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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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that's it for us, thank for watching. "cnn tonight" starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. this is our breaking news, look at that. a monster storm taking aim at the u.s. another political storm rocks the warehouse. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. florida bracing for what could be the second cats stroesk storm to smash into u.s. mainland. this one even bigger than the last one, hurricane harvey. hurricane irma is its name. one of the strongest, 185 miles per hour, one of stronger storms
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recorded in the atlantic. it is 185 miles an hour, one of the strongers storms recorded in the atlantic. bearing down on the caribbean right now. florida in the storm's sights by this weekend. that, as a political storm blast the white house. president trump tweeting he'll revisit the issue if congress doesn't legalize daca after the obama program protecting 800,000 dra d.r.e.a.m.ers and protests spread across this country. think about that, what is this message sending to all americans of color? what does it say. we'll discuss that. cnn's tom saider is in the wheth weather center. tom, look at the eye of that thing. bracing for a cats stroesk category five hurricane may also
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threaten florida. what do you know? >> there's only been three category five's done to make landfall in the u.s. so we know the damage. remember the picture from rock ford, texas. hurricane harvey was a category four. it was 130 miles per hour and we're at 185. that is a huge difference. this is going to make land fall and devastate thousands and thousands of homes and businesses. and millions along the chain here. we got the warnings in effect for the northern islands. braz brazil northern islands, puerto rico and now the dominican republic. this is going to stay over water so it doesn't have a fuel source. it continues to make its movement towards the bahamas. they could see a storm surge in
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turks and cay koes. this is jose, jose is a tropical storm, most likely will be a hurricane soon. do not worry about this one, we believe it will be pulled into the north into the open waters. thank goodness. the national hurricane center's track continue to keep this as category four or five. i believe we'll probably see variations in the next couple of days where it has to go through some reorganization, may drop to a category three, back to a four, maybe two a two if it intersect with land and back up to a four maybe five. when you look at the computer model it will take a turn to the north not until saturday afternoon. we're hoping it stays off to the east. we have a small window where it slides away from the u.s., yes, that window is shutting quickly and probably will tonight and tomorrow morning but possibly into the gulf of mexico. everything depends on this turn north ward saturday.
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>> tom, i can't stress this enough when you talk about the size of this hurricane. let's put up the eye wall again. look at this thing stirring in the caribbean. florida is bracing. i know some folks that are in st. marion they'tin they're con they didn't get out in time. can we stress how potentially dangerous this is. >> the eye is 23 miles in diameter. here's the radar picture too. i think this is going to swallow the island of barbuda around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and an guilla. if we continue to see this around the center, if they continue to circulate we can see this get up to 190 miles per hour. that would tie the all-time strongest hurricane in recorded history which was allen back in 1980. there's no way to evacuate don. you can't get to the highest
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wind because the winds are stronger keep them in your thoughts and prayers. these are the first two areas i think will be get by the front end of the eye wall and the end as it exits through the region. >> what about this? this is going towards -- at least what the map show -- it's going towards i believe towards florida. what does it mean for the folks who are still suffering from hurricane harvey and in texas down in louisiana? >> it is some hope. we got a trough coming around oklahoma and arkansas. that could steer it away from making an entrance into the weren't area in the gulf. this is the european model in blue and this is the u.s. model. let's put it into motion for saturday. the european has land first of all intersectiaction with cuba. that could downgrade it. the european model brings it to south florida while the u.s.
