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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 11, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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he ducked under live electric wires and trudged through puddles of jet fuel only steps away from sparks and from vicious flame. in the pitch black he began calling out people in need of help. isaac heard faint voices and he wanted to answer those faint voices. one by one he carried people out of the burning rubble. he kept going back into the smoldering darkness, calling out to anyone who could hear, anyone who was alive, he saved as many as 20 people who had followed his voice. he carried eight himself. for nearly 36 hours isaac kept on saving lives serving our
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nation and protecting our safety in our hour of need. and today isaac continues to do exactly that. isaac still works at the pentagon. now as a sergeant. he's on duty right now and he's joined us here today for the ceremony and this morning all of us and all of america thank isaac for his service. where is isaac? [ applause ] thank you. thank you, isaac. to isaac and to every first
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responder and survivor of the attack you carry on the legacy of the friends you lost, you keep alive the memory of those who perished and you make america proud, very, very proud. to the family members with us today, i know that it's with a pained and heavy heart that you come back to this place but by doing so, by choosing to persevere through the grief, the sorrow, you honor your heroes, you renew our courage and you strengthen all of us. you really do. you strengthen all of us. here on the west side of the pentagon, terrorists tried to break our resolve. it's not going to happen. but where they left a mark with fire and rubble, americans
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defiantly raised the stars and stripes, our beautiful flag that for more than two centuries has graced our ships, flown in our skies and led our brave heroes to victory after victory in battle. the flag that binds us all together as americans who cherish our values and protect our way of life. the flag that reminds us today of who we are, what we stand for and why we fight, woven into that beautiful flag is the story of our resolve. we have overcome every challenge, every single challenge. every one of them. we've triumphed over every evil and remained united as one nation under god. america does not bend. we do not waiver and we will
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never ever yield so here at this memorial with hearts both sad and determined, we honor every hero who keeps us safe and free and we pledge to work together to fight together and to overcome together every enemy and obstacle that's ever in our path. our values will endure, our people will thrive. our nation will prevail and the memory of our loved ones will never ever die. thank you. may god bless you. may god forever bless the great united states of america. thank you very much.
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the president of the united states with his remarks. 16 years to the day when nearly 3,000 lives were lost on 9/11. there at the pentagon. the president honoring specifically the 184 lives lost when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. a beautiful moment where he pointed out a young man named isaac who ran into danger and could have died himself saving others. a pentagon police officer who continues to serve this nation at the pentagon. let's bring in our barbara starr. barbara, the words of the president, when americans are in need, americans pull together as one country and isaac is just one of so many heroes that day that continue to serve this nation. barbara. >> we see sergeant isaac around the pentagon all the time. he's still on duty.
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he mans various security checkpoints. let me be the one to say it's 16 years the pentagon police force are remarkable people. they move 20,000 plus people in and out of this building safely every day and we are all grateful to them. there are names and faces. this is not just the foggy history in these hallways. i can tell you standing out there as i was 16 years ago, you know it's tough to look at it because that building, that side of the building was rebuilt within one year. it was very important, a very important symbol that defense secretary donald rumsfeld personally oversaw. he wanted this place back in tiptop shape, back whole and i think it's really important every year to remember on that morning amidst the flames, the death, the confusion, don rumsfeld as secretary of defense
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refused to shut this building down. he might have been advised to do so, he refused to leave. when he didn't leave the top generals didn't leave. the building stayed open. the dead and the wounded were cared for. there was security. there was an effort to put out the fire from the plane. but very important moment in history because 16 years later, you can look at the pentagon and say that the united states military on that morning when its headquarters was attacked no retreat, no surrender. the u.s. military stayed in place and i know i've said that before on previous anniversaries, but it's something i feel is very important to recall that secretary rumsfeld made sure this place did not shut down. and some of the people who served here still to this day remarkable stories of those who fell and those who continued on. there was an older man here, his name was matt beilke.
