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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 30, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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the economy is collapsing. north korea is issuing new threats as experts say the country now has new capabilities. missiles capable of striking major u.s. cities from los angeles to chicago. what is not known is whether north korea could put nuclear warheads on those missiles. all this playing out as the white house struggles to find discipline and order and get on message with two top officials booted in one week. can the president's new chief of st staff, jump start the agency and agenda there in the white house? trump administration sending a harsh warning to venezuela's president tonight. the venezuelan people and democracy will prevail.
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wlet's get right to corresponde correspondent. give us the very latest on the ground. >> reporter: nst the last few hours the will extend polling hours. they will keep them open as long as they need to so everyone who wants to vote has the opportunity to vote. i've heard explosions in the distance. you can feel the tension when you're on the streets of caracas from the opposition. they are desperate. they are frustrated and they believe this is the way to express that, to take to the streets, to barricade the streets, to speak out against the government not only this election, which is an election
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to elect a new institution that could re-write the constitution. one thing that stuck with me when i talked to one of the protesters, she said we are tired. this is months and months of violence, of protests. we're tired but we're not backing down. he believes this is the way to do that. the president still urging people to continue to go to the polls to vote and he specifically was speaking to the youth saying we need more support today in these polling
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sites for the constituents assembly. >> thank you. tomorrow is a new day at the white house. john kelly will take the helm in the west wing as president trump's new chief of staff. what will the retired four star general encounter in his first day on the job. he expect him to bring a marine to the west ring but general kelly inherit a white house filled with tension as he replaces the sixth trump staffer to resign or be fired in just six months. insiders have had quite a bit of influence on this president. jared kushner, his son-in-law, his top aide, steve bannon. will general kelly try to reign in all these people so they report to him and not the president. >> that's the million dollar question. it's really unclear now.
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last week american heroes week. this is supposed to be american dreams week. the white house agenda continues being overshadowed by tweets or explosive interviews with the new york times in which the president attacks his attorney general. >> they are so different in their style. any sense of how they plan to work together? how they're going to mesh? >> that should really with interesting. they have very distinct styles.
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he's an extremely successful entrepreneur. he's boiserrous. he has doesn't have a lot of discipline like general kelly. the question now is whether or not scaramucci is going to report to the new chief of staff. we've asked the white house for clari clarity. we have yet to get a response.
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>> you wrote a piece in which you argue kelly might be limited in the impact he can have. it says since he's a person who believed in the chain of command, he probably won't be willing to stand up to his superior, the person with whom the problem lies. that's an interesting p perspective to have. it does seem president trump has greater respect for generals. >> he does like military officials, business officials and his family. there already is a problem. they are all surrounding them.
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>> you have the problems on the hill that he'll have to deal with without much legislative piece. >> you called kelly the new white house alpha dog. do you know if kelly had any conditions before accepting the chief of staff position? >> my understanding is that secretary kelly or general kelly expects to be chief of staff in the traditional way that chiefs of staff want to be in charge. he's been managing enormous institutions for most of his time in public life. he understands that chains of command matter. i'm skeptical he would have taken this job if he hadn't had those type of conditions. my understanding from speaking with folks at dhs and the hours after he have named is this is not a position he was jonesing for. my understanding is he was happy being dhs secretary. he ran south come which is the central united states military for south america and central america. running dhs made sense because
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he made so much timing with them. he took this gig because the president wanted him to. he wasn't going to buck the will of the president. that means in the same way he respects the president, he's going to expect his subordinates to respect him. it goes both ways for him. that could lead us to some fireworks at the white house in the coming weeks. >> wow, fireworks at the white house. we haven't seen that yet. trump's director of the office of budget and management had this to say about the staff shake up. let's watch. >> president wants to go a different direction. want a little more discipline, a little more structure in there. you know he enjoys working with generals. >> chris, you're an expert in all things chief of staff. what does general kelly need to
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do on day one to set the tone in terms of his tenure. >> the key question is will he be empowered in a way priebus wasn't. the definition of insanity would be for john kelly to take this job with the same authority that priebus had. >> he lasted about a month. one of the is gerald ford had a model very much like donald trump's. aum of his senior add visors were coming and going willy nilly. hague was unable to control the chaos. ford wound up begging rumsfeld to come in. you have to wonder why would anybody, especially john kelly,
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take this job unless he knows something that we don't know. >> he was offering advice to reince priebus along the way. do you think that he may have been interested in it? >> i can't read his mind. he might see this as a form of service to try to create order within the white house. it's going to be difficult to do this. the weekend of this announcement the president is continuing to tweet.
