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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 10, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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whole thing is a concern. if you had asked me earlier today while she was coming through here i, of course, would have agreed with the mayor of tampa and other mayors that i talked to and had communications with along the coast would have been that storm surge because, as i say, that would have just done us away. i mean, really. >> mayor bill barnett of naples, thank you, sir. we appreciate you joins us here on cnn. >> my pleasure. take care. bye. in is cnn breaking news. >> it is breaking news at the top of the hour. hurricane irma tearing north through florida, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. we've got our correspondents out reporting. anderson is in tampa, ryan young is in nearby clearwater, we want to get right to tom because that
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new forecast comes out at the top of the hour. do you have it? what is it saying? >> we sure do, don. in fact, the men and women of the national hurricane center, the best in the world, have really been actually in front of the schedule. so we're grateful to are that. here's what we know. still a category 2. notice the brighter colors fanning out on both coasts. you would expect some weakening. it has dropped 5 miles per hour. it's down to under 100 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts near 120 near the center. notice the loss of color around the core. we're seeing pressures rise, which is showing signs of weakening. don't let this fool you because we still have hurricane force winds extending out from the center a good 80 miles. earlier in tampa we had a gust of 78 miles per hour when anderson was there, i know we just had a gust of 60. it's approaching the tampa area. we do have a slight difference, as expected, in the shift to the
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east because we had a little wobble in the eye. instead of it making its way directly over tam about and big bend has shifted just a little bit to the east. however, it is going to get that northwesterly component in its movement back in the overnight period. on a broader scale, we'll watch it still staying to the south, west of atlanta, moving more toward birmingham, toward memphis. but when it makes its way to the southern u.s., we should expect some shear. the track does mean everything. since we have a compact storm, still category 2, if it just drops 5 miles per hour, it will be a category 1, but we're splitting airs at that point. we'll still have power outages with this, trees down, the roads and arteries will be blocked. we need to get those cleared first to get the power restored. as the system moves up, stronger winds in lakeland, towards inverness. gainesville will be on the edge
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of uncertainty. that's in that front right quadrant as it makes its way to lake city, valdosta, columbus, some of the stronger winds, but even though it can still down winds down with gusts over 50 miles per hour we're still looking at sustained winds that are going to keep this system together enough to be a real pain. rainfall amounts, too. so again, it's not over with when it gets into areas like georgia and alabama. governor nathan diehl declared a state of emergency for 159 counties in georgia. a couple of things i want to point out. we're 50 miles now southeast of tampa with the eye. we've had heavy rainfall blanketing areas of tampa, st. pete, clearwater, back down to sarasota on the back end. we are continuing, however, watching the southern flow keeping the water banged up against the coastline in the southwest. interesting to note if you have not been with us all day, it did make landfall as a category 4 in
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the keys, big key west and big pine key. that's the second category 4 landfall we've had this year and both harvey and irma within 16 days, a landfall category 4. now that the system is making its way slowly north, we've been watching incredible banding of severe thunderstorms from the orlando area back to cape canaveral and off the coast. this has already been providing a number of tornadoes. we had water spouts make their way inland. we've even had one move in at 74 miles per hour twaowards the northwest. in melbourne over 14 1/2 inches. okeechobee over 10 inches. several of them that we can show you. but as we continue to see the movement to the north-northwest, our tornado watch box has kind of shrunk a little bit. it's still encompassing the north and northeastern quadrant. when we get closer in, notice
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the red and the yellow. that is that front right quadrant from our center. so that's always been the case as the powerhouse area. but again keep in mind those winds extend out. give us a nice little pocket of dry air infiltrating the system. we'd like to see that get all the way in around the core to kind of choke off this system, the dry air will bleed it. and along with those winds to the north kind of shred the system. so it's going to be a formidable storm. still a category 2. do not let your guard down, hunker down throughout the night until the system is north. now, when it does move north of tampa, that's when the winds come back into the bay. right now, don, the winds are out of the east to the west. so it's shoving all that water out of the inlets, out of canals and out of tampa bay, but it will come back. not near as strong. but that southern area, of course, around the eye will continue to shove that water back into the bay, but we're not
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looking at the intensity that we did earlier around marco island. 12 years ago, 2005 wilma made landfall, the exact same location where wilma did in marco island, same latitude and longitude, both category 3s, a little ironic. we're watching the core move northward, the bands of rain moving toward daytona. the rainfall totals are heavy for a fast moving storm. you got miami-dade over 13.3. in fact, the st. lucie nuclear plant had 99-mile-per-hour wind gusts a few hours ago. the rainfall shaft will continue to make its way northward along with the damaging sustained winds and even stronger gusts. >> tom seder with a new forecast for irma. we want to get to the guys out in the elements. anderson cooper is in tampa, ryan young is in clearwater.
