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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 14, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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so we given, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with us on this thursday. as the president tours hurricane ravaged florida, he is getting battered himself, not by protestors, not by democrats, but by a big part of his own base. they are calling his latest agreement with democrats betrayal while he's hailing it all as bipartisan. this is coming after the white house dinner, chinese and chocolate cake, nancy pelosi and
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chuck schumer. they say they agreed to move forward on daca. this is the program that allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s., but the key question, one of them, is at what cost? both pelosi and schumer say daca will not be linked to border wall funding and at one point today the president seemed to be on board with that talking about paying for the wall, you know, down the world at some later date. but then later he repeated at least four times there will be nothing on daca unless he gets the wall. >> very important is the wall to me, and we have to know that the wall will not be obstructed because without the wall i wouldn't do anything. we also have to get the wall. it doesn't have to be here, but they can't obstruct the wall, whether it's in a budget or something else when we're ready for that. we have to have a wall. if the wall is going to be obstructed when we need the funds at a little bit later date, we'll be determining how much we need, then we're not
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doing anything. we'll only do it if we get extreme security, if we get not only surveillance but everything that goes along with surveillance and ultimately we have to have the wall. if we don't have the wall, we're doing nothing. >> let's begin with jeff zeleny. jeff, i have read all the guidance, the different iet ter races of messaging. i'm confused. what's the deal? >> reporter: brooke, it's interesting. the president was speaking in florida when he arrived to look at the damage of hurricane irma but before leaving the white house here earlier this morning he made clear that, inbe deed, in principle at least he has -- is moving toward on agreement reached with democrats after that dinner last night to move forward on daca. he said 92% of the public supports the idea of keeping the young dreamers here, young undocumented immigrants, and he said clearly the wall will come later. by the time he reached florida a couple of hours later hearing all the blow back from conservatives after talking to
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speaker ryan and others, he made clear, look, the wall will be still part of it. brooke, what's happening here is the president is once again going forward and he wants to get something done. he is reaching at least the broad outlines of a deal with democrats and they have agreed to do some type of, in their words, massive security bill along the border but not including a wall in this d.r.e.a.m.ers legislation and then a wall -- some type of a wall or funding would come later here. brooke, this is inspired and sparked outrage for many conservative republicans, including congressman steve king from iowa. take a listen to what he said earlier today on "new day." >> the base believe him. they won't be able to defend him anymore. i support donald trump's campaign agenda. i support the agenda he had when he was sworn into office. i support almost everything else except this amnesty piece being dangled in front of america
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right now. >> reporter: brooke, when you break this down there are republicans on capitol hill we have talked to who frankly are not that enthused about a wall as much as hard liners like steve king. it's going to be like a fence, other parts won't have a wall at all because of the rocky conditions and other things there. so the president, we are told, is prioritizing the daca, the d.r.e.a.m.ers. he does want to get something done on that. yes, that puts him at odds with some of his supporters, but he believes the rank and file of the base, not necessarily the top radio hosts or people like stephen king will stick here. brooke, what we are seeing in real time play out a new strategy here, the president trying to break some gridlock here doing so by breaking bread with democrats as he did last night and republicans in some respects are rushing to come along and get caught up with him, brooke. >> and others are not that enthused, to put it as nicely as you did.
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jeff zeleny, thank you. i have mark preston waiting in the wings. let me bring him in. cnn political analyst. mark preston, just, again, going back over the day. you wake up this morning. you read the president's twitter feed initially claiming no such deal was made. tweeting that the wall is actually already under construction. then on his way to florida he said something will happen regarding a deal and that the, quote, wall will come later. then he goes to florida, quote, the wall to me is vital all the while showing support for the 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers and then the white house saying he is not considering amnesty. >> reporter: although one of his spokespeople did say that they wouldn't use the word amnesty, brooke. they did put it on the table that perhaps some of these d.r.e.a.m.ers when they were going down to florida could perhaps get citizenship. this is just another day in the trump white house where we hear one message from him one hour, a different message the next hour. >> as far as -- zeleny was
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eluding to this, the nonenthused folks. the president's base. how swift have the threats been from them today? >> reporter: well, they certainly have been from the loudest ones, steve king, the iowa senator. the hard liner. breitbart, the conservative news website which is being led by his former senior adviser, steve bannon, was very critical of him as we have seen from other conservative outlets. i think we have to be careful not to put too much stock into the president's agenda. we know from president trump on his actions in office, he's going to walk to the beat of his own drummer. i don't think the pressure from the likes of breitbart are necessarily going to knock him off balance from what he's trying to do. >> i hear you on that, but i think there's a bigger question as far as what does it say about america or maybe more appropriately congress, that it is so divided that the notion of working with the other side of the aisle results in an explosion of, you know, we're going to abandon you. >> yeah, no doubt.