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the president surrounded himself with general at the start of his administration. everyone said that would reign him in and it hasn't. >> can i just add to that? not only does he need to set conditions but he needs to make it clear to trump that he's ready to resign. he's prepared to resign if the president crosses red lines that are unacceptable to kelly. for example, suppose, if i were kelly, i'd be saying to donald trump, if you send out a tweet that is demonstrably false, without running it by me first, i will resign. you'll have to find your third white house chief. >> that gives him a lot more power if he will walk away. >> every successful chief of staff has been prepared to resign p resign. he should start grooming his successor on day one.
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so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. north korea is promising to take firm actions over new u.s. sanctions. the warning comes days after it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. they are capable of striking u.s. cities including los angeles and chicago. still unclear whether they could place a nuclear warhead on the missil missiles, the u.s. is wasting no time. they flew two b-1 bombers on a round trip. th carried out a successful test as the missile defendant system known as thad. cnn is live on the korean
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peninsula and in washington. in addition no that fly over, the missile defense test, what else are we hearing? >> reporter: the most visible aspect is the military show of force. the thad system test, bomber fly over. there are sanctions. the current sanctions that are being pushed forward and there's the root of diplomacy that means china. nikki haley releasing a statement saying there isn't a point in calling emergency security council session. she said quote an additional security council resolution that
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does not significantly increase the international pressure on north korea is of no value. in fact, it's worse than nothing because it sends is message that the international community is unwilling to seriously challenge him. china must decide whether it's finally willing to take this vital step. the time for talk is over. vice president mike pence, dianne feinstein said it's up to china. that's the only diplomatic vessel. . >> thanks. stand by. it's more concerning that in the past? >> reporter: we are seeing a change this tone when it comes to this response. while you see the u.s. has sanctions, we have china to
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enforce the sanctions, we are seeing the south korean government look at what additional steps they can take to deter the regime or protect the people who live right here in south korea, right here on this peninsula. after the first test launch that happened back on july 4th, the president of south korea spoke a few days later at the g-20 saying open to talking to kim jong-un when ever circumstances allowed. the south korean government extended the invitation to open up dialogue. that invitation never got any kind of response from north korea. then they lawn unched another i. a missile with an even greater range than the prooefeviously td missile. now you have seen this new response where they are speaking with the u.s. government talking about continuing the roll out, the doe ployment of a very controversial missile defense
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system called thad. they are talking to the u.s. about how to upgrade their own arsenal right here in south korea. also extend their range to the greatest extent possible terms under u.s. agreement here. >> thank you both. let's talk more about this escalating situation in north korea. the president slammed china on twitter writing i'm disappoi disappointed. they do nothing for us. we will no longer lieu this to continue. china could solve this problem.
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what do you make of this? >> it's electrifying in many ways. the president doesn't seem to have much of a strategy when it comes to dealing with north korea. he's relied almost completely on china to be the one to pressure kim jong-un to do something about it. limit his came blts or go to the negotiating table or respond to what the west and the outside world is most worried about. i think this is really counter productive to tweet something that is humiliating and demeaning to the president of the world's most populous country. the one we rely on so heavily. the president is treating the
3:22 pm
president of chie thna the way treating his own chief of staff in a bullying way. the chinese don't have much incentive to cooperate. the chinese have very different goals with the united states when it comes to how they envision resolving this crisis. >> is there something the u.s. could be doing differently in dealing with china in order to give it incentury tisecentive t action. >> at the end of the day this is not going to be solved milltarially. this is probably most effective in dealing with diplomatically. you don't have a sense that the trump administration has completed its policy review on many front line issues. that they really have to come up with something that is more hajtive than flying b-1 bombers over the korean peninsula or testing their on missile defense
3:23 pm
system. this is going to take more than kind of it for at the military action. >> we saw congress pass the new sanctions bill. could they pressure more compared to other sanctions. >> not really. it's going to take the international community. north korea does about 90% of its trade with china. it's really depending on what china does. we don't have trade relationships with north korea. it's more kind of a token action to be seen to be doing something. it's really relies at the end of the day on beijing. >> all these new missile tests, do you think beijing wants to deal with north korea given that the situation continues to escalate. we know china doesn't want it to
3:24 pm
have an all out war on the peninsula because they would have russian refugees coming into their country. >> they don't want a war but they don't want to see the korean peninsula unified. they look at north korea as an ally and a training partner. they don't want to see the korean peninsula become pro-west or a bastian for a american military base. >> very quickly. do you think these threats from kim jong-un should be taken with greater seriousness? >> absolutely. the pace of the tests have escalated. their capable has reached a place that most people didn't think they could reach this quickly.
