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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 26, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. top of the hour, breaking news. this happening moments ago. president trump pummeling his own attorney general once again with attacks. while the attorney general is sitting in meetings at the white house. the assault continuing this morning. the latest, why didn't sessions replace mccabe who was in charge of the clinton investigation? he went on from there. >> what is at issue isn't the substance of the tweet, it's that the president of the united states again attacking his own attorney general while the attorney general, we understand, is sitting inside the white house for routine meetings.
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let's us go there right now. caitlyn collins at the white house. what are you learning? >> reporter: we thought we were going to make it through the morning without a tweet from donald trump. it's worth noting while he is attacking jeff sessions for not replacing andrew mccabe at the fbi, donald trump interviewed mccabe in may for the position of fbi director after he fired james comey. putting that aside, it's very clear that donald trump and jeff sessions are engaged in basically a war of a game of chicken right now. neither of the men are speaking. donald trump is making it very clear that he wants jeff sessions to quit. jeff sessions is making it clear he has no plans to resign right now. donald trump yesterday was repeating he was disappointed in jeff sessions but let the door open for him to continue in his job as attorney general when he said he wants him to be much tougher on intelligence leaks. theny minted
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communications director was on cnn this morning and he was asked about jeff sessions' future. let's listen to what he had to say. >> do you think he is going to get rid of jeff sessions? he seems to be injuring him in public. >> i don't know the answer to that. i would recommend to every cabinet secretary and every teammate that i have here in the west wing have a tough skin. >> have they spoken? >> i don't know the answer. >> reporter: like he said, he doesn't know if they have spoken. we know jeff sessions is in the west wing right now for what we are told are routine meetings. we do not know if he will meet with donald trump today. >> thanks so much. let's go to capitol hill right now. let's listen. >> the weakness is that the president is trying to not use his power, he is trying to get sessions to quit. and i hope sessions doesn't quit. if the president wants to fire
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him, fire him. >> you think the president is demonstrating weakness by his handling of sessions? >> absolutely. i think anybody who is strong would use the power they have and be confident in their decision. so strong people say, i've decided that this man or woman can't serve me well and i'm going to act accordingly and take the consequence. to me, weakness is when you play around the edges and you don't use the power you have. >> you can hear, we missed the top of your conversation with senator lindsey graham there. we did hear him say right now that the president's treatment of the attorney general, jeff sessions, portrays weakness. what did he say to you at the beginning? >> yeah, that's right. you really came in as we started talking about he was asked initially about the president's new policy about transgender individuals serving in the military. he punted on that.
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said he wants to hear more about it. but he had some very strong words about jeff sessions. he is a defender of jeff sessions as attorney general and does not like the way the president has been treating him publically. yesterday, lindsey graham put out the statement defending sessions and here i asked him about the recent attacks against jeff sessions. today's most recent tweet saying he should have fired andy mccabe as acting fbi director. lindsey graham was pretty -- taken aback by it and said very bluntly the president is showing weakness in his handling of the sessions situation. very clearly, a lot of support on capitol hill, perhaps senator hatch, who is walking up here, maybe with an answer. senator hatch walking away
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there. he was asked a question about health care ahead of the judiciary committee meeting. clearly, this issue of jeff sessions, he has a lot of support on capitol hill from republican senators. dick shelby, former alabama senator -- current alabama senator did serve with sessions, called him, told him he has widespread support on capitol hill. mitch mcconnell said that he should have recused himself from the russia investigation. the president going after almost one of their own, senate republicans own is not going over very well, which is what you heard from lindsey graham moments ago saying the president demonstrating a sign of weakness by his attacks on jeff sessions. >> to say the least. senator shelby told us moments ago that senator sessions deserves better than this. thank you very much for bringing us that live response from lindsey graham who has called jeff sessions someone he never
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doubted his integrity or sense of fair play. you are looking now at the senate judiciary committee hearing getting under way. the chairman, chuck grassley. let's listen. >> to enforce this law and monitor potential unregistered foreign agents. it's no surprise then that only 400 foreign agents are currently registered. does anyone here seriously think that only 400 people in the whole united states take foreign money for pr and lobbying work? the inspector general said the fbi investigators and the justice department officials can't even agree on what makes a good case for enforcement of this law. it is no surprise that the inspector general found that there is no comprehensive department enforcement strategy on the law.
