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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 31, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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that's it for this special prime. i'm jake tapper. have a great night. see you tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. hello and welcome our viewers in the united states and around the states. i'm eye sasse say. >> i'm john vause. thank you for being with us. >> we begin "the washington post". the paper sites mumble unname sourced. >> parts of the reporting, the
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strategy he devices should be for donald trump jr. to release a statement to get ahead of the story. they wanted to be truthful so their account couldn't be reputed later. but with the president's direction the plan has changed. joining us in los angeles for more on this former l.a. counsel woman windy crew. and john philips. thank you guys for being with us. one of the reporters at "the washington post" that spoke to cnn. he brought this story which is causing a bombshell at this point. listen. >> early on our reporting shows that advisers to the president and the president's inner circle recommended because there were documents, these e-mails that you just spoke about were coming out that it made much more sense to be transparent and forthcoming. later on if you issue a misleading statement it could come back to high rate of speed you. >> but the president overrules.
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>> that's what we're reporting tonight. >> so wendy, in the initial report the president has signed off on the misleading response and wasn't part of it like we're finding out from "the washington post". if the post is in fact correct, this takes all of that to a new level right? >> absolutely. it demonstrates he was intentionally misleading the public. and you can bet the viewers are listening to this and are beginning to continue to investigate. the story doesn't end. i think we're in the age of where everything that is happening is going to come out. it's always the cover-up that is worse than the actual challenge in the senses of actual meeting, which was bad enough. the cover up could have legal challenges for the president and donald junior. >> before you respond, let me read more from this "the washington post". although miss leading the public all the news media is not a crime, advisers to trump and his
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family told "the washington post" that they fear any indication that trump was seeking to hide information about contacts between his campaign and russians almost inevitably, would draw additional scrutiny from mueller. how many problems has the president created for himself here? >> i don't think it's a bombshell i think it's a come backfirery with most. this is a story we've seen repeat itself over and over again. he's not accused of committing a crime, i think it stems from the fact that when he started as a candidate in this presidential race it was five people in an office. he had to be a jack of all trades, he was involved in every aspect of every decision made. he's now president of the united states, he needs to transition into that office and stand back and let the professionals handle this. now i understand why he he's he has tan to do that, there's a lot of people that have been
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leaking damaging nsk about him. hopefully jonathan kelly about able to smoke out the disloyal employees. but it's an immediate problem. >> he's six months into -- this is not the first day. >> i hear this a lot from trump supporters, oh look trump is a novelist, he's not a lawyer he didn't know. he's really smart, that kind of stuff, so when does that excuse end that he was just some kind of naive and political fool and didn't know twhafs going on. >> what has that got to do with telling the truth? >> he's a november visit that won the republican nomination. won the general and special elections and he's learning on the job, as he goes. again i think this is -- >> that was a criticism republicans had of obama. >> right. learning on the job with media
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issue. you have people investigating, mueller investigating, it's not like no one is looking into it. this is right now a problem for donald trump in the news media. his supporters don't care about this. if you look at the tweet he put out earlier today where he talked about the stock market doing well, unemployment being well, immigration, illegal immigration, that's what's important to people. >> okay -- >> you say the ordinary voter doesn't care but isn't the ordinary voter standing back in the polls looking at all of this turmoil, the stories every day and wondering what is going on in this white house. and is that why we're not seeing movement on capitol hill when it comes to the agenda? >> i believe so. he's not able to focus on the job. he is focusing on the leaks, he's focusing on the fact he has so many changes in his own white
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house. just in the last week it seems everyone has either been fired or decided to leave the administration. i think there are still a lot of things that he is micromanaging. he's not the best manager for the white house. >> this is the question that was put directly to the white house. what was the president's involvement in forming this response to this meeting. this is how they dealt with it a couple weeks ago. >> has president trump had any communication with his son donald trump jr. over the last several days and was he involved in helping donald trump jr. craft his statements -- as reported in here? >> i'm not sure about specific communications and the nature of these conversations. i know they've spoken at least some points over the last few days, beyond that yofr any further details. >> like we said, misleading the public is not a crime, if it was the communications team in the white house would be facing
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serious trouble right now. >> again, when you look at the russian issue and all that, this is at what time did they have any kind of impact on the election. those are serious issues that we're going to get to the bottom of it, it's not going away. i think to suggest that we can just say whatever we want to the press or public and no one's going to question us, it's a new day. >> the definition of chaos is record unemployment is having a stock market and a record high i wish george w. bush would have had a more chaotic white house. >> you say you don't see signs of what's playing out in the white house in your view isn't chaotic if not a -- chaos. >> when bill clinton first took off in 1993 he had a lot of turn over in that white house. he had a lot of prons, he was able to win a second term.
