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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 10, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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chris cuomo in naples, florida, along the western part of the state. this is an area of particular concern because it's only 5, 10 neat wove s feet above sea level. what we're dealing with is the back side of the storm. the eye passed over. there were gusts up to 140 miles per hour. chad myers says that will stand up as some type of potential record. while the wednesday gets the headlines, it's the water that you have to worry about. it's the drowning that causes
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the most deaths in a hurricane. storm surge is directly related to that type of concern. what we're dealing with now is this back side of the storm, counterclockwise the storms move, so the energy distributes on one side, now comes back on the other side. that's why the water was getting sucked out of the bayous and the bays up on this side of the state as the storm moved here. now we're getting the wind back in and with it will come the water and with it will come the storm surge. we're keeping our eyes open to see how far that is. we'll use chad to take us through it. there are some sup setting numbers coming out of this storm. right now 2.3 million people are without power in florida. and compounding the loss may be the length of loss. how long they go without power. it could be days or weeks, the governor's office said. so 2.3 million.
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and again this storm has not made it the full length of the state yet. also, 70,000 people are in shelters. that is actually good news because that means that people got out and got to a position of safety. we did hear about some power loss in a shelter from drew griffin a little further north from here but no real danger at any of the shelters and that's good news. we spoke to bill weir doing surveillance of the debris fields and the different damage from irma starting in key largo moving north. he hasn't heard anything about disastrous or deadly yesterd ll. it's early. that is the situation here in naples. we're going to start checking around and seeing how other people are doing. you tell me who we have because i know it's not easy to get shots up right now. we'll go to miguel marquez. he's up above us in punta gore
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da. how is it doing right now? you were showing an amazing picture of the water being sucked out of a marina being replaced with fresh water, flad wa flood water from the rain. how is it now? >>. >> reporter: we're still in that situation. i should be covered right now in sea water but instead the entire marina is devoid of any sea water. the only water you're seeing there -- that ship off in the distance, that is sitting on mud, as is the sailboat right in front of it. all of the water in here right now is all fresh water that's just pouring in off of the land. they're expecting a storm surge when this storm turns around and starts coming back the other way, a storm surge of 5 to 8 feet. i saw the lights flicker out here at least in the area we're in in pure that gorda. they may have lost electricity
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here. but you can see the intensity of the wind here. we're getting 50, 60-mile-per-hour winds right now. it hurts not only when i put my hand out, it hurts the skin, but even through the jacket it is painful to hear the water hitting the jacket and you can feel it through the jacket. the storm kicking up. this is what you guys were experiencing a couple of hours ago. the eye wall still an hour out, two hours out. they're preparing for hurricane force winds in this area around 8 p.m. tonight. everybody is to shelter in place and try to ride this one out. chris? >> all right. miguel, please stay safe and stay in contact and let me know when to come back to you and we will straightaway. let's get to drew griffin right now in ft. myer. what are you seeing there right now, drew? >> reporter: we have -- good?
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all right. we're just in the cove of this building. the wind is incredible, chris. we're going to try to regather. we thought we heard something falling. there's a lot of gutters coming down the street. here's the situation. we're very much near the southwest florida ft. myers airport. whatever wind gust chad myers is getting there, that's what we're getting now. this is the worst wind we've had today and it seems to be increasing yet as the eye wall should be approaching us now here in the ft. myers area. just incredible wind. i know you can't see it, chris, but you might be able to hear it. it is just blasting. blasting through here. and there's a lot -- anything that is loose, any of the debris is now flying and you really need to be sheltered from this, which we are. we are behind a solid build, four-story building taking you
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pictures of this. but the trees being battered are now laying down. and the actual cars -- i see a jeep cher keys in tokee in the t getting bobbled around by the wind. we feel we're getting the brunt of the storm in ft. myers in terms of the wirnd right now. be interesting to see if chad myers can confirm the strength of the wind that we're seeing right now. >> he'll measure it and i'll pass it along straightaway, drew. you've been through this before. you're going to get it one way. there's going to be a window where the eye goes over, where there will be relative calm and then you'll get it the other way. that's what we're getting in naples right now. it's plenty strong. the gusts we're getting are impressive and you have the added consideration of sform surge and the added
