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tv   Declassified  CNN  September 9, 2017 10:30pm-11:30pm PDT

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of hurricane irma. let's find out where the hurricane is right now. karen mic begin necessary is -- mcginnis is keeping a close eye on irma. karen, you were talking earlier about that shift slightly northwest there about it slowing down. why is that important? >> it is important because the impact can be different. it doesn't take much of a shift for you to say, see a storm surge of maybe 5 feet as oppose to 10 feet. i wanted to show you this, this is interesting as far as model runs go. the national hurricane center at 5:00 p.m., you plotted out owl the coordination and this is what it was doing. it's going to make its way up towards sarasota. then reshifted just a little bit to the west.
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but it doesn't really make landfall. let's move this a little bit further to the north. doesn't really make landfall until you get up towards the tampa st. pete area. is that possible? certainly looks like it. this has been one of the most fickle hurricanes. we can have all the greatest computer models in the world and they could tell us something different because the environment has changed, how it intersects with land may chang, how the sea surface temperature may change. there are all kinds of different variables to forecast out monday a different couple of days is very difficult. this is looking at the forecast radar, we go right now and put it into motion and it brings it up across the florida keys. and by the way, just about everyone in the florida keys has lost power. i saw a report from a woman who
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is in great pine key, that's just to the north of key west, and she said, i have about 8 inches of water in my home. well, do you think that's just because of the rain fall, no, they haven't gotten that much rain fall. there was water that was creeping up. that is the storm surge. when you see it kind of in realtime like that, it's almost mind boggling to think this isn't because of rain. it isn't because of rain. it's because the wall of water gets sort of pushed up. there we go right around tampa, you can see all the deeper red shaded areas, well, those are some of the stronger bans that move along that upper right quadrant. that's where it's typical in a storm like this to see and suspect hurricanes. we were looking at this in the cnn weather department. there was just a very noticeable jog kind of to the north, just a
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little bit. that could be just like a little blip, could be that it's one of those per vacations where it doesn't make a straight line but overall its museovement is to t northwest and it's moving slowly. it's moving about 6-mile-an-hour. it slowed down and barrelling along like it had been but it slowed down. so, you can imagine, we were looking at rain fall right about now. now it's been moved another 24 hours. so, if you were thinking oh i was on the east coast and i was over to the west coast, probably would have been better to stay over here, it isn't better over here. there's still storm surge, there's still winds in the tropical storm. in the keys we had a hurricane in the tropical storm wind gust here.
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irma is still 30 miles away. just in a minute we'll get an update from the national hurricane center. 26 million people still under storm surge. purple shaded area, pink shaded area, 10 to 15 feet from the everglades, marco island, naples, st. myers, 10 to 15 feet, all of that's going to change. if harvey stays to the west, we're going to see that storm surge become even bigger. and there's a tropical storm watch now that includes atlanta, georgia. and some of the schools are saying, we're not going to open on monday. it's a wait and see situation. back to you guys. >> reporter: karen, very
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quickly. i know you're outlining the path it'll take but for our viewers in florida keys, those in naples, sitting there watching wanting to know when they should expect it. you said 24 hours, any idea in terms of time? >> because it has slowed down in its forward progression and moving northwest at 6 miles per hour, not 16-mile-an-hour. yesterday said it'll be about midnight on a saturday going into sunday. now we're saying sunday, late night. but there are comparisons that are being made to hurricane donna, back in 1960. why do we mention that? because irma has taken a similar path right across the lesser an tillies, turks and cay kos, north coast of cuba then made a turn towards the north, moved
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across the keys in request went in around ft. meyers. right now it's very hard to say. all of those huge beautiful cities along the west coast of florida are very vulnerable and any one spot could be the landfall location. right now it appears as if it could be the sarasota area. very warm water temperatures here but it's that storm surge. the storm surge, isa, that is going to be huge. those are low-lying areas and it was going to inundate homes and businesses. it's a terrible situation. >> karen mcginnis thank you very much for the details there in terms of where the hurricane will go next. michael, as karen was outlining it's so unpredictable, irma and the best we can do is seek higher ground and seek the advice of the authorities and stay safe. >> yeah, water is always an
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issue in a situation like that. isa, thank you so much we'll check in with you. let's go to miguel marquez now, he's in punta gorda on florida's west coast condition. the west coast is going to take the bring of this. bring us up to date miguel. >> yeah, punta gorda very well aware of hurricanes. 13 years ago hurricane charley ripped through here and nearly leveled the town. we're north of fort my meyers, west of sarasota here. that hurricane takes it west of the city which is good because t not coming onshore here. it's bad in the sense because it's on that right-hand side of the eye wall which is some of the worst wind and storm surge. they're expecteding a very big storm surge in here, basically a giant waver of the ocean that
