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tv   New Day  CNN  August 17, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> this is a president who lives in the world of no regret because he never admits he make a mistake. >> the bigots in charlottesville want to tear us apart. >> time for my colleagues to put country before party. >> there's a sense developing in the military that donald trump is unfit to be the president. >>. ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ >> out of something terrible comes a beautiful show of love and unity. >> she put her body on the line in front of white supremacists and gave her life. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. guess what? you just magnified her. >> this is "new day" with chris
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cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your "new day," alisyn is off. poppy harlow joining me. good to have you this week. >> my pleasure. >> a community coming together, hundreds turning out in charlottesville singing songs of hope. listen. ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ >> that was an impromptu candlelight vigil honoring heather heyer at the very location where hate groups marched with torches and nazi signs just days ago. the escalating crisis over president trump's response has the president fighting back this morning denying his own words, his moral equivocation that hate groups and those protesting them share responsibility. >> and the revolt against president trump's response is growing louder and louder from former republican presidents and ceos to the president's own military generals. that's rather, stunning and notable. republicans in congress largely
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avoiding attacking the president by name, and this comes as the president we are told remains defiant and without regret over his defense of white supremacists. we have it all covered for you. let's go to jeff zeleny in bridgewater. jeff, that is your reporting, that's from people who have been with the president in the last 24 hours. >> reporter: that's correct. they're saying no regret. we're seeing that play out in realtime. the president back at bedminster, his golf course and resort, tweeting this morning. you get the sense this is going to be a heavy day for the president, on twitter at least. he's directly going after one of those republicans in tweets sent out earlier this morning. senator lindsey graham, republican of south carolina was one of the ones who directly confronted the president. the president fought back this morning with these tweets saying publicity seeking lindsey graham falsely stated i said there's moral equivalency between the kkk, neo-nazis and white supremacists and people like ms.
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heyer he went on to say. such a disgusting lie. he just can't forget his election trouncing. the people of south carolina will remember. all that is coming as the president is increasingly sensitive, isolated from republicans, but also business leaders. >> reporter: president trump defiant in the wake of a growing backlash over his combative response to deadly violence at a white supremacy rally in charlottesville. >> jews will not replace us. >> i think there's blame on both size, and i have no doubt about it. >> reporter: two sources tell cnn the president is moving forward without regret, believing firmly that the media and east coast elites are unfairly upset about his remarks. >> what about the alt left that came charging at the, as you say, the alt right? do they have any semblance of guilt? >> reporter: the president's words have caused a major break between him and two of the nation's top business leaders.
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c ceos decided to dissolve the group. before they could make the announcement, the president acted first, tweeting he is dismantling his policy and manufacturing panels despite boasting about having many business leaders to replace the ceos who were distancing themselves from the white house. the revolt doesn't stop there. five armed services chiefs also countering their commander-in-chief with public condemnation for white supremacy on twitter, although none mentioned president trump by name. >> i don't believe you can be a fine person and a white supremacist. they're mutually exclusive. >> reporter: many republicans also denouncing the president's remarks, although the majority of the party have not condemned president trump by name. >> the president speaks for himself. >> reporter: in the white house, many aides have publicly expressed frustration, but there are no resignations. sources tell cnn it's a safe
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assumption for now nobody is stepping down. chief economic adviser gary cohn who is jewish says he's embarrassed, while the president's daughter and son-in-law have yet to comment. >> i stand with the president and stand by those words. >> reporter: vice president pence cutting his trip short to return to the u.s. defending the president and declining to answer direct questions about his remarks. the fallout comes as hundreds gather for a peaceful march and candlelight vigil at the university of virginia campus, the very site where white supremacists carried torches and nazi flags. ♪ let it machine, let it shine, let shine ♪ >> heather heyer's mother had this message for those who hate. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. guess what? you just magnified her.
