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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a dangerous new twist to an already combustible situation. new flight data reveals that the north korean missile fired off on friday flew within miles of at the flight path of an air france passenger jet. flight 29 3 was seven minutes away from where is splashed down. sounded alarm the forcing japan to sound warnings. officials running that the missile tests which often take place with no notice could pose a serious risk to commercial airliners. what else are we hearing about this. >> reporter: well, it looks like this air france flight was about 50 to 60 or so miles away when the missile splashed down. in aviation terms we are told that is not a near miss but it is a concern. and the reason is because north koreans, as they continue their
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very aggressive missile testing program, they're firing into areas where it is very heavily trafficked with both commercial air traffic and commercial shipping. off the coast the japan, that is a very busy, area. when the north koreans, as you just pointed out, do not follow internation international protocols. that is what the big concern is here. right now. this latest case actually leading the air france to take a very unusual step and ish a you a public statement about what happened to reassure people air france saying, let me quote. north korea's missile test zones do not interfere with any way with air france flight paths. we adapt our flight plans
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accordingly. so they're indicating that they certainly did not see a problem. but this is something of increasing awareness to both commercial air and shipping traffic and we want to give a tip to our colleagues at abc news who first uncovered this. >> adding to an already delicate situation. also this morning we're learning of a successful int intercontinte intercontin -- it was the air force launching an icbm from the air force base in california the fourth time this year. in the statement the air force said not a response to recent north korean actions it demonstrates it's safe, security effective and ready to defend. >> not a response to north korea but let me mention it specifically there. >> let's discuss all of this. cnn global affairs analyst, and
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david re david. >> here is the line from the administration on north korea. i should know it's not one line. time for talk is over. sarah huckabee sanders on monday. all options on the table. three, trump the president on monday, it will be handled. tillerson secretary of state yesterday, we would like to sit down and have a dialogue. what is the white house saying about north korea as examples like we just told you of greater and greater concern? >> let me add one more to that. from cia director just a couple of weeks ago. he said they were working to find options to separate kim young un from this nuclear capability which to everyone in the audience sounded like regem change. the so in one sense you get a little bit of a look at the ca ca phony heading into the oval
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office in h terms of advice and kind of conversations and arguments they're having around the tapele at the principal's committee meeting at the national kurt counsel civil. the other thing is thread this line of letting kim young un they're serious about using military force which is a message you didn't hear often out of the obama trump administration. but sillerson seems to be realizing he needs to give them a way out. the otherwise whatter' working to do now is they seem to have the range, claim to have shrunken the nuclear weapon to something that would fit on one of the icbms. the now just trying to improve accuracy. tillerson is giving them a reason not to fire at the united states. also empowering china and the national community to come in and say look, they're will go to negotiate, let's talk. >> so if rex tillerson, second
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of sta is trying to give them a path through this, does the president agree with? h. >> the bigger problem is there is a process in the white house. national security council. they come with a unified approach and the message as to be consistent. the chinese are not taking it seriously because it's not. >> then you have lindsay graham saying it's inevitable if they keep up the tests. and then he said that the president told him "if they're going to be a war, it will be over there, if thousands die, they're going to die over there." what do you think that does to you can tas th talks tillerson open to? >> what it does is send a message kim young un should
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maintain his path towards a nuclear capable icbm which he sees as his own way way to survive and negotiate a way out of this. it also makes allies like south korea pretty darn nervous. the they're in range of the conventional artillery aligned all along the borders that could hit, they estimate just about every three square meter area of the capitol in the south. the it makes our allies nerf ous and china's point of view. they've got to come in to quiet this down. >> david, on the subject of china, clearly the president of the united states was hoping to get help from china to deal with north korea, not getting that help in what may be the biggest story of the day that will go unnoticed. the administration may take knew trade action. the open up a section 301,
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technical erm it is. t . >> what message would the chinese get and would this force them to do anything? >> it could but the consistency of the message. what is the right and left hand doing at the white house. i think they won't take us seriously. >> the chinese. >> right. this could taj their economy and this is just another example how the easy answers of the campaign we're going to negotiate new deals. it's not working. >> isn't this doing what the obamacare administration could have done and critics say should have done? because china is four times more reliant on his exports to the united states than united states is to kien in a china. >> it's the nuclear option but one of the only cards to play. if it you speak to both former obama folks and gop types, they all say china just isn't stepping up and applying the
