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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern. the good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman in miami beach actually standing in what is part of the mandatory
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evacuation zone. do it now or frankly sooner. one state official says leave now because when you dial 911, you will not get an answer. irma is now a category 4 hurricane, but do not believe for a second that that means a diminished threat. winds are over 150 miles per hour with a slight shift to the west which could actually mean the entire florida peninsula is in h the direct path and mooem could be even greater danger. the airports are jamed. we saw a line at the miaairport >> florida's governor set to speak in a few moments about a once in a generation storm. and right now, the bahamas and central cuba are bracing. this as irma makes her way west. we know at least 18 people confirmed dead in the caribbean.
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the red ros cross es tet -- we' see how long this takes to ride out. chart with chad myers, the meteorologist. so chad, importantly i think john mentioned the shift to the west which would put the entire tip of florida right at the heart of this. >> absolutely. we talked about the european model and american model, gfs and the two models we look at. the european has been west of the gfs the entire forecast and now gfs is agreeing with it, the american agreeing with it. the saying yes it will be west. not up the east coast or slightly off the coast. it will be right over the keys, rite into the everglades. there's the storm 150 miles per hour getting into very warm water. here's the difference between the european in blue and the american in red. for a while, the american was
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way over here, 60, 80 miles away. not so anymore. they are paralleling each other right up the center of florida. now i'm going to push the button and show you what the hurricane center cone looks like. right through the middle. exactly what they've been saying all along at the european model was right. this time 150 miles per hour just to the south of marathon, florida. i think that's really where the eye comes on shore but i'll get to that in a second. here are the winds saturday morning miami only seeing about 30 miles per hour. moving ahead to the afternoon winds gusting to around 50. same story along the keys, 60 to 70 miles per hour. figure out where you are on this map but fort pierce starting to get winds around 50. and then the big, this white area. that's all 100 miles per hour or more. mainly that's the everglade the. there's something good to be said there. but the storm isn't diminishing
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because the everglades isn't land. it's just warm water. so the storm continues to grow, from fort pierce to fort meyers all that 100 miles per hour wind gusts during the day. by monday morning diminishing a little bit but notice the onshore flow pushing water in jacksonvil jacksonville. and then the wind eventually 60, 70 gets to atlanta georgia. that would certainly flood a lot of miami beach area. not a lot of heavy rainfall for flooding. six inches. this isn't 50 like what we saw in matthew. looks like a couple extra seconds. i want to take you to what i believe to be the honest truth where this storm is going to be over the neck couple days. here we are now. comes up and makes a turn something like that. let me get you a whole lot
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clos closer. right into the key. this is marathon. key beach. duck key really going to get hammered with this. the up here that are ner to the north, this would be american sportsman. this would be robby's marina. this is where the american model coming on shore. 15-foot storm surge. the then the everglades and all of a sudden we right up here into orlando. that's the next stop and the winds are probably still going to be 105 or 110 with gusts in orlando. so get ready for that. lots of people there. >> so, chad, the main paper down in miami, the miami herald has a piece this morning talking about the dirty side of irma. and that that could hit miami procedure. what does that mean? >> the dirty side of a hurricane
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is when you add in the forward motion with the wind that's already spinning. so let's just talk about number 4 right here. this is how the wind is spinning. and it's spinning at 150. let's daul it a guts of 150. hopefully 120. of but if you move this storm forward by 20 miles per hour, then you have to add 150 plus 20 because of the forward motion, all of a sudden you have 170. if you're on the clean side of the eye, this side, you have 150, minus 20. so all of a sudden your wind on this side is 130. a gust of 130 is a lot different than a gust of 170 because that's ugly. back to you. thanks. we're here in miami beach in the dirty end probably of what irma will deliver. the entire florida keys right now under a mandatory evacuation
