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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 31, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm poppy harlow. the trump white house reaching for the reset button and hitting it this morning. president trump convened a meeting of his cabinet, including embattled attorney general, jeff sessions. it will be their first face-to-face. new leadership, officially, in the west wing. you are looking at it there. the president's swearing in of general john kelly as the new chief of staff, the retired u.s. marine corps general. let's begin with sarah murray who joins us at the white house and the message from the president was, basically, everything is peachy, things are going great, he will make them better. >> reporter: obviously, if things were going great, you wouldn't fire your chief of staff or accept his resignation and bring in john kelly. a number of staffers mean a
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fresh start in terms of calming the back biting and infighting and the president's legislative agenda that hit roadblock after roadblock in terms of health care. you can listen to a portion of the president lavishing on him this morning. take a look. >> i think we did very well. very well. lots of records created, john. look at stock markets, the highest it's ever been. unemployment the lowest in 17 years. companies are doing tremendously well. business spirit is the highest its ever been according to polls, if you look at the polls. the highest its ever been in the history of these polls. we have a tremendous base, tremendous support. the country is optimistic. i think the general will add to it. the country is doing very well. strongest stock market, ever. on friday, we hit the highest in the history of the stock market.
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business is very enthusiastic. we will proceed and we will keep going. we have a fantastic leader, chief of staff, he's going to do a great job. thank you very much. >> reporter: the other thing we are watching this morning is this cabinet meeting that is expected to get started right now. to the best of our knowledge, this should be the first time president trump and his attorney general, jeff sessions are in the same room since president trump went to "the new york times" suggesting he never would have put him in a job if he knew sessions would recuse himself from the russian investigation, not to mention the tweets at the ag suggesting he is weak not cracking down on everything from hillary clinton to leakers. that will be fascinating. the last one he went around the table and everyone piled praise at the feet of the president. that was a very unusual meeting.
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we'll see how it plays out this morning. >> that was indeed. thank you. politics reporter and cnn political commentators and our very own political director in the flesh, david is here. david, let me begin with you and let's start on sessions. the two men in the room probably pleasant, i'm sure in front of the cameras, but there is speculation that now that kelly is here, put sessions in another position. >> i'm not sure that is going to go as smoothly as it sounds. senator grassley said not doing an ag confirmation process. that's not on our agenda this fall. it may not be that easy. >> do you think there's meat there? do you think the president -- from what you are hearing,
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thinking about that? >> i think the president is consume and obsessed about the russian investigation. he thinks it's a witch hunt, he wishes it would go away and he thinks changing the top of the justice department will get him there. i believe that to be true. i believe the president saw the kind of pushback he has not seen from critics and party members. he saw something he had not seen in the first six months, which is a real pushback from supporters. i think he may -- you know, adjust into that. >> jeffrey, here is more of that pushback. dhs secretary, jeff sessions doesn't sound right, doesn't feel right, bad idea. he is warning the president against it, so is republican senator, susan collins. listen to her. >> not support any attempt to move jeff sessions to dhs? >> it's up to jeff sessions and the president, but if he's being
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moved because of his correct decision to recuse himself, i think that's a mistake. >> just to be clear, no one is moving anyone yet, as far as we know. jeffrey, we know the president was not happy, to say the least with jeff sessions as attorney general. is he best advised not to move him from that position? >> i will say, i think senator grassley's words are sort of the tip of the iceberg there, that the problem would be who to succeed him. there would be a battle royal over that. i'm not sure the president needs that kind of situation at the moment. i understand why he is unhappy with jeff sessions. politically speaking, in conservative media, there's a lot of support for, i'm going to say senator sessions, attorney general sessions. listening to him a few minutes