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consideration of that of the weak points of leverage of all of the structures and the trees that took all of the force in the opposite direction. so now the way that they were leaning is getting buffeted by wind in the opposite direction. makes it more likely you're going to have damage and extra debris in the debris field. hang tight there and just give me one sense. what are you hearing from people inside the shelters? anything? are people relatively okay? are they dealing with the situation okay? are you hearing anything at all? >> reporter: they're dealing with the situation fine. right now they're glad they're in a shelter, quite frankly. there were a lot of people ho thumbing wondering whether or not this was going to be what it was. they're realizing this is the real deal, this is why they're in a shelter and this is why we're staying out of harm's way. we'll keep your shot up as you continue to move along. the wind is impressive. it takes the breath out of me
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and the words out of my mouth so we'll just show you the pictures. >> listen, i'm with you. i know from wince you speak. stay as safe as you can. you know how to do the job. i'll check back with you in a little bit. stay in contact with the control room and let us know what we need to know. let's go to brian todd in west palm beach. that's further south here in the miami area, on the eastern part of the state. they got hit plenty hard there. let's check in with him now. brian, what's the latest from where you are? >> reporter: well, chris, the wind has not decreased in intensity at all. it is incredibly intense here. hurricane force winds have been going on for hours and they've only been intensifying. we're at the dirty end of the storm, the northeast quadrant. and the danger that we have here in addition to the storm surge and the wind is tore had haddna
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activity. we're under warnings from the north, the west and the south. you can see how it's buffeting me right now. i have our photo journalist david brooks pan over. you can see -- david has got to be steadied by our producer here. you see the art sculptures there. the one on the far right, that just got lifted up and moved 40 yards to where it is. that is what we're dealing with here with some of these almost to tornado like activity and tornado threats. we've gotten word from authorities here in palm beach county, their sheriff tweeted out a message of condolence because he reported that two law enforcement officers in hardy county, florida, just north of here, have died in some kind of a vehicle crash.
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you've got two law enforcement officers we're being told by palm beach officials who have died in a vehicle crash north of here. the details are not great at this moment as to what happened to those two officers. but they were apparently in some kind of an evacuation zone when their vehicle crashed. that's one thing we can tell you. another thing is officials here have made about 40-plus arrests of people who have violated curfew. you see how intense the storm activity is here. at times visibility has been nil behind us. we've got a construction site back there and debris has been flying from that thing all day long. so just about everything you can see here that's not a building can be a potential projectile. the traffic lights have been wabling f i wobbling for hours, as have the regular road signs. storm surge is going to be an issue.
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they're worried about for flooding on flagler drive. the storm surge hasn't been too bad in the last few hours thankfully. they's something they're watching for here in west palm beach. >> very sobering news about the officers. let us know if you get any information. the priority is on keeping yourself and your team safe. if there's more nefarious activity, a situation like this when we're dealing with the worst, we really need the best out of everybody on the ground who is going through it and to pull together. that's what's going to make this storm survivable. let's take a break right now. brian todd, thank you very much. we'll check back with you. we have at cnn people everywhere. the storm has been, is now and where irma will be going. stay with cnn. restling with seemingly impossible cleaning tasks?
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we have an update of information here in naples were florida. i'm chris cuomo. we're on the western coast of florida and what we've just been told from the national weather center is that the water level has raised itself 7 feet in the last 90 minutes. the water level here in naples, florida has gone up 7 feet in the last 90 minutes. chad myers, if you're still with me. >> yes. >> i can't see it. we can't get down there. i can't put eyes on it. i do not see it coming up this street yet. these gusts are no joke. i'm sure that's going to help motivate the surge. what do you know? >> it's the exact thing that in opposite that pushed the water away. now we have the winds pushing back onshore there and the water from offshore being pushed with
3:17 pm
the bubble of surge but pushed along as well. there's cape coral, ft. myers right in it. the reporter there was asking what it was like. that was 105. 125 is still on the way, about five minutes from right now. marco island now beginning to flood. marco island pd just put out a tweet saying san marco road under water. do not try to travel on it. and there was a picture there. the water is coming up in san marco, the water is kwcoming upn naples hoop we were 6.09 above sea level. down here we were 2.5 below. so that surge is now up 8.5 feet from where we were and that's not a straight line going up, but it's not leveling off. that water still going up in marco island. the water still going up here as you take a look at naples. that's the next stop.
