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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. the lowest rate in 16 years, 209,000 jobs created last month. the number better than expected a number the president this morning calls excellent. just a reminder, folks, he called past job report the phony. we're going to break this down. we begin with dramatic new
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development the in the russian investigation. special council robert mueller issuing grand jury subpoenas and focus on last summer's meeting between the president's son, top campaign advisors and the russian lawyer. the subpoena seeking document the and testimony from those inside that meeting. the probe also now crossing the president's so-called red line by examining his finances. the investigator the want to know if the president, his family, his associates have financial tying to russia. the president has scoffed at the probe call it a witch hunt. he fired up the rally in west virginia last night saying democrats have made the whole thing up. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. the it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is.
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>> covering all angles, so let's begin with justice correspondent evan perez. he says totally made up. the point the to democrat the. doesn't point to the fellow republicans who are supporting this investigation or the independent counsel. >> oh yeah. that's right. good morning. the special counsel robert mueller is following the money as the investigation into russia's meddling in 2016 election enters its secretary year. the cnn has learned new details about what investigators are digging into. that includes the finances of the president and his family. >>reporter: in a clear sign the russian investigation is advancing cnn has learned that robert mueller has issued grand jury subpoenas relating to the ming between a russian lawyer and trump campaign officials seeking documents and testimony from the people involved. this as the probe widens with federal investigator the exploring the potential
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financial ties. sources tell cnn that final links to offer a more concrete path to any potential prosecution. investigators are looking into possible financial crimes, including some unconnected to the election. for the president, that's going too far. he's warned that delving into his businesses is a "violation." trump has maintained there's no collusion and he has no financial ties to russia. the. >> and i can tell you speaking for myself, i own nothing in russia. i have no loans in russia. i don't have any deals in russia. >>. >> reporter: now, one clear into this complex probe, the fbi had reviewed financial records relating to the trump organization. the the president himself as well as to his family members and campaign associates cnn is told investigators have combed through the list of shell p companies and buyers of trump properties.
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zr and officials familiar with the investigation tell cnn mueller's team has examined the backgrounds of russian business associates. connected to trump dating back to the 2013 miss universe pageant that trump hosted moscow. cnn could not determine whether the review has included trump's tax returns. but even investigative leads that have nothing to do with russia but involve trump associates are being refer to the the special counsel to encourage subjects to cooperate. trump's team seeking to limit mueller's investigation. >> the president's point is that he doesn't want the special counsel to move beyond the scope and outside its mission. the president has been very clear as his accountants and team that he has no financial dealings with russia so think we've been extremely clear on that. >> cnn has learned new details.
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more than three dozen attorneys, fbi agents and support staff, experts in investigating fraud and financial crimes, broken into groups focused separately conclusion and obstruction of justice. also a focus on key targets like paul manafort, and general michael flynn, who was fired as national security adviser. cnn has learned that investigators became more suspicious of manafort when they turned up intercepted communications that u.s. intelligence agency collected among spected russian operaatives discussing their efforts to work with manafort to coordinate information that could hurt hillary clinton's bid for the white house according to u.s. officials. in flynn's case, the focus is now on his lobbying work for the turkish government which he failed to disclose. the while both men deny any wrongdoing, the approach to the manafort and flynn probes may offer a template for how the focus could help gain leverage
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and cooperation in the investigate. the press's attorney told cnn the spresz's outside legal team has not received in he request for documentation or information about this. any inquiry from the special counsel that goes beyond a mandate specified in the appointment we object to. >> all right. evan perez great reporting. thank you very much. >> there is a lot going on legally. a lot of important nuances. the it's complicated to say the least. let's bring in cnn legal analyst paul kaline. the paul street journal broke the story and they quote a constitutional scholar in it who said the way he sees it is that this shows these additional subpoenas tied to the don jr. meeting show a "long-term large -- >> yes, i do.
