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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 27, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. the countdown clock is ticking and we'll soon know if senate republicans can keep the gop obamacare repeal promise at least on life support. remember the campaign promise to run the government like a business? the joint chiefs of staff, you know, the guys who run the military, got no heads up from the president he was about to change the service members rule for transgender service. and making his mark, anthony scaramucci calls the leak of a
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public record a felony. wrong. and the publicly challenges the white house chief of staff. >> when i put out a tweet and i put reince' name in a tweet they're making the assumption it's him, because journalists know who the leakers are. so if reince wants to explain he's not a leaker, let him do that. >> all righty, then. with us to share reporting and insights, abbey phillip of the "washington post." cnn's jeff zeleny, cnn's phil mattingly and jackie call, of the "los angeles times." now, if the white house shake-up brought in anthony scaramucci as communications director was designed to take public all the messy white house in-fighting that previously played out for anonymous sources, then score a smashing success. >> as you know from the italian expression, the fish stinks from the head down. i can tell you two fish that don't stink? okay? that's me and the president. i don't like the activity going on in the white house. i don't like what they're doing
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to my friend. i don't like what they're doing to the president of the united states. or fellow colleagues in the west wing. if you want to talk about the staff, we have had odds. we have had differences. when i said we were brothers from the, from the podium, that's because we're -- some brothers are like cain and abel. other brothers can fight with each other and get along. i don't know if this is repairable or not. in a will be up to the president. >> okay. if the goal inspire confidence in the cabinet things would start running smoothly after six months of scoring chaos, score scaramucci. >> i can tell you what it looks like it's not. all of these aides that work for the president and they want daddy to love them best. so they fight over turf are and try to hurt each other. in this white house, it's out of control. that's point one.
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point two in terms of making all of these announcements about who's doing what to whom, somebody ought to check the water in the white house, because folks there seem to grow anxious when they have an unexpressed thought. >> hard to argue with that. look, we're laughing about this, but in some ways it's not funny. it's anthony scaramucci's first week on the job and everybody gets an adjustment period. i think maybe he might get six months or so, should have had his in quiet. not on cable television. but what's the goal here? he has taken public the in-fighting we've watched play out for six months. advanced health care? tax reform? infrastructu infrastructure, no. does this help the president, who he says is his friend? i argue from my experience, or in this town. no. somebody help me. >> typically we can be devil's
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advocate. i challenge the others. this is a president who said he would only hire the best, and on this day, after firing his press secretary essentially last week, and commune igs ications direct before that, the attorney general is twisting ain the wind, secretary of state and unsure of their future and national security being in trouble. like you said, it does not advance his major domestic initiative, which is hanging by a thread in congress, and he's paying -- making this the news? it's just inexplicable. >> interestingly, you know, obviously on capitol hill covering health care, within ten minutes of starting, a text, wh when do you think the pivot to health care is coming? kind of sarcastic. but when it's over, unbelievable. president talking about health care, focus on that, get this
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across the line. what i'm glad everybody got sow see, senator john kennedy one of the best quotes. only here six months. the best guy to talk to. underscores what we've talked about on this show, on this set for months at a time. now out in the public and makes it for device ish and frankly on capitol hill frustrating as everybody is exasperated, where's the focus? can't we just get to the policy? >> they seemingliful it's out in the public, scaramucci does and says he has the president's backing. had dinner with the president last night and a tweet crack down on leaks. financial disclosure report illegally leaked. it's a public document. and @reince45. oh, no. not accusing reince priebus of anything. at times they treat us like we're stupid. >> this morning on the interview he -- you know, made clear what was obvious. of course, talking about reince preeb u reince priebus. i'm told by him he is not responding to this. doesn't believe it's helpful.
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he's going to simply try and keep things on track. the most urgent matter is health care. i think in all of this, questions about loyalty and reince priebus has been pretty loyal to this president. we'll see how -- he's probably used up most of his nine lives. the reality, most of the people i talk to at the white house, close to the white house, who talk to the president believe that the president is essentially done with him. but we know he doesn't fire people, though. who knows how long he will linger there? but i do think that -- the -- something is -- this is more than just a new communications director. anthony scaramucci being in the west wing is a sign of a bigger change. i don't know if he'll end up chief of staff or not, but this is not just a new communications director. >> this is why he's here. he is in the white house, because the president decided that he needs a new force in that building. there's been a widespread -- >> new force.
