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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 25, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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walking there, into the capitol, for his second day of testimony. this one, in front of members of the house intelligence committee. this came after his testimony yesterday and statement he did not collude tough questions headed his way. and -- >> just into cnn, a fascinating development, donald trump's former campaign chair, paul manafort, has been subpoenaed to testify. what is going on there? manu raju has the details. >> reporter: actually reached a deal with paul manafort to avoid a public hearing. here comes jared kushner right now. will you testify in public? will you come back to the senate to testify again before the senate? >> no answer from jared kushner
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there, guys, as we try to see if he'll testify in public. there has been a demand he come back for the senate intelligence committee for the second session. after yesterday, a meeting with just staff of the senate intelligence committee. some members want a chance to question him. no word back from the kushner camp. of course he's meeting with the house intelligence meeting, where he's headed to now. of course not answering my questions on the way in or others. you mentioned paul manafort at the top here. a very significant development. a former campaign chairman, had been at the top of key russian issues, been looked at by numerous investigations, coming before the senate intelligence committee in a private, classified setting. that is not satisfying. the leaders of that committee wanted him to initially come before a wednesday hearing. now, last week, they cut a deal
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with him and donald trump jr. and said you don't have to come before this public hearing. you can come in private, as long as you produce records and agree to a single -- agree to a transcribed interview. it appears that process is broken down. paul manafort said he would only give one transcribed interview to congress according to the statement. that is not sufficient to the chuck grassley, the republican chairman and the top democrat, dianne feinstein. as a result, they are issuing a subpoena for him to appear in public on wednesday. so, it's uncertain whether or not mr. manafort will comply with the subpoena request. i put the question out to his representatives. we'll see what they have to say. a pretty dramatic move here as paul manafort is in the cross hairs of two committees. now the senate judiciary committee, which wants to hear from him in public.
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guys? >> manu, wednesday, being tomorrow, and in public is when the republican chair is subpoenaing manafort. there are so many things about this that are big and just reading the statement from grassley, they say they were unable to reach an agreement for a voluntary transcribed interview. was that for their record or an unwillingness to have that released to the public. do you know? >> reporter: it appears to be not necessarily release to the public, release to the committee, according to the statement from the senate judiciary committee. they wanted their own interview, get access to this single, transcribed interview. it appears the single, transcribed interview would be given to the intelligence committee. there's a turf war, it appears between two committees investigating this issue. we are trying to get more information about exactly what
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went down here. clearly, these negotiations that happened over the last several days have broken down, which is why the judiciary committee is taking this step to compel his appearance in public. we'll see what he does. donald trump jr., not mentioned in this press release. it suggests the negotiations appearing between him and the committee are happening in good faith and he's been able to avoid having being forced to come into public despite don jr. saying he would be willing. >> something blew up. >> big time. >> the ball is now in his court. we will see what he does. it's fascinating. jared kushner is behind closed doors, don jr.'s negotiations going well. paul manafort, how it developed will be fascinating. manu, thanks very much. >> he tried to question jared kushner as he walked by.