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between 1966 and 2017, the justice department brought only seven criminal fairer cases. listen to this. it has been 26 years since the justice department used civil injunction relief to enforce this law. why comply when the justice department clearly doesn't treat this law as a priority? in april 2015 letter to then attorney general holder, i wrote about bloomenthal. he transmitted documents to secretary clinton on behalf of a political party and the country of georgia. the justice department never explained why it did not require mr. blumenthal to register. if the justice department
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thought his activities on behalf of foreign interests did not require registration, it should simply say so. particularly when the trump administration has required lieutenant general michael flynn to retroactively register under the law in large part because he wrote an op-ed for the hill newspaper. the administration also required paul manafort, the podesta rule, mercury llc to register for their work on behalf of the ukrainian government. recently, there's been a lot of reporting about other unregistered foreign agents attempting to influence u.s. policy. for example, a group of unregistered russian agents allegedly worked to undermine the magnitsky act. it was passed in honor of the
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man who uncovered massive financial fraud in russia involving corrupt russian government officials and organized crime. he was arrested by the same corrupt officials and later died in russian prison under suspicious circumstances. the magnitsky act allows the president to sanction individual russian human rights abusers and freeze their assets in the u.s. the law was passed through a tireless effort of william browder who will testify here today. mr. magnitsky was his lawyer and friend. in 2016 -- >> you are watching a hearing from the senate judiciary committee covering largely foreign lobbying. there's a huge amount of crossover here with that issue and the current various russia investigations going on in congress, not to mention the special counsel has to do with michael flynn, with paul
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manafort, has to do with various groups that created the dossier. a lot of overlap here. inside this hearing we expect to hear from the inspector general at the justice department who is investigating various things that overlap with the russia investigation as well, including james comey, his firing dating back to his investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. a lot going on right now. we are going to keep our eye on it going forward. >> let's discuss as we monitor this with our panel. paul callin, selena zeno, who was at the trump rally last night and mark preston as well as jim sciutto. to you all, where to begin. i guess, jim sciutto, with you, because once again, while the attorney general this time is sitting at the white house in the so-called routine meetings,
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the president decides to take to his favorite medium and attack the attorney general in another tweet for this time not firing the acting fbi director andrew mccabe who the president interviewed in may to potentially be the next fbi director. your thoughts? >> listen. it's all about russia here. right? the president has said as much when he fired james comey, there was a 24 hour cover story about this being about james comey's handling of the clinton investigation, his public comments. propagated by the white house spokes people. it disappeared when the president said he fires comey because of the way he was handling the russia investigation. we already know that that is the driving force behind this, because the president himself has said that multiple times. it's because jeff sessions recused himself from the russia investigation, the president said that's not fair, whatever that means to the president for him to have done that. that is the driving force here. a lot of the other comments you
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are hearing from him about his handling of this or that really, it's the president piling on to some degree. the other point i would make as we listen to chuck grassley there, a reminder. remember, there are different views of the russian investigation, not just from the president but among some republicans on capitol hill that there is too much focus on the president and his advisers and not enough focus on hillary clinton, her alleged ties to ukrainian contacts. you heard senator grassley talk about sidney blumenthal, a target of republicans and others when you talk about the clinton campaign. that's important because you have an attempt to redirect the russia investigation if not away from the president and his
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advisers at least adding an additional target. what about what the democrats did? what about their contacts with ukraine? that's important because, listen, depending on what happens with the mueller investigation, you have on the hill the intel committee, the judiciary committee, they have been -- the intel committee has been laser focused on russian interference. the judiciary committee trying to add another target, perhaps i don't know if distraction is the right way, but take focus away from russian meddling and trump associates and focus it on democrats. >> what's new this morning is in a way what's old. it's the president of the united states attacking his own attorney general in these very public ways. this morning it's while the attorney general of the united states is at the actual white house. what's fascinating about it is that this just shows the president is not going to stop. he is not going to stop this, even though he has suggested a way jeff sessions might redeem himself, go after leak
