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tv   New Day  CNN  July 28, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> there are going to be a great many americans who tonight feel a sense of betrayal. >> senator john mccain voted no. he has made his career out of being a maverick. >> this is a moment that he understands is going to help cement that. >> got to have republicans and democrats sit down together and come up with a bill that gets a majority in both houses. >> we really do have to work together. this has been one of the least productive legislative periods in the history of the united states of america. >> a lot of finger-pointing. everybody is going to blame somebody else. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> we begin with breaking news. stunning defeat and high drama in the senate. senator john mccain casting the decisive no vote that ended the
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republican promise and seven years of effort to repeal obamacare. the maverick senator giving the measure a thumbs down, as you are about to see on your screen, and it just was the most dramatic reaction and moment there on the floor. >> literally did say no and give a thumbs down, john mccain. president trump blasting those three republican senators and democrats for letting americans down. the president once again vowed to let obamacare implode as the result. what impact is this going to have on the president's agenda? let's begin our coverage. cnn's phil mattingly up all night with the senators on the hill. this was not an acceptable outcome for senate leader mitch mcconnell and, in fact, it was a surprise. >> no question about it. the furious lobbying, the tense moments, the audible gasps when senator mccain voted no,
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basically republicans, something they campaigned on year after year after year, at least as of now, there's no path forward. >> the ayes are 41, the nays are 51. the motion is not agreed to. >> the republican party's seven-year effort to repeal obamacare collapsing after a dramatic senate floor vote that dragged on into the early morning. in the end it was senator john mccain who cast the decisive final no vote, siding with lisa murkowski and susan collins who voiced their disapproval on every measure voted on this week. republicans last-ditch effort, the skinny repeal amendment went down 49-51. >> this is a disappointment. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. >> mccain rejecting desperate pleas from vice president mike
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pence and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, even taking a phone call from president trump according to a source. but none of it swaying the veteran senator who lived up to his nickname, the maverick. >> tonight was an unfortunate night, a sad night. i don't believe this journey was over. >> now, mr. president, it's time to move on. >> the vote capping off a day of uncertainty as republicans shuffled back and forth to meetings on the senate floor desperately trying to wrangle votes for the skeltetal repeal vote. the failure thursday morning, mccain joined colleagues castigating the bill and the process. >> we've got to have republicans and democrats sit down together and come up with a bill that gets a majority in both houses. >> mccain's close friend, senator lindsey graham, making clear the merits of the bill were lacking. >> the skinny bill as policy is
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a disaster. the skinny bill as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. >> each seeking assurance from house speaker paul ryan that the house would not pass the senate bill the senate republicans were trying to pass themselves. ryan eventually relenting saying the house was willing to go to conference, but it wasn't enough for mccain who said in a statement that the speaker's assurance, quote, did not ease his concern that this shell of a bill could be taken up and passed at any time. >> alisyn, just to provide perspective of the gravity of this moment, the idea the senate majority leader would put any bill on the floor would fail is a rarity at least here on capitol hill. the idea he would put the bill, the issue that republicans have campaigned on for seven years, an issue that is a primary reason why they control majority in the senate and the house, at least partially the reason why they control the white house, still not able to secure the votes for that, and not just that, have it fail dramatically
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on the senate floor, it was a breathtaking moment and one that caught everybody off guard and one that raises real questions about where things are going legislatively, not just on health care but perhaps on the entire agenda going forward. >> sure, phil. it is impossible to overstate the dramatic moment that we all witnessed there last night on the floor. stick around. we have more questions for you. meanwhile, president trump reacted to that defeat overnight on twitter. he vows again to let obamacare implode and pointed the fingers for the legislative failure at others. cnn's athena jones is live at the white house with more. give us the latest, athena. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. that's right, this is a huge blow to the president and the white house. he's clearly aware of that. this is a white house that has struggled to show they can get anything big done legislatively. the president took to twitter in the early morning hours, not long after that bill collapsed. here is what he said. he said three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then