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you are looking at live pictures on capitol hill. on top of this, we are waiting to hear from paul ryan and other republican leadership. the news conference starts at any moment. even if they don't want to talk, these are questions they will be asked including the president's latest attacks and fanning the beltway buzz that jeff sessions may be kicked to the curb. the president is seething over sessions recusal in the russian probe reading attorney general jeff sessions took a very weak position in hillary clinton e-mails. >> john mccain will cast a crucial vote on health care days after being diagnosed with brain cancer. this return as to the high drama already there with this vote. really, really, too close to call. i want to get to the white
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house. caitlin collins is there for us. the president is trying to push out the attorney general. >> reporter: yeah, there are lots of reports over replacement for jeff sessions, names like rudy giuliani and ted cruz have been floated. they have dismissed the idea they are considered to replace jeff sessions and they dismiss those claims and said they greatly admire jeff sessions. what's clear is donald trump is fuming. he is starting to treat jeff sessions as a political faux and equating him to people like hillary clinton. we know, for donald trump, that's as low as it can get. he has not gotten over the march recusal of jeff sessions starting with "the new york times" comments last week when he said he would not have picked sessions as his attorney general if he knew he was going to recuse himself. we can't overstate how loyal jeff sessions has been to donald trump. he was the first senator to endorse him. he gave up a safe senate seat to
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take this job as attorney general. he's done a lot of donald trump's agenda in the past six months. he brought in people like rick deerborn, who was his chief of staff for a long time. stephen miller, the communications director. steve bannon said jeff sessions is like a mentor to him. it's hard to overstate how much influence jeff sessions has on this white house. >> because the president isn't talking publicly about this, though he is writing a lot about it, anthony scaramucci, the head of communications is talking about it. he was asked this morning, very bluntly, seems like the president wants sessions out. he didn't argue with that. >> reporter: no, he definitely did not argument let's listen to what anthony scaramucci said this morning. >> it's clear the president wants him gone. >> i have an enormous amount of respect for the attorney general, but i do know the
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president pretty well. if there's this level of tension in the relationship and that public, you are probably right. >> reporter: as you can see, john and poppy, it's clear sessions' job is in jeopardy. >> thank you so much. the president does hold a news conference later today. one question ought to be, do you want jeff sessions out. we will hear the president answer that publicly later today. joining us to discuss, martha hoover, john avalon, mark preston, and asha legal and national security analyst. wow. you know, a lot going on. margaret, let's start with you. the manafort subpoena aside for a moment, because we just learned about that. the president trying to force out sessions. scaramucci said that's probably what's happening. that's extraordinary. this public shaming of the man
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who was once his beth police cal friend. >> i don't know why we use precedent and what has been done in the past to measure this president. donald trump is a bit of a bully. he is going to publicly shame people. he's done it throughout the campaign and his real estate career. it's what he brought to the white house. we continue to be shocked and throw change in and a meeting from the oval office. this is trump being trump. you may not like it. i personally think it's beneath the office. this is what's happening in the office. he clearly wanlts him out. he wants him out and is beating him around. >> will he see it directly? >> john avalon, to you. is this moment different than after fbi director james comey was fired in terms of how republicans in congress will actually act and what they would do if the president forces sessions out. what do you think? >> absolutely. i mean, you can't be said enough
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sessions was his first and for a long time, only senate endorsee. for members, republican members of congress to witness him decide to publicly humiliate and attack him and belittle him repeatedly, even on the day of a major health care vote, the first thing is calling the attorney general weak after calling him beleaguered. it says loyalty is a one-way street with this president. you know, maybe he took the phrase bully pulpit too literally. you can expect no loyalty in return for service. this is just a vicious, you know, hobby horse. at this point, i should let all the insults fly and call him a keebler elf. i don't know how many moves out he has thought this. maybe he's thinking there will
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be a recess appointment. otherwise, rosenstein will be in charge. the plan seems to be to appoint an ag to fire the special council. that's the game here. >> let me put that question to you. that's a big deal, right? if you are the president who already fired the fbi director because of the russian investigation. that's what donald trump told us, he fired him because of russia. you have already done that now forcing out or pushing out the attorney general because he wouldn't recuse himself from the russian investigation. >> also raises some thorny legal issues, john. he's already raised the speck tor of obstruction in firing comey and the reasons behind it. at this point, he's given an interview to "the new york times" where he admitted he's
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angry sessions recused himself. he wanted an attorney general to put a stop to the investigation. if he fires sessions, he's adding yet another nail to the coffin of charges of obstruction. he's sort of stuck a little bit and he's counting on sessions resigning. now, even if he replaces sessions and he is able to replace sessions, it's still a long road to get to firing mueller. the special council regulations are pretty specific that the special council can only be fired for good cause or misconduct or a number of other very specific factors, which mueller doesn't meet. conflict of interest is one of those. that's why they are honing in on that. but, all of these things begin to, again, potentially pile on to the legal troubles because he keeps stating the intention he wants the russia investigation to go away.