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donald trump has won himself no favors so far working with congress. he's been highly critical of republican leaders in congress. he's been highly critical of democrats where we see him working with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. you can't get anything done in washington unless you do have some compromise. when you have compromise both people need to walk away from the table a little unsatisfied. that's what happens when washington works correctly. >> you mentioned nancy pelosi. we know she was part of the dinner at the white house. you did your sirius xm radio show. you interviewed her which will air this weekend. she talked about how the president is learning about the way how things work. here's a piece. >> president trump is, i think, understanding better that it isn't just what the president says and then congress. this is not a parliamentary system, that the prime minister says something and then his party endorses it. this is a presidential system. so i think he's learning now
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that he not only has to reach out to -- across the aisle, but he has to have the votes on his own side, and that's a -- something that is, i think, quite obvious. but presidents in the white house don't always see that as clearly right from the start. >> i mean, to her point, mark, about what he's learning now. to me it seems like there is a big story, too, in how maybe the last two weeks there has been this strategy shift that, you know, he's sick of the last eight months and no major wins legislatively and so he's thinking, all right, i want to get something done. if i have to do it and do it with democrats, i'm going to do that. >> he's going to do that. if anything we know about donald trump, he's an opportunist. he wants wins. if you take a step back and as you said look at what has happened the first eight months of his term in office, very embarrassing defeat on repealing and replacing obamacare. the courts have snubbed him when it comes to putting in place a
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travel ban. we have seen the west wing basically turn over entirely at this point. donald trump needs to get some wins and you have to wonder, is he now looking at democrats saying i can't get it done with my republicans, can i just get it done with my democrats? and the most important thing there that i think nancy pelosi said is that ideas are important but they doesn't win the day. votes win the day. and in the end you need 218 votes in the house to get anything done. >> yeah. that's really a bit of a sea change out of washington in the last little bit. mark preston, thank you very much. talking about the president. president trump and the first lady, they are now en route back to their home in washington, d.c., after getting a firsthand look at the desfrutruction in t wake of irma meeting in florida. our senior correspondent is live in fort myers. maybe they haven't left quite
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yet. tell me about that visit. >> reporter: no, the president has left, you're absolutely right, along with the first lady. this is actually air force ii, the vice president's plane. we imagine he'll be taking off for washington soon. he stopped in naples and officials and other emergency services before heading down to naples which of course was one of the hardest hit areas by hurricane irma here on the southwest coast. it took a ten-minute short chopper ride in marine 1 and he would have seen incredible devastation. we were in an area, bonita springs, that has been flooded. no power. people have had to leave their homes. people were relieved that the winds weren't as strong as they were originally thought to be. so a lot of the homes were not damaged, but a lot of the mobile home parks were, not just flooded but damaged severely. so we did see the president and his large entourage go down to a
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mobile home park in naples. he and the vice president served lunch to many of the residents there. he spoke with the residents. you have to imagine, you know, this is what president's do in the wake of natural disasters like this. they visit the sights, they talk to the people. the president had come under be a lot of criticism in the wake of hurricane harvey because in his first visit he did not do that. i imagine here one of the major questions that he and his entourage were probably getting, when is the power coming back on? millions upon millions have lost power in florida and in the southeast in the wake of hurricane irma. president trump upon arriving here at fort myers did praise the florida power company saying that they are making great progress. indeed, they are. we've got a chart that is updated several times a day. we have watched a number of people without power decrease dramatically but there's still some 2.5 million customers without power. a lot of those folks are wondering when their power is going to come back on. i just got a text message from
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someone in sarasota saying he didn't know the president was here in florida because he doesn't have any power. >> cannot imagine. let me just repeat that number. that is massive. 2.5 million people and their priorities, as far as getting the power back on, is going to take a little while. in front of air force ii. thank you very much. coming up here, back on what we were talking about on top of the show, is the president at risk of losing his base over making deals with democrats, especially a deal that doesn't involve the wall? we're going to talk to two republicans and get their take on president trump's strategic shift. and, question, do you trust the president? how nancy pelosi answered that question today after her dinner at the white house last night. and honeymoon phase over? treasury secretary steve mnuchin under new scrutiny for requesting a government jet for his honeymoon european vacation.