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you're still feeling the brunt of it there in clearwater. >> we absolutely are. we moved the camera on the inside. my photographer larry and my producer brad are standing in some shelter now. as we were standing right here, we noticed some explosions over to the laeft. might have been a transformer at some sort that gave a loud spark and a loud sound right before this live shot. not sure what that is in the distance. but the wind seems to be tunnelling harder and harder. listen to it. that's what we've been feeling over and over. look, we've talked to some people who came as far away as germany, here for a vacation, never expecting to face a storm, then they were stuck to try to figure out what to do next and they went from hotel to hotel to try to figure out how to hunker down. imagine this is their first experience in america and to deal with a storm in this beautiful state, you can understand how scared those people are. we talked to other people who
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decided to make the decision not to leave their home. they wanted to stare the storm in the eye because they didn't want to leave their home with the theory that if they left, that they would get trapped somewhere else. we even met people who came from as far away as miami to avoid the storm but still found a way to get caught in its eye. in terms of the storm itself. but at this hour, don, the conversation really is just the power of the wind as it keeps swirling around us. we're just south of the airport. just depending on where i stand, seeing how the wind is just crossing from left to right, but that's been the consistency here. we've seen some parts of roof tiles flying by us and we've seen some billboards at this point succumb to the wind. as i lean forward, you can hear just how powerful the winds are. we've experienced at least 80-mile-per-hour winds at this point. now another strong gust. it seems like no matter what we do, it gets a little tougher. you got to spread your feet,
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though. it's all good. for the most part we've been tremendously safe. and most people have gotten off the roads. in fact, we haven't seen a car on the roadways for an hour and a half now. people realize the worst of the storm might be coming this direction at this point. and they're heeding it by staying inside. the last two things i'll mention is people in this area were worried about flooding because it does flood even in the best of times when it's just a strong rainfall and that's something that people are concerned about in this late hour, the idea that there could be some serious ponding in the morning. >> and that sound you heard, you said it was a boom, did it sound like a transformer blowing or what? >> yeah. so from our position, i was going to point this direction. larry is actually on the inside of this carport that we're in, but down over here we saw some sort of explosion. we believe it was some transformers that were popping. we didn't see any fire. it popped. we saw the flash of light and that was it.
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the one thing we've talked about consistently is the idea that the power has remained on. but obviously in some places they're dealing with some transformer issues in terms of -- i heard chris say earlier, the snap, crackle, pop, that's happening for real at this point. >> anderson, watching you earlier in the evening, first of all, i'm wondering what's going on there now. but also you saw a flash in the sky which was quite possibly a transformer blowing as well? >> yeah, we've seen at least five or six of them. in fact, i think i saw the same one that ryan was referring to because ryan's to the west of me. from my vantage point it actually looks like two or three separate ones kind of clustered in an area not too far apart from each other. you don't actually hear anything. you see this blight-blue ligwhi. it's very eerie. a couple of headlines from the latest forecast that tom seder
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brought. it's closer to being a cat 1 than a cat 3. to me, that's a headline. it's certainly better news for tampa. it could have been worst news for tamtampa, but better news f tampa. gusting winds at 100 miles per hour or so and that's nothing to scoff at. but not the 130-mile-per-hour winds. storm surge yesterday was anticipated to be five feet. that would have meant flooding in low lying areas in tampa and the bay area. we don't know what the storm surge estimates are right now. we didn't hear that from tom. but we did hear that it's going to be lower than the previous estimates as the wind speed is less. you are going to get less storm surge. that's more good news from tampa. the key is -- and i think ryan said this, tom seder said this,
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people have stayed inside this long. they need to just ride it out. there may be good news for tampa. it could have been worse news, but it's better news. i certainly wouldn't say this thing is not over. the worst hours are yet to come, no doubt about it. there's going to be some miserable hours through the dawn. and we're not going to get a sense of the storm surge until, you know, early morning hours to really get a sense of how many communities, how many areas around here are without power, how many areas are flooded, what the extent of the flooding is and how long it will take to get the water. it will be miserable hours ahead. stay inside. continue to go to sleep if you can and just ride this out. if you lasted this long inside, there's no reason to come out just because you think, oh, it's not as bad as i previously thought it might be. >> you're right. since you said that, you saw some people earlier today out checking out tampa bay, walking around, which is not a good idea especially at this point.
