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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 7, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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ers. tempur material provides up to twice as much pressure relieving power, so you wake up feeling like a champion. through september 17th, save up to $500 on select adjustable sets. tempur-pedic sleep is power. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. we begin with breaking news right now. bracing for impact what's being called the nuclear hurricane irma. closing in on florida after devastating parts of the caribbean. the state's governor telling folks get out now because we won't be able to save them from the storm strikes. we'll speak to the governor shortly. plus new concerns about the state oning out of gas evacuating hospitals and the elderly and power plants. we'll take you there live. and president trump holding a news conference at the white house. live pictures. he's expected to talk about the hurricane and also deal with the
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arrangement that he worked out with the democrats that has left his own party shell shocked and furious. let's get to the breaking news. hurricane irma, one of the most powerful in history headed for florida. moments ago the president expressed confidence in the state's preparation. >> we're very concerned. we are working very hard. we have tremendous groups of talented people there. we think we're as well prepared as you can possibly be. >> right now hurricane irma is ripping through the northern caribbean hitting island after island and leaving at least six people dead. most of those deaths are -- you can see some of the damage to homes and businesses, flattened by the immense power of hurricane irma. decimating the island of bbermu
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barely habitable. tens of thousands have no running water. right now in florida, it's bracing for a direct hit from the storm of size of texas. our meteorologist chad myers is tracking this all for us. where is hurricane irma right now and will it make a direct hit on the united states? >> it is north of the dominican republic and, yes. i know you're not used to getting a direct answer from all of the politicians you talk to, but my answer is, yes. it absolutely hits the u.s. does it hit florida? georgia? or the carolinas first? that's where we don't yet know. the storm is 175 miles per hour moving to the northwest. we already have hurricane warnings for the turks and caicos and now hurricane watches for the keys up to about fort pierce and the other side of cape coral. those aren't exact points but
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you get the idea, you see the pink. why do a hurricane watch? it's a timing thing. 48 hours? 72 hours? 36 hours? all about what the watches and warnings are posted. warnings absolutely will be posted tomorrow as that thing moves our way. a large storm not losing power what so wfr aa direct impact in the center of the cone right near miami, florida. the worst possible case scenario moving over ocean reef and key largo all the way almost to tabernier. people in the key refusing to evacuate. i can't imagine that. this bubble, this surge, may be 18 feet high, wolf. the keys are eight to ten feet high. one spot in key largo, 16 feet high. that's it. the water completely overwashes the keys if a direct hit and then get very, very close, such a populated area, from key biscayne through miami proper up
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into, oh, gosh, i don't know if you want to call a fort piece or jupiter? could still be on land there, a little offshore and then back on land. obviously, if there's a cone it can go one aor the other. comes back out here. people in florida, whew. yes. we got missed. the problem, it's still 160 miles an hour per here because it never hit any land. where's it going? into the carolinas, georgia, somewhere up there. turning left eventually. yes, someone gets hit. here, here, here or possibly there? not sure exactly where the worst-case scenario is. tens of billions dollars of damage no matter where it hits. you have to take precautions, no matter where you are. the urieuropean model, going through the bird sanctuary, through fort lauderdale, west palm and finally offshore doing damage with 140 mile-per-hour winds here. that's a, an ef-3 almost 4
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tornado. 40 miles wide. think of the damage it would do in oklahoma? think what it would do in downtowns north of downtown miami. tens of kbl billions of dollarss damage and potential for less loss of life. i don't understand. when you tell people to mandatorily evacuate that that doesn't mean anything to them. >> i don't understand that either. but here's the question. why the difference between the european model, which projects a direct hit on miami, and fort lauderdale, going up to palm beach county, as opposed to the u.s. model, and which one has a better track record? >> it's hard to answer that question. the european model is a four-dimension the model. it means it moves its data
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points ahead in time four dimensionally. so it's time, space, it's up/down, east/west, north/south, ver vet vertical and time. the u.s. model, time. but if you talk 72 hours away, i mean, those models are exact. the problem is, you know, we have a major city in the way. if that was -- let's say we're talking about anywhere in the continental u.s. in texas, and you have 40 miles one way or the other with 72 hours' notice. wasn't houston or corpus krifrty, that's a win. where we were with harvey. it make as huge difference to miami and fort lauderdale and the like. grand scheme, 72 hours out?