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deal. watch. that tweet showing the president has no intention of changing his strategy of publicly blaming and shaming those republicans who stood in the way of getting this bill through, also showing something we've heard the president say quite a bit over the last several months, this whole idea of letting obamacare collapse or implode, to force democrats to the table, that, of course, would have wide ranging and negative implications for a whole lot of people. as we've seen in these stories, it was arizona senator john mccain who cast that decisive third no vote despite serious lobbying including by the president. we know vice president mike pence went up to capitol hill hoping to cast that tie breaking vote. in the end he was serving as a mini lobbyist trying to get this bill through. at one point the president called vice president pence who handed the phone to mccain. that brief conversation ultimately unsuccessful. of course, the question now, what comes next? the white house signaling they're likely to move on to tax
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reform. the other big question looming over all of this is whether this white house can show they're good at anything other than infighting. alisyn, chris? >> okay, athena. thank you very much. let's talk about everything that happened last night. we want to bring back phil mattingly, also joining us white house correspondent for "the new york times" maggie haberman and cnn political commentator and from "the new yorker" ryan lizza. i want to one more time watch that mccain moment. it was so dramatic last night on the senate floor there and so infused with .ians. >> he got them to this point. >> at the 11th hour, at the last minute, look at this. he holds and gives thumbs down. you can for a moment hear the democrats erupt in surprise. then you see chuck schumer sort
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of shush them immediately because now is not the right time to spike the ball. there's just a feeling that john mccain stood on his convictions and had nothing to lose there. >> with john mccain, a couple things are going on. this is the mccain brand and has been for a long time which is the maverick. two, i think you had the weird situation where john mccain who has a brain tumor was coming back to deal with this process and hearing a ton of criticism, both from constituents and people across the country about the idea you were coming back to d.c. to continue with a plan that was ultimately going to end up even with the skun any proposal denying several millions of people health care down the road. you can see this is him basically taking a bullet for his colleagues, many of whom were going to face a problem if they did vote -- by voting in favor of this, by making it go away, look, we all focus on the process. voters aren't going to focus on the process, they're going to focus on the result.
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>> the process tells a little bit of the story here in as much as, sometimes when you force someone to make a difficult choice, the easier answer is no. i know the political optics were, phil mattingly, if you're a republican, you have to vote on this because we've been repeal and replace all along. that's true on one level. there's another level of play here, people's lives were in the balance. when people are struggling with something like that and you force them to make a decision -- let's not hide the ball here, that's what this process was, this was forcing it. to use the 50-vote reconciliation threshold, instead of 60, make you do it this way, no debate, bogus amendment structure, no real discussion of it, they got their nose out of that. >> let's put one thing plainly here, there is a lot of blame to go around. it will come in spades and a lot of people will take the hint on this. i think at the core of what he saw happen last night and what we've seen play out over the last six months, guys, there's a
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significant ideological divide inside the republican party about health care policy, about the role of government in people's lives as it relates to health care. that was at the core i think of mccain's no vote last night. guys, i can tell you, behind the scenes i had several senators and several republican aides tell me their bosses didn't want to vote for this either. as you know, chris, they didn't like the process, there was real concern whether or not they could get 50 votes for anything as they proved throughout this week and the weeks leading up to this. republicans simply couldn't coalesce around a repeal and replace process. the divide between conservatives and medicaid expansion was simply too deep. the policy in the end really matters here. i think perhaps most importantly is what was laid bare. again, whether you want to blame the process, blame the idea of how this went through, blame the white house for their role in this. at the core of this is the fact that republicans don't agree, or at least 50 of them don't in the
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u.s. senate, on how health care should be run in this country, what mechanism should be used. until they can reconcile this, if repeal is your only baseline and you can't replace, there's no path forward at all. until they move off that baseline, there's no path forward on health care for republicans. >> ryan, obviously john mccain is getting a lot of attention. but also lisa murkowski and senator susan collins have taken a lot of heat for standing on what they say are their convictions and despite all the pressure, not voting for it. you can see different republican senators walking up to lisa murkowski on the floor, and there was a lot of jest tick lating and a lot of pointing. it seemed as though they were trying to pressure her. president trump also pressuring them. he tweeted last night afterwards, three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode. then deal.
