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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hailing his base is as strong as ever. here are the tweets. look ago rallies in pennsylvania, iowa, ohio, and west virginia. he goes on. the fact is the fake news russian collusion story, record stock market, border security, military strength, jobs, supreme court pick, economic enthusiasm deregulation and so much more. and the president is not the only one out of the white house. here he's calling this -- disgraceful and offensive. it details vice president and how he's positioning himself for a 2020 president atrun.
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and he is far from the only one. we'll have much more on that, biline, he'll join me in a more. first sara murray is following the president on his working vacation. do we know what he's doing today? >> brooke, the president wants you to think he as not on vacation at all. he's working hard, no vacation despite the fact we are adjacent to his golf club. working hard from new jersey, going to new york next week for more meetings. have john kelly is here. he's going to be going back and forth throughout the president's stay. this is someone who has -- he
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doesn't really see it as a chief responsibility to be running around policing the president's social media habits. varying details how the -- and he did do a call with secretary of state rex tillerson as well as john kelly on the situation foment very few on and how he will spend his future dates. all right. sara murray, thank you so much. joining mu know cnn political director david chalian, and alex burns is with me. also dana bash is with us.
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the allegations in this argue are categorically false. he goes on. the american people know i could not be more honored to be working side by side with the president, whatever fake news may tum our way, my entire team with continue to focus all our efforts to advance the agenta. any suggestion otherwise is both laughable and absurd. your response to the vice president's response to you? >> well, allegations is a strong word for what was in that story. no one accused mike pence of a crime. what we did report is that the vice president, along with a number of other folks in the republican parties are laying the groundwork for potential
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campaigns of their own in case the president doesn't or can't run. and i think what partly got under the administration's skin we have several divorce telling republican donors they're getting ready just in case. they didn't say they were going to challenge the president, but just in case. those are three charged words for this particular president. >> david, we talked to jamie gengal last hour, reporting good how extraordinarily sensitive the vice president is to any suggestion that he's measuring the drapes in the oval office. what does thinks over-the-top reaction signal to you? >> first of all the reeks -- i love the reporting. i'm just saying he extended the life of this story by responding the way that he did, which may not be to his detriment in the long run of, again, if you're building those donor relationships, having it out
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there, your aides are say just in case, that's not terrible if you're trying to build a structure here, but president vice president would be sensitive. to that. and this president who keenly watching cable news and responds viscerally to stories, you can imagine that mike pence would indeed be very careful about how he's being perceived by his boss on this matter. >> dana, what do you think? >> i was told explicitly that the vice president was warned about the potential risk of giving this wonderful story that alex did a lot more oxygen, and the questions of whether or not mike pence has been looking into this, more oxygen by having such a formal, explicit, on the record quote in the middle of a sunday like he, did did, but that he felt like he wanted to get out and say what he did for
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the reasons david just described. they have followed up on this within the communication shop. mark lauder, the vice president's press secretary was on fox this morning. i believe he'll be on erin burnett tonight, i was listening to cove servicety roof coming in, and he head he has done several others. this is an offense to do defense on the concept of him -- and certainly is not -- i don't think everybody is on board, it probably would have sufficed to raising money about the pac, it's about the vice president going out and helping members of congress getting reelected, and not about me. >> so the vice president gave it legs. i think the president also gave it legs, in the sense he tweeted
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nine times this morning where he's criticizing fake news, yet clearly reading "new york times" to read alex's reporting clearly watching cnn. what he's doing is watching tvlt and reacting to it. >> you can look at this in two ways. one in which oar -- this is a president who clearly is not changing his habits. this is day 200, and it looks a lot like the first 100 days and second 100 days heading into the next chink. he's not changing his behavior. he's consumed by cable news, reading his clips and responding to it emotionally on twitter. totally fine. there's another way to look at it. like he did like lisa murkowski, which ended up on hi no vote. he's not going after mueller, or the investigation per se in the way we have seen previously, and
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not exposing himself. those would be positive developments if you're john kellie or someone else making sure -- >> you know, the ton line on the story is yes, it's the vice president, but as you outlined, cotton, sasse, kasich, all peeking their heads out in iowa. >> and at least one of them proudly, too. kasich and maybe ben sasse are being bolder than the vice president by a lot. they're the ones intimating that maybe they would run even if trump we are still in the race. kasich is the one who has literally gone there. look, to david's point, this sort of daily tweet storming becomes a self-reinforcing cycle where part of the reason you have people like ben sasse