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almost exactly the same. >> people are told to evacuate, they've got to evacuate, listen to authorities. chad, stand by. we'll get back to you as this hurricane is racing towards florida. officials are bracing for the worst. mandatory evacuations for the florida keys, the low-lying parts of miami, dade and broward county and where fort lauderdale is. concerning a price gouging, gas prices, water supply. rosa flores, what's happening where you are? >> reporter: you know, wolf, there is a lot of worry. there is a lot of stress as residents patch up their homes with pieces of plywood, grab their kids, jump in the car and then hope for the best as they head north. you talked about price gouging. you talk about gas shortages. that is a huge worry as folks start to see the interstates bumper to bumper heading out of this southern part of florida.
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now, when it comes to evacuations, as you mentioned, miami-dade is under a mandatory evacuation for a few areas. zone a., along the coast. multiple areas, including this island you might see to my right which is -- on the south side, and then there's also the barrier islands where i'm standing right now in miami beach. all of these areas including areas where people live in mobile homes. those under a mandatory evacuation. our friends to the south, in monroe county, according to the governor, more than 31,000 people already evacuated headed north. friends to the north in broward county. anyone living in a low-lying area, anyone living in a mobile home. anyone living east of u.s. 1. includes fort lauderdale, hollywood, pompano beach, deerfield peach, all folks encouraged and under mandatory evacuation to move north. the only way out of the
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peninsula. you can't go east or west. you have to go north. when it comes to price gouging, the state attorney here in miami-dade county has activated a hot line for people to report price gouging, because, of course, in these dire times, there's always people who are going to try to take advantage of others and the message from florida is, don't do it, because you're going to get caught and get punished. wolf? >> all right, rosa, stand by. rosa flores in miami beach for us under evacuation orders at least big chunks of it. florida governor rick scott says getting fuel into the state is one of his top priorities. governor, you're very business pip thanks for joining us, updating viewers. so first of all, this issue of fuel, which is sensitive. people are lining up in long lines to get gas for their cars. what are you able to do about this? >> well, last night i had a call with the retailers of gas stations aing what can i do?
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this morning i did the major oil companies and carriers that take the fuel from basically the ports to their saying, what can i do? now, what we're doing is providing escorts to the carriers so they can get in and out fast. they can get to the stations and get back to get more gas from the ports. as fast as we can. we're working to make sure that as many vessels can get into our ports as possible. so we have as much fuel as possible. we are digging through waivers of federal regulations. i discussed this morning, we just got, epa got us waivers allowing us to have more fuel in the state. we are working on, helping us get more ships in. unfortunately, the everglades, fort lauderdale will close because of the hurricane. hopefully -- and getting more ships in to the port right now.
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and doing everything we can. it has tos frustrating, because there are lines. there are outages. it's not widespread. it's not everywhere now. we're going to do everything we can. keeping our evacuation routes open. i do ask, evacuate if asked to evacuate. listen to your local officials. every county is a little different. topography is a little different. listen to them about evacuation orders. don't wait. the longer you wait -- if you wait until the storm we can't take care of you. so we're working hard. we're working with fema to solve all of these problems, and so i pray for every citizen in my state. i don't want anybody to lose their life. i tell everybody, i'm sure you love your house. i want you to stay alive. i can help rebuild your house. i want you and your family to stay alive. we all love our families. >> we certainly do. and at what point, governor, do you make those interstates all one way heading north, for
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example? we see the traffic is enormous heading north. not much traffic heading south. at what point do you make that decision to move, to move all of those lanes into the same direction? >> what we do first, wolf, we're tracking this everywhere. highway patrol. the department of transportation. we have cameras around the state. we have law enforcement pushing. the first thing we do is we add the shoulders. and so -- but we've got to keep every safe. depends how fast traffic is going to keep everybody safe first. we'll do everything we can to make sure people are able to evacuate. i tell people, if there's any reason you're in an evacuation zone and you don't have the gas, you can't get out, we have a state-wide hot line and we can -- we will get you out. i told that to the keys, already had a mandatory evacuation. i told that to every place around the state. we will get you out, but you cannot wait. you cannot wait to get out. also looking for more
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volunteers. 17,000 volunteers. i have a little less than 10,000 signed up for shelters, food distribution. i need more volunteers. you can go to, right now by goal, keep everybody safe. >> our meteorologist has a question for you, governor. go ahead. >> governor, hello. we met in pensacola last year with the flood there and both witnessed how much water can damage a neighborhood. this isn't a neighborhood. this is a city. what if miami gets a 15-foot storm surge? fort lauderdale, up into broward count ji what does the city look like with 15 feet of water in it? >> oh -- here's what people are not thinking about. this is bigger in size, much bigger than andrew. andrew was, you know -- a horrible storm. it's -- it packs more wind, but the real difference is the risk of storm surge. the storm surcan come in.