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>> we are just getting a new tweet in from senator lindsey graham as well. let me read that. i think we have that to put on the screen here. president trump's tweet today from attorney general sessions pursue prosecutor of a former political rival is highly inappropriate. the decision should be based on a fine of law. it is a run away from a long standing american tradition separating the law from politics, regardless of party. that ee that's from a republican. >> certainly not a loss. they voted for sessions to be the attorney general. they are not going to look kindly on their own being treated the way that the president is now treating his attorney general. jeff sessions spent several terms in the united states senate. what was interesting about what graham said there, not only did he say that, but in another tweet, he acknowledged he
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disagreed with sessions, but never doubted sessions integrity. i think that is key. even if you were not a fan of jeff sessions as a republican in congress, perhaps you didn't agree with him on immigration or on conservative beliefs, there is a sense of loyalty that still will cling to sessions from those united states senators and in terms of a recess appointment because it's something i have been thinking about as well, that's going to be difficult to do if the united states senate stays in session, meaning every three days in the month of august, they don't go on recess. so sessions, to what john was saying, would have to turn to his assistant attorney general or deputy attorney general which, by the way, he has been critical of. this is not normal. this is not normal and we should normalize the way the president has been acting and has been acting for the past six months. >> the way republicans have been thinking about this, rush
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limbaugh says this is discomforting for trump to go after such a loyal supporter. let me shift to paul manafort. we are learning in the last few minutes the senate judiciary after striking a deal with manafort, issued a subpoena for him to come testify before that committee tomorrow. now, it's hard for us to know exactly what's going on here, is this for real? is this showmanship? asha let me ask you, what if paul manafort doesn't show up? >> well, then the committee can hold him in contempt and he can think about not showing up while he sits in jail. that's the ultimate penalty. i think what could be happening here is a lot of pressure has been put on manafort as a result of jared kushner's statement. jared -- you know, if we take jared kushner's statement at face value, it was the three
7:16 am
stooge's meeting with the russians. that's not true. paul manafort probably has much more information to give and now i think the pressure is on him to give more details because jared kushner claims he can't recall. the other thing that is going on in his le luck tans to appear or share the interviews is, we don't know what's happening with him and mueller. if he has a lot of information, he and his lawyers are going to want to leverage that with mueller for as much as they can in order to, you know, reduce his criminal liability. he doesn't want to put all those cards on the table before he's had a chance to milk it for all it's worth. there are a lot of different things going on here that could be creating this tug of war. >> all right guys. stick around. we have a lot more to talk about. we are trying to keep up with the flow of events. it's awfully hard because there's so much going on.
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in the sat, you are getting drama with policy decisions. republicans are holding a crucial vote to repeal and replace obamacare. the arizona senator, john mccain, is rushing back for this vote after being diagnosed with brain cancer. obviously, this will be a fascinating and emotional thing to see. >> so great that john mccain is coming back to vote. brave american hero. mj lee is on capitol hill. i should note, he's calling senator john mccain a hero now, but of course he questions if he was a hero during the campaign and never apologized for that statement. mj? >> reporter: colleagues have been saying if anyone can pull off the impossible, that is john mccain. we are about to see that in real life later today, mccain coming back to cast a vote on the health care vote. the first proceed ural vote we are able to see later this afternoon. the question is, is that going
7:18 am
to be enough? just to quickly walk through what we are expecting to see today, first there is going to be the policy lunch. this is a lunch, again, very, very important where mitch mcconnell will try to sell his members, try to bring them to a yes vote to proceed to start the debate on this bill, then the vote will take place after this policy lunch. a lot of members are still undecided. realready know -- >> hang on one second. hang on one second, house speaker, paul ryan. >> we passed the extension of the gi bill. it means the gi bill will keep doing what it has done for generations, giving opportunities to veterans and families. this week, we are going fully fund a pay raise for service members. it's the biggest raise in eight years. we have seen the military get hollowed out and we are addressing that this year, this week.