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order. cnn's bill wear in key lar go. >> people have stayed. tens of thousands, about 75,000 people call the keys home. conservative estimate a half to two thirds sort of honored that order and gotten out of here but some you aare hunkering down. irma's so much bigger. i'm hearing from it brave hurricane partiers we were with last night. they're getting out as well. the one guy who knows this sort of thing very well, don anderson, that came south -- you were here for wilma? >> yeah. i didn't stick for andrew. >> you didn't stick for andrew. what is it about this one that has you leaving town. >> it's a big huge. and i was think about staying, but when i heard about 10-foot surges, even though we have 5
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miles to break it down, it's not going to be fun. >> so what would you say to guys -- i was with captains last night who were going to ride this out. >> god bless them that's all i can say. >> in the keys, there's this dichotomy where we have to be very alarmist and get people out. so you have to take it seriously. but then, some would say it's too much hype. how do you discern what is true? >> well, there's some hype to it, yes, but that's to make sure you're protected. i mean i can understand it. they have to. it's like -- that's another story. but it's like if you don't heed the warning, you could die. >> you could die. >> yes. it's -- they've got to tell you the wots that could happen. that's what they're doing. key west. if that thing goes over key west is screwed. >> right. but this is famous for being a
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low-key, laid back, devil may care at tute. but this is a different situation. >> this is your life. what's it worth? i can always party later. >> we're going to put that on a bumper sticker. thank you so much. so there you go. le key west residents, florida keys residents if you don't want to take our word, take it from one of our own. you could die. poppy? >> yeah. i like his bumper sticker. you can party later. now it's time to get out despite the fierce independence you got from a lot of the folks there. the thank you soap for reporting for us. you've got the airports packed with people trying to escape. time is running out because the airlines are pretty close to shutting the operation. let's go to rosa flores in miami airport. what are the people saying and the airlines? >> reporter: poppy there's a lot of frustration, stress, who likes long lines at the airport?
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no one. take a look. this is the customer service line at american airlines. a lot of these folks got news that their flight was canceled so they had to head here. a lot of frustration, i even talked to a man that was in tears because he was going to miss his son's wedding. but not kevin. i think he is the best traveler in the world. he's from germany. he actually spent the night on a cot here at miami international airport. how are you still smiling kevin? >> i mean there's not a lot of things we can do. and the vacation is already over, so, we plan to go home anyway today, so yeah. that's it. >> so tell me what the airport has told you, because you're from germany, so it's not like you can go home at this point. so what's the direction from the airport? >> well, the airport didn't tell us anything. it was we asked some police officers to give us any information because there was no
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one officially from the airport, and they -- first they told us was that we have to leave the airport and get evacuated to a shelter, and then, now they said it's not possible anymore because all the shelters are full. and then we have to stay here. >> now, we understand that the airport is not a shelter. have they told you what a happens if you're stuck here through the storm? >> no. they told us at the beginning they also told us it's not a shelter, we can't stay, but now because we can't go anywhere, we have to get to a different building, or to another terminal to terminal e. and we can't stay upstairs because there are too many windows and glasses which can break, and that's why they want all the people in one area on the airport. even though it's no the a shelter. >>ive go us a sense of how many people spent the night here. >> the night where we are there were approximately 60 to 70 people, i would say. >> that's a lot of people trying to get out of miami international. so, as you heard, kevin and
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about 60, 70 other people spent the night here at miami international airport trying to get out. but, the news that we've heard of thousands of flights being can dreled around the country, it all trickles down to miami because of this storm, and people are still trying to figure out how to get out. rosa flores we flew in last night on a nearly empty plane. the airport was so packed. we wish all the people there the best of luck and hope they have the patience to last the day. joining me now david hall stead. great to have you with us. one reason the airports are so packed is because people need to get out. hundreds of thousands have been told to evacuate. from this area. this is miami beach. no more than three feet or so bu sea level. if we're talking about a 10-foot storm surge, what does that mean for the area we're in right now.