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ago, he's his own best white house communications director. >> betsy, to you, he was seated there. we have pictures next to general kelly, highly respected and given the country his all with his service. how much authority, as they sit there in the oval office together, do you believe kelly will have? how much more than reince priebus and do you believe everything, i mean everything, ivanka, jared, scaramucci will go to him as they went around priebus? >> folks who know general kelly, i'm confident the general would not have taken this role if he was not sure if he would be able to do the job. remember, general kelly is not about a mover and shaker. he didn't want this. before his name was put out there as homeland security secretary, he said he didn't
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want to be in the beltway, much less become the white house chief of staff. the reason he took this job, based on reporting is he understands change of command and sees himself as a public servant. that said, he respects the president is going to be his superior. he's going to respect those below him to respect his authority and not to try to circumvent him. in some ways, the ball is in the court of the other white house staffers. how much and how quickly do they question general kelly? do they make his life hard or fall into a lip they wouldn't have under a weaker leader. >> dan pfeiffer has been critical of this administration. on a serious note, do you think general kelly, being in this position of power in the west wing is good for america? >> look, we need, as americans, a white house that is well rounded because trump has not
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faced any real crisis yet. when a crisis hits for the entire government to run correctly, the white house has to run. priebus did a terrible job as chief of staff. the white house has been in chaos. if general kelly can bring order an allow the party to govern on issues around foreign policy or national security, that would be good for the country. i am skeptical of what's happened that he is going to be able to do that. if he can make the trains run on time and manage that white house, if crisis hits, that is a good thing for the country, no doubt. >> quickly. >> roosevelt, eisenhower and nixon all had an admiral or general as chief of staff in the white house and everything was fine. >> thanks for that history
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lesson. on that note, it is an interesting note, you have a report from kevin saying, quote, it's trump's white house, it's not kelly's white house. it's clear who is in charge. >> of course. by the way, as it should be for any white house. the president should be the one in charge. that's the person elected by the american people. this gets to the heart of what betsy was saying, that kelly would not accept this job -- i'm sure that is true. he would want certain concessions and agreement about the control he would have. i don't know how he can know for certain the president is going to uphold his end of the bargain. that is the problem here. the same occupant in the oval office who talks on twitter without military chiefs. it really becomes a difficult situation. i certainly hope john kelly is successful. no matter what props remain, it is impossible to know this is a
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different situation. >> you are the cnn political director. will it will less trump tweets on foreign policy measures? will it be less erratic behavior to say, hey, i think kell y is having an impact. >> they are going to look for a strategic plan that gets executed. that is a consistent driven through all pieces of the white house and the administration. are we going to see the focus and discipline without the distractions that many people in the president's party say to me and others all the time they would like to see. >> betsy, the distraction last week was one word, scaramucci. i mean it was long phone interviews he was doing, not talking about policy. this ranch to ryan lizza that was on the record. he became the story. when he took that job as chief communications director, he
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reports to the president. we do not know if he will go through kelly. is that problematic? >> it will be problematic. kelly understands the importance of hierarchies, authority and function chains of command. that was an issue when the travel ban game down when there were reports kelly denied white house officials who they didn't see as being in the chain of command. that's a big question going into the week. it's not so much as what does kelly do to scar mu whichamucci. for kelly, the move from running dhs to white house chief of staff is a bit of a demotion. he was well suited to run dhs given his close relationships with political officials, he had a huge budget, a huge department that he was the number one person in charge of. for him to go from that to being
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the number two person in the white house that has become a soap opera is not necessarily a promotion. it's an adjustment. >> something tells me he does not want to star in a soap opera. final things, dan? >> david raises the right question. if anthony scaramucci and kushner do not report up through kelly, this will not work. the president has to make the chief of staff first among equals. he did not do it with reince priebus, if it doesn't happen here, it doesn't matter if he's rnc chair, there has to be structure and the president has to enforce it or it will not work. >> thank you all. dan, betsy and david, nice to have you. we will see after we get pictures of the cabinet. major foreign policy test for
