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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  July 29, 2017 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. different direction. i support him in that. >> some brothers are like cain and abel. >> why not respond? >> because i'm not going to because it doesn't honor the president. >> john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> he will not put up with some of the bs that's been going on in the white house. >> he's autocratic. general kelly can't fix that with an organizational chart. >> making it the second launch this month. >> this new launch missile flew
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for about 45 minutes. >> it's concerning. obviously we've noticed that the north koreans are way more advanced than we thought they were. >> this is "new day" weekend. >> well, the white house door keeps on moving. this time it's the chief of staff. rooins priebus is out. but he will still stay on team trump. >> the president has a right to hit a reset button. i think it's a good time to hit the reset button and i think that it was an -- it was something that i think the white house needs. i think it's healthy and i support him in it.
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also, north korea launched yet ood missianother missile bue has the potential to hit cities like chicago and denvernd possibly even new york. moscow has been quick to fire back ordering staff cuts and seizing two embassy facilities. first though, picking up speed with reince priebus out. what does this latest change mean for the white house? >> good morning. well, this latest change could be an opportunity to right the ship. as we all know, the white house has been getting a lot of attention, most of it negative in the recent weeks over a perceived environment of chaos
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and instability within this white house. there has been infighting going on since the beginning that has emerged in public just very much in public in the last several days with that profanity laced tirade with scaramucci in the phone cal that he had earlier this week. so this could be an opportunity for general kelly to right the ship. we heard president trump refer to the general as a star. he said that repeatedly during his speech on long island yesterday. one of the big questions though here is what will the president allow in terms of kelly's power? will he be empowered to be the kind of gate keeper and controller of the goings on here in the white house that priebus was never allowed to be.
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a relatively unusual struck fur for a white house. and so those are some of the question marks surrounding incoming general -- now i guess former homeland security secretary john kelly who is e expected to start on monday. reince priebus becoming the latest of several figures who came -- he was the former republican national committee chairman and this was a marriage that was a little uneasy from the start because president trump ran on his team and now it is coming to an end. so ten days after being inaugurated president trump
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fired sally yates for refusing to defend the immigration debate. less than a month later attorney jeff sessions asked dozens of u.s. attorneys to resign. all of them agreed apart from one who said trump said he could keep his job after he was elected. a fuse weeks later katy walsh left the white house for another job and the president fired jam james comey and the spokesman for the legal team defending the president on the russia investigation, he stepped down. sean spicer stepped down and now chief of staff reince priebus
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has been replaced making him the shortest chief of staff in white house history. >> joining me now, good morning to all of you and let me start with you. we know you support the president and you believe that he has not been served well. what is your expectation for this incoming chief of staff will be able to do. what do you expect he'll be able to change? >> it's interesting, victor. we've had to the best of my knowledge, three presidents, franklin roes vel franklin roosevelt and president eisenhower all of whom had generals as their chiefs of staff and all of them did fairly well in the post. so i would expect that general
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kelly will bring some order to the white house. we'll bring perhaps a touch of military order as it were and based on the experience of the others i think he'll do very well. >> let me come to you, sarah. a general now coming into this position will do very well. we know the president respects generals. he says he calls them his generals and this one especially but what evidence is that he is there, that he will accept the incoming chief of staff looking him right into the eyes and telling him no and taking that advice? >> well, general john kelly is not one of these long time trump loyalists like some of the other people who had been discussed as potential chiefs of staff before this decision was made. he was chosen on merit and not of a long standing relationship with trump. i think that's important that trump respected what john kelly
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brought to the table. one of the big problems for reince priebus was that he was never able to consolidate power in this west wing that was filled with these power factions and it's not clear that any of the rivaling factions will just immediately subordinate themselves to john kelly. you had jared and ivanka trump. now you have scaramucci, a whole new competing faction within the west wing so it's not clear that john kelly will be able to get control of all of these groups and have them report directly to him. remember that scaramucci is a direct report to the president. that's going to be a problem for john kelly because it will limit his ability to control what damage scaramucci does moving forward. >> i'm going to get to scaramucci in a moment but tom, let me come to you on the issue of reince priebus. our white house reporting says
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he was treated like a junior staffer. was that his fault or was it the fault of the president for not empowering him? did he weaken reince priebus? >> it's fascinating. looking back on previous administrations of chief of staff as basically the last person before you get to the president, the gate keeper and maybe part of that is adjusting our own expectations of what a title means. remember, scaramucci put out there that priebus would be fired and a few days later he was. so you know, these are all adjustments we all have to make in how we assess things. what was interesting to me is that this comes one year after priebus and the rnc staff really helped donald trump finally secure the republican nomination in cleveland.
