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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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shown that to be true. i'm jim sciutto. thanks very much for watching. cnn's special i can braing news coverage continues tonight. we're hearing harrowing stories as nightfalls in the flooded areas. we turn to erin burnett "outfront." "outfront" next, breaking news, hurricane harvey regaining strength and getting ready to strike again. thousands of rescues and tens and thousands expected in sheller its. very latest in the catastrophic storm. trump doubling down on pardoning joe arpaio saying that he did it when hurricane harvey hit because he thought the ratings would be high. and we're live in pyongyang. let's go "outfront." "outfront" tonight, the breaking news, bracing for another hit. harvey right now is regaining strength, getting ready to strike again. it's an unprecedented storm. it's overwhelmed houston, the
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fourth largest city in the united states, which what officials are calling some of the worst flooding in history. large parts of houston are under water and now at least seven people are dead in the wake of the storm, a toll that officials say is likely to rise. the numbers continue to be staggering. 13 million people in texas under a flood warning or watch. nearly 500,000 people expected to seek disaster assistance. 30,000 predicted to fill area shelters. think about that. 30,000 people seeking shelter. look at these pictures to give you a sense of the truly stunning measure of the storm. it has already dumped 25 inches of rain in houston. another 25 could fall by saturday. when you look at these pictures, it makes sense. that is the year-long rainfall average for houston, 50 inches, and it's coming in just one week. thousands have been rescued by first responders assisted by private citizens who have brought in their own boats to help in some cases.
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many of those still stranding waiting three days since harvey first hit. and one volunteer tells cnn some are starting to panic saying that, quote, people are trying to steal the boat and we have boats shot at if we're not picking anybody up. that's a major highway. a sinkhole collapsed a road outside of houston. president trump plans to tour the area tomorrow. he spoke moments ago and promised a quick response from the federal government. >> you're going to see very rapid action from the congress and certainly from the president and you're going to get your funding. it's a terrible tragedy. >> cnn reporters are fanned out across the flood stone covering this historic flood. we begin with hard hit houston. alex, right now, bracing for more rain and flooding. >> reporter: they are, erin. this rain has been absolutely
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relentless. officials are saying that they are so overwhelmed that they've asked civilians to help civilians. that's what we've seen in this area and elsewhere. people are using what ever they can, boats, kayaks, even floaties like that to rescue their neighbors from these rising neighbors. block after block of homes now swimming in the rising floodwaters. >> y'all all right? >> reporter: these quiet suburban streets turned into dark rivers. >> one, two, keb knee evans with his boat responding to the call for everyone to pitch in. >> i've been trying to call the coast guard. a lot of people weren't prepared and we never expected something catastrophic like this to happen. they said it was going to happen from day one. >> they are releasing it from the reservoirs. three people were forced upstairs by the water. >> people are debating whether to leave or not.
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right now, the flooding is not that bad here. these neighborhoods were not supposed to be affected. the floodwaters are rising and people realize they have to get out. they are making a tough decision where weather to stay or to go. >> one deciding to leave, the others staying behind. >> does that frustrate you that you weren't told to evacuate? >> reporter: totally upset. >> did you have any sense that it was going to be this bad? >> no. i knew it was going to be this bad but not to this extent. >> reporter: neighbors pointed to the home of an 86-year-old man. he was found in his dark room with no power unaware of the danger outside. we helped him look around as he left his home he's had for almost 40 years. >> i heard the commotion out here. that [ bleep ] and picking up people. >> reporter: this water flowing directly from two nearby
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reservoirs. the dams opened to prevent more catastrophic flooding in the city. officials warning the worst is yet to come. the rain expected to keep falling and the national coast guard is now involved and more than 1,000 people being ferried to safety. armies of every day people now mobilized. there's so many heroes in houston who literally saved the lives of their federal texans. texans helping texans. that is what we do as a state. i don't think anybody does it better. >> just moments ago, you can see this group of three men going out in a canoe to help more neighbors. just a short time ago, a flash flood warning was extend where we are right now as well as
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other counties. this area wasn't supposed to be hit so badly. it wasn't supposed to be this muched intoing but there's so much waters in the nearby dams and it's preventing more catastrophic flooding from elsewhere in houston. erin? >> alex, thank you very much. i want to go to ed lavandera in di dickinson, texas. you've been out there all day. what did you see today? >> reporter: well, we spent the day with the national guard unit out of dallas that had been here for their third day here in the houston area, a group known as the wolf pack. and they spent most of the day patrolling various neighborhoods, essentially offering support to the first responders inside these neighborhoods and many of the volunteers that had launched boats into these neighborhoods that were flooded. they would bring people back to these national guard trucks and