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he was here that morning working. max beilke as a young man was the last combat soldier out of vietnam. he came home, he retired. he came back as a civilian and he was killed here that morning. a moment to pause and remember perhaps the many lives of those who served. poppy. >> absolutely, barbara, thank you for all of that. of course, you were there through all of it and bringing us back to those memories of those american heroes and the president honored them as well. before i take you back to john covering how america is coming together right now in the wake of irma, i want to show you pictures out of shanksville. there was a beautiful moment of silence at 10:03:00 a.m. in shanksville to mark the lives of 40 passenger and crew on board united airlines flight 93. the heroes on board believed to have brought down that plane and that field in pennsylvania
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saving countless other lives that moment. those lives remembered, as well this morning. john. >> you know, poppy, i'm always struck by the fact that the kids who lost their parents 16 years ago today, they're now in college, they've now moved on. they're now getting married. living legacies to those people who were lost and on this day, simply we have to say we will never forget. they're always in our hearts. poppy, our thanks to you. i'm in the situation with hurricane irma which is tropical storm irma. more than 5 million without power in the state of florida, had an impact over the entire state of florida. the street where i'm standing brickell ave, yesterday was brickell river. now it's brickell dirt road covered by mud and debris as people are coming back to figure out how much damage was done. it was covered in six feet of water now. there was a hurricane that really struck the west coast of
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florida with enormous force. it's moved up now over to the jacksonville area delivering historic storm surge there and it is not over yet. let's get to chad myers in the weather center right now. the most urgent question, chad, where is it where is it going and what do people need to know. >> it is right there, southwest of jacksonville. where is it going? to the northwest. where is it affecting the most? anywhere from charleston down through jacksonville with flash flood emergencies going on for record flooding. more flooding going on now than during hurricane matthew in savannah or in tybee. more flooding than 1964 all the way back to the 1860s before there were even gauges on the st. johns river in jacksonville. all because the wind is blowing the water here. it's the same surge you always get with a hurricane.
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but it's the surge on the north side. the worst side of the storm. this is now the worst side of the storm. now, there is some surge going back into tampa but two to three feet. not what could have been had the storm been slightly farther offshore. it is a tropical storm, 70 miles per hour. it is dying. it is disintegrating. there is enough of a high pressure up here that the winds will gust to near hurricane strength. all the way through georgia, south carolina and even southern north carolina later on today. at least 70-mile-per-hour gusts all through this region. that will bring power lines down, trees down and put more people without power like 5 million in florida is not enough, john, because it's still going. it's dying but it's still going for this region right through here. jacksonville, st. augustine all the way almost to charleston. >> still going. chad myers, thank you so much for that forecast and thank you for guiding us through yesterday and so many ways you took us by the hand and walked us through
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what we were all experiencing and told us what we could expect and how to stay safe so really thank you for what you've been doing. >> if i could have taken you by the hand and taken you inside i would have. >> yeah, you and my mom both. today is all about assessing the damage out here. you can see people driving by here taking a look, trying to get a sense of if they can come back. when they can move their lives back to order. cnn doing the same thing. i want to go to bradenton south of tampa right now, diane gallagher on the move literally in a vehicle trying to figure out how things stand right now. diane. >> that's right, john. we're in sort of what we call roaming coverage vehicle and cameras all over and switch to some. we're in bradenton, that's in manatee county driving around watching people come out after the storm. really receiving far less damage than they were expecting but we still see quite a few as you
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can -- downed trees and people with their children out here. directing traffic. we're going to switch over. you can see they have the chain saws out. one-rain road. pardon? >> that way is blocked further up. >> it's blocked? thank you very much. yeah, people kind of trying to figure out the traffic pattern here in bradenton right now. they experienced the side camera. we got the people with the chain saws attempting really here at this point what they're dealing with besides just trees down is a lot of power outages. more than half of manatee county lost power, part of that 5 million without it at this point in florida going over the river, this bay area which is -- it's high but not over the bank, john and that's what they were really worried about was getting that storm surge. the fact that tampa bay and the fact that bayou didn't get the surge they were expecting spared a lot of people's property. the wind did come through pretty fierce and, again, it's up high. that water there but didn't come
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over the roadways. i did speak with some police officers who spent the night in a school. they said that they went out after the winds went down maybe about 2:30, 3:00 to start assessing some of the damage. you can see here fences that came down, looks like we are going to be stopped on riverview boulevard. we are behind a fire engine but i mean just take a look at all the trees and branches and palm fronds, coconuts on the roadway here. we've been seeing a lot of this up next to the bayou. the winds coming through knocking trees down and they're under a mandatory curfew until 3:00 p.m. they had a shellter that lost power and they were able to get it back up on a generator and the kids were in the middle of watching "a bug's life" trying to keep them entertained. we'll throw it back to you. not trying to get in this fire engine's way and find a safe way out of manatee county as we continue to look at the damage.
