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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 13, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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t. and by the way, the weather is playing a huge factor in this just like everything for the last week and a half down here in south florida. it is a south florida september skorcher. it's 90 plus degrees here. there is no breeze. these poor people are sitting here in hot cars. a lot of them are saying i'm going to stay here in my car. i don't care. and we asked a sheriff's deputy just when the timetable is and he said i no idea. some people are heading back up north, but a lot of them are staying right here and they're miserable. >> i can't even begin to appreciate their frustration. brian todd, keep an eye on that, please. let's continue on. >> our two for me. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke wald win. cleanup and rory now taking place. but the conditions are turning
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deadly. this tragic gut wrenching situation has been unfolding in hollywood florida. at least six people have died at a nursing home after the facility lost its air conditioning during the storm. firefighters are now evacuating some 100 other elderly residents from this particular home. right now a lot of them are being treated for respiratory distress or dehydration, heat related issues. as brian mentioned, it's hot down there. the police chief in that community says this is now a criminal investigation. >> right now the building has been sealed off and we're conducting a criminal investigation inside. we believe at this time that it may be related to the loss of power and the storm, but we're conducting a criminal investigation and not ruling anything out at this time. >> cnn's miguel is there outside the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills. and the question is, as you were pointing out, the hospital is
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across the street. why didn't they just go there? >> reporter: it is -- it's shocking. i mean, these -- they're the most vulnerable people in the worst conditions for days. the company says that they lost their power when irma blew through on sunday night. an employee tells us that they did have generators, one that the company owned and several that they rented, but that the building was comfortable, he said. somebody whose mother was in there told us that it was about 110 last night. on top of all this, six dead, 115 have been evacuated. there's a dozen of these patients are in critical care now and the doctor who found them this morning said they -- some of them may die. so the death toll here may go up. i want to show you how simply frustrating this. this is the facility here, the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills, and the lashing incommunity hospital. it's two different facilities. and both of those have been
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evacuated. both are now sealed. both are now under investigation by police. 50 feet away is memorial hospital. it's a level i trauma center. did anyone call 911 before this morning? the first call say police went out at 4:00 a.m. for a heart attack. police then later said their first patrol agents showed up at 6:00 a.m. and the evacuation didn't start until 7:00 a.m. once the hospital and the misunderstood the gravity of what was happening there, they say they turned it into a mass trauma event like you would during a storm or a mass shooting, an et quake and they evacuated hundreds of people from the hospital, employees there came here and moved them over. the hospital is very quick to point out they had nothing to do with lashingin or the rehabilitation center. it's there but they were completely unaware of the
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conditions inside. seemingly if it were like that for days, not a hospital, not a nurse, not a family member raised their hand and called 911. unless there's some record of that and if there is, the police chief says they're going to look into it, see if there were other calls that went out and if they were never answered, that's going to be another big question as to why. brooke. >> like you said, it's a criminal investigation now. thank you. let's talk a little bit more about this. james li wit is with me former fema director under president clinton. my question, number one, it is so tragic and infuriating to think that they knew there was a storm coming. there was a hospital 50 feet away and yet you have six deaths of these elderly people. how can this happen? >> that's totally unacceptable. you know, cities and counties and states have special needs lists for special populations and the response that they're supposed to be checking on those people.
