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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  September 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> and welcome everyone, this is cnn's continuing coverage of hurricane irma, i'm michael holmes in orlando. >> reporter: and i'm isa soares in orlando where hurricane irma is already making her presence felt. >> and we'll check back with you. irma making access on cuba's coast late on friday. it's already gained strength as hurricane 5 storm and pushing northwest towards florida. sustained winds 165 miles per hour. irma not expected to weaken before hitting the florida keys earlier on sunday, that makes it a very unusual and powerful storm. the window to evacuate closing
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quickly. for the countless drivers who did heed the call to get out there is only one way out and that is north. but it's slow going, bumper-to-bumper traffic stretching to the horizon as you can see there. irma one of the largest storm reported and those who are stayi staying around taking a huge risk. emergency shelters are already filled with those who can't or won't leave their home area. the storm has left 24 people dead across the caribbean. in some places mind boggling. have a look at these images on your screen now, from the island of barbuda. let's take you now to miami, that's where we find out isa soares where the rain is starting to fall, the storm is on the way to that very populated city. isa. >> reporter: very much so, thank you michael.
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24 hours until hurricane irma begins and makes landfall here but we're already starting to feel it, michael. it's been raining kweet severe in the last 20 minutes but we also see the wind starting to pick up. to my right we're next to sea by miami beach and it's become much more, much more stormier here. this is not just the weather changing but the mood in miami. we've gone to one of being slightly more agitated, people slightly more worried about what's to come. that is because authorities to trying to tell people and remaineding people the scale of the hurricane that's coming and what they should be considering. they're telling people, look, if you want to leave now it is time to be going, but really seeking shelter. not getting in your car and filling up the tank and driving north.
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why? because the motor way as, michael was saying is stand still in many ways. you're seeing bumper to bumper. authorities telling many individual it is you're staying in miami, hundred kerr down, be prepared or seek one or more of the 30 shelters here in miami. let's get more on the strength and hurricane irma and the route and path it's taking. we have an update on the hurricane. karen mcginnis joins us now. what's the latest. >> isa, we have to me, two very worrying thing. the latest information i'll give you is from the hurricane center. if i was observing this from the perspective of florida i'd want to know what's it doing now and what's it going to do in the future. two concerning things to me as i watch this, 24, 48 hours ago we were watching irma barrelling
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along as this grand category 5 hurricane. and as it has now moved across the north central coast of cuba, it has made landfall there so we can only imagine the kind of destruction associated with it. but, now the national hurricane center issued its latest advisory and it hasn't changed. meaning the intensity did not change once it made landfall. so still at 160 miles per hour, gust up to 175. the other worrying thing thoem is that it had been moving to the west northwest 15 miles per hour, then we saw it move 14 miles per hour, to the west northwest. and now we're seeing it move to the west at 12 miles an hour. so it's slowing down just actiq. it is interacting with land here so it may account for it. do you remember harvey, harvey slowed down.
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harvey me yand derred, we're not going to see this do that, it's going to continue to trick. but the slower move the more rain we'll see. look at this particular track, national hurricane center right across the florida keys. and there we see a secondary rainfall in the vicinity of maples. the vast majority of the peninsula of florida. let's draw this line down the center of the florida pen la. we have seen early on these landfall areas right around miami in that vicinity, but now, both the european and north american model are in amazing agreement, that it is going to be a west coast florida system that will impact millions of people. i did see some of the tower
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cams, different places like tampa bay, don't see any cars on the road there. west palm beach, no cars on the road there. i'm glad, it appears people have been heeding the warning. and yes, isa and michael, the wind has picked up and so has these outer bands moving on shore. t only going to get worse from here. michael. >> just extraordinary isn't it, the sheer size of this storm. karen mcginnis thanks so much we'll check back with you shortly. meanwhile irma leaving the island of barbuda completely inhabitable. 95% of buildings damaged one way or another on wednesday. at least one person died. we got some cnn drone video showing almost every house ripped over or completely destroyed damage caused right
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across that area. our team in barbuda says it is pure destruction and desolation, residence are in shock. listen to how some of them survived. >> i witnessed a hurricane before but it was never like this. this one it is worse and most devastated. done petitioner damage than any other storm than we and our life have experienced. >> my mom cry requested my brother wake me up. i was frightening i didn't know this was going to happen to me. >> me and my family are seven, including an infant of two months had to shoef in the closet. before the hurricane winds began the roof was gone from our premises and we had to go for shelter. my main concern right now is how are we going to survive after this. every house, every infrastructure, every utility it is completely damaged and gone.