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>> you know, diane gallagher, thanks so much. i'm sure those rescue and recovery crews appreciate that and appreciate all the work you're doing because so much of today is learning where things stand, again, curious people out here just asking the question, how bad was it and when will things get back to normal? here in miami, miami is waking up on the move today. it shouldn't take too long for a lot of people to get their lives back in order. i'm not sure that will be the case in each and every place in florida. i want to go over to naples right now. chris cuomo is there and, chris, it's hard for us to tell, get a complete assessment of where things stand in miami. i'm wondering if you get that sense over in naples, as well. >> a much smaller place but there are degrees. right here this is where we were getting that record gust of 140 miles an hour but you know what it is now, traffic. people getting back home, this is a good sign. this is what you want to see.
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roads are clear. people want to get after it waving, enthusiastic. a lot of them, how are you doing? they don't have power and they are anxious about what they're going to find when they get home. we have heard this morning just talking to people here, there's some bad stories when they're getting there. thank god not ultimately tragic. we're not hearing about any loss of life not here not yet. but apartment struggles, you know, losing parts of their structure and it did flood a lot of places so we will hear more about the keys. we heard from the cuban government they lost ten lives to the storm so it's still early in terms of understanding. the storm isn't even over yet. mike galanos is in orlando, another place expected to see nothing and, boy, did they get a surprise from hurricane irma. mike, what's it like now? >> hey, chris, yeah, we had that last-minute turn and it hit and hit hard. we're in a neighborhood west of downtown orlando. i don't know if you can see
7:17 am
behind me, one of the rescue trucks going back into the neighborhood. there's 550 homes back there. we're happy to say 133 people have been rescued. now, behind me in that neighborhood you've got two retention ponds, even described as lakes and they flooded. they backed up with hour after hour of rain here and they tried with pumps but couldn't get the water out fast enough so the next thing you know you've got homes back there with water waist deep. some of these water -- some of these hopes have water completely flooded. one guy i talked to were wading it out trying to debate do we get out. they waited too long. it was in the house waist deep. he got out. his mom and dad and brother are inside waiting and still people waiting to be rescued or debating whether or not to come out. this is one place that got hit hard in orlando and kind of a surprise when everything backed up in one of those ponds, chris. >> all right. mike, please, keep an eye on the situation. we're here literally like the
7:18 am
welcoming committee waviing people as they get back down the street. it is amazing that we were standing basically right here dave and i, the photographer we were right up on this balcony yesterday and we were experie e experienced something the likes of which i have never seen before. i've stood in a lot of storms. i never have seen anything like that fire hose of wind and water that came through with hurricane irma but the next morning people are going home. this is the best sight you can see. it is only one aspect of this story, though, for two big reasons. one, we just don't know things yet. we don't know where people didn't make it. where things are impassable. where things are not livable yet. that's a big deal. this is going to be a big day of discovery. there is a second reason. it's not over yet. so we'll take a quick break. when we come back. you got poppy and john and i will take you where the storm is now and all of the things we're weighing to hear. new information every minute. patrick woke up with back pain.
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four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. we're getting new pictures just in. this is drone footage over pelican island which is just off miami and you can see what hurricane irma did to so many of the boats that were out there in the water for this storm. the problem was is that tropical storm force winds and hurricane-force winds hit for 12 straight hours and no matter how many preparations you take sometimes it's not enough and boats did get tossed around in a marina all day yesterday and saw a boat with eight ropes. seven of the ropes came undone and for so much of the time it was dangling on one rope precariously all day so you can see just one scene of the
7:24 am
devastation from hurricane irma on the southeast coast of florida. the devastation all the way up the west coast as well. let's go to ryan young in clearwater, florida. ryan. >> reporter: john, look, we were in clearwater last night getting pounded by the winds. we experienced wind gusts above 80 miles per hour. look behind us. you can still see police officers blocking off the bridge here to the beach. that's as a precaution and seen many people getting turned around but you see these signs of just sheer power because of the wind. you see the wind just relentlessly rip things apart as we drove through the area we could see downed trees and power lines and also seen police officers all over the area as they start to make sure people don't come out, of course, we've seen a lot of people with their cameras sticking out of their cars just trying to drive around, see what's going on but scenes like this. look at the size of this tree right here. that is a palm tree ripped off from another location and thrown
7:25 am
