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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 31, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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with anderson cooper but i pounce on his discomfort. >> if you're doing a jonbenet routine in boulder, colorado, you better be nailing it. >> russia retaliates for new u.s. sanctions, ordering the u.s. to cut its diplomatic staff in the country by hundreds of people. >> plus, putting a house in order. retired marine corps general, john kelly, is about to begin his new role as white house chief of staff. we look at challenges he has ahead. >> venezuelan president holds a controversial vote some say can bring peace to the country or divide it more. >> live from cnn head quarters in atlanta, we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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our top story, vladimir putin confirmed sunday he has given up on improving relations with the u.s. for the time being. >> the russian leader order et the u.s. to slash its diplomatic staff in russia by plor than half. 755 people to leave their posts by september 1st. he said, pending u.s. sanctions forced him to retaliate. >>. >> translator: we waited a long time for things to perhaps change for the better. we had such hope that the situation would change. but judging by the situation, that will not be soon. >> u.s. announcing the order as regrettable and uncalled for. let's go live to moscow. claire sebastian following this for us at this hour. claire, to have staff slashed by more than half, what does that do to the u.s. admission in
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russia? >> george, an extremely serious move however you look at it. it is not exactly clear at the moment who this will apply to, the 755 people diplomats, technical staff, combination two of the. and whether or not it will include russian local staff because we know the diplomatic mission employs russians also in various capacities. we do know it will effect not only the embassy in moscow but three other cons lates around russia. as you say, it doesn't look like it'll be cut by more than half. the foreign ministry announced be saying the final number could not be more than 455. the president said the number cut is 755. so it is an extremely serious measure. the problem you can is they are two completely opposing views of this. state department officials told cnn they are assessing how they might respond. russian president putin says it was provoked by an act, the
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passing of the sanctions bill, passing through congress. i think is fair it say that as the u.s. diplomatic issue in russia is facing deep cuts, it comes at a time when diplomacy is increasingly difficult, george. >> difficult for many diplomats there who have expressed incidents while just trying to do their job there. with approval with sanctions against russia, the eu says it could be effected by way of its energy security. effectively siding with russia on this matter, claire. >> i think on the face of it, george, the eu disputed siding with russia. but you're right, they are extremely worried about this. saying it will not only effect their energy security in the region but also concerned the u.s. is acting unilaterally after three years of u.s. and eu coordinating very closely on how to sanction russia particularly
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over actions in ukraine, general foreign minister said they don accept this kind of action. and keeps u.s. from the energy sector and struck here in moscow and it is clear that it is likely to effect the eu energy sector. one french energy company telling us they will it pull out after gas pipeline construction they are involved in financing with russia's gas, nord stream 2 it, to stop pumping at end of 2019. they will pull out if this sanctions bill is signed. they will pull out monon't pull already invested, they just won't invest any more. this is a concern of the president of the eu saying they will prepare to react within day should this bill get signed. >> urging the united states to reconsider this move of sanctions. claire sebastian live for us in
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moscow. >> japan and u.s. want further action from north korea after its missile test. president abe and president trump agreeing north korea is a growing threat. they are calling for more diplomatic pressure. mike pence addressed the north korean situation on sunday. here is what he had to say. >> there are continues provocations by north korea are unacceptable. and the united states of america will continue to martial the support of nations across the nation and across the world to further isolate north korea economically. but the era of strategic patience is over. >> it china not doing enough? >> we believe china should do more. >> the united states is trying to stay ahead of north korea test. they tested the thad system on
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sunday. thad is not capable of intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles like the one that pyongyang fired last week. >> for more on the threat. our al ripley joins us from beijing. he reported from south korea several times. interesting, will, with what vice president said, continued provocations are unacceptable. something we hear time and time again when north korea continues to do what it does and keeps getting better at it. >> that's right. and vice president of the u.s., mike pence, says north korea must walk way completely from its missile program and nuclear program. i can tell you from conversations i've had repeatedly with officials inside north korea, including as recently as last month, for them that is absolutely not an option. if you step back, why would they give up the weapons considering they made so much progress despite the u.s. and its allies best efforts to slow them or