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forgive me for interrupting. a force to what end? out reality tv, kardashians and housewives or to govern? >> the president is very fixated on leaks. what anthony scaramucci knows and keeps repeating it. it's what his job is now. not to be the communications director but ferret out leaks and rule the would us by fear. and that's what he's been doing for the last five days. it has pleased the president, which is why it continues. reince priebus is in a position, as jeff mentioned, where he is kind of viewed widely in the west wing and outside of it as being on his last legs. the smartest thing for him to do might well be to stay quiet, but that's not going to stop this pressure from inside and outside to force him into a corner, and anthony scaramucci is doing that out in the open, and the only reason he would do it is because the president has condoned it, said this morning he has the president's blessing to do what he's doing. >> so the president himself publicly humiliates and
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undermines the attorney general of the united states, empowers his new communications director to publicly challenge the white house chief of staff. the question again, especially as a trump voter, going to get done the things they promised you? to get those things done they need the house speaker involved, he's from wisconsin, friend of reince priebus, take it in context. again, does this help get things done? the house speaker thinks not. >> i'm not sure what the whole interplay is. all i know is reince is doing a fantastic job at the white house, and i believe he has the president's confidence. so -- if those two gentlemen have differences my advice would be to sit down and talk about them. >> he should remain chief of staff? >> i think reince is doing a great job at chief of staff. >> that's the reason all of this matters. if things were going along swimmingly, if health care was done, tax reform underway, infrastructure under way, none to matter, but it's not, and it's because of the dysfunction inside the very small halls and
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hallways of the west wing. it is the only reason that these staff stories matter, is because it actually is having a -- an enormous implication on this agenda, why he was selected. >> tell me if i'm wrong, people on capitol hill, paul ryan being a good soldier, reince priebus is his friend. they don't know who took a leave? cabinet agencies too. more in a minute. how the president announced transgender policy. run the government like a business. you people in washington are stupid. i'll hire the best people -- where? >> the biggest frustration i've heard for months starting january 25th almost is, there's no white house. the white house says this. the white house wants this. theirs white houses and that is extremely complimented. look, speaker ryan will work with whoever the chief of staff is, whether reince priebus or not. the speaker likes priebus a lot. came up together, know each other well. why alienate somebody, trying to
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get something done -- plenty of reasons to quibble with the legislation strategy in the white house, reince played a big role, particularly in health care. why try to cut off at the knees the people that have relationships on capitol hill? whether working or not those relationships are important. >> and not just about personality. listen to anthony scaramucci here. he means reince priebus when use wering the word "establishment." there is a sense of, now, this is a new yorker wing. heard this from the steve bannon wing earlier in the trump administration. that some people just don't understand the president. >> there are people inside the administration that think it is their job to save america from this president. okay. that is not their job. their job, from the establishment, the calcification, to sit there and try to withhold the president. >> okay. >> rein in him or do things to
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him to slow down his agenda. that's not their job. >> okay, so let's -- >> just quickly -- number one, if the president thinks there are people around him who are running contrary to his administration or plan, fire them. fire them. you used to do this on television. it's an interesting conversation. on capitol hill. lindsey graham, e essentially man up. john cornyn, work it ut 0 like men. they're essentially saying the president's not being a man here, forgive me. >> back to that quote. think about what that is saying. scaramucci, this man who just had gotten off the phone with the president, according to him, is saying that there are people within this white house who think they need to save the country from donald trump. i mean -- >> it's surreal. when you slow it down and think about it -- he just said what? >> but, hbo can't come up with a series that defies this. >> it reflects -- he's not wrong about that. there are people in the white house who leak things, because they are concerned about what is
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going on. that's the reality. that's what the president is upset about. the reason he can't fire people and doesn't fire people is because, who's going to replace them? there's a problem where the president is not trustful of the people who are currently there. let alone the people who are on the outside. >> right. >> several confirmable positions, basically out of the question at this point. they can't get the pipeline moving fast enough. there's a problem in addition to the fact trump doesn't really fire anybody and has a long history of not really doing that'sthere is a problem -- >> except on tv. >> except on tv. in is a problem, when you do get rid of some of these people who will you replace them with? the list is not very long and the number of people this president trusts is very small. >> sneak in one more from that interview from anthony scaramucci on the question, mixed signals from the white house. congress is about to send the president overwhelming votes by the time they finish a new billow posing new sanctions against russia, north korea and iran. will the president sign it? here's the new communications director.