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model keeps it off the coast of florida. much like matthew last year plowing into the carolinas and we had the storm flooding with that last year. there's several models we're watching. we need each and every day this week because any fluxuation in that path north or south is going to change the end point and the end game come this weekend. >> category five hurricane. tom saider thank you so much. we'll continue following that developing story throughout the next coming hours on cnn. turning to the political storms raging tonight. here's to discuss cnn's dana bash, manu raju and david girl began. good evening to you. dana, we're seeing protests all over this country to the president's decision to end daca. the president left the announcement to his attorney general jeff sessions but later defended the decision when asked
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about it. watch this. >> i have a love for these people and hopefully now congress will be able to help them and do it properly. and i can tell you in speaking from members of congress they want to be able to do something and do it right. really we have no choice, we have to be able to do something and i think it's going to work out very well. in the long-term it's going to be the right solution. >> soda that he just tweeted tonight, congress has six months to legalize daca, something the obama administration was unable to do. if they can't i will revisit the issue. >> he'll revisit the issue? what is he talking about? is he waiving, why doesn't he make a decision as commander and chief instead of leaving it up to somebody else or another body? >> well, i think the keyword you used there waiving. yes. that's the honest answer. it's pretty clear from the place where he tends to give his most unvarnished thoughts about policy. if congress doesn't act, i will.
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we know from our reporting, we've seen it in some of the president's statements, many of the statements, including the one you just played today, after this policy was announced by hi attorney general. it's clear that his heart isn't in this. i'm not just saying this from observing i'm saying it to talking to sources whose familiar with his thinking. when i say his heart isn't in this, look it's a tough one. president obama, remember he initially didn't want to act with executive action. he was urged to do it over and over again by a lot of people who said congress isn't going to act, and he said no, it's not legal. it wouldn't stand up to constitutional muster and yet he was forced to do it. this is just about the hardest thank you for commander and chief to try to figure out,
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particularly when you are donald trump and you were elected by a base about the notion of leading these d.r.e.a.m.ers stay in this country because they consider it am necessary city. he has said in his heart he thinks it should be okay for them to stay. >> david, i know you feel a certain way about this. listen to the white house press secretary explaining the president's decision and then we'll talk. here it is. >> it's not the president's job to create law, it's congress's job to create legislation. i think that's something we all learn in eighth grade civics, i know that did. i think ever member of congress know it's their duty and we're asking them to fulfill it. it's not cold hard to ask the president to uphold the law. if we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be,
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then we throw away what makes us special which makes america unique. this president's not willing to do that. the previous administration was, this wouldn't isn't. >> that was sarah sanders today but he still haven't made a decision himself, he's leaving it up to someone else. blaming the democrats, punting this to congress, making the tornado warning make the announcement. you said sorry, this is your tweet, you don't get mull gans in the white house. david. >> this fellow plays a lot of golf, you don't get mull gans as president, to lead is to decide. it's not just the waiving, it's the uncertainty and the chaos that's creating the lives of tens of thousands of young people in this country who are reporting to college campuses this week and have no idea if they're going to finish the semester, much less the year.
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they may be deported. he gave them nothing they can count on. it's entirely unreliable. it's waiving. and this is the guy who ran as decisive, i know what to do, i'll show them, this will be all win win win. i don't think there's a lot of excuses for waiving at the expense of people's lives. >> we keep saying waiving by is it cowardly where he's not desooifr. or say this is how i feel he f he wants this to be law why can't he say i want this to be law no matter what congress said. isn't this cowardly? >> certainly people think so but i don't want to go that far yet. i'll say this, he came out with a policy to rescind today and that is leaving it up to the congress. when the president leaves something to the congress they have proposed a proposal to
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congress saying here's what i want to do. have we heard one guy in the last 24 hours about what he wants congress to pass? how can any we lie on such week -- i don't want to say coward but such weak leadership. >> that's been fair enough. manu you've been sitting by patiently. senator lindsay gram want to propose -- >> my challenge to the president is that you've talked glowingly about these kids, help us. help us in the house and in the senate. i think you're a good man, get involved personally. work the phones, try to find a consensus here. >> who knows what next mo's topic is going to be. is it going to be kim jong-un, irma, harvey, what's it going to be? let's do it now.