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his explanation as some of them accuse him of being downright tone deaf. i'm brooke baldwin, you're swapping cnn.
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do you trust the president of the united states and should the d.r.e.a.m.ers trust him? >> now is that a fair question? >> sure. >> absolutely. >> the -- when we're talking about the -- this legislation to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers, yes, i do trust that the president is sincere in understanding that the public supports -- that
11:18 am
overwhelmingly the public supports not sending these young people back. >> here she is, the top democrat in the house reaching across party lines once again to work with president trump this go round on daca, the prepare that protects undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as kids. of course, the president's base as we've been discussing totally exploding over some of the headlines coming out of the white house dinner between trump and leader pelosi and senate democratic leader chuck schumer. one of those determine na tifs is with me now, cnn political commentator ben ferguson. he's hosting the ben ferguson show. gentlemen, welcome, welcome. steve, you first. the president is claiming no such deal was made. tweeted this morning that the wall is already under construction. different -- you're seeing some of the tweets on your screen. my question to you, deal, no deal, semi-deal, definitely no
11:19 am
deal, not amnesty? which is it? >> yes, brooke. yes. >> the answer is yes? >> the answer is whatever -- whatever mr. trump's ego thinks it needs to be today, tomorrow, whatever he needs to do to get positive media headlines to get somebody to adore him, to love him. his new bffs chuck and nancy, far be it for them to take advice from me, but i would urge them from the last two years, tread very carefully with donald trump. man who lay down with dogs wake up with flooes. >>ciusonfucius. ben, i see that big old grin. what are you thinking? >> let's be clear of what donald trump is having to deal with. first off, this is an issue that even conservatives, 67% of conservatives think those brought here as children should have some pathway to citizenship. let's also be clear. the same group of conservatives
11:20 am
demand a wall and voted for donald trump for that wall. so the president's got an issue here where he can reach across the aisle on daca in general, but he has to produce on the wall, otherwise, he's going to be in a significant amount of trouble with the base. i also think the president actually here is being pretty smart to let it be known clearly to mitch mcconnell and to the majority leader, paul ryan, that i am not going to sit around for another six months and get nothing done. the republican leadership had been terrible to deal with, so why not have dinner with nancy and see if there's anything that you might be able to agree on that also your base agrees on, and a lot of conservatives have compassion for children that were brought here at a young age who have grope up here in a country. >> steve, ben made the point for me, can you blame him for working with democrats? he hasn't gotten anything done in his own party? >> i don't blame a guy who spent his entire life as a democrat, supporting democratic causes,
11:21 am
being a product of the democrat media, sitting there in democratic new york city. i mean, water eventually, brooke, returns to its own level so i'm not shocked by this. a wise man once said in a best selling book, the dog returns to its own vomit and that's exactly what you're seeing right now. he's much more at home with people like this. when i was fighting for things like rule of law and border security, trump was cutting checks to people like pelosi, schumer and al sharpton. what trump is proving is you can go home again. >> let me say this, there's also another very wise man which the name of ronald regan who once said, you do a deal with people that agree with you on certain issues and sometimes that might be people that aren't necessarily with you on election day. that was ronald regan who talked about bipartisanship. when you have 67% of conservatives who say that they have no problem with having something done on daca as long as border security comes with it, you're not laying down with a dog getting fleas, steve.
11:22 am
i mean, this is -- take donald trump's name out of it for a second. this is an issue that a lot of conservatives have compassion on and do want there to be a final say so on this. instead of it being open ended and having this let's kick the can down the road. a lot of people that voted for donald trump voted for him because they thought, final bely, this is someone that can get something done. if you can't get it done -- >> that's not why they voted for him. >> -- they have just as many fleas. >> they voted for him to -- >> a lot of them did. >> here's what they want done, ben. here's what they want done. there is a prominent political commentator who pointed out last week. 91% of daca recipients are in a university or have a full-time job make 4g $1,000 a year. >> that's how you're in daca. >> compassion for them, why don't they have jobs -- how many americans watching right now would like to have a job make 4g $1,000 a year? how many of them would like to have their children in those slots in those universities that they're subsidizing.