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you know, towards the end there, it was largely symbolic at that point, but it was really a sign of this effort to merge establishment republicans, the power of the republican party with candidate donald trump, a consummate outsider and this marriage as we pointed out earlier, an easy marriage is over. >> and that was one of the reasons for announcing reince priebus as chief of staff at the same time announcing dbannon coming in. the former rnc communications director sean spicer is out of his white house job. what is that message to d.c.? >> there was always a number skeptical of the number of alumn that came into the white house.
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i think that you know, sean spicer struggled from the beginning to be the kind of aggressive voice at the podium that president trump clearly wanted and reince priebus like tom said really struggled to be the kind of conventional chief of staff that president trump really needed. john kelly has run a tight ship at the homeland security. and president trump frequently points to the progress they have made and it's whether john kelly will get that type of control over the oval office. if he need to reorganize the power structure and limit the contact of staff to president trump to kind of quiet these dissenting voices. it's really up to the president in that regard whether john kelly has the resources available to make the white house run a little more smoothly. >> an interview with ryan and in
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that, he of course said that reince priebus would be out soon, but he also said there would be three or four more people who would be out and are we just in the middle here? >> my guess is probably not. when a new chief of staff comes in, he basically -- and just for the record, i was there in the reagan white house in president reagan fired his chief of staff and brought in former tennessee governor as his successor. the new chief of staff generally thinks well, okay, i'm going to put my own folks in here, so i would imagine there may still be some to come. tom, quickly to you, in this discussion of scaramucci who reports to the president, we know how the president puts a
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premium on his family, jared kushner, ivanka trump, his daughter and senior advisor. do we know if there will be any adjustmen adjustments made to their privileges or if this will move into this traditional format where they will have to go through the chief of staff. >> it's hard to tell at this point. scaramucci had the backing of jared and ivanka. but as sarah pointed out, scaramucci is a powerful figure and a blunt one as well. creating a whole new power center. these are all things that are in the air right now. i mean, there's a lot to watch. there's a lot of change all at once. normally these things happen at a month at a time. >> this all happened in a week of one another. we'll see how this free wielding
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communications director deals with this general as chief of staff. >> thank you all. >> thank you, victor. well, new this morning the iran revolutionary guard is reporting a new incident. they say u.s. navy aircraft carrier fired warning flares at iranian vessels. the iranian navy says they flew a helicopter near an oil and gags platform. this comes after a similar incident earlier this week. iran and the ugs frequently have run-ins in the persian gulf. cnn has reached out to the u.s. navy for comment. the country claims its missiles can now hit major u.s. cities. how the u.s. is responding. also, russia retaliates against the united states threatening to kick some americans out over new
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home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." north korea now has missiles that could hit major u.s. cities. that's the warning after the regime's latest test launch. >> it could possibly strike from los angeles to chicago and possibly beyond. we're live in seoul, south korea. the u.s. was quick to respond to this with sometimes and also some military reaction. what's happening? >> the south koreans were quick to say that it did in fact an advance m advancement in range. experts had agreed at the time that that was a missile that could be cable ever of reaching
3:20 am
alaska. this is a missile that could reach well farther into the u.s. mainland, by some estimates possibly as far as cities on the east coast. so the south korean and u.s. military did not waste time in responding to this. they conducted live fire exercises, even firing missiles into the ocean. a show of force clearly intended to send a message to pyongyang to this highly provocative action. president trump saying it would take all steps necessary to protect the u.s. homeland. tillerson also weighing in singling out russia and china calling them the principal economic enablers. he went on to say the united states seeks the peaceful
3:21 am
denuclearization of the korean coast. strong words, but that said, since president trump took office back in january, kim jong-un has tested ballistic missiles has tested missiles on 12 occasions. he has conducted more ballistic miss ile launches than his fathr and grandfather involved. while this test does certainly contribute to regional and global tensions the response to the tests are also ratcheting up tensions. the south korean president said he would be working with the u.s. to deploy a highly missile launch system developed by the united states. this is a system that china has loudly objected to. china was quick to launch its