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stop them. sanctions round after round hasn't stopped them. china upheld their commitments under the u.s. security council. cut ofg maj cutting off a major source of cash. the north korean economy grew by 4% last year. why would they give up their bargaining chip? why give up the leverage they have especially when they are so close, experts say, to having an icbm that can carry a nuclear tipped warhead to the mainland. they can strike los angeles, seattle, chicago, and by 2018 hit new york and washington theoretically in the event of a conflict. >> there is talk and talk and talk. we saw the president, president trump this weekend kind of sent out a text blaming china for all of this. at the same time, relationes from the russia and u.s., as we
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just saw, sht good either. you don't have the world rallying around this problem at a time when it needs to be. >> and the u.s. and allies, south korea and japan, have limited options in terms of what they can do regarding north korea. none of those three have a trade relation with north korea. china and russia do. but they continue to trade with a country they consider an ally. they did condemn the north korean icbm launch. they place a lot of blame for escalating tensions on the united states and south korea and japan for shows of force. military exercises and continue developing the weapons. the u.s. launching missiles into the ocean and bombers on korean peninsula, that's what is causing the arms race. >> hopefully countries can go
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beyond the blame game and talk real possibilities of stopping, somehow, north korea. will ripley, thank you. >> big issues on the president's plate and in washington a new chief of staff is set to begin work at the white house this week. retired marine corps general, john kelly, will try to lead a bitterly divided white house team. political observers say kelly's ability to control the chaotic infighting in the white house, that will depend upon how much authority he is given. but the chain of command remains unclear. >> telly takes over for reince priebus. priebus resigned one day anthony scaramucci went on a profanity-filled tirade and accused priebus of doing all the leaking. >> live from london, the deputy head of the u.s. and america's program at chatham house. good to have you with us. jacob, let's start with the president's new chief of staff, general john kelly. his role to reign in who has access to the president of the
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united states. given what we have seen from the trump administration the past six plus months, what impact could this happen have for the trump white house? >> i think it is two-fold. on one hand you have kelly who has huge amount of experience managing very large very complicated bureaucratic structures, department of homeland security, u.s. southern command to name a couple. i think he brings a level of organizational expertise to the role of chief of staff that priebus didn't have. on the other hand, kelly doesn't have the kind of connections on capitol hill. he doesn't have the in with the lead leadership that priebus did. have you discipline. on the other hand, he may make it harder to trump the legislative agenda. and there is the question of whether he can impose order on what has been an extraordinary fracktious white house. having command after military
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organization where people are required to follow order, very different from commanding a civilian structure where people are unwilling to do so. >> that is interesting. priebus has been seen as the person to connect this president to mainstream washington. so that he could have those connections as you point out. let's talk about one of his connections to his voter base. his attorney general jeff sessions, he described mr. sessions as beleaguered and there is some concern among many in washington that president might try to reassign attorney general jeff sessions. what would be the plus minus be for a move like that from president trump? >> i think if trump moves to get rid of sessions, then you will see an enormousous backlash from republicans in the senate. you will see a backlash from democrats in the senate for different reasons. they have a great deal of respect for sessions. he is a colleague of long
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standing and i think they review that as an assault on them collectively. democrats made numerous complaints about sessions. they don't like wait tthe way h managing the drug war. but they view him as someone who has done the necessary thing and recused himself in the investigation between russian links and the 2016 election and the be concern is if trump gets rid of sessions he might bring in someone pour willing to bring that investigation to a premature end. >> for voters to, the media, world leaders and legislators, everyone getting used to new commander-in-chief who uses twit ear lot, the president took to twitter to lamb bat of gop legislators over the health care vote. here is a look what he said. don't give up republican senators. the world is watching. repeal and replace go and go to
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51 nuke option. get cross state lines and more. jacob, so on the face of it, the tweet, just a bit confusing when it comes to the process. >> i'm sorry, i didn't catch the end of that. >> it is a bit confusing at the end as it goes to process. the other question, will this work to pressure fellow gop colleagues? >> i think the very simple answer it that is, no, it won't. one problem he was facing was that the votes on health care d didn't pass by -- it wasn't an issue of not having of 60 votes, it was not having 51 votes. it wasn't whether it was operating on 51 or 60-vote rule, mitch mcconnell has been very reluctant to get rid of the rule for filibuster because he believes when they get together in the future they will pass legislation and republicans won't have any say. it is a strategic decision on
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mng cmcconnell's part to keep a legislative filibuster in place. in terms of process, the things that trump would like to see in that health care bill i think don't necessary address the fundamental problem and fundamental reason why the bills failed which is that they resulted in millions of more people becoming uninsured. and that was judged by republican senators including murkowski and collines to be unacceptable price for the repeal of obamacare. >> jacob parakilas, we always appreciate your insight on the show. thanks for being with us. >> manhunt is under way in alabama. four inmates are still on the loose after making their escape from walker county jail in jasper. >> we have been following this story for several hours. originally 12 individuals broke out but most were quickly rounded up by authorities. a $500 reward was offered for information leading to their