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historically, when you create a special purpose grand jury like this, and evan's report just indicated three dozen attorneys, fbi agents and investigators, you've created a bureaucracy. what does that exist for? one purpose. to investigate links between the trump campaign and the russians. and to justify their existence they're going to be very thorough and it's going to go on for a long time and be a detailed investigation. >> what do we know about grand juries and their history? obviously we'll see what happens here. the but generally, do grand juries hand down an indictment? >> that's a great question. statistically there's been analysis of that. when a prosecutor seeks an indictment, they indict more than 99% of the time. >> is really? >> yes. they do what the prosecutor wants them to do. now stepping back. it's a little hard to get into
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the mechanics. >> so it's sort of one-sided. >> it's one-sided. what happens is the prosecutor is working with the grand jury every day. the it's like you go to the work in morning ant there's m mueller or his u.s. attorneys. you get to know them, trust them. so they tend to rely on what gets recommended. >> but an indictment doesn't mean a crime has been committed. le it means probable cause to take to a jury trial. >> right. just because i say 99% of the time they indict when the prosecutor rec mensdss it, if it the prosecutor recommends the other way, don't indict, they follow that too. the mueller has a represent euanticipation for integrity. >> so there was already a grand jury seated a while ago around michael flynn. >> yes. >> national security adviser. and subpoenas issued for that. the these subpoenas are different. they are tied to the don jr. meeting with the russian lawyer which we just found out about in
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ht last month. significance of that to you? >> well, i think you're seeing an immediate focus on the don jr. meeting in the trump tower and so this is a laser beam focus really on what's the most relevant thing. was there a really link between the campaign and the russians? so i'm not at all surprised that's where they started with the subpoenas. >> still a gray area legally. you're going to stay with us. you can get back to this more. gray area legally on whether or not you can bring criminal charges against a sitting president? >> constitutional scholars i think the majority say no. you can't indict a sitting president. you can impeach them and then go after this criminally. there's a minority view that presidents are not bu the law and they can be subject to immaterial do. it's never been done no. >> there are a lot of things that would set precedence here. >> thank you very much. we appreciate the expertise. stay with us again. the the president turning up his attacks as the russia probe
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intensifies. if p you were watching last night when he was in west virginia, he was certainly on the offensive firing up his base insisting the entire thing is in his words a fabrication. look, joe, the president spent a good five minutes talking about this last night. >>reporter: that's right. beefing up his campaign rhetoric. i think the campaign style rally, this is the secretary time he's actually been in west virginia, which is a state the president won by more than 40% points. the this time it was not a rally of huge numbers of boy scouts. this time, it was loyal supporters of the president arriving there at the big sandy arena in huntington, west virginia to hear from the president. many of them put into office and for those five minutes, the president talked about the russian investigation among
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other things, asserting that the russian investigation was a ruse, as he said before, indicating that in his view, this was something being done to the voters who put him in office. listen. >> are there any russians here tonight? any russians? they can't beat us at the voting booths, so they're trying to cheat you out of the future and the future they you won. most people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. i just hope the final determination is a truly honest one, which is what the millions of people who gave us our big win in november de serve and what all americans who want a better future want ant deserve.
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>> the president was so impressed with the turnout that he tweeted about it this morning. now, the president's lawyers put out a statement just yesterday after the news of the grand jury being impaneled by the special counsel went public. saying grand jury matters are typically secret. the white house is committed to fully cooperating with mr. mueller. i think the takeaway from last night's rally in west virginia, if anything else, is that this president does not intend to stop talking about the russian investigation. he's very much casting in political term the right now. >> he does not indeed. thank you, my friend. special counsellor bob mueller's latest moving riling critics. also raising a lot of questions or experts are standing by. this morning, breaking 1 million
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jobs so far in his presidency, strong jobs report pushing trump presidency over that key milestone. bus captured. a fugitive wanted is nabbed just days after being profiled on the "hunt" with john walsh.