3:22 am
opinion to stop. after some uncertainty the white house says president trump will stop the bill. >> russia is already retaliating say it will seize diplomatic properties like this one and demanding that the u.s. remove some of its diplomatic staff from the country. we're live in moscow and clair, this sounds like a delayed proportional response to the u.s. sanctions that were levied at the end of the obama administration. >> reporter: yeah, seven months later russia it seems has finally run out of patience and they reacted yesterday not waiting to hear what president trump's move would be on this bill. but this is what they're calling a mirror response to what the
3:23 am
obama administration did back in december. they seized two of russia's diplomatic compounds in the u.s. friday, we see russia doing very much the same. they're going to block two diplomatic compounds owned by the u.s. in russia. that will be in effect from august 1st and they say they also want the u.s. to cut its diplomatic staff in russia down to 455 people. that they say is the same amount of russia personnel but the question is why has russia suddenly run out of patience? it's been a watershed in how they view the administration and i think it's because of that overwhelming majority that voted for this bill in congress and the fact that the bill ties the president's hands from lifting older sanctions. you remember, this was one of
3:24 am
the major reasons why russia had so much support because of the many statements he made that he might be willing to lift sanctions. for the kremlin's part, they're saying that they are still welcome to normalize relations with the u.s. if the u.s. should make that kind of move. >> and again, that sanctions bill headed to the president and the white house says he will sign it. thank you so much. so it's not the most visible role in the white house but it could be one of the most crucial. our next guest explains how a chief of staff can alter the course of a presidential administration. >> also, widespread road closures throughout four states as record rainfall is falling throughout the mid-atlantic region. millions of people are under flood watches. we'll give you the latest. you don't let anything
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you're up early. 6:28 on a saturday. good to have you. >> north korea launches another missile and says the entire u.s. mainland is now within its reach. experts say the latest missile could have gone as far as chicago but the threat is expanding. russia is turning threats into action as a sanctions bill heads to president trump's desk. they're seizing two embassy facilities and ordering u.s. diplomatic staff cuts in russia. the president will sign this bill. the fight within the white house continues. reince priebus is out just after six months and john kelly will move from homeland security secretary to fill that post. this was a rocky six month term for reince priebus.
3:30 am
but in his first interview after resigning he said he was proud of his work with the president and would always be on team trump. >> i've been obviously talking to the president for a few days about this and ultimately i formally resigned yesterday and you know, the president was great. he wanted to include me in figuring out how and who would be a great successor and a good chief of staff. i think general kelly is a brilliant pick and i just like i said, talked to him and talked to the president. he'll be working on a transition for a couple of weeks with general kelly starting on monday morning so this is not like a situation where there's a bunch of ill will feelings. this is, i think, good for the president, i think it's smart for him to pick general kelly and i think that things are going to be run very well. >> you say you resigned
3:31 am
yesterday. tell us why. why did you make that important decision to resign? >> well, it cant -- it was something that i've always talked to the president about and i've always said to him and he always agreed with me. any time either one of us think that we need to make a change or move in a different direction, let's just talk about it and get it done and so i think the president thaukt about that and we talked about it yesterday and i resigned and he accepted my resignation. this is about the president and moving his agenda forward. one other thing. i'm always going to a trump fan, i'm on team trump and i look forward to helping him achieve his goals and his agenda for the american people. >> well, our next guest says a chief of staff choice can make
3:32 am
or break an administration. he's the author of the gate keepers. how the white house chiefs of staff define the presidency. thank you so much for being with us. >> react to what reince priebus was saying. do you agree a general in this post will bring some change? >> well, you know, let me just begin by saying as i listened to priebus, i couldn't help but be reminded to what andy said to me. if somebody said to you they're ready to leave the white house, they're probably lying. nobody ever wants to leave the white house. so bear that in mind when you hear about how happy he is with this reset. it may well have mission impossible. this is a white house that hasn't been able to do anything right.