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watch. what are your thoughts? >> look, i think one of the -- if you read any of the histories of presidents who passed big health care reform bills, the number one lesson is they were deeply involved in the negotiations and deeply knowledgeable at the subject so they could person personally sway a senator by promising them something, getting involved in the negotiations and giving them something and moving them along in the process. you didn't have a president who was able to do that here. he's not deep in the weeds on health care policy, of course, and he wasn't wheeling and dealing with the senators and trying to sway them with anything much more than a couple of lunches at the white house and some tweets here and there and some things that may have backfired. those personal relationships do matter in washington. and for one guy, i think they have always mattered, if you look at his history. it's john mccain. i think it's no secret that mccain and trump have not
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exactly been allies, going back a couple years now. susan collins of maine was another severe critic of trump. so he hasn't repaired relationships. when you have such a tiny margin in the senate, every senator matters. he has not repaired the relationships with the senators he actually needs to pass his agenda. >> all right. so let's talk about how this dynamic plays out from here. you referred earlier to when mccain did that, you did hear a little bit of pleasant surprise. those were the democrats, but their leader, schumer, did put a cap on it somewhat uncharacteristically. why? because they've got proshs with the aca and need to figure out a way forward. let's hear to chuck schumer last night about what happened and m what it means. >> let's turn the page in another way. all of us were so inspired by
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the speech and the life of the senator from arizona. he asked us to go back to regular order, to bring back the senate that some of us who have been here a while remember. maybe this can be a moment where we start doing that. >> so who wants to pick up the ball on that? the last time chuck schumer did this, the president came out and mocked his emotion. he hasn't done that so far. in all objectivity, good move. the question is, how does this play, what does this mean? >> i think it's unclear and a little too soon to say. i've been very surprisedality the democrats inability to move forward, figure out their own agenda and figure out a way to capitalize on what has been several republican stumbles. i agree that i think part of the problem that obamacare has problems. the law itself does have fixes.
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a lot of democrats acknowledge that. the momentum is on the democrats side going forward in terms of preserving it and possibly coming up with something that could look like a replacement. i think the biggest thing is you'll see all this shift back in terms of how the republican caucus interacts with the white house. that is where i think you're go into see democrats take their queues. i think they're basically holding their cards close to the vest right now because the assumption is, you're seeing a group of senate republicans who not only don't really fear the president, but are actively angry at him and have gotten actively angry in large measure over the treatment of jeff sessions. that's not the only reason. the attorney general who was once one of their members. you're seeing democrats waiting to see how this volatile coil goes back and forth. >> look, the white house does have a role in this. even though the president didn't prescribe this policy, inherited repeal and replace -- >> leader of the party. >> his chief of staff who is liaising with the senate, all
4:16 am
these implications you're supposed to have to make things happen, did people around the president, in addition to the president, drop the ball? >> that leads us to the next point, ryan. obviously you've been reporting on this battle royal going on inside the white house between these warring factions. it seems to be mortal combat where somebody will not survive at the end of this feud. is there a direct line that can be drawn to the turmoil inside the white house and to the agenda and to things like the health care fix not getting done? >> of course. what was the big story about the communications director this week. what should the communications director at the white house have been doing this week? probably should have a communications strategy to help health care get passed. we didn't see much of that. if you talk to allies of reince priebus, they will say, look, his agenda this week has not been to get involved with these internal fights, but to actually help pass health care, but it
4:17 am
absolutely matters. when you have a white house where everyone is getting along relatively well, all swimming in the same or rowing in the same direction to try and advance a legislative goal, that's how legislation gets passed. when you have a white house -- already factionalized white house and you add an outside player who throws in another grenade in a civil war, it makes it hard to convince republicans up on the hill to support you. i think to overstate that, at the end of the day it's the president and his personal involvement in this and his understanding of dynamics up on the hill and not being a great asset, frankly, for mcconnell and the other republicans -- >> true. ryan, we have you u to think forgiving us a window into what's going on in the white house that many people wouldn't believe when we were suggesting it and reporting. but anthony scaramucci made it very clear to you and you wrote it up quickly and in a way that made it very compelling for us