11:23 am
when he said america first, when he said he was going to put their values first, the people that have watched their jobs go over seas or people like my own stepdad who used to not even step on a union site for less than $20 an hour and watched his jobs go to illegals and took early retirement from his union, those people, they thought he meant i was going to put it down first. not the swamp first, it's not getting stuff done, it's getting what they wanted done. they didn't vote for hillary clinton, they voted for donald trump. hillary clinton's agenda. >> steve, steve, steve, you have to listen to a lot of conservatives, and i respectfully disagree with you on this one. if you were a child and you were brought here and it was no choice of your own and you've been here for 10, 12, 15, 18 -- >> you're making the wrong argument. >> hold on. wait a minute. >> compassion for the americans who don't have jobs, ben. we can both play this game of -- the federalist emotional game. >> i heard you out.
11:24 am
>> what about the americans that don't have their jobs, ben. >> hang on, steve. hang on. >> let me finish. >> you should be better than that. you're a conservative talk show host. >> relax, chill out. this is not your show. >> chill out. that's a liberal tactic. >> you are a conservative. listen to what i'm saying. that's the rumor. >> listen to what i'm saying. >> steve, let him talk please. >> i'm going to finish my point. >> when you are a child and you are brought here from multiple countries, not just mexico, and you're six months old and you grow up in america and you go through daca and you come forward, i am here, i want to play by the rules. my parents brought me here. i have nothing to do with this. there is nothing wrong. we're saying to those individuals, you know what, we're going to be compassionate towards you and have a pathway towards you being able to stay in this country with a lot of rules that go along with it. now you're trying to say that i think their parents should be punished. i want to make that very clear.
11:25 am
i'm not in favor of daca, steve, without there being a secure border at the same time because otherwise this will never end and we'll be doing daca 2.0 and 3.0 and 4.0, but you can't tell me that you honestly -- i don't think you believe in your hearth that a 6-month old child who is now 18, the average age of someone enrolled in daca was 6 1/2 years old, steve, where are you going to send them back to? venezuela, south africa, mexico? are you going to send them back? >> this is a false argument. >> it's not a false argument. >> we're going to leave it. where's the compassion for the parents who don't have those jobs, ben? what would you say to the parents who don't have those jobs and their jobs were given to the people illegally? where's the compassion for them? >> i have compassion right now. i always side with children first, steve. >> they would like $41,000 a year to pay for their children, ben. what about american children who
11:26 am
don't have that. >> gentlemen, i feel passion from both of your sides. compassion from both of you. i appreciate both of you. we've got to go. it was a hearty discussion on daca and the other piece of the conversation is also just political strategy shifts coming out of white house and the willingness to work with democrats. it seems so far the people would be willing to help out the 800,000. steve and ben, thank you both very much. that was a healthy one today. here's a question, is the president's treasury secretary tone deaf? steve mnuchin again in a bit of trouble for asking that he wanted to use a government jet for his honeymoon and now new information about his other plane trips. we'll be right back. patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do.