here. this weighs over 100 pounds so you can imagine what would have happened if this hit somebody as they were outside so that's good news that no one was hurt. we'll show you video as we were driving around and went through neighborhoods. talked to some people. look, one homeowner said they were so worried mr. what was going on they took their kitchen table and put it up against their windows but that didn't save his car. listen to what he had to say. >> kind of like a thunk and crash all at once and my wife said i think something just broke. yeah, well, it broke. so it's not -- i don't think it's too bad. >> so you can hear what he was talking about in terms of that car was just sort of mangled by the tree next door and actually about four houses down we saw more neighbors with their trees on top of their homes so you understand what people are sort of assessing right now so, chris, as you can see in this area people will be having
7:26 am
stories about what's happened for the next few days as they try to clean up. a lot of people, though, with happy spirits in terms of just being able to make it through what they heard last night in terms of the wind, rain and all that water. >> hey, ryan, i'll take it from here. thank you very much. we've just been walking around here getting a sense of how quickly these stores can open in naples. we had store owners say let them know we'll be open for business. and this is the best news you could have. everybody wants to get back to normal. let's bring in the mayor of clearwater. mr. mayor, can you hear us? >> good morning, yes, sir. >> all right, so what are you dealing with there now, sir? >> i'm sorry? >> what are you dealing with there now, sir? >> oh, well first off, chris, let me remember all those who lost their lives on september the 11th. it's sort of ironic we're having to deal with this now. but we are blessed here in
7:27 am
pinellas, clearwater, st. petersburg, the storm was coming dreektly to us but shifted. our biggest problem lack of power. 70% doesn't have power. we're encouraging people to please stay indoors still until we can finish our assessments of the damage but it wasn't as great as it could have been. >> well, look, that is the best news to get. we know that not having power especially in florida is going to be a big-time inconvenience but it could have been so much worse and you're right. this is a day -- >> absolutely. >> hopefully within a couple of days we'll be back to normal. >> well, that's the best kind of news is a quick recovery and the resilience that we'll see here in irma. you're right. sometimes there are no coincidences in life and it being 9/11 today we should all have perspective just about
7:28 am
anything can be overcome when you have people united in the same spirit of doing that. mr. mayor, the best to you up there. let us know if we can help. poppy, to you in new york and make sure we get all of the right timing for the remembrances on this very important anniversary. >> thank you so much, chris. and as you said and the president reiterated this morning, when americans are in need americans come together as one country. we are about to hear from the vice president in shanksville, pennsylvania, but first a moment of silence 10:28 a.m., 16 years ago when the north tower fell. [ bell tolls]
7:29 am
andrew james knox. >> you see the pain and the faces of all of those this morning. remembering their mother, their fathers, their children, their brothers, their sisters who died on this day 16 years ago, that moment of silence to mark the north tower falling here in new
7:30 am
york city. marked by that beautiful, glorious memorial on a beautiful september morning here in new york. in a moment we'll hear remarks from the vice president at shanksville, pennsylvania, where 40 brave americans lost their lives on united flight 93. we'll bring you the vice president in just a moment.
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president trump asked me to be here to pay a debt of honor to the 40 heroes of flight 93, to all the fallen and their families and to the generation of heroes they inspired and to tell you that his heart is here in pennsylvania, especially with all of you who lost loved ones 16 years ago. our president observed this day of remembrance at the pentagon memorial where moments ago he paid tribute to the 184 men and women who lost their lives there. all of our hears, as well, are with the families of 2,753 men and women, their families who lost their lives at the world
7:36 am
trade center in new york city. as the president said just moments ago, we -- we grieve with every family of the innocent souls who were murdered by terrorists that day. and we will never forget what happened on september 11th. 2001. today we pause as a nation not so much to remember tragedy as to celebrate heroism. and patriotism. but permit me to say on this day, as was said before, our hearts and our prayers are also with our fellow americans in florida and throughout the region who have suffered loss in the winds and waters of hurricane irma, at this very hour first responders and new citizen heroes are being forged among the people of florida and
7:37 am
as the president has said, i say again, to those affected by hurricane irma, we are with you. we will stay with you and we will be with you every day after this tempest passes to restore, recover and rebuild. [ applause ] everyone remembers where they were on this day 16 years ago. a mom rousing her children to get ready for school, a farmer wrapping up the morning chores, a coal miner finishing the third shift and heading home. as a new member of congress i was going through my normal workday routine at the united states capitol when i learned of attacks in new york city and at the pentagon. i will always remember the scenes of that day, watching the
7:38 am