3:18 pm
the next stop for the wind coming back around is the back side of naples. that's the wind you're seeing now. chris, you had 141 earlier on the top side when you had the storm itself, the thunderstorms as well. you're not going to get 141 on the back side because there isn't much of a storm system there. you know how ever time the band comes by the wind picks up? there's no band there anymore. your wind is going to be 80 or 90 miles an hour, almost what they're seeing on the east coast. the important part is there's still an eastern component of the wind pushing the water into marco island and into naples itself. that's the big story for the rest of the night. as we push you ahead, moving the storm forward to cape coral, pun that gorda and bradenton. this is where the storm is going next. the pressure is still 938 mil y
3:19 pm
ba bars. you're going to see 27.70. as far as that thing goes. that's the pressure of the storm. it is losing wind but it's not losing pressure so it's still going to have a significant wind event, storm surge all the way up through tampa tonight and eventually all the way up through sta. marks and the bend of florida tonight and in the early morning hours. >> what's over marco island right now, what is the eta in terms of coming to naples and what's your sense of duration of that back side. i ask because con tech chully brian toad is still getting hammered. it never seems to end. >> west palm is in it because the outer eye wall is still there. the outer band is still there. just look for the color oons
3:20 pm
radon the radar map. the wind on the hurricane is strong above. the winds up there are 1.5 times higher than at the surface. when it rains down, that rain brings the wind can it. it rolls the wind can it. so that's where -- when it's not raining, the wind isn't so bad. when it is raining, this is the translational wind coming from above the energy of the hurricane and coming down to the surface and that's what you were in earlier. this somewhere the translational wind is to the east of bonita sprin springs, to the east of cypress lake. this will rotate around and you'll get to cape coral, punta gorta. it's just the surge that we're waiting on. and right now the water is up 8.5 feet from where it was when the storm just went by and it's still going up for you, chris. i don't think that will finally end for maybe two more hours. the water will rise slowly,
3:21 pm
still one wave after another for two more hours for you. we'll see where it ends up. >> all right. good to know. and bagain, it's not easy to stand in it. but our hearts go out to the families and the seniors who stayed behind and are suffering through it indoors right now, many of them without power. over 2 million people, 2.5 mi million people without power. imagine you guys watching this have the benefit of chad myers and the science and understanding the timing. let me tell you, it can seem like an eternity if you don't have a sense of when something is going to end. our hearts go out to those people and we look forward to this being over so we can get out and see what people need and start dealing with the recovery. we're not there yet. not kwloclose. let's get to ryan young in st. petersburg. what's the status? >> reporter: as someone who grew
3:22 pm
up in florida, you mark your life by hurricanes. and i can remember hurricane andrew just as clear as yesterday in terms of where it marked my life. this might be same thing for this storm in sterms of people talking about the power of it. especially folks who live in this area and wasn't expecting this sort of power. talking to friends in miami, they're still dealing with the winds hours later. but here we're starting to see things pick up. the good news is that people have gotten off of the road. we've seen people who were desperate to get wood up on their windows, they took wooden benches, put them up to the windows and started drilling in. talked to a man who lived through andrew, said he never wanted to go through a hurricane again. he was boarding up his dream home but he wanted to get out of the area. you could feel the desperation. talking to folks who had gone to hotels, they would rather stay in a hotel than be in a home and experience it themselves. still power on. that is a key part of this.
