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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the memory will certainly last a lifetime from coast to coast, millions have just witnessed the first solar eclipse in a century. it's just ended in the united states, concluded off the coast of carolina, as completely blocked the sun's surface. however, partial eclipse will remain for about another hour. chat, describe what's happening where the totality has passed, but it's still a remarkable image. there is a couple cruise shipses who did a -- and kind of a stand on the back of your hair moment,
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too, but i don't think this disappointed at ought. so many people were in the past of this totality, certainly better than chasing tornadoesings but i think just as spectacular as those that saw it. there were people who lived in the past and at least that many, if not that many who drove into the past to get -- and a few spots over the united states from about beatrice and nebraska city down to st. joe, missouri, that had cloud cover that ruined for some people, but the rest of the country really had a spectacular show. >> my assistant joey took the day off flew to wyoming, was camping out in a field, said it was an incredible, incredible experience.
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kaylee, you've been talking to some people? >> reporter: i have. just as quickly as the clouds parted, they have returned. who wants to take credit for the incredible view? >> i do, i do. that was my job for the day, get rid of the clouds have it very, very cool all day, and just time for the eclipse and the totality have the clouds part. it cooperated beautifully. >> how do you describe the emotion of witnessing that in the place you live? >> like linda, we're neighbors. i have never felt that emotional, and you can hear a pin drop. just like everybody was spellbou spellbound. >> everybody prior to the eclipse, everybody was active, and then everything just stopped, everybody was mesmerized. the crowds parted, perfect
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timing, overcast a lot during the day. couldn't have asked for a better timing. it was a magical experience. >> for the people who live on this item, how long have you been preparing? >> we've been preparing for more than a year and a half we have heavy beach visitation. we have a fantastic city team. we all work together, hands on deck for a day like today. everybody did a beautiful job. i'm so grateful. i feel like i'm sort of bonded with this crowd out here forever. isle of palms is a special place, even more special because of what happened today. >> reporter: for all that planning, do you feel like today lived up to your expectation? >> absolutely. we have more to come. plain jane will be playing until after 4:00. >> just in the moments after the eclipse finished in totality, we're seeing people packing up
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and heading home, but anderson, the party will continue here as they kind folks tell me, as everyone continuing to enjoy an unusually cool day. >> august and september are our hottest months. april 4th -- a solar eclipse will be witnessed. i think i'm going to take the day off. let's go to coronal's ian lee on board the royal caribbean cruiseship. where are you and what are you seeing? >> we are about 400 miles off the east coast of florida. this is the last spot where this eclipse will be seen. it's just a sliver right now. i can look up and see the moon and the sun just about to converge. a lot of people here are
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anxious, you know, waiting to see what's going to happen. anderson, this isn't the only star that people have been watching. bonnie tyler was here, she performed "total eye clips of the heart. "the people loved it. we also dnce, that bad was performing here as well. right now all eyes are looking up at the solar eclipse. it's just getting darker and darker right now as the moon is about to move in front of sun, anderson. >> about how far away is totality? >> reporter: really at any moment. it's getting dark. i think we're getting there. let me just check. it's supposed to happen in about three minutes' time. it's just getting darker and darker. it's very eerie. we should point out also we're in the bermuda triangle, anderson. the lights are coming on.
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almost like it's becoming night. it gives you chill. it's blotted out of the sky. >> if you can have your camera personsh and let's listen into the sounds. >> reporter: we've move around to show you. >> let's just listen into the sounds of the ship.