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>> and barbuda not safe yet either. hurricane jose, yes, another one expected to hit there on saturday as a category 4 storm. officials trying to evacuate anyone left. now michael joseph is the president of the red cross and antigua and barbuda he joins me now from the capital st. johns. starting off with irma, what are your immediate needs there? >> we got -- we covered primary because we did evacuate the entire island of barbuda. there's been this outpoor of support from the local people in barbuda. we've been having food coming in left right. we've had clothing, baby supplies, toiletry. so the immediate needs are being
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attended to. most important what we need right now is barbuda. that shelter, getting back their livelihood going back to what they know. i understand now, get pretty much in antigua and barbuda not doing anything that they would normally do in barbuda. >> tell me a little bit more. we see the pictures, but try to give me a sense of what is left there in barbuda. what is there in terms of infrastructure and businesses? >> there is nothing left in barbuda. it's about 95% damage. i think the better word is 95% destroyed. there's no damage, damage is whether you can repair something, this is desolation. we're talking about building everything back from basic. barbuda being pushed back into
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primitive days. you've got to run an entire electric, replant plumbing lines, rebuild schools, churches, homes, you have to give fishermen boats. the entire country went up again. so everything that would have been accomplished for the many many years since 2017, all back to scare one with barbuda. >> it justifies belief whether you put when you put it that wa. tell us a bit about the spirit of people there, the willingness to rebuild it, the determination. are you detecting that? >> yeah, i mean barbuda is a very proud people. this is what they know, their heritage this is something they'll fight for. wake up one day and come to the realization that you're going to have to move everybody from
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their country and you're going to have to go into another country and pretty much just be there with a new life. so barbuda people are waiting trying to figure out how their going to rebuild and when. as a matter of fact, some of them, even 95% of the buildings that are destroyed many of them still want to live in what ever is left. that's just how much pride they have in the love they have in barbuda. >> it's a remarkable spirit. i have to mention, though, hurricane jose. i mean, after dealing with something like this, the devastation, what is it like to know that another one is on the way? >> i think that's why the government need to listed an entire evacuation of the island. we consider what happened after hurricane irma to be a very very
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important and miraculous event. the fact that you have 95% of an entire country destroyed and only had one fatal death. so, the government -- order everybody to evacuate there so we can -- security because there isn't absolutely any another hurricane 4 hurricane. if this is going to run over barbuda which is going to, i can guarantee the number of fatalities would have jumped from one to possibly 50 even 100 in a single night. >> that's a very good point. i guess, you know if you and i were to talk a year from now, maybe two years from now, what do you think or hope barbuda will look like? >> a year or two i'll tell you that we probably just finish with the electric system.
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probably only rebuild 20% of the infrastructure that's needed a year from now. it's so much. and it is being hopeful, this is me saying we are able to get huge international donations, if we're able to get influx of all the materials we need. if within the next three months we get everything then the next three years we would rebuild barbuda where it was the night before hurricane irma. >> you know, you talked earlier about the spirit of the people, the determination to rebuild. but give me a sense of the emotions that is people must have been going through. i just can't get over looking at the arial pictures and the totality of the damage and how much heart break that must have brought to the people who live there. this is home. >> i mean, i can imagine it was
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devastating for barbuda but it was even more devastating to antigua wants as well. we were up in communication with barbuda until the midnight and the communication went. nobody knew what was happening there until 16 hours later, then he reported back to antigua, the picture their report of 95% destruction. the countentire country went in silence and disbelief that something so tragic could happen in less than 16 hours. >> absolutely extraordinary. michael joseph with the red cross of john's antigua, barbuda. thank you so much for sharing the fierce of the people there and the optimism. the determination to rebuild.