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so new twist this morning in the russian investigation. in addition to special counsel bob mueller issuing the grand jury subpoenas, his team is chasing the money literally examining the financial ties, if there are any between the president, president's associates and russia. the what does this mean for the white house. back with us ev ran and also whuts -- nice to have you all here. evan, interestingly, last night the way newt gingrich has been a big ally, to quote him the mueller threat is probably the most deadly. he with ent on to say it's what he call the the deep state, bureaucracy gepts the president. putting that aside he calls it perhaps the most deadly. this follows on your reporting that what right now what
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investigators digging into is any final ties. this is about the money trial. allies of the president saying this could be deadly. >> they're right. this is the issue for this investigation, that really goes to the central charge that they have. which is to try to uncover whether or not there was any legal coordination with the russian security service to influence the election. to get to the bottom you have to examine the money. i know the president and allies and legal team are all sort of drawing questions as to whether or not mueller has exceeded what he was charged to do but this goes right to the center of what he was charged to do which is to understand whether or not perhaps anybody connected to the president or maybe the president himself was subject to blackmail or any kind of pressure from the russians, whether anything perhaps four or five years ago, a financial transaction played a role role into any of this. if they didn't do this they
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wouldn't be doing their job. >> right. the president calls this a red line. he asked republican senators and they scoff at that idea. there's no red line. it's like saying ken star had a red line in white water. you've got this push from republicans to bipartisan push to protect the special counsel. two ill abouts put out in the senate bipartisan sport basically making the courts review if mueller were fired. >> there's all sorts of factors i think limiting the president's ability to do something himself to limit this investigation. you have this congressional push from senators including republicans, as you point out. you've got john kelly, the new chief of staff who i think is really in a position and is acting in a way to limit the president's faints towards saying getting rid of jeff sessions chl he called him and said you're secure if your job. the they were very close when
6:20 am
kel wri was the dms secretahs c. the limits. the now there's a grand jury it becomes so much harder for the president to do something about this. you have that pushing against a tighter probe into his finances, which is going to anger the president. it's already angering the president. i think this is a clash year. we don't know how it's going to end up but it's harder now than in the past. >> listening to the president last night in west virginia and listen to this, because he seems to have changed his tactic slightly but in a very important way. that is not just to dismiss the investigation, but to take on the honesty of it. listen to this. >> i just hope the final determination is a truly honest one, which is what the millions of people who gave us our big win in november deserve and what all meamericans who want a bett
6:21 am
future want and deserve. >> paul skal lin, significant to you? >> it is significant. i think the president's position has always been this is absurd. there's no connection between my campaign and collusion with the russians. but i think he's ignoring what is the biggest danger to him. that is while this connection is being investigated, will something be uncovered about the trump financial empire that indicates illegalities or connections by underlings of his to the russians. that's where the area of embarrassment for the administration and maybe even possible criminal charges lies. that's the area that he's not talking about. >> abbey, did you see it as a shift for this president instead of dismissing it as an excuse by democrats like he says to make up for not winning the election. the did you see last night as a shift where he was actually trying to undercut the integrity of the investigation itself? >> yeah. absolutely, poppy. i mean one of the things to remember about last night's
6:22 am
rally is that it was actually a campaign rally. so the intention here is to really boltster his base. i think reading between the lines of what the president said right now, you kind of get the sense that there's some concern that as this is all going on, that some of these investigates and the questions about what might have happened during the campaign and prior to that are seeping into the president's base, and this was an effort to prevent that from happening but undermining the credibility of the special council. the that message was directed at trump supporters. it's revealings because i think up until this point they had sort of thought that the kind of fake news allegations, the witch hunt allegation would be sufficient. and clearly, it is not. and i think that the president was going really offensively last night in a way that i hadn't heard him do despite all of the tweet the and all of that stuff. manging a really clear tas that it's not just the democrats but it's also the republicans and
6:23 am
everybody in h washington who's protecting the special counsel that's enabling this activity. that's a pretty broad case i don't think we've heard up until this morning. >> it's interesting, evan, that you had james clapper, who was former director of national intelligence surfing under five administrations both democrats and republicans called it watergate in slow motion. last night. listen to this. >> whether this leads to firing of or attempt to fire bob mueller, i think that would be a very dangerous thing to do. i think this would create a real constitutional crisis. this would be watergate in slow motion. >> evan, those are strong words, but one also remember watergate, this didn't happen overnight. this was a two-year build-up process. >> right.