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>> so ian, at this point it's totality? >> reporter: right now little totality. it is completely dark. we can see the actual ring around the moon. it's something to behold, anderson. it's hard to describe how just a norse of nature we are witnessing. you can see across the horizon, too. it's just the shadow that's cast across the earth. you can see it on the sea. you can see it in the clouds in the distance. everyone right now just taking pictures of what's happening. just really enjoying this once in a lifetime moment. really for many people, that's what this is, a time where they'll probably be telling their children and grandchildren about the time they saw the moon blot out the sun. >> i'm wondering, just out odd water, do you feel a big
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temperature drop? >> reporter: you know, we've been feeling that, anderson, as this has been happening. and the temperature has been dropping. you know, we're in the -- out down south, sailing then towards the caribbean. it's supposed to be warm, hot, humid, but right now it's very cool the humidity as dropped as well. it's very eerie how on a flip, really, the entire environment, the temperature has changed, and really, you see the people -- it gives you goosebumps to witness this they book this cruise a long time with this in mind. >> that's right. here it comes. the sun is coming back.
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people are cheering. it didn't go away permanently. you're right, people have booked this cruise with this in mind, but also bonnie tyler was a big draw as well. i'm told that the final cabin to book it was $15,000. so there was either a big solar eclipse fan or a big "eclipse of the heart" fan. >> how long will they be out at sea? >> this is a seven-day cruise. the thing about it is this wasn't initially planned to happen. this was a normal cruise. but once they found out this eclipse was happening, the captain, royal caribbean, they had a meteorologist, they all got together to find out that perfect spot, where the totality was going to hit, but was cloud coverage. they wanted to avoid as many
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clouds as possible. there's been a lot of planning. since the early morning, since this cruise took off then gunning it, all six engines have been working nonstop. we've been going at about top speed to make it to the point so people can enjoy the totality. as you can see, the sun is starting to warm up, getting back to normal, the tropical weather you would expect. for many people there are those who planned for it and those who didn't. for those this is just their normal cruise. by the way, do you get to stay on the cruise for the rest of the seven days? >> i got to get out halfway
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through. i would love to say. it is what it is. i'm enjoying the moments i get. i have a tropical drink waiting for me. >> thank you to you and your crew. >> i'm just wonder, what are some of the key moments, the highlights? a. today's event made million look up and think more than what they usually think about. it's nice to be reminded. one of the students that i tutor travelled down to nashville today with his family, and for him to see this.
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really looking forward to sitting with him, hearing what it mend to him to see this event. >> miles? i'm sure you have seen it before, but for you what assistants out? >> anderson, i'm a newbie. it was my first. >> i did an annular eclipse, to me it's the dicot mick, how we can predict it to the second, yet how much questions we still have. it's how smart we are and evolved, but when something like this happens, we release primal screams and go back to our origin. it's a reminder of how small were in the university, yet how
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special and unusual or place is in the universe. this is the only play we know of in the universe where this happens, where the moon happens to be 400 times smaller than the yet 400 times closer to us, and therefore giving us an amazing show. i'm taken aback by this internal tug, whiches what made i experience so special. >> david dvoraken, for you what stands out? >> what really stands out for me, we experienced the progress. >> thank to cnn. it's an experience to see the ubiquity to see the excitement across the united states, and see the sun changing in subtle ways it certainly took me.
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>> i must say, we have been preparing for this eclipse for a year at the air and space museum. it's more than gratified, and absolutely thrilled at the wonderful response. oh, boy, there goes that diamond ring. i can never get enough of that. >> and listening stations across the world. to learn as much as we can. >> thanks to all of our women and elsewhere who have studied
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this, and april 4th, 2024 or witness it in person. up next, more news. , the president set to unveil his new plan. more details ahead. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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be the readiest. and asked the nation to trust his leadership on the nation's longest war. so a lot of people forget it's the longest war so far, the president's first primetime address. what are we expecting tonight? >> reporter: we're going to hear him lay out the strategy. we don't know details, but the president made a final decision on saturday, he announced it on twitter after meeting with his national security team at camp david the day before. we know he's been presented with a range of optioning going from completely withdrawing to evens adding roughly 4,000 troops. so we're going to see what the president chooses tonight.