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it can come in a long way and it can cover your house. you have got to listen. you know, volunteers, we have strong storm surge models, county by county, how we decided on the evacuation areas. listen. they tell you your area should be evacuated, thinking how big will the storm surge be? everybody is -- believes the path will be at the east coast. the cone is not just on the east coast. the cone is virtually on the west soviet. a -- coast. if there's a wobble to the west, it impacts the west part of the state. so we're focused on this, but this storm surge is my biggest concern besides fuel. people don't understand the risk of the storm surge. >> you know, governor, there's two nuclear power plants, as you
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know, in your state potentially in very, very serious danger. what are you doing to make sure they are not in danger? >> i've been talking to solar power light which owns these. they will both be shut down. it's about a 30-hour process. start to shut down, and as soon as the category 1 winds start. we're working to make sure we have evacuation routes open for people to get out and get back to them. they will be completely shut down before the storm hits. and then -- and not reopen until afterwards. so the -- they are in if, both in a place where their power that they need, to restart, and make sure it's safe is high. so i've been talking to florida power and light, and they're very comfortable right now that even with the winds, even with the storm surge, both of these plants will be safe.
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>> one final question. i know you've got to run, governor, before i let you go. which model do a is spects fsus accurate jt european model, or the american model, which has this hurricane hitting slightly off the coast, the eastern coast of florida? >> well, you know, look, i'm an optimist. i hope it goes far east, and i -- what i tell everybody. i love my state. i love every citizen and visitor, i want everybody to be safe. don't be an optimist with this. be prepared. maybe we'll get lucky and it will go further east, but it could just as well go west. >> we're going to be in very close touch with you, governor rick scott of florida. good luck to you and good luck to all the wonderful people in your beautiful state of florida.
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we're hoping, hoping, for the best. as you are reminding everyone, everyone has to prepare for the worst. and if you want to volunteer to help out the governor, you heard what he had to say. governor rick scott, we'll stay in very close touch with you. chad, we're about to get more tape any moment now from the president of the united states. he's over at the white house meeting with the emir's kuwait, but also speaking ar hurricane irma. the picture that the governor just presented is very bleak. >> it is. i think it's very important. he said, don't be an optimist. i mean, we have seen so many times, and i admit, you know, hey, it's going to hit. it's going to hit and turns right, or turns left. ah, it's not going to hit this time. this isn't -- >> hold on, chad a moment. the president is speaking. let's listen in. >> -- emir of kuwait is a most special person -- >> i think we have technical
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problems over there and weep keep that tape, shot moments ago. the president meeting with the emir of kuwait. there about to have a joint news conference as well. live coverage. i think we've firsted the audio. nope. looks like they're still trying to cue up the audio. this is a pool tape that comes in from, from the reporters over at the white house. the camera crews. they're going to get that ready and we'll have excellent -- play that as soon as we get it cued up appropriately. stand by for that. let's wait for a moment, chad. you and i were talking about this worst-case scenario. this hurricane irma hitting about 3 million people potentially right in miami-dade county and then millions more up further north in broward and palm beach counties. that's the worst-case scenario. that is clearly what they're bracing for. >> sure. no question, wolf. if the storm runs up through key large oh into homestead and into miami, that's the worst possible
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scenario. onshore flow making significant flooding the governor talked about. i think the surge is 15 feet. he thinks closer to 10. he's beal the optimist, me the pessimist somewhere in between. i want you away from the water. you need to be away from the water. middle, central keys, you got to get out of there knop reasether. no reason to stay there. the water goes over your island. i talked to a doctor via twitter. looked at the models and population. and 16 million people will have wind over 75 miles per hour. that means 8 million people won't have power? i mean, that's got to be close. >> yeah. awful, awful situation. stand by. we've got a lot more coming up. the brand new forecast from the european model coming in very soon. we'll update you on that. its track record lately
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excellent. also speaking live with the mayor of miami beach about the urgent evacuations underway there, and why he's calling this a "nuclear hurricane." and president trump getting ready to hold a joint news conference moments from now. he's expected to discuss the storm. also the fury from his own republican party after he stunned everyone by cutting a deal with the democratic leadership. this is cnn's special live coverage. ♪ whoa that's amazing... hey, i'm the internet! i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. type in your idea. select from designs tailored just for you and publish your site with just a few clicks-even from your... phone. the internet is waiting start for free today at godaddy. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan.