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they would be taken over to the shelter. there was an island surrounded by water and we spoke with carol hill on the ride out. it was interesting because a lot of these people who have been kind of inside their homes unable to get out and didn't have a sense of the magnitude of how depressing the scene is around their neighborhood and when you listen, you watch carol hill's reaction at her first glimpse of seeing the floodwaters around her. that tells the whole story. >> that's crazy. this is crazy. oirng oh, my god. and we thought it was not as bad
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but it is when you see it in person. >> reporter: these people have been holed up in their homes. >> i want to go to one of the top officials and sheriff ed gonzalez, thank you for being with us. it's going to start getting dark where you are. i know you've been responding to thousands of calls for people to be rescued. how much harder will this be in darkness? >> well, darkness doesn't help us. this is devastating. i've been out here in the last two hours and the team is helping people get to safe ground and transporting them to shelter. it's been really amazing for people. there was a 9-year-old woman wheelchair bound with broken ribs and others with small children and we have to help
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them. >> when you say the worst is yet to come, are you worried at all about any panic? some people are trying to panic and actually described him saying some people are trying to steal boats. people are afraid right now. are you concerned about panic at all? >> a little bit. folks weren't prepared maybe for the duration of this. even though we did warn it could be more like a marathon and not a sprint. and we're also warning people that we're not going to have any sympathy for people to take advantage of fellow texans and trying to loot or burglari
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sdplch ze. everyone is pulling together. we're going to get through this. we're working around the clock and giving it all we've got. >> i know you're working around the clock. i want to show the viewers this photo posted online and the caption is, this policeman worked countless hours of victims of hurricane harvey until he passed out from exhaustion. you talk about this being a marathon, not a sprint. we're almost 72 hours since the storm hit. you're saying the worst is yet to come. does your team have the physical endurance here to continue for days more? >> absolutely. we have the endurance and we're getting the resources built up again. we're getting deployments from other states. other sheriffs have reached out to us and we're mobilizing all of those resources. retailers are offering supplies
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as well. it's just working out the logistics. it's difficult. it's taxing on all our people that have families as well but we're going to get through this. >> i know your rescues are now in the thousands, at least 2,000. we'll show everyone some before and after pictures to try to give people around the country a sense of the incredible change that happened in just hours where you are. houston's mayor says he has no regrets in not calling for an evacuation. as this continues, and you say the worst is yet to come, do you have any concern right now that that may have been a mistake? >> not at the moment. the storms can be very unpredictable. we've seen the opposite where people evacuated and then caused a lot ofhardships and other issues with massive evacuations that were not necessary in
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hindsight. and we always learn from these. this has been a 1,000-year event so it's hard to plan everything perfectly but we'll learn from this and we're going to get through it and the community is coming together. >> it's a 1,000-year event, something nobody is ready for. what do you say to people who are afraid right now and who may be starting to panic. you know, they have water in their home, they're still safe but it's crawling up the first floor. what do you say to people right now? what should they do? >> tell them to please stay calm. reach 911 if they can. stay on the line and don't hang up. seek higher elevation in their home if the water rises and, if need be, try to seek higher shelter, more likely on the roof, definitely not the attic, unless they have some type of something to cut through it like an ax because they could get trapped in the attic if the water continues to rise. be patient. i know it's difficult. we're out there in the same elements. i've been out there doing rescues the last few days as
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well. we'll bring in more resources so stay strong and calm. >> sheriff gonzalez, thank you for taking the time. he's been going on rescue after rescue. and next, the volunteers who have been doing just that, taking it upon themselves to join the rescue efforts, to help those who are afraid and stranded. but as darkness descends, is time running out? >> and president trump strongly defending his pardon of joe arpaio. one man says he was stopped by arpaio's officers, even though he's been an american citizen for decades. and this iconic picture in the middle of the storm. we're going to tell you the story of otis. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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breaking news, panic rising with floodwaters. rescuers are losing daylight for a third straight night. the drenched city under torrential rain. the death toll now is seven lives. the storm is regaining strength and is going to be coming back and striking again. the national weather service has added a new color to the weather maps that we haven't seen before. it's a dark purple. they've added it to the weather graphics to illustrate the historic rainfall. as we come onto the air tonight, more than 2 thou,000 people havn rescued by boat and by air.