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and -- going to iowa, is because they continue to see a real instability, and to use john mccain's word weakness, if you have the sense that the president was 200 days in, and had things under control and on track, this stuff probably wouldn't be going on. >> has we ever had this conversation, and we're talking about potentials for 2020? >> on the other side of the aisle, of course. on the other side of the aisle, from the party that the -- president -- when you're talking about within the party, i don't, even when johnson was considering it, no. you guys can correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that alex's point at the begins of the segment is key, and the point they were making in the story, is that it's not about necessarily challenging the vice president. it's about being prepared, just
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in case, you know, there isn't a trump run for whatever reason in 2020. that's quite different. that's quite different. you know, for people who -- and for politicians who understand that politics is about timing, just like life, but politics even more so is about timing, who would have thought the time was right for a first-term senator from illinois who had just been serving in the state senate for like a minute to run for president. so it just happened to be right. so it's be prepared is the motto for anyone with political ambition. >> thank you so much. coming up next rex tillerson admits there is serious distrust after the 2016 election, where the trump administration stands after tillerson's meeting with the foreign minister overseas. also north korea vows to teach the u.s., quote, a severe lesson
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the secretary the state rex tillerson has just told the media he has tough words for his russian counterpart in connection with the interfiche, acknowledging something that the president has not, that the relationship between the two nations has damaged. >> are you readia's meddling in the election is certainly a serious incident. we discussed with it yet. and trying to help this was understand how serious it would been and how serious it damaged the relationship between the u.s. and the american people and the russian people that this
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created serious mistrust, and we simply have to find some way to deal with that. >> joining me nose elise labott, and chance is here with me. elise, tell me more about this meeting? >> well, it's the first time that the two leaders have met since that sanctioning bill was passed by congress and signed by president trump. also the russians have -- that have to leave the country and stop working at the u.s. embassy. clearly that was the elephant in the room. i think there's an effortly senior tillerson to work on some of the other issues, like syria, like ukraine. he said there could be some foreign movement on that, but clearly it was a tense meeting, it was a tough discussion, and i think the russians don't have a hell of a lot incentive to make
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it look like a successful meeting, but russia's insight on to the north korean resolution passic sanctions, so i think there's some cooperation going on behind the scenes, but certainly the opticsics nor have the good. matthew, just talking to you here, the fact that tillerson said serious mistrust, the election meddling calling serious ms. trust, how how do you interpret that? >> it's an under statement. i think tillerson was right to express that. but i think the russian counterparts, sergei lavrov was equally critical of what it's done, russians call it a witch-hunt a world that our president has used as well.
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the u.s. sanctions, to lift it away from the president was in their words a power of because it doesn't have this that in itself has a powerful blow. do you think there's any chance on the sanctions bill and also how russia is going to kick out, what was it 755 u.s. diplomats. >> it was to maybe the relationship better? >> that was his idea. i think that's a historically past the moment now. >> you do. >> i think it was already many sign that we had been reading from that the russian were
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disillusioned with that. i think the fact it's gone through and trump has signed it, i think sends a powerful message to the russians. even if trump wanted to level sanctions, he will not be able to. remember, the lifting of sanctions, let's not forget this, is the main reason the russians want a better relationship with washington. they want the sanctions lifted. if trump can't deliver that -- >> what good are they? >> what good is it? >> i got it. elite, to you, we know that putin has ordered 755 u.s. diplomats to leave the country, but here is what rex tillerson said about that today. >> i told the foreign minister that we had not made a decision regarding how we will respond to russia's request to remove u.s. diplomatic personnel. i asked several clarifying questions just to ensure i
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understood their thinking behind that diplomatic note we received, but told him we would respond by september the 1st. >> how do you see this playing out, elise? >> if you remember how this originally came about, this is in response to president obama kicking out russian diplomats for the meddling in the election, and president trump asked president putin hold off, let's wait until i get into office, let's see what we can do together. clearly president putin saw that that relationship is not bearing fruit, and now that the sanctions have been passed president putin went ahead and did that. i think it remains to be seen whether this tit for tat is good going to end as is. now it's just more evening numbers between the u.s. embassy and the russian embassy here in washington. so is that going to be it?
