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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 15, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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welcome back. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here on this friday. the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting after a new show of defiance by north korea. the north firing yet another ballistic missile. in case you are not keeping count, in the five weeks since president trump made threats of fire and fury, north korea has fired two missiles and conducted a nuclear test. this latest missile flying over northern japan. that is the sound of supers warning japanese fishes officia take cover. >> we are seeing them continue to be provocative and continue to be reckless. at that point, there's not a whole lot the security council can do from here, when you have cut 90% of the trade and 30% of the oil. having said that, i have no
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problem kicking it to general mattis because i think he has plenty of options. >> what is different about this approach is that we're out of time, right? assed assed ambassador haley said, we been kicking the can down the road and are out of road. the lack of the military option, there is a military option. it is not what we prefer to do. >> let's go to will ripley in pyongyang many, many times. he's live now for us in tokyo. what is the response from where you are? >> reporter: well, look, the discussions about a military option are certainly troubled for those in the region who are keenly aware of the 3 million people who died in three years of fighting during the korean war. a military option against north korea even without nuclear weapons factored in the equation could potentially be catastrophic in terms of loss of life, property, this is a country with a standing army of a million people of reserves.
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they probably have about 10 million people in the population who served in the military who are ready to fight. so yes, the united states continues to reiterate there's a military option. and it's true, the u.s. vastly outguns north korea. but north korea has a lot of conventional weapons. they can do a lot of damage and kill a lot of people. and they have an increasingly sophisticated nuclear arsenal and know that. that's why they continue to conduct these missile tests, these provocative missile tests. firing missiles twice over northern japan, imagine being a parent in hokkaido and for the second time in around two weeks, having to explain to your children why the air raid signals are going off and why the phones are lighting up with messages telling them to seek shelter. and why the kids have to have missile drills and learn about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. duck and cover. it is reminiscent of the cold war. and in japan it cuts deeper because they still are scarred with memories of hiroshima and nagasa nagasaki. for the first time since world
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war ii, sirens are going off here. south korea fired missiles six minutes later and one failed. they tried to see if they could launch the north korean launch sites, but this is a very difficult situation out here. and the sanctions, at least so far, because there have been round after round increasingly heavy sanctions, but i can tell you, i was in pyongyang last week with more cars on the road than ever, the store shelves are full, people are or have cell phones and welcome frontics electronics and the living standards have gone up. and the north korean economy grew by 6%. will the sanctions be the ones to completely change the equation? maybe, but north korea says even if things get tough, they are not giving up the nuclear weapons and feel that will give them leverage, respect and a seat at the table from a position of strength down the road and are certainly not going to give that up. their whole national identity is centered around the nuclear weapons. >> you would know, as again, you have been there so many times. you are fascinating just to follow on instagram. let alone, i can't imagine how
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interesting the documentary will be today. this is will ripley looking inside north korea. the exclusive look, the secret state, inside north korea. that airs tonight at 10:00 eastern. we'll get you a preview in just a bit. meantime, we'll go to tom foreman taking count of the north's stockpile of weapons. tom, what are you finding? >> reporter: they are on an absolutely record-shattering pace in terms of missile tests this year. and you only need to look at one graphic to understand what we're talking about here. go back to kim jong-un's grandfather, kim il-song. during his time in office the modern missile program getting started, 15 total tests. come forward to his son here, kim jong-il, there it went to 16 tests but still a program that excited concern but wasn't really exploding. but now look at what is happening under kim jong-un. there have been 88 missile tests
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in his time. last year there were 24. this year there are already 22. and there's still a quarter of the year left to go. and this, despite the fact they have had more than ten years of u.n. sanctions against the country to try to make them stop. brooke? >> so -- we know they have been stepping up their nuclear testing, the nuclear weapons, tell me more about how all of these programs are coming together. >> well, that's really the key here. when the north koreans said they managed to miniaturize the military weapon small enough they could put it on top of one of these icbm, the intercontinental ballistic missiles they're testing, initially most of the experts and intelligence around the world said we don't believe it. now they think may have they have. and that changes the equation. because with all of these tests, they have been steadily pushing the reach of their nuclear arsenal. so they cannot only hit allies like south korea and japan, but also maybe alaska, maybe hawaii,