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and getting tired of places like this. phones changed everything - shouldn't the way pay for them change too? introducing xfinity mobile. where you can pay for data by the gig, and share it across all of your lines. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save when you pay by the gig. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to looking at live pick commerce from the white house east room moments from now the president will hold a joint news conference with the visiting emir of kuwait. the president is expected to field questions about several issues including, of course, hurricane irma and its stunning deal with stunning democrats on raising the nation's debt ceiling. all of that we'll bring to you live as soon as it begins. stand by for that. meanwhile, we're tracking
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hurricane irma as it takes direct aim at the united states. for now no one knows for sure where the deadly storm will make landfall, but if it hits south florida, miami beach could take a beating from the strong wind and the flooding. the city's mayor is already warning everyone who lives in that area or visiting miami beach to simply get out. the mayor of miami beach is joining us right now. mayor, thank you so much for joining us. tell us about this mandatory evacuation that has been issued for miami beach. how is the evacuation process going? >> wolf a few days ago i recommended and strongly urged all residents and visitors to leave miami beach. yesterday the county issued a mandatory evacuation. thankful thankfully, now we're enforcing it. aggressively telling everyone got out of miami beach. condominiums shutting down water, power, air conditions. a great incentive for residents to leave. this is a very serious
10:26 am
incredibly powerful storm. i call it a nuclear hurricane and telling them to do so. the transition, the evacuation so far is very smooth. we're not seeing major traffic. people are listening. the community is very much come together. of course, you're seeing right now behind me kind of the calm before the storm. >> so all of those beautiful hotels in miami beach, the fontainebleau and those historic hotels and wonderful condominium buildings, everything along the beach, along the atlantic, everyone is -- those buildings are being shut down? everyone is being told to get out? what a night mayor, because as you know, a lot of senior s liv in those buildings as well. how do you get them? >> we've been working on this in advance. focusing on our homeless, senior, special needs population and making sure we offer special assistance. buses are picking people up at certainly locations across miami
10:27 am
beach to take them over to shelters. also we have a trolley system taking them to specific stops to get ton 0 to buses. doing everything we can to accommodate and ensure safety of all residents and few remaining visitors on miami beach. >> where are the shelters? are there enough to accommodate all of those people? you have a huge population? >> wolf, we don't have shelters on miami beach. you can imagine, we're a low-lying barrier island. the shelters we have are throughout miami-dade county in multiple locations. even shelters that allow you to take your pets. viewers watching now, i would tell them, if you have pets, do not leave them. we have specific shelters on the mainland that allow you to take your pets. >> what about the gas stations? we've seen long lines. people trying to fill up their cars. is there enough fuel for everyone trying to drive out? >> well, it's been a real challenge and a what we're hearing across the state. the governor is, would go with a
10:28 am
lot of fuel companies to bring in additional fuel for the stations. from what i gather, a challenge. lines very long. as i've driven along our city, we've seen lines in our few gas stations we have here. i understand they may be getting a little easier possibly in different parts of the state. >> what happens to those individuals who say, you know what? we're going to ride it out. we're going to stay put in miami beach. what happens to them? >> well, wolf, i don't advise that and have been aggressively telling them, don't do it. we don't want heroes. this is not about devastation. this is about evacuation. not eradication. they have to understand they need to get out. we don't need heroes. the problem will be this -- our staff, public, first responders, police, reducing that getting closer to the storm. when that storm hits we're not going to put the lives of our first responders in jeopardy. they will not be responding to help you. you need to get out. i never thought i'd say this, wolf, but, please, leave miami
10:29 am
beach. don't come to miami beach right now during this special period. >> yeah. i never thought i'd hear you say that as well. because you want people to come visit miami beach. you got a lot of hotels and other condominiums and high-rise buildings. the higher you go in the building, the wind more powerful. maybe 200 miles per hour. can the buildings sustain a hurricane, the winds of this magnitude? >> well i can tell you this, wolf. all the buildings constructed postandrew, hurricane andrew, are up to highest standards to withstand, hopefully a 4 or 5 level hurricane. a lot of other buildings upgraded with hurricane-proof glass, but i wouldn't trust any building code or building promise. i would make sure i got out of miami beach and if i didn't have a friend or family to stay with all the island, i would find shelter. we have shelter all over dade kaunty. communicating e-mail, social media you know, everything we
10:30 am
could possibly do. it's time for them to leave posthaste. >> good advice from the mayor of miami beach. mayor levine. good luck to everyone up and down the coast and depending where the hurricane hits. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. the brand new forecast, only moments away from receiving that'swe'll share it with you as soon as it comes in. important information. and awaiting the president of the united states. about to roald a join news conference at the white house with the visiting emir of kuwait. meantime, the deal the pr president cut with democrats and what donald trump jr. is telling the which. no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives in any of the food we sell. we believe in real food. whole foods market.