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comes on to land and sweeps everything out in relatively order. it's a very low-lying county here in charlotte county. they have three shelters here obviously because the lands are so low, they don't really have anything higher than below sea level essentially. so they -- the shelters in the county are completely full, they will accept people if there's a dire situation but they are moving people to five shelters or four now, because one is closed there, four shelters in sarasota county, just north of here to get people taken care of if they need help. there is no gas to be had in charlotte county. we looked quite a bit today. the apps that we used on the phones as well, there's nothing. people basically hunkering down now. the beginning of the wind that we are starting to see now, the -- the move toward that
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hurricane-force wind that we'll see in the next 24 hours has begun. it is light now compared to what we're going to see in just a few hours. michael. >> yeah, exactly. you know i'm curious, you mentioned the shelters being full there, there are other shelters a bit further out. are people able to get to those shelters if they decide, hey, i made a mistake i want to get out of here? >> yeah, the roads are open. it's pretty much a ghost town out there, you see a lot of emergency vehicles out and police and ambulances, but other than that you don't see much else. you can get up there, the rain is not heavy here yet, the surge has not begun so there is time to get to shelters. they have to move now because as the hours tick on, there's going to be less and less opportunity to do that. >> yeah, there is that point
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where you can't or shouldn't go. miguel marquez thanks so much. we're going to take a short break. when we come back, florida officials say millions of people in irma's way could be without electricity for days and possibly weeks. we'll show you why they're expecting a long recovery after this storm passes through. t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa?
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welcome back everyone, i'm michael holmes coming to you live from orlando, florida. >> reporter: and i'm isa soares coming to you live from miami. you are watches cnn's continuing coverage of hurricane irma. >> and u.s. officials are warning about how hang rus this storm -- dangerous this storm will be when it hits full on in a few hours. winds already shaking palm
10:44 pm
trees, more than 6.5 million people now have been ordered to evacuate the southern parts of the state of florida. also expecting more power outages lasting perhaps days and even weeks. so far, close to 200,000 customers have lost electricity. that number could swell into millions of people when the storm really makes impact. isa soares in miami. over to you. >> reporter: thank you very much, mike. you're talking about losing power, we've got residence in key west. rundy towers joins me on the line. rundy, just wanted to check with you. do you still have power without moment? >> we do right now, and the really heavy winds have started. so, we've got power and we can hear the rumbling outside. we're shuddered in pretty good
10:45 pm
where we can't see what's going on but we can hear it outside. >> reporter: and as you said you're shuttered in and you're one of the people, the people we've been sticking to decided to ride out the storm. why have you decided to do that randy? >> well, as we watch the storm it drifted more to the west away from us where we were not going to be in the center of that core going through the upper keys, its actually moved to the west toward key west, which is about 80 miles from where i'm at and our winds are going to be a lot less than what they're going to have. we're on high ground, we've got a solid house to withstand what's coming and hopefully there won't be much of a tie surge in this area and we feel it was a safe place to ride it out and be home. >> reporter: we've been hearing from our meteorologist, karen
10:46 pm
mic mcginnis, we've been talking about the storm surge going up to 10 to 15 feet. is that a concern to you? >> well, it certainly can be and that's sort of a prediction that they've given where we are in this sub decision. we're on pretty high grounds. even if it does flood if we get a tie surge of that magnitude, i don't think it's high enough to get into our house. and plus, we have a second story as well, so we're not too worried about the flood water. >> randy, at what point did you decided to stay put and just hunker down? >> well, when we tried to find accommodations for our family of eight and five dogs, we just weren't coming up with much. and plus, we're watching on t.v. with the lines and the traffic
10:47 pm
and the chaos that was going on throughout south florida of everybody evacuating, you know everybody took it very serious, which is a good thing. but sometimes you leave your safe haven to go somewhere you think will be okay and you ride the storm out there, or you end up in ground zero and then you can't get back to your home in the keys. >> and, as you look outside a window, i know you said you're prepared and on higher ground, as you look outside your window give us a sense of what you see and what you hear. >> well, you can't really see anything, it's dark and we're boarded up. but you can hear rumbling and trees breaking. you can hear things on the side of the house where the shutters are, so it's more of a wind and noise that you're hearing right now. and prior to this, there was a
10:48 pm
lot of trees down already, so, that's really about all you can get from what's going on. you know it's windy, you don't know how windy, if it's 70 or 80-mile-an-hour. but the forecast for us was to be -- a 20% chance of hurricane-force winds were going to happen in my area. >> randy tower, do keep safe and keep us posted on how you're doing, how your family and dogs are doing. we'll hopefully touch base with you in the next several hours or so. we wish you all the best. of course we were seeing as randy was saying the winds were starting to pick up, the rains too. also we're seeing the howling, the winds are just ferocious at this moment. that's the noise i keep hearing. we'll have much more continuing coverage after a very short break.
