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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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thanks for tuning in on this monday afternoon. we're talking about north korea, possibly about the launch of another missile as the international community is reeling from its claims it has successfully conducted a test. they say the latest and ant puts the whole world at risk. the new monitoring group says the device they tested was about eight times more powerful not at
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the top of the list might be an option. >> any threat to the united states or its territories including guam, or our allying will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea, but as i said, we have many options to do so. >> for more than 20 years the security council has taken actions against north korea's nuclear programs. for more than 20 years north korea has defied our collective voice. enough is enough. we have taken an incremental approach and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked. his abusive use of missiles, and
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his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. >> let's start this hour with paula hancock standing by in seoul, south korea. paula, this is the sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date. how is the region responding to this? >> well, brooke, there is serious concern across the board in this region. every country wants to find a way to denuclearize north korea, but there are some very different ideas on how to do that. china and russia are talking about dialogue in order to get to peace. we're hearing from south korea, something fairly similar to washington, to tokyo, saying that there has to be pressure and sanctions to try and force them back to the negotiating table. we saw a live-fire drill just this monday morning from the south korean side, as fighter jets and ballistic missiles, surface to surface, a very visible show of force against
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north korea, saying that there is a willingness to wipe out not just the north korea nuclear asset, but also the regime, so putting kim jong-un on notice. >> the south korean president to spoke the u.s. president and they spoke about a strong and realistic response to what has happened in north korea, but a few hours ago there was a concern the u.s. president was not calling the south korean president. was there a difference in how they believed they could get to the point of punishing north korea? we did see that interesting tweet back to south korea south korea, saying, quote, south korea south korea is finding, as i have told them that the talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. they only understand one things. that was met by great surprise here in south korea, by concerning. there was a text message sent to reporters from the blue house, the presidential office, saying
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that south korea agrees there should be pressure, sanctions to pull north korea back to the negotiating table, so some concerns on the streets of seoul that there is some difference between washington and seoul. brooke? >> south korea a key ally of the u.s., simply calling them appeasers, paula hancock is in seoul. thank you. let's broaden out the conversation. jimmy mettle is with me, he worked on the national security council during the clinton administration, and also retired brigadier general anthony taita, and also a security correspondent at the "new york times." gentlemen, thank you all so many for coming in. it's such an important conversation, beginning, general, with this bomb itself. it's pyongyang, think claims this was the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, could be strapped, they say to an icbm,
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eight times and power much as hiroshima. tell me what more we need to know. >> i think we know what we need to know. the ability of north korea to fire intercontinental ballistic missiles, and to put a nuclear warhead on it. they have said this is what want to do. weft a strategy that really has two underlying principles. one is to have an international order based on the rule of law, and second is to prevent the spread of mass destruction, so our national security strategy mandates we do something about this, and for my money, what i would like to see the president and the administration start to do now instead of this war of words, we need to begin a non-combatant evacuation.
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we need to begin to more forces positioning them, two carrier strike groups off the korean peninsula, another wing in guam and japan from the air force. we are rapid-reaction corps 82nd, 10 mountain, move them in position in japan and surrounding areas, south korea, so we are demonstrating that we are serious about what we're talking about. the time for more talk i think has ended, and we they'd to have this national element of power, the military piece shore up everything else that's been said. >> you are shaking your head. >> i just think if we start taking those steps, we definitely need a much stronger approach to north korea. we definitely need a strategy and this administration has been entirely feckless and inconsistent in its approach to north korea. once we start having an
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evacuation of seoul and moving of warships, that's a continued escalation. we need to take a step back and say how do we have a strategy that will effect the change we would like to see? north korea is making three big bets. one -- there's no military option at this point, and there's not. the united states is not willing to take hundreds of thousands, even millions of casualty in seoul, of u.s. troops and elsewhere. the second bet they are making is that china thinking that they're a better off withnoic than they would be with a reunified korea, and they're betting the fecklessness of the trump administration and inability to pull together a global coalition top pull together -- and more importantly the -- the fact you have called trump feckless twice is not lost on me, and you come from a
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perspecti perspective, but david, people have been giving the senior of defense credit for that statement coming out yesterday, promising a massive military response and saying we're not looking for the total anileance of a country, namely north korea, but as i said, we have many option toss do so. that's pretty precise language. >> brooke, it is. secretary mattis, interestingly has been the most balancinged spokesman for the administration on this. even to the point of saying the other day there's always room for diplomacy and dialogue, nothing something we heard from nikki haley today or secretary tillerson, who has been strangely quiet, the secretary of state. so you have heard two different perspectives here. i guess i would offer a third one. i can understand why you would want to build up the military presence, no matter how big his