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>> certainly not at this point. i mean, we've seen a handful of people walking around here tonight, you know, even in this miserable -- in these miserable conditions. i think they were just curious. you're stuck inside with your kids, you got animals, you need to go out and walk them. it's just boring especially if some power has gone out. people did come to the riverwalk. they wanted to see this phenomenon of the water being sucked out. that's still happening. as tom was saying, waiting until that wind shifts direction hours from now and that water is pushed back in. but again, the headline that i got from tom on that storm surge because the winds are going to be less than predicted previously, it's not gooding to -- going to be rushing in to the speed that it might have been. >> anderson, stand by and ryan as well. we'll check back with both of you. i want to get to stephanie elam
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because stephanie is in tampa as well. you're moving around. where are you now and what's happening? >> don, i'm downtown. i've moved over here so you can get a better look at just how it looks. i think if you look down this street here, you can see that the lights, how they're glowing and how the rain is coming in in bands. sometimes so strong i can literally lean into the wind and it holds me up. kind of a bizarre feeling here. because you've got sort of this pointy area of downtown here, you can feel the wind kind of swirl in a couple of ways through these tall buildings. once you get to this other cross street here, you see more of that coming across. but it's definitely picking up in intensity and in strength on this side from where i am and a bit on the other side from where anderson is. there's one person out here who i just really don't understand why people would come out here. it's not pleasant at all out here. everything about being out here, there's no staying dry. you are completely wet.
8:15 pm
the wind can come up and throw you off your balance. you can fall. something else can come and hit you. all of that is starting to happen out here. you really don't understand how uncomfortable it is until you come and stand outside in a hurricane, right? so we're prepared for it. we came out here to do this. we want people to know that's why we're doing it, so you don't have to do it. we've been watching the bands come down this street here in downtown tampa. and between those office buildings sometimes it comes really fast. here's another that's just about to come this way, too. it's starting to pick up here, don. maybe better than expected but still really serious. >> i know you, stephanie, you would not be out in it unless you had to be and this is part of your job. so heed the warnings from those who have been saying stay off the streets. it's dangerous. >> appreciate it. the center of hurricane irma hitting southeast of tampa right now as the storm cuts a
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8:20 pm
not far from tampa. listen, this storm path has changed. but you're still feeling the brunt of it right there in clearwater. we've been watching you all evening. >> yeah, absolutely. and in just the last five minutes or so, we actually saw our first emergency vehicle pass by us with lights and sirens. have no idea what call they're responding to. but you think about a high profile vehicle like the ambulance that passed by us with lights and sirens dealing with this wind, you have to take your hat off to the first responders that do this on a day-to-day basis. but think about on a day like this, they're really putting their lives on the line to help somebody out. we stepped out and have my photographer larry show you the difference here. we're kind of under this overhang to give us shelter, but as we walk back out in this direction, this is where the wind really changes and this is where it becomes pretty fierce, don. it's just really a difference in terms of where i was standing
8:21 pm
and now the difference in terms of what i've dealing with. look, just in our last few days we've seen people who were really trying to make sure that their neighbors were taken care of. we met a man yesterday named allen bridges. he was giving away wood because so many people didn't have shelter. so he was giving away plywood so people could board up their windows. we shot this video and saw the desperation in people's faces as they tried to get wood to board up their windows. we saw people that don't have the proper devices. and you need it to deal with the wind we're dealing with right now. as you can see, sometimes the gusts, they don't knock. they just kind of comes and punches you a little bit. again, we do have some sort of safety -- if it got too windy, to kind of sit right here and grab. that way it kind of changes the conversation. like i said before, if you block
8:22 pm
off the wind -- i'll have larry step back a little bit. if you block off the wind, it changes the entire conversation. that's really the difference here. if you have something that's kind of blocking you, yes, you can have a conversation, yes, i can hear you. but when the gusts hit 80 miles per hour it changes the whole conversation in terms of just how powerful they are. we have seen some explosions in the distance. not sure if those were transformers popping. that's what we believe they are. the lights, they've been hanging in there. we've seen signs blow down. but even the billboard that we've been watching all night, the one we saw kind of give, the one up there stood the test of time. >> so far. >> amazingly, somehow, the power's still on. >> so far for both of those. it stood the test of time so far, the billboard and the power is on. >> yes. >> i know it's end of summer, it's florida. but how cold is that rain? >> you know what? the temperature dropped, so it definitely got cold.