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i believe donald trump is certainly going through that stage in the administration. eventually he'll find people to work for him that are going to be loyal and good at their job. hopefully it will happen sooner than later. the process is working its way out. its happened with bill clinton and with other presidents and it's happening with donald trump. >> stay with us, jimmy acosta has the report on the shake up of the white house. the mooch has been cut loose. >> we just swore in general kelly, he will do a great job i have no doubt. >> reporter: a white house and chaos found itself spinning its way of another round of chaos. just minutes after the president welcom welcomed john kelly to the white house, scaramucci was suddenly out the door. >> general kelly has the full authority to operate within the warehouse and all staff will
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report to him. >> reporter: it was 11 day ago when "the mooch" -- >> it its relates to sean it speaks volumes of who he is as a human being and team player. his attitude is, anthony's coming in let me clear the slate for him. i don't have any fiction are sean or reince. >> reporter: the following week he wen to war with priebus, suggesting he might be the source of wous leaks. >> as you know from the expression the fish stinks from the head down. i can tell you two fish that don't stink, okay and that's me in the president. >> reporter: dispute the president's on history using questionable language the warehouse says mr. trump was bothered by scaramucci's comments. >> the president felt anthony's comments were inappropriate for
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someone in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession. >> reporter: the white house said in a statement mr. scaramucci felt it was best to give chief of staff a clean slate. but sources told cnn new chief of staff john kelly has lost confidence in scaramucci. the president has raised kelly as a miracle worker in his previous job of secretary of homeland secure. >> you look at the board and the tremendous results we've had. and you look at the spirit. with a con sers value situation there's been little controversy which is amazing by itself. so i want to congratulate you on doing a fantastic job general and we look forward to if it's possible a better job as chief of staff. >> reporter: earlier the president took to twitter to insist all is well, insisting no
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white house chaos. a message echoed by press secretary huckleby sanders. the new chief of staff will find fashion still in place. even with scaramucci gone there have been elbows thrown. even the president's family all competing for the president's attention. daughter ivanka trump held kelly in the tweet as a true herein hero. the president's cabinet turned boardroom kelly was able to observe another source, the relationship with attorney general jeff sessions whose gone from being trashed publicly by mr. trump last week to sitting across the room from him silently today. not only was the president unhappy with scaramucci the president has -- using questionable language himself the president did not approve of scaramucci's tirade to the "new
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yorker". jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> all right, so don phillips, now the scaramucci comments are inappropriate. a couple days ago it didn't seem to be troubling engine in the west wing. take a lack at her reactions to scaramucci's comments. >> oh we don't have it. >> we don't have it. >> but it was the kind of language. >> no feisty this is good stuff. >> the president enjoys the frank of fuse. >> now there's a difference now. there's a buttoned down general in charge who probably doesn't want to hear this from scaramucci and decided to go in a different direction. i think a number of factors probably played into the initial. one of which might be steve bannon, who still works there. someone who's the communication director wen out and said that about you and you have to pass
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the guy in the hallway going to the bathroom every day. >> that may lead to awkward moments. >> actually. i believe there were a lot of people around donald trump who didn't believe priebus was loyal to him. a dinner they had before where trump and others were at, that subject certainly came up. i think part of bringing scaramucci was to lead to reince priebus moving on to greener past churs. he accomplished that goal, after that maybe he was too many for him to move on. >> in 11 days. >> 11 days. i got milk in my fridge older than that. >> there was no one more devoted to the president than "the mooch." i think he didn't see his newborn son until after 4 days he was born because of the time of the birth he was with the president. no only was he fired on monday
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he was reportedly escorted from the grounds of white house. >> which we've been told is not entirely unusual. >> then the president tweeted this a few hours ago. great day at the white house. come on. he's the guy that fires people for a living. >> you know, i think as you said, ironic that he would say it was inappropriate language for scaramucci 4 days after it actually happened. and for some of the comments of course that we knee president trump made a few years ago came out when he was running for president of the united states. i think that for so many people that the fact that john kelly is now in there, that he is trying to control things, he's use to be able to be in charge and there are consequences to people's behavior. i don't know if you can do that in this white house with president trump. >> john, do you ascribe to this theory that some people have that scaramucci was salas --