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>> -- keep looking at these sanctions right now. he may decide to veto the sanctions and -- >> why? >> and be tougher on the russians than the congress. >> you think if he vetoes it it's because he wants to be tougher than the sanctions bill? >> he may sign the sanctions exactly as they are or veto the sanctions and negotiate an even tougher deal against the russians. >> help me, phil, with my legislati legislative -- been a while since i walked the halls of the hill receiptedly. veto proof majority in both the house and senate by the time they're done? >> by dozens upon dozens upon dozens of lawmakers. bounced this off house and senate folks working on the bill. we don't think he actually knew what he was saying there. rolling around and didn't think he was going off something told before. the president can veto whatever he wants. the house and the sna the will override him. >> and you don't want your first president's veto, a big deal,
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overridden. talk about a vote of no confidence. something that abbey said about confirmation hearings, chuck grassley, judiciary committee sent out a tweet of his own. he said, you know, there will not be a confirmation hearing for the attorney general in 2017. essentially saying, don't do this. >> don't send anyone up there. very interesting from a wise iowa farmer who's the chairman of the committee been in this town 40 years. >> right. >> more. >> and's the same party? >> more republicans. this is an interesting week of republicans starting to get -- >> circling the wagon. >> and up next, repeal and replace. the skinny repeal. clock is ticking. republicans face a momentous choice. pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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welcome back. a big afternoon and evening ahead in the united states senate. and the obamacare repeal debate. you know the had istry. seven years ago republicans vowed if given the chance to outright repeal obamacare. the past couple years, the slogan morphed into repeal and replace as the gop realized just taking away obamacare was a tough political fight. and skinny repeal as republicans leaders try to get a vote to president trump sometime in his first year in office. today and tonight will tell us a lot about the road aheadened the president offered a tweet this morning. come on, republican senators. you can do it. the president said. after seven years, this is your chance to shine. don't let the american people down. democrats, though, aren't impressed with the new label. >> we call it repeal and run plan. they may call it skinny, but it is huge in terms of the cost increases and coverage losses.
9:20 am
>> let's start the conversation with mr. mattingly. fresh from the hill. let's be honest with people watching. they voted down two proposals already. if they can get the votes for skinny repeal, it's a vehicle. it's no the end game by any means, right? the simple goal, have some shell that they can take to negotiations with the house, that then go on for you know what? >> right. they don't want this to be the end game proposal. they understand what it would do to insurance markets and, b. doesn't deliver on promises, leaven medicaid expansion intact, all of these issues not addressed. purely and option and not trying to hide it. senates telling us and members just vote for it to kick it down to road. de get it to congress, we'll address it there. house moderates, the senate is going to fix it. told us before the motion to proceed tuesday. just vote for it we'll fix it after that. when will people make tough
9:21 am
decisions and actually figure something out? the policy here now is shifting. i'm told now, the skinny proposal is getting fatter. starting to add things in. add policies in to try and get 50. still don't have commitments from 50 senators to actually be able to pass this through. what they're working on now. in ten minutes head into the senate republican lunch and hash out the final proposal. this is the best they've got right now. again, to your point. the whole goal, get it to conference. keep the process moving and hope momentum and pressure that comes with it eventually gets it finished. >> previous votes played out, six republican senators, previously voted to repeal obamacare voted no on repealing now. look at those six right there. republicans can only afford to lose two on any final vote, because 52-48 united states senator. what does that tell us about the likelihood unless these six just flip and change their mind? done it now, earlier -- what does it tell you about the likelihood of any major repeal plan getting through the united
9:22 am
states senate if you have six people unwilling to do it and the only way to get them back, keeped med xaicaid can funding taking away conservatives? >> incredibly difficult. phil is right. hearing at the white house and in talking to people in leader mcconnell's office are as well. he wants this into a conference committee, into a many radio,a forgotten about essentially. probably the most consequential vote they'll make between now and the midterms in november of 2018. a hugely significant thing. i think it's very difficult for them to get it done. >> a debate that affects every american, a promise incredibly important to the republican base heading into a misterm election. key an eye on this. part of the hardball, trading in politics. a lot of people use it. republican senator from alaska conservative got a phone call from the interior secretary. not going into details, told the alaska dispatch news.