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that's why it's important to make the d.r.e.a.m. act the law of the land now. >> they're saying be decisive don't be weak. congress has a lot on their plate. can they get it done? >> it's an open question. republicans are divided on this topic. they control both the house and the senate. you have some like lindsay gram who supports the dra.r.e.a.m. a and giving legal status to this youth. then you have others that want to add on things like the border wall or add on restrictions on legal immigration. it came -- that is something that senate democrats say they will not support. they will not support anything to a bill on daca. they will always build the wall on a southern border. then you have immigration hard liners like steve king of iowa
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in the houses that we shouldn't do anything but leegz these individuals. what really complicated thing today was sarah huckleby sanders saying they wouldn't necessarily accept a targeted bill on daca but a big reform bill on immigration. this is something that most republicans reject. they don't want to do a comprehensive immigration bill, they want to do it piece by piece. they rejected the last time they tried to do this in 2013. john kor nan of texas did tell me earlier today that going this route, a big immigration bill will quote, pretty much guarantee failure. the department is divided here if the president didn't come out what he wants to do. it's unclear what congress can do. >> this is from the former president barack obama.
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here's what he said. he's talking about the decision. he called it cruel. basically what he's insinuating, he says to target these young people is wrong because they have done nothing wrong. it is self-defeating because they want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military and otherwise contribute to the country we love. and very specifically he said, it is cruel. let's be clear, the action taken today isn't required legally, it's a political decision and a moral question. what ever concerns or complaints americans may have about immigration in general, we shouldn't threat tine future of these young people who are here through no fault of their own eveni, pose no threat and not taking away anything from the rest of us. very clear statement there. he doesn't call out president trump by name but it's his most forceful presidency statement too date.
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your reaction, dana? >> no question. these are very strong feelings that president obama obviously has. he acted without congress, even though for years he was saying publicly and privately he didn't think that was constitutional and yet he decided that actually it was. he found a way, he thought, to make it past legal muster. we don't know and i don't think we'll ever know because it was making its way through the court. it would have probably ended up at the supreme court. what he gave voice to was and is the sentiment of republicans and democrats alike, both in congress and citizens around the country worth watching a protest that you talked about, don, and feel in their hearts going out to these people who are, many of them in college or young adults,
11:17 pm
in addition to younger people who didn't have any choice when they came here. and that's why this is a class of undocumented immigrants that has been different when it comes to public opinion, than every other in history. and yet congress still wasn't able to act. we'll see if it's different now, and much more danger because of the the president obama's executive action, because they came out and registered requested gave all their information. because their very easy to find now and they are bigger targets. people want to protect them in congress, now is the time. >> david, what do you think of this review from the former president? >> i thought he was eloquent and he was right. this is one of the most cruel acts we've seen in the presidency if a long time. president obama and president trump not only disagree on policies they disagree on values. it goes to very basic thing,
11:18 pm
whether you have president for minority, belief in veracitse diversity. and to go back with what you started with, don. i'm afraid in charlottesville, and talk about the white supremacists and putting him on the same level of protesters, we've seen that and now this. i don't know what it's like to be a minority person in this country, and i just often wonder about it. but i must say if i were in your shoes, and you can speak to this, i'd feel increasingly there's a sign out there that's been hung up in or outside the white house saying if you're not white you're not especially welcome. and that is so sad. it's just not who we are. a vast majority of more than people do not believe that. they are much closer to president obama's guidance. >> the vast majority of the people and the people i speak to
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are applaud by the actions in charlottesville. and yes, you're right. and as i said at the beginning of the show what does it say about americans of color. you're not wanted. i spoke to that. a lot of people were upset after i came out and talked about the president after the david duke speech. after the speech he gave in minnesota. one of his advisers sat here and said it wasn't a speech about race. it's so obvious, it's not even a dog whistle anymore it's just flat out bias, flat out discrimination that they're stouti touting coming from this white house. if you don't want to listen to the words, look at the policies put into place. mostly by executive action they have said now was illegal when president obama did it but when this president does an executive action not legal and should be law. it's hypocritical. i need to move on that. manu i need to get this in.
11:20 pm
you have new reporting tonight on russia, the probe in the white house meeting and the white house republicans, what can you tell us about that? >> yeah, there's several developments here. one, house republicans did move forward with subpoenas to try to get information on the now dossier to find out if they're running links between russians and the trump campaign. democrats on the committee are not happy with that effort. republican chairman of that committee led this effort because he's trying to figure out if there are links between dossier and the justice department. now, on the senate side there have been several key developments, one in which is an effort by the senate intelligence committee and the special counts of bob mueller to ensure the companies don't overlap in certain ways, because there's been tension.
