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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 13, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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. hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church and this is cnn newsroom. irma is gone. but it will take some time for the u.s. and the caribbean to recover from the devastation this monster hurricane unleashed. it killed at least 17 people in the u.s., a dozen of those in florida. emergency officials say 90% of homes in the keys are damaged or destroyed. millions across the state are without power. meanwhile, the caribbean is trying to assess the damage. they've reported at least 38 storm-related deaths. the world food program said 250,000 people are in need of aid on the eastern islands.
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cnn has teams across the caribbean on some of the hardest hit islands. we'll bring you their reports this hour. some people are starting to return to the florida keys, to see if their homes are still standing. the area was blasted with some of hurricane irma's strongest winds when it made landfall on sunday. cnn's brian todd takes a look at the damage. >> the florida keys recovering from winds of over 130 miles per hour. plus a devastating storm surge. further down on the delicate chain of islands, debris has piled up from the storms. some homes have the roofs ripped off. authorities setting up shelters and food and water contribution points. >> my heart goes out to the people in the keys. there's devastation. you know, i just -- i just hope everybody, you know, survived. it's horrible.
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i know for our entire state, but especially for the keys, it's going to be a long road. there's a lot of damage. >> reporter: this is what's left of a three-story kocondominium complex with a garage on the first door. tom ross owns the unit here. he and all the other condominium owners evacuated. >> this is the third floor of the building. >> reporter: third floor? >> the second floor and the parking garage. all this collapsed down. >> reporter: nearby, a picture of how widely it was destroyed by irma. >> i know it's devastating for a lot of people. >> reporter: this sail you know maker sh maker shows us restaurants that are devastated. this is the force that irma hit
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the keys. the owner of this said the storm dragged this boat offshore. the anchor was dragged and it narrowly missed this house. even the sides of some houses are ripped off. >> we stayed in the bathroom in the hallways. it was, for two days, it was hell. you didn't know if you were going to make it or not. >> reporter: route 1, the only way in and out of the keys, took a beat iing. but officials say they hope to patch up two key stretches by the end of the day. tonight, for the first time, residents are already returning to the first few islands. and in the hardest hit areas of the cease, some are turning down offers from the federal government to evacuate. >> that's ridiculouridiculous. we're making do. everybody is helping out. >> reporter: we asked tom ross about the future here. >> i'm devastated. but i'm always optimistic.
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we'll rebuild it. >> reporter: tom ross is confident when this is built back, this will be built stronger. this place was built in the 1970s before building codes were in effect. he's confident that it can withstand hurricanes in the future. but his wife can't look at this building. brian todd, cnn, florida. joining me now on the phone is cammy clark. she is the public information officer for monroe county in florida, which consists of the southern most tip of florida and the florida keys. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> now, hurricane irma made landfall in your area on sunday. what has happened since then to ensure that the community has access to clean water, clean food and, of course, power? >> it is amazing what has been accomplished in 48 hours here. it literally looked like a
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disaster zone, when i emerged from our emergency operations center on monday morning. here it is tuesday night, and we already have the entire roadway of u.s. 1 cleared, almost all of our side roads are cleared of debris, too. those will be removed later in the week. they've been working to restore power throughout the keys. right now, we've got some power in the upper keys and they're working to get it in the lower keys. same thing with water. we've got some water in the upper keys. and then, they're working to restore it in the lower keys, as well. working hard to get our hospitals back up and running and our emergency room in one of them is already operational. just, i mean, you can't imagine from what it looked like monday morning until tuesday night, how much work has been established in a short time. >> it sound likes a lot of progress has been made. what advice has been given to people who want to get back to
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their home if they evacuated out if there's no power or clean running water or other things that are needed? what would you say to them? >> yeah. right now, we have allowed a limited reentry into the keys of just the upper keys. where there are some services. we've got a couple grocery stores opened up and gas stations opened up. life is getting a little back to normal in the upper keys. but we're still keeping the middle keys and the lower keys closed because that area was more affected by the hurricane and there's more progress to be made on the infrastructure of water, power, et cetera. we're moving along fast. and telling people to be patient. we want to make it as safe as possible before they return. we get the work done so much quicker when we don't have to navigate cars and people and stuff. we can go through the roads and do what we have to do and get out. progress is being made remarkably quickly. >> understood.