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thank you very much michael joseph. >> you're welcome. >> all right. unbelievable isn't it whether you look at that. we're going to take a short back, when we come back hurricane irma dropping torrential rain all over cuba. we'll show you how this storm is getting incredibly even stronger. we'll be right back. t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic kevin, meet yourkeviner. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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this is humira at work. . all right, i want you to take a look at these images. their from the dutch side of st. martin showing the destruction left my hurricane irma. the dutch may be tweeting that the island have been hit with huge damage and more could be on the way. we've been told about hurricane jose, now a category 4 storm and it could pass close to st. martin in the next 24 hours. a double hit, extraordinary stuff. meanwhile irma has stretening back into a category 5 and set to slam the state of florida. irma now battling cuba as we speak. even before it made landfall, irma was bringing torrential rain to the country.
11:21 pm
our patrick gutman with more from the cuban coast. >> reporter: so here on the northern central coast of cuba, we continue to feel these feeder bans coming in, bringing a lot of rain and wind. this one is not that strong. earlier tonight though, i was nearly blown over, a storm came in and really out of nowhere, i didn't have time to put my rain jacket on, it was incredibly forceful. i've covered plenty of hurricanes and nothing like this was where i could not get my jacket on. out of nowhere rain came in that was pretty much blinding and knocked out that power in the area where i am in cuba. we've seen a lot of evacuations over the last day or two. so the people are going to continue to deter rate here as we get into saturday as the
11:22 pm
storm move in closer to cuba heading the florida. people say they are prepared here but information until the storm hits we won't know how prepared that are. if they haven't fled or evacuated then they need to stay put because the storm is coming. patri patrick outman, cnn, cuba. >> reporter: we've been hearing from our weather meteorologist karen mcginnis saying really cuba is feeling the brunt. but also there's some being felt in bahamas. stephen what can you hear and give us a sense of what is happening on the ground where you are. >> reporter: what is happening right now we are experiencing torrential rain fall that irma has brought to so many other
11:23 pm
parts of the caribbean and until about half an hour ago when we were starting to see -- of course rainfall that brings further concern for the people of the bahamas given how flat and tiny this little. we are expecting up to 12 inches of rainfall and about up to 20 feet of sea rising and sea level rising. this could bring concern for the people especially in the southern most islands of the bahamas. we try to really fill in the burden of irma's passing, isa. >> yeah, of course and you've been talking about the rainfall and concerns over wind. one of my friends been talking about how powerful those winds have been in the bahamas. what is the government doing in terms of evacuation? how is the grand plan, how did
11:24 pm
that work out? because when we think about the storm searurge that we keep on r requesting how high this will be. how does that pan out for the ones on the ground? >> reporter: yeah absolutely, the government has been planned an evacuation plan for the six of the islands. they were evacuating between wednesday and thursday, the biggest evacuation operation that bahamas emergency management agency has brought to date. and yesterday, we were able to visit one of the shelters here in nassau where those people, the displaced people from the southern most islands were brought to. they were able to -- they were welcomed into one of these shelters we mentioned and camp beds. and we spoke with a view of them, they were pleased with the
11:25 pm
actions of the government. they felt that the government has organized a successful evacuation plan but of course in all of concern for them for what they could find once probably next week they'll make their way back to the homes, what they could find there that irma has swept for the island. isa. >> stephen keep us updated on the situation. of course keep safe for us. we'll be in touch with you in the next hour or so. here in miami we have seen rain -- it's been really raining rev in the last hour or so. winds have also began to pick up and the water here to my right has gotten much much nastier andfand ferocious. derrick van dam joins us from miami beach. we've had more than 5ive 6 million people in florida ordered to evacuate.
11:26 pm
that is a course of the population. from what i've been seeing since i've been here the majority of people have been heeding those warnings. >> reporter: yeah without a doubt. proof is in the shot right behind me, isa. this is ocean drive, granted it's 2:00 in the morning local time here but this city street would normally be packed with cars, people leaving bars and restaurants, it's a friday night, the height of summer, more towards the tail end of summer but a popular time for visitors within this area. really, the only cars that we've seen, a few people that decided to stick out the storm, other media personnel here and cops patrolling the area as well. we've already felt the first kind of feeder bans that have started to filter in into the mime, david county region. it was incredible how quickly the weather changed. the winds started to gust 34 to
11:27 pm
45 miles per hour over 50 kilometers per hour. the temperature dropped nearly 15 degrees fahrenheit. it was incredible to feel that sudden change of temperature and the winds. of course we got the coastal storm surge we need to pay close attention to. not only the east coast, we've been talking about that a lot but also the west coast. the national service has extended storm surge warnings all the way from the east coast to north of tampa. we look as meteorologists just incredible detail, the commuter models that continually come into us. and some of the latest information, one of the european models that we look at has a delayed landfall with this hurricane. what makes this significant is that, that means it has the opportunity to travel a little further along those warm waters just into the gulf of mexico.