4:18 am
to take. we thank you for that. maggie, it becomes a very fundamental question. nobody is better sourced than you. we all know what's going on, but this has been months that this has been going on. reince priebus -- is the president a fee oh fight? absolutely. does he not know policy that well? clearly. that's why priebus was brought in. he's the guy with the contacts, the no-how. >> correct. ryan's reporting was fantastic, but dropping several f bombs is not why health care failed. they had not had a plan to sell this bill of their efforts for months. there's not been a strategy. that goes back for a very long time. the president had been standing by reince priebus for a long time. he basically said to several people privately, said to reporters privately i'm not getting rid of reince, i'm not getting rid of reince. something has changed in the last couple weeks. i think where things were heading with health care is a big part of that. you had the paul ryan and reince
4:19 am
priebus relationship that dominated much of the early part of this administration, it made the president look at reince priebus with a leery eye. you have white house aides who will say privately, not trying to be unkind, but it's been essentially like not having a chief of staff at all. i think there's a sense of change taking place in the white house right now. whether people agree with it or not, it's how the president likes for things to go. he does like a fight. enough people have said to him, you need to get this under control. this cannot play out publicly this way because it's hurting your administration. i think the expectation people had yesterday, and anthony scaramucci will be the one who gets in trouble for what he said, i'm not sure that's how this plays out. >> really? >> you have a question? that was an exclamation point? >> a dramatic ending. >> maggie, phil, ryan, thank you so much for sharing all your reporting with us. really helpful. >> it may be the best sum up of most of the thing we learn about
4:20 am
what's goings-on in our government recent. really! the fight to dismantle obamacare, we know where that stands right now. what is the republican mindset now about this and other pressing issues for the president's agenda? republican congressman mo brooks joins us next. you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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for seven years republicans had a simple and definitive sell, repeal obamacare. well, they just failed in the senate. leader mitch mcconnell now says it's time to move on. how? joining us is republican congressman mo brooks of alabama. he's running for attorney general, jeff sessions' open seat. good to have you on the show. >> my pleasure, chris. >> give us the state of play. what happens now? do you believe there is a chance for what american people say they want most, to get the left and the right working together for them? >> let's be clear about what's happened in the last 24 hours.
4:25 am
it was an abject failure of the united states senate to do what america needs doing, it was a failure from the newest member luther strange at the bottom to the very top with mitch mcconnell as majority leader, and i hope that the senate will not quit. i hope and urge the senate to stay in washington, d.c. until the job gets done. there's an old saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. now is not the time to leave the american people in a lurch. now is not the time to leave american health care at risk. now is not the time to continue to stress even worse the family budgets as parents are trying to take care of their kids. i hope they won't quit. if they're going to quit, by golly, maybe they ought to start at the top with mitch mcconnell leaving his position and letting somebody new, somebody bold, somebody conservative take the reins so they can come up with a plan to get through the united states senate and serve the needs of the american people. >> you think the problem is leadership? you think it's time for a change for republicans in the senate? >> unquestionably the leadership at the top is responsible.
4:26 am
the buck stops there. that's why you take on that kind of responsibility. if mitch mcconnell cannot get the job done on this, how is he going to get the job done on the rest of president trump's agenda over the next 3 1/2 years. as i see it right now, this is a killer. as you recall from six months ago, if we did not get health care passed, that meant there would be no tax reform, there would be no infrastructure improvements. if that ends up being the case as represented to us in the house back in the spring when we forced through a health care bill, well, we need new leadership in the senate if they can't get the job done. it's not necessarily anything bad about mitch mcconnell himself personally, but he's got a job to do, and if he can't do it, as "the apprentice" would say, you're fired, get somebody who can. >> why isn't this more like the difference between politics and reality. politics, easy to say, we'll get rid of it. the reality is you've got millions of americans who depend on it.