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how would you describe overall the level of damage? and how long would you predict it would take to get life back to normal there? >> it looks like a war zone, like i said, when you fly over or see just the downed tree limbs. the storm did havoc on all of our beautiful palm landscaping. my yard, just had it finished. all the trees have no leaves. my structure of my house, i'm not going to put a claim into insurance. the structure of my house is fine. the only thing i have down is a ceiling fan. there's houses that got damaged throughout the cease. we don't have an assessment from that. it looks worse than it really is when you look at the structures. >> let's hope that cleanup effort continues at the same
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pace you're telling us. we appreciate you speaking with us cammy clark. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. the full force of hurricane irma was not enough to destroy the hopes of one florida keys resident. randi kaye went home with a man who was surprised with what the storm left behind. >> reporter: mike has worked in the keys for 30 years, working fishing charters. he's about to see what is left of his house. >> the boat is there. my house is there. look at the boats bile es look at the boats bile e piled . >> reporter: how does your house look to you? >> it looks like it's still there. look here. all destroyed. wow. totally gone. really excited to see what's left. i don't think we got the 10 or 12-foot storm surge. i'll know when we get to my house. >> reporter: some of those
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houses are totally destroyed. this is your boat here? >> this one. it's a little beat up. survived. >> reporter: what do you think? >> not horrible. i still have a house. i have my boat. underneath of my house looks different. >> reporter: how so? >> well, i didn't have all of this stuff here before. a lot of this isn't mine. that's not main. the tackle box isn't mine. this will be the tell tale. watch. it's dry so far. >> reporter: the eye went right over your house. >> right over our house. >> reporter: isn't it amazing that it's still standing? >> i'm ecstatic. they changed our building codes about five years ago. i think it made all the difference. we build to 180 wind load here. >> randi kaye reporting there. the power is out in much of florida. millions are sweltering. dead program javaheri is here. this is the problem of the
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aftermath of hurricanes like this. power outages, water, food, that's a real problem. we're seeing harvey and irma, jose. is this it for a little bit? >> for now, it looks like it. jose might be veering away from the u.s. the latest model depicts that. when it comes to this sort of event how many people are impacted, the one element that people think about is, the power outages in relation to extreme heat in place of this. if you think of florida, the elderly population is really high. the elderly and the children, i want to break it down as how things can play out here in extreme temperatures. the maps in motion. how about these temps. the early morning hours, 3:00 in the morning, temperatures in the upper 70s, lower 80s. millions of customers without power. what's fascinating, you look key west into naples, the areas impacted. the weather operations out of
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commission from the power of the storm system. out towards the caribbean. no weather option vabservations had. you can see where the track of the storm was, just by looking at what weather instruments are not reporting. the forecast across southern and central florida looks as stifling as it gets. middle and upper 90s in the afternoon hours. 6 trillion gallons of water fell from the sky across the state of florida in the last couple of days. with all of that moisture e vap wa rating, the humidity is up. your body's number one response to cool off is sweating. if the humidity is up, sweating does not happen efficiently. that's a major concern. we're talking 12 to 16 million people without power when you break it down. but the numbers, when you look at 1 in 20 people, estimated to be over the age of 80 in the
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state of florida. over 3 million estimated to be up to 60 years old or older. so, the body's ability to efficiently cool itself are severely limited when you're an elderly group or below the age of 5. sweating is not as effective. once your core temperatures get above 104 degrees fahrenheit, your organs begin to fail and your system begins to shut down and heat stress sets in. heat illness, is a daily occurrence. heat stress is accumulative effect. and that can happen over a period of several days. there's several nursing homes and such across florida that's been without power since sunday morning. three or four days, a lot of the areas, people are not going to be able to handle it. the air conditioning is oning 365 days a year. this could be a very big story if power is not restored.