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>> reporter: more republicans in a tweet this morning going after senator jeff flake, republican of arizona, who has also been critical of this president. he said this. he said great to see that dr. kelli ward is running against flake. jeff flake who is weak on borders, crime and a non-factor in the senate. he's toxic. clearly the president has arizona on his mind. he announced last night he's planning to do a campaign-style rally next week in phoenix, likely to have jeff flake's republican opinion point at his side. she's been a major trump supporter. all this is coming as the mayor of phoenix, a democrat, last night sent out a statement urging the president, asking the president not to come to phoenix in the wake of charlottesville. he asked him to delay that rally. i think the sign of this tweet this morning, chris and poppy, is a sign that the president
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will be in phoenix. >> appreciate the reporting. let's bring in cnn political commentator errol louis, david chalian and cnn political analyst david gregory. david grepgry, do we think for all the ugliness here, we may also have a moment of clarity? do we now know where president trump's head is, that he is all in with his base, so much so that, of course, he'll attack us for reporting his own words? that's easy, we know that. going after graham, going after flake. he needs these two men to get his agenda passed. he might need these two men to save him from any kind of political test of his legitimacy that comes up. he needs the votes. yet, he's attacking them in deference to his base. >> i think this is a moment of clarity. even by trump's standards, we've reached an extraordinary time in this young presidency where there are real questions about president trump's judgment, his
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temperament and his fitness to lead as president of the united states. i'm not sure the moment of clarity is about any particular label, although what is significant about the past few days is that white supremacists think they have an ally in the white house that is reprehensible. it's because of his conduct. i also think part of what makes this moment extraordinary is, look around. whether it's business leaders in america, military, the head of our -- heads of our military branches, members of the president's own party, former president bush and his father, former president bush, speaking out this increasingly isolated and evermore immature, lashing out at members of his own party. this isn't leadership. he isn't governing. he's lashing out at everyone around him. he's got a dysfunctional white house staff and a paralyzed
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agenda. it's bad for the country, bad for him politically, bad for his party. it's not clear where he maneuvers now. everything he tries to do to rehabilitate himself, he gets in the way of. >> pointing fingers, david chalian, at whomever he would like. that's his right as an america and as president. however, he needs to listen to the words of the people embracing them. we have an incredible vice reporter who was in the midst of all this. on cnn last night she was asked, what are the white supremacists saying about the president's response to all this? they say they love it, the president continues to exceed the expectations of the white nationalist. one texted me last night and sarksd my god, i love this man. he really has my back. those are voices that the president does not seem to be hearing, david chalian. >> it doesn't seem to bother him at all that those voices are out there and that those folks can take comfort, they feel they can
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take comfort in what president trump says. let's be clear about what he's doing now this morning obviously. he is desperate for an enemy. everything david gregory just said, completely true, but i would just say that questions about his character, his temperament, his fitness for the job, the majority of americans had questions about that last november in the election. what he had last november that he didn't have as president is an opponent who he's running against. that's what this lashing out is on twitter. he is desperate to get back into a place like he did with little marco or crooked hillary or lying ted and form opponents here so he can find a way to build back up. this is almost like donald trump paint by numbers. he's rocked by the coverage. he then leaks out word that there's no regret, no turning back at all, no apologies whatsoever. then he starts lashing out to find opponents to try to begin
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to gather some support among his core. >> i would just add to that, while i think it's true, he had hillary clinton as an opponent, he has the media now, all comers, essentially. i think people who supported trump were willing to forgive the character questions, that's a lot of noise, but he'll be in here and be able to change things and begin to govern. >> i think you're spot on. errol, he's taking out the people he needs to get the agenda going. lindsey graham is wired any way you look at it. jeff flake is one of the main mechanics in there. you may disagree with your own party but you don't handle it this way n. the aftermath of what he said about charlottesville, the people who are backing him, at least in social mediation, and we did a good study of it, and certainly the president is responsive to it. they are almost saying one thing, well, kkk is bad but what about antifa, bln?