9:23 am
i fear the strong economic growth, pro mining, energy and pro jobs from alaska part of the policies will stop. tried to push back on behalf of all alaskans. facing difficult times. a lot of enthusiasm for the policies that secretary and the president talked about with regard to our economy but the message was pretty clear. dan sullivan saying he got a call. and lease kaw murkowski, a no vote, a threat. you know? lower case t on threat and lyndon johnson, that's the way he played. hardball, not due to politics. the way it works or over the line? what is it? >> interesting to me it's all in public. their response to getting this in a private phone call, immediately telling the newspaper. it highlights the degree to which this administration needs to be prepared for anything that they do that is retaliatory of this nature to become public. then they have to defend their actions. i think it shows in some ways that some of these senators are saying, if you want to issue
9:24 am
threats, like we're going to play hardball, we're going to put it all out there. >> how much of this messy -- how much does this affects president's standing in the sense, throw brack to the campaign here. president said this would get done and the president repeatedly says to the candidate, wouldn't be that hard. >> under senate rules, that bill can be passed with 51 votes. 51. not a big deal. especially if we hold the senate, and i think we will. meaning, a republican congress and a republican president can save americans from this disaster in a single afternoon. very simple. >> who knew how hard health care could be? >> in a single afternoon. >> a learning experience. first seven months. look, these things are difficult. jeff noted, understatement of the century, health care affects
9:25 am
millions of people. this is real life, real consequences, real reaper cushi repercussions off the bat. on health care, there are significant ideological divides inside the republican party. differences of opinion how much government should be involved here. the white house is clear on that now and point to tax reform, news flash, tax reform can be pretty hard, too. i willy say one quick thing on the lisa murkowski thing. paid attention to t2010 race, lost the primary. and then won. a democrat on the hill this isn't going to shift her in any way, shape or form. not sure how smart in that sense. you said other administrations have done this. not out of the realm of norm. becoming public is. interesting, she's the chairwoman of a committee that rover sees the interior department.
9:26 am
interesting threat. >> and presidential leadership. the president, his standing higher at that rally than now. no one's afraid of him an he's not leading on the issue is the underlining issue. >> payback. what's the saying? never mind. up next, president trump tweets announcing a ban on transgender people in the military caught a lot of people off guard. including the military brass. sh oil pills. megared advanced triple absorption.
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing.
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find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. welcome back. the pentagon is asking the white house for guidance on just what the president envisioned when he announced on twitter yesterday his administration would shift course and ban all transgender individuals from serving in the military. the announcement caught a lot of key players off guard. key members of congress, for example, and turns out the generals and admirals whose responsibility it would be to implement that policy. barbara starr live at the pentagon with today's lesson in chain of command trump-style. hi, barbara. >> reporter: hi, john. chain of command or lack thereof, at least in the last 24 hours. we're learning that the chairman of the joint chiefs and heads of the military services simply did not know that the president was going to tweet this ban
9:31 am
yesterday morning. and now 24 hours later, they are asking for some guidance from the white house, what exactly does the president mean and what does he envision here? the chairman of the joint chiefs, the president's top, most senior military adviser, general joseph dunford, issues a memo to the troops, and i want to read you just part of which general dunford said to the troops a short time ago. and i quote -- he said, there will be no modifications to the current policy until the president's direction has been received by the secretary of defense and the secretary issued implementation guidance. in the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect. general dunford, laying it out there in black and white. they do know know what comes next or what the president wants and don't know how to carry it out, because all of this was military policy by twitter. so a long way to go here.