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and even within the nursing home should have been notifying the hospital or 911. and, you know, most of those back up generators kick on about twice a month, sometimes three times a month automatically to make sure they're operational. i'm not on the ground there, but this is tragic and it's totally unacceptable. and i'm sure that the police chief will get to the bottom of it. >> i was talking to a gentleman last hour who kindly is taking in evacuees from this home. he said one of his facilities just got ac back yesterday. i mean, just talk me through the challenges, weathering a storm like this, especially if you have someone in their 70s, 80s, 90s. >> well, it's a huge challenge. but, you know, it's doable. and, you know, every facility should have a plan in place to make sure that they exercise that plan when conditions get to a certain level. you know, i'm not sure if they
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had one. i suppose they did. but, you know, in a lot of cases in areas that may flood a foot or two foot, you know, you build up your generators on platforms high enough that the flood waters don't get into them. so there's just a lot of things that can be done and should be done and hopefully this tragic loss that somebody will learn a lesson from this. >> just quickly, what are some of the questions, you know, their loved ones should be asking right now? >> well, first of all, you know, who is responsible. second, who was in charge at the time? and third, why didn't somebody notify 911 or at least the hospital next door? i mean, this is just normal things you should do. >> james li wit, thank you so much. former fema director under president clinton just reporting on this infuriating and tragic story out of hollywood, florida. let's go to the white house here. bipartisan meeting on members of
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the house and the president. >> this bipartisan group of democrats and republican lawmakers to the white house. more and more we're trying to work things out together, and it's a positive thing and it's good for the republicans and good for the democrats. and this group knows that very well. whether we can do incredible things that we're doing and working in a bipartisan fashion obviously would be a positive. and i think something, tom, that we all feel good about. i want to thank tom reed. he's been a friend of mine for a long time. he was there right at the beginning when it wasn't very fashionable, and i really appreciate it. and josh got hiemer for helping to organize this very important gathering. i think it's really the whole concept of what we're trying to do is very, very important. inspired by the example of our own citizens, we should be able to come together to make government wok for the people.
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that's why i was elected. that's why i ran. and to provide jobs and opportunities to millions of struggling families. this includes tax reform that is pro jobs, pro growth, pro family and pro americans. very simple. pro american. we have four principles for tax reform. make the tax code simple and fair. cut taxes substantially. it will be the largest tax decrease in the history of our country for the middle class. encourage companies to hire and grow in america, and by doing that we're going to have to reduce the taxes for companies. right now we're at 35%. and really much higher when you add state taxes in. and china is at 15%. then we wonder why are we not competing well against china. so they're at 15% and we're at 35 plus, and that doesn't work. and bring back trillions of dollars -- we have tril yalions
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dollars overseas that we'll bring back and bring back quickly. so this is money that josh and tom and everybody in this room can tell you, everybody has agreed to bring it back for years, but it never gets done. so we're putting it down as part of our tax proposal. another bipartisan prompt that is urgently needed is infrastructure. and infrastructure investment. for decades now washington has allowed our infrastructure to fall into a state of total decay and disrepair. and it's time now to build new roads, new bridges, airports, tunnels, highways and railways all across our great land. when we set aside our differences, and it's amazing sometimes how little our differences are, pe put our country and we put the citizens of our country first. and that's what this is all about. so we want to have a great new tax cut and tax reform,
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simplification and massive cuts, and we want to get our country working again and competing again worldwide and there will be nothing that can stop us. on top of that we'll be discussing probably a little bit of health care because i know some information has come to light. so we'll be discussing because ultimately while we have democrats, i think i can speak for the republicans generally, but we do want to do something very, very powerfulel with respect to obamacare. it has not worked. the rates are going through the roof. the numbers if you look at no matter where you go, no matter where you look, health care is failing in our country. and we're going to get it changed and we're going to get it changed fast. infrastructure we'll be talking about, and we'll probably also be talking about daca, because we don't want to forget daca. and it's already been a week and a half and people don't talk about it as much. we want to see if we can do certain with regard to
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immigration, with regard to the 800,000 people that are now young people, they're not children anymore. they were children. now they're young people. but we want to see if we can do something in a bipartisan fashion so that we can solve the daca problem and other immigration problems. so we'll be discussing that today. and then tonight i'm having dinner with senator schumer and nancy pelosi, and we'll continue some discussions. so we have a lot of things in the fire, but i think right now first and for most so that we can compete again, and especially in light of the fact that we had two massive hurricanes, the likes of which i guess our country has never seen. i don't think we've ever seen -- one was the biggest ever in water and the other was the biggest ever in wind, and you put them together and we have devastation in texas and in florida, and we've done -- and other parts of our country, by the way. and i think we've gotten very
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high marks for the way we've handled them thus far and we continue to handle them well, but they were very big and very powerful and it was very unfortunate. but because of that more than ever we now need great tax reform and great tax cuts. so we are here is as a group bipartisan to try and see what we can come up with. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> what would you tell them? why have leader pelosi and schumer over tonight? >> well, i'm a conservative and i will tell you i'm not skeptical. and i think that if we can do things in a bipartisan manner that will be great. now, it might not work out, in which case we'll try and do it without them, but i think if we can do in a bipartisan manner -- if you look at some of the greatest legislation ever passed, it was done on a bipartisan manner. so that's what we're going to
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give it a shot. and we'll see what we can do. if it works out, great. if it doesn't work out great, hopefully we'll be able to do it as republicans. okay? thank you. >> we're looking at a 15% right and we want a 15% rate because that would bring us low not by any means the lowest, but it would bring us to a level where china and other countries are. and we will be able to compete with anybody. nobody will be able to touch us. so we would like to see 15%. okay? thank you very much, everybody. and by the way, and lower for individuals. much lower than that for individuals. and the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan. we're not -- we're looking for the middle class and we're looking for jobs. jobs meaning companies. so we're looking at the middle class and jobs.