11:28 pm
some of the models, if we're to believe them, shows that westerly truck getting shifted a little to the west, that means maybe a landfall and hurricane south of tampa. not good news for tampa or the naples' region. that will bring winds there in excess of 120 miles per hour or 150 miles per hour i should say. the other thing about this is the enormity size of the storm and hurricane winds will extend to the other side of the peninsula. with this landfall moving further and further west we'll feel the effects on the east coast as well. if you have evacuated good for you, if you've stuck around you got a long two days ahead of you. isa. >> reporter: like authorities v have been saying derrick there is not time to be diterring.
11:29 pm
if you haven't decided perhaps you should hunker down and seek shelter. derrick van dam for us. after a short break, we'll get an update on the hurricane irma. also the rainfall that derrick was talking about, what should florida expect. much more after this short break. ♪ endless shrimp is back at red lobster and we went all out to bring you even more incredible shrimp and new flavors like new nashville hot shrimp drizzled with sweet amber honey, and new grilled mediterranean shrimp finished with a savory blend of green onions, tomatoes, and herbs. feeling hungry yet? good, cuz there's plenty more where these came from. like garlic shrimp scampi, and other classics you love. as much as you want, however you want 'em. but hurry, endless shrimp won't be here long.
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continue our breaking news coverage of hurricane irma. it's about 2:30 in the morning here but still lively out on the street of this city. the main part of this storm is not going to hit here until sunday afternoon and it will hit here. there will be a lot of impact on the city. there are more than 5 million residence, think about that, 5.5 million actually, who have been ordered to get away and seek shelter. 5.5 million people in a state of 20 million. irma strengthened back to a category 5 storm and reached cue be with sustained winds of 116 miles an hour. le that's a less less that 260 kilometer. irma has killed at least 24 people in the caribbean. some drone footage you're looking at that shows devastation on the tiny island of baa buda where at least one american was killed.
11:34 pm
whether you see that kind of damage you -- the death toll was one. the prime minister says the island is barely happbitable. 95% of the buildings were damaged. let's take you out to miami where we find isa soares. >> reporter: you're talking about how in florida where you are, in orlando you see people out at night still. not the case here, it's very much a ghost town. pretty desolate. let's get the latest on the storm's path and the strength as we're seeing this rain, but also the went starting to pick up. karen mcginnis joins us now. karen, in the last hour or so you were giving us your two concerns while looking at the storm as it passes over the bahamas but also over cuba.
11:35 pm
when you look at it what concerns you at this stage? >> there are several concerns and that is that it has slowed down its forward movement. we saw it racing along when it was still out over the warm waters of the atlantic, there was no interference. then it was being interfered by the islands, the turks and caicos and the bahamas. it made landfall over cuba and started to slow down. a few miles per hour difference doesn't sound like a lot, but as far as rainfall goes and being whipped by winds for a longer period of time it is devastating. we're seeing some of the outer bans make their way on shore. you'll see a ban, heavy rainfall, the wind kicks up. it'll clear out and still be breezy and the next ban comes in. this hurricane is still roughly 300 miles to the south southeast
11:36 pm
of miami. this is a forecast radar. we're going to point out a couple things here. that is, it will bounce off of cuba, start to make its way more towards the northwest and then move over to florida keys and then look what happens in the vicinity of naples. but a double landfall. so it doesn't stay on land the whole time, at least according to the computer models. they're always being revised, they have toto keep up with the new data that's getting put into it. here some of the rainfall total estimates and through the spine of florida, take a look at this in that purple you could see ten to 20 inches of rainfall. i want to fwif you a little more specific view of what we are anticipating. take a look at this. we're going to show it to you on a virtual reality. as we take a look across florida to the south, if this slows down