8:23 pm
i would say it feels like, you know, i live in chicago now. so this doesn't feel bad at all. honestly, it feels like a pool. not bad. the temperature has dropped. it's really the wind that gets you as it hits you over and over. but this is nothing compared to the windy city when it comes to the coldness factor especially for a florida guy. >> i know. it was my home at one point. that rain is like bathwater compared to chicago. stick around. i need to get to the police chief of tampa tonight. his name is brian dugan. for us to get the latest information there. i want to bring you in and talk about ryan says he saw his first emergency vehicle of the evening really. so what's going on? are you answering calls? >> well, we are not answering calls as of about 4:45 this afternoon when i was out on the street with the officers. and based upon the information we had from the national weather service and what i was feeling
8:24 pm
out on the street, we pulled our officers off the street. >> you did. >> now, we have a contingency group in extreme emergencies that will respond, but no, we are not responding out on the street. >> what are you concerned about right now, chief? >> you know, just what's going to still be standing, what's going to be flooded, the wind damage. you know, i was out about two hours ago assessing where we stood out in the city going through downtown along our bayshore area. and it was holding up well. the biggest concern was there was no water and the bay was very shallow. and obviously when that water comes back in, you know, it's going to be hold on to your hats and see where everything's standing. >> and that's a concern for a lot of folks, the flooding and the storm surge. but as i'm talking to you right now, chief dugan, we're looking at this live picture and seeing these stoplights blowing around and one of them really hanging
8:25 pm
by a thread. we're concerned about projectiles, i'm sure you are, too. you've told people to stay off the streets. but that's got to be a concern for you as well. >> you worry about, you know, people not being able to see what's on the streets and stuff, and that's why we're asking everybody to stay indoors. i was out. you can see the different blue lights in the sky that appear to be a flash like maybe it's a transformer or something. i can tell you as of two hours ago i saw several areas that had, you know, power outages just driving around. and it was interesting that there were some spots that had power and then, you know, a few blocks down the street they had none. >> well, and so you have some power. and when you have winds like this, those overhead power lines, are you concerned about that? >> oh, yeah, yeah. definitely. when the storm clears, that's going to be the first thing we look at, what are live wires, what aren't and things like
8:26 pm
that. when you get into the flooding, you got live power lines and this is florida, you don't know what type of wildlife is going to be out there in the water also. >> and that is a very good point. especially in florida, you never know with that ecosystem down there. so listen, speaking of that, speak to me a little bit more about this storm surge that you're bracing for. can you prepare for that? >> well, you know, we ask people to evacuate, and that's all we can do. you know, you can't stop water, you know, no matter how hard you try. it's tough. and you certainly don't want to test mother nature, and we're just going to have to stand by and see where everything evens off. >> mayor brian dugan of tampa -- excuse me, police chief brian dugan of tampa, chief, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> irma is spreading destruction from coast to coast as 3 million people are without power tonight. ♪
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look at these live pictures. this is tampa, na, right now. you can see, man, the wind is whipping there. the rain is coming down. we've been showing you these streetlights that are just dangling by a string there in tampa, florida. let's hope they don't come down. we just talked to the police chief who is worried about projectiles, possible lines coming down a whole host of things. this is all from hurricane irma spreading destruction from coast to coast in florida, from tampa east across the state to orlando and daytona beach. let's go to bryn. i understand that you have some breaking information there in orlando. what do you have for us? >> yeah, don. we're getting hit pretty hard with the storm, but this was a fraction of what we were seeing not too long ago. and at that time we saw a transformer blow. we saw a ton of emergency vehicles going that direction. well, we've learned that they
8:32 pm
were responding to a fatality. a car crashed, a single car crashed into something, and the person that was in that car when authorities arrived on scene was dead. so they can't really say quite yet if it's 100% storm related because, of course, you know that involves an investigation. with these conditions, no emergency officials or vehicles are out on the roads. so they can't investigate that particular scene, but it does seem to be because of this storm people were driving. a curfew was in place at 7:00, so they were expecting everyone to be off the roads, but don, i can tell you even within 15 minutes ago we saw a car driving around on these roads. here, don, we're expecting conditions to get worse within the next hour or so. that's when we're supposed to be reaching the worst until early, early hours of tomorrow morning. and right now, sure, it's not too bad. i'm not getting blown around too much but nen a wind gust comes
