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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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like cnn. cnn does not want its falling viewership to watch what i'm saying tonight, i can tell you. we've also obtained historic increase in defense spending to prevent and deter conflict. we believe in peace through strength. we're building up our military like never before. and just so you know from the secret service, there aren't too many people outside protesting. then i said racism is evil. did they report that i said that racism is evil? you know why? because they are very dishonest people. so i said racism is evil. now, they only choose, you know, like a half a sentence here or there and then they go on these long rampage or they put on these real lightweights all around the table that nobody has heard of and they all say what a bad guy i am. >> none of what you heard is
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actually true. the president spoke again today by prompter. we think it's actually kind of high-powered panel. does this person lie more than any president in modern history? >> it looks like it. i mean, he's up to a thousand, now, according to the "washington post." so, you know, even if we want to just maybe cut off 10, 20% just to say let's just do that just to be nice, it still seems a lot higher than what most people do. the question always is to me is it lying in the sense that he knows it is untrue or does he think that it's true? so, you know, it seems like -- >> is it a misstatement of fact or a bending of the truth. >> he knows he says both sides and then chooses to not say it, then that would suggest that he knew it was wrong, right.
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>> i lash out at politicians like him and say this, if we're looking at politicians to tell the truth, i don't think any politician tells the truth much. i'm teasing a little bit. but when i watched -- he did exactly what he did on the campaign trail for 15 or 20 months. he's a showman. there's not too big a crowd and someone said well, there's 2,000 people. what's a big crowd? for him it's a hundred thousand. who knows. but what he's doing, it was a campaign rally and it was an energetic thing and for those of us that like our policies, not only did he say the sheriff arpaio thing. you know, roger stone texted me today and said, tell everyone sheriff arpaio is going to get pardoned. he said paul ryan passed the funding of the wall. if you can't do it, we'll shut down the government. we wanted a president to break the system, to break washington because we knew it wasn't working, and that's what he was doing last night. >> it's not only the amount of lies, which are impressive on
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its own. it's something like five lies per day is the average. but it's also the fact that after it's been proven to be a lie, he continues saying it over and over and over again. >> i did not have relations with that woman monica lewinsky was a lie. politicians lie. >> and you know what? he paid a high price for it. he paid a high price for it. and he's not saying it now and he's not president now. >> he did apologize, all of which donald trump has never done. >> well, i don't think this crowd size rates an apology on adultery in the white house, right. my point is are we looking for pastor or presidents? are we looking for politicians or something else? trump has done this for 20 months -- >> i tell you what i'm looking for. i'm looking for leaders with moral standing. i'm looking for integrity. i'm looking for truth. i'm looking for leadership. >> hillary. >> i'm looking for convictions. i'm looking for knowledge. i'm looking for policy. i'm looking for somebody that is willing to call out racism. i'm looking for -- >> there's policy -- [ overlapping speakers ]
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>> if you're looking for liars, that's you. >> wait a second. >> so you like the fact that he's pro marriage. you like the fact that he's pro life. you like the fact that he is anti-tax. you like the fact that he's anti-climate. but then when you come into this major situation of charlottesville -- >> we're talking last night. now you're talking charlottesville? >> wait a minute. last night was the fifth time this president has talked about charlottesville because it's that big and he spent over 40 minutes. i was with him monday at fort myer when he was looking in the, what is it, teleprompters speaking. someone else's words and someone else's truth. and then the next night there was a big contrast. and i'm going to say this. when people go to the polls, they're looking for someone to help their pocketbook, someone that they can believe in. >> they elected him president. they elected him president. >> saying shouldn't trust him. >> i'm saying when you're
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you should understand that when looking at somebody that gives a campaign speech that he's talking about policies and things that he believes in. obama read teleprompters forever. >> donald trump did this as a candidate. voters knew he wasn't -- i mean, it was fact-checked ad infinitum and yet the people voted for him. >> the voters rejected him, the electoral college elected him. he wasn't elected by the majority of americans. that's important to know. and yet you're right fundamentally. and ed is right about this. i'm shocked that so many people are shocked. donald trump lies like we breathe. every human being lies and politicians most than other human beings. but donald trump is -- we've never seen somebody lie like this and it it does matter, ed, because those policies that many people voted for, he lied about. he said i will never cut medicaid. he tried to end medicaid as we know it. he said we'll remove -- >> excuse me for -- every person on this panel -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> go, paul. >> he said i will remove all of the troops out of afghanistan. he's adding 4,000 troops. he said that i will appoint a supreme court justice.