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that's what the president was pandering to. the notion they had, djt 100, those hopes seem to have been abandoned which means steve bannon can't be going anywhere any time soon. >> i don't think steve bannon is going anywhere. there's an extraordinary interview that bob cutner got. that will be in the news today. we keep talking about the president. the uncomfortable truth is what we saw at that kay yotic press conference in the lobby of trump tower, that is the president's agenda. for a lot of people, that's what he's delivering. they care about that more than they care about jobs, more than they care about economy, more than they care about america's standing in the world and making america great. for them, the site of a combative president taking on enemies, inventing enemies if possible, if necessary, being vulgar and disdainful, shattering the norms of
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political discourse, that's the payoff for his voters. it's a depressing truth of the trump presidency. the fact he's chosen to do that because of a leadership vacuum, the president isn't supposed to be pandering. >> here is one lens into how americans are feeling, a new maris poll out on how the president's reaction to charlottesville was. 52% of americans say not strong enough. a little over a quarter of americans do say strong enough. this was taken monday and tuesday, so some of the respondents wouldn't have seen that tuesday afternoon press conference that the president gave that was so stunning and remarkable where he doubled down on this in a moral equivalency. still, do those numbers surprise you? >> well, it's a snapshot in one particular time without some of the consequences of him shifting his position and going back to his original moral equivocations. i don't think that's as important as the larger point about what's happening here.
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what errol just said about donald trump is filling a vacuum right now in the country for people who support him, who feel alienated, who feel outside the political system. he also had support of tried and true republicans who kind of came home because they opposed hillary clinton, because they didn't like what was happening in washington. that you're seeing filleted up a little bit, where republican support is getting much softer. it hasn't collapsed, but it's getting softer. the bigger challenge for the establishment of both parties is to begin to deal with some of these questions that are dividing americans so sharply, ideological questions, social questions, and not let donald trump or not let the fringey elements dictate the conversation, whether it's about race, national memory, the confederacy. we have to have a broader conversation that is not led by
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these forces. >> david chalian, the reason i say this is a moment of clarity is because clearly that's what the president decided to do, whether because of bannon and similar advisers and his own head and heart telling them, look, we've got a third. let's lock in that third and hope the independents will swing our way because they hate what we're inventing as a deep state and the institutions there we're fighting against are the real enemy and we'll be okay. it has to be the play, otherwise what he'd be doing now is political suicide. >> i agree with you that that's the play, chris. actually, i don't think that that just got revealed with his non-sensical moral equivalency this week. that's been revealed in the way he's governed for seven months. i constantly challenge folks to point to something the president has done in his first seven months that seemed geared at garnering a majority of the american support behind it, pointing to something and taking
4:16 am
the majority of the country following him as leaders tend to do. i think you'd be hard pressed to find something in his administration in the first seven months that has been geared that way. one other point about the tweets this morning. you're talking about graham being central to getting stuff done or flake. i don't know what he's talking about flake is a non-factor. does he not understand how the united states senate wos works? he just lost the health care bill with one vote. each senator gets one vote. >> he's gotten to this point of being personally destructive as well as being destructive to the party is he's taking on the leader of republicans, he lost health care and he has one big area left which is tax reform which people expected him to come through on. >> i wonder what this means about general kelly. again, i don't mean to ascribe blame. he's chief of staff, not president of the united states. the whole hope would be that he'd come in and the respect that the president had for him
4:17 am
and he would be able to enforce discipline. we haven't seen it. up next, we'll talk to the one republican lawmaker willing to come on the show today to discuss the president's response to charlottesville. what does he think of the president going all in against all opponents next.