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investigations, go after immigration harder. jeff sessions is doing both those things. but it doesn't seem to matter. the president saying, i'm still not going to stop with this public humiliation. >> that's right. it is startling but not surprising. if you think back to the campaign, in a lot of these close fought strategic political decisions, the president has always kind of telegraphed what he is intending to do. during the campaign he said, i'm going to engage in substance free personal attacks on all of my opponents. i will give them name, crooked this and lying that. i won't talk about any substance. and it worked. he told us he was going to it and did he it. we have seen during the transition, think about the way he treated mitt romney, chris christie, there's no amount of humiliation that is going to sort of reach a limit for him. so that is what he was doing with jeff sessions. i think jim sciutto was right, this is -- he is clearly on the -- the president seems to be clearly on the wrong side of what this investigation is going
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to lead to. he doesn't want to be in that position. so everybody, james comey, now jeff sessions, anybody who seems to be taking him down that path is going to be the subject of attacks. he has made very, very clear that he is going to do this every single day until he gets, i guess, out of the pressure of that this investigation is bringing on him. >> paul, you make a point in your op-ed that the president may have political cover. he may at least for the time being have the political ability to survive sessions, rosenstein and mueller. why? >> i think we're talking often about the saturday night massacre in the nixon administration as an example what can happen when you fire the attorney general and his subordinates. nixon was impeached. you had a democratic congress at that time. we have a republican congress now. the president is unlikely to be impeached by a republican
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congress for abuse of power. in 2018, after the mid term elections, we may have a different congress. >> the republicans are fed up with his treatment of sessions. you heard from senator shelby saying as much. brutalizing. >> they are fed up. but there's a difference between fed up and voting for impeachment. i want to focus on one other thing i haven't heard people talking about. this attack on sessions is an attempt to get sessions to resign. people are talking about the president firing sessions. sessions is an attorney general approved by congress. in american history, you have to go back as far as john adams to find a secretary -- a cabinet secretary who was fired by the president who refused to resign. when andrew johnson tried do it in the 1860s, congress tried to impeach him saying it was an abuse of power. >> they did. >> they voted for impeachment but the senate ultimately acquitted on the charge. the president doesn't want to
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fire sessions. he wants sessions to walk away voluntarily so he doesn't face the music, the president. >> stick around. selena and mark, you especially. you will be up first next time. we will talk about the republican reaction to this. richard shelby with scathing words. also what voters are saying about all this. plus, we have other breaking news. >> a lot of breaking news. a policy announcement this morning on twitter from the president. in no capacity can any transgender people any longer serve in the u.s. military. why he is reinstalling that ban what it means. big picture. who he says told him to do it. stay with us. ♪when you've got...♪
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she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. we do have a lot of breaking news this morning. this one a policy pronouncement from the president of the united states. he just took a major stance saying that he will ban transgender people from serving in the u.s. military. >> that's right. he said after consulting with his military generals, he has
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decided that no transgender individual can serve the u.s. military in any capacity. he cited the military medical costs for this, calling them overwhelming and burdensome. let's go to the pentagon, barbara starr is there with more. aside from the rand corporation finding the costs between 2 and $8 million, also you have reported that the folks across the hall from where you are, taken by surprise with this announcement. >> taken by surprise and then some. i have to tell you. a short time ago, the chief pentagon spokesman in the building today told reporters rg call the white house. they didn't know anything about it. it doesn't appear at this moment that the pentagon has a lot of if any information about exactly what the president has in mind. it was only in the last several weeks that defense secretary jim mattis said he wanted to take a pause for six months and look at this entire issue of
7:24 am
transgendered petransgender ed serving in the military. they wanted to get a deeper look at this. there's not a clear answer as to how many transgendered persons serve in the military. the estimates, 1,000, 1,300 all way up to 6,000 or more. it tells you how little they know at this point about the scope of the issue that they're trying to address. the president went a step further than any of the real conversation we heard about this in months saying -- really indicating that no person who is a transgender person could serve in the military. well beyond the medical costs this might be incurred from medical procedures that a person would want. the question now -- i am stumbling over this, because we
7:25 am
have no real clarity on it. is the president saying he wants the generals to find out who is transgender and not allow them to serve in the u.s. military? because he says -- i want to go back to this wording that -- will not accept recruits -- will not accept or allow transgendered individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. that's the strongest statement we have heard so far. >> if you take him at his word, that means he will not let transgender people stay in the military. the rand corporation estimates there are thousands serving right now. barbara starr, thank you very much. we want to bring back our panel to talk about this and what we were talking about before, which was jeff sessions, the public ridicule he is under at the hands of the president of the united states and the russia investigation in general. you were in youngstown, ohio.