4:18 pm
d derek, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: we're on an elevated section about 25 miles southwest of the city of houston and this river, believe it or not, has risen 35 feet since saturday morning. that is higher than many apartment complexes in downtown houston, for instance. it is incredible to see the amount of rain. it's been raining all day here and that water is flowing by all the rivers and creeks into this particular river here. you look at flood innone dags maps and the communities have been continuing to flood and this river has yet another 10 feet to go before it reaches the record level tonight. it's going to eclipse the 59-foot rise here. there are 26 helicopters, staged at the airport around 9 miles
4:19 pm
away from here and more serarch and rescue setting up. >> you said it's a 59-foot rise. it's hard to understand the scale that you're talking about but we also heard from the harris county sheriff that it's going to get worse and the worst is yet to come. so what does that mean? what is going to happen in the next hours, in the next days? >> reporter: well, probably the worst-case scenario is happening now. the center of the circulation is moving offshore. what that does is feed into the gulf of mexico. remember, it's extremely warm there. gi it's going to take that moisture and pump it back here on land. once it makes landfall again for a second time, it will bring the heaviest rainfall with it. so we're expecting that to focus its attention on the extreme eastern sections of texas, louisiana, especially into tuesday night and once again on wednesday before it finally gets
4:20 pm
out there. the rivers need to recede, which will take days, if not weeks. >> derek, thank you. looking at that river behind him, that's going to scale 59 feet and that's before even more rain. joining me now is a realtor who has spent the last couple of days rescuing victims. i know you've been out. you just got back from a rescue now. you filmed some video of a couple of these. one of them, people from an apartment complex. as you went in, we can see the boat there, the level there of the water well up the trees. >> it's exhausting and it's unlike anything i have ever seen when you get out there. these people are begging you to get on the boat and you can't
4:21 pm
put everyone on there and you're having to tell people, hey, hang on, we're coming back. i promise we'll get you. and, you know, pregnant women, babies, older people and dogs and cats and people that can't speak english and it's just -- it's everything. and you know you're doing your best to get to these people but like yesterday, there just wasn't enough boats. i mean, more started showing up later on but there were thousands of people. and when it got dark we had to shut down and all i could think is, i promised all these people i would be back, so -- >> so what is happening now? i know you talk about people being scared and wanting people to come back and another volunteer told us he talked to the sheriff about that people are panicking. obviously this person had cited some instances of bad things
4:22 pm
happening, people trying to steal boats or shooting at boats because they were scared. what is the situation that you're seeing among people that need help? i mean, how scared are they? are they going to be able to wait or not? >> so, there's a couple things. one is, there were some news reports saying that, hey, we don't need volunteers anymore and we don't need anymore boats. yesterday there was one big part of the city. now there's three or four parts of the city going under. so they do need more boats. you know, i feel like some of the locals are out there helping and they know the streets and they know where to go and then some of these guys come in from out of town and it feels like they're competing for rescues. but as far as the area i was working today and that's where the social media has helped out, people have been saying on facebook or texting me and saying can you get to so-and-so and that's how i originally got started. i woke up yesterday and had two
4:23 pm
friends who had put on facebook that they were going under and i thought, you know, someone's got to go save them. at first i thought to myself could i really do it and sure enough as i worked closer and closer. but people are scared. today especially, the area we worked yesterday, that was a bayou that floods really bad but today on the west side of town, it was really bad because there's a -- you've heard of the reservoir that they're talking about and they've been trying to release -- i haven't been watching the news but i don't know if they were releasing because this area of water started coming up really quick and we were -- we only went in there to get one person we knew but then had to stay and bring everyone out. but, yeah, it's definitely a very, very scary time. and even i'm a little bit worried because i've never seen water like that.