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all right. you are looking at the white house happening inside a big meeting, a cabinet meeting, the president surrounded by all top officials, including the first face-to-face with attorney general jeff sessions. the first time they have been together in the same room, sharing words since the president's multipronged attack on his own attorney general. with us now, our panel is back. let me go to david for more. it seems like because of the silence from the president on sessions, he's safe for now. the president has moved on to other things. is that too much of an assumption? >> you are right. he backed off. he is not spending every day last week calling him beleaguered and weak. if you were jeff sessions, would
7:18 am
you feel secure? >> probably not. >> he definitely left his attorney general twisting in the wind and has done nothing to change. if we see them in proximity of each other to see if they have interaction with one another. >> he hugged james comey a while before when he was at the white house before he fired him. betsy, to you. reporting that we showed here at some point a major leak investigation by the department of justice, a multi-pronged and something that would really please the president, being spearheaded by jeff sessions. do you believe that is what is turning the page for sessions here? >> we are all expecting for them to announce a leak investigation in the coming days. the question is, is this investigation, does it appear transparent to be an effort on the part of the justice department to alleviate the
7:19 am
president's concerns or does the president take it seriously? regardless, the fact that we are expecting them to make the announcement and second the justice department would announce the beginning of the investigation is incredibly unusual. it is against the norms of the doj to say when they are launching an investigation. usually, you don't have a precedent until the investigation is included with an indictment. the fact they are going out on a limb and the investigation is zbeting started is being viewed by former doj officials as an indication this justice department is trying hard to keep the president happy. we'll have to wait to see if it works. >> we have just learned and you'll see it through your own eyes in 30 seconds, sessions is sitting across the table, the big conference table from the president. it's man-to-man, eye-to-eye on this one. >> who is better?
7:20 am
who does it better at the don't blink contest? let's look. hold on, let's listen in. >> general kelly will be chief of staff, as you know. we all know him, we respect him, admire what he's done. at homeland, what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous. as you know, the border was a tremendous problem. now, close to 80% stoppage and tevin president of mexico called me. they said their southern border, few people are coming because they know they are not going to get through our border, which is the ultimate compliment. immaterial to congratulate him with the job he's done on homeland security. i have no doubt he will be a superb chief of staff. we were discussing a while ago before the meeting how well we are doing, however. we have the highest stock market in history. we have gdp on friday, got very
7:21 am
little mention in the business areas it did. 2.6 is a number nobody thought they would see for a long period of time. remember i said we will hit three at some point and everybody smiled and laughed. they thought 2.6 was an unbelievable number, announced on friday. unemployment is the lowest it's been in ten years. business enthusiasm is the highest they have ever seen it. it is at the highest point in 28 years according to a certain graph and certain chart. the manufacturers say the enthusiasm level is incredible. a lot of tremendous things going. interesting situations we will handle, north korea, middle east, lots of problems we inherited from previous
7:22 am
administrations, but we will take care of them, take care of them very well. overall, we are doing incredibly well. the economy is doing incredibly well and many other things. so, we are starting from a really good base. i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever and we are going to have a good time, but much more importantly, we are going to work hard and we are going make america great again. it's all about making america great again. that's what we are going to do. that's what i said. that's how we won this election. that's what we are in the process of doing and continuing. general, it's great to have you on board. thank you very much. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you. we'll handle north korea. it will be -- it will be handled. we handle everything. thank you very much.
7:23 am
>> there you have it from the president flanked by his secretary of state and his defense chief there, general mattis and also secretary tillerson. across from him, you haven'tly, you didn't see it, eye-to-eye, attorney general jeff sessions. a few headlines we will handle. talked up the economy including the gdp report, which we'll get to in a moment and a nod to the new chief of staff saying he will go down as the greatest chief of staff. mark is with us and global affairs analyst, tony. nice to have you all here. jeffrey, to you. he got into it. he spent more time talking about a gdp report last friday that he said was so much better than anyone expected than he did on north korea or kelly or any of those things. 2.6% gdp is fine, it's expected.