7:26 am
maybe you went home to pittsburgh. >> pittsburgh. >> you were at the rally with the president of the united states last night. the feeling in the crowd there and in youngstown in general, are they concerned? are they focused on these issues? by these issues i mean the fate of jeff sessions, the future of >> it was like a steeler tailgate party. it was really boisterous. the people that were there were pretty excited, really excited and had a lot of fun. i went around and talked to a variety of different people. all of them mentioned sessions. a lot of what i heard is is this is sort of how we expect him to deal with things. they don't always like sort of the public demonizing, especially of someone that's a member of their cabinet. but they're not surprised. in the olden days, obama or bush
7:27 am
or clinton, you know, if you were -- if a president was unhappy with their attorney general -- and they have been -- that was back channelled. right? those same sort of comments that possibly trump is saying about sessions were told to the sitting attorney general and they got the message. trump is a different animal. he puts it all out there. a lot of his supporters like that. some of his supporters wish that he would pull it back a little bit. but it doesn't dislodge them. that's the key thing. it does not dislodge them from being supportive of him. meaning trump. >> mark, something that anthony scaramucci said less than 24 hours ago that i don't think is getting enough attention, he said the president wants his cabinet secretaries to have his back. it's no surprise that this president wants loyalty. it's a question of what does have his back mean. does that mean against anything?
7:28 am
does that mean over the constitution and their loyalty to the american people? how do you read that? as it ties into the insults of sessions over and over again. >> you know, let's unpack all that. when you join the administration, when you decide to take the oath, you are not taking the oath to be loyal to the president of the united states. you are taking the oath to be loyal to the united states, to the constitution. secondly, you are then -- because of being nominated and then confirmed, you are being loyal to the president as well. let's make no bones about this, this is not a monarchy. i believe that president trump thinks that everybody in washington should be working for him. not only have we seen today his attacks on fellow republicans jeff sessions, one of his biggest supporters, we have seen him attack lisa murkowski, a united states senator, who didn't agree with him yesterday on moving forward on health care. if you look back over the past couple of months, people who
7:29 am
have left or are going to leave the white house, some of them smart people, the communications director, katie walsh, sean spicer, we expect him to leave next month as well, perhaps you don't like sean spicer or you don't like how he acted over the past six months, it doesn't take away from the fact that he understands politics, he understands walk washington. in the end, loyalty begets loyalty. i believe the president is alienating himself. at some point, perhaps not now, but let's go down the road, he will find himself on an island of one. that's a very lonely place to be when you are the president of the united states. >> we just had richard shelby on who is not a moderate. you have a conservative republican senator right there who was critical of the president. >> on two big fronts. >> exactly. he said that jeff sessions deserves better on this. he said jeff sessions is being brutalized. on the new policy we heard from the president of the united states just a few minutes ago,
7:30 am
banning transgender people from serving in the military, this senator told us he thinks everybody ought to be able to serve. of a legal standpoint now, what has the president opened up here? if there are thousands of transgender people serving in the military, what happens to them? how do you force them out? >> that's a great question. the president is like a bull in a china shop issuing these twit laws. in october of 2016 -- >> you coined a new phrase. >> this particular change is kind of shocking. in october of 2016, the department of defense issued an extensive series of regulations about how to integrate transgender people into the military, how to recruit them. the military has been changing to do that. all of a sudden by twitter declaration now, he is saying, nobody can serve in the military
7:31 am
who is transgender. who about the ones recruited in october? i have no idea how he will implement this. i have the feeling the courts will strike it down. >> let's pause for a moment and consider the fact that this may be political more than anything. here is what jonathan swan wrote about it. this forces democrats in rust belt states to take ownership of this issue. how will the blue collar voters in the states respond when their senators are up for re-election in 2018? your thought? >> it's an interesting analysis. i think it's probably applied from the outside rather than derived from the inside. i have a hard time thinking the president sitting with his generals at the pentagon said you know what we're going to do to help this and that one and next year's senate races, we're going to take this possibly illegal action, this reckless broad declaration that's going to inflame the lgbt community i think rightly so.