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just in to cnn. one of president trump's long-time associates roger stone says he will testify on september 26th before the house intelligence committee in regards to the russia investigation. he says he has called for an open hearing but says it is currently closed. and investigators are now reviewing all of treasury secretary steve mnuchin's government-related travel. why? well, this comes after he told cnn, mnuchin asked the white house if he and his wife could use a government jet for their european honeymoon earlier this summer. mnuchin said he wanted to have secure lines of communication when he was traveling, therefore the request. he later withdrew the request. this isn't the first time mnuchin has raised eyebrows over the use of government transportation. mnuchin and his wife used one last month to go visit kentucky which happened during that total
11:32 am
eclipse in this now infamous post on instagram. his wife, louise linton, tagged several high end designers and even lashed out at a critic. mnuchin has since reimbursed the government for the cost of his wife's travel. let's analyze this. walter chavez is here. he stepped down in july after clashing with the white house over ethics concerns. nice to see you. >> nice seeing you, brooke. >> just remind everyone here. you went through painstaking measures to review the president's special interests before and after in august gur rags. on the mnuchin note, he never followed through with getting this jet for said honeymoon. still, how brazen would a request like that be versus his excu excuse, he wanted a secure comps line? >> this is just unbelievably brazen, and it's consistent with the poor tone from the top that started with the president not selling his financial interests
11:33 am
and it's trickled through the white house to the cabinet and below. every government official knows not to request a plane for something like a honeymoon. i mean, that's just basic nuts and bolts, and the fact that he got so far as to put this request in writing means that he ignored the objections that had to have come from every career official around him. it's just unbelievably unheard of. and the explanation he gave is just frankly, weird. i mean, the idea that he needed this communications equipment because he's a member of the national security council, he does need security equipment and he does have special permission to take the plane in the role that he's in, but this was a personal honeymoon and there are other ways to access secure communication equipment. remember, he wasn't going to spend his own tire honeymoon sitting around on the plane. they were going to go around the countryside which means that if they wanted to use that equipment on the plane, they had to go back to the plane. they could just as easily go to the embassy or some other secure
11:34 am
facility. >> okay. >> it's turning into something of a pattern because he had a very weird explanation for his trip to the eclipse. he said he was going to fort knox, this is in a video on youtube. you can watch it yourself. he said he's going to fort knox to check on the gold because he has to certify that the gold is still there and he acknowledges that no secretary has done this since 1974, but somehow he's the guy that's got to go check on the gold. and when he got there it's not like he counted every single gold bar to make sure it's all there. so i'm not sure what value we get from a secretary popping in to eyeball the gold in fort knox. >> and on this gold/eclipse trip in this jet, you know, that was when the whole infamous instagram with the wife and the fancy designers which she, you know, later apologized for. again, this is a key member of the administration. is this tone deaf, would you say, walter? >> well, it's tone deaf, and it
11:35 am
was tone deaf when what also circulated on the internet was a picture of steve mnuchin standing next to a senator who was holding a pair of glasses for observing the eclipse. so it's like they revealed their purpose for being there. but it's worse than tone deaf because it reflects a sensibility that the government is for perks, that positions of high government trust are supposed to be rewards for living a great life or something, and the truth is what that shows us is there is no sensibility that he's a public servant, that he works for us, that he's going to conserve our money, and it's just completely at odds with the federal culture, but this is what happens when you marginalize the experts and don't listen to the career people who have been there for a long time. >> well, okay. so it's being looked into. let me ask you about this other ethics headline today. this is out of politico reporting that the office that you used to direct has changed
11:36 am
this internal policy which prohibited, i just explained to people watching, prohibited anonymous donations from lobbyists to white house staffers who have the legal defense funds. it's a movement that could help people in the administration caught up in the russia probe to pay for attorneys. you, sir, ordered a review of this law before the election. what's your response to the news today? >> first of all, i have no problem with people setting up legal defense funds. it's very hard to be a public official. if they need some help, that's one thing. you have to do it carefully and you have to follow the rules. oge issued an ill-advised opinion saying it was okay to get anonymous donations as a way to deal with the ethics problems. within months oge realized that was a mistake, late 1993. by 1994 oge was telling people do not accept anonymous donations. now 00 ge didn't do a good job
11:37 am
of taking that opinion down. if we think back to 1993, the opinion wasn't on the web page, it was in books. it wasn't easy to take it down, but there weren't any legal defense funds or there weren't significant numbers of legal defense funds they had to set up in the bush administration which actually valued government ethics and as a result they never got around to changing it. i became aware in 2016 that that opinion was still on our web page and suggested we take it down. my staff persuaded me that as a matter of historical record and transparency it made it okay to leave it up. i told them to issue a new opinion. i wanted it done before the election. i imagined before the beginning of the election there would be a need for a legal defense fund. they didn't get it done. the transition is -- the presidential transition is an all encompassing activity for oge.