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>> will the wealthy have higher taxes? >> i think the wealthy will be pretty much where they are. if we can do that, we'd like it. if they have to go higher, they'll go higher, frankly. we're looking at the middle class and we're looking at jobs. okay? thank you very much. thank you, everybody. >> the president there silting around that table with members of the house, both democrats and republicans talking tax reform. you know, saying bipartisan tax reform is a positive thing to quote the president. also emphasizing infrastructure goals. but it was that key question at the end asked by my colleague jeff zblel any that i really want to talk about because, you know, and this was asked of sarah huckabee sanders a bit ago the big dinner tonight. he had dinner with some democrats last night. this bipartisan meeting today. dinner tonight with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and you were asking about some of the criticism or the skepticism of republicans, why have dinner
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with these top two dems. what did you think of his response? >> it is interesting because that is the question that's hanging over washington, each some republicans quite frankly here at the white house, why and what is behind this outreach to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. the president has not minced words for months he's called them clowns, users. tonight he's having them over for dinner. we did ask the president about conservative skepticism and he looked me in the eye and said i'm a conservative. i am not skeptical. and he went on to say, look, if we do not get this done, so be it. but he wants to try this route here. i was stuck by standing in that cabinet room there were an equal number of house democrats and republicans. these are the rank and file members from, you know, from a moderate groups on both sides who want to go back to their districts next year and tell their voters something they have achieved. now, of course, it's much more
12:16 pm
difficult in reality, and i think at the end on tax reform when the president was also asked about specific rates and, you know, the wealthy, will their taxes go up, will they be reduced, those, of course, are long-standing divisions. and the republican and democratic viewpoints here. he said he would bliek to keep the relevanty highest tax rates the same if they have to be increased, so be it here. so we'll see what actually comes out of this. but what else is going on here, the white house is trying to extend its hand and if nothing happens, easier to place the blame on congress, the most reviled and has the lowest ratings of anyone than place the blame on this president, look. >> he's saying i'm trying to talk to all even though i called them losers and clowns in the past, they're coming over for dinner tonight. he also mentioned the two huge hurricanes that we've been covering and on the fema note, you're getting some news about
12:17 pm
the nominee to be the deputy at fema. what's that? >> we are. the number two position at fema, he is withdrawing his name from consideration. he's telling cnn this afternoon that, look, he does not want to be a distraction, a side show here. dan craig is who has called his name and he's not familiar to any of us. but his confirmation has been on hold in the senate. so he's like, look, he does not want to be a distraction, but the president clearly going full square on these hurricanes, going after the funding here. but it does remind us the government is not fully filled and functioning here. a lot of open pougsitions, but e president going down tomorrow to the fort myers area and likely naples as well. all that devastation he'll get a firsthand look. >> thank you so much.
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we are watching the situation which is just absolutely devastating specifically in the florida keys. check this out. this is a cheng point. we've got cnn cameras watching where people are just trying to go home, and they're frustrated because in a lot of these cases they're being turned away. this is about 20 miles south of key largo. officials say it's unsafe. we're going to stay updated on that. also, she has been slamming president trump. hillary clinton sits down with anderson cooper as she reflects on what happened in the 2016 presidential race. anderson takes us inside his interview next. ♪ "zorba the greek" by mikis theodorakis ♪ ♪
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john berman in big pine key right now. this was one of the areas in the keys really hardest hit by hurricane irma, which you could just see plainly behind me. this house pretty much completely destroyed. the storm surges came right in threw the wall and carried everything inside it down right where i'm standing right now and into this creek before me.