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>> fine with him. >> i will stop illegal immigration. i will get china to the table, did it. nafta, tpp. i mean, look, you guys -- >> he's not a dictator, no matter what you say, he's not a dictator. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you're on talking points all day. so, please, don't hand out what you can't take. >> did he say -- >> revisionist history. >> did he take or did he not say i will never cut medicaid. >> but he didn't cut it. you're saying he supported a bill that didn't work. >> the man who stopped that bill from passing, john mccain, who by the way, is battling brain cancer, who the president was in his state yesterday, was the reason that donald trump wasn't able to end medicaid as we know it. president didn't even have the grace to wish him good luck and godspeed. that's why he wasn't able to do it, because john mccain stopped him. so did susan collins and -- >> and when republicans ran for seven years on repeal and replace, and they can't get
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their act together to pass a bill to repeal -- >> donald trump ran it and he didn't do it. he didn't have a plan. >> he's the president. you get to sign it. >> the president has a much bigger responsibility than just signing it. >> while he was running he said he had a plan of the he said he had a great plan. >> right. >> and he was going to unveil it when he was president. and now you're saying, well, he shouldn't have had a plan, he ran on appeal and replace. >> anderson, i did not say he shouldn't have had a plan. he wanted to repeal it. he got faced with the senate and the house he said i'm going to let them go first. ryan said i'll do it. >> he doesn't have a plan. >> he's saying i'm going to work with these guys in my party. >> but he said a plan and then he didn't have a plan. >> but the point is -- >> all he could say about his plan is it was going to be great and you could keep your coverage and kids could say on their parents until past 26, those were the details. >> that's all republicans had to say. republicans never had a plan and
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donald trump never had a plan. i mean, that's just the reality. i think that -- and he made a calculation the republicans were going to come up with something and they didn't. but i just think this idea that you have that all -- i think you're right that there are a lot of others that think what you're saying. all politicians lie and so we don't care. there's probably an element to that. but it is just not true that all politicians lie as much as he's lying. and when you sort of point to, you know, with president clinton where he actually apologized and really like even went and repented in front of pastors and things like that and president trump never really apologizes. you know, two wrongs don't make a right anyway. >> the cardinal promise of his campaign was mexicans would pay for the wall. >> paul, you're very excited. >> because i don't like being lied to. i don't like knowing that my president is a liar. [ overlapping speakers ] >> mexicans are paying for the wall.
10:09 pm
>> how are they paying? >> illegals are staying in their country and spending their money -- the resources in mexico. it wasn't trump saying -- >> hold on. the mexicans are paying for the wall -- >> they're staying in their country -- >> the sovereign nations where the costs go down -- you heard him say this drug use in our country, drug trafficking, illegal immigrants here. by the time we build a wall, our country will be saving millions, billions of dollars in our costs because we built a wall. >> the american taxpayers don't pay for that wall he'll shut the government down. >> we've got to -- we've got to take a break. >> the president is talking about economics. [ overlapping speakers ] >> all right. we're going to take a break. a lot more to talk about coming up next. cnn exclusive details involving the trump campaign and russia. later, why hillary clinton writes that she thought about calling donald trump a creep during the second debate.
