situation, again, i don't know all the details in england, but, you know, i think if people want to be able to help a child that's dying, they should be allowed to do it. >> all right. democratic leader, minority leader chuck schumer. thank you so much. good luck with your project. >> nice to talk to you. their journey and their lives ended in the back of a sweltering truck in texas. coming up, a huge tragedy raising lots of questions about the truck and the driver. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." in texas the death toll is 10 and might go even higher. authorities found dozens of undocumented immigrants stuffed inside a tractor-trailer outside a walmart. eight of the individuals inside were already dead. two more died later at the hospital. survivors as young as 15 years old are being treated for severe dehydration and heatstroke. heatstroke can cause irreversible brain damage, doctors say. the driver said the trailer had been sold and he was just transporting it from iowa to texas and he did not know what was inside. he had left his home to come to san antonio texas where he was supposed to be paid $55,000. authorities are trying to figure out who is behind this horrific crime. sadly, human trafficking is a growing crime that extends beyond texas. undocumented immigrants who are willingly smuggled to this
1:33 pm
country are often forced into prostitution or slavery, often to pay off their debts. they found what could be a massive human trafficking ring which allegedly includes three different states. businesses that any one of us might drive by any given day can serve as fronts for crime rings, holding young women from east asia in this case and forcing them to prostitution. republican josh holly told us in april he was beginning a committee to fight human trafficking. missouri authorities are still tracking down businesses raided for alleged sex trafficking. this is just one of 13 businesses that troopers hit on thursday following months of investigation. it's part of a crackdown initiated by attorney general
1:34 pm
josh holly. they are responsible for crime rings in three other states with victims as far as china and east asia. inside, evidence the workers were living huddled together in the parlor. >> potential evidence here of illegal prostitution activities. >> this is where they lived, cooked, slept. the baggage tags on their suitcases indicate at least one possible victim arrived from overseas just one day earlier. >> you walk through and see these places where these women have been kept or forced to live, where they've been forced into slavery. that's what this is. >> reporter: these businesses often hide in plain sight on busy streets or in strip malls. dozens believed to be victims have been taken by law enforcement to undisclosed safehouses around the city. emily russell of missouri's human trafficking task force says many of the victims initially were scared but now say they're feeling safe. >> we have interpreters and even a place where they can feel at home. it's very cozy and not
1:35 pm
threatening like a police office might be. >> reporter: does this strike you as a workable approach -- >> since the first task force meeting in april, they have brought several law enforcement agencies as well as non-profits to tackle the issue. in april it's estimated that as many as 60,000 people may be victims of human trafficking, many underage and forced into prostitution. and it can take place anywhere, even here in the heartland of america. >> we're going after traffickers full throttle and that's what i intend to do. i said, if you come to missouri, we'll find you out, shut you down and prosecute you. that's what we're doing. >> reporter: a warning for human traffickers and a wake-up call for anyone who says this doesn't happen where they live. joining me now is the president of the trafficking task committee. congressman, thanks for joining
1:36 pm
us. what is the latest in the investigation into these 10 human trafficking deaths over the weekend? >> well, the investigation is ongoing, and i think this is an example of how terrible these human smugglers are and the need to focus intelligence resources against these kingpin human smugglers that are bringing people back and forth. the loss of any life is terrible, and for this to have happened in this sickening way is unconscionable. but we have to make sure we get board of security right, we have to fix our broken immigration system so this type of stuff doesn't happen again. >> we know that in addition to horrific incidents like this, often individuals who are part of these human trafficking rings who come into the united states sometimes end up forced into prostitution or sweat shops or other forms of modern day slavery. >> that's correct, jake. i'm usually in el paso as well, so i represent people in san
1:37 pm
antonio and el paso. this is something that law enforcement and a number of folks within the private sector are trying to stop in and around the el paso region. this is a problem. a lot of times when we think about border security, we think about in between our ports of entry, but we need to be focusing on our ports of entry. we still don't know whether these folks came in on the truck or something similar through a port or whether it was in between, but this is -- this shows the difficulty that border patrol has when they're trying to keep us safe. >> in addition to greater security at the border, what more needs to happen? >> well, we got to address the root cause in some of these countries. think about why would a parent put their 15-year-old son or daughter through such a harrowing journey? we also have to address a broken immigration system. we should have an immigration system based on market demands,
1:38 pm
and if you scretream line the process to get a legal visa rather than an illegal one, you would see these behaviors change drastically. >> the white house's new communications director anthony scaramucci told me yesterday that president trump continues to question whether, in fact, it was russia that interfered with the election last year despite the fact that every top intelligence chief gave their assurance in the last week. i want you to take a listen to three of them speaking at the aspen security forum. >> i am confident that the russians meddled in this election as is the entire intelligence community. >> there is no descent, and i have stated that publicly and stated it to the president. >> no doubt at all, and i stand behind the intelligence committee assessment that we produced in january. >> that was obviously the cia director, the director of national intelligence and the director of the national security agency. does the president's unwillingness to accept their conclusion trouble you at all? >> well, look, it's very clear that the russians attempted to