12:21 pm
defense secretary james mattis said he was not going to give any details, and wait for the president to mabel that announcement himself. this is a big moment. he's essentially asking americans to trust him with this discussion. in light of the comments he made about the violence in charlottesville last week. if he goes the route of adding troops in afghanistan, he's going to have to explain to the american people why that's the best choice now. we know it's something he railed against in the year before he became a cant for president, anderson. >> it's obviously when you're easy a candidate to rail against things. he did call for complete
12:22 pm
withdrawal. and he's being to pull back on that. >> yeah, speedy withdrawing, time to get out of afghanistan. these were his tweets, you know, within the last three, four, five years. obviously if he does indeed go before the country tonight, anderson and make the case for sending additional troops, he will break with the -- but perhaps more preteariusly, breaking fundamentally with some of the core beliefs of his most fevant supporters. steve bannon, who just left the white house, was one adviser inside the white house arguing against any of this increase, because this is not the kind of foreign policy greater intervention that he ran on. >> one of the thing that donald trump when he was campaigning spoke again was the idea of nation building. though that's not a term the u.s. likes to use about what the united states had been doing in afghanistan, that is a lot
12:23 pm
basically of what. >> yeah, he made that case time and again, and the u.s. treasury, money should not be spent over there, that instead should be spend on things like rebuilding our infrastructure over here. those are the arguments he had made on the campaign trail. so now sort of the extra burden i would say is on the president when he goes before the american people tonight to sort of explain the rationale in a way that fits with his overall vision that he campaigned on. >> one of the other difficulties he has as commander in chief is his moral authority has been questioned time and time again, not only his judgment. >> i want to play what she said. >> she's already running for reelection. >> it's far too early to tell now. it's a long way between now and
12:24 pm
that point. >> reporter: will he end of the nominee? >> it's too difficult to stay. >> it's stunning for her to say that, that he may not be the party's nominee next time. >> i can't think of a parallel where an incumbent president would have that said about them. it is stunning indeed. you are right to point out the timing here. the president just came off what may have been the rough week, in terms of this very issue of moral authority that the offense brings with it, but again by its own fellow republicans, senator tim scott, as he attempts tonight to sort of turn the page from that, he's doing so at a time asking the american people to follow him along at the most important kind of decision a president announces, sending more americans into war, doing that at the very same time that the country has expressed concern overall in polls, members of his own party have expressed concern that he's not
12:25 pm
living up to the stature of the office he holds. david, thank you. i want to now bring in jack murphy. thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i wonder what you are looking to hear tonight. >> well, i think unfortunately my expectations are he's going to announce yet another troop surge. this has been tried again and again and again, but we learned well over a decade ago surging more troops in doesn't mean there will be more targets, doesn't mean more actionable intelligence to act on. what another troop surge will accomplish in afc i don't really know. i don't think really anyone understands. >> so much of the focus has been on training afghan forces having by those -- just, you know, i
12:26 pm
remember there being in may, kabul training the afghan national arm. that was 2002, and the big focus is, well, we need to train more -- these troops more. what is the difficulty with the training? >> the primary think i think is the mistake we make is try to mirror american forces in the military forces we try to train. so our own tables of organization, when these are tribes, disunified, fractured all over the place. we can't necessarily train them and mold them in the same image as the u.s. military. >> interesting. >> it will have to be cultural specific to that country. >> you can make the argument that talibanphyters -- are and yet they're seeming to have successes. >> and that raises some profound
12:27 pm
questions about how we go about nation building, how we go about what we call foreign internal defense, when training the afghan forces. i think we want to radically revisit thinks problems. >> the other problem is there's been a lot of afghan national police or members of the afghan national army killing american forces who are there to help train them. just the idea of sending in trainers, which in past years people would say, well, this is just a training mission, it's not active combat. you're in a combat zone. >> it sounds safer, but it really didn't take into account or project or signal thes inherit danger.