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>> thank you. coming up, the father of two young children and husband of an american citizen forced to choose between buying a one way ticket to guatemala or face deportation. his story is next. people confuse nice and kind
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the deportation of immigrants who came to the u.s. illegally has become a lightning rod. consider the case of joel, an undocumented dad with an american wife and two kids. he pays his taxes. he has mo criminal record but he's been ordered to leave the u.s. and his family behind. we have his story. >> reporter: hi there. this is a story we're really seeing play out all across the country. here we have a man, father of two young american children who
3:30 pm
has opinion tobeen told he has 28 days to leave the country. ordered to buy a one way ticket back to his native guatemala. he did come to the u.s. illegal, never committed a crime, married an american but was told his stay of deportation was denied. he's putting the finishing touches on a play house. he doesn't know whether he'll be around to see his kids use it. after 13 years in the u.s., he was told last week to buy a one way ticket back to guatemala. >> i was about to cry but i keep myself strong for my wife. she had a hard time. she started screaming, crying. >> reporter: at 20 years old he crossed from mexico illegally but told he could stay. his mistake, missing a critical court date. >> he had the dream to leave where he was because it was
3:31 pm
really dangerous over there. he wanted to come over here. >> reporter: she fell in lo-- h love with samantha who is american. they livered a quiet life in connecticut. >> that risk is what you do for love. i departments know he had a deportation order. >> reporter: for years he's worked as a carpenter paying his taxes and never breaking the law. >> trying to make my life better for my family. that's all hooim trying to do. working hard. being here and trying to fix up the house at the same time is very hard. i have so many dreams and now there's no hope for it. >> reporter: the story is far from unique. connecticut senator has been trying to help them and others in similar situations. >> it's unfair and unwise. we're losing great talents and energy and ripping apart
3:32 pm
families. we're tearing apart communities. that's tragedy for our nation. it's traumatic for them. we need to do something better in accordance with american values. president trump has long vowed to be tougher on illegal immigration. >> we're going to get the bad ones out, the criminals and the dr deals and gang and gang members. >> reporter: arrests nation wide of undocumented immigrants have spiked. over 20,000 in the first few weeks of the trump residency. overall up by 33%. arrest of non-criminals more than doubling. >> there are hundreds and maybe thousands in connecticut and many, many more around the country that find themselves in this trauma and tragedy. the fundamental unfairness of it ought to strike the hearts of america americans. the trauma and tragedy can be avoided. >> reporter: it's these moments with his children that make the
3:33 pm
legal limbo all the more real and painful. >> i have no idea. at this point it's very hard to hide it. i try my best. >> this is the hardest part, social securi it's them. >> it is them. how you can leave those behind. >> reporter: still grappling with how they would tell the children. many have asked why can't he get u.s. citizenship from his american wife. it's not automatic. it's a very lengthy process which is even more complicated by the fact that he has an order of deportation. this past week there was another very similar case also a guatemalan in connecticut. a mother of four who had been here for 24 years. she was going to be deported but fled to a church for a refuge. a judge granted her stay as her case is reviewed. his wife tells us that makes them a bit more optimistic but
3:34 pm
they don't want to get their hopes up. >> thank you for that report. coming up, with former white house chief of staff and out going press secretary sean spicer looking for new gigs, will they embrace the mainstream media they once criticized? we'll discuss next in the cnn news room. selfie? yeah! ok. desk in the background. ok. best day ever. (crash!!!!) when the unexpected strikes... don't worry. we've got you covered. the hartford strikes back.