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pressure that it could apply. so you've got to do something. otherwise you're facing nuclear -- you're facing military action against north carolina, a north korea. the there's almost no option that doesn't end up with tens of thousands of people possibly killed. >> quickly. president still hasn't signed the russian sanctions bill. what message should or does the world take from that? >> i don't understand all the focus on vladimir putin. sign the bill. focus on a clear and consistent china policy. >> it shows a certain degree of indifference. thank you all very, very much. this morning, signs of a growing fault line between the white house and capitol hill. congress republicans splitting with the president on health care and now, even directly questioning his honesty. this, after the white house admitted that the president did indeed have a hand in crafting
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his son's misleading statement about a secretive meeting with a russian lawyer. >> now, just this morning, the president of mexico is questioning the president of the united states donald trump's honesty. the let's go to the white house. >>reporter: good morning, poppy. it all goes to messaging. the at least to some degree and this is an example of that. the president said at his cabinet meeting on monday that the u.s. border with mexico was close to 80 percent stoppage. he said the president of mexico called him to talk about that, and now, the president of the mexico has put out a pretty stark statement suggesting that president trump was incorrect at the very least that statement says president enrique has not been in h recent communications by telephone with president donald trump. more messaging issues, of course, at the very bottom of
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that question about the president weighing in, if you will, on a statement before it was released from his son, donald trump, a statement that turned out to be misleading, at the very least. the change in messaging here at the white house now finally acknowledging in fact that the president did in fact weigh in. they do say the president did not dictate that statement. now, how is it all playing on capitol hill? well, for both democrats and some republicans, there is a big question of credibility. listen. >> if that's true, then that was a bad decision by the president which will make us ask more questions. when you get caught in a lie about one thing, it makes it hard to say let the other stuff go. >> this administration continues to say there's nothing there. the yet they don't act that way at all. >>reporter: so now, a growing
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number of republicans senators, starting to speak out against president trump about his priorities, including senator lamar alexander of tennessee, who has asked the president, despite his own pronounce pts here at the white house, that he not discontinue the payments to insurance companies that keep the costs low under obama care. the administration of course today holding a big news conference trying to protect it by calling for among other things a skills based immigration system. >> all right. joe johns for us at the white house. joe just reported there. serious new questions about honesty from this administration. or lack there of, for the boy scouts, honesty or lack there of about conversations were mexico. the plus sources telling cnn a top possible pick to take over the department of homeland security says he might not want
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the job after seeing how the president has treated other officials. >> also the family of the murdered dnc staffer responding to a stunning new lawsuit claiming the white house and fox news worked together to push a completely bogus false story about their son's death. and what is happening to support for the president in some of his key areas, amid all of these shake-ups. for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. does this white house have a problem with honesty. does the president of the united states have a credibility problem? why are we asking that question. the president of mexico is essentially accusing donald trump of making stuff up. listen to president trump explain what he said was a phone call between himself as the mexican leader. >> says, you know, the border was a tremendous problem and now close to 80% stoppage and even the president of mexico called me. they said their southern border, very few people are coming because they know they're not going to get through our border, which is the ultimate
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compliment. >> the president said mexico has not been in h recent communication via telephone with president trump. let's talk about an all-star panel filled with honest people. david, this is the president of mexico saying no, it didn't happen that way. but the president of the united states, this is on the heels of a flap of what the president did or did not hear from the president of the boy scouts of america. awhat is the credible issue here? >> the president doesn't tell the truth all the time and the president with regard to this statement that his son, donald jr. put out about this meeting with russians, lied about it. the white house lied about it. his lawyer lied about it. the flat-out contradictions. let's not shy away from calling it what it is. and the president has to deal