12:23 pm
house after house here badly damaged or destroyed. it will take so much to rebuild this area. joining me now the areas of this house. come here, guys. and harry, you know, i was just watching you take a look at some of this damage here this house you've lived at for two years. it's got to be hard. >> it is. the first thing that hits you is just like denial. the second thing that hits you is all the stuff you lost and your whole life that you built here and also down the street we have four houses away we have a bed and breakfast. we've been here for 14 years. and that's basically done and finished. we have a lot of work to do there too to get that going. but, you know, today i walked up and we smiled. the chimney is still standing and pa knee any maker and the crock pot is in there. it's amazing, you know. >> people have started a life than a lot less than a crock pot. jan, we were speaking earlier
12:24 pm
today and i think you were frustrated by the pace of the aid that was coming in, the federal, from the state, from the local government. that was this morning at about 10:00. but as we sit here today and 3:25 right now. that's changed. tell me. >> feeling a little bit better about things. the distribution centers are getting open. again, no issues with local enforcement, local services, local media, u.s. 104.1 and citizens. now we're starting to see the fema distribution centers open. still not getting enough information from fema to the 104.1 radio station. we're in a blackout down here for media, so that's what we're hearing. you know, they can't hear out. we can't hear anything but them. but we're feeling better, really feeling better about things. and we hear fuel is in the upper keys. so it's on the way. we still need diesel, propane. butt it's coming. i do feel a lot better. >> you guys rode out the storm here. the do you feel lucky now that
12:25 pm
you're standing here based on what damage you see in this house? >> absolutely. you know, we didn't stay in this house, but we stayed in a house down the street that was supposed to be cat 5 rated, and it's got a lot of destruction too. but our main concern was we had animals and rescues with us and stuff and that we had to watch over and we wanted to make sure we were safe. so right before the storm we made a decision to go to a shelter, sugar loaf shelter. and believe me, it must be -- it was a school and it must be built unbelievable because the eye went right through there and it didn't even shake the building. >> what do you need most right now? is it communication, is it getting messages out? >> yes. we still are in dire need of communication. we need authorities and fema, federal, state, those kind of things to get in touch with our local radio station, u.s. radio 104.1. they're broadcasting night and day. they're there. they're our only lifeline.
12:26 pm
so information, fuel, diesel, propane, food, water, that kind of thing, yes, but there's a lot of relief coming and a ton of people coming to help us. and a lot of people stayed behind, so we're going to rebuild. >> one thing you don't need down here is spirit, that's for sure. >> true. >> jan and harry, thanks so much. an important message to people here and hopefully you'll get the help you'll need. i've been here for a day and you guys look sharp. thanks so much. quick. >> harris and amanda, your house is good. debbie stubs, linda spencer is fine. she's fine. >> and that matters here because people want to tell their loved ones that they're okay. >> they've rid den this storm out and they're so happy to be here and they're dealing with so much. now, there are people who left the keys who are coming back to the keys, trying to get a glimpse of whether or not their homes are still here. our team with brian todd up near i'll amore add a. they were there and saw az woman trying to get home and couldn't
12:27 pm
quite make it. >> what happened when you get to the checkpoint. >> so when we get to the checkpoint, we had the re-entry sticker to get back in in homestead they told us we could come in and once we got here, no, no, no. they looked at the sticker on my car and once we get here, we're told no. >> did they explain that? >> no, they didn't. no residents -- i said even if you're medical personnel. he was like nope, nobody can come in. >> one of the deputies told us that it still may not be safe. if they let you through and something happens to you, you're not going to be call. there are no comms. is that satisfactory to you at all? >> that's fine with me. >> you don't mind not being let in. >> i don't mind being let in and being told it's at my own risk. but we're homeless. we're being told go on fema and fill out for fema. you can fill out for fema, but then you don't have any more cell service and not only do you not have any more cell services,
12:28 pm
we stayed in homestead where there's no lights, so your phone is dead. how are we supposed to get in contact with anyone? we're down to our last. >> do you know the condition of your home? i saw it on the satellite and our home looks to be in fairly good condition. i just don't know what it looks like beyond the roof, you know. >> what's your level of frustration? >> i'm extremely frustrated. i'm extremely frustrated. the sad part about it is you feel like i wish i would have never left. >> patience wearing thin. you can certainly understand how that woman feels. i was here with harry and jen before and he didn't want to say it, but he got really emotional when he was looking at the wreck age here. the first time i saw him smile was when he saw that crock pot, though, if that shelf right there. that crock pot somehow survived the storm. it looks like you could make a nice stew and they're going to go in there and get it because they need it. you can start something with
12:29 pm
just a crock pot, brooke, and they're going to make it. >> you know, berman, i always say it's the little things. it's the little things and that includes a crock pot. thank you, john berman. coming up next here, president trump meeting with one of the republican senators who publicly credit siegsd his response to charlottesville. what happened when south carolina republican senator tim scott and president trump sat down today to talk about race at the white house. back in a moment. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement?