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welcome back to newsroom. in venezuela and as expected the, the president of the nation is claiming victory in a that could give him sweeping new powers. supporters ev supporters are expected to control a new assembly and that could rewrite the constitution. >> translator: we have a constituent assembly. i said, come hell or high water and hell and high water came and the assembly arrived from the hand of the people. >> a protest across the country and voting since most of the people did not want this to go through. those demonstrations, a ban that maduro put in place and ten people died in clashes sunday including two teenagers. opposition says the new assembly
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could weaken the democracy even more. >> translator: we do not recognize this process. for us it is known. it doesn't exist. and we are going to continue fighting until the government reestablishes constitutional order and democracy for venezuelans to exercise our writes and let us be clear to the government. >> the opposition is called for massive protests to start in a few hours and cnn's leil has more from caracas. we will warn you, some of what you see in this video is disturbing. report aft . >> reporter: after demonstration answers strikes, a blast rocks a motorcycle convoy of police officers. one officer set ablaze by the explosion police officers scrambling to his aid and to put out the fire. whose responsible remains unknown but it is an example of
12:21 am
the last few months in venezuela. opposition has not been able to stop an election that could give president maduro more power. this is the day government protesters hoped would never come. they are not backing down. >> this is the obstacle that the opposition has set for the national guard should they come this way. old washing machines. rocks. tin signs. even if you look closely on the ground they have what they call migilitos, he they are made to pierce through the tire of any mote psychel that comes their way. the opposition is hoping it will help them fight against venezuela's national guard. there were hundreds of thousands of troops after the protest resulting in deadly violence. this shouldn't be about tear gas, he says. the government should figure out a solution to the food storage p. at the polls, supporters, many government supporters waited in
12:22 am
line to elect maduro's new assembly. this voter says a vote is the only way out of venezuela's crisis. the only way to find peace on the streets of venezuela where unrest continues. frustration is growing. and the prospect for peace lies in uncertainty. leila santiago, cnn, caracas. >> let's talk more about it now. diego is a latin american analyst for ihs market and joins us now from london. thank you for joining us, diego. watching that story there to see the defiance of the people on the street, it doesn't seem like anything that nicholas madur r. a does, stripping opposition of more of their duties is bringing this country closer.a does, stripping opposition of more of their duties is bringing this country closer. it is having the opposite effect. >> yes. and a and it is continuing to go
12:23 am
forward. the stronger the government, the police. yesterday we saw more police and military guards repressing the population that people voting for these national constituent assembly to arrive at constitution and so far it seems the high military command continues siding strongly with the president so what we can expect in the next days is more oppression and they are are told to continue increasing and no solution in sight to the humanitarian political economic cries chis venezuela is going through. >> why is the military continuing to stand by him? >> well, it's a complex patronage system, the one in place in venezuela. and the high military command basically runs economy. they are in charge or benefit from these complex system. they control food and basic goods and they benefit directly from these humanitarian crisis. they control all services.
12:24 am
they control legal, some are highly involved in drug trafficking activities. so the high military command does not have any economic incentive for madura's government to fall down. actually, the weaker becomes, t influence si influential they become. this is basically confronting an armed civilian population in the streets, as if it were an enemy combatant. more than 110 people killed and so far no signs of any change in sight. >> what about change coming from countries. oil is so important. exporting oil is so important to this country. united states talking about not buying oil. what if other countries joined
12:25 am
in that? could that have an impact on maduro? >> absolutely. so far we have seen sanctions from the u.s. targeting top military commanders and top government officials involved in acts of corruption. this seems to be only thing top officials do fear. there is debate over whether economic sanctions should be applied to this regime. oil, the old sector is essential, it is a lifeline to the corrupt regime. oil sector provides 25% of gdp in venezuela. 50% of fiscal revenue answers 56 -- sorry, 96% of revenue, so absolutely the old sector is crucial. and sanctions on the old sector could indeed create the
12:26 am
conditions for the military or government to assume a different stance towards the population which are demanding early elections. >> we will wait and see. >> and we will withdraw these to rewrite the constitution. >> yeah, exactly. so they can get back if the game of governance for sure. couldn't happen it a nicer country. the people of venezuela deserve so much better. we thank you for your comments. thank you. >> in the united states, senators may be eager to move on after failing to repeal obamacare. but president donald trump says not so fast. we'll have more on that story ahead. we're coming to you live from atlanta georgia from both our networks in the united states and around the world. this is krp newsroom. "krp newsr. . . . . is this a phone?