11:21 pm
particularly late last month, late july after paul manafort, the former trump campaign chairman met bind behind closed doors to talk about that. the meeting where donald trump jr. was promised dirt from the russians. after that interview with the senate intelligence staff, robert mueller tried to get a copy of the transcribed interview but he was unable to get that because of a deal that was cut. this is all because of a number of investigations that are happening right now. they are overlapping in certain ways. i had a chance to talk to richard burr, he told me about what happened at that meeting. they're trying to learn must be about it as what the russians under intended to do in meeting with donald trump jr., manafort
11:22 pm
and kushner. >> we'll talk about this a little later in the show. remember this president ordered investigation wen he claimed that the president wiretapped his investigation. his own investigation is saying there's no evidence. nothing, zero just one big lie coming from this president. when we come back, two people who disagree more about daca. we'll hear the pros and cons for the program and let you decide what you think. ♪ ♪ i'm living that yacht life, life, life ♪ ♪ top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas ♪ ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested
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11:26 pm
arizona. governor thank you for joining us. the president is rescinding documents telling congress to do their job. but he knows congress has been fighting about immigration reform forever. is he trying to pass the buck and blame congress if they can't pull it together? >> no, i think he understands like majority of us understands that it's congress's ability to pass laws. and what president obama did in enacting daca was illegal, he couldn't do that. that right belongs to the federal government. now, because of the lawsuit he rescinded it, gave it a six-month leeway and hopefully the congress will come together and tackle this animal. it's a horrible situation. it's been around for years and years. the american public are aggravated and agitated and they want a solution. so, let's see if congress can finally do their job. and, don, it's going to have to
11:27 pm
be a compromise. it can't be this side against that side. it's everybody's problem and issue and it takes everybody to resolve it. >> i think you're absolutely right about that -- >> it's a moral. >> most americans want some sort of path to citizenship for daca recipients. they don't want to see the program end. this president if he wants it to be law and feels for these people as he puts it. why not say i want congress to make this legal rather than rescinding what is there? >> well, i believe that he's probably going to work with congress. and if he has already he's certainly going to have his input given to them or take it to them personally. everybody understands his issue. we've been debating it for 30 years. look at president obama. in 2009 he had both houses and he was the president. if he wanted to do this they could have done it then, he
11:28 pm
chose not to. so, he left this big mess with us. from the beginning identify always said we need to get our borders secure because we knew this problem was getting bigger and bigger and bigger. as soon as he enacted daca we saw more people coming because they wanted to get on the train. he created a huge issue to be bigger than what it was. >> immigration at the border has been going down since the obama administration. daca -- this is not just president trump. it's been going down since the obama administration as well. it went down especially because the economy wasn't so good here in the united states so people didn't feel compelled to cross the border. this is not just president trump. >> that could be. we had more boots on the ground and more people doing their job to protect our borders.