7:24 am
he promised the american people 4% growth, what do you say? >> six months, i think that's pretty good. the main thing i take from all of this is that we, when i say we, the media at large have spent so much time obsessing over russia, there's serious stuff going on out there. this north korean situation could not be more serious or lethal. those are the things the president is focusing on. those are the things we all need to be focusing on because far beyond personnel and who is up and who is down in the white house, this is serious business here. of course, as they say, he likes to tout the economy as all presidents do. as a reminder, there is a lot of other news out there other than this. >> general, to you. on north korea, a few words uttered, but important ones. we will handle north korea, no specifics there. the vice president saying all
7:25 am
options are on the table and saying, look, this is a problem we inherited from other administrations. now, it is this country's problem, it is his administration's issue to solve and right now, he is laying the blame on china. what action needs to be taken going forward on north korea and what do you make of the president's words? >> first of all, you can't lay all the blame on china. it is a dictator in that country who sees hichls as trying to protect the regime and protect other people. those are the two issues the president and other nations have to address. many nations are trying to pull together on this, china, japan and even russia to a degree. all of those countries have to be a part of the solution. mr. president and his staff are beginning to see it's a whole lot harder to do something about it as he said during the campaign. if china doesn't fix it, we are going to take care of it.
7:26 am
it's not a transactional issue between the u.s. and north korea. there are many other nations involved. i'm just not sure how he's going to handle it in a very easy way. it's going to be a tough solution set to a difficult problem. it's been a long time coming. >> tony, to you, as someone who served in the stage and also, i know, has respect for general kelly, he got that nod from the president saying he will go down as one of the best in history. you say kelly's job is as clear as it is complicated. what do you mean? >> look, general kelly is a by the book guy. he's in a burn the book white house. the challenge for him is going to be two things, managing down and managing up. getting the staff in line. you have folks who, unfortunately, not only have been stabbing each other in the back, but in the chest in the media. that's got to stop.
7:27 am
managing up, somehow, trying to get the president focused, disciplined, not stepping on his own message and policy. we talked about north korea. angry tweets at china are not a way to handle the problem. actually engaging the chinese and the japanese and russians, as the general said, with a clear plan of action, that's the way forward. that's what he ought to be doing. >> dan pfeiffer, as someone who worked with white house administrations -- we don't have dan, but i would ask him a question if we had him. let's go to david. what was your take on everything. the president harped on the economy, a few words from north korea, then the nod to secretary kelly. >> we saw donald trump, the master brander out in front again. he wanted -- you heard him defining the facts, saying everything is going great. this is great. lots of success. if there was so much success, he wouldn't need to change his chief of staff.
7:28 am
if there was so much success, he wouldn't have brought in a new white house communications director. it defies the facts as we saw them throughout the week how challenging it was. yes, that is classic donald trump. he wants to put his own brand on it. he's talking up the economy. we are coming up on the one year anniversary of his speech where he said 4% growth as a goal. that's the measure. that's how we are going to measure him, 2.6%, obviously short of that. again, he takes back and puts a spin on it. this is what he did in business and everything, that don't quite match up to the facts as we see them, but give an indication. >> looking at the pictures in the room, james mattis on one side, secretary of state, rex tillerson. the other shake ups and people he fired on the team, they are people that were frustrated.