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maybe parts of the continental united states now. it is still from an engineering sense a huge ask to put a missile into space, bring a warhead back at 17,000 miles an hour into the atmosphere and get it to go toward a target and perform as expected. but with every test, they are clearly getting closer to figuring out that rubik's cube. brooke, if they do, that can drastically change any negotiations with north korea. >> tom foreman, thank you very much. and as the president this morning, if you're watching his twitter feed, pretty much saying mum on all things north korea. instead, he went off about the attack this morning in london with the bomber or bombers on the run. 29 people were injured when this bucket device exploded. the president tweeted, another attack in london by a loser terrorist. these are sick and demented
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people who were in the sights of scotland yard. must be proactive. and that forced a response from theresa may, the british prime minister. >> i never think it is helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation. as i have just said, the police and security services are working to discover the full circumstances of this cowardly attack. and to identify all those responsible. >> the british police also said the comments were not helpful. moments ago the president's national security advisor explained what he thought the president's tweet meant. >> i think what the president was communicating is that, obviously, all our law enforcement efforts are focused on the terrorist threat for years. scotland yard has been a leader as our fbi is a leader. so i think if there was a terrorist attack here, god forbid, we would say they were in the sights of the fbi. he didn't mean anything beyond
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that. >> reporter: i'm sorry, i'm not clear, terrorists were focused on scotland yard or the scotland yard knew this was coming? >> i think he means generally this kind of activity is what we're trying to prevent. >> let's go to london and erin mclaughlin. at least this wasn't worse, no fatalities, no one is critical, but still, what do you know about this bomb that went off? >> reporter: well, brooke, the attack happened at 8:20 a.m. the height of morning rush hour. the train had been cutting through, traveling through some of the more affluent neighborhoods of london. and it stopped at the tube station just over that way. the doors had opened. and according to eyewitnesses, there was a flash, a small explosion and a fire. at least 29 people sustaining injuries. thankfully, none of those injuries were life-threatening. no fatalities as a result of
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this explosion. but the center of this investigation right now, the so-called improvised explosive device that authorities say was planted on that train. footage from inside the train shows a bucket inside of some sort of grocery bag with wires hanging out. a security source telling cnn that authorities found inside that bucket a timer. and that raising eyebrows as a result of this investigation because what that suggests is whoever created this device, which has been described as rudimentary, which authorities say had gone off as intended, would have caused a great deal more carnage. whoever created and planted that device is on the run. and tonight we understand from the london mayor, a manhunt is occurring throughout the city. >> all right. erin, thank you, in london. we'll have a bigger conversation about all this. david is with me, senior politics for "u.s. news and world report". and breanna rodriga, a cbs
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correspondent for cbs news. good to see you guys. the fact that the president chose not to weigh in on this missile launch out of north korea, which p.s., could have went 200 miles farther than the u.s. territory of guam. and, you know, not to say it wasn't a huge deal what happened in london. thank goodness, it could have been way worse and wasn't, and yet he chose to essentially criticize scotland yard and our friends over top pond. >> right. well, without getting into the president's head and knowing what he was thinking there, has been a pattern here. every time we see any terror attack, the president has been quick to turn to twitter and offer his views on whether or not the government's reacting properly and what he thinks of these terrorists. the question is, and i guess the issue is, we don't know that much about it. it's not clear whether scotland yard did speak with him or if his national security advisers spoke to him about what they know. but it does, at least, optically look like he's pretty quick to judge and pretty quick to give his views on what we still don't