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gloria always went big. so we helped her plan a memorial service that no one would soon forget. ♪ this one's for you, gloria. ♪ only a dignity memorial professional can celebrate a life like no other. find out how at moments ago the white house announced president trump will sign a joint resolution from
12:34 pm
congress that condemns the racist violence in charlottesville. the news come on the heels of his meeting with south carolina senator tim scott. here is view of the republican leaving the white house a minute ago. got the first african-american senator to be elected from the south. he's currently the only black republican senator. he questioned the president's moral authority after the president's comments about the attack in charlottesville last month. >> what we want to see from our president is clarity and moral authority and that moral authority is compromised when tuesday happens. >> but today senator scott said he was encouraged and pleasantly surprised after his meeting with trump. the white house says the meeting was quote unquote very productive and focused on the future. >> there are certainly conversations about adding additional personnel that can tap into the african-american
12:35 pm
community. that did come up. a commitment to absolutely work with senator scott to do exactly that and for the two of them to continue to have those conversations for his viewpoints to continue to be expressed directly to the president. >> with me now, the vice mayor of charlottesville, wes bell amy. nice to have you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> so what do you think just first and for most before we get into some of the quotes that are coming out of senator scott, the fact that he's the guy to go to the white house to talk to the president about race? >> right. well, first, once again, thank you so much for having me on your show today. in regards to senator scott, i have very much mixed feelings in regards to him taking the meeting with 45 today. i do think that as we were listening to some of the comments in regards to the press secretary stating that the meeting was good and there's some action steps moving forward to specifically looking at how 45 and others will be addressing
12:36 pm
systemic issues within the african-american community, the tangible steps going forward. i want to go what he's going on the ground in speaking to those in charlottesville, atlanta, rally, nourng or a place such as little river or atlantic beach, south carolina. what is he going to do to ensure that african americans in other margin iced communities have equity throughout the country because the issue is not equality. the issue is equity. when we get into this whole vehicle blaming situation and saying there's bad sides or alt-left and all this other stuff it takes away from the issue we are trying to address. focus on the ground the distribution of resources to provide an equitable and access for all individuals within our country, specifically african americans. >> i want to come back to that in just a. let me read a quote from the
12:37 pm
senator. we got a little bit of a read route from him after this meeting. he was asked about whether or not being change the president's behavior and his quote is this. i'm a fellow that wants measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time. if you expect some sort of an epip any or transformation to occur overnight just because somebody walks into a room, i think they don't understand human nature. are you hopeful are you, though, because i was just talking to april ryan who had some sources saying that perhaps, perhaps, they'd add some additional voices or personnel to the administration who would really have a close connection, be able to go to those communities you were just referencing to speak and then take it back to the president? >> well, as my grandmother used to say, actions speak louder than words. >> smart grandmother. >> yeah. i love my grandmother. i mean, she would always say that actions speak louder than words. so what we're looking nor now is not what comes out of the talking points from the heads of the individuals who were in the meeting. i want to see what tangible
12:38 pm
action steps will be taking place moving forward. next week i've been invited to attend the national black caucus in washington, d.c. i would love to see 45 participate and put tangible resources into an organization like that. when z other national organizations like the 100 black men of central virginia and different initiatives that are looking at actually doing tangible things to increase -- or excuse me, to decrease the divide of resources and looking at how we can up lift and empower margin iced communities, i want to see is he going to put his time, talents and treasures into organizations as such in le be making sure that those organizations have budget allotments. le be speaking to organizers or protesters on the ground. those are things that show me he's going to be moving in the right direction, not just a quote from 45. >> true. we should see how the cbc group goes next week in washington.