7:29 am
mattis was not given a heads up on transgender tweets. the president comes out with his policy on twitter. tillerson has been frustrated, feeling like this president undermined him on major, major issues like how to deal with kata. he's been handcuffed running the diplomacy. you are right. i also think, in a time where we see russia and north korea ratcheting up as accuse challenges, to be flanked there as you do in a cabinet meeting with the defense secretary and secretary of state. sessions was sitting right across from him. that's usually the seat of the vice president but we don't have that video. >> we don't. i wish, you know, we were in that meeting to hear what he was saying to sessions. >> betsy, to you. as you dissect what the
7:30 am
president said, again, we only heard three minutes of it. what stood out to you? >> comments about handling north korea and the silence between him and his attorney general is the big take away here. the focus on the tension between the justice department and white house highlights how angry the president is. the attorney general himself is deeply frustrated with the white house. it's a two-way street. it's a two-way tension. these men, in my understanding, neither of them are impressed with the other's behavior. the fact the president praised so many officials in that room, but silent about the attorney general truly speaks volumes. >> at least in the comments we heard. it is ongoing. in the first comments he didn't say a thing about his attorney general. he had a lot to say about his attorney general, not to his face. general, to you, you have worked
7:31 am
and served in iraq with general kelly. what is significant enough about him? >> what i'll tell you about john kelly, i worked with him in iraq. we worked collaboratively on the area between us. he is a transformational leader. there's transformational leadership theory, it's about us, we, building a team, sharing character and showing presence. he is about to work for a transactional business leader as president. david said, that speech this morning was all about marketing and branding. john kelly is yulsed to action and result. truly, poppy, it's going to be interesting to watch. it's like, not to bring up an old christmas movie, but like watching george bailey work for there potter. two leadership styles and it will be interesting. >> that can be good.
7:32 am
do you see positives here? >> again, i think general kelly brings a lot of positive attributes to the job and he's good at managing complex organizations. he's a strong leader. the question is, will he have the authority to get the white house in order? if he does, it's a step forward. meanwhile, as others said, the world doesn't wait. we've got problems on pretty much every front, starting with the north korea problem. even as he tries to get things in order, the white house, the administration has to move forward in a deliberate way dealing with the challenges. >> because of the challenges this white house or this country face, everyone wants to see this president and secretary or new chief of staff general kelly succeed. thank you all very much for being with us. we'll bring more cabinet meeting photos and images as we get
7:33 am
more. john kelly will bring discipline to the white house is goinging me next.
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an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. right now, the president holding a cabinet meeting at the white house says his chief of staff, john kelly officially begins his job. things can really make changes in the west wing. joining me now, republican congressman, lee zelden. nice to have you here. you are optimistic. what is what "the wall street journal" says, the shuffling of the staff furniture won't matter unless mr. trump realizes the
7:38 am
problem isn't mr. priebus, the former chief of staff, it is him. are they right, congressman? >> i think the president respects general kelly. i don't know of anyone who doesn't respect general kelly. from a personnel standpoint, he is someone with a tremendous amount of experience in buildsing teams, developing individuals, identifying interests, core of discipline. from that standpoint, you also have in the administration a number of vacancies. he understands the need to have the right leadership in the organization. >> my question was, is the editorial board right in saying he cannot flip the script in the west wing unless the president realizes that he, himself needs to change some things. is there merit in that argument? >> i think the script is flipped as of today.
7:39 am
right now, general kelly will be able to hit the ground running. there are certain qualities and aspects of leadership style that the president isn't going to change. it's going to be important for general kelly in this new capacity to make it all work. there are people within the white house and other agencies and, you know, members of the media and the american public. a lot of people are set in their ways and you try to make it -- you try to make it all work from a personnel standpoint. go ahead. >> interesting criticism from your fellow republican senator jeff flake. not a flake of the president, we know. here is what he said on cbs about the party as a whole and republicans need to stand-up to the president. listen. >> our republican leaders are
7:40 am
come poli complicit in that? >> lastly, the thing you want to wake up in the morning and see a tweet. it's tough not to just say, i'm not going to respond and we can't respond to everything, but there are times you have to stand-up and say, i'm sorry, this is wrong. there are truths that are self-evident. >> is he right? do you believe you have stood up and opposed some of the things the president said, some of your fellow republicans have and some have not. does senator flake have a point? >> there's no doubt, regardless of whether the president, even if your own party, where you certainly agree with him. you speak up and you try to support the agenda where you disagree. it's important to speak up on issues that are especially important for your district, your state or country. so, i would encourage anyone and i encouraged my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who had the dynamic of the president and their own party.