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we'll be hearing from president trump any moment. striking a deal with democrats. the president getting ready to hold a news conference withes
10:35 am
vitasing emir of kuwait. live coverage of that. they're just getting ready for that news conference right now. and tying hurricane relief to a short-term bump in the nation's debt ceiling. >> the president made is really clear and what he was aiming for in that meeting yesterday was a bipartisan moment while the country is facing two horrible hurricanes. and so what he made clear to us is, he didn't want to have -- look, personally i think the debt limit and the credit market, the longer the better for the stability of the credit market. that's my strong opinion, but he was interested in making sure that this is a bipartisan moment while we respond to these hurricanes and made that clear and i think that's what his motivation was. >> go to white house reporter jeremy diamond on the white house lawn getting ready for the news conference as well. jeremy what is the trump administration saying about the
10:36 am
president's decision to embrace the democrats' plan and embarrass the republican leadership in the process? >> reporter: well, the white house so far explained it as an aim to clear the deck, so to speak, so that the president can move forward with tax reform. we're still hearing, of course, a lot of criticism from republicans about this deal. the president actually moments ago addressed it saying that this is the new way he's going to be dealing with congress. listen in. >> i think we will have a different relationship than you've been watching over the last number of years. i hope so. i think that's a great thing for our country, and i think that's why -- the people of the united states want, what they want to see. they want to see some dialogue, coming together to an extent, at least, and i think you see that with douaca, and many different things. i think you really saw it yesterday, loud and clear. the people of the united states want to see a coming together. at least to an extent, with different parties. we have different thoughts, different feelings, different
10:37 am
ideas. but i think you're going to see a much stronger coming together. one thing we agree on. we agree very much on a strong military. with agree very readily on harvey. the hurricane. little did we all know sitting in that room, we had just gotten the early signs of the magnitude of irma, which is potentially more devastating than harvey. but maybe you'll sigh a few words, mike. i think that -- >> and there you have the president talking about that new relationship that he hopes to have. this is of course, the president on the campaign trail promised he would come to washington and make deals. this is now the first deal, seems, though, we've seen from this president in his nearly eight months in office. the question now, whether this is a sign of new things to come. the president strongly hinting at that. criticism from republicans, quietly in many cases, that this president accepted a deal that
10:38 am
democrats proposed without really giving too much pushback. the president, of course, will have a chance to answer some of that criticism during a joint news conference that he's about to hold with the emir of kuwait. wolf? >> live coverage of that coming up momentarily. jeremy, thanks very much. jeremy diamond over at the white house. president trump's deal with the democratic leadership is just one of the issues he is likely to face questions about at this news conference. while we await the start of the news conference, perspective from our panel. miya malika henderson is with us, john king, and gloria borger. so the dust settled a bit, gloria, as far as this pretty stunning development yesterday. the president signing with the democratic leadership and antagonizing the republican leadership. what's the impact? >> well, i think the republicans are upset. scratching their heads. this isn't what they wanted. you heard the president moments ago talking about
10:39 am
bipartisanship, but he seems to be the only republican who really signed on to this. and republicans are calling it the pa localsy shpelosi/schumer exactly what did is and prepared to do an 18-month extension of the debt ceiling. they don't like to vote on these things. they consider it a toxic vote. now they're going to have it back in their lap in december, unless, of course, the president agrees with the democrats about eliminating the debt ceiling altogether, which seems to be something he has discussed with democratic leaders. >> you know, you just heard the president, john, say in that little clip, very -- this is what i was elected to do. to work on bipartisan deals. and we're doing that right now. >> but not what he did the first seven-plus months. remember, we had this conversation during the transition, the early weeks of january. what would president trump do? how would he be different? what he be bipartisan?