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>> that means if you're no the on the second floor of the building across the street, you're in trouble. you're underwater. the storm surge, flooding, that's the real killer in hurricanes. we go back to the '04 season here in florida. we had about 117 people die in those four storms. vast majority either died drowning or post storm. very important. >> we've seen people actually out here. most people are gone but there have been some people out here this morning. people just need to get out. this is going to be covered in water. >> this is going to be covered in water. they've got to get out. for the most part i'll say miami dade has done a got job getting the m es age out. there are always going to be people staying back. that's what's dangerous for the first responders, they're responsible for getting them post storm. what condition are they going to find them in. >> when they're saying here during the storm they've been told in you call 911, no one will answer. have a plan if you are going to
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stay. that plan better be in being in higher ground in this area. after andrew, building codes were changed. in south florida. we are told constantly the bill buildings here are a lot stronger. one thing is people should know is not every building was built after andrew. >> lot of the buildings were pre andrew but i will tell you the south florida folks got it right. changed the building codes. so new homes are built in a new hurricane code. when you retrofitted it there's a possibility to bring it up to standard. we had 48,000 homes here in florida that were retrofitted by money after '04 and '05 seasons. it's important to realize while we're better prepared, category 4 storm is nothing to ta home about. leave get to safety if you're told to evacuate. >> there's really no more mystery about whether this storm will hit florida. it is going to hit it with
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powerful hurricane force winds. right over lake okay a choeb be. >> they've drained that lack and a lot of the canals beneath it. how concerned are you that could be vulnerable to overflowing? >> i think it's certainly a potential, not on top of the list, i think that the keys no the being fully evacuated as was told on the previous report. that's what concerns you. 40 to 50,000 people may have stayed behind. now if we get a direct impact with the eye of that storm and 10-foot surge, that covers the keys. anyone who stays has the potential for drowning. >> one of the things i heard you talk about is what you call hurricane amnesia. it's been a long time. hurricane wilma was 2005, andrew 13 years before that. >> that's true. while we have people moving and ebbing and flowing, i've got to say i think especially cnn has done a great job of putting that picture on the map and then
6:16 am
florida and people are simply heeding it, saying, listen, that's too big. i maybe have ridden out smaller storms in the past. might i rode out andrew but this storm is something if i'm in the keys or low-lying areas or manufactured homes i've got to get out. >> quickly. 20 seconds left. what is your advice to people right now? it's 9:50 on friday. how much longer do they have to make a decision? >> it's right now. it's either go or don't go. the probably until about noontime. you've got to get out of here. that's for folks in those low-lying areas, beach side, manufactured homes. anywhere where local government's telling you to evacuate. >> okay thanks so much for your support. and your advice. >> such helpful information. thank you guys. also want to update you on a powerful earth wake that hit mexico. killed at least 29 people. also triggered a series of tide dal waves. it collapsed buildings and
6:17 am
damaged several homes. magnitude 8.1 earth wake centered just off the countries southern coast. the president calls it a strongest quake there in 100 years. we are waiting for governor rick scott of florida to give us the latest update set to begin any minute. stay with cnn. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, i'm the internet! ♪ i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing...
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all right. we have live pictures right now from palm beach, waiting to hear from florida governor rick scott. he will brief the public on the latest on storm preparation perhaps announcing some new mandatory evacuations. he's in west palm beach. north up here the storm is going to impact an area fair greater than just miami. it's going to impact both coasts all the way up the peninsula. one reason every public school in florida is closed today so
6:22 am
people can get ready. if there's one thing people in florida should like at now is the path of irma until this point. the devastation that it has left behind. in you video from the caribbean island of barbuda showing the major destruction there. residents say that they saw animals, 40-foot containers flying through the air as the storm passed through. at least one person died, a young child, it would be shocking if that number doesn't go up. now that island is bracing for another hurricane, hurricane jose. that is churning in the atlantic and could hit the island as soon as saturday. the poppy, yesterday we were speaking to officials who were suggesting they might need to completely evacuate barbuda all together. the there's no point in staying there now because there is no wear to stay. >> how does it feel down there? i've been there now. does it feel des oh late?
6:23 am
>> miami beach on a normal day is 100 times busier, more active and vibrant than this. the it feels fairly cleaned out but it isn't empty. it really isn't empty. we've seen people out here jogging, homeless people. although i saw officials driving by on atvs talking to some homeless people trying to figure out how to get them where they need to go. but it's a very different feeling than normal. >> heed the warning. everyone needs to get out. we're going to speak in in just a little bit with the mayor of south miami. people all along florida's coasts scrambling to get out. evacuations under way, as you heard from john all along miami beach, but to get out, if you're driving, you need the gas to get out and that's been tough for a lot folks as well. let's go to merit island florida. you were getting pelted with
6:24 am
rain yet, brynn, what are you seeing today? >> reporter: pelted today too. that's slowing down. the sandbagging efforts, protect of home efforts because a mandatory evacuation in effect at 3:00 today here on the island. the barrier islands. these are people filling cars one by one with sand bags, ten per car. as you can imagine, people are quickly trying to get whatever they can to help protect the homes. i want to talk to this gentleman. he is nice to talk tous. he is an island resident and you've lived whoer a long time. and you're sticking this out. >> i evacuated matthew. i feel like this is going to be a category 2 or 3 by the time it hits us. i i've got a pretty strong home so i'm pretty confident it will survive. >> taking chances despite the warnings. >> if it got above a 3 but i think we home could survive.