4:24 pm
but the worst thing is, again, i couldn't -- i couldn't stay there and get everyone. and i had to get myself out of there because the water was rising so fast, my car couldn't get out. i would have been stuck. we barely got the boat loaded up. and so it's -- you know, it's definitely -- you know, we have a pretty interesting situation, that's for sure. >> well, george, i appreciate you taking the time to tell us about it and i know that so many are so grateful for what you're doing. so thank you. >> thank you, erin. and next, president trump not backing down from pardoning joe arpaio. he said he did it as hurricane harvey was about to hit on purpose because he thought television reviews would be high. and tonight, moments ago in north korea, firing a missile. we'll tell you the latest on this. our cnn's will ripley is in north korea korea tonight. we're going to go to pea young
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breaking news, president trump is not backing down from his pardoning of joe arpaio. arpaio used racial profiling after a judge told him he could not. here's the president today. >> sheriff joe is a patriot. sheriff joe loves our country. sheriff joe protected our boarders and sheriff joe was very unfairly treated by the obama administration. i stand by my pardon of sheriff
4:29 pm
joe and i think the people of arizona who really knew him best would agree with me. >> sara murray is "outfront" at the white house. this is a very controversial pardon. you have republicans and democrats saying it was the wrong thing to do and the president is clearly defiant. >> reporter: that's right. the president made clear he has no regrets about pardoning a very controversial individual and so early in his term. and he was asked about the timing of this and as hurricane harvey, this category 4 hurricane, was bearing down on texas, today the president insisted in no way was he trying to bury the news. listen to what he said. >> well, a lot of people think it was the right thing to do, john. and actually in the middle of a hurricane, even though it was friday, i assumed the ratings would be higher than normal. the hurricane had just started. as we say, sheriff joe has done
4:30 pm
a great job for the people of arizona. >> so you see him making a pretty incredible argument there that the pardon may have gotten even more attention amid the storm and maybe ratings were even higher than they would have been on a friday night. i can tell you, as we were talking, the white house aides on friday night, none of them disputed the u.s. citizens for decades, daniel's testimony helped convict arpaio and i know you heard the president there saying sheriff joe is a patriot and protected our borders and the people of arizona who know him best would agree with this pardon. do you? >> no, i don't.
4:31 pm
he was not enforcing maricopa county. he was trying to enforce federal laws of immigration and crossing the border without document. >> daniel, you were pulled over with your wife and you were driving when you were pulled over by arpaio's deputy. tell me what happened to you? >> i was driving to a job site and one of arpaio's deputy was coming the other direction. i was waiting for a left turn signal so i could turn to the left and then the deputy came across the intersection, slowed down to almost zero, focused his eyes on my wife and i, staring at both of us, and then he accelerated at a high rate of
4:32 pm
speed, made a u-turn and turned his signals on, his lights on and his siren and came after us. >> and he asked you a lot of questions that made it clear it was racial profiling to you, right? >> yes. correct. >> what did he ask? >> he asked me for my documents, you know, driver's license, registration, insurance on my truck but then he demanded my wife's driver's license. and i told him my wife was not the driver. i was. and during the whole stop, the whole purpose of the stop, he was never talking to me or my wife in a decent tone of voice. he was always yelling at us and his right hand always on top of his gun by intimidating us. he did intimidate my wife but not me. >> now, i know that this
4:33 pm
obviously happened to you and to your wife and i know that this had an impact on her. sheriff arpaio went on fox news just after the pardon and he reacted to it. i want to play for you, daniel, a clip of what he said. >> that was great. i love that president. he supports law enforcement and i'm very humbled. after all these years, 55 years law enforcement around the world and here i am on the defense table because they wanted to do everything to get rid of me, certain people. >> sheriff arpaio says he's the victim here. what is your response to that? what happened to you and your wife after this stop? >> after the stop, we went to the american civil liberties union and filed a complaint because i tried to file a complaint with the justice department and they said they would return our call and never did. a few occasions i called and
4:34 pm