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the city of florida's west coast facing potential storm surge from irma. i spoke herbalier with the city's mayor about what it's doing to prepare. >> we train for this all yearlong. we recognize living in florida this is always a risk. we have been lucky because we have not taken a direct hit in 90 years. we really have been blessed but we recognize our day is going to come. it looks like our day has come. fortunately we have a whole city that's trained for this. we've got a lot of people counting us to get up and do our jobs tomorrow. >> there has been a lot of talk, speculation, but also reporting that tampa in particular is vulnerable to this sort of storm, to a hurricane, and to the storm surge. so many houses close to water, of course. and the proximity to the lower
10:54 pm
levels. what about the storm surge? that must be your big concern, i imagine. >> it is the issue that we worry about the most. it is what we fear the most. i mean, we're going to get through the winds. we'll get through the rain. depending on what the level of surge is. but more importantly, the surge will occur tomorrow at the same time we have a high tide. so that compounds the problem. so for our low lying areas, those areas that tend to hold a lot of water in rainstorms anyway. my house, for example, we evacuated. i vm in flood zone level a. those there areas i fear for the most and potentially would experience that surge moving in early on monday morning. >> tell us a little bit about that. everybody hopes that, you know, irma is a little bit kinder to tampa than other places because
10:55 pm
of that vulnerability. tell us, what is the worst case scenario. what if the storm does the worst thing and you do get that surge. how big will it be? >> well, certainly all of town down would be impacted. all of the areas on the waterfront which tend to be our more affluent areas would be devastating. so i think you would see tampa in a predicament, not that we wouldn't emerge from it. but it would be a tough, tough couple of weeks i think. >> tell us about shelters, preparations. are the shelters full? have people been going there? >> they have been going there for sure. with a storm of this magnitude, there are never enough shelters. this storm as you know took a
10:56 pm
jog to the west only two or three days ago. we anticipated it going to help our friends in miami not being the recipient of these hurricane force winds. so there were a lot of people i would suspect that didn't think this storm was going to hit them, that thought tampa was safe, that was going to be a challenge for east coast and so their preparations are probably delayed. the shelters are filling up. there is still some availability. i would imagine at some point tomorrow that will end as well. here is what people need to know. you don't have to travel necessarily to a shelter. you don't have to travel to florida. all you have to do is get out out of flood zone a. b, c, d, e, it could be a few blocks away. get to higher ground, get to a safe place, stay with a friend. it is not necessary that you completely pack up and move somewhere else.
10:57 pm
>> and that is all the time we have this hour. thanks for being with us. i'm michael holmes live in orlando, florida. >> i'm coming to you live from miami. our coverage of hurricane irma continues after a very short break. stay safe and stay right here with cnn. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic sfx: t-mobile mnemonic t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello and a very warm welcome to cnn's breaking news coverage of hurricane irma. i'm in miami where the clock has just struck 2:00 in the morning. >> and i'm michael holmes in
11:01 pm
orlando, florida. we are bringing you all the angles of the impact of this deadly storm. gail force winds now striking south florida. the storm a category three, but it is expected to reduane strength as it crosses warm, open water between cuba and florida. its path has shifted slightly west putting florida's gulf coast on high alert. many people now seeking shelter from the storm surge that is expected to follow. and that is a big concern for many people in that area. fleets of utility trucks are being mobilized to deal with power outages which already affect more than 200,000 customers. it could be millions before this storm is done. let's get the latest on the storm's position.