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bombs get. no how further he manages to shoot his missiles, he's facing an overwhelming adversary. he needs to know that. having done that, though, merely putting it out there, history shows does not move thenoic a n koreans, so how do you fill this vacuum backed up by the show of military force? there it strikes me we have not seen this administration lay out alternatives of thing they would be willing to consider. we heard nikki haley say today, it wasn't in the tape you ran, about you in another point of the conversation, she said she wouldn't take the chinese proposal of a trees on north korea's nuclear missile test in return for a freeze on our military exercises. well, that's fine, but what would we offer in return for freezing these tests if we think that's useful to do? >> what about, you know we've
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talked i feel like until we're blue in the face about sanctions. i'm wondering what's left to sanction? obviously we talk about oil and you could hurt them in the farming industry, but i heard i think jim walsh, saying they're testing missiles faster than any of these sanctions hurt them, so we're kind of at the point where you have to do something else. >> there's only one type of sanction that will work. that's if china is willing to completely shut off north korea. >> that seems like an impossibility. >> it seems an impossibility, but china i think feels they're better off with north korea. so the only rational coherence policy for the united states and our allies is try to change china's strategic calculus. the north koreans are behaving very rationally. they believe their regime is safer with nuclear weapons. until that changes, they will not give those up. that's the conundrum we're in.
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>> another conundrum, the way in which -- general, this is to you, the president spoke or tweeted about our good friends south korea, calling them appeasers. you could argue south korea has the most to lose in all of this. isn't it time to show this united front against north korea, and not show division? and do you think kim jong-un is loving this? >> well, i do think that the republic of korea has the most to lose here, and so do we, and so does japan, and the entire world because of two of the biggest economic engines in the republic of korea and japan, and then china is the third, you know, the top five, ten in the world economic engines, you're talking about a cataclysmic happening here if we actually do go to war, but, you know, we went around the horn, and nobody
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really has -- somebody called it feckle feckless. what was feckless was obama doing nothing, and completely uninterested. at least now what we have is a position of strength where we are standing up to north korea and saying we're not going to put up this with anymore. and we need an international coalition, we need the rules-based international law that our national security strategy is founded on. i think when you have mattis and kelly and mcmaster surrounding the president, i think that they have been through the same training that folks like me have, and we talk about the diplomat, military, economic, leveraging all of those at one time to achieve the desired end state. nobody wants war on the korean peninsula. what we would like to see the back away from bringsmanship
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without appeasement. that's the reason i offer the military machinations and the non-combatant evacuations. kim jong-un is not going to take anything serious until he sees that. >> what's that position of strength in right now we have a president who's contradicting his senior cabinet officers. we have a president who's saying all sorts of things. we have allies who don't trust us. we have key positions across the government that aren't filled. we have strategic chaos. we were much better off -- there were lots of problems with president obama certainly enforcing red lines, but president trump has declared all these kinds of red lines that kim jong-un will never have an icbm, and it means nothing. the credibility of the presidency of the united states has been shot. the united states is weaker. there's no strategy. i don't know why anyone could say we're in a position of strength. >> i wish we had more time, general, i appreciate your perspective. we've got to go. we'll continue, i promise.
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thank you, as always for your service. jamesy metzl thank you for coming in. president trump expected to make good on a controversial campaign promise, ending the obama-era program that protects so-called dreamers from being deported. my next guest is among the nearly 800,000 people who could be directly affected. he came to the u.s. at 4. he now holds a degree in neuroscience and psychology. will he have to leave? and an updated advisory from the national hurricane center. hurricane irma, expected to strengthen. where it's tracking. is there a growing threat to the u.s.? we'll explore all of that, coming up here on cnn. ago... love golf. i used to love golf. wait, what, what happened? i was having a good round, and then my friend, sheila, right as i was stepping into the tee box mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no. yep. did it help? it completely ruined my game. well, the truth is,
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the obama-era program. his announcement is expected tomorrow. cnn is told that it will call for a six-month delay to the end of the program. >> we shouldn't be very worried. i do have a big heart. we're going to take care of everybody. >> some absolutely incredible kids, i would say mostly they were brought here in such a way -- it's a very tough subject. we are going to deal with daca with heart. >> we love the dreamers. we love everybody. >> sara murray is at the white house for us they changed the timeline over friday, so it is tomorrow we should find out. >> reporter: that's right, the announcement is coming tomorrow. you can see why it's a decision they have wrestled with. the president has been on every side of this issue, vowing to
12:21 pm
end the program, and also vowing to treat the dreamers with heart and protect them. it seems that they have settled on a decision, can the caveat that -- there's still some wiggle room, but sources say the president does plan to end this program and put it on a six-month delay to allow congress to create a legislative fix. that news has been welcomed by some reps who believe congress should be the ones to solve it, but it's been panned by others, including the head of the his stan chamber of commerce, who said he spoke with the white house today. listen to what he said. >> javier, it sounds like if the president ends this program, even with the six-month delay, you may decide to leave that diversity council. is that right? >> that is correct. none of these young people gets government benefits of any sorts. they're not costing us anything. they pay over $2 billion in taxes in the form of state and local taxes.