3:33 am
it can't pass legislation, it can't prioritize the president's agenda, it can't get anybody on the same page. you know, in a normal white house, all of that flows from an empowered white house chief of staff who can execute the president's agenda. that definitely was not reince priebus and as for kelly, by the way, contrary to what somebody said on your program a minute ago, generals have generally not done well in this position. the only chief -- modern chief who was a general lasted more than a month under ford. why is that? >> it's an extraordinarily difficult task. you have to be somebody who is grounded. you have to be somebody who
3:34 am
is -- leon was described as a an iron fist in a velvet glove and at the end of the day, the most important thing a chief must do is walk into the ooval office, the door and tell the president what we does not want to do. can anybody imagine donald trump welcoming that kind of chief? >> the washington post talks about why priebus may have felt defined because he said at one point he felt demeaned by the president and the woashington post said this. as the fly continued to circle, trump summoned his chief of staff and tasked him with killing the insect. how does the president's treatment of someone, particularly the chief of staff, set the tone for the power he
3:35 am
will or not have? >> it all comes down to donald trump and whether he is constitutionally and i don't mean by that the document, whether he is capable of empowering someone to aid the agenda and b, to tell him har hard truths and that's the critical truth here. it's not for the faint of heart. you've got to have somebody who quite frankly makes conditions. i mean, i don't know what conditions kelly has made, if any, but one of them has to be that he's first among equals in the west wing. that means that scaramucci cannot report directly to the president. that way lies disaster. ford tried this. he called it the spokes of the wheel with the president at the center. it was a disaster. >> it was a disaster. all right. well, last but not least, i
3:36 am
wanted to ask you something that you said. you said that a president reveals a lot about himself in the chief he picks. we know that the president had tried to get kelly on board before. several times we understand. he politely declined saying he had thing to do a t the dhs, but now that he has accepted what do you think this pick says about president trump? >> you have to wonder why kelly accepted. this, as i say, may well be mission impossible given the temperament and the character of the president he's about to serve and it all comes down to whether donald trump is ready to empower a white house chief of staff to do the things he has to do to salvage this presidency which may not be salvageable at this point. one demand i think kelly should make on day one is that he should simply take the president aside and say look, i understand that twitter is a weapon for
3:37 am
you, but you're going to have to run the tweets by me first. >> all right. chris whipple. thanks so much for being here. still to come, another white house shakeup comes just hours after congress hands the president a legislative defeat on health care. president trump blames democrats but where was the struggle go from here and how will it impact his agenda? that's next. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. be up for it whuuuuuat?rtgage offer from the bank today. you never just get one offer. go to and shop multiple loan offers for free!
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white house chief of staff is out and the white house has rolled out its new transgender policy is still in limbo. this was a wild week in washington that has some republicans on the defense. meanwhile democrats are pushing a new agenda amid all that is going on. and he serves on both the house and public services committee. let's start with your reaction to the shakeup. priebus out, kelly in.
3:42 am
>> it's a mouwhite house in dis. here you have a communications director making vulgar comments. it's something we've never seen before and they've lost focus on things that people care about which is jobs and the future for their kids and so the question is, when are they going to start focusing on making people's lives better. >> so let's talk about health care. the defeat we saw late this week which would have been the big headline, but i want to listen to one of your house colleagues and his discussion of his party's role in health care and his legislation moving forward. >> people say to me all the time will you work with the democrats? we've tried to work the democrats and i don't know a of a single democratic proposal that doesn't spend money. i'm not hopeless but i am
3:43 am
frustrated. >> there are some plans that republicans and democrats agree on. making premiums and payouts a little cheaper for the poor. the question is, how do you get consensus around those, momentum and get a vote? >> i think we've also put plans to lower the costs. one area is drug companies. the president ran an allowing for the importation of drugs or allowing medicare to negotiate drugs so that people don't have to pay so much for their prescription drugs. that's something where if the white house had to lead they could get a vote and the cost of insurance. insurance companies are making 20, $30 million a year and overcharging while their premiums are going up. there are ways we could help reduce the cost on that. the facility fees that hospitals are charging and overcharging
3:44 am
american taxpayers so there are a number of proposals. what we really need is the white house to get behind some of the campaign promises that the president made. but a number of bills that not only increase coverage but also go to costs. >> how do you get them to vote? how do you get leadership to try to get these in front of committees? >> i think we've tried. we o're working with the colleagues. we have republican rank and support. how do we get the republican leadership to allow them for a vote and the only way that's going to happen is if the white house comes out for some of these things. the interesting point is why does the president campaign for going after hospital fees and if the white house were to say look, we're going to try to fulfill some of these campaign promises there are bipartisan
3:45 am
bills, leadership, bring this for a vote but so far the leadership has not brought up any democratic bills. of the 43 bills that have passed there have only be two democratic bills. >> so this week, democrats rolled out this new rebranding effort, a better deal. maybe that's what they're going to run on in 2018. we've heard from some of the potential candidates running for house seats who have called this underwhelming in the same old rhetoric. what's your response to that reaction and do democrats need a nationwide slogan in 2018 to run under? >> i think it's encouraging we're now focused on jobs and wages and helping the economy and there's some concrete parts of the plan. it talks about investment in communities that have gone
3:46 am
through the industrialization, taking on economic concentration, figuring out how we're going to create apprenticeships and the skilled trades and jobs of the future. so i am encouraged that there are candidates running across the country. they should tailor the message but i'm glad we're focusing on jobs and wages. >> so you're also a member of the lgbt caucus as well and this week the president issued this ban on transgenders serving in any capacity in the military. there has been pushback bipartisan pushback and joint chiefs of staff were caught offguard by this. what will be your response? is there some way to push back against this ban from the president? >> there is.