11:29 pm
we have borders for a reason, and it is illegal immigration taken place. we are the greatest people on earth we invite people by tons to come here. they have to come in a legal way. unfortunately for the d.r.e.a.m.ers they're brought by their parents. we all know it -- >> governor i don't have much time. i don't mean to cut you you have. if the congress can't agree on legislation do you support rounding up the undocumented and supporting them? >> you know, i hope that doesn't come to that, i don't think it's possible to begin with. that's why a solution is so important. i don't want these people living in fear and in the shadows. you know, but the bottom line is is that there's 800 tho,000 of and if we don't get something resolved we're going to have 2
11:30 pm
million, 3 million, and these are the d.r.e.a.m.ers they have identified themselves. >> thank you for coming on. inc >> i want to bring in congressman. here's the statement from the white house about daca. as president my highest duty is to defend the american and the constitution of the united states of america. at the same time i do not favor punishing children, most of whom are now adults where w the actions of their parents but we must also recognize we are a nation of opportunity because we are a nation of laws. so representative, is the president forgetting that we are a country of immigrants, a melting pot so to speak? as we say in louisiana, a gumbo? >> look, only in a cruel nation do you take 800,000 documented people and make them undocumented. let's remember something, daca's never been found to be
11:31 pm
unconstitutional. as a matter of fact, daca's never been challenged. another program was taken to the supreme court and even there it was tied 4 to 4. these youngsters have been here 10 years. most of them have already submitted their finger prints and gone through background checks three times, so that means they're working. just listen to the business leaders of the world. i was so proud to read microsoft statement right. they said you got to come through us if you want to come after the d.r.e.a.m.ers. all i suggest is, there is a solution to it but to put jeff sessions out there as the man, who was the chief architect against any further immigration into the united states of america if not other than senator jeff sessions. and don, the d.r.e.a.m. act was
11:32 pm
passed in the house in 2010. so, look there is a way, but what paul ryan has to do, the speaker is stop talking about the values that he has and the principals that he has about immigration -- >> and start actually putting his money where his mouth is right? >> yeah. >> mark zuckerberg facebook of ceo released a statement. tim cook released a statement. goldman sachs, bloomberg, jp morgan on and on saying d.r.e.a.m.ers our our friends, neighborhoods, co-workers and this is their home. you call this the president's most dangerous and damaging act yet. explain why you say ending daca is another step towards this administration opening and endorsing why is supremacy? >> he started his campaign, don but coming down the legislation
11:33 pm
saying mexicans are murders, rapest, drug dealers and we have to get rid of them. mexican equates with latino. equates with being columbian, mexican, puerto rican you name it. he is demonizing a complete community. look at your conversation that you just had with the governor of arizona. the border, we have to protect -- don, 40 herrera of the undocumented didn't across that border in the united states. didn't even america from -- they come from ireland, other parts of the world. why is the focus on latino and where we come from as if we were some damage to the country -- >> i sat next to a business leader at dibber this evening who is the exact same thing to me. the focus have been on the southern border and never
11:34 pm
european people whether or not he has cowhose come over. when we come back the president focus on daca tonight but international power players are meeting to discuss world issues. is it a problem that the u.s. doesn't have a seat at the table. that's next. what's the value of capital? what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley dental professionals recommend using an electric toothbrush. for an exceptionally fresh feeling choose philips sonicare diamondclean. hear the difference versus oral b. in a recently published clinical study, philips sonicare diamondclean outperforms oral-b 7000,
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. president trump tweeting tonight, ranching up the pressure on congress over daca. let's discuss this and a lot more with fareed. i want to get your reaction to the day's news. trump rescinding documents giving congress to come up with a solution. >> you're talking about a small group of people, people who, as your gusests have pointed out b no fort of their own are in this situation. the book of ezequiel in the bible talk about not punishing children for their father. so why this?
11:39 pm
it's a political signal. it's a signal to a base, it's a signal to a group of people. i think unfortunately what is happening is trump is no longer governing. people don't seem to have noticed, the wall have not been built, nafta has not been rescinded. none of the things, the trade wall of klein never happened. >> obamacare. >> obamacare still in place. what we have is a policy of political signals. it has almost no real war consequence other than to play with the emotions and fears and hopes of people on both sides of the aisle. >> i'm so happy you mentioned that because i was trying to get to that with david earlier. i asked him the not making the decision was cowardly. saying the same thing that you just said, he's not governing. i often wonder how -- to put myself in the shoes of a trump
11:40 pm
supporter and wonder, what do you look at and say, wall, there's in wall. obamacare, i still have obamacare. i thought i was beginning to get more money from taxes, there's no taxes. talk about creating jobs, we know jobs have been created starting with the obama administration. >> that's the positive side -- >> that's the positive side. >> where was the pun tifr act, nothing. and fundamentally where is the assure of your wages has not risen in 40 years. what is this guy doing to make that happen. >> he's blaming d.r.e.a.m.ers which has nothing to do with. >> it's such a small number and flat out lying. this is a signal to say i can do something that a lot of people think is cruel because i'm -- i can be tough on immigration. it's cheering people on his side
11:41 pm
of the aisle by fundamentally the problem is we have a president whose no longer interested in governing. he's interested in sending political signals seven months into the presidency. >> if you're a person of color in this country, what does all these decisions, what does this say to you? we're not just talking about rhetoric what he said on the campaign trail, these are policies you're trying to put into place. this is not an executive order by hand and he's pawning it off on something else. what does this say to you if you're not specifically a white american? >> i would hope what it says even if you are a white male american is, the presidency has always been, really since abraham lincoln, the hope has been those who have brought the country together. who have found a way to find some theme, some idea, some policy that somehow brings
11:42 pm
people together, somehow united states them, trans sends issues of race, ethnicity, gender. in a country that's becoming more mixed and multi culture and all these diverse in it, you have someone trying to drive those differences forward. >> that's where he went. >> steve bannon said, where the left keep talking about identity, i said bring it on. i kind of get it at a political level but i don't get it as president. when you're president, really you'd hope there's some effort to trans send it. it would also be better politics. you and i have talked about this from the start. has donald trump said i'm going to be a different kind of president, neither right nor left, becauseky do that. i'm going to talk about sfrushlgt, raising wages, going after china.