7:19 am
it's well deserved. the last point is security and the borders. earlier this year, i had the opportunity to travel down to texas to go to the rio grande valley and spend time with border patrol. when you see what they are against, it gives you greater respect for what they do. they clearly need more tools to do their job effectively. this week, we are going to take action on key elements of the president's strategy to secure borders, including the resources for a physical barrier. when you go down there and see the fact that the cartels are staging just over the river, there is a need for a physical barrier in parts. that is what the border patrol, the experts on the ground were in charge of enforcing the laws are telling us. that's why we are going get this done this week. we are going to work on the agenda to address the problems people care about so we can improve people's lives, which is why we are here. questions?
7:20 am
>> -- fire his attorney general -- someone who could fire a special council. does that concern you? >> look, the president gets to decide what his personnel is, you all know that. he is the executive branch. he determines who is hired and fired in the executive branch. if he has concerns or questions with the attorney general, i'm sure he will bring them up with him. [ inaudible question ] >> it's up to the president to decide personnel decisions and any thought that comes from that. if he has concerns about anyone in the administration, i'm sure he is going to talk to them directly. >> the president says the attorney general is -- do you think the department of justice -- >> what we are focused on here is doing our jobs. we are not focused on what the department of justice is or is
7:21 am
not doing. we are focused on getting the agenda passed. the best way to support the administration is move this forward. that's what the focus is. we are not focused on micromanaging d.o.j. [ inaudible question ] >> the majority of ours is for the amendment. as you saw, it didn't have a majority on the floor. so, the typical tension of an issue like that is occurring, with respect to the four bills. we have consensus for the four bills. we do not have full consensus on the other eight bills. that's what we are working toward. we have made substantial progress. appropriators are working to get the rest of the members on
7:22 am
board. we anticipate bill support going into september. we have consensus on the four bills. we have consensus on funding the military, military construction, funding veterans and funding the border wall and the physical barrier we need on the border. we are going to get it and go for more later. we are making good progress on that. jonathan? >> the appropriations bill -- which is usually the reverse of how that usually works. fy '17 budget to do the reconciliation for health care. there's a lot of precedence and things done and have been overturned and tossed aside this year. did you think it was necessary to go through the policies that will help -- >> as you know, a resolution is not an hr meaning. it is not a law.
7:23 am
an appropriations with the caps in place require a law change. so, a budget in and of itself does not do that. where consensus has been reached in the budget committee that came out with a unanimous republican vote is on these numbers. we have reached consensus with with respect to the appropriations numbers in the committee. armed services in the ndaa. we found on the house side consensus on the appropriation numbers. that is out of budget committee. the question of whether or not one comes before the other is kind of an academic exercise because you don't need a budget to pass appropriations. that's a totally different issue. we are going to move both simultaneously and both get done in law. i think the budget committee is -- the budget committee and diane black are the one who is got everybody to talk to each other and got consensus. if it were not for diane black and the budget committee, we would not have this consensus to
7:24 am
bring these bills to the floor today. thank you. >> there you have it. house speaker paul ryan, not directly at all addressing the questions on attorney general jeff sessions. it's the president's per ogtive to hire and fire. >> that's an answer. i'm not touching this. if the president wants to fire the attorney general, he can do what he wants. we are joined for more analysis on this. it's one of paul ryan's worst things, what do you make about the president's decision on x, y or z. sometimes he takes issue, other times, he bunts. >> more often than not he's bunting. he wants to go out and talk about, okay, we passed a health care bill. it's on the senate side. i want to talk about tax reform. let's talk ability infrastructure and getting
7:25 am