10:40 am
tried to bring pelosi and schumer into the mix at the beginning maybe we'd have obamacare fixed? conservatives wouldn't have liked him, but might have had an answer to obamacare. it's not just what he did. it's when and how he did it. we're going into a month of crunch time for republicans. spending bills are hard. the debt ceiling quicksand for the republican party. tax cuts? spoepzed to be republican dna and he picks the democrats' plan, not just did he pick democrats' plan, sitting this close with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to nancy pelosi and schumer, signs with the democrats. imagine if tom brady walked out fourth quarter with a chiefs jersey on? switched teams in the middle of the game is why it's so surprising. might he be effective, get things done? maybe. republicans are stunned looking at the next 30 days and a
10:41 am
midterm election year saying we can't trust the republican president to have our back. >> right, right. the question is, does this continue? he said today, made it sound like this was a new era of trump. a flashback of what people thought this president would be like. tri triangulating. and the way he's governing, one question has been can pe expand his tent? seems it's something he's trying to do. seems will be to stiff arm part of his base on any number of issues. things that came out of the white house yesterday. daca. we've heard today he seems to be willing to work with democrats on daca. on a daca fix. a d.r.e.a.m. bill, signing that. >> nancy pelosi tells him send a tweet and he says a tweet. >> and she's retweeted it. >> exactly. one question, too, what democrats are going to face as they start to work with donald trump, if they continue to work with him, because early on when people saw schumer seeming to have something of a cozy relationship with donald trump of a democratic base, they
10:42 am
weren't happy with that. what is going to happen? >> you saw the picture through the oval office window. very cozy. very chummy with what he called chuck and nancy, his good friends. jeff zeleny is at the white house covering developments for us. getting ready for the news conference and in the east room, jeff. the president's son, eldest son, donald trump jr., he was up being interviewed before the senate judiciary committee today behind closed doors, and we're getting news out of that session. >> reporter: we are indeed, wolf. this was a pretty extraordinary development if you take into account how the russia investigation proceeded. this is a first family member of the president's family to be invest gated or to be interviewed, error, by senate staffers and it was behind closed doors. it was-he was taking questions given an open-end statement we're told, and was essentially explaining his position that, look, he wanted to hear them out. this, of course, is all about
10:43 am
the meeting from june 2016 that he had with a russian lawyer, and other operatives and had other campaign staffers in there as well. paul manafort, chairman of the campaign at the time. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law. this is the first time the senate investigators are getting a chance to ask direct questions to donald trump jr. now, it is behind closed doors and today, wolf, many democrats senators are telling manu raju and the rest of our political team they would like to and expect to question the president's son in an open forum. so despite all of these new developments about how the president is reaching a deal with democrats in some respect, this underlying russia investigation is still happening on capitol hill, unfolding at the same time and it is aggravating in some cases and worrying in other cases, the president here. so this is -- you know -- just a window into all that this white house is contending with.