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the president is doing what he does most, if not best, which is attacking his opponent. now that includes members of his own party. in a series of tweets, the president has called out senator lindsey graham, moments later slamming senator jeff flake, who men who he needs, not just to empower his agenda, but he needs their votes in any political eventuality. the gop left to pick up the pieces after the president's incendiary moral equivocation between hate groups and those who oppose them in charlottesville. we invited all 52 republican senators to come on the show. none accepted. we did get a republican congressman who wants to come on and take the state of health care and the state of our political dialogue. you're looking at him,
4:22 am
congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania. congressman, thank you for stepping up. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> please, let's deal with some of the dialogue that's hitting us over the head and then get into the latest of where we stand with health care and these all-important stabilizing payments. first, what do you say to the president of the united states going after lindsey graham, going after jeff flake, going after anybody who says that he said something wrong about charlottesville? >> i think it's important for the president to step back and reflect and get some introspection here for a moment. when the leaders of our top military officials, when they stand up and more or less rebuke the president with their statements yesterday, when these corporate ceos feel they have to withdraw from the manufacturing council. i know ken frazier well of merck. he's from philadelphia, raised by a father who is a janitor. i have merck employees in my
4:23 am
district, my neighbors. he didn't do that lightly. he's a good man. i think the president ought to step back and think about this, that these people were obviously very moved. we get into this issue of moral equivalency, i always point out, when you see people in charlottesville making these nazi references, our country fought against nazi germany. we allied ourselves with not only the other nations, but the soviet russia, whose ideology we detest. even winston churchill said if the devil invaded -- if hitler invaded hell, he would make a favorable reference to the devil on the floor of the house of commons. we have to put it in that kind of perspective that we can't tolerate this type of white supremacist behavior or activity. it's clear they were down in charlottesville to instigate a fight based on the videos i had seen. i think that's the message, it's
4:24 am
time to reflect. jeff flake is a good friend of mine. he's a very principled man. he's one of the most good-natured men that i've ever seen in congress. i don't think it's a good thing to be attacking u.s. senators whose votes you need on important agenda items. >> what about the fact that you haven't seen more gop elected officials coming out and saying and doing what you're doing right now? i get party loyalty. i get fear frankly or adherence to the hopes for an agenda, and that is a motivation for making you go soft against the president. but on something like this where you now have the president courting a part of the country that wants to believe that there is a left versus right race war and it's okay to pander to the right side of that, what do you say to the other elected officials down in d.c. who haven't spoken out?
4:25 am
>> i think a number of my colleagues have spoken out. i simply say at times like this we simply need to do the right thing. we must, as the party of abraham lincoln, we have to stand up and oppose this type of racism that we have seen coming out of charlottesville -- >> don't you have to address the president the way you are right now. we have a list of people who have spoken out against him. you're on that list. there are many more who have not said, mr. president, what you said is wrong and here is why i believe that. this isn't a policy debate. this is about moral agency and standing firm about what matters in america. >> this issue is a real challenge for the president for a variety of reasons. during the campaign he made a number of incendiary comments about mexicans, muslims, the indiana judge, the david duke debacle during the campaign.
4:26 am
because of those previous statements, i think that has made issues like charlottesville even more treacherous for the president. now there's a heightened expectation that the president come out very forcefully and denounce this. >> it's pretty easy to do, charlie, isn't it? how hardest to come out and say the kkk is all about hate. and while other groups who sometimes protest against them, some of them may have criminal elements, some of them may do criminal things from time to time, the kkk is all about hate. how hard is that to say? >> it's not. it's not very hard to denounce neo-nazis and the ku klux klan. the end of my district is about 40 miles from gettysburg. it's not hard to denounce -- >> you know the issue and that's why you've said it in such a clear way. we're waiting for others to do the same. now, to the business of the state and what matters. one of the big issues on health care is stabilizing the markets.
4:27 am
depending on the market, there are lots of reasons and it's complicated about why they're destabilized, why people are leaving, why they don't have enough choice. one of the opponents are the matching payments, the support payments from the federal government. the president's mere suggestion that he might not follow through with those, to the extent he could stop them, shook a lot of providers and made them think about raising their rates. what are you going to do about that? >> i'm part of the group in congress called the problem solvers caucus. we have come up with a bipartisan plan, 43 members, republican and democrat, and we set down about four or five items we would address. one, we would guarantee the cost sharing reduction payments through the appropriations process to bring stability. we also would establish a stabilization fund. these are two things very important to the democrats. we also as republicans acknowledge we'll have to deal with the cost sharing payments. as republicans, we get relief on the employer mandate. it would be repealed for
4:28 am
employers fewer than 500 employees, repeal the medical device tax, and also provide for state innovation that already is allowed for in the law. there are things here we think would do a lot to stabilize the individual insurance market, and frankly republicans and democrats can walk away feeling like they won here. >> charlie, i tell you what, as you saw we did with senator johnson, you want to come on and show your proposal and show why you think it works and make the case to the american people, you're welcome on "new day." we take the policy discussion very seriously. >> thank you, chris. appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you for speaking truth to power this morning. it's a big moment in this country. thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you. shooting on the front lines, reporting in the middle of the violence in charlottesville, now the correspondent from vice news who told the whole story in this incredible documentary was embedded with these white
4:29 am
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they are the images that brought the reality of the white nationalist march in charlottesville into sharp focus for many of you. hbo's "news news tonight" got a close look at neo-naziss marched through the streets carrying torches and chanting their racist bs. correspondent ellie reeves spoke with white supremacists before, during and after the unite the right rally. here is what one supremacist said to her about the car ramming attack that took the life of heather heyer. >> the video appears to show someone striking that vehicle. when these animals attacked him again and he saw no way to get away from them except to hit the gas. sadly, because our rivals are a bunch of stupid animals who don't pay attention, they couldn't just get out of the way of his car, and some people got hurt, and that's unfortunate. >> you think it was justified?