they never returned the call. my son-in-law called forethree another three or four times. i went to american civil liberties union and they took the case and put me in the racial profiling lawsuit that they had filed against sheriff joe and maricopa county sheriff's office. >> daniel, i appreciate you taking the time and telling us your story again. "outfront" right now, david gergen, april ryan, douglas brinkley, presidential historian. donald trump is very proud of this pardon. will it help him or hurt him when it comes to voters? >> well, it will help in the short term to enforce his base. that's clearly why we have this bizarre story. we all thought he was trying to
4:35 pm
hide the announcement and he made the announcement because of the storm, he said. but i must tell you, erin, in terms of the long term politics of the united states, with the latino vote growing ever more important in some of these states, this sends a message from trump and increasingly from the republican party that if you're latino, you're not welcome in our party and it just seems to me -- i'm incredulous that this isn't part of the republican sort of understanding now after what happened in california. there was an incident in california on proposition 187 some years ago. and california's been a democratic state ever since. so i think politically, the more important thing about this, is the morality and the values that it states. but it does have political repercussions. >> it may but, doug, i guess the
4:36 pm
question i have for you is, does every president do something like this? i mean, the president was ready, you know, for the question of why are you doing this. in fact, he read a list of controversial pardons by other presidents. here's president trump. >> president clinton pardoned susan rosenberg, a bank robbery that led to a guard and two police officers being killed. president obama commuted the sentence of a person charged as part of a violent independent group from pouerto rico responsible for 28 chicago area bombings and many deaths. >> how does arpaio compare, doug? >> well, look, it's incredulous is the right word that david gergen just used that donald trump is disuniting america. the fact that he pardoned
4:37 pm
someone who was seen as a race baiter, anti-latino, somebody who is really the kingpin of racial profiling, in the middle of a category 4 storm slamming into the texas coast and has the gull in the east room of the white house to say that he did it for tv ratings. who are these people that are willing to allow him to say something if you're going to pardon arpaio, which i don't think is a good idea. do it at the right time. clearly friday wasn't the right time but he's proud as a rooster and i find it a bit demented. >> do you buy that, april? >> yes, i buy it. he's a tv mogul. it was strategically placed news. you could even say he manipulated the news cycle. but unfortunately, he did this at the peril of those in texas
4:38 pm
and those who are in the grips of harvey. friday we saw the winds blowing, people being doetold to evacuat. this is the moral leader, leader of the free world, president of the united states who is supposed to be watching overall of american. if i was a resident of texas, i would wonder. and that's the question, one, what are the residents of texas -- when all of this is said and done, what do they have to say, this red state. and number two, this goes back to what david said. it reinforces charlottesville and when the president spoke from his heart. there's several things on the table. this is totally different than what we've seen before. >> all right. all of you stay with me, please. next, we have the breaking news. trump's long-term attorney reaching out for a trump tower project in moscow. efforts to build in russia going well into the trump campaign. plus, more baking news frre
4:39 pm
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breaking news, president trump trying to build and the
4:43 pm
president was aware of all of this. keep in mind, the president, of course, has said repeatedly that he has had no business dealings with russia. pamela brown is "outfront." what have you learned? >> reporter: they were talking about building a tower in moscow and cohen said in a statement that he e-mailed russian president vladimir putin's spokesperson dmitry peskov on behalf of the organization. cohen said he never heard back and the deal fell apart in 2016 before the presidential primaries. he also discussed this proposal with donald trump three times between september 2015 and january 2016. and he said the discussions surrounded the negotiations around the deal and to tell him that the deal was off. he described those discussions as short and the intermediary he
4:44 pm
was working with was felix sater. he urged trump to come to moscow to tour this proposal and even suggested to him that he could help him win the presidency. >> which is obviously an incredible thing at the end, to even suggest that he could win the presidency. how significant is all of this? >> well, i can tell you that special counsel robert mueller will likely be interested in this as part of the possible collusion with russia during the campaign investigation. investigators on the hill are interested and they received the e-mails today. he denied having any dealings in russia. michael cohen after the election denied having any dealings with russia and those statements are belied given the fact that they were trying to secure a real estate deal during the beginning of the campaign. >> pamela brown, thank you. april, the trump administration was pursing plans