6:24 am
exact exactly. this is a long process. i think that's what we're facing here. we're entering gt second year of this investigation. and look, a lot of what the fbi has done so far, mueller is going through it, and checking everything out and seeing whether or not there's something that needs to be redone. naeb there'senings the fbi look the at before and put aid side that maybe will get new attention. i think part of the issue here is that i think there is a lot of concern as to whether or not the president was trying to force sessions out so that he could put in somebody who is not conflicts and perhaps would then be able to remove bob mueller and make essentially mueller's place redundant. i think what you saw in the last few days, including from the senate, he they voted to make sure there was no chance of a recess appointment. this kind of closes the door a little bit for the president. there's a lot of concern the president could go down a road that really would set us up for
6:25 am
some kind of cooperatinstitutio clash. >> the president's own party closing these door rts around him limiting the options. i have to get you guys onto something fascinating that one of the people most loyal to the president said last night in ohio. cory lieu endo you ski, the president's former campaign manager, said a lot and let me just paraphrase for tu. he said i'm a friend of the president but he has to be held accountable if he doesn't follow through on his promises and those include repealing obamacare, largest kaks cut in history, trillion dollar infrastructure plan. pointing out that the president hasn't done any of this and telling people to hold him to account come 2020? i think that's pretty cana interesting. the but he's not mentioning the russian investigation. i think this is an effort to re-orient the conversation. >> couldn't he have done that and said look at all the things the president is looking
6:26 am
towards? instead he told people to hold him to account. >> i think it's a little bit of trying to re-orient the conversation. i think it is interesting because he can't say something like that. he can't say look at all what the president's done. that's a difficult place now six and a half months into the administration where what can they point to? neil gorsuch, executive orders. the. >> very big. >> some regulations. but they do have a problem here with getting legislation through and getting some of this legislative agenda through. i think it's holding the president accountable but also the trump campaign and trump world really wants to put the focus as well on congress and make trump supporters 0 sort of focus their undergrounds saying kong get something done on behalf of the president fwl clearly that was his message last week and last night by throwing it all at congress's feet including everything that's wrong with the russian u.s. relationship thank you. we appreciate it.
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ahead, a 16 year low for the unemployment rate in this country. a million new jobs add the under president trump. that is a great number for americans workers, how our markets' going to react after a record week for the dow. the opening bell is in just a moment. hey you've gotta see this. c'mon.
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no. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying?
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go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. this morning unemployment is at a 16-year low. this marks a big, big win for president trump, over a million jobs added to the economy since he took office. i will just note he called the numbers excellent this morning. in the past, before it was numbers under his presidency he called this report phony. >> he's becoming the cheerleader in chief of the stock market. the 20 -- it winds up being more than a million jobs added while
6:32 am
he has been in office. if you look at that trend it's not quite as much -- enough to reach the president aids promise of 25 million jobs created in 10 years. we theed to see an average of 208,000 each month. the unemployment rate falling to 4.3% at a 16-year low. something interesting going on in the labor market, seeing a ton of jobs opening. but employers are having a hard time filling them. the sort of what's happening because of that is we're not seeing wages accept rate when you think you would. when employers want to hire people, usually raise wages. only seeing them up 2.5% compared to last year. that is the one sticking point. >> what the proceeds's focused on perhaps most is mining jobs, coal jobs. obviously in west virginia. that's some jobs being added. >> what we saw in h julys with
6:33 am
16,000 manufacturing jobs. not sure about the breakdown of where they are but those increases, the 16,000 are more because of fundamentals, seeing more global demand. >> but a lot of these are health care, food -- >> right the food area. bars and restaurant, those are minimum wage jobs. health care jobs are higher. a lot of that is because of obamacare, there's job increases. >> that's interesting. thank you. ny nice do have you here. let's debate with two men who i don't think are on the same. steven moore, former economic advisor to president trump's presidential campaign. austin, to you, a million is a good number. >> yes it's a little more than a million. pret solid number for this month. i would would observe that the seven months that president trump has been there has added about 1.3 million jobs, almost exactly the same as the