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are they going to try to move forward? that remains to be seen, but clearly this meddling, the investigations here in washington, and all the, you know, kind of receipt ricks and political chaos that's surrounding us will continue to dog this relationship. i think it's going to be up to secretary tillerson and foreign minister lavrov to plow ahead on issues that they can work together. secretary tillerson said we shouldn't let one issue define the relationship. unfortunately, brooke, that's what's hang. >> for the foe seabol future. elise thank you, matthew chance, good to see you, closer to home there. north korea threatening to make the u.s. pay dearly. this time even china and russia got on board. we'll talk about whether the signals are a real shift in attitude dealing with kim jong-un. also ahead, google engineer's diatribe has marked a massive backlash in the tech
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north korea vows to make the u.s. pay dearly, their words, after a stunning unanimous vote at the united nations form the plan, to put a stranglehold on north korea's cash flow as payback for the defiant if missile tests. will it work? joining me notice is fareed
12:27 pm
zakar zakaria, and we're being to talk about your documentary here, but first we talk about sanctions for north korea would would it work this time? >> that's a good question. i don't think it will. this is one of the most isolated countries in the world. they do business really with one country, china. china gives north korea 50% of its food and 90% of its fuel form the question is not sanctions. the question is will china enforce the sanctions. >> the question still is how much will this enforce? >> they have supported previous votes. they voted to sanction previously, and what ends up happening is they do enforce them, but not to the extent that they really choke offer the country, because what they worry about is, will they do that? will the regime collapse? what does that mean? millions of refugees pouring into china, possibly a unified
12:28 pm
korea, which is a pro-american country sitting on their border. and don't forget the troops in south korea, and by the way 15 nuclear weapons. they would inherit the arsenal of the north. so the chinese have real concerns. i think more important would be strategic diplomacy with china. so far the trump administration seems to have alternated between, you know, almost romantic views that xi jinping, because he had chocolate cake with trump in mar-a-lago would magically solve this? to now it's angry tweets against the chinese, where we need a serious, sustained conversations at the highest levels. >> you want to hit them where it hurts and apparently the sanctions equal a third of the exports thus in the nair of a billion dollars. still, is that just chump change? >> no, it's a lot, but look, this is a country that's survived famines, a regime
12:29 pm
that's survived total isolate. if you think about just their ability to survive, this is the regime that has survived 75 years, passed the regime on from father to son to grandson. they have outlasted the soviet union, outlasted all the arab dictatorships that fell through the arab spring. they know how to stick around. one more ratcheting of the crew will do it? i'm not sure that's exactly right. here's a clip of your documentary, some of the people talking trump. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> we got shot. >> shot where? >> shootings in broad daylight. >> there's someone bleeding on my sun porch. he's knocking on my front door. please, i have kids. >> drug deals in abandoned buildings. >> my friend called me.
12:30 pm
i think she od'd. >> mothers overdossing on heroin. this sunday the south bronx in the 1908s. it's trim able county, ohio in 2017. >> c'mon, you got to stop this [ bleep ] baby. common. >> this area was ground zero of the rustbelt rebellion. it's easy to see why. >> we're losing our jobs. we're losing our factories. >> the american heartland is becoming the new inner city. >> c'mon, man. >> is she still breathing? >> no, she's not. >> she's not breathing again? it's a powerful clip. what do you mean by the american heartland is the new inner city. >> it's a great question at the heart of that segment. when we look at inner city, we often think we are there so many
12:31 pm
dysfunctionals here? out-of-we hadlock, and crimes, and some would say it's culture, some would say it's race, but a lot of people said, you know what happened? the jobs went away. when the jobs go away, you start to see the social spiral downward. the fascinating thing about the american heartland is many of these jobs went away about a decade away. they held on, tried to make it all work. after a while when the jobs go away, what ends up happen is civic life goes away, the community starts splitting apart, families start breaking down. what you're experiencing in the american heartland are all the social pathologies. out-of-we hadlock birth, drug overuse, crime, family breakdown, and po rampant joblessness.
12:32 pm
when you have that kind of social and economic decay, it looks the same whether you're in harlem or rural ohio. >> and the president or then candidate trump's message really resonated clearly with these folks. we've watch "why trump won" the special documentary here on cnn. do not miss this. 9:00 eastern and pacific, only here on cnn. fareed zakaria, always a pleasure. thank you very much. coming up next, the story that google may not want you to google. a software engineer writing an essay on why he believes women may be less suited to tech jobs than men. women in tech are reacting. we'll talk to one next. alzheimer's disease the fi is out there.survive and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen
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the ten-page memo written by a software engineer at google is causing all kinds of waves when it comes to diversity in the workplace. this yet to be identified male employees claims women are less
12:37 pm
suited for tech jobs for biological and psychological reasons. training programs for women highly politicized. diversity work aliens yates nonprogressives, and the gendend nonprogressives, and the gende may explain why we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leadership. we need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism. lori siegle, tech correspondent, and ellen petrie leone, a former apple and google executive. thank you for being with me. ellen, 35-year-plus career in silicon valley. when you read this, were you just aghast and surprised? or did you think, this is like so many people i worked with at apple and google? >> i won't say it's like so many people i worked with at apple appeared google. i think it is the flavor of the entire industry.