capitol complex being evacuated, it was as though the building were literally hemorrhaging with people running in every direction. i found myself just across the street from the u.s. capitol eventually on the top floor of the headquarters of the tap cole police chief, i was there with leaders of the house and senate, shortly after i arrived the chief of police set the phone back down and informed the leaders gathered there that there was a plane inbound to the capitol and he said it was 12 minutes out. in that moment the room became silent and as people began to make plans, i found myself looking out the window where
7:39 am
just across the street was the capitol dome with that majestic statue of freedom standing atop it, a dome that's a symbol of the ideals of this nation, of freedom and democracy for all the world. so, we waited. it was the longest 12 minutes of my life. but it turned to 13 minutes then 14 and then we were informed that the plane had gone down in a field in pennsylvania. in the days ahead like every american we would learn the story of the 40 heroes of flight 93, men and women who looked evil squarely in the eye and without regard to their personal
7:40 am
safety they rushed forward to save lives. they were mothers and fathers, your brothers and sisters. sons and daughters from every walk of life from every background. mark bingham was on his way to be an usher in his college friend's wedding. ceecee lyles was looking to be a flight attendant. lauren grandcolas, three months pregnant and bill cashman himself a former army paratrooper with the 101th airborne had helped to build the world trade center with his own two hands and there were so many others whose names we just heard echo into the wind this morning. they were ordinary people but on that day they became
7:41 am
extraordinary. we all know the story, flight 93 took off at 8:42 departing newark to san francisco. 46 minutes later terrorists seized control. at 9:35 the plane diverted toward washington, d.c. the passengers called their loved ones only to find out what was happening across the country. they learned what the rest of america knew, the world trade center had been struck. the pentagon had been hit, only a few moments after they were hijacked. they figured out that the terrorists intended to use their plane for the same purpose. but as tom burnett told his wife on the phone, we're going to do something. and they did. the men and women of flight 93
7:42 am
began to join together. they devised a plan in those short moments -- they knew their objective and they not only planned but history records that they prayed together with lisa jefferson, a phone operator on the ground below, we were told they prayed the lord's prayer. and recited those ancient words tho i walk through the shadow of death i will fear no evil for thou are with me. at 9:57 only after 27 minutes todd beamer spoke those words that america will never forget. let's roll. they charged the cockpit. they took hold of their fate and six minutes later at 10:03,
7:43 am
flight 93 plumbed here to the earth. brave men and women aboard. sacrificed their lives for the country we call home. we gather here today because the men and women of flight 93 are heros. >> looking at the feels of shanksville, pennsylvania. where 40 heroes saved countless lives. vice president mike pence recalling all of those on board united flight 93 who took down their own plane that was believed to be heading potentially for the u.s. capitol. he remembered those like a pregnant mother, the phone calls to their loved ones and what they decided to do together, men and women he said who looked evil squarely in the eye. we remember all of them today as we do every year on 9/11.
7:44 am
let's go back to john. he's in florida covering the latest on irma john. >> poppy, thanks so much. not just a florida event and really not just an american event. not even close. it did so much damage in the caribbean and only now are we getting a sense of the scope of damage in cuba. we heard earlier at least ten people had died there and our patrick who was in the midst of the storm for so many hours, patrick, you are now just surveying the damage. what are you seeing? >> absolutely. it makes it one of the highest death tolls so far and unusual for cuba to have so many dead because they do organize well for storms but obviously when it made impact as a 5 it was overwhelming for the people who experienced it and for the government. we're in the center and see the
7:45 am
huge wave, aftermath of irma two days after it came through and there's still larger than unusual waves battering the shore and flooding over the weekend. the floodwaters have receded. all of us people are putting belongings out because this area was underwater and putting their belongings out to dry. there are huge pieces of concrete and trees down everywhere. a lot of it is without electricity, slowly being restored. pickup process, i expect the death toll to go higher as government authorities go door to door checking on people. you know, this storm had such an impact. not just here in havana where it wasn't even felt at its stronger but further down the island where it came in soy powerful, houses were flooded and blown over and only beginning to you toic a full accounting of the destruction that irma wrecked on cuba. >> patrick oppmann, so
7:46 am
fascinating. irma hit cuba two days ago and it's taken two days to get out to see all the damage that was done, patrick, our thanks to you and for your coverage of what is going on down there. here in the united states, still getting a sense of how much irma did. where the area of need is and where irma is heading next. cnn about to hear from brock long, the director of fema. stay with us. we'll be right back. you know who likes to be
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. all right. thank you very much. we're here talking to people, they're starting to come back in naples, florida. this is the best scenario of a bad situation. just think about it, not even 24 hours ago, not even close, they had something that looked like a fire hose coming down this street of wind and water, 140-mile-an-hour hurricane gusts. it set a record. right here, is where we were monitoring it. forget about that day. it doesn't matter anymore. they're moving forward here and