4:34 am
>> i think it was more than justified. the amount of restraint that our people showed out there i think was astounding. >> joining us is "vice news tonight" correspondent ellie reid. we also have peter beinart who has a great article you need to read that breaks down the groups. what did you learn? >> it was crazy, much better organized than expected. it was crowd control. they had private security. they had people handing out tiki torches. so that in itself was unsettling because it showed a certain amount of strength that i wasn't prepared for it was also scary because they were angry and had so many guns. >> there's the reason they're the top of the list of domestic terror threats in the united
4:35 am
states. what do you make of the negotiation that the kkk, the neo-nazis, white supremacists, extreme right wing have an equal opposite on the left wing. do you believe that notion? >> no, not at all. one side is arguing that some people aren't fully people. the other side, maybe they look punk rock or something, maybe they throw punches, but they believe in equality and egalitarianism. >> the president was making the case that there was blame on both sides, violence on both sides. how did you see it unfold? >> i tried to stay away from the fights. most people have said they don't see antifa throwing the first punch. the white nationalists came there to brawl, they had helmets, shields, other weapons. they were angry men with something to prove.
4:36 am
>> you say theyour experience bg with them, not only were you surprised by their organizational skills and ferocity, but they seem to be on the rise and confident about that fact. >> that's right. more and more are prepared to show their face in public, going from message boards to real life where they're able to hold public space. they also are able to fundraise online through the internet. that means they don't have to reply on regular jobs where they might get fired for having terrible views. >> what does trump mean to them? >> they love him. they love him. this is one of the only groups in america where trump is routinely exceeding expectations. when he says -- when he essentially defended him -- one texted me saying god bless this
4:37 am
man, he truly does have our backs. >> we saw that. thank you for passing that along to us for our reporting. peter, this is the president's argument. i didn't say the kkk is good. i said they're bad. but you in the media have to admit that this alt left was also bad and they share blame as well. do you accept that notion? >> no. i think it's a false moral equivalence. first of all, if you look at the studies of politically motivated murders over the last ten years, they're much, much more violence in terms of homicide by the far right than there is from the far left. that's the first thing. the second thing is the alt left has a connection to political power in this administration that antifa doesn't have. the alt right is much more politically powerful. third of all, as elle was rightfully saying, antifa
4:38 am
doesn't view some groups as sub human. i have problems with anarchism, but it's not an ideology of hate in the same way. that said, i do think antifa which stands for antifascist, has displayed a pattern of violence and trying to prevent people from having the right to protest. again, not murder, but violence which should be troubling. it's not the same scale in any way of neo-nazis and white supremacists. that doesn't mean it's not a problem in its own right. >> it seems the president is taking a little bit of truth and exaggerating it for his own effect. that means, do you have anarchists which go too far inside antifa? yes. do you have the same kind of criminal element that finds its way inside other groups? i don't like ascribing kkk to the right. when i think the right, i think conservatives, gop, i don't think hate groups. but it's true, you have criminal
4:39 am
elements that find their way into the organizations. the name of those organizations, people do go too far and commit criminal acts. does that in any way justify an analysis of charlottesville as problems on both sides? >> no. the two are vastly disproportionate, what we need to debate as a society, what do you do when you have groups that come and want to march. legal scholars have to discuss this. free speech is extremely important, especially in some ways for the people whose views are most odious. i think we need to reject the notion that because someone's views are vile, they don't have the right to march. >> the president cherry-picks his facts in this situation. elle, back to you. they'll say the guys on the right have a permit. you know the history of the permit. you know the local blogger who
4:40 am