3:23 pm
nothing has been gone off at this point. we heard transformers popping earlier but the power remains. power lines above our head are shaking back and forth but nothing seriously moving or snapping. so that is the good news. i heard you talk about that snap, crackle pop earlier. some trees have gone down there so far we haven't heard of serious damage or of course any loss of life or anyone in trouble as we keep checking in with emergency management. >> all right. ryan young, excellent reporting. please stay safe, my friend. i put you in the wrong place. you are in clearwater, florida. stay in touch with us. i'll get back to you in a little bit. let's take a break right now. we're in complete coverage of hurricane irma what she's done so far and where she is to go. we'll be on it. t-mobile mnemoc
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all right. chris cuomo here in naples on the western coast of florida. we're tracking hurricane irma. right now we go to go to omar hjimenez in miami. the proof of the size of the storm -- we kept saying that irma is the size of a state. the reality is here in naples we're getting hit, so is omar in miami. what's the situation? >> reporter: we've been seeing gusts of wind throughout this afternoon. this was the day that we knew miami was going to get the worst of it. where i'm standing right now is
3:29 pm
sort of a good picture of what we've seen all of these branches and dirt have come down throughout the day. of course we've seen the images of the two cranes here in miami that have spun, including two partial collapses as well. this road where i am is biscayne bouleva boulevard. this was filled with water earlier, definitely not passable by cars. the main cars we've seen go by are the emergency response vehicles. there are situations that they do plan to respond to today. while the rain has let up, you mentioned a good point, that the next threat that people and officials have warned people about is that threat of storm surge that comes right after -- i can tell you right here at the hotel where we're staying, this is the first day we've lost power and that is a number that we've seen start to grow by the thousands and is now in the
3:30 pm
millions statewide. that is an issue that's going to continue to plague officials. miami would normally be a busy downtown on a sunday afternoon is desolate. irma, while the eye did not come directly into where we're standing right now, the effects of irma were felt strongly here. >> stay safe and stay in touch. let's get to bill weir. he was in key largo. he's now driving north to surveil the situation. we're near in naples and we're getting beaten up by the back side of irma. >>. >> reporter: i feel you, brother. i've been there. we did it this morning and now we're trying to see what's left as irma blows town. we're in key largo heading south. look at this pile here in this
3:31 pm
middle of the highway. there's a freezer, a jet ski, all kind of debris. and this is like -- you would think this is wind blown but from the looks of it was washed up here by the storm surge. we are headsed, pointed south right now. the atlantic ocean is to your left on the screen. and boy the folks who live on that side, i don't know, may be prime property, but they really paid the price for that real estate. but as you can see, these are all newer homes. those are post-andrew homes up on the stilts, solid construction. and one thing that strikes me as i drive around today, we are seeing some devastated mobile home parks and boats and trailers tossed every which way. it looks like there's a container here that -- that actually might have been stacked there before the storm.
3:32 pm
looks like they used that to hold it down, weight it against the wind. but what really strikes me, chris, when you look at the pictures here in the upper keys compared to the devastation down in cuba and in some of the other caribbean islands where they don't have building codes, it's a stark difference. let's take a left here and see what's happening closer to the atlantic. i'm cutting across -- here's a shot -- that's the northbound lane of us-1. you can see why people are driving the wrong way on this highway. we're getting a new fresh rain band kicking up here. it's been interesting. hopefully once it gets past you e you'll beable to get a lull in the storm. looks like a dock that has washed up on the street, coconuts and downed trees literally everywhere.
3:33 pm
and it literally comes down to the sturdiness of your construction, depending on what's left. wow, this one really took a hit over here on the left. oh, this is snappers, is it? >> snappers >> reporter: yeah, right. i forgot this is where we were. look at that. i didn't know where we were turning. but this is where we were doing our thursday night live shots. the people partying making fun of those who evacuated early. this is it. and my goodness. and this is the jack -- >> all right. we lost bill weir. we'll check back with him. but he's showing a stark difference between the ro mant schism that he targeted and that rugged individual wanting to ride out the storm and the
3:34 pm
reality of what irma did. it's still early. we know what happened in the caribbean but not really. we don't know the full total. in cuba we know very lit. . here so far the news has not been that dire in terms of loss of life but again it's early. the number one killer in a hurricane is not wind. it's water. and storm surge is just starting to come into effect. that's what we're dealing with here in naples. the eye has gone by. this is the back side. we're not getting crushed with rain the way we did the first time and maybe the wind is not as strong but it's still plenty strong. now it's bringing water with it. all of the water it's sucked out is coming back. and now there's a multiplier effect. the danger of the storm. let's take a break. when we come back we'll take you to the places dealing with the front side of hurricane irma and those dealing with the storm surge threat and that is the deadly concern. we'll be back.