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because his star was shining too brightly for trump, and this is a warning from everybody to take it down a top? >> i think that applies to virtually every office on wall street, in the news media, everywhere ae everywhere else. never out shine the boss. >> this issue of loyal with jeff sessions, windy he was at that meeting on monday. sat directly across the president, looked him in the eye, the president didn't say anything to his face. again mooch was loyal to the president, said he loved him about 80 times with the first news briefing. that loyalty it seems is a one-way street with the president. >> totally a one way street. and you wonder why so many people do not want to go into the administration. the stories we see that people have been declined to be
11:16 pm
nominated for something because they're afraid they're going to be thrown under the bus. jeff sessions, i think one of the things that have happened is the republicans have come to his defense. republicans say that's the line, he get rid of him we're gone. we've seen trump is not loyal to people. it's totally a one way street and we'll see how kelly handles that. >> john philips, as kelly weighs into this everyone's reporting to him as to be reported. and the message from him is to let president trump just be president trump. >> i think it's a mix of both. we saw during campaign when trump was trump that's when the campaign took off like a rock ship. much of that initial speech -- >> one thing and then it's another. >> but then you go to what brought you to the dance. his popularity is based on him understanding the temperature in the room. hillary clinton hired tons of
11:17 pm
consultants, tons of political advisers and never understood the temperature in the room. donald trump had the innate ability to understand what the american people were feeling, what the tone was they wanted in the campaign. you kansas forcan't force him tt out of the white house. you don't want him bored with it you want him to be himself. >> but you don't want him tweeting everything about things that are going to cause us international incidents or cause challenges in the united states. >> well, no one says it was going to be easy. >> for the record, i love the tweets. >> don't we all? official white house statements. >> okay john and wendy nice to see you. >> time for a quick break here. president trump has repeatedly pointed to china as the solution to the north korean threat but beijing is pushing
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. hello everyone, there is
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growing alarm over north korea's missile capabilities after friday's launch but little agreement on what to do about it. >> u.s. president donald trump launched out at china over the weekend saying beijing could have easily solved by problem. by monday he said the u.s. could deal with it but no details. >> we'll handle this. it will be handled. we handle everything. thank you very much. >> well, experts said if the missile had a flash of that jessicary it could have threatened u.s. cities. this is pyongyang's second missile launch in july. >> we're joined with the director of southern california china institute. thinking about what the president said on monday, we'll handle it. do you read that as u.s. sanctions on beijing -- >> it's not at all clear what
11:23 pm
the president means by we will handle it. the administration has not spoken with one voice on north korea. you got a cia director whose suggested some sort of surgical strike might separate the leadership from the systems and you've got others who recognized the complexity of any kind of military options. if the president means, we're going to further pressure beijing to do something i think he's going to be disappointed. >> that could come later this week according to some reports. what's interesting because there are these hard liners in the trump administration. they want to get much tougher on china, not just north korea, but also roll in the issue of trade and look into putting tariffs on chinese steel. what do you see are the problems that that could -- >> it's not possible to deal with all of china, all of the u.s./china relationship in one
11:24 pm
package. these things have to be separated out because they effect different constituencies both here in the united states and with china. you can't just lump it all together. the expectation that donald trump had was that china enjoys a good trade relationship with the united states. if they want to continue to have that they will close the door on north korea. but that overestimates the capacity beijing has to do just that. beijing is limited. it's hard to understand this, but beijing is limited in north korea. >> it's also limited in the sense that it doesn't really want to change the status quo, why are they going to do the bidding of the united states. >> no, this is quite the point. is the united states' interest in north korea and china's interest in north korea is not the same.