7:51 am
opening up the stores and getting back to life without power. big qualification. storm surge here was not what it was expected to be but it was enough, flooded homes, significant damage. we're going to be learning more and more. this is a day of discovery. drew griffin had his own journey outside fort meyers, people in a shelter not getting information, worried, frustrated part of the reality heading into today too. true. >> chris, 6,147 people, the final count inside this arena, the arena that had roof [ inaudible ] held people fine. everybody was safe. this morning, when they woke up, another head caache as they tri to evacuate. the road out of here is flooded. many cars stalled. that has created even more misery. i want to bring in maria. you've been out here for how long now? >> it was okay to leave, we
7:52 am
left. >> and your husband left? >> my husband left. >> he got his car? >> he got his car with no problem. last night we were able to -- he was able to go home and he has said that everything was okay where we were at. then the situation changed. >> what happened? >> water came and started coming in. >> the car got flooded? >> when he was over here on this street, the water got flooded. this was not flooded. now the water started to shift location. >> out here several hours waiting for her son to pick him up? >> i was waiting for him. >> so it's just lots of people, hundreds of people are still here. they won't let us inside, chris, but i did go inside. there is water on the floor, but everybody is singing the praises of the florida national guard who ran this shelter. i want to share with you one picture that i think encapsulates what happened here. this was misery and these national guardsmen, these pl
7:53 am
policemen, stepped up and kept everybody calm and safe through a very rough night. even though everybody is complaining there are no complaints about the people that ran the shelter here. 6,147 under one roof outside of fort meyers, chris. >> the best news every single one of them made it through and are free to complain. you know, that is -- that is a beautiful outcome for those first responders, because they got everybody through this disaster. you know, we call them angels on earth because more often than not that's what they are. they are the best of us who are here to help the rest of us. that's part of this day of discovery as well. the first responders couldn't get out except in some isolated emergency situations last night, so they are out there getting waves of information. that's why we're going slow abowho was hurt, did people make it through. a lot is unknown here in florida proper, let alone, john, in the keys. there is still a big and scary
7:54 am
question mark hanging over that chain of islands because they are not fundamentally dissimilar, geographically, top graphically from cuba, from puerto rico and we saw what happened there. >> bill weier in key largo and can't move right now because he doesn't have fuel to get out of his location and so many people who chose to stay are in the same situation. . it's a good sign, we see people out here walking, but the recovery just beginning. and poppy, you had the discussion with christine romans, there's no sense yet of how much this will cost because they haven't even seen all the damage that has been done yet. >> let's just remember that all of those first responders, all of those aide workers, john and chris, as you know, the red cross dealing not only with the devastation of irma and the havoc it is still wreaking as it moves north, but also the devastation of hurricane harvey. this is the time when americans come together.
7:55 am
as we heard the president say this morning, beautifully remembering 9/11, 16 years ago, this is when americans come together and the two of you are certainly seeing it down there in florida, john. >> yeah. look, you know, i'm loathed to talk about the advances of social media and how it changes everything, but this to me felt like one of the first social media hurricanes. the entire country watching what was going on in florida and the caribbean first and then everyone in florida experiencing it with each other as it was happening. chris, while we were lose power, while our equipment was on the fritz, while everything was getting really tough here in miami, all the cell phones were working and people were seeing right here who were walking by who still lost their power said they were able to follow what was happening and keep track of their own safety on their phones. >> which is you know what, a good luxury to have, almost a necessity in situations like that. look at the alternative, the story we keep hearing about
7:56 am
people who didn't know, the anxiety to this moment, the fear of the unknown and anticipation is often the worst part of a situation like this, assuming you make it through. so, this is going to be a big day of discovery, john. we hope that the information is not too bad. >> that's right. chris cuomo, thanks so much in naples, poppy harlow in new york, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. cnn's special live coverage of the aftermath in these places, but still the ongoing destruction of tropical storm irma continues right after this. at whole foods market, we believe in food that's naturally beautiful, fresh and nutritious. so there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives in any of the food we sell. we believe in real food. whole foods market. looking for adventure this labor day? holy smokes. oh man, that's pretty intense. look no further than chevrolet. this is a fast car. i feel like i left my soul back there. wow. this has power! head to the chevy labor day sales event and ride out the summer in a new chevrolet.
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