4:27 am
the idea of sucking a lot of money out of it to use for tax cuts, even for republicans, was too much to swallow if their constituents were going to suffer. >> it's a very complex issue, health care for americans. it's a very critical issue because it does mean life and death. it's a hard issue to resolve. we in the house were able to get legislation through. there was great nashing of teeth, a lot of intensing of emotion as we struggled and fought hard for the positions we believed in. ultimately we were able to compromise and get a bill out of the house to the senate. the senate needs to stay and do its job. don't leave washington, d.c. until the job is done because that's what the american people need. >> all right. so we had a couple of different dynamics at play. you had division within the party, you had tension. you had leadership issues. all those roads ultimately should lead back to the president. one of the things recently that has created consternation, even outrage among members of his own party, treatment of the attorney general jeff sessions. now, just when the heat came up,
4:28 am
the attorney general was in el salvador talking about ms-13. he did finally give a comment about how he felt about those tweets from the president bullying him, shaming him in public. this is what he said. >> well, it's kind of hurtful, but the president of the united states is a strong leader. if he wants to make a change, he can certainly do so, and i would be glad to yield in that circumstance, no doubt about it. >> ag sessions taking the high road. you've said, if the president removes him, that you would give up your slot in the election for sessions' senate seat to allow him to hop back in and become a u.s. senator potentially. rhee really? is that true? >> absolutely. i signed a document that commits to that, providing the other people running for this senate seat do the same thing. if we en masse give up our
4:29 am
candidacies and the baem republican party could appoint jeff sessions to fill that vacancy. >> why would you do that? >> i have the highest regard for senator jeff sessions. i've worked with him for six years in the house. he's in the senate. he's a very honorable man. he's as good as they come. i put him right up there with the poll igs it is i've met. i have to think about america and baem's best interests. if jeff sessions leaves the attorney general's position under fire by president trump and returns to the senate, he brings with him 20 years seniority. it would take the rest of us 20 years to accumulate that kind seniority that is so critical in the united states for committee assignments and chairmanships. as you know, that is a tremendous amount of control over public policy when you're a chairman of a particular committee. if jeff sessions wants that, if i can draft him to return to the united states senate, i'd be happy as a clam, bearing in mind that when he was considering the attorney general's position, i
4:30 am
tried to persuade him to stay in the senate because of the unique and positive role he's played in that respect for over two decades. >> unusually selfless move in politics, for you to give up your seat. obviously an expression that you believe the president is doing the wrong thing. now let's end on doing the right thing. you were at a ceremony the other day where the officers who were at that horrible shooting that you endured were rewarded for it. what did it mean for you to be there? the wife of whip scalise who, thank god, is out of the hospital, on the right track for recovery, what did it mean for you to be there and see these men and women rewarded? >> it was an emotional experience. i did not realize the role of the alexandria police department. the six of us were on the assassination list had a private meeting where we went over what transpired.
4:31 am
al alexandria police department officer is a marksman. there were others, don't get me wrong. all five of them were heroes. that's why they were so honored in the white house yesterday. to discover the role of the alexandria police department and the help they gave to the capital police, that was good for me to find out, the heroism they showed, the risk of life they showed. all five of them, they're very much deserving of every accolade we can give them. >> mo brooks, we will never forget how you guided us through what happened this morning with the poise and the compassion you have for everybody involved. thank god you survived and scalise is on the mend, all good news. >> those five people did it. >> and they were justly rewarded and we will continue to remember them as well. thanks for being with us, as always. >> thank you, chris. >> what a remarkable group of heroes there. what an emotional ceremony. >> that could have been one of
4:32 am
the worst tragedies that we've seen in our lifetime politically. and it was avoided largely because of them. >> thank god they were there. senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling for bipartisanship after the gop failed to repeal obamacare. are the democrats ready for that bipartisanship? we're going to ask senator jeff merkley next. hing happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®.