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with this, because his credibility is at stake. the office of the presidency is at stake and america's reputation is at stake. so it's no small thing. and the president, i think persuades himself that these issues, the investigation is ill let legitimate he can say anything or weigh in h. there's no question the president was involved with the statement with regard to his son. the on this, is he just being loose about communications with mexico? we don't know. but ultimate i wily if the president's word isn't strong, isn't reliable, that becomes a problem for his credibility around the world. and we've seen this time and time again in this administration so far. again, what's so difficult about it is what the president's talking about substantively there is accurate. the crossings are down. and that is to his benefit and does -- it's something the dhs
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officials have argued strongly is an accomplishment for the administration. he undercuts it by doing it. >> rereached out to get the reaction to what the president said. i would note looking at the president's words specifically, didn't say when the president of mexico called him. see what the white house says. mark preston, to you, though, does this tie into a bigger week where republicans seem to have this liberty to lash out at the president, lash out at this white house and be more forthcoming with the criticism especially if they see these honesty gaps from the white house? >> i still think it remains to see how much we're going to see pushback from republicans when we run into instances like this when it's clearly a blatant lie and it's been a habit of president trump to exaggerate or outright lie. of having said that i do think it's inevitable that republicans are going to end up pushing back against president trump for a
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couple reasons. one is that president trump isn't a true conconservative. not part of the movement, a believer in the sense they're embracing him. they saw him as a vessel because he was the republican nominee to try to get some things done. the second thing is that republicans running in 2018 don't necessarily need president trump to get them over the fen ni finish line. if you go back to how these republicans performed back in 2016, they performed better than him in many of these districts. when he starts to go after sitting members of congress as we do think he will do against arizona senator jeff flake he's going to make more enemies. >> one of the things we heard from his lawyers about the don jr. meeting they kept on saying it was of no consequence. the fact that the president or lawyer did not tell the truth was of no consequence.
6:22 am
i wonder if it's more -- that the truth is of no consequence to this white house or people who work there. that's an aside. there's another thing that cnn is reporting that's pretty interesting because mike mccall, who is a congressman from texas right now chairman of the homeland security committee and is being considered, we believe to be the secretary of homeland security. well he, we understand is a little bit nervous about getting this job because the way the president has treated his staff. what do you make of that? >> well, it's not surprising, there are so many people who have been interviewing at the white house for different jobs, and they're coming back saying they were policleased they were thought of but it could be a career ender if you go into this. the i talked to someone who actually interviewed with the president and i talked to other people who are thinking about jobs or have been asked to go
6:23 am
into the administration or being considered. le they're very concerned with how this president deal the with his staff. they're very concerned with how he deal the with his cabinet. look at jeff sessions. and we also understand there was a conversation with jeff sessions. jeff sessions said i will not go to homeland security. this president, attitude, ruthless businessman like way does not work in washington. poppy and john i want to go back to something else you said earlier about the confidence and credibility of the president. i remember a story that was true that happened a couple of months ago. remember congressman elijah cummin cummings, when he met with president trump at the white house, after that meeting, the president said elijah cummings said he was the greatest president, and he said no, that's not what i said. he said you could be the greatest president if you would deal with certain issues. of the so the way the president
6:24 am
sees things is totally different than the reality. >> as they teach you when you're a kid, word the matter. the including all of the words in your quotes quoting a conversation. steven gregory from the white house trying to flip the script. we haven't seen anything from the president on any of this this morning. they're focusing things that appeal to their base. this immigration event, big crackdown that's apparently coming and also the department of justice taking on affirmative action in their front office. so the strategy, smart for this white house? >>. >> well any white house is going to target elements of its coalition and no question about what the president has done an transgender members of the military. that policy which seemed to take the pentagon by surprise, was geared toward that, the priorities of the justice department with regard to drug
6:25 am
policy and now affirmative action does the same thing. the china issue is about trade and really about north korea as well. there's certainly political strategy and then also policy strategy as well. the white house has to be thinking about -- it's interesting the president accurately pointed out how well the stock market is doing, which i think -- is fantastic for investors of all levels in this country. the stock market is performing so well. and it is a sign of great confidence of what washington could actually do, and the markets are rising despite the disfunction in washington perhaps still counting on some kind of tax reform. the that's where the white house has to have some level of discipline to be able to achieve and if you have a deadline that's looming about the debt ceiling to not screw that up to rattle market the because the economy's growing, corpsoration are making money. >> good segue.