11:25 pm
>> this assessment from the u.s. senator diane finestein she's talking about the threat post. listen to what she said. >> i make it as a clear and present danger to the united states. i've spent time on the intelligence at the bereavings and done as much reeding as i possibly could. and i'm convinced north korea has ever moved at the speed that this leader has to develop an icbm. >> if the united states is facing a clear and present danger there's no reason to doubt senator finestein, should united states be outsourcing this problem to china in the first place? >> no. and we tried that. we asked beijing to handle it and they demonstrated that they were not able or willing to do so in the way we wanted. it is a clear and present danger not just to the united states but to skorea, to japan and
11:26 pm
to these others. and they have to be involved in any attempt at a solution. >> yeah, and we know the president spoke with the japanese prince as well. also over the weekend, chinese president xi addressed -- they held this great big parade in mongolia, 12,000 troops. it was a first time. you can see president xi there in army fatigues. all this happening in the north korea nuclear crisis. is president xi sending a message with all this? not just to the united states but the rest of region in the world? >> oh, absolutely. although the first message in china is always for the chinese people. it's important to recognize that xi's first and most important position is to be chair of this
11:27 pm
con insist party central commission. that's message number one, message number two is when china's military was not so rebust, china was preyed upon by others. the message of the parties to the people is we don't let that happen anymore. >> the military army answers to the common insist party. >> that's correct. >> thank for coming in. >> my pleasure. quick break here. next from l.a. it's been decades but the summer olympics are coming back to the u.s. >> really if. >> right here in good ole los angeles. find out what the city's getting in return. >> really bad traffic. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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welcome back everybody. you're watching cnn newsroom live from los angeles. it is 11:30 here on the west code. i'm john vause. >> and i'm issa. once again looking for communications director. scaramucci was called out monday, 11 day into the job. had had loan with profanity laced interview last week. once said that john kelly that scaramucci was undisciplined. donald trump is vowing in his words to handle north korea but no specifics. kshs that pyongyang program -- up after friday's intercontinental ballistic test. the president has called on china to patricia the north by
11:32 pm
beijing says it's up to washington and pyongyang to produce tensions. nikolaos is lashing out against sanctions. the u.s. said mr. maduro is a dictator after holding the vote and will allow him to psychological his power further. the summer olympics are heading to los angeles. the city struck a deal with the committee to host the game in 2028. >> well i am excited. they will now get $1.8 billion increase participation and access to youth sport programs before the big event. >> when we won the olympics the first time people didn't know where l.a. was. they gave it to us, it was the great depression they said go find out where this l.a. is and we became a global city. in '84 we became the bigger
11:33 pm
global city when he save it had city in the midst of a cold war. we believe los angeles can take its rightful place is one of the indespensable global cities around. >> this clear it is way for paris to host the 2024 summer games. joining us now from paris with more. it's all well and good that the l.a. is beaming about l.a. being on the map with this win for 2028. let's remind our viewers that any officials would be less than enthusiastic about the prospect of hosting the games in 2028. so the question is, what happened, was it basically the money, did the money sweeten the deal? >> it certainly seems that way. $1.8 billion, at least $1.8 billion in terms of an advance, the ioc when its made.
11:34 pm
the announcement of the releasing of the statement saying that money was in quote, view of the longer training period and to increase participation and access to used sports programs. normally that advance would be given to a host city a couple of years before hosting the actual games. l.a. clearly receiving that now much sooner than that. this is a very unusual situation, especially when you consider in july the i.o.c. making the announcement that l.a. and paris would host the 2024 and 2028 games but not saying which city would come first, this after the other cities in the running dropped out including boston, buda pest and rome citing cost concerns. now the i.o.c. announcing this $1.8 billion. welcome the news of paris which has been long pushing of the
11:35 pm
hosting of 2024 games. this is not quite a done deal for paris yet. the mayor released a statement saying, quote we are confident that a win/win/win event expected in september. >> paris again you made the pointd that it's not a dole deal but the expectation they'll host the 2024 games. that automatically throw up questions about spurty given everything that's played out in paris and france in recent months and years. >> that's right. but that was taken into consideration when paris made this bid assuring the i.o.c. that they are capable of hosting a multiple events that have gone off extremely well. look at the euro cup final, they had over 100 leaders here in
11:36 pm
paris for that climate change deal. all of that went off pretty much without a hitch security wise. so pointing to the fact that paris has a track record of being able to host big events in a secure environment, paris really wanting again, eye sha that 2024 date for several reasons. the fact that a couple of the siting they're having to bill two of the sites, those sites not available for 2028, also for sentimental value of 2024 will mark 100 years since paris hosted its last olympics since 1924. sentimental value from the city. >> thank you so much. do you remember the olympics back then? >> yeah. president trump in outrage goesing to like peanut butter and jelly. that's how many of his
11:37 pm
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. almost daily it seems donald trump causes fresh outrage by his actions or words. he breaks traditions and norms whether it's a speech to boys' skoutsz. >> you want to achieve your dreams, i said who the hell wants to speak about politics when i'm in front of the boys' scouts right. as the scout law says, a scout is trust worthy, loyal, we could use more toyota i can tell you that. the president obama ever come to a jam ber ree? >> all while addressing hundreds of policemen and women. >> and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a patty wagon, you just see them thrown in rough. i said please don't be too nice. >> the 45th president of the united states is nothing like the other 44.