11:38 am
during the transition we didn't work on it. in the springtime we started hearing news stories that they were going to -- that people were going to be exploring legal defense funds. i told the staff, you've really got to get back working on this. i need the general counsel to issue something new so people don't mistakenly rely on an opinion that oge has considered invalid. they kragd their feet and it wasn't getting done. by late april, early may i said we've got to put a note on the thing saying this opinion is not valid, not consistent with our practice. i did that. this weekend i saw that the opinion had never been issued. the general counsel told me -- he had been trying to get the white house to agree to the things he was writing. i was appalled. oge's supposed to be independent, but he's working with the white house behind my back. anyways, they've now not issued an opinion and they changed the
11:39 am
note to suggest that the opinion is still valid, which suggests that they will be -- >> which is the news today. which is the news today. >> quickly. >> all of the negative press forced the white house to acknowledge that anonymous gifts are wrong. let's hope they live by that and thank goodness for the press putting pressure on them. >> walter, thank you so much. >> thanks. coming up next, fiesreable offense? this espn host called the president a racist stmpt appropriate for the white house to be calling for a public citizen to be fired for her opinion? we'll debate that. i count on my dell small business advisor
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the vitt tree ole and debate over jamel hill has exploded. the white house is coming under fire for weighing in. one of hill's tweets, donald trump is a white supremacist who
11:44 am
has surrounded himself with other white supremacists. >> that's one of the more outrageous comments anyone could make and certainly something that i think is a fireable offense by espn. >> hill was reprimanded by espn. she was not fired. with me now, roxanne jones, founding member of espn, the magazine, and scott jennings, former special assistant to president george w. bush. welcome. roxanne, you know, you were once her boss. you are a friend. have you talked to her? can you shed any insight or share any of those conversations with us? >> no, i wouldn't share any insight or information only because she's a gem to us. she's an american princess. you know, she's just a great journalist and there's no need to reveal nag she doesn't want revealed. maybe she'll come on your show and speak for herself. >> maybe she will. we would love to have her on. how do you feel about how this has been handled?
11:45 am
>> one of the take aways -- i think that sarah huckabee should be ashamed of herself for you using the bully pulpit to ruin the career of a young professional. to stand in front of the white house reporters, to stand in front of america and say that this woman should be fired. that's a disgrace. especially because that she is certainly not the only person in america who's ever used the words bigot, supremist, a threat to talk about trump, donald trump. we have been using those words, whether you are defending him against those words or describing behavior that he has done, we've been using those words since he came onto the scope. and so, you know, jamel was speaking something that all-americans have heard before. the facts are on his side. he does surround himself with people who are associated with
11:46 am
white power, white supremist, white people should rule the world mentality. that's a fact. >> i want to make sure i get scott, hear from you. do you feel like she was, a, out of line in calling him a bigot and a white supremacist? b, do you think the white house overstepped in talking about how she should be fired as a private citizen? >> yes, i think she was wrong in what she said. i think everyone's free to speak, but we're not free from the consequences of our speech. i don't agree with what she said. i think it's not -- it's clearly not a fact as your other guest stated that people in the white house are all white supremacists. that's crazy. frankly, i think that political attitude is why people in america are turning off espn these days. the network has gotten political. however, i also don't believe the white house press secretary should be opining on the employment status of private citizens. i think sarah sanders have a
11:47 am
personal opinion about it, but that's the most powerful podium in america and i don't think people should be calling for private citizens to lose their jobs. but that having been said, she works for espn. their job is to attract eye balls, to attract viewers, to attract customers and if her political views expressed on her social media accounts are driving people away, as a free market matter they have every right to fire her, but i don't think they should do it because of political pressure from the white house. >> sure. let me just point everyone's attention. these are tweets from private citizen donald trump 2014. he was on the apprentice. he tweeted at the time, smaller speech below, obama speech. daily caller released not only shows obama is a racist but also how the press always covers for him. the second see june 2007 speech, is obama a total racist? people on social media and
11:48 am
beyond saying how is this not a pot, kettle -- hypocrisy situation? >> that's exactly what it is. and not only that, but, again, i agree with part of what scott said. i am a businesswoman. i understand not trying to chase away your market, you know, but we cannot -- jamel, first of all, was not on air working. she has said she regrets that her personal opinions were taken as an opinion for espn, so the same way that i write for cnn and there's a little caveat, these opinions are roxanne jones, i understand that. i understand that and i understand what espn did although i don't agree with that but jamel has a first amendment right to free speech as a personal citizen, as an employee of espn and all of that. and if donald trump and the white house can defend white supremists who march in charlottesville with torches and nazi insignia and say they're good people with a right to free speech, then certainly you don't then have the right to turn
11:49 am
around and ask for a private citizen to be fired because she has tweeted that she -- that donald trump surrounds himself with white supremacists, which is a fact, scott. i'm talking about david duke, i'm talking about steve bannon, i'm talking about his associates in his cabinet and who ran his campaign, and those are facts that their past -- in their past, in their future they associate and are white supremacists for white power people. i don't care what you call them. alt left. they are not seeking equality for all of us. >> scott -- i'm listening to you, but, scott, how would you respond? you get the final word? >> well, look, to say the president surrounds himself with david duke is a major reach. he doesn't surround himself with david duke. david duke doesn't work in the white house. when you're impugning the character of these white house staffers calling them white supremacists, that's just wrong. everybody has the right to free speech but you have to face the congress sequences of your
11:50 am
speech. in her case, espn reprimanded her. i will say this. i think if she had said something on the other end of the political spectrum, if she said something conservatives were in agreement with, i think espn would have fired her immediate immediately. the fact that she tended to say something that liberals agree with -- ask linda cohn what happens when you're not on the liberal line over there. i think she has a right to speak, but there have to be consequences in the free market when you possibly are driving eye balls away from your employer. >> okay. i appreciate both of you very much. thank you on all things jamel hill. still to come here, new reporting in to cnn on meddling in the u.s. election. just how extensive russia's use of facebook really was. stay with us.