12:22 pm
it would cost the american taxpayer over $60 billion to deport all these young people. if he's getting rid of daca, he's showing he's a liar. >> reporter: these part of the people hedging this is the plan, but with the president, you never know if tech change. while the admission was not planning to having meetings, they fully expected the president and members of the senior staff to be get phone call like that one, so we'll see exactly what he does say tomorrow, brooke. >> let me turn to one of these young people whose life hangs in the balance on the president's decision tomorrow. angel came to the united states when he was 4 with his parents. he just graduated from regis university in denver. just a couple years ago, cnn caught up with him and talked with him about how much of daca program has meant both to him and his family.
12:23 pm
>> we gave up to be part of a bigger family here, and sometimes that is hard. but now we're a little more included. it's a good thing. >> angel, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, brooke. thank for you having me. >> we'll get to the news of this. as you said, your parents brought you over when you were 4, grew up in the u.s., graduated from university, studies neuroscience and psychology. i want you to explain to me, what has it meant for you being a dreamer? >> for me it's been something that i'm simultaneously proud of and i'm also it's something i have to hide. i've been surrounded by a lot of loving people in my life, but it's not something i can trust all the people i come across in my life immediately off the bat.
12:24 pm
it definitely is something that i'm very proud of other dreamers for, because it's a good group to be a part of, but it's not something i can share with all my friends. it definitely makes a space for us. >> you're speaking up now on live television, and i'm sure part of that is because you're hearing all these reports, right? that president trump will end daca unless congress acts you could go back to a place i presume you don't know well, which is mexico. how does that make you feel? >> it's very -- it's terrifying. it's terrifying, in the sense that this is the only home i've ever really known. it's not something that i can easily transition out of. the only options that are going to be left for me if the program ends and i can't renew -- if i could renew into the program, would be that i would have to find a way to survive in this country without being ability to obtain legal work, or i would have to leave the only home i've
12:25 pm
ever really known. >> so either stay here and sort of live in the real shadows, is what i'm hearing, or go back to mexico, which the last time you were there was when you were itty-bitty. what would you even do in mexico? have you thought that far this. >> the only thing i take a bit of gratitude in is that i was able to finish my degrees. my education is something that could be taken away at all. it doesn't matter where i go now. i know that i have my degree taken care of. my education is something that no one can take away from me, regardless of my immigration status. like that's something that's made me valuable to someone out there. >> you're right, by the way, and congrats on, you know -- congrats on that degree. what does it mean also -- just your family?
12:26 pm
i know your sisters were born here, so they have their paper. what does that mean for your family? >> for my family, it's -- it's a strange middle ground to be in, because my parents have been spending the last few months just worried mostly about me, worried about my future, worried about my opportunities and what i can do to take care of myself. all the information that we have given to the goismd, the government knows exactly where we are at all times. that puts our parents in a very dangerous situation, where they might come to look for me, but they might actually take my parents instead. if that's the case that's correct leaves my sisters, two u.s. citizens without parents and without their brother who can take care of them.