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the caribbean needs help after irma avenuaged a series of islands. many people are running low on food, water, gasoline and other essentials. european countries are starting to deliver some aid after they were criticized for not doing enough fast enough. this is one of the destruction of st. martin, one of the islands that is reported significant looting. the situation there is desperate. the north is administrated by france, the south by the netherlands. both were leveled as irma roared think as a category 5 as we mentioned. look at the rubble the storm left behind. st. martin residents are anxious for aid to get there. >> i want to show you the first impression you get when you get to st. martin. we're on the dutch side right now. this is it.
12:19 am
there's no light. there's little power on the island right now. all along that street, there's insurance, a pizzeria, and other stores. only two have a light that's running. the biggest newspaper on the island, "the daily herald," they have power. for them, the power is working. the power company is going house-to-house, one by one, they have to make sure there's no live wires before they turn it on. we're fortunate. let's show you what's next in st. maarten. the few lights that are on in the island, they're either fortunate that have the power turned back on, or they have a generator. if they have a generator, they need some of this. they need the gasolines. but the gas stations are all closed. and that buys you about two hours of power. let me show you this way.
12:20 am
these are the guys who are -- have allowed us to stay here. that's the only reason we can put this broadcast out there. one of the few things -- tom, i know you're camera-shy. but when you talk to people, this is what happens. why are you sleeping here? >> the roof of my house is gone. >> reporter: you can't sleep in your house anymore? >> once it gets better fixed i will. but that will be a while. >> reporter: for the moment, tom is one of the many, many people whose homeless and you can put it that way. he's sleeping here with his wife. he's one of the sports section of the paper. i'll show you this. this is the lifeline. i was telling you about the gasoline, this is about two hours of power. for everything that's filled up, two days of power. once that goes out, not much we can do. and this is the printing press. they can't print anymore because
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this requires water. there's no water. it's essentially what the dutch marines. this is the last paper they printed on tuesday. the day before the hurricane hit. and this is the headline. businesses must close at noon. curfew, 8:00 p.m. with all this, there's one glimmer of hope. we've learned, now, that tomorrow, two things are going to reopen that are key to a normal functioning life here in st. maarten. that's supermarkets. a couple of supermarkets said they're reopening on wednesday. that's going to bring up great relief to the population of st. maarten. and gas stations, as well. a couple warned they would be reopen. and there will be stuaecurity t make sure it's done in an orderly fashion. the very beginning of life beginning in st. maarten. french president macron is
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colleging e in pledging to rebuild the territories. he visited st. martin to observe the devastation firsthand. officials say 90% of the island was destroyed. mr. macron assured residents that life will return to normal. >> translator: the days that follow are the days for returning to normal life and reconstructing. and it's important that as many people as possible, everyone who can and who wants to, stays on the island of st. martin. and i say this because st. martin has a future, one that needs to be reconstructed. and today, we should think about reconstruction in the short, medium and long-term. the storm left many of the caribbean islands unrecognizable. some in the virgin islands lost everything and are stranded.