6:25 am
>> i have a plan b? >> i may last minute if it's going to be a 4 or 5. but if it stays below that i'm stick tg out. >> does it worry you if you do get trapped emergency officials can't get to you because you're not alone. i heard a ton of people here saying they're sticking this out. they've lived through hurricane andrew and they're going to stick it out. does it worry you this would be the one? >> it does but i'm pretty confident i'm watching the weather and news and keeping track with the storm. if it's looks like it's going to be a 3 or below by the time it gets to the island -- i'm worried about tornados but taking the chance. >> that's what i've been hearing a lot of times from people. they've just so used to hurricanes they some lived through andrew and say it wasn't that bad. so they're okay with sticking it out. against all the warnings that we've ban hearing from federal,
6:26 am
state ant local officials. i want to show you this line. this is how long the cars have been lined up since 5:00 this morning. the waiting for just these ten sand bags. you can imagine also really losing a lot of fuel in the meantime. yesterday, people were it waiting 5-plus hours just to get sand bags. good news, there's no shortage of fuel here on the island but evacuation orders in effect beginning at 5:00. >> very good news no fuel shortage but scary to hear from that man. he's betting that this thing is going to get good as it possibly ca and talks about evacuating last minute. there becomes a point where you can't and you're stuck, as you rightly said. thank you for the reporting there. we are waiting to hear from florida's governor who has been speaking to people just like brynn just spoke with saying please heed this warning and leave if you're in a mandatory evacuation zone. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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all right. welcome back. john berman in miami beach. waiting to hear from the florida governor. he will greet the public very shortly to give us the latest update. mandatory evacuation. those who remain we've seen walking around with cases of water. the it's time to either get out or get ready. let's find out where the storm is right now. cnn's chad migyers at the weath center. >> the storm is just south of crooked island in turks and caicos. the you will begin to feel i believe the first 50 miles per hour gusts about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon in miami. lik sooner than that for the keys because it's closer to the center. keys are closer to the center of where the wind will be. max wind 150. the but don't -- please don't
6:32 am
say that's not 185 so i'm not leaving. it is a major hurricane, category 4. if p you are in florida and if you are in the cone, you are going to be hit by something. it's that simple. this storm is so wide, there is no middle of the cone. the entire cone is -- no question about it. will get hurricane force winds from cutler ridge, all the way down to miami and the keys, from key west up to key largo i believe the center and will be very close to -- worldwide sportsman on the other side. farther down probably key colony beach in marathon. that's the eye wall a little bit farther out than that. that spot right there. and then on up into lake okay a cope bewith winds up to 120. i know the governor and army core are lowering that level but
6:33 am
still something to watch. here comesed wind. from from saturday 6:00 a.m. only seeing 30 miles per hour here and then by 3:00 already to 50. that's miami beach. you're pouring water into biscayne bay at this point. just pushing it. everything that's pink is a wind gust of 75 or greater. all the way from palm beach to naples. the entire east to west coast will have a hurricane force wind gust or later. about 16 million before it dies off somewhere in georgia. right over lake oh ca choep be. the center of the eye is going to go over the everglades. that's not land. the that's just warm water. and finally pushing back up into north georgia and even the carolin carolinas. le here's the map. the european model in blue, american in red. yesterday, they didn't agree. well, today, they do. right over the keys, just to the
6:34 am
east of naples, west of miami. the this also means that miami is going to be on the right side of the eye. that's always the highest wind side. and then up right through orlando. now look at the cone. where does it hurricane center have the cone? right over the models, as ut' expect. john. florida, is a can't miss right now. for hurricane irma and it is not the kind of can't miss that you ever had bch. chad myers an important forecast. poppy? >> pretty terrifying looking how close those two model the are this morning. right up through the center of where you are. let's get perspective from the mayor of south florida. thank you for being with me. the just your reaction from what we heard from our meteorologist. those two models take this storm up through miami. >> well, no reaction here. we're ahead of it.