11:43 pm
there's a whole new agenda. instead, what you have is kind of third raid tactics trying to work this southern strategy in a kind of new foreign newfound guise. >> and you say the friday news dump and the holiday news dump. remember when the president said i'm going to start an investigation because president obama wiretapped trump tower, which we all knew was a bunch of belog that. and his president investigated that found zero evidence. it was a completely flat out lie. why are people not more outraged and upset about it? >> the saddest thing to watch -- >> why is this happening? >> the saddest thing to watch around the world is the way his words have lost credibility.
11:44 pm
the other day when the north korean incident happens, the president of the united states tweets, we're thinking about stopping all trade with countries that do business with north korea. now, the plane meaning of that would be, we are going to shut down trade with china. shutting down trade with china just to be clear, would cost america 5% of gdp. so this would be a fight fold effect. but what was fascinating to me, nobody took it seriously. the chinese didn't even bother to respond to the president of the united states threatening to shut out. because the feeling the world has now, it's donald trump. he says these thing they mean nothing. he says he's going to attack north korea, doesn't do it. he says he's going to recti wasn't he doesn't do it. heeb he's gone to abandon nafta, doesn't do it. he say he's going to build a
11:45 pm
wall. i can't remember a time in my live with the president of the united states's words manage to evoke absolutely no reaction. no fear, no hope, nothing. the feeling is, you know, he's -- as i've said many times before, he's just bull shutting. >> but what they're saying is consider the source. by the way, he's meeting with the chinese president tomorrow. speaking with him. thank you fareed. don't miss fareed zakiya gp s. when we come back is president trump sending a message to daca members of color is it sending a pattern? yes? from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time
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. welcome back everyone, today's daca decision comes on the heels of phyllo. and those shocki speeches about charlottesville. what message is the president sending to message of color?
11:49 pm
let's discuss. john fredricks and javier palomares are present. who announced today he was re-signing from president trump's diversity coalition. mr. palomares can i just say -- >> hi, don. >> in this day of time a lot of people are not sharing counselor. you showed courage whether people agree with you owner and you should be commended for you. thank you for that. >> thank you, don i appreciate it. >> you wrote this column in the "new york times" calling it cruel policy, a direct contradiction of the promise president trump made to the hispanic community only months ago. explain. >> it was just a few months ago where he literally said to these 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers, don't worry, we've got your back. we're going to focus on deporting criminals.