12:39 pm
you were talking about jam elhill over at espn. she called the president a big on the and a white supremacist and apparently espn talked to her and released this short statement. let me just read it for everyone else which said the comments on twitter from jam elhill regarding the president do not address the -- she realizes her actions were inappropriate. she said this should be a fireable offense. it's evidence the president has empowered white supremacists. what's your response to this whole thing? >> i'm trying to find out with where queen jam eltold a lie because actions again speak the loudest. and one of the things that we oftentimes have issues with is that for margin iced communities we're always asked to be polite. we're always asked to
12:40 pm
compromise. we're always asked not to say certain things. while other individuals are allowed to say whatever they want. they can empower and embolden whoever they want whenever they want. i mean, let's think about a quote. everyone wants to talk about mishill's tweets, but let's think about the leader of the ku klux klan, david duke literally said that they came to charlottesville to fulfill the promise of their president. they came to take back what was theirs. so when you look at these white supremacist groups who were not initially denounced, he came back and coined the term altd left and make these excuses, i'm asking for people to put themselves into the shoes and see the perspectives of those who are margin iced, specifically the african-american community. when you have an individual who is at the highest office of the high, who does not come out and what many of us do not speak up for you, so traditionally throughout history -- >> listen, i'm listening and i'm hanging on your every woshd. i think the only push back would be she is representing -- she is jam elhill of espn and it's one
12:41 pm
thing for her to say that amongst friends, but to on her official twitter page was that the appropriate place? that's just the other argument. >> does that neglect gate the fact that she's an aft african-american woman -- >> absolutely not. >> so she should have the right to say what she wants to say and trump can attack any and whomever he wants to and you see these pundits do the same thing. but why a double standard for an african-american female who is using her platform to bring about an awareness. all the great things she's done and women as a whole and a role model she has been, does that go down the drain because she tweeted how several people feel about 45? i think not and i think the time for us to always compromise, always say how we truly feel has to stop. because in order for us to progress and heel, then please understand and empathize why we
12:42 pm
feel this way. let's get to the root cause much why people are saying these things, not just what they say. >> vice mayor of charlsville, virginia. >> we pull no pufrmgz. thank you. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, senator bernie sanders just unveiled his medicare for all plan. details on that and the democrats who are signing on for this. and dinner date with the democrats. chung schumer and nancy pelosi to be precise. both joining president trump at the white house tonight. what cnn is learning about the topic of conversation next. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient.
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12:47 pm
but his platform certainly is not. just a short time ago the former democratic presidential candidate announced his medicare for all bill, which would ultimately provide universal health care after being phased out over four years. senator sanders went after republicans for their attempt at an obamacare replacement plan. >> you the republican party have shown the american people what you stand for when you voted for legislation that would throw up to 32 million americans off of the health insurance they have and at the same time give huge tax breaks to the rich and large corporations. you the republican party have no credibility on the issue of health care. >> and just after senator sanders pushed the single payor plan, sarah sanders, the white house press secretary said it was horrible.
12:48 pm
>> the president as well as the majority of the country knows that the single payor system that the democrats are proposing is a horrible idea. yank of anything worse than having government be more involved in your health care instead of less involved. not only does the president not support it but america doesn't support it or bernie sanders would be silting in the oval office right now. he pushed these ideas forward during the campaign. they were rejected not just by america but democrats. he didn't make it into the primary. he didn't make it into the oval. i think that's a pretty clear indication of what america wants to see and it's not a single payor system. >> with me now p national cnn politics reporter. he's right. she didn't win. in wasn't an idea that obviously went full throttle and i realize that he had a lot of very important democrats sitting next to him. >> right. >> practically speaking, how does this even pass muster? >> i mean, first of all, just to keep the political significance of this on the top of our minds, just keep in mind that for so
12:49 pm
many years now the default position for democrats was simply to defend obamacare, to make sure that republicans would not be successful in sort of making dents in this law. that was president obama's legacy law. but now that has shifted to quickly and so fast. thanks largely in part to bernie sanders and the campaign that he ran in 2016. now that litmus test for so many of these democratic candidates heting into 2018, 2020 is going to be do you support single payor and you made a really good point that you look at the people who are standing behind bernie sanders -- >> 2020ers? >> a number of the 2020 potential democratic candidates standing behind him showing that they are behind this idea, but i will tell you that while is this has gained a lot of momentum among some of the liberal activists and that crowd among the democratic party, a lot of the folks, a lot of the democratic leaders and more moderate democrats are worried about this push, because they know that in some of these house districts, in some of these
12:50 pm
states that might be more leaning red, purple, this idea is not necessarily going to be that is not going to be that popular or mainstream. they look at this in terms of 2020. >> we'll see how it goes for 2018 or 2020. and a reminder -- anderson cooper sitting down with hillary clinton today. full interview airs tonight, 8:00 eastern, only here on cnn. next, 70 foster kids find a shelter during the storm in the mansion of a florida millionaire. he joins us live to share how this all came about and what is next for all these kids. >> so this is what nearly $1,000 buys you for the iphone x. one of the first things that you notice is that edge-to-edge screen. there is a little bit of a border, but they've stretched it way farther than they ever have before.