12:27 pm
>> without. what would angel -- what would you say to the president to try to convince him to allow you to stay? >> i think he can think of this program of daca, it was a test. it was essentially a test given to us. i think that every person in daca has shown that because we were thoroughly vetted, showing how we were living in this country for so long and how we don't have criminal records we passed that test. it's not okay to get rid of a solution, a temporary solution, if you don't have a long-term solution beforehand. if we didn't learn about it in taking care of the health care bill, then we should have figured it out for the immigration reform that we're trying to do. >> how emotional is this for new
12:28 pm
you? >> i mean, it's difficult not to be angry, for sure, but it's -- i think that i need to be able to channel that energy in a right way. >> getting an education? >> a lot of my friends don't actually know what daca is. these conversations like on news, they ask me, or they come across and say something, but i think just having the conversations of telling them what it does and what i can and can't do really shows people that this was a program that's beneficial for the country and for ourselves, and it doesn't really cost the country anything. >> thank for you your voice. you do have your education, you, sir, are correct in that. let's stay in touch. angel oaxaca-rivas, thank you. hurricane erma lurking just
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with a major hurricane, it's category 3 now, i think it will be a category 4 this afternoon or even tonight. these are very reliable models, so they're agrees with themselves, but over time, there's always some separation when it comes to a forecast, but the euro has it coming right into florida and the u.s. model have it headed toward the carolinas. last thursday, the europe was was a category 4, 1200 miles you're was the u.s. so they're get into agreement. to give you an idea of the track. as the system makes its way
12:35 pm
toward the caribbean it sustains that brooke, that's just as strong as harvey was when it destroyed rockport in texas. unfortunately we're losing the window to pull it past the coast and out in the open waters. most likely next weekend, sunday, monday, tuesday, a big impact for the u.s. >> thank you, tom. congress goes back to work tart. helping those hurt by harvey will be one of the many on the to-do list. an aide says they'll vote on a relief bill on wednesday. the white house is -- that's the tiniest of fractions of what the governmentor of texas says his state needs. katy hartung is in beaumont. what's the story kailee, can they drink is or not?
12:36 pm
>> reporter: not yet. people line up at one of the three water distribution points that the city has set up. the water is not drinkable, but the new news is the mayor tells us it would be a matter of days. that's better than the estimate she is was giving as recently as yesterday when she thought it would be a week or two before the water coming out of the taps would be safe. i spoke to a bo moment resident he's one of the thousands, he told me when the water first started coming out of tap, but even when he boils it, he's too afraid to drink it. so he's lined up at one of these distribution -- you can always hear the volunteers say keep it moving. roll down their windows, poppy in their trunk. they say you can come through this line as many times as you want, but only one case at a time. they're telling me they've had folks going through seven or say times, because they're help get
12:37 pm
water to people in their neighborhood who can't drive here. you have to have a car to wu up. they have the mres, and then ice in the farthest tent. brook, this operation moving incredibly efficiently. >> drive-thru water bottles, they need it. thank goodness for the volunteers as well. thank you, kaylee. next, the advice prime minister prime minister left behind for president trump. what we are now learning after crown obtained the full text the the nailing race day letter. here's president obama placing that envelope in that desk. the question now -- is president trump following any of the advice? back in a moment.
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now to a cnn exclusive, a first look at the letter former president obama left for president trump, as he left the oval office in january. in fact, look at this photo, this is from pete sowa posting this never before seen image on instagram today. this was the whole tradition of the outgoing commander in chief to leave advice or well wishes for their successor. you can real the whole think on, but in part president obama wrote -- we are just temporary occupants of this office, making us guardians of the democratic institutions and traditions like rule of law, separation of powers, equal
12:43 pm
protection and civil liberties that our forebearers fought and bled for. regardless of the push and pull of daily politics, it's up to us to leave those instruments of our democracy at least as strong as we saw them. you've heard the letter. what stance out to you? >> it's interesting, almost as if president obama gave president trump a list of things to follow to be a good president, and president trump has used it as a checklist of things not to do. it was a very specific set of recommendations from taking care of people and having policies that think of the lack of fortune that many americans face, to respecting democratic traditions and institutions. and you read it now in retrospect, and president trump has really gone against many of those ideas. >> interestingly, as our cnn piece notes, it's something that
12:44 pm
president trump shows to oval office guests, as this is the letter that president obama left for me. also interesting to know this letter from president obama was twice as long, from what i understand, of previous presidents leaving letters. if you read through them, they're often will preparing for criticism, understanding you'll be criticized, but doing what's right. to really understand that is the centrality of what you have to do as president. this was a little longer, and it was clearly a set of recommendations. i think president trump does like the ceremony of the president sis, loves the ceremony of the gnaw ray, but it's not clear that content mattered to him. even on things like foreign policy, where president obama said remember we're part of these alliances, central to our security, but we've seen president trump go against it. it's more the ceremony he holds on to. it was like the first line
12:45 pm
where he was congratulating him on a remarkable run. what did you make of that phrase? everything that we all covered this president presidential election. >> i think it was genuine. it was. i do think president obama respected the fact that he pulled this off. he pulled off what was impossible to many observers. it took everyone by surprise. so i think he starts with that. he acknowledges that. that's obama being diplomatic before he goes into his suggestions, which are respectfully written. but i think everyone that day after the election felt that way, and here he is, sharing that feeling a little later with president trump. >> it's extraordinary we have this letter. read the whole thing at, and pete sowa, an awesome instagram account to follow if you're fascinated by presidential photographs. calling north korea's test of hydrogen bomb called a slap in the face. what the u.n. and president
12:46 pm
trump are prepared to do in response.