got it and there was confusion about who it would be and how this march kept growing. there was a legal battle. the municipality lost. they wanted to move this march to a safer area. the nazis didn't want that. they won with a federal judge, and it gave them an opportunity to confront people in a way that would be even more provocative. in the aftermath and the president coming out and in this press conference saying what he said, what impact did that have on the people you profiled? >> the alt right, these white nationalists, they have a very sophisticated media strategy. they've been studying leftist politics for a long time. one of their goals is to look like victims. they want to make it look like police are shutting them down. they want to make it look like the city government is shutting them down. if that happens, it looks like their ideas are dangerous and if too many people hear them, they might actually like it. this ultimately goes to their benefit. >> here is a little bit of sound
4:41 am
of one of them trying to play the victim. >> we have done everything in our power to keep this peaceful, you know. i know we talk a lot of [ bleep ] on the internet. jason kessler applied for a permit months ago for this. when they yanked our permit we went to the aclu and we went to court and we won. we've been coordinating with law enforcement the entire time every step of the way we've tried to do the right thing. and they just won't stop. >> how do you explain this emotion? what's this about for you? >> these guys truly do feel like they're oppressed. they feel like there's a conspiracy to suppress white identity, to convince white women to sleep with minorities to make white men look bad. that's one reason he started crying. the other is, they want to look like they're being put down,
4:42 am
that they're noble objectors to our current state of affairs and they're just trying to speak their mind. that's how they're trying to win over people in the middle. >> peter, what is the net effect of what the president has done here? >> gosh, i think the net effect is that these groups are going to grow because they've gotten tremendous publicity as a result of this, and they feel like they have a president on their side, and i think the result is also that we're heading towards a cycle of street violence that we have not seen in the united states since probably the 1960s. charlottesville is not the first time. there's been brawls in berkeley, in portland, a whole series of brawls where these folks show up. we as a society have to figure out some way to allow them to exercise their free speech rights without allowing them to commit violence. we need to have a legal conversation and a political conversation about how to do that because the way it's playing out in charlottesville is going to escalate and is
4:43 am
extremely dangerous. >> peter beinart, thank you very much. elle receive, i know the kind of reporting you did is scary. you succeeded on every level and did it in a way that provided clarity. high praise, well deserved. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you so much. >> that was incredible reporting. let the awards pour in as they should. that opened our eyes even more. elle, great job to you. ahead, the ceo president abandoned by the ceos. the implications next. a penny it's ourr back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business
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4:48 am
his comments on charlottesville. christine romans in the money center with more. >> you heard of the trump bump, the stocks getting a rise out of the trump presidency. this is ceo trump dump, at least eight manufacturers quit the council. as a second council was about to dissolve, the president tweeted he was going to disband both groups. blackstone, jpmorgan, pepsi, gm, walmart, they employ hundreds of millions of americans. the exodus of these leaders, the collapse of the president's blue ribbon panels, an unprecedented rebuke to the business friendly president. they disagreed with trump on climate change, immigration, but most ceos had been rg to work with president trump that is until he blamed both sides for the violence in charlottesville. jamie diamond saying, quote, it's a leader's role in business and government to bring people together, not tear them ap past. a break with business, by the
4:49 am
way, could hurt trump's economic agenda. he's relying on help to push for tax reform and infrastructure. chris, they have stepped away from the table at this point. a real, real break with business. chris? >> that's going to be a big deal for motivating the agenda because that's what he was supposed to do, bring the private sector in. christine romans, thank you as always. >> as the nation tries to recover from what happened in charlottesville, jared kushner and ivanka absence looms large. where are they in this time of crisis being the president's crisis being the president's family, advisers and jews? no, wifi. wifi. it's not a question, it's a thing. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. during the ford summer sales event get zero percent for seventy-two months
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. sfru sfrumt-jared and ivanka president trump, who are both advisers, family members and jewish. our reporter joins us.