11:02 pm
>> i was just getting the latest information. it's not good news because now it is back up to category four. we were looking at this and had a tightly wound eye as it bounced off the koets of cuba and is now already hurricane force winds are being felt all across the florida keys from top to bottom. we have seen some wind gusts at 75 miles an hour. some reports are that all of the keys do not have power. we have reports of 200,000 plus people across the florida peninsula without power. you can imagine that number is going to go up. it is still moving slowly. that's not a good thing either because the slower it moves over the warm waters, we're still looking at it perhaps gains more
11:03 pm
intensity. 130 miles an hour winds. category four hurricane. all right. i was giving you the ul l illustration of how this compares as a category four hurricane. and here is the path that irma took bouncing around along that coast of cuba. we can only imagine what kind of damage that must have been because it was the better part of a day of a category three. but this is hurricane donna. came close to cuba, moved across the florida keys. does that sound familiar? that's just what irma is doing. however, here is the cone. let's take a look at this. this is its potential. that's a pretty wide mark so kind of hit. but if we were to split the difference here, go right up through the center, are we making land fall at bradenton,
11:04 pm
tampa, st. pete. right now it looks like sarasoto, but this system has had so many incarnations that it would be very hard to predict right now. every city all along this west coast of florida is vulnerable. here is our spaghetti models. we show you this all the time. they are in agreement it is moving north and slightly northwest. but any wiggle room, even if it's 5 miles, 10 miles off the west coast of florida, that's a huge impact. what i will tell you, when i saw this, it floored me. we're still seeing this outer band. there has been an eye wall recycling here. it's gotten strong, but it made that wobble more towards the north, northwest. so if you know anyone in the florida keys, chances are you
11:05 pm
are not going to be communicating with them because the storm surge here is supposed to be 5 to 10 feet. you go up towards the coast, towards fort myers, the beautiful marco island and you are looking at 10 foot storm surge, maybe 12 foot storm surge. you could see 10 inches of rain fall, 20 inches of rain fall. but in this zone, this is where we're looking at the potential for tor nadic activity. this is the strongest portion of the hurricane typically. and you see these really strong outer bands where there is lots of lightening, twists in the atmosphere, lots of low level moisture. we have all the dynamics for really quite a disaster. either tornado, flooding rain, storm surge, wind damage. there are so many hazards associated with hurricane irma.
11:06 pm
category four hurricane irma t latest from the national hurricane center and we'll have another update at the bottom of the hour. but this is an incredible system. it's almost beyond words right now. michael, lisa. >> yeah. and as you said, you know, you predicted it to be up to a four again once it got over that warm water. indeed it is a concern for everyone along that west coast of florida. thanks so much. in miami back to you. >> thanks very much, michael. as we were just hearing from karen just about that storm surge, we're starting to see already the winds picking up here in miami. the rain has definitely become much more intense. let's go to ed, who joins us now from naples. ed, as we heard there from karen he was really making it very clear the storm surge is going to be a huge concern, up to 12
11:07 pm
feet in parts of where you are. have the majority of people that you have spoken to and officials you have spoken to, have they been heeding the warning since we have seen that shift from irma? >> from everything we have seen throughout the day today is that many people here in the area where naples and a couple other barrier island, a population of a little more than 300,000 people, every indication we got today was the vast majority seemed to have evacuated this area. there is about 16,000 people that live there full-time. it is a popular vacation destination. high-rise condominiums. many of the people had evacuated. so that is the good news, at
11:08 pm
least from the first responder standpoint, where they don't have to worry as much about people being trapped in their homes. that is nos to say that everyone is gone. thr still definitely people who have chosen to ride the storm out here in this corner of southwest florida, anticipating the worst. on marco island, the police chief told us there are 80 first responders, police and fire, who will be riding out the storm there on that island positioned in various locations on the island in case anybody needs help and they can reach them after the worst has gone by. you hear the reports of the hurricane reintensifying, reaching category four levels especially as we sit here tonight in the overnight hours. the rain has been steady, but hardly a dent of what it is going to be like in the coming hours. the wind has been very
11:09 pm
manageable as well. >> yeah. you're spot on, ed. it has been so unpredictable, hasn't it? it makes it impossible almost for authorities to be a step ahead, let's say, of hurricane irma. you spoke to the mayor. what was his biggest concern, his biggest challenge, let's say, ed? >> it's going to be that storm surge. generally people tend to compare their previous experiences to what to expect this time around. here in this corner of southwest florida it is hurricane wilma, which came back in 2005 and brought some of the strongest winds and tomorrow surge that they had seen and even the major said he wasn't quite sure if it
11:10 pm