7:41 am
we see it now with republicans on my side of the aisle, the president of our party, we weigh in on the issues based on what is right. >> some do. some do and others say i'm not going to weigh in, you know, on the tweets. the tweets are policy and official white house statements. the president just addressed north korea in his cabinet meeting saying north korea will be handled, we handle everything. given the latest missile test on friday, given the range and capability of the believed u.s. cities, what do you want to see the president do next on north korea? >> well, we are going to need to continue to pursue the diplomacy information economics of the principle. we are going to continue to try to get china to exert leadership effort. it's one that multiple administrations have tried. the absolute last possible --
7:42 am
>> wait. wouldn't you concede what has been attempted so far by the obama administration and now trump administration isn't working because they are advancing very quick. >> it hasn't been working, you are right. as we continue to brainstorm options for applying economic pressure on the north koreans, utilizing multilateral diplomacy, every time you do an analysis of those options, i haven't come up with or heard of a scenario that doesn't apply to china because north korea -- if you want pressure on north koreans, a nation they rely on so desperately. with military as a last option, there is a red line, in my opinion, that north korea can never have the ability to deliver a nuclear warhead to the united states. maybe you were a year and a
7:43 am
half, three years away, i don't know how farther from that capability. we can't let them get there. that is why we are going to continue to pursue these options, even if it's a huge challenge and a lot of unsuccessful attempts we will try to crack the code on. >> i appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> thank you. a sign bipartisanship could be live and well in washington. does a democratic senator think she might have an ally in the trump white house? >> do you feel like you have an ally in this white house in ivanka trump on this? >> we have to see. we need president trump to support this more than anything. . with choices like the classic crab lover's dream and new favorites like dueling crab legs with dungeness and snow crab. it's happening right now right here at crabfest. red lobster. now this is seafood. super-cool notebooks.
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a new report this morning that ivanka trump is tempering on how much he can influence her father's policy. she's aware of the criticisms of her father, but still pushing hard to keep paid leave her key initiative in the budget. that's an idea a lot of democrats on capitol hill is embracing. it's one gillibrand has been pushing for years. the question is, does she see an ally in the trump white house on this. i asked her. 80% of americans don't get any form of paid leave so you proposed the family act. if you can get this thing through, it's going to be a tough sell, if you can get it done, what will it change for all americans? >> it will help the economy grow and make sure that more members of families can stay in the
7:49 am
workplace longer, particularly affects women every time they have a child, anyone in their family gets ill, parents are ill or suffering from cancer. they want to ramp off and be there for loved ones. if you don't have sick days or vacation days, you can't. you have to choose between putting food on the table and providing for that loved one. this makes it possible for women to stay in the workplace longer, all family members to stay there longer, earn their potential and help the economy grow. because we don't pay leave, women lose $320,000 in their lifetime and men lose $280,000 in their lifetime because of this. >> what you are proposing is a tax, a $4 a week tax, $2 from the employee, $2 from the employer. how do you get that through a republican led congress? >> because it's not a lot of money, people support it. you poll american on this idea,
7:50 am
overwhelming, women and men support this. the country moved on. congress is 20 years behind. we are where we need to be in terms of a nation. we want it. every other country has it. we know it's good for families and economy. >> i was reading this new study from 2016. what they found is of the americans, democrats and republicans did overwhelmingly support paid leave. they also overwhelmingly supported it being funded through employers only. >> when you ask them, would you spend $2 a week so you could be with a newborn that you could be with your mother if she's diagnosed with breast cancer, be with your spouse if he's injured at work, people say yes. it's such a small amount of money,.2% of their income. on average, $2 a week. when i talk to employers and say would you spend $2 a week to
7:51 am