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♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what? breaking news to talk about now. in a nutshell s congressional investigators have unearthed an e-mail from a top trump aide, previous unreported effort to arrange a meeting last year between trump campaign officials and russia's president vladimir putin. the aide, rick deer born, who is now president trump's deputy chief of staff sent a brief e-mail to campaign officials last year relaying information about a campaign official who was seeking to connect campaign officials to putin. it's unclear whether dearborn acted on the request. back now with the panel. it is to me just such a reminder that we are still scratching the surface on this and what does that mean for the mueller investigation, because they have access to so much more than
10:13 pm
reporters have been able to get access to. >> yeah. i think that -- i know you're probably going to say there's no there there and there's nothing to see. >> yes, i am. >> if you have any kind of curiosity and you look at this stuff it does raise questions. at a bear minimum you should be curious about the fact that russia was clearly interested in getting into that campaign. that's what keeps coming up. and the fact that they didn't just rebuff it straight out of hand. the e-mail gets passed on and it's even shared, you don't have any reason to meet with putin if you're running for president. >> i know dearborn and paul can tell you that people settle into roles in a presidential campaign. he was really one of the guys. manafort is a top guy, bannon is a top guy. so i just got to say, maybe paul can tell us. i've never been on a presidential campaign, but i was interacting with dearborn three times a week. you get flooded with requests like this -- >> requests to meet with leaders of russia?
10:14 pm
>> yeah. of businesses. >> i mean, paul, you can address that, but i don't think these are typical requests that are coming into campaign. >> i checked with steve schmidt, who ran the mccain campaign. nobody who has done this at that level has any idea what the hell they were doing. and there's no benign explanation. none of us who have done this in either party in my lifetime can point to anything like this, and this is both parties. >> but paul you ran a campaign before you had e-mail where people were sending e-mails -- >> but -- >> you did have phones, right? >> think of the list. so now this mr. dearborn, who i don't know and maybe it's a benign explanation, but he joins a long list of paul manafort of donald trump jr. of jared kushner, of sessions, carter page, michael flynn. many of them had meetings. >> not dearborn. >> let me tell you -- >> i ran a presidential campaign.
10:15 pm
i didn't have time to call my momma. these guys are calling moscow. i don't know how the hell they found the time. >> that's a good line, but -- >> what this story is is a reminder that the russia issue is not going away. we might be talking about the boy scouts speech one day. we might be talking about charlottesville and the tragedy there another day. we might be talking about his endless lies another. the russia story is not going away, and in the midst of all of this cacophony of all of this noise robert mueller is focused, is doing his work -- >> and not just him. i was talking to an attorney who knows some of the attorneys on this. he said that this team that robert mueller has assembled is, i believe his term was ninja assassins. they are just the best of the best. >> and strategic. financial crimes attorneys. there's people that are there that are specialists in flipping folks and flipping witnesses. his team building is strategic, and it tells you that he thinks there is something -- >> and the rest of the country
10:16 pm
-- i know maybe here with anderson and you guys, you think the russia thing is an issue. it's a non-issue -- >> with all due respect that's a talking point that has been used on this panel every time a trump supporter talks about it. >> no election was changed by -- >> but supporters of nixon didn't care about nixon and watergate until they cared about nixon and watergate because he actually stepped down. >> the bottom line is once the dots are connected -- once the dots are connected by -- >> everybody has admitted that. >> once the dots are connected by mueller, that is when people will pay attention. right now it's above our pay grade. it's above us in a lot of ways. but some pieces are already -- when there's smoke, there's fire. >> honestly -- >> what do you mean -- that's the silliest thing to say where there's smoke -- because you get to say it's smoke and then you get to say it's fire and you try to -- >> wait a minute. this president and this administration is guilty by omission. every time they -- >> guilty by omission? this is like --
10:17 pm
>> no, it's not. it's about what i remember and what i recall. that's strategic wording because they omit a lot. so then not only that, let's go to this piece right here. comey was let go why? because of the russia investigation. then go to this -- >> no, comey was let go because he was incompetent. >> that's not what the president of the united states said. >> you used to agree with that when he did the things with hillary. >> am i democrat? tell me what i am. any way, moving on -- >> give me another -- >> so bottom line. >> another bottom line. got one. >> once the points and the dots and the lines are connected, let's see what you say. >> there's smoke, there's fire, there's dots and lines. it's not an issue -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> what about the e-mail that don junior had with the people and the actress -- well, the people from, what is it, the pageant and going into meeting with the russia -- >> and let me ask you about that the donald trump jr. thing.