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell. we are following headlines for you this hour. russian president, vladimir putin, on sunday said that 755 personnel at u.s. missions in russia must stop their work come september 1st. this slashes the u.s. diplomatic staff by more than half. it comes in retaliation over pending new u.s. sanctions. u.s. state department denounced the order as quote regrettable and uncalled for. >> the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the time for talk is over when it comes to north korea. in a statement nikki haley said there is no point of having an emergency session if it produces nothing of consequence. haley says china must decide
12:31 am
whether it will challenge north korea over its missile program. >> crews are trying to restore power to two islands on the chain of banks off north carolina's coasts. people were ordered to evacuate after a cable was accidentally cut on a construction site on a bridge. it will take two weeks to fully repair damage there. >> cnn's athena jones has more on what he is trying to do to motivate them. >> the president is keeping the pressure on senate republicans to continue working on efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. he tweeted about this numerous times over the weekend. some of the tweets that got the most attention came on is saturday. the president issuing what many views as threats. if a new health care bill is not done quickly, bailouts from
12:32 am
insurance companies and bailouts from member of congress will end very soon. the president is referring to two things. one is ending em plier contributions for health insurance for members of congress. that's the contribution lawmakers get from the federal government. the other point he makes is cost sharing subsidies that make up co-pays for 7. million people across the country. that is a stretch that has gone from both sides of the aisle. sn susan collins took issue with the word "bail"" and arguing getting rid of the subsidies that insurance countries rely on would hurt many across the country. insurers warn that premiums could rise for people buying coverage both on the exchange and off the exchange. if these subsidies are ended.
12:33 am
white house counsellor kellyanne conway says the president will make a decision about whether cost-sharing subsidies are paid out right now on a a month to month basis and will be kdone this week to a according kellyanne conway. another tweet was this one within the president calling on gop senators to repeal and replace obamacare before moving on to another bill. least right now, it is clear there is no more gop repeal and replace plan that could get votes more necessarily. mike pence is tie breaking 51st vote if they can get to 50. it is clear the senate is ready to move on. mitch mcconnell used those exact words on the senate floor last week saying it is time to move on. we know the senate has a slew of
12:34 am
other priorities to get to. including raising the debt feeling, government, defense spending bill, approvaling some of the president's dominations. it is anyone's guess at this point the pressure the president is putting on fellow republicans to get something done, get a repeal through of obamacare, it is not clear if it is going to prompt any real action on health care on the senate floor any time soon. back to you. >> athena jones, thank you so much. a new white house chief of staff is get to start work in coming hours after shakeup last week. john kelly comes on board. asthma mr. trump's agenda is stalled and infighting among senior staffers has been on the rise and publicly bitter. >> reince priebus resigned chief of staff position one day after white house communications director anthony scaramucci accused him of leaking information. >> earlier,es cou rosemary chur
12:35 am
talked to zil zer about a chief of staff shakeup at the white house. take a listen. >> you wrote an opinion piece for in writing this, president donald trump, who is always looking for a quick fix is hoping that john kelly, his new chief of staff, will be the magic bullet but it won't work so julian zel zer, why do you think it won't work? >> i'm very skeptical this will change the white house. most importantly, the president himself is a course of the a lot of the chaos even disfunction in the white house. even if the chief of staff is able to reorganize the team, the president remains the same. and within the oval office, you have many other factions who will compete with kelly including family members like jared kushner, steven bannon. i think is going to be hard for kelly to centralize control.