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out going white house press secretary sean spicer has been this meetings with the heads of a number of media organizations all week. here's the big question. is he about to embrace the so called fake news he once railed against. >> this kind of dishonesty in the kbleemedia is making it difficult. i appreciate your agenda here. at some point report the facts. you're shaking your head. understand this at some point the facts are what they are. >> he is frustrated like i am and so many others to see stories come out that are patently false, to see narratives ta are wrong and see quote, unquote fake news. when you see stories get perpetrated that are false, that are not based in fact, that is troubling. >> joining us now cnn senior r correspondent brian stelter.
3:40 pm
we have seeng a number of peopl go into the media. he just showed those clips of sean spicer going after the mainstream media. could he make the leap and have credibility? >> i think he will make the leap. this time is different from those past administrations because of this administration's anti-media attacks. heck any high profile trump administration official that leaves the white house, leaves the government is going to consider or be pursued for a television job. because of those fake news attacks it makes it more curious. spicer was having meetings with most of the major networks. our viewers might be interested to know cnn management said we're not interested. the network didn't say why but you can probably connect the
3:41 pm
dots. sort of inaccurate and false statements from the podium. he was meeting with fox and nbc and other networks. i think it's likely we'll see spicer in one of those jobs as high paid, six figure salary talking head. >> we just saw reince priebus be shown the door or leave on his own freedom. >> still quite unclear what happened. >> we don't know. >> love to see him talk more about it. >> there's speculation about where he lands. newt gingrich said he will go on the a great future in office or becoming a national analyst and advisor. he knows a lot. that is a real reason a lot of people are interested in bringing these people on board is to have a little more insight. what are the chances priebus could give us more of glimpse he did with his interview with wolf blitzer. >> he was still in the building
3:42 pm
literally. be interesting to see what he would say weeks or months down the line. the options are book deal, television contributor deal, speeches. in the case of reince priebus, maybe we'll see him run for office at some point in the future or return to the rnc, which he was running before joining the white house administration. he has a number of options. he's also going to take his time to figure out what his next -- august might be a nice time to have job change. spicer seems a bit in a hurry to find the next gig. it's going be interesting to see where both those men go and how open they are about the perils as well as the positives of working at the white house. it shows how the anti-media rhetoric rings hallow. the president had a fund raiding e-mail out decrying the fake news. stick itcnn by do nating to
3:43 pm
my re-election campaign. all of that seems empty when you see spicer looking for a television gig. >> the irony of that. >> by the way, what's draining the swamp. there's something about the revolve door. this is normal in washington. one of the president's promises w was to drain the so called swamp. maybe decrease some of the coziness, some of the insider nation in washington. if reince priebus goes out and gets a million dollar book deal, doesn't that contradict. >> i wonder what the president would think if sean spicer ends up on nbc or reince priebus gets a media gig. real quick. page 6. sean spicer on dancing with the stars. it sounds farfetched like this is a joke but don't forget, rick
3:44 pm
per perry, he's another member of trump's cabinet and he was on dancing with the stars. i'll never forget this video. now the secretary of energy. he has a lot of energy in these clips. >> he actually had some pretty good moves there. we're not going to see sean spicer. i'm more likely to go on dancing with the stars. >> i think he just let it out there. >> i don't have dancing shoes. >> thanks for coming on. coming up, some more out rage at an airport. the traveling stories. a man this time holding a baby is attacked by an employee from an airline. what happened, next live in the cnn news room. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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here is what to look for on wall street this week. we have before the bell. >> hi. this most valuable company in the world delivers its quarterly report card to wall street this week. apple reports third quarter results tuesday. look for how many iphones apple sold and any hints about the launch of iphone 8. apple shares are up more than 30% this year. because it's in the dow, the nasdaq and s&p 500 any move affects the broader market. another potential market mover ahead, the july jobs report due friday morning. in june the u.s. economy added 222,000 jobs. the unemployment rate ticked