12:23 am
paula sandoval reveals there's glimmers of hope on the island of tortola. >> reporter: when you think you've seen some of the worst damage by irma, you come here. and you can see the devastation is widespread here on tortola. you can see what's left of one of the marinas here. this is certainly one of the hardest-hit regions. people here had been struggling to find food, to find water. however, supplies are slowly making their way here. and neighboring caribbean islands have been hard hit. many of the residents that call those places home have had to evacuate to puerto rico, united states. many people who live here are trying to make it back to the u.k. we've heard some remarkable stories of survival. people who have essentially had to huddle inside their homes to ride out the storm. and then, had to scrap whatever they could to eat and drink. that's the reality for many people here. resources are slowly but surely
12:24 am
making their way to some of the regions that were devastated by irmenierely a week ago. but it is not at the rate that locals would like to see it happen. what does stand out after our time here in the caribbean has been the resilience of many of the people here. they're determined to clean up. they're determined to rebuild. an they're particularly determined to get the piece of paradise back. right now, the long road to recovery, people are just getting started on that journey. reporting on the island of tortola, polo sandoval, cnn. the united kingdom is defending its response to irma in the caribbean. boris johnson is visiting british territories there after the british government was criticized for not moving quickly enough to help victims. >> we have every sympathy for the sufferi ining of the people by this extraordinary hurricane,
12:25 am
the biggest in 150 years. most fair-minded people looking at the deployment the u.k. has made. this is the biggest deployment since libya. the reason i'm here as far as secretaries, these are overseas territories the these are british people, work here to show our support, not just for the short-term, but for the long-term. >> nina dos santos joins us from london. politicians from both major parties say britain's response to irma in the caribbean has been found wanting. that's telling. why was britain so slow to respond? and what is it sending so far? >> the foreign office and the british government at number 10 have been saying that people have to remember that these aren't the same types of jurisdictions that macron is
12:26 am
dealing with. gue guadeloupe and st. martin are french territories. the british islands are part of the overseas territories. they're self-governing. the u.k. doesn't have the same infrastructure in this region where it the deploy personnel and the needed food and water items, water purificatiopurific. the govern has earmarked $41 million worth of relief aid. they've deployed personnel to help with the relief effort. and also there's about 50 police officers who have been sent from the u.k. to help shore up security in islands like tortola, that you heard polo sandoval reporting from before. there's big concerns about looting and so on and so worfor. there's more aid on its way.
12:27 am
"hms ocean" is coming with about 50,000 water purification tablets and buckets to collect rainwater. that's on its way over towards the islands. of course, it will take about ten days to get there. in the meantime, what we've had is government ministers like boris johnson turning up, albeit a day later than the king of the netherlands and the french president. and they're probably going to have to try to rely on places like the united states to mobilize food aid, to buy food i aid from the mainland of the u.s., who need water, food and medical supplies before the u.k. can get them from europe. rosemary? >> ten days is a long time when you're in need. many thanks for that live report. nina dos santos from london, 5830 in the morn. marco island, florida, was pummeled by hurricane irma.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. let's turn to hurricane irma and its aftermath. 90% of the homes on the florida keys have been destroyed or heavily damaged. many residents who evacuated are eager to get back home. but governor rick scott urged them to check with local officials to make sure it's safe. the city of jacksonville is trying to recover from a record-breaking storm surge and flooding. about 5 million homes and businesses across the state are without power. marco island in florida was hit hard by hurricane irma. and many people rode out the storm while their houses fell
12:33 am
apart around them. one woman spent harrowing hours with her dog. because of gas shortages, she thought the safest choice was to stay put. she captured these images of the aftermath on marco island. i spoke with her and asked what is next for her and her community. now going forward, what lies ahead for you and how long do you think it will take to get life back to normal? >> well, i think that some of the buildings -- i was passing by a building that was across from the post office. and the entire roof was just -- i mean, demolished. it was terrible. it was a big building, as well. i was really surprised about that. there are -- our generator, the actual air conditioning on the top was damaged severely. so, i think they have to replace it. that's something that will have to be done. my place, i mean, we're going to board up the windows tomorrow. so, right now, they're just
12:34 am
wide-open because there was nobody -- there's so many people are having problems right now, that you just can't get somebody to help. and the supplies are limited right now. so, once i get that taken care of, i was lucky. my neighbor, he had carpet. i have ceramic throughout. his carpet is saturated. so, he was here in the storm, at this apartment. the winds were blowing. all of the rain and everything was coming into his unit. it was terrible. it was not a good thing for him. he's just next door. my place, i was lucky. there wasn't that much structure except for the windows. some coming through the front windows here. i had to mop everything up. we have to paint and that kind of thing. i think mine will be fixed in the next couple weeks, three weeks. something like that. there's other damage to the
12:35 am
island, that i'm sure is going to take a little longer. >> indeed. we've been looking at pictures, as you've been speaking with us. just one of so many stories in the wake of hurricane irma. elizabeth, thank you so much for speaking with us. we appreciate it. >> you take care. >> we'll take a short break here. still to come, while north korea fumes over harsh new sanctions, south korea is carrying out live fire drills with the u.s. latest on the nuclear standoff. that is next. n under an hour is easy with gocentral... ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy.