6:34 am
1.4 million jobs they added the first seven months last year. over that period, you remember during the campaign, donald trump saying the economy was a disaster. the job market was a total phony. we've now repeated it almost exactly and he's taking credit. it's okay. we've had 83 months, i think now, of job growth. it's a solid recovery. we'd like to see wages go up better. i'd like to see the sectors spread out from the lower wage sectors, and have more broad based job growth but it's pretty solid number, i think. >> so steven moore, here's the thing. if this new immigration plan announced by the white house were to make it through, that's going to cut down the number of legal immigrants in this country and if you just look at the
6:35 am
numbers -- a wholot of productiy you're going to cut if you don't bring them in. lindsey graham called this a fundamental misunderstanding of the economy. >> i say so far trump's got the economy pretty right. this was a solid number. by the way, wages in july had a really nice bounce up. so i'd like to see a continuation of that because i think right now the problem with the economy obviously is not jobs. there's plenty of jobs out there. it's producing the higher wage jobs. the on this h issue of immigration, look, it is true that as we see more and more baby boomers retiring, we're going to need more immigrants. they have to come in legally. there are parts of trump immigration plan i like and parts of it i don't like. i like the shift -- i wonder what austin things about this. i like the shift towards a more skill based merit based system
6:36 am
to get the people contribute the most. i don't like the idea of cutting the immigration numbers, we will need more immigrant workers. >> to fill those jobs, fewer workers means less growth, less productivity and those are numbers this administration is not going to like. the austin -- >> i would -- go ahead. >> the labor force and the fop lation growth in the united states of native-born people here, look exactly like western europe and japan, which is to say we're having low birth rates, we're having a demographic crisis. the almost all the labor force growth has come directly or indirectly from immigrants, if you cut that in half you will have a negative impact. >> you guys -- hold on. i need you to weigh in on this. even though i would like to make the entire hour about this, this that is not going to fly.
6:37 am
president trump promised this 4% economic growth consistent. and then this week, he touts 6 2.6%. >> it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. 2.6 is a number that nope thought they'd see for a long time. le remember i was saying we will hit 3 at some point in h the not too distant future, and 2.6 is an unbelievable number. >> steven more just say under the obama administration 2.6% growth was hit more than a dozen times. is this the president tempering expectatio expectations? >> i hope not, because look, i was one of those economists who, woulded with donald trump and urged him to talk about 4% growth. the i think we can get that. the if we can get the tax cut done i think that's important. le one of the raucaution flags
6:38 am
raised is i think there is a little bit of anticipation effect of this tax cut happening and if that doesn't happen i think you'll see a bit of a sell-off. so trump whose to deliver on his economic program. le a lot of the improvement we've seen is this anticipation effect. that means you've got to fulfill those anticipations to get the economy to grow. if we get the tax cut i think we can get the growth next year. >> austin, i think it's really interesting that for some reason the market is not at all looking -- i mean this market believes the tax reform is going to happen and probably happen in h the next year. i wonder why you think all of the legislative sort of attempts and failures thus far, the failure on repealing and replacing obamacare and sort of the chaos in washington and white house -- >> that's a bit of a puzzle. and i think even the president's advocates view that as a puzzle.
6:39 am
they only thing i would say is i feel a bit like my mom when i was a kid, had a toy poodle and my dad would always describe our dog as killer. here, donald trump is having almost the identical economy to what he inherited on the jobs front, almost exactly the same job growth as was last year. the stock market is up, it's true, but the stock market was up more under the last two presidents at the beginning than it has been under trump. the i think it's been a fine -- the economy's growing at kind of a fine modest pace, and that there seems to be this exuberance in the -- among businesses, i hope it continues, but you know, as you say, there have been a lot of legislative hiccups and if they're going to be deterred by that -- >> i would say to that, look,
6:40 am
there's just no question there's been a ramp up since the election. the economy in 2016. >> in what? the job growth is the same. >> not well well. >> i have 15 seconds. final thoughts. >> it's a lot higher as we've gone from 1.5 to 2.6. you saw the boom after the stock market. so i do think there's a trump effect. >> but you would concede we did see some more growth a lot of times under the obama administration. we have to leave it there, gentlemen. thank you. we appreciate it. >> . ahead for us at kremlin taking a page out of president trump's book slamming the mueller probe as "absurd and groundless."