9:32 am
one of the key questions that emerged across the military is, what will happen to people currently serving, who are transgender persons? will they be forcibly removed from the military? will they get an honorable discharge, which is vital for them to get military and health care benefits as retirees based on how many years, of course, they serve. getting that honorable discharge, if the president wants to push them out, is going to be absolutely vital to their future. john? >> on day two of this still more questions than answers. barbara starr live at the pentagon. appreciate that very much. bring the conversation back into the room as we have the conversation, number one, what general dunford said there. leave the existing policy in place until the president goes from what he said on twitter to actually telling the defense what he means, affecting the national security of the united states and whether you agree or don't agree transgender people
9:33 am
should serve in the military, from a management-style perspective, david french, conservative writer, no the a fan of the president but agrees with the president on the policy grounds here is like many people in washington banging their heads on the wall about how it came about. trump was right to step back from this new transgender trend, he writes, dut in exactly the wrong way. not only blindsided members of the military with timing and nature of this announcement, typically inflammatory tweeting guaranteed to ignite another round of public fury. even people who agree with the president can't believe the way he goes about his business. >> the president did this as the military has a review under way. secretary mattis is on vacation, were ut with the written statement from the joint ef cch of staff is evidence that yesterday at the white house briefing sarah huckabee sanders did not tell the truth.
9:34 am
she said flat out several times this was a military decision. a clearly it was not. what she and her predecessor sean spicer like to do when hit by a barrage of questions like she was yesterday and apresume will today, you no ed to go to the pentagon for that. in this case reporters are not going to let her get away with that. >> and republican members of congress getting more and more open. the chairman of the joint chiefs put out a memo he knew to be public. pay no attention to that tweet until we actual, official government policy. >> extraordinary. and there are brief arings at the white house. one in venezuela, on the new plant bills in wisconsin, a press briefing, no briefing or speech on this. seemed very hasty and you got the sense that the president was eager to change the subject and do something to appease the conservative pace, who he has infuriated with this fight with jeff sessions here. this is something obviously has
9:35 am
consequences. never mind the commander in chief has still not unveiled his isis strategy or afghanistan plan. >> interesting. donald trump ran as a businessman. going to run washington bilike . said washington was stupid, get the smart people in, things would run better. that's what he said in the campaign. not making that up. go back and find that. secretary kelley caught offgourd, earlier, could say made a mistake, will learn from this. and taken away from the state department, secretary of state on edge. i reported sunday, he has told close friends he might leave town sooner than later. yesterday secretary tillerson, oh, no. that's not true. >> secretary tillerson, will you be staying as secretary of state? >> i'm not going anywhere. >> how long would you stay for? >> long as the president's lets me. >> how's your relationship with the president right now? >> good. >> ah, secretary tillerson,
9:36 am
publicly there, i am certainly as i am breathing, he talked to friends back home in texas about frustrations about the possibility of leaving early. it's the pentagon yesterday. it's secretary tillerson another time. secretary kelly, jeff sessions from the policy persecutive, maybe not meddles but undermining his leadership? >> always reminded by republicans when talking about donald trump the businessman, we have to remember that donald trump ran a family business. he ran a business that did not have a board of directors or did not have shareholders that he was accountable to behe's used to making decisions in a vacuum. make them. people act on them. that's not how the government works and the white house and trump have not realized they need allies. john mccain put out a statement yesterday slamming both the process and the policy on this transgender decision, but he also said earlier this week that the legislature is a coequal branch of government. the presidency is not more important or more powerful than the legislature is, and that's
9:37 am
really a shot across the bow at trump just to remind him that you have to link hands with your allies on the hill in order to gain traction for the things you want to do. they did not do that this week. not even in the slightest. people who were very supportive of his move had no idea it was coming and blindsided house leadership, who was basically like we think this is not -- this was not the policy they wanted. maybe they wanted to move in baby steps in this direction, the whole total upending of the bk obama administration policy is not exactly one a lot of republicans wanted and he caught them way by surprise. >> my question, will we remember this week three, six, eight months from now lookingality the presidency? remember this for republicans being more open? privately told us concerned about this, don't like that, and wish the president would stop tweeting. deeper concerns more in private. senator lindsey graham, the president made no secret of the fact he does not enjoy jeff
9:38 am
sessions being at the justice department. we know from our own dana bash and other reporters openly discussed process of a recess appointment if sessions were to go. listen to senator lindsey graham. >> if jeff sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay. any effort to go after mueller could be the beginning of the end of the trump presidency. unless mueller did something wrong. >> these are republicans. these are republicans. the president likes to talk about the fake news, talk about democratic obstructionists. these are republicans. if you go back through this week and sort of stack it up. >> right. >> read through the transcripts, watch it on television, it's kind of numbing. >> right. i'll add one more to that. the "wall street journal" editorial page for the first time, not everybody aen the first time this week, wrote this morning, mr. sessions acted honorably in recusing himself and the president should let him do his job without harassment. >> ken starr. >> ken starr.