was in this particular case fair to compare hurricane wilma to irma, that there is definitely a sense among the first responders here that this was going to be different in every possible way. >> thanks very much. please stay safe. we'll keep touch with you and we'll speak to you in the next hour or so. ed joining us there from naples in florida. and, michael, as ed was saying there, it is so hard to keep on top of this storm. it's so unpredictable as we have seen. and we heard about three hours or so from tom who is basically saying it is a category three, but he said he'll put money on the fact that it shifted and it has intensified and of course is a huge concern for many people here in florida. michael? >> yeah, indeed. millions of them as it continues up there west of florida. you're right, tom, and also
11:11 pm
karen did predict once it got over the warm water to be back up to a four. our meteorologist joins us from miami beach. it is interesting moving to that western side of people on the eastern side of florida must be a bit relieved. but the storm is so huge, nobody is left without being impacted, right? >> yeah, absolutely, michael. and you can't let your guard down here. that's what the police, fire chiefs and the city mayor actually told us earlier today when we were speaking to them. they are on high alert, having a lot of optimistic and realistic expectations of how the storm is going to play out. there are several threats ongoing right now, just naming a few. tornadoes, flash flood watches in effect, storm surge warnings. and not to mention the mandatory
11:12 pm
curfew that is taking place right now. police personnel have told us at cnn if they find anyone on the streets, they are subject to arrest. you can see we're about one block away from the coast to the ocean and there the lights just flickered and you can see how desolate it is. grant it it's 2:20 in the morning but normally this area would be bustling with vehicles and pedestrians. you can see some of the buildings that have been completely boarded up. we have had rain bands coming in well over tropical storm force. as we were told by the fire and police chiefs, once the winds sustained over 40 miles an hour they will remove their emergency personnel from the streets and if you did not heed the evacuation warnings you are ultimately on your own. we have people without electricity already from irma and we have seen that here just overlooking the general skyline
11:13 pm
of miami and miami beach. we have had transformers blow in the background, trees and some of the branches falling off the palm trees. so winds here definitely picking up. heavy rain fall. many threats to come. we know the conditions are just going to deteriorate as the night progresses. we expect the worst of the weather about 6:30 in the morning. >> the worst is yet to come. i'm curious when you look at the track of the storm. when you look at it heading west to places like naples and in particular tampa, which is vulnerable to this kind of storm, the storm surge risk for a place like tampa in particular, which has so many houses on the water, close to the water, even the hospital could be under threat. what do you think when you think
11:14 pm
of the storm surge? >> well, i think there is something important for our viewers who are watching from tampa or from naples, michael, because, remember, the eyewall is still approaching the florida peninsula. so winds on the northern side of a hurricane are coming out of a northest eest direction. the ocean actually seems to be flattening or receding almost. but it's when that eyewall passes or goes through that. we see the push of the gulf of mexico waters. that's when we expect the worst storm surge to occur. so after the ieyewall passes, those areas are very low and very successful to see water and storm surge. we again are expecting 8 to 12 feet. that is the official forecast
11:15 pm
and probably going to catch a lot of people off guard. >> i bet. thanks so much. we'll check in with you a little bit later and also a little bit later, we will check on tampa and see what's happening here. meanwhi meanwhile, keep it right here. fort myers, florida hours away from feeling the full force of this storm. we will take you there next. ♪ top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas ♪ ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, ♪ ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested copdso to breathe better,athe. i go with anoro.
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ask your doctor about ibrance, the number-one-prescribed, fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. welcome back to cnn's breaking news coverage. coming to you live from miami. if you have just been joining us in the last ten minutes or so, we have heard hurricane irma has been upgraded to category four. this is something meteorologists have been telling us would be expected. it has gone from three, now going to category four. that is obviously a huge concern. but it is to be expect ed in th last ten minutes or so. meanwhile more than six million people from florida are being
11:20 pm
forced to evacuate and in the west coast really is one of the areas that could see the biggest attack really from hurricane irma. miguel as the very latest for you. let's go to john reed. john, i'm sure -- i'm not sure you can hear me if you are with me. his call is on the phone from tampa florida. good morning to you. you just heard me saying we've got hurricane now upgraded to category four. what does that do to your plans that you had in place? does that change anything at all? >> hello. no actually it does not. we were preparing and are prepared for that magnitude and all of our staff and resources. unfortunately, you know, you
11:21 pm
don't want that type of event to hit your area. but it is that type of event that we do man for. and that's exactly what it looks like is going to be coming to our area. >> when you look at the outline, john, what is your biggest concern? >> i have been hearing so much in the last two hours about come p play sensy and about the water surge. >> they are. and as are many of the facets of the storm. but the storm surge is of particular concern for us here in our area. the way the gee yog gra fee of the land lies creates a huge issue for us and that's something that we're monitoring very closely as we move forward here. >> and give a sense, give our viewers a sense of what you have