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6:45 am
korea he calls the ban "vile." the ban goes into effect next month over concerns of serious risk of arrest and long-term detention. also new this morning the kremlin says it agrees with president trump that the relations are at a dangerous low after the russian foreign minister slammed remarks made by the vice president as "out of touch with reality." caught in the middle of all of it secretary of state rex tillerson who comes face-to-face with top officials from both countries in just a few days. let's go to moscow. the. >>reporter: secretary of state tillerson meeting with the foreign minister trying to repair relations that may very well be beyond repair. it was dillerson himself who just a few days a ago saying relations have been at the force point since the cold war.
6:46 am
he talked to monday minunorth k to be one the few points where they see eye to eye. trying to maintain the threat to the peninsula and beyond. from there it's harder to find where the u.s. and russians agree, except on their assessment of the russian investigation. putin and the kremlin very much agreeing with prucesident trump calling it absurd and groundless. that opinion hasn't changed. going back to tillerson, he said he'll do what he can as they talked about the relations and try to improve them. there haven't been any inten nations of retaliations but remember putin did say it's on the table and he has a number of other possibilities because of other areas such as space where the u.s. and russians still get along. but tillerson has a tall order ahead of him if he wants to improve relations, it won't be easy and many here and it seeps there in the u.s. say it's
6:47 am
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after a five year run, a fugitive wanted for sexually assaulting a minor is caught in illinois after being profiled on the hunt. days after the episode, dozens of leads were received.
6:52 am
he is currently being held in jane. "the hunt" has a track record since its launch. scott mclane is in denver with details. what do you know about this? >> reporter: he has been on the run five years, but the crimes date back more than a decade. he was in boulder, colorado, working as a hockey coach when a 17-year-old came to stay with him. this girl, elizabeth, came from sweden. she didn't know anybody in boulder, or this country. >> in december of 2005, my mom came to me and said, surprise, i'm going to send you to the u.s. i was nervous.
6:53 am
when we arrived at his apartment, i was shocked when i saw there was no bed set up for me. he said you are going to leap in my bed. >> he was accused of sexually assaulting a minor. on her 18th birthday, the pair drove to las vegas and she was forced to marry him. when she was 23 years old, they were living in iowa and she made a run for it, literally running down the street to get away from him. she hid in a gas station and was able to get help. he didn't show up for a court date in 2012 and has been on the run ever since. this episode of "the hunt" aired and they got more than a dozen tips, many pointing to deerfield outside of chicago. he will face a judge in illinois before being sent back to colorado. >> this happened when she was 17
6:54 am
and she clearly something happened that she wasn't able to make a run for it for five years. >> reporter: yeah. keep in mind, when she came to the country, she didn't know anyone in the country. she didn't have a support system. her father took his own life in sweden shortly after the first sexual assault took place. her mother, her relationship with her mother was quite strained. she describes being psychologically abused and threatened. he told her he was her biological father. she was 23 when she got away from him. she is 28 now. looking back, she sees she was brainwashed. this is a classic case of stockholm syndrome. >> a lot of people happy to see him brought to justice. thank you very much, scott. president trump is about to get a briefing from fema on
6:55 am
hurricane season. this, as he battles his own russia storm. is this a phone?
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7:00 am
testimony from the people in the meeting. the probe now crossing the president's so-called red line looking at his finances to see if they have financial ties to russia. the president scoffed at the probe, called it a witch hunt. he said democrats made the whole thing up. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is. >> justice correspondent evan perez has been working his sources. he joins us with more, then we'll get to joe johns at the white house. evan, first walk me through the additional subpoenas that you guys broke the news, are being issued and the tie they have to the don jr. meeti


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