4:45 pm
to build a trump tower many moscow. we know that, contrary to what they said before. this went on well into the presidential campaign, 2016. his personal lawyer reached out to putin's top spokesperson for help. donald trump was aware of that because his lawyer discussed it with him three times. what impact will this have on the russia investigation? >> mueller is very stealth with what he's doing. you know, there's not much leaking but i'm sure that this is playing into very -- very much into this investigation. there are questions right now of conflict of interest and collusion. we had heard something about this as early as the e-mail issue with don junior, donald trump jr., and his meetings with his brother-in-law and others when it came to the hillary clinton opposition research. so we had heard that they had been trying to put their name on a building there but it's flushing out even more and
4:46 pm
what's really telling is the fact that they attempted to get approval from the kremlin and just could not. so there's a lot swirling around right here to make sure mueller will be interested in it if he's not already. >> so david, here's the thing. as pamela was just reporting, we know the proposal was under consideration from september 2015 to january 2016. it had progressed. sola in january 2016, this is all still going on, here is then candidate trump talking about putin. >> putin came out and said nice things about me and everyone went crazy. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia and let them spend the money instead of us spending the money? i have good relationships with many people and that's an asset. >> so david, was he trying to play to putin there to cozy up to him?
4:47 pm
again, let me emphasize, he was spoken to three times by his personal attorney about this deal. he was well aware of it. >> well, it's hard knowing the facts that we do so far, they are scanty, how serious this was taken within the trump organization. was he engaging in puffery? it's hard to know. but we see a steady pattern by donald trump that we've all talked about being very solicitous of russia and is that why he's being that way, not thinking necessarily it was a tower but rather that it might have been some loans or money that came in earlier. i do think it's -- while we don't know enough to be, i think, too judgmental, it's
4:48 pm
worth pointing out that law fair, an e-mail website and national security is saying tonight that this is the first time we've seen the kind of material that could be used in an impeachment proceeding. >> which is a pretty stunning thing to say. doug, here's the other part of this. trump is aware of this, right? and putin's top spokesman was involved and yet he has said again and again, point blank, black and white, that he had no business deals with russia. here he is. >> i have nothing to do with russia. i have no investments in russia, none whatsoever. i don't have any property in russia. >> i don't deal there. i have no businesses. i have no loans from russia. >> what do i have to do with russia? the closest i came to russia, i bought a house a number of years ago in palm beach, florida. bought it for 40 and sold it for 100 to a russian. >> now, doug, did he lie or is
4:49 pm
he actually walking the line of truth there because obviously he tried to do business with russia, according to this reporting, but he failed and all he says here is he didn't do business with russia. >> well, what we now know is that donald trump's lawyer was seeking to get favors done for him from putin. that's a big, big part of the puzzle. people are trying to construct over what is donald trump's obsession with russia, his cover-up mode that he's been in for this entire year. you're starting to get republicans wanting to distance themselves from trump. you know, vice president pence did a very fine job on texas radio today explaining the storm and a lot of republicans are starting to think that perhaps impeachment may be around the corner. that this fall, the next few weeks with the showdown going in congress a congress, there's going to be a government shutdown and it's showing the shrinking of the
4:50 pm
trump presidency and this is an important news revelation. >> thank you all very much as we continue to cover those developments. next, breaking news from north korea just firing a missile. is kim jong-un going to provoke donald trump again? the only western journalist in north korea tonight is our will ripley. we're going to be live on the ground. and breaking news on hurricane harvey. new figures coming in. the houston's mayor is speaking out. and this viral picture speaking volumes about the disaster there. c crab lover's dream or new dueling crab legs with dungeness and snow crab. only during crabfest. now this is seafood. and hurry in to enjoy our new crab melt, part of our seafood lover's lunch weekdays just $9.99 so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing even a swing set standoff.