10:18 pm
the thing i don't understand about that meeting is don junior gets an e-mail and is informed in this e-mail that the russia government is supporting his dad. that's a pretty big headline if i'm involved in a campaign and somebody who i know has contacts with russia and this russian lawyer who is described as a russian government attorney is coming to meet with me to give dirt on the opponent. and oh, by the way the russian government wants your dad to win. don junior, do you honestly believe that at no point don junior said to his father, you never guess i just got told the russian government is supporting you. isn't that weird or amazing who knows if that's true or not. they claim the president never heard that. do you honestly believe that's the case, that done junior would hold on to that information? >> especially didn't they have a meeting that was a brief meeting that was a nothing meeting. >> we know nothing about the meeting other than what don junior hassed and what don junior has said -- >> nothingburger. that's what we hear -- >> the fact is that in a presidential campaign when
10:19 pm
there's lots of things going on and millions and millions of contacts with a campaign, who knows how many, but no single votes were changed. >> you know the trump organization is a little tiny organization. all the tens of thousands of employees he claimed to have. there's not a lot of folks in that little organization. and they all just basically go into and out of each others offices just like they have in the white house. the idea that donald trump jr. had a meeting the floor below his dad and say he had this ridiculous meeting but they're saying the russian government is supporting you i just find -- >> you laid it out that the special counsel created and sets loose a bunch of lawyers who are going to be like not ninja lawyers but zombie lawyers. they're going to keep going until they find something to justify their existence and maybe it's so-and-so kushner's great uncle didn't do his taxes the right way. i don't know. but the fact is not a single vote was changed. the democrats and republicans agree the russia thing -- >> as of now there is no
10:20 pm
evidence that voting machines were in any way affected. but you can't -- what is not known is the impact of the leaked e-mails that were released to the public that dominated the news cycle that, you know, led people to kind of focus -- >> propaganda. our democratic process was tampered with by another country. doesn't that -- >> it happens all the time. obama said that. obama said that. obama said, i didn't do good enough job. i dropped the ball. and the chinese were in there. >> do you realize they get thousands of attempts every day via the internet to crash into the white house and to all the parties. do you realize that? >> yeah. you can tell me. i'm listening. okay. what's the point? obama dropped the ball, right? >> no, no. the point is russia got in. russia got in. >> to the dnc. >> but the question is how did
10:21 pm
they -- what was the route? what was the route? >> paul, what were you going to say? >> first off, there's no question in my mind but for mr. putin hillary wins. by winning pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan by a total of 77,000 votes. that's not even a sellout at a penn state football game. he sneaked through legitimately. but he sneaked in through that. there's no question that but for putin hillary is president. i actually want to draw a different connection. i think the comment about pardoning sheriff joe is a signal to the men and women who may be under investigation for mr. mueller. and i mentioned it before. and when you said he's bringing expert on flipping. that is how these investigations work. you get the smaller fish and then you get them to flip and then you get the evidence on the bigger fish. the president does have a power to pardon for federal offenses. and i think if he pardons sheriff joe, he's sending a message. >> paul --
10:22 pm
>> what's the message? i got your back. >> so you're thinking he's sending that message to other to flynn or -- >> to the russia targets. >> i'm in st. louis. we had a 100% eclipse. when the moon went in front of the soon, you know what we didn't think? the moon is crashing in on us. we thought it's an eclipse. sometimes things -- >> the world is going to crash on donald trump through russia. there's reporting today that he's calling republican senators and yelling at them about russia, about why aren't they protecting from russia. >> that was yesterday. that was yesterday. >> paul, there's also another very important message that he's sending through this joe arpaio thing. it's a message to his base. it's a message to anybody that's anti-hispanic. a message to anybody -- >> america first. >> no, sweetheart. i'm america first. and you don't get to tell me that i'm not. but i'm also not anti-hispanic. i'm not anti-black. i'm not anti-transgender. i'm not anti-base so you don't get to tell me that i'm not america first. you're informing it and i'm a little over it. so let me tell you he's sending
10:23 pm
a message that he pardons joe arpaio try to control yourself from interrupting me because you're a little too close and getting into my danger zone. >> i understand. i got it. >> let me just tell you, the message he's accepting is i'm okay with profiling latinos in arizona. i'm okay with attacking immigrants. i'm okay with attacking hispanics. i'm okay with mistreating prisoners. i'm okay with everything that joe arpaio represents. and that's the message he's sending to his base and to those of us who are not his base. >> let's take a quick break. up next, a controversial confederate statue that became a touchstone for hate last week in charlottesville. earlier that attracted a few protestors with confederate flags tonight. what the city is doing next to try to heal. we'll talk to ambassador robert young in a moment. this lovely lady has a typical airline credit card. so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate.