12:36 am
i'm suspecting that within a few months kelly will be in the same situation as the forlmer chief f staff has done. >> and the president lost a battle with the failure to repeal obamacare. and here is what he tweeted sunday morning. i'm quoting of course. don't give up republican senators. the world is watching. repeal and replace. go to 51 votes. nuke option. get cross state lines and more. so julian, mr. trump is telling them not to move on to other projects. what do you expect will happen? and is twitter shaming republicans the way it win their support? >> no, the tweet itself has been part of the problem. his strategy has been to constantly send out these messages via twitter. he threatened republican senators, sometimes on camera,
12:37 am
with them sitting right next to him. even if that tweet he gets it a bit long. the process of health care was considered with only a majority of senate needed p. some some way it reflect why it is hard tore senate republicans to come back it a bill that is the most unpopular proposal we've had since 2001. >> and of course mr. trump's ideas that senate needs to change its rules isn't shared by everyone. let's listen to what republican jeff flake today say on this matter. >> we've just seen the limit of what one party can do even if you change the rules of the senate which we should not do. there are limits with what one party can do. >> seems like more and more republicans are willing to disagree with the president and could this turn to republicans
12:38 am
turning to democrats for help here? >> i think both are possible. we have seen in the past week a big story. more republicans criticizing the president. whether it is before the health care bill. passing sanctions legislation, talking about the idea of removing jeff sessions as attorney general. all of this. we have heard vocal republican criticism from the president. and it is possible, there are democrats on the hill. they say look, your plan failed, work on something that fixes the obamacare program so the republican party doesn't own the problems of that program itself. and it is not inconceivable that that becomes a path forward. still unlikely. partisan runs deep in washington. but that is now on the table. >> interesting. president are president trump
12:39 am
plaming t blaming the swamp. and relive in an era when everyone mocks washington insiders but the ultimate outsierd president could have benefitted from some insider knowledge. trump seemed to have almost no idea about legislation process worked. >> how surprise are you that this president seems to little about how the sift el works? >> not that he doesn't know about it, he is not even trying to learn about it. presidents who are successful start to understand, what are the motives that interest senate and they have some respect for congress if they try to push legislation, meaning give confrence work to work out deals and work out the problems that exist in any piece of legislation and they usually support members of their own party as they try to do
12:40 am
correspondents things. and the president hasn't done any of that and he has shown a kind of disdane for the legislative process which doesn't work well in washington. so he is paying the cost of some of that outsider politics. and congress just showed him what cost will be. >> quickly, how much hails can a presidency absorb here. >> well we are at end of july here. we have seen how much it can observe. have more unrest within the party of the president. we will really see how far the president can push this without having an open revolving door from members of his own party that turn their back on him. the next few months of critical. >> great to get your perspective and analysis. appreciate it.
12:41 am
>> thank you. >> new jersey governor chris christie is no stranger to criticism nor is he shy about going after his detractors. >> that includes hecklers at baseball game. a sunday game against the brewers and cubs. the governor got testy with one man calleding him a big shot. the cubs fan told affiliate wsn to provoke the governor. let's listen. >> when an issue was going up the stairs. i yelled his name. he was past me probably 30 feet away. i kweld hyelled his name and to he sucked. i called him a hypocrite because i thought it needed to be said. he turned around end walked toward me and got up in my face for what seemed like a long time. probably only about 30 seconds or a minute a but was yelling at me. first told me, why don't you have another beer. which i thought was fun and playful. descent come back. although we hadn't been drinking at all.
12:42 am
first he said have another beer. i thought that was funny. i took it in stride. he started calling me a tough guy. >> there, governor chris christie. one of the least popular governors in new jersey history. and often gets heckled when he is out in public. >> he has his come back game there. >> guess he has been working on it. >> beefed up security and travel delay in trailsa aft australia t to bring down a plane is foiled. what are officials saying about the investigation? australia a p bring down a plane is foiled. what are officials saying about the investigation?