7:32 am
it's going to upend not just the operations of the penlt gone, but establish the civil rights law. you can't just declare a class of people who is going to get different treatment. the courts li s don't like this >> the president saidhedid this on the advice of the generals. we need to hear more on this. jim sciutto, i can sense you almost leaping through the screen. >> just this point, a reminder. the u.s. military is an all volunteer military. right? there's no draft. everyone who serves serves as a matter of choice. everyone who is serving today is serving in the midst of america's two longest wars in its history in iraq and afghanistan, two deadly wars that have resulted in thousands of lost american lives and many tens of thousands horribly injured, american service members. this is a bant that will affect
7:33 am
and expel and block volunteers, people who are volunteering to serve at a time of great cost to all american service members. that's a fact. >> thank you all very much for sticking with us. certainly a lot to get through this morning. they are back and now set for battle. the senate is in session right now. you are watching the debate on health care. we will bring you an update about what has failed so far, who might pass or fail or who knows going forward. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and.
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happening now, live pictures
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from the senate floor. the senators are debating a health care. they voted to allow debate. then overnight they knocked down an effort to repeal and replace obamacare. now soon perhaps, a vote on repeal only. let's get to mj lee for us on capitol hill. let's find out what's headed up next. what are you learning? >> i want to talk about what the democrats are thinking today. obviously, they're not happy that this is where we find ourselves. the republican efforts stalled for so long that they were getting hopeful that mitch mcconnell would not find the 50 votes. of course, yesterday he barely did. what they are looking forward to, even though this is not an ee deal situation, is to make the republicans as miserable as possible. they want to propose a flood of amendment. force republicans to take a series harmful votes, votes that i guarantee will make it into
7:39 am
future mreuture political ads. one aide told me they plan to be aggressive, this is going to be a full on no-holds-barred effort. another democratic aide telling my colleague that they want to make this process so painful that voting no on the final product will be the only thing that provides relief for them. having said all that, republicans still do want to get to some kind of final product that will get the 50 yes votes. what they want do is get something, anything out of the senate so that this bill, whatever the bill is, gets september to the housent to the house. democrats are rolling their eyes at the suggestion. listen to what chuck schumer had to say this morning on the senate floor. >> the differences between house republicans and senate republicans are virtually irreconcilable. so what is the point of a conference? you can imagine a conference that turns into an endless game of hot potato. the republican leader in the senate passing the potato to the
7:40 am
house. the republican leader of the house passing the potato back to the senate. because neither wants to be responsible for what is inevitable, the demise of trump care. >> i can tell you, even republicans will acknowledge this is real. a lot of senate republicans feeling that they do not want to be holding on to this hot potato any longer than they have to. >> i'm picturing that. hot potato. mj, quickly. any reaction from republican senators, specifically lisa murkowski to the president's public lashing out at her this morning? >> i'm not aware of whether the senator herself has reacted to this tweet. but i will tell you, there's a lot of grumbling among senator republicans and house republicans, too, because they feel like, look, they're going out on a limb to try to get something done on healthcare because the president has been so forceful in demanding they get something done and every
7:41 am
time that they take a difficult vote, they do something they feel is politically potentially harmful for them, they're not really sure the president has their back. when the house passed its version of the repeal obamacare bill a couple months ago, the president a few weeks later after having had a celebration in the rose garden, he went and called it a mean bill. essentially, a lot of the senate republicans are dreading the next couple of days. they are really not sure, does the president in the white house, will he have our backs if we vote for whatever bill they end up agreeing on in a couple of days. >> thank you for the reporting. we appreciate it. ahead for us, russia firing back after the u.s. overwhelmingly, the house of representatives overwhelmingly votes to impose new sanctions. a live report from moscow is next. on a hotel just go to priceline. they add thousands of new deals every day at up to 60% off. that's how kaley and i got to share this trip together at this amazing hotel. yeah ash and i share everything - dresses, makeup,
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right now, some of america's strongest allies speaking out against u.s. policy. this just after lawmakers passed a bill in the house at least to slap big sanctions on russia, north korea and iran. european union saying america first cannot mean europe's interests come last. >> as for russia, a harsher tone. moscow in talks of retaliating against the united states if the president signs the bill. claire sebastian live in moscow with the very latest. what are the russians saying? >> john, we had a lot of comments coming out. it's getting a lot of attention in the media and from various different russian officials. we heard from the kremlin a couple of hours ago on a regular call they hold. the spokesman saying this is sad news for russia/u.s. relations.