4:54 am
they're critical not only because of the president's children, they are among the people closest to him advising him on the single biggest issues. vanity fair writes about it. when things are at their worst they tend to vanish. why? >> reporter: it is interesting, poppy. they are on a vacation right now returning this morning but have been in vermont for the last couple of days and we haven't heard from ivanka trump since sunday morning about the issues in charlottesville. it appears to be either the craziest coincidence, they went to aspen on one ski trip, april another to british columbia. there have been several vacations. it's been -- always timed with they were away in sun valley when donald trump jr.'s e-mail
4:55 am
scandal was making the head lines. it is enough to sort of pause and say where are they. and is saying i'm on vacation enough of a reason to remain quiet. >> also to critical they are jewish in the wake of comments the president has made. ivanka converted to judaism. they are practicing modern orthodocks. the rabbi that oversaw the c version is getting political. sent a ler out to the entire congregation saying while we avoid politics, we are deeply troubled by the moral ekwifcation president trump has offered. it makes you thinks can they stay silent on this? >> reporter: i think we've seen the answer to that. it's been several days. these days sort of feel very
4:56 am
long to us in the news cycle. it's been since sunday. they were observing the sabbath as she had wriy yachts are happening. i feel like the jewish community is asking e-ivanka trump to be an advocate and by remaining silent i think they feel that is quite frankly deafening. the however on the other side i do feel this is a cun none drum that happened when this is the daughter of the president and the son-in-law. when you sort of build these extra layers of complication, it definitely becomes, would imagine for ivanka trump sort of being between a rock and hard place. >> but there's also right and wrong and they're speaking out as she did so eloquently on her tweet sunday morning condemning this before her father did.
4:57 am
however, i wonder if too much credit is given to ivanka trump in terms of how much she and jared can actually sway the president. they didn't sway him on the paris climate agreement. they didn't sway him on transgender in the military and she's been a very outspoken a advocate. they didn't sway him on immigration. she was very upset about the comments he made in the campaign. and clearly they're not having an effect on charlottesville. are they getting more credit than they actually swerve? >> reporter: her political capital is allegedly shot at this point. she was supposed to be able to influence her father. after these scandals happen there's the whispering that comes out well they tried. she wanted the language the president used for his second statement on sunday to be more forceful. when push comes to shove, that's an interesting story line,
4:58 am
however the proof we have to see is as you said, has been a little bit falling short. the she's pushed through other issues, work force issues. talking points on different things with women, however, as you said, it's -- it might be time for her to speak out. >> wait. they're back this morning as you said in bedminster. we'll watch. we appreciate it. we're following a lot of news. president trump defy ant in the face of mounting criticism. >> it wasn't business as usual with the ceos. they support for him completely collapsed. >> what are they going to do when the next rally happens? >> congressional republicans are amass cue lated. >> if you can -- to exit stage right. >> we all need somebody to lean
4:59 am
on. >> hundreds people taking part in the vigil against hate and violence. >> heather heyer is the best. >> aid he rather have my child. good morning and welcome to your new day. it's thursday a august 17, 8:00 in the east. poppy harlow by my side. president trump fighting back this morning slamming anyone who opposes him, anyone who criticizes what he so clearly said about charlottesville. 's he going after senators in his own party, senators he needs to motivate his agenda and may need in a political trial. he's also falsely denying that he morally equated the groups involved in charlottesville. >> this escalating crisis over the way the president has responded to the tragedy is coming not only from lawmakers,
5:00 am
from ceos and the president's own military general. that's rare and notable. the american people also weighing in this morning as they have been. bring you some new polling in a minute. he remains defy iant and without regret. let's begin the coverage with jeff as we our reporter. >> reporter: good morning, po y poppy. this morning firing back at the republicans who directly confronted the president. not surprising there isn't nic on the president's public schedule today. we're not expected to be able to ask him about this. he is making his views known on twitter this morning. starting by going after senator lindsey graham, a familiar foe of this president, a republican of south carolina who called out the president rather forcefully


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