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. i would suggest we turn the page. it's time to turn the page. i would say to my dear friend the majority leader, we are not celebrating. we are relieved that millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the three proposals put forward will at least retain their health care. >> so the gop effort for the last seven years to repeal parts of obamacare failed in the senate early this morning. and now you just heard minority leader chuck schumer say he's looking to move forward and bring bipartisanship back to the senate. we're joined by democratic
4:37 am
senator jeff merkley of oregon. senator, i know you have had quite a night. i understand you left the halls of congress at 3:15 a.m. we appreciate you being here early with us. can you just tell us about that moment there on the senate floor and what your reaction was when you saw john mccain walk up and give the thumbs down? >> you bet. there's so much hanging in the balance. we've seen one of these health care plans after another, and does it wipe out health care for 32 million or 22 million or 16 million. and we're finally at this moment and we're not sure what john is going to do. he has come in and off the floor. the vice president has been there, taking him off the floor. they've been talking somewhere. he comes back, in conversation with several other members. how is this going to come out? then he gives the thumbs down and there's this gasp. we didn't really believe that that was going to happen, but it
4:38 am
did. and thank you john mccain. >> we heard the gasp from the democratic side of the floor there, and then you could see -- maybe we have the role of roll of it, chuck schumer giving this very animated waving you off, in other words, this is no time for celebrating. you just heard that in the sound bite that we just played from chuck schumer where he said that we are not celebrating. but then there are a couple of tweets that you sent out this morning that sort of sound like you're celebrating. let me read it for everybody. you say, this is your victory. it was your fearless action, your personal stories and your rallies that helped us, #killthebill. stay alert, gop has been undermining health care markets for years. trump has made clear he wants an insurance crisis. it doesn't seem as though your tone in these are what chuck
4:39 am
schumer is calling for. >> i wanted to make sure grassroots america knew how important they were in this. they really set the stage. they flooded the phone lines. they overflowed the inboxes, they went into the streets, went to people's offices back home, and they just kept weighing in and weighing in. and it's very hard for people to do that when they have their normal lives. it was just a grassroots movement that overwhelmed capitol hill. i think there are so many of my colleagues who knew this was the wrong thing to do, but they were being pressured so hard, so hard to take this vote, and i must say i think many of them went home last night and said -- kind of felt that they were thankful that they hadn't actually ended up destroying health care for so many of their folks back home. >> sure. we all understand the relief if you're on the democratic side. but in terms of the call for bipartisanship that chuck schumer and john mccain called
4:40 am
for, this seems to be exhibit a of how challenging it will be for both sides to come together. >> here is the thing. as i was talking to one of my republican colleagues in the parking lot last night. he said we need a little space. i said, we now have a chance to set aside this part shan ship and be in a problem-solving mode. i didn't go into details. we need to walk down the cost sharing payments so insurance companies know what they're being paid, we need a lot more funding to take on the drug epidemic, proceed to make sure we have the insurance necessary for new companies to go in the market and compete. we should explore public option in places where there is no insurance company making an offering or there's only one of them. there's a host of things we can do together to make this work a lot better, and maybe now is the moment. >> maybe it is. are you sensing that your colleagues on the left side and the right -- that this is a
4:41 am
moment that you're ready to make a deal on some of those things 1234. >> these things i just described, several of them were in the republican bill. three of them were in the republican bill, so they could claim that this was part of their bill. we can say, hey, we're working together. i think this is the sort of deal we should be able to make and should make for the benefit of people across america. >> okay. very quickly, the house just approved $1.6 billion for the border wall that president trump had promised on the campaign trail and beyond, that mexico would pay for. you are on the appropriations committee. are you going to write that check? >> i'm going to do everything i can to stop it. expert after expert says this is not the way to spend funds to enhance american security. so many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle have said this is a mistake. so let's not make a mistake. let's enhance our security, let's not waste the citizens' money. >> senator jeff merkley, thank
4:42 am
you for being with us. >> so good to be with you. >> a very long night. hopefully you'll get some sleep. >> thank you. >> chris. coming up, could there be a new investigation on capitol hill? well, that's what house intel chair devin nunes wants. he's got questions about the 2016 election about obama top officials. what? we'll tell you. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night.