12:28 pm
we owe them a better strategy. >> also just the sheer amount of money that's been poured into afghanistan, and there are real request questions about where some of those have gone. how do they get that? >> houf goes into gravel and corruption. we were -- insh it's outrageous and insulting, we owe or troops much better than this. coming up next, new details about about steve bannon's exit, and the bad blood he's leaving behind. your insurance company
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welcome back. this is the first week that president trump will work without his chief strategist and new reports that steve bannon did not go quietly. according to "new york times," it was devised to have his depart amicably, but they clashed on how the president should respond to charlottes and then steve bannon's interview that undercutted the response. we have karen demergen here, there's so many details coming out from steve bannon, or there's a piece saying how from us trailed he was with jared kushner and ivanka trump and there was a report that he --
12:34 pm
>> apparently he called them javanka in not a nice way. this is steve bannon unleashed. if he was bad had he was in the white house and causing trouble, he's going all out here. >> that was one of the concerns always raised about him. if he's outside the white house, what's his take going to be? >> absolutely. it's not going to top. if you lookic at the -- there was a headline. jared curb her, who is an orthodocks jew. it's going to go on and on. >> and karen, jokingly calling the president archie bunker? what does that say about their relationship. >> it's not a term of endearment. >> edeath was the more endearing
12:35 pm
one. >> it brings up a clueless out of touch kind of racist person who was the butt of the jokes. that's a position that you don't really want -- a person you don't want to be likened to if you're president of the united states. clearly he ' -- and they're landing in bold headlines. it seems like -- and the first interview with "the weekly standard" he said i'm banding the barbarian. >> a globalist democrats, right. >> is he more of a liability inside or outside the -- and liability is more of the wrong word, but more dangerous. and they did seem to come to a
12:36 pm
conclusion especially -- they're not really being a military option. so basically to draw the line in the sand, which they -- the president seems to have gone with kelly's recommendation and said no more, is a decision made on that turning. and clearly they must have known to some extend that he want going to go quietly into the good night, but speak his piece from the outside. >> this wasn't even like i'm going to take a weekend off. he was calling it parent to the bright bard editorial meeting right away. >> within hours. the same republicans that wanted him out and had been lobbying for him to be out, my phone blew up this weekend with he's going to tear apart the republican
12:37 pm
party. they are really concerned about what comes next. not just about attacks on the would you say, but that he's going to go after republicans, not only breitbart, maybe he'll start a super-pac or microtargeting. they see a danger down the road. >> or even breitbart tv. >> he doesn't own anyone anything, he was so pilloried by so many. >> it will be fascinating. ahead, ten sailors lost at sea after their ship collides with another vessel. what the navy is doing now to make sure this doesn't happen again. also the head of the secret service his agency is broke, reportedly out of cash to pay its agent because of the president trump's frequent trips to his properties. we'll be right back.