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your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. in a is the opening bell on wall street. will the dow hit a record 22,000 today? yes, it will. >> i love that. of. >> it's a good thing we have ali. >> thank you for joining us. >> the day's still young, guys, it's just gotten started but we live and die by those numbers. so for the first time we did see the dow hit 22,000 for the first time ever. how did it get there? well apple shares helped. le having their own fun day today after having a banner earnings report yesterday.
6:31 am
after the closing bell reporting strong sales, reporting that going to have a whole new slew of iphones out in september. seeing apple shares hitting their own highs when you see shares of apple, when you see those apple shares move, they've got the power to move the dow as a whole. what else can you credit for seeing this 22,000 milestone? strong oernings overall. it's not just the dow that you're seeing do really well. especially year to date. the nasdaq is up almost 18% for the year. the s and p is up over 10%. the more of a psychological milestone. over 22,000. see the day's still young. >> if you talked long enough you knew it would get back. three of us will always have this month. we know where we were when the dow cross the 22,000.
6:32 am
it just happened right there. the it is an important milestone. thanks so much. all right this morning several republican democratic lawmakers actually agree on something having to do with health care. the senate anointed a bipartisan health care hearing to work on obamacare fixes. all this is after the president launched a series of attacks on republicans after the repeal and has threatened to with hold those subsidies. >> cutting those would increase health care costs for millions of americans and leave a lot of americans without any coverage. let's get reaction from congresswoman from -- as you know republican senator is calling for the hearings starting in september try 0 get something worked out between republicans and democrat the. you've got tomorrow re reed doi same. are you enkournled and will you
6:33 am
give a little if they give a little? >> well, i want to say that the test has to be does this plan actually reduce the number of people who are covered by insurance who have access to health care, or not? i think that's really the test. it's fine for republicans and democrats to get together and agree. the and i have always, as a member of the energy and commerce committee been willing to sit down and work something out. but the litmus test for this is are we going to see a cbo report that says that people are going to lose their insurance. let me say this. the i think it is time for us to at least consider stopping all these contortions. i want you to think about the number of dollars that are now spent on health care by the federal government that would encourage us to move to a single fair system. medicare, medicaid. the children's health insurance,
6:34 am
the veteran's insurance. the why not? >> so bernie sanders. >> because it's expensive. >> he put out a single health care plan. the his own estimate was like $1.8? a high end estimate which could be as much as $2.8 trillion a year. >> do you understand how much we're spending now on talking about subsidies. not only for individuals, which i certainly agree with, but also for insurance companies, which we need to stabilize the market. the and you'll add up all the money that the federal government is already spending in this richest country in the world, and surely the idea that we could provide health care to every american is an idea that i think -- >> we do understand that but just look at c. california. even democrats had to concede they didn't figure out the cost side of this. that's why it's not working
6:35 am
getting through. bernie sanders wanted to get it through -- hold on. in vermont, the example as well in vermont. the isn't there a reason that this hasn't worked where it has been tried in america? >> no. because it hasn't been tried in a national -- no. there ijsn't a reason because i hasn't been tried on a national level. we spend way more on health care than any other country in the world. and we actually have worse outcomes. why? because so many people are not insured. look, at least we ought to consider a public option. we ought to at least consider that. the. >> are you suggesting then, you're in favor of single player, something different because in your mind obamacare is not working? >> no. i think that obamacare, right now, is at a point where when we fix it, we could do a really fix. the real problem has been in the private -- the individual insurance market. the we could certainly do better but right now we're hearing such
6:36 am
incredible instability that the insurance companies are announcing this month large increases in premiums. we could absolutely do better than we're doing right now. >> look -- looking at a 16% increase in ht state of illinois for 2018 and yes, part of that is due to the president trump administration uncertainty and whether they'll pay the subsidies, but also notes part of that is parts of obamacare are broken. it sounds to us like you're saying single care would be better than obamacare. is that what you're saying? >> i actually think we could do better with a single payer than even a fix to obamacare. but at the very least, i think we could do -- for example, in places where there are counties with no health insurer or only one, we could offer a public option, and that would be a fairly elegant way to address the problem of no competition or no insurance.