11:37 pm
even more, which it could, you could see the rainfall totals increase another 30%, maybe 40% possibly. through the florida keys you could expects over a foot of rainfall. in the vicinity of fort meyers florida and into naples and tampa, maybe about a foot of rainfall there as well. towards orlando, 7 to 8 inches of rainfall possible. you might kind of wonder why the percentage around jacksonville and the okie swamp. i'd love to go there afterwards, could see very heavy rainfall. a lot of these tropical systems, you see it in the pacific all the time it enhance the precipitation. looking at winds at 160 miles per hour, category 5, moves west
11:38 pm
at about 12 miles per hour. the storm surge is going to be a big deal, this is low lying area. this is a huge storm, if you put it on the map it'll be the size of texas. here's that model that i've been telling you about, this european model. there you go, key west, naples, those seem to be the target zones. it has shifted to the eastside of florida to the west side. but isa, as we know i've been saying, it doesn't really matter because it's so broad its impact is going to be felt up and down the state. >> thank you very much karen for putting it all into perspectives. what officials have been saying all along, stop looking at the path, stop wondering whether it's going slightly east or west as karen is pointing out. the category is it's strength it's a 5, it will make landfall in miami in the next 24 hours
11:39 pm
and it's extremely powerful and dangerous. that's why you see 23,000 people in shelters, there are 43 shelters or so, seven of which is at capacity. let's see what officials are doing on the ground to get people moving and safe. i'm joined on the phone with miami dade police detective. thank you for joining us. i saw today police force were out knocking on doors and telling people to evacuate. do you believe the majority of people have been meeting your advice and warning? >> isa, thank you for having us. yes, absolutely. we did see a big turn around since yesterday. yesterday people were hesitant but as of today we have a bunch of shelters that have been opened up and people are taking advantage and going to these shelters. i think they actually took the severity of this storm serious and they're actually helping us
11:40 pm
out, they're cooperating and they're going to all these shelters. we saw a big turn around from yesterday to today. i think reality's actually sinking in. >> yeah, and when you meet people and you come face to face with those who are saying, i'm just going to stay put. what do you ask them, what is your advice to them? >> like what we've been telling them. listen, unfortunately there's going to come a time in the hurricane that f going to be too rough, the winds are going to be harsh and we are going to cease operations, our officer haves to hunker down themselves. that's going to be the scary part. we're going to have to tell these people if you need immediate assistance it's not going to be available. and if you're in one of these areas it may take longer fortous get to you. that's the main concern we have. one we get the go ahead to go out and start helping and answering these calls these
11:41 pm
people may be harder to reach. that's going to delay the process of getting any help out to them. >> reporter: of course, because when it finally hits and if you dial for help it may be impossible to get there of course. you got several spinning plates in front of you, what is your biggest concern as we head into those key hours before hurricane irma hits? >> the main thing we wanted to get out to everybody was to be ready and prepared. the police is going to be out there, we activated as of yesterday at 6:00 a bravo shift, which is 12-hour shift. our whole department is in uniform. we have a day shift that will be here 12 hours and a night shift the other 12 hours. we have a 24-hour kj coverage, we will be responding. once again when it's not safe for us to be out there, these winds we've a certain speed we are going to heed that response time.