8:33 pm
around and it really pushes me aside, don. >> i saw stephanie out in tampa and as she was talking someone was walking down the street. again, there is a curfew. people are not supposed to be out. are they following that? >> we for the most part people are following that, not actually coming out here, but driving is a different story. i'm so shocked when i see cars going through here. because, like i said, that car crash happened, then we heard an emergency vehicle hydroplaned and got stuck on the highway. it's certainly not driving conditions or walking for that matter. >> stay safe out there. >> sara sidner in daytona beach for us. you're on the east coast of florida for nus daytona. what are you dealing with right now? >> we're literally on a1a made famous by a singer that i will not name. just kidding. vanilla ice.
8:34 pm
i want to give you an idea why they try to tell people to please stay inside. if you look, there's debris that's been coming down. there was some debris that came down from seven stories up from the hotel, something snapped off made of metal. then what we're seeing here on a1a is we're seeing a lot of plastic, and i think that's from the tops of trash cans. so if you look, those are strewn all over a1a right outside here, right outside the convention center, the ocean center as it's called in daytona beach. take a look behind me. you can see the gusts. look at that sign. the auditorium boulevard sign swinging back and forth, the beach is on the other side of this hotel. where you're seeing that sign about 200 yards to the left is daytona beach. and so you're getting a heck of a lot of wind just coming off of the beach. you're seeing the palm trees now go absolutely nuts here near the convention center. hard to see with the camera.
8:35 pm
let me see if we can walk over and quickly look at that. there's quite a few of them here. you can see the lights going there. but what's important about where we are, this is one of the staging areas for the linemen and those who trim the trees so that people who are wut power can have their power come back on. we've already seen some transformers blowing here. we've also seen the lights go off and on in the streets. but there are dozens of linemen here ready to go out as soon as the winds die down and start taking care of that power problem that is across florida. don? >> sara, be safe, thank you very much. when we come back, irma pounding florida with violent winds and torrential rains as it leaves a trail of debris behind. on car insurance,600 so being cool comes naturally. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling. it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch,
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we want to get you now live to clearwater, florida. you can see the wind really whipping up there. that's where our ryan young has been stationed all evening. he's been bringing us the coverage of the downpours and also the winds. power lines being taken down there leaving a trail. irma, debris from coast to coast in florida. but first, we need to get to
8:40 pm
cnn's brian todd. brian joins us from west palm beach. as i understand, you saw something that prompted a very dramatic rescue, right? >> right, don. in palm beach county, which, by the way, has been pounded by hurricane force winds for coming up on 11 1/2 hours which is a sustained barrage here of wind and rain. palm beach county not far from where we are, a dramatic rescue, 50 plus people pulled from the stonybrook complex in riviera beach, florida. the mayor of that town, thomas masters, told us he had to go there with fire and rescue teams and police when the roofs got ripped off of two units in that apartment complex. they went door to door and made sure people got out. but they pulled more than 50 people out. they got them to a shelter and higher ground and a safer area including several children. and he reported that none of them were injured, but this is kind of the product of what we've been going through here,
8:41 pm
again, close to 12 hours here in palm beach county. over on this street, flagler drive along the intercoastal waterway, we saw three transformers blow about a block away from us. an intense blue concussive blast going up in the shy and shorting out the power grid here. that rescue, that was fortunate. they're going to go and reassess that apartment complex in the morning to make sure everyone got out of their safely. at this hour, don, we believe that they did, but they'll have to reassess that when dawn hits. >> brian todd, be safe out there. i want to bring in chief mike murphy of marco island fire and rescue. he joins us by phone. chief, we appreciate you joining us. a lot to talk about. when we spoke on friday night, you said you were bracing for a direct hit. and you got it. you were just out assessing the
8:42 pm
damage. what do you see? >> it appears that when the tidal surge came in, it was not as great as was previously predicted. however, we do have a lot of areas that are flooded in the roadway areas. we did have some areas that had water coming up into the garages of the homes, two major factors to this storm. we lost all power to the entire island. and the second component was our water system went down during the storm. we received a number of calls for assistance. we had one structure had a tree go through it. people were trapped. we got out on the road, we assessed the damage. a lot of people were having to stay in place so we can assess