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welcome back, everyone. the u.s. supreme court just sided with the trump administration and granted a request to uphold the travel ban for refugees. the order affects about 24,000 people that would have been granted entry by an appeals court ruling last week. now, they're banned wungs agaon. the supreme court will consider the full legality of the ban in october. north korea calls the latest u.n. sanctions a heinous
12:40 am
provocation. they're the strongest measures ever made against the regime, meant to choke off the country's economy and ban one-third of its oil imparts. be u.s. president donald trump says there could be much more to come. >> we had a vote yesterday on sanctions. we think it's just a very small step. not a big deal. rex and i were just discussing not big. i don't know if it has any impact. but it was nice to get a 15-0 vote. those sanctions are what will have to happen. >> ian lee joins us live from seoul. we've seen north korea's reaction. is this an indication that pyongyang is really concerned about this new round of sanctions in a way it hasn't been before?
12:41 am
>> reporter: rosemary, they're definitely not happy about it. we heard this from many statements from the north korean government from before the sanctions. they said there would be unbearable consequences. and afterwards, called it further provocation. harsh threats and rhetoric from the north. will it have an impact? that's the big question. you know, and will they feel the pinch? north korean's have been able to skirt sanctions in the past. there's a concern that with the furtherer sanctions, they might go an unorthodox measure and try to sell the nuclear secrets to other people. the missile technology, something that would be difficult to keep tabs on. there's some concern about the sanctions being implemented and what they could do. one thing they told us they will do is accelerate the nuclear
12:42 am
program. these sanctions, any international pressure suspeisn going to have an affect on the nuclear program, the number one program in the future, rosemary. >> that's what we've seen in the past. numerous sanctions so north korea and little impact. watching the progress now being made with the nuclear program. why should this be any different? >> reporter: that is the big question. will it really have any difference? and you're right. you brought up a good point, that north korea in the past, has surprised people by how quick they've been able to develop. not only their nuclear program. but also, the missile tech technology. especially when they said they can put a hydrogen bomb on an intercontinental ballistic missile. the new things we heard from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, is the toughest yet. and it goes after important
12:43 am
industries. more specifically, textiles that bans the export of $800 million a year. you also have foreign laborers, about 100,000 north koreans working abroad. they bring home about $500 million. that will be affected. you have oil, as well. really putting the screws to north korea. but then, we heard from the russian president, vladimir putin, said the north koreans would eat grass before they gave up their nuclear program. while on one hand you have the international community trying to put the screws on north korea, north korea doesn't seem to be affected by or at least the nuclear program doesn't seem affected by it. >> what is it that north korea wants here? does it want direct talks with the united states? or is this just about defending its nation? what's it really pushing for here? >> you got a couple things,
12:44 am
rosemary. first and foremost, north korea knows what happened to iraq and libya, which gave up their programs of weapons of mass destruction. and they saw how the united states went into iraq and supported the rebels of libya. they don't want to be the third country. but also, they want to be seen as a legitimate nuclear power. they want to talk to the united states, as two nuclear powers. and that's just something that the united states, south korea, japan, other countries aren't willing to do. the united states said, they're willing to talk to north korea. but first, they have to dismantle their nuclear program. you have that big rift, rosemary. one they don't seem to be able to cross that divide anytime son soon. >> ian lee, with that live report. it's nearly 4:45 in the afternoon. many thanks. as far as north korea sees it, the u.s. is the aggressor, stirring tensions and raising
12:45 am
fears with its annual joint military drills with south korea. as paula hancocks reports, seoul believes those exercises are crucial. >> reporter: this mission has come over from japan, to carry out a live fire drill. it's very important they train with the south koreans. engaging an imaginary enemy. the combined force of tanks, artillery and ground fire. [ gunfire ] two countries united on the battlefield. south korean air support covers for u.s. marines on the ground. the u.s. military says this kind of live-fire drill is vital to
12:46 am