11:51 am
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. all right. facebook now admitting to cnn that it has no idea just how many ads were bought by russia and placed on their news feed to influence the 2016 presidential election. one week after facebook told the country that it had sold $100,000 worth of ads to russian troll farm, it now says it's still not sure whether kremlin groups may have made other ad buys as well. let's talk about this. let me bring in phillip buyers, senior cnn media reporter and ben collins, senior news editor for the daily beast. gentlemen, thanks for being here. dylan, let me begin with you. you've been talking to your sources. what did they tell you about this? and why can't facebook just
11:56 am
account for who bought up the ads? >> well, it's a great question. the reason they can't account for who bought up the ads, brooke, is because they used a self-service ad buying system. what that means, advertisers come, they buy the adds on their own, they choose how they want those ads to be targeted and so facebook says, look, there was no communication between our sales team and those ad buyers, but one of the lingering questions here, certainly the frustration for the senate intelligence committee is, okay, well, why weren't there preventive tools in place to block this or to at least alert you to suspicious ad buys? what if those were russian i.p. addresses? why weren't those preventive measures in place? the fact that they weren't and the fact that facebook hasn't been able to address this means as our facebook sources told us this week, it's highly possible that there are many dubious ad buys that exist on facebook right now as we speak. >> that is crazy.
11:57 am
wow. you, ben, have your own exclusive reporting for "the daily beast." you wanted to know if facebook would lease the details about what it uncovered about kremlin backed proppropaganda, users th were targeted. what did facebook say to you? >> we may never find out. that may not be true. they have a giant troll of data to see if russians really impacted this election. i guess the scary part is the users may not find out. they may not release information to them. they told us they're doing an internal audit on all of this. that is probably happening. >> you believe them? >> i totally believe them. the problem is, we don't know what the audit is. we asked for details of the audit. basically are you tracking posts? are you tracking parallelisms within specific targeting things and they wouldn't answer us. that's the problem is that if you don't even know if propaganda affected you in 2016, how would you know the future? how do you know it's stopped to? >> okay, if it's happened, let's
11:58 am
make sure it never happens again. you know if people are also digging on this for these special investigations. bob mueller and company, thank you so much for coming down. let's continue the conversations about this because people want to know what the deal is with facebook. ben collins and dylan buyers. thank you so much. coming up next. senate majority leader chuck schumer has just been heard on an open mike. what he said about his dinner last night at the white house with the president. we will play it for you in just a moment. i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to cut my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® works like my body's insulin. releases slow and steady. providing powerful a1c reduction. my week? hectic. my weekends? my time. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day.
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top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. major backlash from president trump's own base. a lot of his supporters calling it downright betrayal today nicknaming him amnesty don. check out breitbart. the president and democratic leaders, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and the president agreed they would move forward with daca. that's the program that allows undocumented immigrants with children to move into the u.s. that's 800,000 of the d.r.e.a.m.ers but at what cost? both pelosi and schumer say it will not be linked and the president seemed to be on board. >> we're building four different samples of the wall to see which one we're going to choose and the wall


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