8:43 pm
the situation in the morning. what we are seeing is there's major trees the and obstructions in the roadways. and access around portions of the island have been diminished. but we've opened up a lot of our major corridors so that we can get rescue assets on to the island. >> hey, chief, i just want to be clear. did you say you had a wreck u, you had to conduct a rescue? >> we conducted a few rescues getting people that were inside houses, water coming into them and/or had medical issues. a couple of people called in structural collapses where injuries. but it was not significant events as far as injuries or anything and we did get those people out of those locations. >> what about power and your water system tonight, chief? >> we have no power, no water
8:44 pm
system. do not anticipate power and a water system back on perhaps for a complete couple of days at the -- on the long side. there appears to be some infrastructure damage to our water system. and as far as power, we have a number of power lines down, poles down, and that will be assessed in the morning. we do have an -- with regards to coming on to the island. part of our problem occurred in that units from the outside resources could not get to us. we have a six-mile corridor between us and the major intersection, and that six-mile corridor was blocked by debris, and on one side of us on the south was under four feet of water all the way up to the bridge. >> what kind of help do you
8:45 pm
need? >> tomorrow morning our major focus is going to be, once we can get some access on to the island, we are going to have to go -- we have over 700 condominiums of various 2 stories to 24 stories. we need to make sure all the aupeaup e -- occupants who are in the facilities are safe. we'll see a damage assessment in the morning. we've requested assets to do that from our -- and we anticipate that they will be arrive i arriving. and the second component. and other problems we have with the water that people coming on to the island will not be able to sustain themselves and the
8:46 pm
people that are on the island will not be able to do that either. so we may have to set up a temporary shelter off island and get those individuals out. >> mike murphy, marco island fire and rescue chief. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> when we come back, hurricane irma pounding florida from coast to coast as residents are warned that life threatening storm surges could come next. you can e custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events. get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. [ all shouting, cheering ] ♪ start today at
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a amidst all the from hurricane irma, happy ending. baby girl born healthy and safe and at home. joining me on the phone, three heroes or four heros who came to the rescue, john waylan, along with driver engineer, krirchris also with the fire department, aep sergeant scott meyers, and lou falco, dispatcher he who took the call. there are a lot of titles there but basically we can call you guys major delivery guys. you helped deliver a baby. so thank you all for joining us. i think you will take that title. lou, tell us what it was like when that call came in right in the middle of the hurricane. >> most people can't imagine the
8:51 pm
chaos that goes on in a 911 dispatch center during crisis. this being major hurricane, dispatchers are here 24/7, 365. phones are ringing off the hook and i happened to be the lucky one who picked up the line. and basically, baby was coming when i picked up. you heard mom in the background and my job was to make sure i got the right address from dad. make him focused, understand what was going on, and what was happening. basically get the call in immediately and get it up to our police and firemen, paramedics, to make sure we got the help up there to bring baby in the world. >> kind of chaotic. make sure i have my story right, scott, did you drive the rescue vehicle through the storm? >> i had five people. detective koenig was driving through it. we were responding to calls in the city during the storm. >> how hard was it to reach the house? >> very hard. we had a lot of storm damage,
8:52 pm
trees down, lines down. we had to take an alternate route to get to the house. >> john and chris, how did play a part in this? >> we got call from our command system in the central of the city. >> this is john speaking right now, right? >> there was a videophone call they said, would you like to deliver a baby. and i kind of laughed. and they said, we're not kidding. i said, absolutely. tell us where you need us. and they chose our vehicle because of the lower profile. we're in a command vehicle, which is more like a four wheel drive truck. and the -- they said your vehicle is lower profile, four wheel drive, and you're the only ones that can get there. i grabbed chris, my driver for the remainder of the storm. said we're going to deliver a baby. he said okay. the team here at station that we're at started scrambling around, grabbing equipment for us off of the rescue trucks and fire engines here at station.