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a massive serve under way for ten missing sailors. the navy is expected to order a 24-hour pause in activity as a safety precaution you can see the flooding there. it marks the fourth accident for a u.s. warship since january. just this past june seven we are killed aboard the "uss fitzgera fitzgerald." secretary mattis spoke a short time ago. >> we obviously have an investigation under way. the chief of naval operations broader inquiry will look at all related accidents, incidents at
12:43 pm
sea. we have a retired navy commander. we appreciate you joining us. four collisions since january. this may be a dumb question, but is something going on here? it's not a dumb question and ought to be asking. this is embarrassing to me personally, as well as professional. as a taxpayer, u.s. navy has a huge budge et, massive responsibilities for national security, and it appears right now that the u.s. navy cannot conduct basic seamanship and navigation operations without running into large commercial tankers. this is a big problem for the navy, not just in terms of appearance, but not just in terms of the public relations with the broader american people, but with the substance of deploying ships. i get it. i've near miss moos iself. everybody knows there's always
12:44 pm
an accident waiting to happen, but you can't have multibillion dollar destroyers running into commercial container ships. that's not acceptable. >> how does it happened? >> an over-reliance on technology. i'm grateful for the affect that the u.s. navy never goes into the fight without having an unfair advantage. we're the most technologically advanced. unfortunately that leads to an over-reliance on technology and an abdication of basic seamanship. these are ships that have radars that can see into outer space, they can track everything from a cruise missiles to a ballistic missile to a satellite, the crew has a tendency occasionally to get lacks and forget their basic responsibilities of using their eyes and using their short-range radars to avoid collisions at sea. this is unacceptable, once, twice in two months the navy has
12:45 pm
a serious problem. >> something like the terr stop-down, what is the benefit? >> that's pure window dressing. this has been occurring over decades. taking a 24-hour safe down, that's in the right direction, but if you're not attending to the basic training and readiness, if congress has forced the navy to accept lower training and funding in order to preserve procurement problems, there's no way for the navy to solve the problem. the real problem here is the navy needs to rededicate itselves to basic seamanship and basic training and readiness, if that means we can't deploy quite as often, we need to send that message back to congress. we need an increase in funding and increased focus on basic
12:46 pm
seamanship and navigation. >> i appreciate your expertise. thank you very much. the agency in charge of protecting the family and the ump says it's running out of money form the head of the secret service says it cannot afford to continue paying its agent. the director says more than 1,000 agents have maxed out saulry and overtime that was supposed to cover the entire year. besize the president's family, the volume of travel apparently drank the budget. the president has multiwall homes in multibalance states, taking trips almost every weekend to his golf courses. he's not alone. 1 other trump family members get protection as well. just a short time ago the secret service is issued a statement saying funding has been a problem for a decade now due to increase in operational tempo. here to discuss this jonathan
12:47 pm
wakro. is it specific -- is it amplified because of the number of problemees in the trump family and the amount of travel? >> the pay cap has always been a problem for the secret service. >> there's a pay cap for what? >> for agents. they can only make a certain amount of money with their base salary, and overtime pay. they can only max out at a certainly level. >> you have the perfect storm now. you have a problem that's been consistent with the secret service year oever year a you have a president traveling significantly, and a shortage of available manpower the retention rate has been going down form the available agents that can work are going down the
12:48 pm
statement that came out a that 1100 will be affected from now until the end of the fiscal year 1100 agents will be financially affected by this management of manpower and resources. this is absolutely a problem for the secret service. imagine morale is going to be a major issue. people will start working overtime hours for free. do you really want the people around the president of the united states to have a low morale? no. >> also more time the first family is away, the more time agents are away from their families and more likely they are to want to get out, because it's untenable. >> actually.
12:49 pm
there's a stopgap that the secret service management will put into place, instead of one agent working their regular eight hours plus overtime hours to alleviate that, they'll take two agents, so now you have an operational distinguishes, where you take two agents to do what one agent should be doing in the course of a 24-hour period. what's missing in all of this in the reporting is that there's a remember the secret service a dual entity. protection and investigations. investigations will come to a standstill. remember, this affects the organization as a whole. >> jonnian wackrow, thank you very much. he's been criticized, and tonight a town hall with paul ryan. back in a moment.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
showing up outside of this town hall, it is a timely one because
12:52 pm