legislation done. yet, when he goes to the camera and the microphones, he is going to be asked time and time again, what do you think about this or how do you think the president is acting? what do you think about this tweet? what you saw in paul ryan's face is a level of frustration we are hearing from all republicans on capitol hill because they are tired of the side show. they realize nothing is necessarily getting done here in washington. the big promises that they have made, whether that be repealing and replacing obamacare, putting a new infrastructure bill in place to build the highways and waterways and getting tax reform done has been pushed aside because of president trump and president trump himself. >> guys, stay with us. panel, if you would stick around, we have republican congressman, ken buck of colorado with us as well. we would like to get your reaction on all of the news of the day. shall i begin with with the president's attacks, consistent
7:26 am
attacks on the attorney general, jeff sessions. do you think the president wants sessions out? if so, do you agree sessions should go? >> i don't know what the president wants. i think it's important -- i think the attorney general has a good relationship with folks on the hill. i think he's doing a good job. >> okay. >> i think the president and attorney general need to work this out in private and the less said in public is better. >> you don't think he should go? >> i don't think what? >> you don't think sessions should go? he's doing a good job? >> he is doing a good job. he's doing a good job with his relationship with folks on the hill. >> rush limbaugh thinks it's unseemingly to go after him in this way? do you? >> i don't. the president has to work things out with the attorney general. they should do it in private. the attorney general is doing his best to support the
7:27 am
president in a way an attorney general can. i think that it is -- it's not good strategy in a place like washington, d.c., when you are under a micro scope to have a communications director where the words are parched in other ways. >> the communications director? this is the president making statements, you know, criticizing the attorney general, then when the communications director, anthony scaramucci was asked does hi want him out, he said, probably. >> when you communicate in 140 characters or less it's difficult. yes, i think the best thing is for the attorney general and the president to get together and work this out. >> you said, you used the word unseemingly. you don't think it is the way the president handled this. so, handling something in the public like this, he could come to the microphones, give an
7:28 am
interview. he's choosing to use 140 characters. he's choosing to use that to attack his attorney general. you are okay with that? you are comfortable with that tactic and that sort of -- that's befitting of the office in your mind? >> i don't think the president has been treated fairly by the media. >> what does that have to do -- that's not what i asked. >> it's exactly what you asked. >> no, what i asked you -- >> asked questions and going to be cornered by an unfriendly media to get his message out, he's going to do it in social media. >> he could film something in the oval office. i'm asking you if you are comfortable with his response, the way he's doing it and attacking his own attorney general for a sitting u.s. senator to back him. are you comfortable with that? is that befitting of the office
7:29 am
of the presidency? >> i think the president has chosen a way to communicate. it's not a way i would communicate. i'm less comfortable with communicating on social media than i am standing in front of a camera and answering questions. but i think the president has this style and we'll see in the long run whether it works or not. i don't think it's unseemly. i was asked a question with the word unseemly, i don't think it is unseemly, it is the president's style. >> all right, congressman ken buck of colorado. thanks for being with us, a busy, busy morning. appreciate your time. we'll be right back. at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing. more than one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be.
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7:34 am
committee. a lot going on. back with our panel, margaret to you. we spoke with congressman ken buck of colorado, your home state. he would not address that the president would like the attorney general out. he said the attorney general is doing a good job, but he wouldn't criticize the manner the president is doing. you had a strong reaction. >> i know ken buck, he's from my home state. he's a good friend. i know his family. he does not like the behavior of this president. it is counter to ken buck and how he acts in public office and how many, many republicans view the office of the presidency. what you saw there was a very reluctant member of congress, reluctant to criticize the president. this is what you have. donald trump won his district by 23 points. this is the dynamic you have in congress. you have many, many members of congress whose seats depend on the success of, frankly, the actions of this week.