1:39 pm
influence our election. i think what the white house is concerned with is whether that invalidates the election. we know the russians didn't manipulate any of the vote tallying machines, but we have to get to a point where we can start talking about how we defend against this in the future. and it's not just going to be the russians. we know other countries that are trying to influence our way of life and erode trust in our institutions, and we should be talking about how do we stop this in the future, and some of these other conversations are just distractions. >> scaramucci said to me yesterday that the reason the president seems to resist this, or he suggested that he thinks people are trying to use this to delegitimize his election. that seems to be an irrelevant concern given the fact that russia did this and will do it again. how do you convince the
1:40 pm
president to take this as seriously as the intelligent chiefs and you do? >> it's a good question, and i think you'll have to ask the white house that one, but this really is a major problem. i wish there was more conversations going around, being had on what is our current-covert influence strategy. covert influence is an element of covert action, and you shouldn't have an intelligence organization responding to covert action in our own country, so we need to have a broader strategy that talks about a government piece but also a civil society piece as well. that's where we should be going to make sure that we have a strategy in place between -- before the 2018 elections. >> republican congressman will hurd of texas, thank you. >> thank you. they've left and now they've come back to one of the most dangerous parts of afghanistan. we go on the front lines as u.s. marines return to a battle they had already fought in what is now america's longest war. stay with us. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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just in to cnn, two pieces of news from capitol hill as republicans prepare for a health care vote tomorrow. they need every vote. senator whip john cornyn said john mccain, who is recovering from surgery, will be trying to get back for the vote. and senator diane feinstein tells cnn interviews for the senate judiciary committee were originally scheduled for wednesday, but now feinstein says she doubts it will happen this week. my panel is here to dive in. let's start with jeff sessions, though, because it's such a curious story. the president called attorney general sessions beleagured this morning in a tweet.
1:46 pm
sara murray is reporting sessions was at the white house this morning where he had a meeting with the white house counsel. anthony scaramucci wouldn't answer when he was asked if the president wants sessions to resign, he just said they need to sit down and talk about their future. the first sitting u.s. senator to support donald trump and it's everything but pushed off the plank. >> yes. all of these pieces together sound a lot like a well orchestrated plan to push him off the plank. what scaramucci or the mooch, i just wanted to say that, said today is really striking. if somebody texted you and it's a boyfriend saying we need to have a conversation about our relationship, that's not a good sign. and it's certainly not a good sign if the communications director at the white house is saying that about a member of the cabinet, especially one that's been so loyal to the president. i would say we don't know what's going to happen, but they're
1:47 pm
setting it up like his days are numbered in some capacity and we'll see what happens. >> and i don't want to be too conspiratorial, but it was interesting on friday evening when the white house reported on this intercept in 2016 where russian ambassador kislyak claimed he had had discussions with sessions and then he claimed it didn't happen. >> that's very revealing. donald trump wanted an attorney general who would protect him from this investigation. trump explicitly said if he had known sessions would recuse himself, he wouldn't have appointed him. the only thing he recused himself from was the russia investigation. i think trump's image of trump and session getting together to discuss their relationship and a somewhat head-exploding thought, the two of them in the oval talking about can they work it out, their feelings, do we have
1:48 pm
a future. >> it's not atypical for an attorney general to spend hours at the white house, unless there is a reform push going, something that would clearly be under his purview. so that's sort of a flag as well, as sara moistureurray rep and it raises a lot of questions of what they were talking about. >> if someone floated the idea of rudy giuliani replacing him, a white house official told me that's not the case, but rudy was caught by a cnn reporter at the airport, and he said he thought what sessions did in terms of recusing himself was perfectly in keeping with justice department guidelines. >> if he hadn't, he would not have been following the guidelines he was given by the officer at the justice department. how would that have looked? but what happens if sessions quits or gets fired? i guess rod rosenstein becomes the acting attorney general -- >> trump hates him, too. >> -- trump hates him, but who can he appoint? he can't get a partisan
1:49 pm
republican at this point. he almost has to appoint someone like a rod rosenstein or robert mueller, not that he would appoint either. sessions leaving replaces someone, who whatever his problems with him, is a trusted republican senator, someone who agrees with trump on a lot of issues, and will be replaced by someone who is more a career law enforcement guy. this does not seem to be a case where trump is act ing in his on interest. he painted him as being a n newbie. he said, my experience was business, not political. it was typical for me to receive 200 or more e-mails a day. i did not have the time to read every one. but this is a guy that -- i don't know if a campaign is more hectic than the white house, especially when you have the portfolio that jared kushner does.