of the president's announcement with afghanistan. our own jake tapper will begin to get immediate reaction on that. but a lot of people really asking for paul ryan to take some leadership here to unite his party and also to speak out more forcefully against trump, spifbly how he dealt with the riots in charlottesville and the issue of prwhite supremacy. the latest poll showing he has a 44% approval rating, that is president trump, and more than 60% of the voters here feeling embarrassed by the president's actions as of late. so this is something that paul ryan is going to have to address directly. he already took some preemptive action in putting out a statement today a little bit stronger than what he has said before, condemning, of course, white supremacy and bigotry and terrorism. but he does not mention the president by name. you can bet that is something that is going to be at the forefront of the questions people have. another issue, nancy pelosi as well as senator cory booker
12:53 pm
asking when he returns to washington in two weeks to consider taking down the confederate statues inside the capitol building. that is also something worrying and pressing at least the democrats and some republicans as well. and then really the business of trying to unite the party to get something done. we saw the failure of repeal and replace obamacare. before the recess, they'll be coming back and looking at raising the debt ceiling and whether or not they can get a clean vote through or are conservatives going to block that and also tax reform. those are the two biggies on his plate when he returns, but it's not an understatement to say the president has been a distraction to the party and really something they have to figure out themselves if they're going to be able to get some real policy moving forward. anderson? >> it will be interesting to see when pressed tonight if he's willing to be critical of the president in charlottesville or just focus on white supremacists
12:54 pm
in his statements. thank you. how do you consider that? paul ryan abohas put out a statement but he's not mentioning the president's name. >> why not mention his name? it's not a big miystery. i think what paul ryan is trying to do is create the political vacuum in light of what the president said or didn't say after charlottesville. i think to do that, you have to be a little more outspoken than paul ryan might be willing to do. but i think it's an acknowledgment that trump is doing damage to the republican party brand going forward. well beyond probably when he's going to be president. what paul ryan is trying to do
12:55 pm
is sustain some sort of republican brand going forward that if and when he ever wants to run for president the party remains viable nationally. trump is dangerous to that reality. >> but you have senator corker who last week surprised a lot of people by comments he made on local television about the president, about the president's stability. >> look, i honestly think that if you're paul ryan, i don't see the harm in it. unless you don't believe it. unless you think that's not something that you should raise, it seems to me that donald trump -- remember, anderson, donald trump wasn't a republican before he was running for president and i don't know if he'll be one after he's president, but this is someone loosely affiliated with the republican party. paul ryan is someone who was a staffer on capitol hill before he ran for congress, certainly before he became speaker of the house. this is someone who has a long time of service within the republican party. yes, there are people who had run away from paul ryan and urged a primary challenge to him
12:56 pm
if he came out against donald trump. i'm not convinced there are enough of them, but my guess is that's why you don't hear as many people going as far as bob corker. i frankly think they may be overestimating the organization and size of the trump base as compared to the republican base. >> interesting. the president heads to arizona and amari is going to have a rally as he loves to do. they made a statement saying, if president trump is coming to phoenix to announce a pardon for former sheriff joe arpaio, then it will be clear that his true intent is to inflame emotions and further divide our nation. >> for donald trump it's a 50-50
12:57 pm
because he is someone, anderson, who is a provocateur. he likes to stick his finger in the eye of conventional wisdom, in the eye of people like you and i who he believes are out of touch. that is who and what he is, what he was before he got into politics, what he is now and what he will be after he leaves politics. i will also add, i think it will be striking. you'll see a presidential address in afghanistan this evening. you'll see a presidential campaign rally in arizona tomorrow evening. president trump is more comfortable doing one than the other. i think the real test is tonight, not tomorrow night. he's shown he likes to get a crowd revved up. can he deliver a real policy proposal, policy change as president with all the power of office behind him, or will he swing and miss as he did in the wake of charlottesville?
12:58 pm
>> yeah, especially given his press as a civilian with afghanistan. thank you very much. watch the town hall with paul ryan moderated by jake tapper. hope you'll join me then. "the lead" starts right after this quick break.
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it was nice to have the nation come together today to watch the eclipse. "the lead" starts right now. the plan for afghanistan. president trump expected to announce his long overdue strategy as he says he's lost his authority in the wake of charlottesville. ten navy sailors are destroying after it collides with a merchant ship. why do these tragedies deep happening? the secret service says it's running out of money. an old problem exacerbated by this president is large brewed and there are multiple trips. i wonder if the president ever attacked president obama for traveling too much? welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper coming to you live from ra secine, wisconsin. it's the site of