7:35 am
is health care repealed and replaced or not. many could lose their seats if donald trump is not successful. while this absz luteally undermines their idea of how the president should be they are reluctant to criticize him. it, frankly, risks their future and their office and majority. >> it gives the president license to do this again and again and again, no? >> it certainly does. in the many tweets he sent out today, one was, i'm going to ohio. we expect big crowds to come out here tonight. you know, it's okay, i think, as president or politician to think in political terms to get things done. what's not okay is how you go about doing it, then you try to turn the blame. for instance, on health care, we saw president trump last night turn to his hhs secretary and
7:36 am
say you better get the votes tom, you better get the votes. i don't know anyone else on the panel, but i have never known an hhs secretary to go in with votes. that lays strictly at the doorstep of the president of the united states and that's something we haven't seen president trump focused on. today, he could have been focused on trying to get say votes. instead, he has decided to go off and attack his attorney general. >> asha, we know if you are special council bob mueller, you are curious what it means about your job. not that he needs the job, i'm not sure if he cares if he is fired or not. what do you make of it, if you are the special council, all the tweets, the personal statements coming from the president of the united states, do they factor into your investigation? >> i think to some extent, they will, in the sense that you are going to hunker down and make sure you get as much covered as you can. i think the president failed to
7:37 am
understand the nature of the legal system and a beaurocracy. even if mueller goes away, the investigation is not going to disappear into thin air. that is not how the criminal justice system works. the premise of these investigations began a year ago. they will be continued in the fbi. i have been in the fbi, i know this. they cannot close this midstream. so, he's going to, i think, take into account that if possible, he may leave and make sure there are mechanisms in place for this investigation to continue. i think the president, if that's his goal to shut the investigation down, he will be sorely disappointed. it will go on and it will be completed. >> mark preston, all of this has been happening this morning. it's hard, frankly, to keep up but paul manafort being
7:38 am
subpoenaed to appear in public tomorrow. if he doesn't, he could be held in contempt of congress. so, what is -- what's your playbook for paul manafort? does he come? does he plead the fifth? what does he do? >> he has concern. we know he is going to go to the senate committee or we are told he will do that. i think what paul manafort has done is drawn a line in the sand. from that line, he will now try to negotiate with congress to see what he can get out of congress in terms of protection if there is need to be protected. as this subpoena is being issued or at least as we are told, because it was issued late last night, we are told we have jared kushner, the son-in-law of the president going up to capitol hill on day two and right now behind closed doors testifying as well. talk about a distraction right now. this whole russian investigation has been on the trump presidency. >> can i ask you a question
7:39 am
about health care? that is behind door number three. >> huge deal today. >> a vote that will be historic one way or the other. they will vote on the motion to proceed. i suppose it could kill the effort right now for health care or open the door for more votes next week. what pressure do you think being felt by the republican members of the senate? >> i think they are under an enormous amount of pressure, to a certain extent. but, i mean, this is what paul ryan said, i have an agenda. what he was saying, without saying it is we did our job. it's your time. that's why he had a press conference right now. he didn't have anything to say that was new. part of it is because the president hasn't been all in, 100%, trying to twist the arms of portman and moderate republicans -- >> not at all, some of them. >> mitch mcconnell is looking at the map for 2018 and seeing an
7:40 am
easy map. the chance the republicans continue to have a majority control of the senate in 2018 is very, very high, regardless of whether they vote on health care or not. the real problem is the house of representatives. that's why paul ryan is out there. >> thank you so much. quite a bit of news to get through today. we appreciate you rocking and rolling with us. >> on top of this, could there be another nominee from the president with a russia connection? one of the many things unfolding on capitol hill today. ♪ ouch! new band-aid® brand skin-flex™ bandages. our best bandage yet! it dries almost instantly. better? yeah. good thing because stopping never crosses your mind. band-aid® brand. stick with it™
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7:45 am
been under scrutiny from the fbi. what is the back story here? >> he's actually in front of the senate judiciary committee as we speak where they have already raised issues with his representation of the bank of alpha bank. ben would be the nominee to head up the criminal division. to me, he would oversee the criminal cases like gangs, organized crime and cyber crime as well as white collar. he's no stranger to the trump administration. he ran the trump transition team and previously worked there. the past several years, worked for a law firm where he revealed, in a letter to the senate committee, he represented a russian bank that has been scrutinized by the fbi.