have this? they say yes. it's the math people buy into. it's affordable. it's not a lot of money. >> would that mean a lot of minimum wage workers at fast food restaurants, hourly workers, even if they are not full time would get? >> all workers. >> 12 weeks paid leave for a new child? >> yes, they would. part time workers, full time, big companies, small companies. >> ivanka trump has written about this and put her own pro po sal together. she pointed out that only 6% of workers in the bottom income core, the bottom 25% have access to paid leave, only 6%. those are the ones that need it more than you do or i do. do you feel like you have an ally in this white house in ivanka trump on this? >> we have to see. we need president trump to
7:52 am
support this more than anything. i'm grateful she has spoken out about it and is working toward it. the way i have written the bill is far superior because it applies to everyone and all life events, which is important. unfortunately, the way the, ivanka offered to pay for it is through state unemployment insurance. that has to pay for unemployment. there's not enough money there, so it's unpaid for. this is paid for. it's self-funded, it's self-sustaining and affordable. >> is there, you know, the word of the year, i suppose a lot of americans would like to hear is compromise. is there an area of compromise for you where you can meet her in the middle on this one? as you know, your republican counter part, senator marco rubio proposed a form of paid leave, it is more of a tax credit to companies that give it. is there a middle ground for you, senator, do you think? >> all the other ideas we have
7:53 am
heard about are fine but not national paid leave. my job is to find a republican lead in the u.s. senate. i'm very eager to do that and i have met with several republicans. i'm positive i will get it. >> who? who is on your side most in the republican party. >> i bet you could guess the names yourself. >> i'm going to throw a few out there. susan collins, murkowski? >> perfect. awesome women, i hope i work with them on paid leave. there's men as well. >> rubio? >> i talked to marco about it. he said he would look at the bill. he wants just a tax credit or deduction, which is great for businesses already doing it. it doesn't bring in new businesses. if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. >> are you more optimistic now than a year ago on this thing? >> i am. my goal two years ago is the
7:54 am
issue would be debated in the presidential debates. it was. it was supported by two democratic candidates and two republican cants with two versions of their own bill. this is something we have been debating for a couple years. the american public are with us. we need to focus on the right solution and move that forwards. >> my thanks to senator gillibrand. coming up, think republicans are going to give up on the repeal and replace of obamacare? think again.
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president trump opens fire with a two-pronged threat this morning on health care, one to members of congress, his own party and the other to insurance giants. we are live on capitol hill. this thing ain't over. >> reporter: not by a stretch, it isn't over. poppy, this is a combination of threats, con joling, shaming members of congress. in a series of tweets saying over the weekend they have to get it done despite the fact it died. saying if obamacare is hurting people and it is, why not hurt
7:59 am
insurance companies and congress paying what public pays. he is talking ability the bailout of insurance companies and members of congress. most members of congress get their insurance through the d.c. exchange. that is subsidized by the government through obamacare. the president now threatening they could pull government subsidies they give to insurance companies to help cover the poor and elect not to enforce the mandate under obamacare. this, of course, is a hot political item, both sides of the aisle trying to blame the other side. listen to this from early this morning. >> they are going to wear it, you know? we said to america and america agrees, obamacare has failed, it's failing, imploding. i said to the president we end the cost sharing revenues on tuesday, that's tomorrow, to insurance companies. >> reporter: poppy, some other republicans like susan collins trying to find a bipartisan fix.
8:00 am
poppy? >> i think every american would like to see bipartisanship. thank you all for joining us. i'm poppy harlow. john berman will be back with us tomorrow. at this hour with kate bolduan begins right now. >> thank you so much, poppy. hello, i am kate bolduan. welcome to the first day of the rest of the trump presidency. a fresh start with a fresh face as the new white house chief of staff, retired general john kelly sworn in a short time ago to replace reince priebus followed by a cabinet meeting with a lesser fresh base. attorney general, jeff sessions. he relationship with president trump turned sour in a short amount of time. they were in the same room, face-to-face for the first time since


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