6:35 am
he's got it exactly right. that's what we're looking at. the we're going to be on the dirty side of the storm which gives you not only strongest winds from the cyclone itself but also the motion of the storm to add on to that. so wind damage is going to be significant. storm is going to push water up biscayne bay from the south to the north. that's got a significant potential for storm surge the like the of which we've never seen in miami. normally worrying about water piling up on miami beach but now up the bay and the drainages into the canals and spreading out into the neighborhoods. that's the reason for the mandatory evacuation order. what i've done is take the hurricane centers map and lay the street grid over it so people can see exactly where the houses are. a lot of folks in the low-lying areas probably would not get out if they had not seen that they're sitting in fact in the
6:36 am
path of storm surge that's going to be between 3 and 6 feet. many people are in lower surge project the areas are making the decision so stay put. they figure 2 or 3 feet of water in the house is not the end of the world but everybody had to make that decision. one of the problems we've got is this is not a good time to get on the road. we're trying to leave the road the open for people who absolutely have to get out. but the governor's staff was very clear they do not want to get people trying long distance evacuations and clogging up the highways, that leaves people vulnerable. >> one of the things that concerns me, mayor is that there's so much talk about the how the bidding codes in south florida changed after hurricane andrew, but as john pointed out, you've got 70% of the structures built before hurricane andrew. so forpeople thinking everything's up to date we won't
6:37 am
get demolished, that is certainly not necessarily true for a lot of these homes. >> well i would tell people get up in your attic if you haven't done so already and look at how many straps you have on each truss holding it down. if you don't have two on each one you better find a safe he place. >> mayor, in terms of how many people are evacuating you just said it's not a good time to get on the road for some folks but i think that's going to confuse people that are hearing these mandatory evacuation orders. >> when i say the road, i mean the highways. they have been jammed getting out for the past three days. airports likewise. probably going to to close today. some of the flights were being canceled after noontime. sop people --vy a neighbor getting out at 12:30 but i think they'll close pretty much after that. what they're suggesting is you don't try to make a long distance sprint for it. besides the storm's going to be
6:38 am
following you up the center of the state. the so you have to know exactly where you're going. what they're rec meanting instead is that people go into secure storm shelters here as close to home as possible. >> okay. the which wish and your citizens the best. in jouust hours the senate set to vote on the bill to begin the funding for harvey relief effort the. le all the living former presidents are teaming up to help the victim the of the storm. look at this. hurricane harvey brought out the best. we want to help our fellow americans begin to recover. >> people are hurting down here. but as one texan put it, we've got more love in texas than water. >> we love you, texas.