7:46 am
cnn reported, this bank, alpha bank, came up in an fbi investigation for unusual activity by the banks servers, indicated it communicated to servers belonging to the trump organization during the campaign. the bank hired him or the firm as part of the internal investigation to find out what was going on. you know, ben recently revealed the work because he was tied to confidentiality agreement. this came up in security forms. much has been said about the fs-86 forms that got jared kushner this trouble. keep in mind, poppy and john, law enforcement officials said to us, while there was interesting activity in the banks servers, they have not found anything nefarious about the activity. >> right. >> we did get a statement from senator dianne feinstein, she says she has concerns about this
7:47 am
nomination. the fact the nominee continued representing alpha bank until the day of nomination raises questions. why did he continue to represent the bank after he knew about the potential nomination? one thing that is important here, running the criminal division of the department, does that have connections with the special department? >> it shouldn't because it falls under the national security and is separate with the own ag, the only head that runs that department. the only way here, he may have exposure to it is the financial investigations that we have all heard about and maybe going on as part of this. all of that, anything that is connected of anyone within the trump world is being handled outside of the department of justice with the special council. however, you know, if sessions goes, then a new attorney
7:48 am
general would come in and who knows what would happen. this could potentially, potentially, you know, have him overseeing some aspects of that investigation. >> questions of recusal with him. thanks so much. tension between the united states and iran. we are learning a yus navy ship had to fire off warning shops at an armed iranian. >> this happened in the iranian gulf. the boat is believed to have been operated by the revolutionary guard and came within 150 yards of the u.s. vessel, according to the official that spoke with cnn. the iranians did not respond to warnings from the u.s. ship. today, an emotional return to capitol hill. senator john mccain coming back for a crucial health care vote, less than a week after being diagnosed with brain cancer. he is on his way to washington. we are on top of the fast moving developments. e i was from ethnically.
7:49 am
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the cleveland cavaliers have been dealing with in-house drama lately. last night, they signed free agent derek rose. what do you think lebron james thinks about that? >> do you think i know? >> absolutely. >> i do not. but this man does. good morning. >> good to see ya. former number one pick, rose will take a pay cut. he made $21.3 million with the knicks last year. he signed a contract for $2.1 million to play in cleveland. he could have made much more elsewhere, but he wants to play alongside king james.
7:54 am
lebron tweeted rose emojis saying let's rock. no word for the current all-star point guard who previously asked to be traded according to reports. listen to this. with the addition of rose, the cavs and warriors combined to have all the mba mvps from 2009 to 1016. this football player, 6'4", 286 pounds, already getting big-time scholarship offers. he's from columbia, mississippi. the great crimson tide coach was surprised when he found out how young he is. he's getting offers from ole miss and mississippi state. look at him run. 4.7 in the 40-yard dash. that's the average time of nfl draft prospects and he's running that fast. how big is he?
7:55 am
according to recruits, the average lineman is 6'3", 260 pounds. this rising eighth grader, bigger than that. this is for you, poppy. the fastest weaner dogs on the planet competed in the wiener schnitzel. it was 1 1/2-year-old daschund running with a trial time of 5.8 seconds. it's all for a good cause z. i love seeing athletes giving back for a good cause z. >> i'm a little more of a retriever girl than a wiener girl but i'll take it. >> coy, thank you so much. we have a lot going on this morning. the president trying to pick out a general. the campaign chair subpoenaed to appear. new developments just ahead. the ford summer sales event is in full swing. they are not listening to me. watch this. who wants ice creeaaaaaam!?
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it would appear the president has a sessions obsession. jeff sessions, the first sitting u.s. senator to endorse president trump's presidential campaign is on the receiving end of another round of blistering ridicule from his boss, including this tweet. ttorney general jeff sessions has taken a weak position on hillary clinton crimes. where are e-mails and intel leakers? there is that. and


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