12:43 am
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welcome back. four men are in police custody after four men foiled an alleged plane terror plot in sydney. >> prime minister of the nation says extra security features are
12:46 am
in place. he called it an elaborate conspiracy that involved bringing down an airplane but authorities aren't sharing any more information than that at this point. >> the plot that we are investigating, we believe was an attempt to put a device on an aircraft. but beyond that speculation is just that, speculation. until we finish our investigation and no which of our many working theories we have and put that information for the courts, it is not helpful to keep circulating. >> cnn joins us from one of the suburbs of sydney where one of the suspect was rounded up. what are people there saying about this situation? >> people in this neighborhood are saying look, we didn't know the family very well. they were friendly and friendly enough to say hi and hello. not much more is known beyond that. right behind me is one of the houses where one of the raids
12:47 am
were carried out over the weekend. one of the men that was arrested, those four men have been arrested and no charges have been brought up against them under counterterrorism laws here in australia. they can be held for up to a week before charges are brought and look, because this was a plot, a sophisticated plot, to bring down a passenger plane, and kill innocent civilians, security at the airport has been beefed up. we were at the sydney airport earlier this morning where there were long delays and huge lines and look, passengers are weary but not letting it interrupt their travel plans. have a look at what some of them told pups. >> i'm feeling raenably confident. they have done a very good job in this situation. it is alarming and concerning and something we will have to live with.
12:48 am
it atroubling. >> not at all because it is safe for everybody.troubling. >> not at all because it is safe for everybody. we should do this and i think this is the best way to protect everybody. >> i'm confident that whatever they were looking for, whatever they found, was all this we need to worry about. >> whatever they are looking for, whatever they found, that's what we have to worry about. that's an interesting thing they told us. they did find something during the raids over the weekend. they found a suspicious device. officials are not going into further detail as to what that device is but it is something that was part of this elaborate conspiracy and that language is also very interesting because of the first time that officials are using sort of heightened language to describe a terrorism plot here in australia. and this investigation is ongoing.
12:49 am
natalie? >> yes. we will see if they are working alone or part of the network. thank you. >> still ahead in parts of the eastern united states, streets are littered with mud and debris after significant flooding. details on the state of emergency in west virginia. stay with us.
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so we sent that sample i doff to ancestry. i was from ethnically. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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dramatic rescue. caught on video. more than 100 passengers stranded when their cable car, which runs over the river rains, deva derailed sunday. >> emergency officials used crane answers ropes to rescue everyone trapped, including women and children. not known yet what caused the car to derail. >> yikes, i wouldn't want to be the last one on the cable car. all right. people in part of the u.s. state of west virginia are cleaning up after heavy rains caused significant flood damage. >> the state eat governor toured the area a day after declaring a state of emergency there. the national guard stappepped io help with the recovery effort. >> forecasters have a potential
12:54 am
storm activity near florida. >> karen is here with that for us. karen, hello. >> natalie, nortgeorge, not an of tropical storm yet but it could develop into the eastern gulf of mexico could become tropical. if it does, if it's named storm, will be emily, the fifth named storm of the season. already picking up significant rain fall from around tampa bay area towards naples, florida. but here is the area about 40% chance a, a medium chance, as we go into the next 48 hours and indeed the next five days. latest radar imagery shows heavier bands moving on shore. we don't have flash flood watches or warnings out for this area. but i dare say that we probably will fairly shortly should this moisture continue. in the meantime, high pressure builds across the eastern third
12:55 am
of the united states. but we're still shifting a lot of that moisture down across the florida peninsula. even into the panhandle, you could see significant rainy weather there. monso monsoon moisture in the southwest, high pressure builds across the west. and we have seen so many fires, now it is fire season from montana to arizona to california into the pacific northwest, something we haven't talked a lot about as in british columbia. they have seen nearly a million acres burn so far this fire season. so this heat that's going to be building up even into southern british columbia is going to be devastating for people who are battling the blazes, whose homes or farm lands have been effected by this as well. it's been devastating. portland, oregon. look at this. wednesday and thursday, triple digits. could soar to 107 degrees. we look across las vegas.
12:56 am
temperatures trip toll just there. but nothing like portland, oregon where you wouldn't typically expect these types of high temperatures for this time of year. so the fire season is on, natalie and george, and they're not getting much help. firefighters battling these blazes have really been suffering. back to you guys. >> really hot there in the west part of the country. i have friends there in seattle worried about these 95, possibly 100 degree temperatures. they don't have air conditioning in a lot of the homes in that part of the country. thanks for being with us from "cnn newsroom." early start is next for viewers in the united states. >> for everyone else, continue with us for more news. we're done. >> take care.
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. a new chief of staff bring order back to the west wing? a new era for the trump administration when john kelly is sworn in today. the president refusing to go on quietly on health care after a major rebuke in the senate. he's suggesting sweeping changes which could have a big impact on insurance for millions of low-income americans. a violent election day in venezuela. the maduro regime now celebrating a result global observers


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