12:38 pm
that doesn't mean i wasn't aghast and surprised. the word "assumptions" is very interesting. that is the word to me that flavors this entire memo. for an industry that prides itself a being data backed and on working with evidence, even working with science, this is a memo about assumptions, and i found nothing in that memo i could back with any sort of scientific understanding, evidence or data. >> what he was saying about biological or psychological abilities of women, i president googled it, and i couldn't find anything either. go ahead. >> psychological abilities is one thing, but remember psychological abilities are largely conditioned. they are things we learn learn from our society, from the examples, role models and sufferingses we are all exposed to as part of living everyday life, but psychological differences? evidence based? absolutely not. we have opinions on that, but
12:39 pm
this is a memo about opinion. the problem is this opinion is shaping more than our news, and shaping more than the anger and outrage that many people field. not only women, but other underrepresented groups. isn't it also shaping our products? by shaping or products, brooke, isn't it also shaping the experience we all have in life and reality? >> all great questions. i'm also wondering, and lori you have all kind of great ins in google in mountainview. you made a couple calls, how is this being handled or responded to internally? >> someone sells i don't respect what he said, i respect his right to say it, but this source within google to me said it's jarring, and i think the conversation with so many people are frustrated, so many women are frustrated by some of these conversations, to see something like this come out that has all these narratives that women have
12:40 pm
fought so hard again, you know, i do think that that can be very frustrating. i will say google does take diversity seriously. they're trying to take it seriously, there are training groups for all sorts of management. i mean, there are diversity programs to teach young girls how to code. all sorts of diversity programs, but something is dropping off, because there's a stat, you know, the diversity report just came out, 69% of the male employees are men, white employees make up 56% of the total workforce, knowing women within all these big tech companies, there's frustration. i just interviewed six women who talked about sexual harassment in technology. we seem like the tip of the iceberg. for whatever reason now, people are saying this isn't okay and they're speaking out again it. >> ellen, i was reading deeper. he also lists what he call nondiscriminatory ways to reduce the gender gape.
12:41 pm
make software too center culture more collaborative and allowing for more work/life balance. should gender differences come into play when making these kinds of, i don't know, decisions or addressing these issue, do you think? >> i would say that inclusion definitely comes into into play. ability differences, it simply implies that all people have an equal chance to contribute their intelligence, training and talent to solving problems. a work/life balance is an important thing for all people. we know through cognitive studies in neuroscience that people are meant to do more than work, and work/life balance actually supports and leads to more creativity, more innovation, and really more productive ability at the end of the day, but i think what lori said also touching, brooke, on the point of what any underrepresented group in
12:42 pm
silicon valley is working against in this mainstream culture and these assumptions there is one way to do this. it's based on people who have already done it historically in the past for a variety of cultural and social issues. those times need to end. the products we are using don't represent the needs and reality of the majority of populations using in the meantime. when you bring all these minority populations together, we are a majority, i know we can do much better than we're doing now. >> just to see the number on the screen 69%, to digest d. and male employees of the total work force, i came across this 2014 medium, and tracy chow, who looked into it, representing roughly 12%, but said the number may even be lower, because she said companies tend to muddle the figures. at the end of the day, lori
12:43 pm
siegle now the conversation has started. there are those diversity programs. i think there's also enough frustration that people don't want company lines anymore. the head of diversity at google did come out and speak against this memo, but when you talk to women inside thinks companies, it's just not enough. the problem is still there. i think the diversity programs will change it and conversations like this, and having some of the stuff come to the forefront. i think there's a memo this leaked, people are angry and they want people to know despite the company lines, this thought still exists, and we have to keep fighting and talking about it, hoping to make it a safer place full of diverse people. >> and he has every right to write it, absolutely, but good on these women and men to having these conversations as a result. lori siegle, and ellen petrie,
12:44 pm
thank you both so much. thank you, coming up next, fox news has suspended another high-profile host at yet another sexual harassment, here what is eric bolling is accused of and how he is responding. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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skrupd from social media. he took to twitter and said,
12:49 pm
overwhelmed by all the support i received. thank you. i look forward to clearing my name asap. what exactly are the allegations here? >> huffington post reported on friday that eric bolling a few years ago had apparently sent lewd text messages to some of his female colleagues and it had been kind of rumored around, one reporter from the daily beast, had chased the story around for a while, but now he's been suspended from fox news as they investigate. >> on facebook page, this one accuser caroline heldman said, my only surprise is that it took so long for people to come forward about bolling's behavior for years. in fact, some of his behavior happened on tv. >> we have the bus boycott.