11:41 pm
the insults and curse words seem to work during campaign. many supporters saw it as relatable. and for a shocked republican party a means to an end t way of defeating hillary clinton and taking back the white house. now he's in the oval office mr. trump has yet to make good on this promise. >> with the exception of the late great abraham lincoln i can be more presidential than any president that's ever held this office, that i can tell you. >> but in all the almost constant outrage of the president's words and actions, do his supporters really want him to change? cnn political commentator and the lest dedicated of trump's supporters jeffrey lloyd is joining us. i'd like to start off with par of a piece in a magazine. will president -- face and cnn's
11:42 pm
ratings. many republicans would be less e namered of him. trump's rage is what thrilled republicans not his policy. is there an element of truth to that? to many out there all that matters is the punching and attacks? >> no, i don't think that is true. people out there are concerned, i jobs -- [no audio]. -- vote on obamacare to repeal obamacare. senator mccain ran a whole campaign and said he was opposed
11:43 pm
to it and vote to repeal it. he gets there and refuses to do it. that's the kind of thing that drives peep crazy and that was one of the reasons why they really do like the president. >> sot this point some could make that same argument about president trump, he made a lot of promiseding during the campaign which he hasn't kept from one to another. >> he's trying to do these things. you do need help in the senate and the house. and what is so frustrating to many republicans, we've heard a lot about repeal and replace, i'm beginning to hear a lot of defeat and replace in terms of republicans wanting to do in some republican members in congress. >> listen to this. >> was the president joking when he said this or did he check his remarks out with the international association of police chiefs or maybe the attorney general? >> i believe he was making a
11:44 pm
joke at the time. >> nef friday the president seems to use the, i was only kidding excuse quite often. in this instance is it acceptable to vote about police brutality? >> john, you showed part of clip, the other part you didn't show was the police officers laugh and applauded. they thought it was funny. it was a joke. the president clearly is not supporting police brutality, that's none sense. what he is is a new yorker in this sense standing in front of a lot of new yorkers, they laughed. that's all. the former police chief of philadelphia says he had a lot of concerns about what the president had said. >> yeah, i just -- forget -- forget this particular issue. all across the board, and this is again gets to one of the appeals of the president. political correctness has gone so far overboard. you have no idea how many people stop and tell me that we're fed
11:45 pm
up with this, we've come a humorless country, this is all about correctness and i think this is one small example. >> okay, many within the republican party that may not like the president's behavior or character they rational lice his support for him because they put a supreme court judge on the spot. thought's exercise to trump's immediate offender. if trump was to sexually assault a woman in the oval office would you still justify your vote that neil gorsuch's appointment to the supreme court made it that far -- how far is too far? >> well, i don't know. bill clinton certainly did do this in the oval office. >> we're talking become donald trump -- >> yeah with all due respect to bret whom i like. i think it's silly. >> do you think there's a line
11:46 pm
where the president can go foofr? >> well, there's a line where anybody can go too far. but the president was elected for serious reasons. serious reasons, illegal immigration, healthcare, trade, jobs, those are things that people care about and they feel that those actors and the political system who, up until this point, have not been doing their job and so they voted for president trump. that's it. >> you -- taken up a lot of web pages that have been clicked on with conservators writing about they're concerns about the example said by the president and the impact this is having an american society and young people. and it is something within this americans in this country to let out this rage. >> i think it's saingt moanuous and it speaks to something i think is a problem.