10:44 am
we do expect to get more details of that closed-door testimony as it pans out this afternoon, as senators and others begin discussing this, wolf. but this is, of course, behind closed doors. no less important, because everything that you tell the senate investigators you may be asked about in a public forum. of course, truth here is the ultimate objective, because bob mueller, the special prosecutor, is also interested in some of this very same information, wolf. so the -- events on capitol hill even though behind closed doors, a major development today, wolf. >> certainly it extraordinary. see if the president is asked about it as the news conference that's about to begin fairly soon. jeff, you're there in the east room. we'll get back to you. gloria, the "new york times" we heard is saying he went to that meeting in trump tower last year, donald trump jr., to meet with the russians. these russians, to get some dirt about hillary clinton, the
10:45 am
democratic presidential candidate, to assess her fitness. fitness for office. said nothing ever came of it but just interested in learning more about hillary clinton's fitness for office. >> right. and you know, he also, according to the "times" said he was conflicted about having a meeting. we all knee his initial e-mail was he was excited, right? >> i think said, "i'd love it." >> yes. and according to the "times" if they'd given him information, which he said they did not and the meeting turned out to be about something else, he would then have consulted with counsel to make an informed decision whether or not he could actually even give that information further consideration, but we -- this is a story that the committees as well as the special counsel are really trying to unravel. obviously, don junior being adamant he was not involve ntd
10:46 am
in ka flugs any way, shape or form. >> and president of the united states, a new tactic dealing with democrats. in your eighth month, no signature achievements. trying to get something done in year one. he hoped these invest gaysing would be done in year one. not going to happen. remember, no meetings with russia. then learned about jared kushner, paul manafort, donald trump jr. no dealings with russia. now least a reach-out to russians while a candidate for president about the possibility of a trump tower inmoscow. because the, team trump harks been shall we say less than forthcoming with the information, it keeping trickling out. doesn't mean anything is there but investigations that would take months anyway are going to take even months more. >> extraordinary when the son of the president of the united states is called to answers questions before the senate judiciary committee. >> right. so far these meetings have happened privately. there certainly is a chance some might start to happen publicly. the senators in some of these
10:47 am
meeting have said the response is that donald trump jr. gave to some of these questions only add more questions. raise more questions to john's point about extending this. yeah. i mean, this is extraordinary, to see the son of a president having to answer these questions about possible collusion with a foreign government. >> and don't forget. you testified before congress whether it's to congress staffers or to senators, you're under oath. >> yes. >> and this is very, very important, to sort of keep in mind that you're not allowed to lie to congress. it's a crime. and so they're going to ask him everything they woebl cpossibly. you may run into a question, mueller may want the transcript of what occurring during the hearings and whether they can share. this is the president's son testifying. >> and a test also of these investigations. do you think what bill clinton, when he went there the special
10:48 am
counsel he wanted to admit he didn't tell the truth in monica lewinsky or about agagennifer flowers but he had to. and so much evidence, the committee interviewed everybody else. talked to most other players they feel confident they know the full picture and now want him to come in to see if he gives a consistent k. and purgely. you can go to deal for committing perjury. and awaiting the president's joint news conference with the visiting emir of kuwait. questions from kuwaiti journalists, and from american journalists. live coverage of that and lots of news unfolding. much more on hurricane irma as well. we'ring a to get a new forecast.
10:49 am
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two breaking stories we're following right now. hurricane irma, we're about to get a new forecast. the european model is projecting a direct hit on miami, ft. lauderdale, palm beach county. we'll see if that continues. we're about to get that forecast. also, we're awaiting the president of the united states. he's about to have a joint news conference with the visiting emir of kuwait. we'll have live coverage of that. there will be questions to the president, including questions, of course, on irma but there's other political developments we're following. i want to go to dana bash on capitol hill. dana, i understand you're getting some more new information about the extraordinary appearance that donald trump jr., the president's eldest son, had today before the senate judiciary committee. >> reporter: that's right, wolf, and i should note that this meeting still ongoing. that don junior, donald trump jr., is still in the united states capitol, meeting with staffers and some senators with the senate judiciary committee but while that is going on, we are learning some of what is happening behind closed doors.
10:54 am
first, we're told that trump junior, donald trump jr., was explicitly asked whether, after the meeting that he had in june of 2016, with some russian lawyers, one that was set up, we know, through e-mails, with the explicit understanding that these russians had dirt on hillary clinton, whether don junior took any of those participants up to see his father. or whether or not don junior told his father about the meeting after it happened in june of 2016. on both front seas, i am told t don junior said no. he did not introduce any of them to his father nor did he talk to his father about it. then i'm told he was asked, why did his father, the candidate for president, say the next day that the campaign had some dirt on hillary clinton, and it would be coming out and his response was, that's just the way his father talks.