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we're back with the shocking moment when an airport worker in france punches a passenger complaining in line. you see the man there in white who appears to reach over and whack the passenger in the face while he's holding a baby in his arms. apparently, the man had been waiting for 11 hours to board an easyjet flight from nice to london. the apparent employee doesn't actually work for the airline. the end of the cold war and the beginning of the new world order. that's tonight's brand-new
3:55 pm
episode of "the nineties." we explore a decade of dramatic global change. here is a sneak peek. >> hardliners did not like the tone of reforms introduced by gorbachev. >> gorbachev's reforms were meant to restore and refresh communism and save the soviet union and it had the opposite effect. >> you couldn't reform this economic system. you had to throw it out. gorbachev wasn't able or willing to do that so it was a matter of time before the bold establishment would try to get rid of him. >> mr. gorbachev's message calling for unity has fallen on deaf ears. >> it's difficult for outsiders to capture the maelstrom that gorbachev was in. >> i remember being with him when i was traveling with president bush. he was depleted with what he had had to deal with on every level. >> it was a parade which was intended to celebrate a united and successful soviet military machine, but this day comes as
3:56 pm
the army is losing its role abroad and its prestige at home and tending to blame mr. gorbachev. >> i had a call from the mayor of moscow and while we talked about local politics, he wrote on a sheet of paper that a coup was being organized against gorbachev, and i told gorbachev that we have information that president trump wanted him to know. a coup is being organized and could happen at almost any time. first, i sort of laughed and said president bush and i are friends and you did exactly what we should do, but don't worry, it's not going to happen. >> robin is a veteran foreign correspondent and contributing writer and fellow at the woodrow wilson center. gorbachev's fall, end of the soviet union. give us an idea of the parallels between then and now between vladimir putin and his relationship with president
3:57 pm
trump? >> remember, in the early '90s we were all celebrating what was the end of the cold war and the fall of the soviet union and the breakup of the empire into 15 separate states and we thought this was a moment that would herald a democratic opening around the world and you also saw the end of apartheid in south africa and the end of dictator ships in south america and there was an optimism that perhaps we could do business with russia, and it would not define whether the threats of war or the patterns of trade and governance around the world. of course, what we didn't realize is russian nationalism then was very strong and it is as strong today as it was back then and as a result, you see the emergence of a former communist and former kgb operative, vladimir putin as president of russia who could be there as long as 2024. so we celebrated that era, but
3:58 pm
there was -- it was certainly not the opening of -- or the end of history as francis called it. >> want to ask you about the gulf war in just a second, but really quick, a follow up to this parallel, the time then compared to now and how it laid the groundwork for where we are in the world today. is there a lesson that you think the current administration should take away from that time we were just speaking of, the cold war days? >> well, clearly, there are important lessons about russia. there are important lessons about american power. i think in some ways the early '90s also produced the threats that we face today. remember, the gulf war, as you mentioned led to the withdrawal of iraq after it invaded kuwait, but it also produced osama bin laden as an enemy. he was so angered by the presence of american troops in saudi arabia, that he turned on
3:59 pm
his own government and formed al qaeda, was forced into exile in sudan and then afghanistan and that was the period we tend to forget that while we celebrated a victory in the gulf war, it also produced what became the greatest threat and the greatest loss of u.s. military or u.s. personnel on september 11th since any time at pearl harbor. >> do you think there was an impact in the fact that the gulf war was televised? >> well, television clearly has played a major role in shaping american public opinion. it did during the vietnam war, and i think it did during the gulf war, as well. we could see those american bombers as they were hitting baghdad, and i think that it also had an impact at that point in time improving american power and effectiveness militarily, but as we all know that very brief war that was so victorious so quickly and forcing saddam
4:00 pm
hussein out of little kuwait, out of oil-rich kuwait and away from saudi arabia, that it produced some long-term consequences, as well. >> robin wright, thank you so much. tune in for the brand-new episode of the nineties tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. that will do it from me, i'm monica burr in new york. have a great week. president clinton said today he is very pleased with his first year in office. but not a bit happy about how it's ending. >> let them look into it. i just want to get back to work. >> whitewater is not going away. >> republicans smell blood. >> his re-election campaign is heating up. >> clinton has won a second term as president of the united states. >> political trouble for the president. >> the possibility of impeaching the president must now be addressed. ♪


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