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right now in charlottesville, virginia the robert e. lee and stonewall jackson statute use are hidden from view for the first time. a few minutes ago the protestors on either side squared off. the statues were not taken down, instead they were draped with shrouds. this is ahead of a highly anticipated town hall meeting tomorrow night. if monday night's city council meeting is any indication, tomorrow's could get ugly. take a look at what happened last night. >> somebody has got to be held accountable for not only the blood of those three lives, but for every injury that happened this past weekend. >> you need to wake up and smell what you're shoveling. you really do. we need you to have a solution. we need you to protect our city. >> you all have multiple opportunities to intervene and you did not intervene one time.
10:28 pm
>> we tried really hard to get the rally out and a federal judge -- a federal judge forced us to have the rally downtown. >> i warned you! i've had enough. we've all had absolutely had enough. the statue needs to come down. get the statues down, all of them. get them down. >> what are you all going to do when they come back? because they are coming back because they've said so. what are you going to do when they come back. those statues are still there. that's their beacon. >> joining me now, andrew young, i know your position on these confederate monuments around the country is that you don't want to see them removed. can you talk a little bit about why you feel that way and what you think the focus really should be on? >> well, i think that we should focus on substance and not symbols. we took the confederate flag down. and i'm almost sorry, because it cost us the affordable care act
10:29 pm
which is about $14.9 billion and 70,000 healthcare jobs that georgia missed. and we got the flag, but nobody got any health care benefits. we had an outer perimeter that had land 65 miles north of the city that would have solved our traffic problem. the guy that was elected governor sold out that land and now we're out growing our infrastructure. i'm saying that there are real problems that are facing cities, and atlanta has been a city that decided in the 60s that it was going to be too busy to hate. now, that meant we had to make some compromises. one jackson made was the cyclorama, which was a civil war monument that is -- it's a beautiful art piece. what we did was we made it a tourist attraction. we put 6 million into restoring it.
10:30 pm
we put a social scientist in there that actually discussed the civil war and did it from a perspective where the cyclorama battle of atlanta was not elevating the civil war. it was the beginning of a new south. and so we in atlanta have tried to be the beginning of the new south. now, that same mayor built an airport and insisted that 25% of every contract be given to minority or female entrepreneurs. that airport now is the busiest airport in the world. it earns -- it has an impact of about $50 billion a year. and the employment and ownership factor there is almost half and half black and white. >> so let me ask you -- >> so i say we have to as martin luther king said, learn to live together as brothers and sisters or we'll perish together as fools. and right now i'm concerned that the more noise you make, the
10:31 pm
less power you have. >> you talk about doctor king, as somebody who worked with doctor king as you did and going back a long way, confronting the kkk, confronting racism head on for years and years and years, i'm wondering what you make of the president's comments in the wake of charlottesville and also what dr. king would think about where we are right now at this flash point in history. >> i think dr. king would be disturbed, as i am disturbed. but i think dr. king always said that you have to be cool and rational and thoughtful under fire and under pressure. and that violence begets violence. you can only overcome hatred with love. and how we learn to respect each other and create a society that is once again civil. now, my feeling is that president trump doesn't understand what he's doing. he's playing politics and he's in his own ego trip.