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toulgd on contractions nxz nxz r . tonight on cnn, we feature the former president. >> i think there is a big effort to get rid of nuclear missiles all over the world. >> it tracks the president from hollywood actor turned politician who many now say
12:51 pm
paved the way for president donald trump. i have cnn contributor david kennan with me. he has been taking pictures of presidents since 1966. david, so nice to have you on. >> thank you. >> you photographed president reagan so many times. he was a former actor, he knew how to work the camera. this is in 1982 holding the cowboy hat high in the air. what does this say about him and his carefully crafted image? >> he knew what he was doing on camera. i spent a lot of time photographing him, and he was always more energetic in public in a way. when i was working with "time" magazine i spent a lot of time behind scenes with him in a cabinet room, and he wasn't as energetic as he was out in the public. that hat was a perfect example.
12:52 pm
he knew how to use a prop. >> so he's got the cowboy hat. we've seen lots of photos with the hat. what about the photo with his chief of staff, with james baker? tell me about this one. >> well, jim baker was really the gold standard among chiefs of staff, and that was the words of them. i did a documentary about all the white house chiefs who talked to him all the way back to lbj through obamas, and baker was the kind of guy they looked to. baker was really important for keeping reagan's white house on time, on budget. he was an incredibly important guy. he could speak truth to power to the president of the united states. reagan respected him and he listened to him. >> what about mikhail gorbachev? the famous picture of the two most powerful people in the world. they're smiling at each other. tell me about this one. >> that was genuine. i like that picture because i
12:53 pm
was the only photographer in the room outside of the official white house photographer and the soviet photographer. gorbachev was looking at him with love and admiration. it was kind of genuine. he really liked him. they hit it off. they had a long conversation one on one, and that's when it wrapped up. i was very, very glad to get that moment because it underscores the value of personal diplomacy and sitting down with people. >> so you have these gorgeous snapshots of an era, and we have this documentary, david, airing tonight, sort of talking about how it was potentially president reagan who paved the way for president trump. what do you make of the comparisons? >> well, i watched the documentary. i think it's terrific because it really goes to reagan's personality. that little clip about sununu, a guy he had never heard of -- >> he was like sununu -- yeah. >> it was perfect reagan. one of the things i really liked about him, he had a true sense
12:54 pm
of self-depp ra indica hiself-d. he liked people, he didn't say a bad thing about people. he was a nice guy. i spent enough time around him behind the scenes to know that that was true. >> the film is is callcalled "t reagan show." it airs tonight on cnn at 9:00. david kennerly, thank you very much. between president trump and the leader of south korea, president moon, which would be the purchase of millions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment from the united states by south korea. in a separate phone call with the german chancellor angela merkel, president trump maintained, quote, all options to address the north korean threat are on the table.
12:55 pm
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on this labor day monday, let me leave you with this. it has been a long, certainly, emotional, extraordinary journey but finally these two little boys are home for the first time. staff at children's hospital in new york say goodbye to the once conjoined twins jada and anais mcdonald. you've been following this, sanjay gupta has been following their remarkable story since the
1:00 pm
29-hour surgery to separate them. the boys will turn two this saturday and we're told they will be just fine. jayden is is the more significant dominant twin. apparently his development is right on track. anias, who struggled a little more, is apparently taking long strides. they are both heading into their lives separated but together. we wish them all the best. "the lead" starts now. thanks, brooke. the trump administration says kim jongi in-un is begging for . "the lead" starts now. north korea possibly getting ready to launch another missile after daring the trump administration with a new thermonuclear test. what is president trump's next move. now expecting to wipe out protections president obama had put into place for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as