11:47 pm
you have people more concerned about style than substance. and president trump offends styles on some people. i think it's just, there is a whiff of snobbery about this. i can tell you again, he carried pennsylvania, for example, which hadn't gone republican for 25 years, precisely because people were listening to what he had to say and like what he had to say. >> so, if anybody's waiting for the president to pivot and change his ways thai going to be waiting a long time? >> let trump be trump. >> okay. jeff if i it's been too long sin we've talked by thanks for being with us. >> any time. thank you. >> heard a lot of that tonight, let trump be trump. hbo is facing backlash
11:48 pm
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hbo is defending its upcoming show titled "confederate." the series imagine what's the u.s. might look like if the south had seceded successfully from the union. >>s being developed by the creators of "game of thrones." many have tone to social media in protest. >> one wrote it is a bad idea. there is no need to imagine a time when marginalized folks are oppressed. we're living it. reconsider. >> entertainment journalist joins us now. a pop culture contributor to access hollywood live. trending on twitter. they had everyone protesting during -- >> during "game of thrones," yeah. >> it trended quite highly. but they haven't even started making it yet. is this a little early? >> i was ready to come on here and do my usual like outright filled with outrage. and i'm 100% in your corner. i fear censorship more than i fear what this show will be.
11:53 pm
and this feels like minority report where you are trying to kill something because it's a thought. no crypt has been written. no one has been cast. and the person who created this no confederate #a april rain also created #oscar so white. her heart is in the right place. but i think her head, i think the idea behind this, it's going off the rails. this feels like those college freedom zones where we want to be able to be over here and segregate, right. and that bothers me and it scarce me. what happens when it's turned become on you? >> let me read you hbo's statement because they are acknowledging there are risks here involved with this project. if you can get it right, there is a real opportunity to advance the racial discussion in america. if you can draw a line between what we're see manage the country today with voter suppression, mass incarceration, lack of access to public education and health care, and
11:54 pm
draw the line to our past and shared history, there is an important line to draw and a conversation worth having. do you buy that? do you believe this will advance the conversation around race, racism, inequality in this country? >> i believe it should be given the chance to. i believe that we shouldn't kill it before one show has been shot. we don't know what they're going to do. listen, if they do it poorly, if hbo does it as poorly as they did the press release where they give you no facts, no nothing about it, they're just going to do a show where racism in the south secedes and racism is prevalent today, then yeah, if they do it badly, i'll be the first one on every airwave marching for that show to be canceled. but until we see it, i don't think we can judge it before we see it. >> but it has been done badly in the past. a few years ago there was a movie "the confederate states of america." here is a clip. >> long last, the movie you've been waiting for. a thrilling look at the history
11:55 pm
of our great nation. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the confederate states of america. >> that was probably the best bit because the rest of it was truly, truly awful. it was meant to be satire, but it was just incredibly offensive. >> well, it is any more offensive than "duck dynasty"? >> you've got to see thinking as a black person in america, i understand that racism exists. racism exists in so many corners, it's kind of hard to pin them all down. >> this was selling black people on the home shopping network. >> those people aren't the same people who gave us caliseskhale mother of dragons. >> that is in and of itself attracted some controversy, that the way they have handled or not handled black characters or given them any meaningful story
11:56 pm
lines in "game of thrones," if any, i can't think of any off the top of my head, makes them less than perfect to be showing this show "confederate." >> there are people of color in the show. we may be upset at how those people of color are depicted. but there are very few movies and tv shows -- >> the slaves. >> well, there is a freed slave and there is the unsullied who happen to be people of color. >> slaves. >> but do we say what they did to tyron lannister is bad for little people? there are dragons in the show. i have a hard time in the fantasy world getting upset about the way black people or hispanic people are not really depicted. and there is a whole set of hispanic people in the show that come from dorn. so i'm okay with the way people are depicted in this. and this is myth. if they want the deal with reality, it's going to be really hard to do a show about slavery where black people are not in
11:57 pm
it. and if that #, oscar so white is the bread and butter thing you're building off, what if they have black writers and cast? >> two executive producers on confederate, the husband and wife team. >> what if they come us to and ask us what we think about it and focus group it? let's do more before we kill it. >> yes, i am. i am. >> okay. . >> 925-whoa, whoa, whoa. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. i'm isha sesay. >> i'm john vause. we'll be back. >> yes, we'll be back! don't adjust your sets. another hour on us. 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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