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all right. hurricane irma is still very much in full effect from the southernmost part of florida in miami. we know what happened in the keys. but now here to naples where we are and then at points north, she's hitting it everywhere. this is part of the story with this particular storm. the size. even though the eye is gone. we keep saying and we've ben hearing from our meteorologists that it doesn't matter if it's a direct hit, it's still going to be a bad hit. they're still getting it in miami in much the same way we're getting it here in naples. some of the numbers are different. wind speed -- i don't think those kinds of statistics matter unless they're immediately predictive of what somebody is about to experience. in terms of what ranks where,
3:40 pm
everybody will deal with that in the day to come. but in this moment now, almost 2.5 million people are without power, 70,000 are holed up in shelters, who knows how many are sheltering in place. the miami-dade school district is saying they are closed until further notice. the president of the united states has already signed a disaster declaration for florida. and that's not just recognition that there's a bad storm. any knew it. the president knew it. the white house is well aware. it's showing how urgent the situation is. what that does signing a disaster declaration is it frees up funds immediately so those who are hurt by what happens with this hurricane can get help sooner. it's a good sign. it's beginning the rover recovery phase while you're in the crisis stage. what we're worried about here is
3:41 pm
the storm surge. wind gets the headlines, wind and rain, dangerous, scarey, debris, it's real. the back side of the storm, storm surge. that's what kills. you the number one cause of death in a hurricane is water. not wind. all right. so we're going to go now to our weather center. chad myers is out and remind me who is in there now. >> tom seder, chris. >> tom, sorry about that, buddy. my made is completely waterlogged. it's good to have you. we heard from the weather center that the water level near in naples had risen 7 feet in 90 minutes. what do you know about that and what can you do with that information to project forward in termts s of what we're looki at here. >> i'll answer that. but chris, i want to thank you and your crew for what you've done today. it's very rare to get the pictures that you have given us to match with the radar images
3:42 pm
and there's not many times in history that all f us get to experience what it's like to batter the eyeball and into the eye. when it comes to the storm surge within yes, it's been 7 feet. but you've got to start at where the level of normalcy is. so the water level is up 4.1 feet above normalcy. the forecast is actually 5 to 8. it's reasonable to assume that you're getting that wrap around wind. you can actually see another 3.57 to 4 feet with the forecast. in marco island, the water is now overlapping the seawall. that's not what you want to hear. water rides farther and faster over water than just land. we're hoping that this has made landfall, that irma is going to start to choke and sputter. it still has energy until the pressure starts to rise, we are
3:43 pm
not going to lose the significant strength as far as some wind gusts but we'll still have damaging winds. you mentioned 2.3 million without power. that's just customers. that's not the number of people without power. that's one home or one business. 2.3 million without power is almost 50% of their customers. so -- or of florida. that's massive to look at. we still have the tornado watch and we still have warnings. let's not forget about the east coast seeing extreme surge band after band of rainfall. we cannot forget about that. looks like around the orlando area, north and south tornado warnings. we've seen 33 tornado warnings. that number will go up. now that we have the eye in the center here, we'll go in a little closer, we are about three hours from port charlotte. when we make our way in the eye toward ft. myers. again we're going to see the center of the eye get there
3:44 pm
within the hour. they're going to go through the same thing you did, three hours to port charlotte and six to eight hours in the tampa area. what's frightening at this point is the same conditions that everybody watches, that chris cuomo went through, they're going to go through it but in complete darkness. we won't have the visuals of the flying debris, the wall of water extending out or coming back in. so when you're flying behind, fright really starts to grip you. and it will. but again, we're starting to see a little bit of a breakdown on that southern eye wall which is great news. although the engine is still running so the surge will continue to push in to every bay, every canal. and we're not talk about a few hundred feet. i believe i heard you say you're about five to eight blocks in. we're looking at a surge that could be as far in as several miles. and some of the inundation depths were push in 8, 10, 12 miles in some cases on this
3:45 pm
coast. but again that happens when the center of the storm is to the north. again the wind gusts that we're getting -- this is quite interesting even up toward orlando, gusts of 43. by the time the system moves northward, even in orlando, if the system continues to hang east ward, gusts at 85 are not out of the realm of possibility. tallahassee could see 70, 75-mile-per-hour wind gusts. but notice in naples when you were at that 141 reported wind gust, we have no longer any instrumentation to go with. that will be the scenario as the storm continues but we hope to lose the punch as it moves through. as you've been talking about, the storm surge, nine out of ten people in hurricanes lose their lives -- that do lose their lives from water. doesn't matter if it's surge or what's a falling. nine out of ten. you've been getting the message out and we all appreciate that. >> god forbid.