10:32 pm
but you and i know new orleans and i saw downstairs that you were in new orleans at katrina. >> yeah. >> and that rain covers -- is covering the midwest now, and the mississippi river runs through 75 cities and 36 states and we haven't done anything to fix the river and stop it from flooding since franklin roosevelt put it together in 1936. now, this is a perfect infrastructure position that you can do infrastructure for 33 -- 36 states, 34 of them trump carries. and all of those cities are dying or struggling. and they're struggling because as soon as they get going, the river floods and they're back in trouble again. and those are the kinds of
10:33 pm
issues. i don't want to argue about global warming. we know -- i mean, it's flooding in missouri now. it was flooding the last couple of weeks in arkansas. i'm saying that we're just beginning the storm season. that we know that there's tragedy coming. new orleans should have, you know, been alerted that the pumps are not working. >> right. >> there's a lot of real issues that we have to take on. >> yeah. >> and i think that we will all -- you know, the flood doesn't know race. we saw black people on television in katrina. but there were more white people that died than black people, because they were out in the waters, in the swamps and couldn't get into high ground in the city. there are real issues that transcend all of the things that we're talking about in the news. and i just wish -- i think dr. king would want to bring us back to substantive issues that are
10:34 pm
going to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick and set at liberty those that are oppressed. >> ambassador young, i appreciate your perspective tonight. thank you so much. it's a pleasure to talk to you. i'll get the panel's thoughts in just a moment. straight talk has the best deals on iphones... ♪ you can take and share pictures any time of day. with a network that helps you save the day... bunny! ...for a lot less. bunny wants to go one more time! here we go! all right, i'm coming home! the iphone se is now just $129. unlimited plans start at just $35 a month. ...on america's largest, most dependable 4g lte networks. straight talk wireless. only at walmart. it's the blowout event!ual save 10 to 70% off on all clothing and shoes. and up to 70% off on outdoor life for him and simply styled for her! plus hot deals on jeans for kids, starting at 8.99. hurry - sale ends september 4th.
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we touched on this with ambassador young before the break. the racial and political divisions after charlottesville, the center of it all, how to remember history and where confederate statues fit in today. back now with the panel. it's interesting to hear ambassador young's perspective which is, you know, no one life's going to be changed by removing these statues. there's a lot more important issues to focus on. that's what he is saying. >> he's right. he's definitely right, but there's also another piece in it. i respect him so much. he marched with dr. king. he's living history. he's our history when it comes to one of the greatest pieces, blueprints that we have in this nation, the civil rights movement. he's right. there's so much hurt. there's the economics of it as well. you know, he was talking about infrastructure. helping people feel that they
10:39 pm
have something in their pocket. unemployment issues are still very prevalent. but you still have this, this hurt, this piece that has yet to heal in this nation. and unfortunately, charlottesville is setting us back. you know, for all the gains that we've made over the years, we haven't hit the promise land as of yet. but as dr. king was talking about in many of his speeches. but what charlottesville has done and with this vacillating words from the moral nation of this nation our president of the united states, it set us back where it's this wink and a nod where people feel that they're able to do this without the sheets and walk with the tiki torches. you can say what you want -- wait a minute. until you walk in my shoes, don't say it. don't. >> i can't -- >> please respect, respect. >> i am respecting. i'm just disagreeing with your
10:40 pm
policy. >> let me ask you this. i'm going to give you a question. >> all right. >> do you want to be black? >> i want to be who i am, the best ed martin i can be. >> there you go. so moving on -- >> before we were having a filibuster, let me -- >> this is not a filibuster -- wait a minute. you cannot negate -- >> andrew young said the same thing donald trump said on the campaign trail. >> let her finish her thought. >> i'm so sorry. i know political incorrectness is in. >> i thought when she asked me a question -- >> i asked you a question, but i'm shutting you down. did you understand cues? please, moving on. so we have to understand as a nation. i remember, you know, 20 years ago paul and i, i was a reporter. he was there with bill clinton. bill clinton had the vision to see that we were a nation that was browning. we were a nation that still had this heart issue. you had laws, but you still have this, this thing that's -- this pink elephant in the room that people can't get over. go ahead. >> listen, i mean, i'm glad that you think that charlottesville has turned back the time on
10:41 pm