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. all right. florida governor rick scott briefing the public now. >> while they have assured me the structural integrity of the dike will not be compromised, i ordered evacuations to canal point and palm beach and glades county. this decision was made due to our sole focus on life safety. you can find more information on these evacuations at florida the right now the national hurricane center is reporting the hurricane irma remains a dangerous and life threatening category storm of winds of 155 miles per hour. a storm surge warning in effect from jupiter and the florida keys. storm surge watch is in effect for north of jupiter and to
6:44 am
sebastian and venice. the storm surge is forecast to be three to ten feet. think about that in many areas, which is life threatening. a hurricane warning is in effect under jupiter inlet southward. the florida keys lake okie choep beand the day. rainfall is forecast to be 8 to 12 inches with isolated areas receiving up to 20 inches of rain. based on what we now know, majority of florida will have major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life threat thing winds and expect this along the entire east and west coast. the florida keys should be prepared to start feeling the effects tomorrow morning. evacuations. i've offered school buses to aid
6:45 am
in evacuations sidewide. multiple counties have accepted the about uses and he encourage any others with the need, request the buses right now. we can -- we will quickly run out of good weather to evacuate. if you're told to evacuate, leave, get out quickly. the roads will fill up quickly, so you need to go. i'm a dad and grandfather. i love my family. i can't imagine life without them. do not put yourself or your family's life at risk. if you've been ordered to evacuate and are still home, please go. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get inland to safety. today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get inland for safety. this storm is wider than our entire state. it is expected to cause major and life threatening impacts from coast to coast. remember hurricane andrew is one
6:46 am
of the worst storms in the history of florida. irma is more devastating on its current path. irma has already caused multiple fatalities in the caribbean. the storm is powerful and deadly. we are being very aggressive in our preparation for this storm and every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. possessions can be replaced. your family cannot be replaced. i know it's hard to evacuate. i know it's going to be uncomfortable. i think about my mom and how hard it would have been on her to be completely broke with kids and have to evacuate. but you've got to do it. you have to keep your family safe. to private business owners, please be compassionate with the employees as they prepare for this storm and evacuate. i was a business owner when hurricane andrew devastated the state. the single most important thing
6:47 am
now is the safety of your employees and fair families. for the remaining state waiting evacuation orders listen to the local officials. they will tell you when and if you need to evacuate. we can expect additional evacuations as the storm gets clos closer. if you're in the pan handle you'll experience bad weather. do not ignore evacuation orders. remember, we can rebuild your home, can't rebuild your life. all floridians should be prepared to evacuate soon. traffic. i now many of you are stuck in fras traffic. i'm sure it's very friustrating but please be patient. they are meant to keep you safe. i'm glad so many are driving to a safe place. fact we've increased the number of troopers on the roadways to help move traffic and keep people moving down the road. we have 1700 troopers working
6:48 am
12-hour shifts right now. these dedicated officers are 100% focused on safety and not taking the day off. also, aladministrative duties have been suspended. all troopers are helping families evacuate and brings supplies in. the also increased the number of road rangers patrolling roadways 24/7. hundreds of dot workers monitoring traffic cameras, 24/7. we also have a dedicated dot team working in tallahassee working around the clock watching road cameras keeping traffic throwing. all this is to help you get to safety as you evacuate. regarding contra flow. we still need southbound lanes
6:49 am
to get the gas and supplies down to shelters and families that need -- need it in the southern part of the state. contra flow also inhibits our ability to get emergency vehicles to people. right now, to ease congestion we have activated use of shoulders on i-75 from wildwood to the georgia line. please drive safely and listen to law enforcement. they're working to keep you and your family safe. real-time traffic information and evacuation routes are available at fl we're seeing bottlenecks at major highway junctions which brings up an important point. you do not need to evacuate out of the state or hundreds of miles away to be safe. if you do not need to be on the road, please do not travel. find shelters in your count i. you can visit florida to find out where shelters are in your area. le we are coordinating with google emergency's response team
6:50 am
to prepare to close roads in google maps in real-time in the event hurricane irma forces the closure of any roads in the aftermath of the storm. at my direction all tolls have been waved. this should help families evacuate quickly and safely. emergency centers to help direct evacuees with the most up-to-date information. visit florida's staff are all red cross certified and stand ready to assist as needed. these are at all borders of the state. if you are on certained you do not have a way to evacuate. call the florida emergency line, 1-800-342-3557. if you can't evacuate, call that number, 1-800-342-3557, a dedicated emergency management line. we will do everything we can to
6:51 am
get you out. fuel. one of the top priorities remains fuel availability. yesterday, the federal government waved rules and regulations to get fuel to the roads. they are working around the clock to get fuel to you. law enforcement to provide escort services to get through the traffic to get to the stations faster. they have continued throughout the night. we are going keep this going as long as possible. i'm sure you have seen them across the state. keep it open so people can get out. we will arrange police escorts for employees to get out safely. get more people gas to evacuate. staff is reaching out to gas stations in the keys to coordinate law enforcement for staff.