8:53 pm
they gave us an ob kit. gave us oxygen. stuff in case we had issues. we jumped in the truck. we were fortunate the incident commanders were correct that engine and rescues would not have been able to get through what we had to go through to get to their home. so chris is an expert driver and he got us through there safely and quickly. and we pulled up. and we were not expecting what we saw. >> and chris, i mean, that was john speaking. i just wanted to make sure. chris your driving expertise or skills have never been more important. >> no. it was pretty hairy getting through there. we had to go off curbs. a bunch of trees were down. we had a barricade in there quickly, an armored vehicle. a fire truck would have never gotten there. >> who delivered the baby? >> chris and myself.
8:54 pm
when we got there, she was pretty much almost all the way out. and she was -- and her -- the patient's mother, the mother of the person in labor, was actually pretty much delivering the baby, her own granddaughter in the bathroom on the floor. and i've never met or seen a more calm scene in the chaos going on outside. we were kind of taken back, by it looked like a labor and delivery room. everyone was calm and smiling. we were -- and it was very calming to chris and i to walk in to that nonchaotic scene and then start doing what we today do and i'll let chris talk about the things that we had to do. but he was very instrumental in making sure that baby, because he took control of the baby, and i started dealing with the mother and things we today do with her. >> but you did come in and help out. it wasn't just the mom. it was under way. >> oh, the cord was still there.
8:55 pm
we had to cut the cord. plant the cord and cut the cord. and baby wasn't presenting really good at first. then she pinked right up. beautiful little baby. >> how are the mom and baby doing now? >> they are doing great. we checked. we checked on them. she hugged us all before we left and we told her we today go because we had another emergency to take care of. she didn't want us to leave and told us to please come back to the house and see the baby after all this. we promised her we would. we asked her if she would name the baby irma. she said absolutely not. and named the baby, april. a beautiful name. and again, i just want to reiterate, you know, how important the bearcat crew was in all this. this would not have turned out so well for anybody if they were not able to get back there and transport her and the baby to the hospital in a timely manner and without them, this would have turned out much
8:56 pm
differently. >> we see you guys in an armored vehicle. the mom on the floor. and we see this bald guy with sunglasses on his head. which one of you is that? >> that is chris holding the baby. that is chris hurst. i got to tell you, i think if i would have tried to take the baby from him, he would have probably knocked me to the ground. he wasn't letting go of that baby. he started the job and he made sure he finished it to the hospital. i don't think he wanted to give it up to the nurses at the hospital. the baby latched on to him and wasn't let go of his hand. we were trying to do everything professionally. but i wanted to take pictures to share this moment because it's not very often that we goet to experience something like this. he wasn't giving up that baby for nothing. >> nice job. thanks. >> and this was a job between dispatch, fire and police. dispatchers aren't included very often in this. it is a great feeling with the team work and a lot of times
8:57 pm
people call 911, it is not for something happy. today i say 911 dispatchers save lives. today was pleasurable to start a life. coral springs did a great job today. i'm proud to be part of it. >> nice job, guys. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> when we come back, irma pounding florida, with violent winds and torrential rains. moving north. 3 million people across the state without power. dangerous debris flying around in that darkness. ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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