10:55 am
now, in addition to that, wolf, that's one of the main things that investigators are trying to figure out a lot more about what happened in that meeting but it's also more realtime about the now white house response to that meeting becoming public, and our manu raju is told that in this briefing that is going on that donald trump jr. told the judiciary questioners that he didn't recall the details of white house involvement to the public response. this public response and the white house involvement was now we know, and we have reported, done on air force one. the president and his team were coming back from a trip in europe, and they knew that this was going to break, and a big part, we know, of what the special counsel and also congress looking into is what was the white house and what was the president's involvement in that statement, and to be clear, right now, don junior is telling
10:56 am
senate investigators, as we speak, that he doesn't recall what the white house involvement was in that public response. >> very interesting, getting back to the first point, that first little nugget that you've learned that donald trump jr. testified or he said, and this is all under oath, if you will, even if there's not a direct oath taking ceremony, the -- that he never told his father about the meeting, but what about jared kushner, the son-in-law or paul manafort who was then the campaign chairman? do we know if they told donald trump about this meeting? >> reporter: we don't know. what we understand from our previous reporting is that his son-in-law, jared kushner, told him about it more recently when they were still in the white house, knowing that it was going to come out. but right now, this is just don junior alone, meeting with these senate investigators, members of the senate judiciary committee. so, this was the question that was asked. since he's, you know, he's
10:57 am
donald trump's son, and the two of them talk a lot about a lot of things, particularly at that time, when donald trump jr. was obviously pretty involved in the campaign, so what that was -- that was one of the key questions that the senate committee wanted to know, did he tell his father the, the now-president, the then-candidate, and his answer was no. >> it's amazing that it's still going on. it's been several hours now since he started answering questions before these investigators from the senate judiciary committee and it's still going on right now. >> reporter: about four hours almost. >> four hours already. so, you can imagine what kind of information is being shared and how significant potentially it will be, especially if it's shared with the special counsel, robert mueller, among others. dana, stand by. we'll get back to you. it's pretty fascinating what we're learning right now, ghor yeah. >> yeah, it is. i mean, i think as dana was pointing out, the key question here is what did the know about this and when did he know it. and according to don junior, we're, you know, we're hearing
10:58 am
that he said his president -- the president knew nothing -- >> he said, i never told the president. >> i never told him and that may open another door. we don't know. i never told him. knew nothing about this. and of course the question was, that shortly after this meeting, the president had a rally in which he said we're going to release some dirt of hillary clinton really soon and people are obviously asking the question, was that meeting related to what the president said? also, i believe, they're going to be asking questions about what occurred after that meeting, what occurred before the meeting actually happened, and what was the follow-up from that meeting, if it was just about sanctions, okay. but was there any follow-up? were there any documents delivered? that's what they're going to want to know. >> and that's 2016 conduct. to the second point, he didn't recall the degree of white house involvement in the response to all of this. that's when his father's the president of the united states. that's what is incredibly consequential, especially to the special counsel investigation
10:59 am
into potential obstruction, and so this is where investigators roll their eyes. you do not recall the involvement -- you don't recall details of your father, the president, calling you from air force one on the way back from europe, according to the reporting, with hope hicks as the middle person, dictating a statement back and forth about how donald trump should recall -- investigators are going to be questioning -- they're going to question the fact that you can't recall key details of such an important moment in your life and in your father's presidency. so back to the point about how these investigations get bigger and bigger. if donald trump jr. can't recall, who was with donald trump jr.? was he with his attorneys general his wife? they're going to want to talk to him. who was on air force one with the president? hope hicks-. >> she's the acting communications director. >> were there any stewards in the room. back to the lewinsky investigation, secret service officers that were around during key meetings. they may have had nothing to do with it but they knew who was in
11:00 am
the room and how long it lasts. so when one witness says i can't recall, that doesn't shut things down. it usually leads to a longer investigation. >> ask you'nd you're dealing wi substantial group of people here. you're also dealing with attorneys talking to attorneys and you're dealing with a question of how involved was the president in recrafting a statement that had already been written, and you know, that sarah huckabee sanders has said, well, he weighed in on that statement. so what does that mean? and so i think they're going to go on for hours and hours, because they really need to peel this onion. >> i want to alert ow vieweur v we're standing by for the president's joint news conference with the visiting emir of kuwait. there will be questions on a wide range of issues, we're told, both the president and the emir will make an opening statement and then answer reporters' questions. we'll have full coverage of that coming up. we're also standing by for a new forecast on hurricane irma, which is directly