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showing medication. this guy's showing medication. now he's letting them -- this
12:56 pm
guy's trying to get through with some medication. >> no! you're going that way! >> obvious frustration. obvious frustration. people trying to get back to the florida keys. so many people did evacuate. others did stay here, rode out the storm, now they are dealing with damage like you see behind me. this house just completely destroyed. this was a florida-wide event though, a florida-wide event. i'm joined now by mark bell who is doing pretty well for himself. pretty wealthy guy with a bag giant house. what did he do with it? he opened up this house to dozens and dozens of foster kids
12:57 pm
who needed somewhere safe to stay during the storm. mark joins me right now. mark, tell me exactly how this went down. >> we got a call on monday at noon saying that shelter lost its power and had 70 foster kids it housed and they needed a place to stay while they figured it out. i said send them on over. what turned into what was supposed to be a few hours has now turned into a few days. and we've been thrilled to have them. >> so what you been doing for the last few days? with your 70 new best friends? >> we've been feeding them, doing their laundry. activities. we've been very lucky to have amazing friends who have come over and helped out. lot of support from the community. really taking care of these kids. we have a clown right now performing for them. we've had singers come in and sing with them. we've had people today do football and kick ball with them. it's been a fun-filled few days
12:58 pm
for them. they're making the best of the storm. >> you seem to be making the best of it, too. what's it been like for you personally to have such a full house for this? >> you know, we're very blessed and very lucky and we're thrilled to be able to help the community and help these kids out. it's just been phenomenal. these are great kids who just have a little bit of bad luck and they're all delightful and wonderful. for us and all their friends it is just an eye-opening, beautiful experience. >> marc bell, thank you for what you've done. i'm sure those 70 kids are very grateful for the opportunity that you've given them. and the safety that you provided them these last few days i'm sure has made a giant difference in their lives. thanks so much. >> thank you very much for having us. so being down here in the florida keys, i can tell you one thing that people here want is communication. they want to reach the outside world. they want people to know that they're okay. there's almost no way to do it. anyone with a satellite phone ends up trying to help out.
12:59 pm
cnn, we have satellite phones. we've been trying to help people call out, call home, let their loved ones know they're okay whenever we can. >> i want to go home. i want to see my home. i want to see that we have a home. >> i can't believe that the water's still in the house. can't even get in there yet. >> my house where i pay taxes and i'm not allowed to get in here. >> i spent five days on the [ bleep ] road! >> it's hot here and there's no electricity. >> there's nothing here, there's no gas, there a he no water, there a he no storage. >> looks like you had a crew with sledge hammers in here who were angry with somebody. >> how are the kids? all right? >> watching the news and not knowing what's going on with your own house an everything, your life. >> oh, my god! >> you haven't been able to talk to anybody. >> no. >> john, want to let you know
1:00 pm
we're okay. yes. i'm alive. >> "i'm alive." "we want to let you know we're okay but we need help, the message down here from the florida keys. cnn's special live coverage of the aftermath of hurricane irma continues right now with "the lead" and jake tapper. >> thanks, john. three days after irma and tragically, authorities are still finding dead bodies. "the lead" starts right now. the death toll rising, as is the level of desperation for those who survived. people without food, without water, without electricity, with temperatures heating up. president trump sitting down for dinner with democrats tonight. with tax reform expected to be on the menu. is this the art of the deal? or just a sketch? plus, senator ted cruz talked to cnn, answering some uncomfortable questions about that pornographic tweet that his twit


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