11:42 pm
and there is a time that hopefully people prepared themselves. they have enough supplies and boarded their houses. and the people who went to the shelters that's the main concern. our main concern are the citizens, the people's safety and it's for that time period we're not going to be able to respond. as soon as we get the go ahead all the first responders will be out answering and addressing any area of concern we may have. >> reporter: i appreciate you taking the time. of course the work and services of all your officers on the ground. i've seen so many up and down the road at the moment. appreciate all your work and of course we're thinking of you as the rest of the people in florida. thank you very much for us. detective art must cologne. it's staggering when you hear from the detectives how many police officers on the ground the work involved, but also trying to remind people that in
11:43 pm
fact, if you're going to hunker down be prepared. and also remember, do not call for help because they might not be able to get to you when the storm is at its strongest. much much more of course after a very short break. we, the people, are tired of being surprised with extra monthly fees. we want hd. and every box and dvr. all included. because we don't like surprises. yeah. like changing up the celebrity at the end to someone more handsome. and talented. really. and british. switch from cable to directv. get 4 rooms with hd, dvr, and every box included for $25 a month. call 1-800-directv. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that
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welcome back everyone. the outer bans of hurricane irma are being felt in florida this hour. the storm of course has already ruined countless buildings, left thousands of people homeless and helpless and killed at least 24 people as it marched its way through the caribbean. now, officials in florida are trying to avoid the same deaf station and lost of life. brian with more from west palm beach. >> reporter: entire hillsides wiped out like there one in the
11:47 pm
virgin islands. roofs blown off. buildings shredded. this is what florida could be facing as soon as saturday. in the dominican republic residence looked down trodden. >> every house, every infrastructure, every utility that is completely damaged and gone. >> reporter: coastal flooding also a problem on islands like st. barts. in st. martin where buildsings are flattened, cars overturned and street blocked with debris -- now irma in the path. hurricane forced winds stretching about as wide as the width of the state of florida. coastal storm surges of five to 10 feet are possible. it is now the final hours in
11:48 pm
florida for residence to get ready or get out. police in west palm beach giving residence a final warning. mandatory evacuations now covering counties throughout the state, including more than 600,000 people in miami dade alone. >> please go today and don't wait until the last minute. >> reporter: residence around like oak koe zero asked to evacuate. >> there will be additional impacts from excessive winds pushing water over the dike. >> reporter: at the airport more than half the days flights were cancelled. in miami-dade, over 10,000 have already gone to shelters. five out of 13 shelters are already full. for those two decide to shelter in place this advice.
11:49 pm
>> pick a room in your home with no windows. when those hurricane forced winds come bring your family into the home where windows can't get shattered. >> reporter: one special risk kat gore the elderly. one owner tells us he plans to move their patience soon and because they have alzheimer's he need to move them with care. >> they're confused. and when it's dark they'll ask questions. >> reporter: a county official told me they're sending special vehicles door to door in some cases to pick up people at their homes and get them to safe places and continuing their communications outreach to reach as many members of that vulnerable sector of population as they can before the storm hits. brian todd cnn, west palm beach florida. >> mexico is dealing with two
11:50 pm
natural disasters. different rescue operations after a deadly earthquake being compounded by a major storm. more from mexico city next. t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college.
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welcome back. wiem florida braces for irma, mexico is bracing for its own storm, castia made land fall as a category 1, it's been downed graded to a tropical storm but it's -- a earlier disaster, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake left at least 61 people dead. >> reporter: people in one of the world's largest cities remain on high alert fearing the potential for even more aftershocks after a 8.1 earthquake shook ex mow. there were many people that scrambled for cover. what's interesting is because of the distance from the epicenter we did not see any major damage mere in the mexican capital, that was not the case in some of
11:55 pm
the southern states where many of the fatalities have been confirmed there are dozens there. officials fear the numbers could go higher in the future. also in some of the neighboring states, more on the northern coast, for example, the city, we heard from residents who are describing what it was like fleeing their home and then having them reduced to are you able. translator: we were sleeping, and mom said it's shaking, it's shaking, we got up but we were not able to get out. it was very strong. my children began screaming and panicked, too, when we saw, we imagined to leave, but the whole house fell down. >> reporter: friday evening the mexican president toured some of the hardest hit areas, some of those areas southern mexico, some of those places struggle economically. meanwhile in mexico people remain on high alert.
11:56 pm
much of the damage that was committed here was because of some of those building codes that have been upgraded and reviewed after a devastating earthquake that took place here in 1985 unlike what took place this week, however, that earthquake was much closer to the mexican capital. hurricane irma is a monster category 5 and it's hurtling its way toward the state of florida. we'll look at where the storm is now and how bad things could get. i'm michael holmes in orlando. can you repeat everything you just said? my livestream won't load. (blows whistle) technical foul! wrong sport. wrong network. see, you need unlimited on verizon. it's america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. it won't let you down in places like this. even in the strike zone! it's the red zone. pretty sure it's the strike zone. here, use mine. all right. see you on the court, champ.
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this is cnn breaking news. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world i hello, everyone. this is cnn's continuing coverage of hurricane irma. i'm michael holmes in orlando. >> and i'm isa soares coming live to you from miami, where is expected to make landfall in less than 24 hours hurricane irma is already being felt.


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