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4:46 am
the white house is all about stopping leaking. one of the allies, house intelligence chair devin nunes is investigating just that, in a public letter to house intelligence director dan coats, he accuses top obama era aids of making requests which included members of the trump transition team's names. nunes says he plans to spend august drafting legislation to make sure leakers are prosecuted. you'll remember he stepped aside from the russia probe when he himself because the target of an investigation as to whether he leaked classified information. nunes is apparently flying solo on this. no other members of the committee, not even republicans, would sign his letter. a forest service patrolman races to save a group of at least 80 children who were trapped by a massive wildfire in
4:47 am
california. cnn's stephanie elam has this week's "beyond the call of duty". >> reporter: it takes just a split second for this wildfire to explode. >> this was literally like a nuclear bomb went off. >> reporter: the intense flames blocking first responders from getting up this narrow dirt road. even worse, about 80 kids are enjoying summer camp at the circle b ranch, literally in the line of fire with no way out. >> i knew there wasn't a chance for the fire to go left or right. it was all funneling toward circle b. >> reporter: the counselors loaded the campers in the few cars they had, but the blaze was too intense, they had to turn back. >> it was all orange and smokey. there was a lot of black. >> reporter: they're the same conditions rescuers face. the fire's intensity ing them to retreat. >> i needed to get somebody we had communication with up there. >> reporter: the chief sent david dalberg to give it a shot. >> there were a few sections of
4:48 am
the rhoden enveloped in smoke, i couldn't even see the hood of my vehicle. >> reporter: rocks and tree limbs falling from above. >> a few hit my truck and rolled off. >> reporter: then a wall of flame rolled across the road, again keeping sheriff's deputies at bay, but not dalberg. he was the only one to beat the flames. >> the fact that dave was able to get through is still, frankly, a little bit of a mystery. >> do you think about what could have happened? >> it definitely could have been a lot worse. i try not to think about it. >> reporter: by now, the campers were all sheltered in the dining hall. >> it shocked me that it was that close to us. >> reporter: dalberg worked to make the camp more fire safe, his presence calming the kids. his own video shows the fire still bearing down. firefighters battled the blaze from the sky. then a bulldozer arrived clearing nearby brush. eventually more rescuers made it just as the fire was reaching
4:49 am
camp. >> starting to come up toward the camp and it is wrapping some of the buildings. >> reporter: with the bulldozer leading the way, the rescue vehicles loaded up the kids and headed down the hill. >> it felt like it was right next to us as we were leaving. >> reporter: all the counselors and kids made it out, back in the arms of their frightened parents and with a message for the rescuers who saved their lives. >> it's very well appreciated. you kept our camp safe and most importantly, you kept all us children safe. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, santa barbara, california. >> out of the mouths of babes, true reflection on how dire that situation could have been. >> thank god for the firefighters. the war inside the west wing all too real, and now out in the open. anthony scaramucci, a man just brought in by the president to establish some kind of order, versus the man who was supposed to be the man for the president, reince priebus. what does this all mean?
4:50 am
does only one survive? what does it say about the president's leadership? david axelrod joins us next with his take on thunderdome. 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said... my daughter is... go pro with crest pro-health. 4 out of 5 dentists confirm... ...these crest pro-health... ...products help maintain a... ...professional clean. go pro with crest pro health crest pro-health... ...really brought my mouth... the next level. chances are, the last time yoyou got, i know-- i got a loan 20 years ago, and i got robbed.
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and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. visit booking.yeah! to say, but proved too difficult to do. they couldn't even get 50 votes even though they are in control of the senate. they failed overnight and there's going to be plenty of blame but a lot of the roads lead back to the president and boy does there seem to be trouble in his house. there is an obvious bloodsport at play in there. and it seems to be embraced by the president. let's talk about all of this with cnn's senior political commentator, david ax axle rod.