3:46 pm
we'll keep on eye on it. i have eyes on this street for you. that's the best ir can do as far as monitoring what happens with this surge. we do not envy those who have to go through the eye of the storm in the dark. our hearts go out to those who are doing this that with their loved ones. they probably don't have power and aren't able to follow along with your wisdom and warning. before we go to break, let's check in with miguel marquez. i don't know if you could hear tom, miguel. this is a big lady that we're dealing whoa with hurricane irma. she's going to hit you hard and it's going to last for a long time. >> reporter: irma has been hitting us for a while and it is definitely getting worse. i don't know if we're going to have it as badly as you. but three hours of port charlotte, we're just south of port charlotte. we're experiencing what you did a little while ago. this is the marina.
3:47 pm
this is hay maamazing that wate still going out. there's in sea water in this marina again. it's all fresh water. the boats you see off in the distance, those are sitting on mud right now incredibly enough. if you look over here to the left, you can see there's a sign that's just about to come off of a pole there. that's the power of this wind. look at the trees in here. these are some of the strongest winds we've seen so far. the palm trees are just, you know, perpendicular. they don't look -- doesn't look normal. it's amazing that these things can stay up and do fine. it looks like punta gorda has lost electricity a little while ago as well. i think they expected that. the morning folks talked about
3:48 pm
the wind around 10 p.m. tonight. but clearly it may be slowing down a little bit before we get to the other side of the eye wall when the wind will change direction and all of that water that was washed out to sea will come back. think ear expecting a 5 to 8 foot storm surge here, that wall of water from the ocean. about 3 feet on land they're expecting. we're going to watch for that and may have to change positions before that happens. >> all right, miguel. stay safe. stay in touch. dave as we go to break, show them our giant size weather v n vane, the crane. it is pointing straight in the direction of the gulf. that's where this wind is coming from. so literally the wind has the best advantage it could to send the maximum amount of watt frer the gulf in storm surge right up into the heart of naples. we're going the take a break right now. we're going to keep an eye on the storm surge and we'll show
3:49 pm
you where hurricane irma is headed next. discover card. hey. what can you tell me about your new social security alerts? oh! we'll alert you if we find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky sites, so you'll be in the know. ooh. sushi. ugh. being in the know is a good thing. sign up online for free. discover social security alerts.
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and still we're waiting on the storm surge, and these gusts are the real deal. there's a benefit for us to be here is that when this is done, as you know, we're going to go out with search and rescue and we will volunteer our time and we are not working -- oh, there are those gusts you're talking about, and it's going to be good to know where the worst of it
3:54 pm
seems to be going like the branches are starting to come off this tree next to us. it was only a matter of time. she's starting to let go, fellas. >> the wind is too dangerous and it's the lack of visibility. we can barely see 100 yards in either direction and obviously, with the winds blowing at this speed, if there is debris flying through the air i don't want to be out in the middle of that and get caught upside the head by some flying branch or anything like that. >> some of the big trees are surrounding their hotel. that's why i just grabbed the producer and put it back inside. >> you likely will be fine in the second and third floor, but get everybody off the street. >> all right. chad, water's coming up the street here. i don't know if you can see it. dave, show it to them. this just, like, is coming out of nowhere. all of a sudden this street is flooded. do you see it? >> yes. absolutely. this is something they're going to remember for a really long
3:55 pm
time. >> all right. so chris cuomo in naples along the west coast of florida. it is a particular vulnerability here. hurricane irma took advantage of that. the eye wall coming right over this area, chad myers says this is a sustained gust of 140 miles an hour. that would stand up as some type of record for a hurricane from the area from whence it came, but the statistics are relevant and the category 2 and 3 is mostly about the science. it is only relevant if it's predictive of what's about to happen to the people on the ground. and what we were worrieded about wasn't us standing in the weather just to show you what's going on and to get some information and to rest of the curiosity is to give you a window of what the people who stayed behind are forced to deal with and that's here in naples and miami. now after we take this break, we'll send our coverage to anderson cooper. he's about 130 miles north as
3:56 pm
the storm flies. he's in tampa bay and they'll deal with the same thing in the dark. our coverage will continue right after this. stay with cnn. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. after a hall of fame career, it's no wonder why i use blue-emu arthritis cream. blue-emu's non-greasy, deep-penetrating formula gets down deep into those joints for big time pain relief. blue-emu, it works fast and you won't stink.
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and good evening from tampa where people are waiting and wondering. waiting for hurricane irma to hit. it is obviously now a cat 2 storm. they have been waiting all day to see what sort of an impact it is going to have on this city not only those hurricane-force winds which we expect to come here around 10:00, but also tha


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