9:39 am
>> and basically laid it out trying to xplam, this is the ethical and right thing to can do. he followed protocol and said trump needs to lay off him. >> and said trump needs to respect the rule of law. sit tight. thousands of jobs may ma be coming to wisconsin and president trump said we have him to thank. hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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welcome back. president trump says he's made a great new deal for wisconsin. remember, one of the blue states he turned red in his remarkable 2016 presidential victory. at the white house yesterday officials announced taiwan-based company foxconn plans a major investment. proof, the white house says, the president's hands-on approach will bring jobs back home. >> this is a great day for american workers and manufacturing, and for everyone who believes in the concept and
9:44 am
the label "made in the usa." [ applause ] >> now, there is a bit of a debate how many jobs and the price of getting the deal. cnn the kchristine romans is wih us. >> a promise kept in wisconsin. foxconn is coming to wisconsin with a big investment. the ceo says they will invest $10 billion in an lcb panel plant, and electronics manufactures powerhouse assembly particularing products for microsoft and apple and bringing production to the u.s. shortly after his inauguration, but the c ceo ceo ms p ceo promised that before with little results. a plant in pennsylvania still hasn't been built, for example. a big difference here, wisconsin is offering generous tax incentives totaling as much as
9:45 am
$3 billion taxpayer money. governor scott walker says the project will create 13,000 jobs by the year 2020. costing the state about $230,000 per job, but, john, foxconn was a bit more conservative with job estimates saying it will create 3,000 jobs with the potential of generating 13,000. certainly 3,000 jobs in wisconsin, john is a drop in the bucket for this humongous company that employs 1 million workers, as i said, in asia. you might recall this company had a hit to its reputation in 2011 after a spate of workers suicides. at the time, the ceo said he would begin to position the company away from human labor and towards robotics. john? >> christine romans breaking down the numbers of the deal. without a doubt, the president got a chance to stand at the white house and say a empty that sdez most work overseas will bring jobs to america. a good thing. debate about the numbers. does it matter if they bring 3,000 jobs or 13,000 jobs to wisconsin? score as a win for the
9:46 am
president? being more like a governor than president. getting everybody together, figure out a deal to get a company to come? >> score one for the president, no question. but it matters of course. the state of wisconsin, state assembly and house have to vote on it. yesterday i spoke to someone who hoped to call a special meeting in august. $3 billion is a lot of mrn. the fine print won't look at good as the big announcement but, of course, a big deal, without question. >> $230,000 per worker. >> if that's 13,000 jobs. >> a lot higher if dividing by 3,000 workers. >> but you -- i do think you have to give trump credit and look at this as a rare moment recently of the white house doing xikind of what it's suppod to be doing. a ceremony on something central to his platform and having the president be on message about this. i mean, you can have a lot,
9:47 am
another conversation about whether the republican party is typically in this kind of business of meting out deal by deal, bringing jobs company by company back to the united states, but that's what this particular president promised to do'sfulfilling that promise, more of thatened a less of all the other stuff. >> free market conservatives saying this isn't the way you're easy intoed to do. the president campaigned he would do this. bringing drama of other things soo this. photo, end of an interview the president did with the "wall street journal." the "wall street journal" photographer caught this photo, reince priebus, new communications director anthony scaramucci, put it up on the screen. reince priebus from wisconsin. instrumental in this deal. we talked during the break the president didn't mention his chief of staff's role in this while at the would us yesterday. something he worked really hard on with the speaker staff and folks back in wisconsin to bring about. why? >> i'm going to quote jeff zeleny here. allow me. it from one of our morning conversations.