11:50 pm
they trusted him, we trusted him. and i have been working and my association have been working diligently, literally up until the wee hours of night last night trying to quince this administration, this president that this was the wrong thing to do, from any perspective and certainly from an economic perspective. you're looking at individuals that have been rigorously vetted. they've never committed a crime. they pay over $2 billion in state and local taxes. >> and they're not taking jobs from americans -- >> not at all. >> -- which is a political rhetoric and not the truth. we fight about it on this program all the time, the facts do not bear that out. did you just say enough is enough because not a lot of people are doing that with this administration. >> you know, enough is enough and this was the proverbial
11:51 pm
straw that broke the camel's back. i had had lived up to the commitment we made at the beginning of this whole thing. when he won the election, we asked him to honor the results of the election but enough is enough. this is not a president that wants to listen to reason, he doesn't want to bring people together and at this juncture it was time for us to move on, to do something elsewhere we knew we could add some value. we simply weren't being heard. >> you said today's decision on daca sends a clear message to non-white voters that they don't count as americans. why? >> i think it says worse. we're coming after you. you are not welcome here in this country. he started his campaign by calling mexicans rapists and drug dealers. he said that judge curial was not capable of doing his job by virtue of his mexican ethnicity.
11:52 pm
when he pardoned sheriff arpaio, he's the personificaton of hate to the latino community and he basically said profiling brown people is okay. he was only doing his job. and then today rescinding daca. he's thrown his 800,000 people's lives in turmoil and frankly, don, we're scared. like, we're scared. hispanics are scared. i'm the daughter of mexican immigrants. i was born in this country. but my sister was brought here when she was 4 years old and people are asking do we have to walk around with our papers? it's getting a little scary. he tells us that he's not racist. he tells us he has love in his heart for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, but i say his actions speak much louder than his words and,
11:53 pm
frankly, mr. president, if you walk like a bigoted duck and you quack like a bigoted duck, you are a bigoted duck. >> you look at the past month and the equating of the white supremacists on charlottesville, the pardoning of sheriff arpaio and david clark. what message do you think of people of color here -- what does that say to you? >> i think it sends a very disturbing message but the daca decision is especially heart breaking and troubling because he himself seemed all over the place on it. some people thought if they put pressure on him, he might do something different. the problem you have is you have 800,000 young people who trusted america's government. that's big problem.
11:54 pm
if you have a 800,000 young people who trust america's government. they give you their fingerprints, their home address, their phone number, everything about themselves. they basically say we're good kids, we want to be here and america's government says we might use that against you. you don't just shock 800,000 dreamers, you shock their friends. maybe america's government is not our friend. i don't think this president is thinking clearly about the signal he's sending to young people period about what it means to be here. he says he wants to put america first. you darn tutin. but that doesn't mean you put everybody else dead last and crap on them. i love my neighbor's kids. you can put american kids first but you do not have to terrify and traumatize and lie to 800,000 other kids. it's wrong. >> this republican should be
11:55 pm
thinking long and hard about the message that's been sent to hispanics with arpaio pardoned and now daca. big problem. does he have a point? >> wow. you know it's amazing that everything on this show always has to be about race. >> does he have a point? >> no. he has no point. no, zero. and i'll tell you why. everything is not about race. the president made a decisive decision today on a program -- >> he -- a decisive decision would have been i don't like daca, or i don't like daca. i want congress to pass daca. he says i'm going to pawn it off to you and let you make a decision about something i didn't have the courage to make a decision about myself. go on. >> don, actions are louder than words. this is not about race. this is simply about the rule of law. this was simply an illegal
11:56 pm
program. >> it was not illegal. it has not been tested in court. it's not illegal. >> okay. we can debate that. >> it's not a debate. if it has not been tested in court, it's not illegal. >> there are some people, minds, legal minds saying it didn't have legal standing and that was the opinion of the attorney general, jeff sessions, the opinion he gave to the president. but the rez, his actions today. you've got to look at the actions for the second. let me explain what happened. the president ended the daca program today as we know it, it's gone. i don't care what the tweets say. >> he said six months. >> there is no six months, don. let me explain what happened. as of today there are no new applications by the federal
11:57 pm
government being accepted by daca applicants. it's closed off. it's done. there's 33,000 applications in process. those are going to be adjudicated. there's 79,000 people expiring. those will be processed people that are already -- >> i will let you finish but i have to get to the break. we're going to continue the conversation on the other side of this quick break. sarah is confident. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events. get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. [ all shouting, cheering ] ♪ start today at
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