6:37 am
except. >> doesn't that encourage insurers to pull out where they're not making a lot of money? why -- >> they're already saying that. they're already saying that. and then they're saying well we aren't being paid enough in subsidies. the i'm for helping in places where the insurance market is really difficult. but then we're going to pay more federal dollars in order to bolster the insurance companies. >> it's an interesting discussion now i think a lot of where the democratic party is positions on this. worth going forward. really, really great discussion. appreciate your time. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> all right a lawsuit accusing fox news of creating a fake story about the death of a dnc staffer holding meetings with the white house this morning. we hear from the family of the dnc staffer who was murdered, and their need for answers.
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some explosive claims in a new lawsuit that accuses the white house, fox news and a republican donor teaming up to promote a false story. >> the lawsuit says that the white house was aware of the fox news story before it was published but ed butowsky, one of the defendants named in the lawsuit tells cnn that is not true. >> they never talked to me about the white house. by the way i never talked to president trump in pmy life. >> the this morning the family the seth rich, a spokesperson, spoke with cnn. brian stelter is here with the details. i think the most important place to start is what eknow to be true. >> there's a lot of allegations in the lawsuit some seeming f farfetch farfetched. we know sean spicer had a meeting with butowsky and with
6:43 am
rod wheeler. 's he the fox news contributor now suing. the he said when fox went on the air in april and may and wept on the website with this story in may they misquoted him and de famed him. but at the time wheeler was connoting this conspiracy. we. >> remind people what the theory is. >> that seth rich wasn't the victim of an armed robby but somehow assassinated to cover up the hack of the dnc and sending of e-mails to wicky leeks. the idea here is it wasn't russia that was stealing the dnc notes. it was this guy from the dnc. this morning the spokesman for the family responded. >> the truth is that all these folks want is to find the murder or murders that did this.
6:44 am
they didn't ask to be in the middle of the media spot light. apt they are perplexed by the fact that anybody would use the murder of their son, a wonderful mid-20-to go-year-old kid who moved to washington, d.c. in order to make a difference in this world and gunned down senselessly in the streets of washington. >> that's the family spokesman saying they want this to go away. >> let's be clear. >> that's the only really fact here. he really was killed. this conspiracy theory has endings ploited h exploited his death. >> all right. great to have you with us. thank you very much. strong support in the heartland. of course help president trump get the white house six months in h. how is he doing? we travel to nebraska than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want.