4:54 am
playing nice in politics certainly not the rule. we all know that. what we see is different ant the response from the man at the top is different as well. fair assessment? >> without question. i don't know anyone who has seen anything like this. anyone who's worked in a white house has seen anything like this. chris, it is an incredibly complex place. the things that one has to pay attention to when you're in the white house is relentless, it's complex, and you can't do it if you're engaged in this kind of infight. so think that you were engaged in this kind of infighting on a week when legislation of such importance to you is on the floor in the congress, and you're picking fights with jeff sessions, who's a favorite of the senate, reince priebus is is maybe one of the best friends of the speaker of the house and
4:55 am
then turn to the congress and ask for their help and your staff is -- that should be working on that bill is fighting among themselves. it's just -- et' unthinkable. it has long-term implications. if this is the way the president's going to manage the white house, he's going to have a series of defeat the and really political problems ahead. >> david, of course it's impossible to know if chief of staff reince priebus were not under siege and were not sort of battling for his job, what he would have been able to accomplish with health care, if that would have moved the needle at all but you were up all night watching how this unfolded. this of court was president obama's signature legislation, it is called obamacare. did you -- what did you think last night as you were watching? did you fear it was going to be
4:56 am
dismantled? and what did you think when you saw john mccain give the thumb the down. >> i think what john mccain believed and i believed as well with it was very clear it was going to be impossible to find consensus between the house and senate. they couldn't find consensus within the senate. so there was more than a trivial chance that this bill that every republican acknowledged was a d disaster. would be the only thing left for the house to vote on that could become law, so, it is always a bad thing when one house of congress advances a bill to the other that everyone says would be a disaster and it would have been. and the way it was done was offensive. bill came on the floor in the middle of the night. there was no chance to review it. the cbo report came in -- five minutes later even though it said 16 million people would lose their health care. not a way to run a railroad.
4:57 am
i think that's ultimately why john mccain put it the way he voted. and also, to try to forge a bipartisan solution. the concern i have, alisyn is what happens now. the president said this morning, let obamacare implode. and he has considerable leverage to make that happen. and to continue to disrupt these markets. and if that happens and the congress doesn't act, a lot of people will suffer. so, i don't think the saga is over. but this was obviously a big moment. >> well, look. the president's tweet about this. takes us back to what the problem is. you had a demonstrable back of leadership. you can point your finger at mcconnell, at the president, at both. but, when the president says let it implode. what does that show? one, a fundamental incensetivity to humanity. two, it shows a lack of knowledge of what's going on with the a kr.
4:58 am
a becau aca. it may fail if you pull rt subsidies and continue to diminish confidence among insures. the then reince priebus, who i wouldn't characterize as under siege as much as being a siege-or. did accomplish to getting paul ryan to be quiet in terms of criticizing the president. but he's had months. he wasn't trump's guy. he was put there to work with the other people trump didn't know. how does he survive something like this. >> i think it's very hard. scaramucci indicated yesterday that he was operating with the assent of the president in making the comments that he made about reince priebus in suggesting that strange conversation with you and elsewhere that priebus may have been the source of leaks and so
4:59 am
on. to have a president sanction this kind of public warfare in his white house is really alarming. it pore tends big trouble in the future. >> david great to get your take on all of this. thanks so much for joining us. >> there is a bunch of news on this friday morning. what do you say? let's get after it. >> i think the american people are going to regret that we couldn't find a better way forward. >> it's been a long, long road. >> i would suggest we turn the page. >> we can't make the same mistake we inflicted in 2009. we've got to have some bipartisanship. >> the one person that doesn't have to hang their hat on is president trump. he campaigned on this. he wasn't able to get people together. >> the skinny bill as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. >> tonight was an unfortunate
5:00 am
might. it was a sad night. i don't believe this journey is over. >> we try to improve the affordable care act. no the destroy it. that's what the american people want. >> this is a new day with chris cuomo a cuomo. >> good morning, welcome to new day. 8:00 now in the east. the big story republicans failing in the seven-year effort to dismantle obamacare. a dramatic late-night vote. senator john mccain coming back under duress. he cast that big vote to move the process forward and last night, he gave this skinny repeal the thumbs down. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling the president, it may be time to move on. >> president trump even tried to call john mccain to sway him, but, it obviously did not work. the president blasted the senate vote this morning saying three republican senators and all democrats let the american people down. what


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