12:50 pm
this is part of america's fabric. >> one of the senators thinks this is illegal. eric? >> i'm shocked the great dr. macoti said it's the most american thing you can do. >> dr. macoti? >> clearly it seems -- >> no. not okay. >> it seems like he was joking but that doesn't necessarily mean it's okay, right? i think that clip happened when roger el was still at fox, and that may have been more acceptable back in roger el's era. >> what is fox saying now? >> fox is saying they're investigating whether or not he sent these messages. they're not commenting beyond that. of course, bolling is denying this vociferously. but it does sort of speak to the larger culture at fox. you have roger els who was forced out over sexual allegations, you have bill riley who was forced out. you have fox business and eric
12:51 pm
bolling on suspension as fox investigates allegations. >> that's a list. he becomes the latest to get a parody done on him. pauly shore joins us to explain this spoof. >> when they brought the lady of liberty to life with the power of ectoplacsm, was that violating, in your opinion, the law of the land? for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you...
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comedian, former mtv vee jay, member of the trump administration impersonating stephen miller. you have pauly shore mocking this contentious exchange a couple days ago between miller and our very own correspondent jim acosta from the white house briefing last week. check it out. >> the statue of liberty says, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. >> the poem you're referring to is not part of the original statue of liberty, it was added later. the whole reason we put the statue of liberty here is to show the rest of the world here in america, we got some beautiful babes. and the other thing you might not know, jim, she's not holding a book, she's holding an ipad. look me directly in my forehead and tell me i'm not lying. >> this whole notion they have to learn english before they get
12:57 pm
into the united states. >> they already know english, jim. like it or not, the apres are here. they speak our language and they have left lady liberty to rot in ruin. there is nothing we can do about it. >> pauly shore, i'm giggling a little bit. i've watched you for years on mtv. i never thought i would talk to you about impersonating stephen miller at the white house briefing. how did this come about? >> a while ago people were hitting me up on twitter that i looked like anthony weiner. so that was like the first time. finally i did a skit with anthony weiner. then recently stephen miller got on there and everybody was hitting me up saying i looked like stephen miller. they said, let's do this sketch. they literal did it last thursday and put it up on
12:58 pm
friday, and here we are. >> the whole becoming stephen miller, what was that whole process like? what were you focusing on? did he have any habits you were em la emulating? how did you pull that off? >> it's pretty much one jew face to another jew face. i can say i'm jewish, it's okay. he's got a jew face, i've got a jew face, we put them together. >> let's move on from that. i think what made me laugh so much watching the clip is how you spliced in the different white house press pool faces and the reactions as you were, you know, cracking the jokes. how did you all figure that out? >> well, that's pretty much all funny or die. they have a great team of people over there. as you know, they're probably one of the biggest comedy websites in the world run by will farrell and the team over there. they all just put it out, they
12:59 pm
got great editors, they directors and they just know comedy. i did what i do and they do what they do. >> i have a minute left with you. so there was -- we talked about anthony weiner, now stephen miller. who is next? who are you eyeing? >> richard simmons. >> where is richard simmons, by the way? do we know? >> he's in the bayou somewhere. i don't know. i would like to do more stephen miller. i read recently in a tweet from donald trump that he's possibly going to be the next spokesperson in the -- you know, in the room there with all the press people. so hopefully if he keeps going there, then they want me to come back, i'll do it again. >> i think there is the whole scaramucci job opening. sarah huckabee sanders, i think, has that podium unlocked. there is the opening at the head of the com shop. you never know. we may see more, pauly shore, as stephen miller. what are you up to?
1:00 pm
standup? >> standup. i also have a new show on crackle. i have a special on there called polytics where i interview politicians. and a documentary of my life, i've been putting that together. i'm really excited about this clip that just came out called funny or die. >> thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts now. thanks, brooke. the president is definitely not taking a vacation from twitter. "the lead" starts right now. president trump is marking 200 days in office with one of his favorite pastimes. nine holes of golf? no, nine tweets this morning, attacking the news media and a sitting senator. whatever happened to all that new discipline we were told about? just days after learning investigators are following the money trump trail, the deputy attorney general says the special counsel can