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new signs this morning that congressional republicans might be willing to split with the president on policy issues, not to mention his honesty. what do his staunchest supporters think? >> do those who supported him across the heartland think he is following through on the famous promise to make america great again? >> reporter: it's a stiflingly hot and humid field of alfalfa that bob is driving his tractor across. the 72-year-old is the head of what has become a family affair. growing and bailing hay that will feed cattle. >> this was the first pipeline. >> reporter: he rents out some of his land for a pump station
6:50 am
for the controversial keystone pipeline which was revived by president trump. >> i'm really impressed with all the things he has accomplished. energy security is one of his big things. that's what this is all about. >> reporter: eastern nebraska is deep in the heart of trump country. here in butler county, the president beat hillary clinton with almost 80% of the vote. david city, population 2,900. locals say that support for trump has hardly waivered. >> i didn't think he would meet with as much resistance from people who refuse to acknowledge he is the president of the united states. >> reporter: when you see the efforts to repeal and replace obamaca obamacare collapse, you don't blame president trump for that? >> heavens no. he is being obstructed in every way they can. >> reporter: you feel that he has accomplished quite a bit. >> tremendous. laying the groundwork for the future for us. for the military, for our national security and for
6:51 am
employing people. that's awful important. people gotta have jobs so they feel comfortable. and then when they know the military is strong, they feel safe. they want a paycheck and that nobody is threatening their life. that's what most people are concerned about. >> reporter: no cracks in support even when asked about the president's tweeting of personal attacks and his controversial comments like those about the french first lady's physical appearance. >> he is one of us. he talks to people like he wants them to talk to him. he talks to people like i like to talk to people. >> reporter: the people of david city get together at this time of year at the county fair for rides, dancing and judging livestock. the fair's events were opened by local veterans let by a vietnam vet. he and his wife have a son who served in iraq. they blame distractions, including the russia investigation, for lack of progress.
6:52 am
>> if they just let him be a president, if the media would leave him alone, if the -- they come together, it would be okay. but he always has to side step something. >> it's rough for him. he has to get everybody together. he's got to get the republicans back on board as well as the democrats and all this other sma small stuff. the american people want to see results. >> reporter: the result that matters most to larry and ann, to bob and so many more here is that trump is in office. their voice was heard. >> they just laugh. they said, running for president? are you kidding? nobody took that guy serious. well, they forgot about us deplorables here in the midwest. they totally forgot about us. really interesting. thank you for that.
6:53 am
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6:58 am
>> mike is a fascinating guy. had he not been able to get his visa, he almost told his co-founder he couldn't come over. do it without me. it wouldn't have been what it was without him. he feels strongly about this and other things. instagram is at a huge scale. people are spending 32 mipnutesa day on it. i asked, what is the biggest challenge you are facing now with this grand scale? take a listen. >> the topping in terms of big challenging questions is how do we maintain instagram as a safe and positive place? in the early days if we spotted a negative comment, we would shut it down. that doesn't scale to 700 million people and just being able to evolve that to be machine learning based. we use human input into that and then all the machine learning back. we have people who look at comments and say, in this situation, this was actually a bullying comment. it's a human judgement that i
6:59 am
don't think machines can do yet. at scale, you can take all of the human judgments and try to do something that gets it right most of the time. >> these questions like machine learning to curb harassment, these are large issues that big tech companies are taking on. it's fascinating to watch instagram prioritize this. they're looking at mental health of the users. looking at the larger social responsibility now that we have seen some of the dak side rk si technology. >> facebook who owns them rethinking the mission. >> absolutely. i spoke to mike about changing instagram's mission. it used to be about connecting people to having different pictures. now it's about strengthening relationships. you hear the world putting humanity back in technology quite a bit from the big tech founders. there's a reason for that. >> it's more than just selfies. a lot of it is still selfies. >> i don't sleep enough because i sit there scrolling.
7:00 am
>> i know. >> thank you very much. a lot of news. let's get to it. good morning, everyone. >> this morning, president trump finds his hon he esty under att. mexico's president saying there was no phone call and he claims president trump's so-called facts are wrong. >> the president of mexico is accusing the president of the united states of making things up. this comes on the heels of the white house making it clear the president's lawyer did not tell the truth about the messaging on a meeting the president's son had with a russian lawyer. the team calls it of no consequence. let that sink in. the truth is of no consequence. apparently it is of some consequence to congressional republicans questioning the president's honesty with signs that republicans might be willing to split from the white house on some issues.


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