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...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. breaking news. north korea defying president trump launching a test missile tonight. this is the fourth missile test in the past few days. the pentagon confirming the missile flew over japan and the prime minister there calls the launch unprecedented, serious, and a grave threat. senator lindsey graham just this moment says this is a "big-time escalation of the conflict." it comes as the united states and south korea conduct a joint military drill, even though the north said that could lead to nuclear war. will ripley is outfront in pyongyang. you have been there so many times. you know what you're seeing now, will. kim jong-un is defying president trump. tonight's launch you say is significant. why?
4:55 pm
>> reporter: it's very different from what we've seen previously, because it was launched around 20 miles from where i'm standing right now. it's rare for north korea to launch a missile from its capital. it flew more than 1700 miles, flying over populated areas in japan and coming down in the ocean, prompting alerts to go out to japanese citizens to take cover. this is the kind of missile that could, had it been aimed in a different direction, could have gone all the way down to guam. remember, north korea was threatening that a few weeks ago. they did not carry out that threat, but what they did do is try to show the united states they have missiles in their arsenal that are capable of reaching key u.s. military assets in this region, and also many u.s. citizens potentially in harm's way along with millions of u.s. allies. >> will, what does this mean about kim jong-un's fear of president trump? so he didn't fire it towards guam, but he's making a very loud and clear point that he
4:56 pm
could hit guam. president trump threatened fire and fury if that ever happened. so kim jong-un is testing the president here, clearly. >> reporter: right. this is north korea saying to the united states that even though rex tillerson, the secretary of state praised him for showing restraint, president trump said just in the last week that north korea respects the united states, and we get on the ground here in pyongyang, they are seething over those remarks from president trump. they are furious about the ongoing joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea, which have entered their second week. this is a defiant show of force by north korea, wanting to let the united states know they have weapons in their arsenal they're ready to use. we may not see this be over just yet, because south korea believes there are preparations under way right now that north korea's nuclear test site for a sixth nuclear test. officials have been saying north korea could push the button on that test with no notice.
4:57 pm
and given north korea is so angry about all these different developments, we have to watch the situation here closely. >> will ripley, thank you very much, live in pyongyang. of course, that nuclear test significant for so many reasons. they have not done one of those in a year, so a major test for president trump. now back to the houston mayor, announcing the city has rescued more than 3,000 people in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. those numbers have gone up zra matt -- dramatically. this is a picture of otis, carrying a bag of dog food. it went viral and left thousands wondering if his owners would find him. 5-year-old carter miles is the owner of otis. >> i'm joined now by salvadore and otis. salvadore, thank you so much.
4:58 pm
otis is with you now. i know your family evacuated ahead of the storm and you were going to check in on otis. what happened? >> well, actually i evacuated my grandchildren and daughter to laredo due to the storm. my grand sson wanted to take ca of otis. well, in the midst of the storm, things got rowdy, and loud noises and a rumble. i'm thinking otis got kind of scared and kicked the poor door pushed the door with his paws and broke the hinge and ran outside. >> your grandson is only 5 years old. >> yes. >> and otis is really important to his life.
4:59 pm
he loves him as a dog, and i know otis helps him as well, right? >> yes. because, well, my grandson, he's gone through seizure and he's asthmatic, he has asthma. and otis is his best buddy. >> when you -- carter came home and you were able to reunite them and tell him the story, what happened then? >> well, what happened was that when this lady put it on facebook, i didn't know it was on facebook already until my daughter told me, why is otis on facebook? so oatist was iotis was on fac.
5:00 pm
somebody said is that your dog coming down the street? i said that is otis. we spotted him this morning coming across the highway and he had the big bag of dog food in his mouth. >> and that was salvadore and a wonderful story with a happy ending. thanks to all of you for joining us. "ac 360" starts right now. the killer storm named harvey regaining strength, ready to deal the houston area another blow, as well as the louisiana gulf coast. and now perhaps new orleans. good evening, everybody. john berman in for anderson. the water still rising in and around houston. these are live pictures you're looking at right now of rescues going on. this is where our local affiliate is, a northeast housn


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