11:22 pm
in place in terms of yourself and your team and your workers, your employers for the hours ahead? >> we are fully staffed. not only in our emergency operation center but we brought in owl our resources that will once the storm passes begin that damage assessment and moving out into the area to clear those critical links and begin to restore the operations that are essential for us to provide those life safety measures. so we are completely geared up. the staff is prepared. they are very skilled. we know that we have a huge event that's going to hit our area and we are ready and we'll take on that event when it comes. >> and what is the best advice you can give viewers watching now? there will be some in shutters and some as we have been hearing in the last couple of days staying at home. they are hunkering down and just waiting. they are going to ride out the
11:23 pm
storm. what is the best advice you can give them, john? >> at this point there is very little time left to make that decision. the governor was very clear about making the choice and leaving when it was appropriate. our shelters do have some availability left and we encourage those residents that if they need to seek shelter that they do so. the red cross is one of our very close partners and we want to make sure that everybody has a safe haven to ride out the storm. so there is still time. the shelters are still open and we encourage anyone that needs to take refuje to please do so. >> absolutely. but in terms of practical at vice, for those people who are going to ride out the storm, what advice do you give them, john? >> riding out the storm is very difficult. if those just take all necessary
11:24 pm
precautions that we have all been advising, make sure that you prepared the best you can and you have prepared your home the best possible way you can to make sure that you minimize the potential events that are going to be part of that storm as it makes its way through. >> join joining me on the phone there from tampa, florida. john i appreciate you taking the time. best of luck and we appreciate all the hours that everyone is putting in and putting themselves in harm's way. and, michael, as you know, as we just heard there from john, the fire marshal from tampa saying, look, it is getting very close for you to be making the decision to go, stay. if you are going to stay, be prepared for the worst. michael? >> yeah. a lot of concern in tampa as the city that it's recognized
11:25 pm
actually. they have done studies. it is one of the more vulnerable cities in the country and around the world to flooding from something like this. a lot of houses right here the water and not much in the way of coastal defenses either. so this whole storm surge issue is very concerning to a city like tampa. now jon heins joins us now on the phone. he lives in key west, florida. he has been waiting out the storm there. we spoke on the phone yesterday. you were confidence you were going to wait it out. you were in a good house above the ground four stories up. you are in the thick of it right now. tell us what it's been like. >> it's gone from crappy to worse. the storm shutters sound like a herd of cattle running into a garage door. all the interior doors are starting to rattle now and the
11:26 pm
winds are picking up and it's only going to get worse as it gets closer. i think it moved up to a category four, so we're getting ready to get close to it. >> yeah. it is. that's a category four as our meteorologists were predicting once it got over the warmer water it has picked up strength. i'm trying to get a sense. the noise must be extraordinary. is it worse you have expected it would be. you have been through storms before. describe to us the sensation of it? >> well, for me, i mean, i'm used to it. it's still a little unnerving. it is hard to sleep. i can't sleep. the door rattle scared the bejesus out of me. after we spoke last time i went down the hallway to try to see what was going on, look around the corner and see in the parking lot, if it was flooding or not. and it's all fun and games until
11:27 pm
a coconut comes flying by your melon at 100 miles an hour. there is not much flooding. the little bit of flooding is from the rain, not the storm surge yet. business is definitely picking up. you can feel more rattling and a lot more noise. >> yeah. you're literally in the middle of the worst of it. >> yeah, i'm sure it is. i'm sure it is. you still comfortable with your decision to stay? >> absolutely. >> why? >> i'm in a solid concrete building. i couldn't be in a safer building. a lot of first responders are next door in a concrete building. i was over there having breakfast talking to them. like i said, i'd much rather be here when this happens then having to fight ten million people traveling out of florida. if a bridge goes out, i'd rather
11:28 pm
be on this side of the bridge than the other side. >> yeah. you mentioned you are not the only one there. you have first responders that stayed put but also neighbors. are you guys talking? >> right now we're not talking because the hallways are slippery and dangerous. i saw a few of them when i went out. but you have to be careful. in the hallway, the wind seems to streamline and gets really, really strong. but we were talking about everybody is hunkers down, fine, safe. got a couple people on the second floor that have a leak leaking into their condo. besides that, everybody is ready. we live on an island. we're used to this. this is what we do. >> great to talk to you again. second day in a row riding it out there. we'll talk again, i'm sure. stay safe. >> and we will be back with the latest forecast on hurricane irma after a quick break. kevin, meet your father.
11:29 pm
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