make sure they know how to cooperate, to communicate, to fight alongside their south korean counterparts. this is why this training happens throughout the year in south korea. they say they don't have a specific enemy in mind whilst their doing these drills. that's not necessarily how north korea sees it. >> u.s. marines are prepared for a fight. it doesn't matter who is on there. we do our best to not specify a particular enemy. >> reporter: pyongyang has called joint exercises radical and dangerous. proof of a hostile policy, intent on invading the north. but for the u.s. 3rd marine division, if you don't train, you can't fight. >> it's to strengthen the bond we have with them. we have a combined understanding of the approach to conflict. it allows us to shoot, move and communicate across the battlefield, wherever that
12:47 am
battlefield may be at. >> reporter: two nationalities fight side-by-side, showing pyongyang, if you engage one, you fight both. china and russia have called for drills like these to be put on hold, so they can convince north korea to put a freeze on their missile program. a suggestion the u.s. officials call insulting. paula hancocks, cnn, south korea. we'll take a short break. but still to come, american country music star, kenny chesney, is vowing to help victims in the u.s. virgin islands. why it hits close to home for him. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec®
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albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. ♪ stevie wonder with a very appropriate message at the hand in hand relief benefit. >> we come together to love on the people who have been devastated by the hurricanes. when love goes into action, it
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prefers no color of skin, no ethnicity, no sexual preferences and no political persuasions. it just loves. as we should begin to love and value our planet. and anyone who believes there is no such thing as global warming, must be blind or unintelligent. lord, please save us all. >> valuable message right there. a-list celebrities came out in droves to perform or answer the phones, including beyonce, oprah winfrey and george clooney. now, they raised more than $14 million, with that number expected to climb, of course. the money will benefit victims of hurricanes harvey and irma. in the u.s. virgin islands devastation hits close to home for one american country singer. kenny chesney has been a resident of st. john for years now. he wasn't on the island when
12:53 am
irma hit. but he sheltered 17 people at his home. earlier, cnn's anderson cooper spoke with chesney and one of the people he housed. >> kenny, you love st. john. you have a place there. you've been there for a long time. when you see the images of what's happened there, what goes through your mind? >> it's a lot of heartbreak, anderson. it's really just so many emotions running through my head and through my heart. it's hard to put into words, really, because i have so many memories there. so many friends there. so many fabrics and pieces of my life on that island. and to see that devastation and to see what it is today -- when i was just there last week, it's really heartbreaking. i know what all my friends are going through and all the wonderful people of that island are going through.
12:54 am
and i -- my heartbreaks for them. and it breaks for all of us, really. >> kate, you were there until today. you just got out today. what was it like? what's it been like the last couple days? >> it's been terrifying. it's the scariest thing i've ever been through in my entire life. luckily, i've been in st. john about 11 years. and we were going to stay at my friend mandy's house. we thought that was our safest option. and last minute, we got to stay at this guy's house. if we had stayed with mandy's, we wouldn't have gotten out with anyone getting hurt. it would have been bad. my house is pretty much completely destroyed. but we had a good solid group with at the house. we thought we were in a safe spot. and the window blew in. so, we went into the laundry room. and we had 17 of us, including 5
12:55 am
dogs and 4 kids. and we -- some of the boys grabbed a couple mattresses. we ended up in there for about five hours, with mattresses and a washing machine and drier. and five guys rotating in and out, holding up the door so it wouldn't blow in. also flooding. luckily there was a shop vac in there, that we were able to dump the water out and keep it from not completely flooding. it was pretty traumatizing. the parents that were with me did a great job of keeping the kids safe and not even really thinking that we had a problem and that we were as scared as we were. i heard more horror stories from other people. luckily, everyone that i know has been accounted for. and okay. i work on a boat. those boats are all damaged. so, it's pretty bad.
12:56 am
most of my friends lost their homes. don't have anywhere to go. a lot of them don't. but it's pretty devastating. >> so many tough stories to tell. thank you for your company this hour. i'm rosemary church.
12:57 am
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the florida keys. 90% of homes damaged or destroyed. more of the same in the u.s. virgin islands where the power is still out. supplies are running low. we have reporters in the keys, tampa, u.s. virgin islands and st. martin. >> the justice department should certainly look at


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