progress, but what andrew young said, same thing trump said -- wait. we're going to let somebody speak. andrew young said the same thing trump said on the campaign trail. he looked out and for 40 years the democrat party in the cities have failed primarily black and brown kids but poor kids with an education system that's a disaster in st. louis and detroit and kansas city. and what trump said -- >> baltimore, cleveland. >> you relied on them and what have democrats done for your kids and your school? crime, and everything else. >> let him finish. >> andrew young said what is right. don't worry about the statues. worry about the policies. >> what is the policy? >> well, the policies are school choice. the policies are jobs for african americans, not illegals. >> anna? >> pitting blacks against -- no. >> i'm for blacks that are americans. not illegals. >> let me tell you what i think charlottesville did was bring to the front and let us confront the reality that's going on for this country. one of the things for me that
10:42 pm
was the saddest about charlottesville was how young those protestors were. >> you look at that tiki torch march on friday night. >> people in their 20s and late teens. >> college students. >> so it tells you that racism is alive and thriving still today and it is making us as americans confront it. whatever side you may be on, it is making us confront it, which i think is why it broke so many americans. >> does anyone on this panel believe that if that had been hundreds of muslim american men walking through the streets chanting jews will not replace us and god is great -- >> and someone drove a car into it. >> does anybody believe that the president of the united states would say that there's good people among that group? >> no. >> ed, do you -- >> he never said that the people that were scum bags are good people. >> no, no. he said -- no, no -- >> at the rally, at the event. >> friday night --
10:43 pm
>> he meant that there were people there. >> there weren't. >> i think you'll fact-check that you'll find -- you were in ferguson, right? >> stop. [ overlapping speakers ] you asked about friday night. i'm talking -- let's talk facts. i talked to a vice reporter. >> vice reporter. that's the only fact -- >> no. every reporter who was there, there was hundreds of guys marching with torches. >> he denounced them all. >> so do you think there's some good church going folks who just happened to be in that group and their stand being next to someone saying jews will not replace us and they thought oh, well, of course, i'm just going to keep marching with them. good people would not march -- >> so those were the people on friday night that the president was talking. >> do you think there are people that care about the issue of southern heritage that aren't racists? >> yes, of course. >> they were not there. >> watch what you say. >> and they weren't there friday night.
10:44 pm
>> what you've done is fundamentally dishonest. that really wasn't about the lee statue. those nazis came from all around america because they hate america, they hate jews and they hate black people. >> and he denounced them. >> excuse me, ed. here is what our president does. he gets caught describing nazis, some of them as very fine people. >> incorrect. >> incorrect? it's -- >> he thought there were people there that were not the neo-nazis that were there because they cared and therefore he made -- >> one of those two. >> what he said was that he looked at it very carefully. he looked at it more carefully than reporters who were there looked at it. he looked at the video and he saw that there were good people there. what that was, that was not a mass rally around the robert e. lee statute. that was a highly organized march of racist groups around a church where there was an interfaith church service, and thoen the robert e. lee statue
10:45 pm
where there was a small group of uva students standing around the statue that were counter protesting. but it was these neo-nazis who were in the bulk and they were the ones who were against the removal of the statue. so the president was incorrect. and i don't know if he knew he was incorrect or not, but he was absolutely incorrect to say that there were good people marching with those nazis. >> but he's never said that neo-nazis or white supremacists are good people. he's denounced them over and over again. >> he said there were very fine people on both sides. >> and there are. adam schiff agreed. adam schiff said the antifa violence, he denounced them as well as neo-nazis. so adam schiff was right. >> how many right wing victims of violence went to medical center? >> i'm not a reporter. you've got to ask somebody who knows. >> there were two troopers who lost their lives trying to keep them safe and we ought to honor them not to say it off as a being talking point. he doesn't give a rip snort about confederate history --
10:46 pm
>> paul is i mind reader. you're a mind reader. >> no. >> ed, you know the president does not read. you do know that, right? >> on june 23rd, 2015 the president said the confederate flag should come down and go into a museum. that had been his position. two years and two months, that was his position. has he changed his position? apparently now he loves the monuments and our heritage. >> change his position -- did somebody from cnn say -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> why does he raise the monuments to give the gloss, the patina of legitimacy to the neo-nazis. they weren't. they were protesting against america. >> and they're scum bags. >> why then does he dignify their protest pretending -- >> listen, there were so many horrible things that he said last night. >> last night? >> yes, last night he said horrible things. >> oh.