6:52 am
we know fuel is important. we are absolutely devoting every resource to addressing this. three tanker ships went for resupply efforts. state law enforcement continues to escort fuel supply trucks to gas stations in your community. as of 6:00 p.m. last night, 8.4 million gallons of fuel was shipped to port everglades and more to port tampa bay. unfortunately, you are going to see lines. i know this is frustrating. we will not stop working on this. if you are in an evacuation zone in south florida, you need to leave. port everglades will be closing tonight for safety and gas will no longer be resupplied until after the storm. if you are concerned you don't have a way to evacuate because of shortage of fuel, use that
6:53 am
number, 800-342-5557. we will do everything we can to get you out. you have to call now, if you are in an evacuation zone. we cannot save you in the middle of the storm. if you know of a shelter in your county, take only the amount of gas you need. no need to fill up your whole tank if you are going to stay in the county. the gas buddy app is a great way to find fuel. all ports remain open today and operating to bring fuel and supplies in. national guard. 7,000 members, all available are now activated. every member has been activated in advance of the storm that we can activate. law enforcement. the florida wildlife conservation is getting search and rescue teams for deployment. they are standing by for the
6:54 am
first response based on the storm impacts. we have been reaching out to law enforcement to make sure they have the resources to keep people safe. utility providers are actively repositioning resources around the state and neighboring states. we know how important it is to get power restored as quickly as we can. florida power and light evacuated the emergency plan. they are one of the largest providers in the state. they are working with out of state utilities and contracting companies to secure resources. they have opened 20 sites throughout the state where restoration crews and trucks are stationed. we try to make sure we are prepared. shelters. last night, i directed the closure of all public schools, state colleges, state universities and offices for normal activities effective
6:55 am
today through monday. to ensure we have every space available for sheltering and staging. right now, flo florida -- we ca always use more volunteers. i want to thank everyone who has opened their heart to help those in irma's path. we cannot thank you enough. we can always use more. go to to sign up for volunteer opportunities. there's no reason not to evacuate if you are ordered to do so. shelters are available. follow the directions of local officials for your needs. visit if you need a hotel, go to they are working on occupancy in
6:56 am
realtime. airbnb activated their response. if you are an airbnb host looking to open your home, go to all hotels waive pet fees. we are running out of time. the storm is almost here. if you are in an evacuation zone, you need to go now. this is a catastrophic storm that our state has not seen. we cannot rebuild your home. we can rebuild your home, we cannot rebuild your life. protecting life is our top priority. our number one priority is protecting everyone's life. everyone's life is important. no resource or expense will be spared to protect families.
6:57 am
fl floridians are strong. we will keep working around the clock to do everything we can to help you prepare. after the storm passes, we will be here to lift each other up and recover. we will make it through this together. florida is an amazing pot of loving people. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i'll be glad to answer any
6:58 am
questions anybody has. [ inaudible question ] >> we are opening up more shelters and asking for more volunteers. we will continue to open shelters to take care of people. we are working with all of our state level and county level to make sure we have as close to you evacuate a shelter. if we need to, we'll get buses and do what we can if there's not a shelter close to you. we are going to have more shelters. that's a reason i shut down the schools. we will use them for shelters. we could use more volunteers, too. the focus is on the shelters. [ inaudible question ] >> in the beginning, it's going to be the shelters. after it hits, there will be a lot of food and supply distribution. there will be a lot of other things to do.
6:59 am
a lot of debris clean up. we have to shelter people. if you are in an evacuation zone, you need to evacuate and you need to go to, you know, go to a hotel, friends or a shelter. we will have shelters for you. [ inaudible question ] >> -- in your discussion with the corps, what have they said about the vulnerable areas and what would happen if there's a breach? >> so, i have been in constant contact with the corps. they are, they believe that the dike will not have issues with the dike itself. what's happened is, as the wind picked up, it's going to hit category 4. we can see water coming over the top as it will slosh over the top and impact the areas we
7:00 am
evacuated. i made a decision yesterday to evacuate those areas to make sure. right now, we believe that there will be maybe three areas where we are doing some rehab and there will be water that flows over the top. they don't believe the dike is there. >> will people in communities that have been evacuated, will they be forced to stay away from their homes longer, out of concern the dike may breach in the week or two after this storm? >> so, the way -- we are going to get people back to their homes as quickly as we can. the the most important thing is, as everybody's life and safety. what happens is, there's a constant -- the corps will be reviewing the dike to make sure it is safe. i got a brief this morning about their inspections. as the water would rise in the lake, they


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