1:50 pm
mideast peace, et cetera. >> what's completely perplexing about all of this -- well, there's a lot, but one of the big questions is why didn't he ask why all these russians wa wanted to meet with him? why didn't he pose that question of anybody who had other intentions? that wasn't a question that was answered at any point in time. what the context of that was, which was in contrast with the long statement, was he completely threw his brother-in-law under the bus. i'm sure his lawyer told him to do that and it was probably a smart thing, but he clearly articulated where he didn't know anything about the meeting, was surprised when he heard it came up. that's pretty striking. maybe made for an awkward thanksgiving, we'll see, but it's hard to believe he's as naive as he says he is. i think people are having a hard time really swallowing that. >> we just got this in that scaramucci said the white house briefings will be back on camera. already some change.
1:51 pm
>> they will announce jeff sessions' resignation to spend more time with his family. >> what do you make of kushner's testimony today, what we heard of his explanation? >> of course we just don't know yet of how partial and limited it is. i'm struck by the december meeting, the one reported a while ago, in which kushner confirms with the russian ambassador, where the russian ambassador says we have a terrible humanitarian crisis. we want to speak with you and by kushner's own account, he said, maybe we could do that at the russian embassy. that's so bizarre. it's as if he never heard that, gee, russia is really not a great ally of ours. they kind of meddled in the election. he treats russia as if it's the u.k. or something. >> will and jen, great stuff. they're now returning to afghanistan with the worst fighting.
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." a deadly car bombing in afghanistan on our world lead today. at least 29 people, including women and children, have been killed after the explosion in west kabul. the taliban has claimed responsibility. this comes as we're seeing an uptick in violence in afghanistan with no signs of the taliban weakening there. president trump is considering sending more troops to the country. cnn's nick paton walsh reports from the front lines in kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: here we are again, but it's been going on so long, these guys have left and then come back. afghanistan's helmand and america's marines. when does it end? a year ago the taliban were at the gates of this key city. now it's not good, but it's better because the marines, even though there is only 300 of them, have brought huge fire
1:57 pm
power with them. afghan troops just now retook one district, the marines not on the front but advising on basin stead and congratulating them indoors. but nothing lasts here except for the war and the triumph soon fades. a rocket just hit, landing about 20 meters from us outside. a total of three indiscriminate, an eight-year-old boy wounded in the attack. president trump is now weighing his first move in a war that for men like colonel reed, whose birthday is september 11, is absolutely nothing new. he was last here seven years ago but then with thousands of marines, so fewer now. >> around 300. those are the troops that ran the chow hall. >> reporter: now they have to do it all over again. >> it's discouraging. a lot of blood in the ground. >> reporter: do you feel a sense of heaviness when you try to take it on again? >> there is a definite feeling of a sense of obligation to get this right because of those that
1:58 pm
have gone before us for sure. >> reporter: how many friends are you losing? >> i don't think i've ever bothered to count. too many. between here and iraq. >> reporter: submarines near the front where you can just make out the taliban's white flag. >> this is all taliban kun, aco all of it. there is taliban that come through here on a daily basis. >> reporter: the marines aren't meant to fight them, the afghanistans are. and there's not near enough here. it is supposed to be a 500 strong unit here. >> there are only 200 assigned right now. >> reporter: by assigned, that actually exist? >> that actually exist. of those 200, there's about 100 of them that aren't even here. >> reporter: 250 afghans
1:59 pm
actually here. the marines pull back within a week. >> this is supposed to be a short mission. they come, they go, come back again, each time hoping the afghan security forces they leave behind them will be able to do their job, to hold the taliban back. the question is with only 300 here, marines this time a lot has changed. >> reporter: now, jake, what really are the options for president trump if we do get an announcement out of the white house? it appears to be delayed and delayed. we've seen the obama administration try a troop surge, that failed to some degree. we know the government wanted to try to talk to the taliban. that seems unlikely given the insurgents making gains right now and it seems more extreme than ever. they can't leave, they've tried that and wcame back to keep the country together. they hope to assist more afghanistan service? will they seek peace potentially
2:00 pm
in our lifetime? that's a good question. >> nick paton walsh in kabul for us. thank you for that great report. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you can see me tonight at 7:o00 p.m. i'll be in for erin burnett on "out front." we turn to wolf blitzer in the situation room. president trump's son-in-law jared kushner denies collusion with russia and says he has nothing to hide. >> mr. kushner, will you testify publicly? >> reporter: kushner insists all his actions with russian officials were proper. will lawmakers agree? insulting sessions. president trump derides his attorney general, referring to jeff sessions as beleagured, referring to russia investigations. why is president trump attacking one of his most loyal supporters? doing the