10:47 pm
>> back off, you creep. i'll use the line. but among the things that he said that were really horrific is when he pitted american versus america. they are trying to take away our history. that was such a divisive, horrible line. >> we've got to take a quick break. hillary clinton says her skin crawled and she thought about calling donald trump a creep. see what fueled that moment in a moment. so you miss the big city? i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile. you can do that? even way out here? yes. even way out here. even way out here? hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl.
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10:51 pm
down my neck. my skin crawled. it was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching, well, what would you do? do you stay calm, keep smiling and carry on as if he weren't reproceedly invading your space? or do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, back up you creep. get away from me. i know you love to intimidate women but you can't intimidate me so back up. i chose option a, i kept my cool aided by a lifetime of dealing with difficult men trying to throw me off. i did offer grip the microphone extra hard. i wonder though whether i should have chosen option b, it certainly would have been better t.v. >> we're back with the panel. robin joins us. i want to talk to you robin
10:52 pm
because you were involved in this. first of all, what did you think of that? i was monitoring that -- particularly that first 20 minute or so of that debate which was so intense and he started to whether it's creep around or follow her around whatever it was. what do you think was going on? >> honestly it was like, a lot of things on the campaign. we were stunned by the fact he did that, it was so strange and with so many things that donald trump did, it jonathan didn't seem to matter the next day. and i actually think, you know, this, and i'm sure this is going to be a lot more of this in the book. i'm sure a lot of people when they think about worn maybe with you should have listened more closely and noticed these thing more, i don't think people took it seriously. >> what do you think if secretary clinton had taken option a or b, or taken opg b and said, back off creep?
10:53 pm
>> this is one of the central questions of the race we faced every day on the campaign trail. i think more women are going to face this. more women continue to ron for office. i've run a u.s. senate race for a woman's campaign before. i think women are held to a different standard. i think they are expected to act properly, not to lose their cool and if they do lose it, they're too emotional. i can't say what would have happened if she'd done that. it's easy for us in retrospect to say oh she should have said what she thought and believe, she could have come under a hailstorm of criticism for not having the come poers. >> interesting how that is. it would have been seen with strength if a male continue would have said it to a male candidate but when it's a female candidate it would have been viewed differently. >> here's what i saw, hillary
10:54 pm
clinton was supposed to be tough, gentle and connected and all these thing and donald trump got to act rid clusz. i think there's a price for that. i do think there's a different standard for women nowadays. the mirror women who run for office the more that's going to go away. >> i definitely think that's true and i've heard people criticize hillary where they say now we here she's coming up with another story. i do think women, say my generation might be more inclined to turn around and say, can i help you. and you go back -- >> it's true. >> i do think we are at this point. in hillary's generation it wouldn't like that. if you responded like that you would be accused of being hysterical or unhinged. so she has had to live her entire life, women of her generation and my mother's generation have spent their
10:55 pm
generation trying to and a hana this world women of my generation fell comfortable saying what we think. >> i'll tell you what i thought. hillary clinton's gotten no hispanic in here. there's no hispanic woman inside her trying to come out of her chest. >> in an active debate like that was there a debriefing session. i don't know, would you discuss if this happens again would we do it differently? >> it's a great question. again, i cannot emphasize enough, these situations were so new. the rules were changing before our eyes in this campaign. >> and certainly the republican challengers, the -- not the same issues but we're still dealing with -- >> well, we saw marco rubio come out and try to match insults, didn't work. i remember for this debate you ask how does this guy get away with this stuff. >> it was also the debate, what we had brought.
10:56 pm
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where you do business. ♪ ♪ thanks for watching, time to hand thing over to don lemon. "cnn tonight" starts right now. monday after his divisive defensive phoenix ran, president trump sticks to the script. what a difference today makes. listen to the president today in reno. >> we have no division too dope for us to heal. and there is no enemy too strong for us to overcome. because, in america we never lose faith. we never forget who we are and we never stop striving for a beer