7:47 am
he would not take any questions on this. he said they are studying it. it's a draft bill. any final decision on what to do would be taken by president putin. some of the strongest comments we got today came from the deputy foreign minister. i want to read you some of what he said quoted by a russian news agency. he said, what is happening does not fit the framework of common sense. the aunle authors and sponsors of this legislation are taking a serious step towards the destruction of normalizing relations with russia. we're in an inflection point how russia views the trump administration. when it came in, there were hopes there would be a willingness to look at lifting or relaxing sanctions. now we see that the opposite may be taking place. the real talk here is about the issue of retaliation. what russia might do next. one prominent russian rule maker took to facebook to call on moscow to come up with a response that would be painful for the americans. we don't know exactly what he
7:48 am
means by that. we know that russia has some degree of unfinished business when it comes to retaliating to u.s. sanctions. when the u.s. confiscated several of their diplomatic compounds in december and expelled 35 diplomats over election meddling, they did nothing. that was seen as a way of leaving the door open for the trump administration to be more friendly to russia. now it seep seems the politica appetite for retaliating in some way seems to be growing. >> we will see if the president signs that bill. white house not krcrystal clearn that. research on traumatic brain injuries in football players. new details next. here's to the safety first...
7:49 am
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. alarming results from the largest study listing football to cte. andy scholes has this news. >> researchers at boston university studied the donated brains of 111 deceased former nfl players. they found 110 of them were found to have cte.
7:53 am
that's more than 99%. in total, cte was diagnosed in 87% of the 202 former football players that were studied. it included high school all the way to college players, to pros. cte is believed to be caused by repeated trauma to the head. it can only be diagnosed after death. it's important to note that in the study many of the donated brains came from former players and their families who were worried about cte while the player was alive. the lead author said there are still many questions that remain unanswered like how common is this and how many years of football are too much. the nfl issued a statement saying these reports are important for advancing science related to head trauma and the league will continue to work with experts to improve the health of current and former nfl athletes. the dallas cowboys cut lucky
7:54 am
whitehead. he was arrested for shoplifting. he said it wasn't true. he wasn't like. police say the man who was arrested didn't have ic.d. but provided whitehead's name, birth date and social security number. the police admit they got it wrong. the cowboys will not be bringing whitehead back. reporters asked the head coach multiple times why other players on the team who are dealing with other issues aren't being treated like whitehead. >> this will be the last time i will say it. i appreciate your interest in it. we made a decision yesterday in regards to lucky whitehead that we think is in the best interests of the cowboys. we're standing by that decision. we're going to move forward. >> amazing birthday for a 10-year-old cubs fan. daniel rodriguez, he has downs syndrome. his favorite player is wilson contraras. he got a hug along with cubs
7:55 am
swag. he then went out there in the first inning and hit a three-run home run. the cubs would go on to beat the white sox 6-2. a special day for daniel out there at wrigley field. >> that's so awesome. good for daniel. you always see this. there's something where the players hit a home run. >> they lock in more when they do special things before the game like that. >> they do. andy scholes, thank you very much. >> good incentive. not that we need it. >> that is true. attorney general jeff sessions has left the building, the building being the white house. he was moments ago from what we are told is a routine meeting. >> how routine can it be when he comes under repeated attacks from the president of the united states? new ones just about an hour ago. we're following the fast moving details. stay with us. les event is in full swing. they are not listening to me.
7:56 am
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hello, efveryone. breaking news on several fronts. president trump slamming his own attorney general publically while it appears jeff sessions is inside the white house. the public shaming continues despite the growing number of republicans telling president trump to simply stop. the president with a big military announcement now announcing he is banning transgender people from serving in the military. a move that seems to have even taken the pentagon by surprise this morning. what exactly does this mean? moments from now the senate votes on the latest republican health care move, a repeal only of obamacare. we will take you there live. first, let's get to this. cnn has learned several top white house officials are urging president trump right now to


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