3:47 am
it's clearly a discriminatory policy. it's moving the clock backwards. i didn't think this would take place in the 21st century. joe kennedy who leads the lgbt caucus, we had a press conference. he and others are going to be putting forth legislation and i'm glad the joint chief of staff says he's not going to implement something based on tweets. so far there has been no directive and we in congress are going to fight to make sure that that doesn't happen. this is rank discrimination. >> thanks for being on "new day." >> thank you for having me. sure. well, severe storms have knocked out power to thousands this morning. swift water rescue teams are preparing. millions of people are still under a flood watch. a closer look for you at the severe weather forecast. as master sergeant.
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nearly 2,800 people are without power this morning after a rare noreaster storm caused several state to go through some severe flooding. >> record flooding in ohio, maryland, west virginia has prompted widespread road closures and nearly 20 million of you are still under this flood watch this morning as daily rainfall records have already been broken. activating swift water rescue teams, so jennifer gray is in the weather center with us right now. so good to see you, jennifer. help us understand what's happening and what is to come. >> well, you typically hear the word nor east,easter you think snow. swift water rescues in pennsylvania, west virginia, and
3:53 am
ohio. some of these towns completely submerged under water. we'll get it again today. some of these same areas including d.c., philly, baltimore, even getting a break but more rain as we go through the afternoon. here where we have all the warnings in effect, already broken rainfall records across three of the airports around here. this is for friday. philadelphia has already broken the record for today, this morning, but it's still raining so those numbers haven't come through already. here's the flood threat. eight rivers in minor flood stage and so we're going to continue to see that threat for today. here's the radar in motion. the showers just kind of linger throughout the day. we'll slowly start to get them out of the way but we are going to continue to get rain today so be on the lookout for more flooding in these areas as these rivers continue to rise.
3:54 am
>> thank you so much. a shocking result from a new cte study has one nfl star pondering his future. what's going on? >> quarterback ben roethlisberger, find out what he had to say coming up on this morning's bleacher report. nd g's everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze fabric refresher with odorclear technology... ...cleans away odors like never before. because the things you love the most can stink. and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up... 45 days. breathe happy with new febreze.
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don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. a new study linking football to cte has a lot of nfl players a bit shaken including a champion. >> so ben roethlisberger is really the first big nfl star to come out and say that these new findings considering cte are going to have a specific role on
3:59 am
when he retire from the nfl. he decided to return for his 14th season, but roethlisberger saying quote, i want to play catch with my kids. as much as i want my kids to remember what i did, i also want to remember them when i'm 70 years old. now, a recent study released this week showed that 110 of the 111 former nfl players had the degenerative brain disease of cte. it can only be diagnosed after death. roethlisberger has had multiple concussions and he said in regards to the new study, quote, this shows there's nothing to mess with. if you want to mess with your brain, you can't put a new one in, you can't have a brain transplant. if you want to mess with your brain, go ahead. i love my family and kids. he's going to be wearing a new
4:00 am
helmet this season that is scanned to fit snugly on his head. he had written about player safety in the past. h urschel will taking classes in the fall. he said it didn't make sense to play football but at this point with all the new studies the cons outweighed the pros. how smart he is. >> thank you. >> all right. the president wanted to go a different direction. i support him in that. >> some brothers are like cain and abel. some can fight and get along. >> why not respond? >> i'm not going to because it doesn't honor the president. >> he will not put up with some of the bs that's been


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