9:48 am
reince' baby. worked very, very hard on this. the omission did not go unnoticed. talked to people on capitol hill who also worked on it, speaker's office. everybody was kind of like, huh, mr. chief? e he cared about this and wasn't in there. deliberate or not, read at deliberate outside of the white house and i think that has -- meaning. >> and devout catholic sean spicer excluded from the visit to the pope e in the vatican and saw what happened to him. >> there's a word for that. small. next, if you missed seeing sean spicer on tv lately and you happen to like dancing? might be in luck. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600 when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why!
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>> as long as you sons of -- [ applause ] take that! ada -- bada -- move! >> guantanamo bay! >> ah! >> radical --
9:53 am
>> ah! >> spicy finally made a mistake. >> you don't have a chance! >> all right. welcome back. sean spicer's resignation, no laughing, phil, mean s we likel won't see up in of spicy, then. melissa mccarthy has made him more demand than ever. she'll be fine. the form 0er white house spokesman in meetings all week. can't talk down as a talking held or spokesman, maybe trike to salsa his way to a big pay day. look at this. courtesy of page six, "dancing with the stars," we are told, is interested in sean spicer. ah. what do you think, gentlemaning -- jackie? >> i want to see that. i so enjoyed rick perry and tom delay when they did their come-down appearances on "dancing with the stars." i'd like to see it nap said, i
9:54 am
know cnn has said they're not interested in hiring him. i think -- all of the other media companies should say that i do not get, you know -- washington is the kind of place where we all criticize it for no matter what someone does, no matter how little credibility they have, they're going to find a big job. they're going to make even more money than they were. and, you know, maybe it's time for someone to be an example of the opposite. >> part of that is go back to sean spicer's time at the podium. a lot of reporters in washington, sean spicer stood in front of them, said things demonstrably untrue, tried to get him in private to temperature them out -- >> dishont neesty in media -- i appreciate the -- the reality is, hold on. no, no. at some point report the facts. you're shaking your head.
9:55 am
i appreciate it, but -- okay. but understand this -- at some point the facts are what they are. >> he is frustrated like i am and like so many others to see stories come out that are patently false, narratives that are wrong. quote/unquote fake news. when you see stories get perpetrated that are absolutely false, that are not based in fact, that is troubling. >> fake news. absolutely false. you mean, like the white house communications director going on cable news and publicly saying i'm in the war with the white house chief of staff and people in the white house are fighting and their own agendas? patently false and fake news. oh, wait a minute. happens to be true. >> one of those things where, it didn't work out that well for sean spicer. obviously. whatever his next chapter is, we'll watch it, but we're going to get out of the business of covering this white house. that's more important. >> and he started out, how -- had he not started out from that podium defending something that it was, with everybody who has
9:56 am
eyes, everybody who has eyes could see was not true, we may not be in the position we're in right now, but that's where this all started, and the credibility problem is very real. >> those were his choices. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." keep your eyes on the senate, big vote later today. see you back here tomorrow. wolf blitzer after a quick break. hi. i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can even warm these to help you fall asleep faster. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store.
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. right now we're standing by to hear from the white house. you're looking at live pictures coming in from the briefing room where the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders will brief reporters laters think hour. live coverage of that and certainly hit with questions on several major fronts. one will be the ongoing debate and the expected votes coming up over health care. president trump has kept up the pressure on republicans in the senate. once again, tweeting today and i'm quoting him "don't let the american people down." all of this while a now deleted tweet from the white house


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