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know. it could be a fluent situation. >> he was quick to judge on what happened in the london tube station, but he wasn't in charlottesville. let's remember this. >> you don't make statements that direct unless you know the fact. it takes a little while to get the facts. you still don't know the facts. and it's a very, very important process to me. and it's a very important statement. so i don't want to go quickly and just make a statement for the sake of making a political statement. i want to know the facts. >> david, i'm going with this. i don't want to jump ahead of knowing the facts versus this morning. >> i mean, look, he said that because that was in his interest to explain a pretty bad situation, pretty bad political situation for himself. look, he's a stream of conscious president. there's no way he had all the facts before responding. this is a guy that gets up and watches cable news and responds. he responds to what is in the news in the middle of touring hurricane damage. he came back to speak about hillary clinton because she was
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back in the news. this is how this guy operates. and just watching nikki haley and h.r. mcmaster's face, trying to explain it, you can tell they're pained. they can't explain why he said that. h.r. mcmaster stuttered because i'm sure he's thinking, there's no way the president should have tweeted about this before he got the facts, before he talked to our ally about it. >> yeah, he was prepared to come out to talk about north korea, not so much about this. >> sarah sanders is like, welcome to my job every day. what about this report for "the new york times" about president trump's temper and specifically the report that, you know, as soon as the ag, jeff sessions, wanted to recuse himself, that would mean there's a special counsel appointed. which apparently, incredibly infuriated the president that so much so, in front of all the people at the white house, he screams at jeff sessions and calls him an idiot. and i was just talking to chris ruddy last hour a good friend of the president's, who said to me, brooke, the president doesn't have a temper, this is why america wants him in office.
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he calls it like he sees it. >> well, look, to use that language, to call the guy that you made your attorney general an idiot is pretty degrading. obviously, there's more evidence now that we know he was upset at sessions. but most presidents would probably take sessions aside in a meeting and talk to him. i mine, this is, i think this goes back to torchal question of stream of consciousness, the guy has no discipline and is not going to change. he's 71. he is who he is. i think we can expect this as long as he's president. >> and don't forget, there was a reason why he was upset with sessions because sessions recused himself. every legal expert says that was absolutely the right thing for him to have done. and if the president does think that that's what ultimately led to mueller, then why hasn't he lashed out or maybe he has and maybe the piece hasn't been brought up yet about jared kushner. maybe this is what happens when you have family the business, but a lot of people blame jared
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kushner as the person who was pushing for sessions to recuse himself and also pushing for comey to leave. >> it's hard to touch the son-in-law. >> that will be the breaking point. >> he goes after his own family. >> can we go back to the chinese chocolate cake night at the dinner with a number of democrats? a number of people in the room, 11 people, is my understanding, but this was the president and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. we just saw out of the "washington post," at one point, nancy pelosi, wasn't getting a word in edge wise said, do the women get to talk here? she was the only woman in this 11-person room. and apparently she wasn't interrupted after that at all. but you read the detail, what did you make of what she said? >> well, it seems like she's not the only woman who sort of is raising this issue right now. hillary clinton incidentally raised this issue in her book as well. a lot of pamela harris and her being hush in the senate.
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nancy pelosi got very far in her career, so i don't think one could argue that being a woman kept her from getting where she was. and speaker of the house, what have you, but i think a lot of this is just personality. i don't think necessarily think donald trump would shut a man up over shutting a woman up, clearly, he's lashed out at sessions as well. i'm not sure he hasn't lashed out at women in the staff but he doesn't have as many women in the staff. >> sarah huckabee sanders -- >> i'm talking about the cab sunset. >> give him credit for the team. he's brought in women on the team. >> the women have remained. >> exactly. there are a lot of women on the team. but, you know, to the nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi is no wallflower. i dud a profile of her a couple months ago and deep dived and talked to everyone. of course she can speak. she's the house minority leader who has been there for 30 years. she can raise her voice in my meeting and say what she wants. >> she got the president to tweet, too. >> she did have an impact on him. >> she totally had impact on
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him. >> thank you very much. moments from now, speaking of the president, he's about to speak at joint base andrews there. mighty patriotic on this friday afternoon. this is happening as the president is demanding an apology calling out espn today on twitter saying the sports network is paying a price for its politics. the white house, by the way, is standing by its call for jemele hill, the espn host, to be fired for calling trump earlier a white supremacist and a bigot. we'll hear both sides on that debate upcoming. and just in, the cone of uncertainty, i hate to have to say this, a new update on yet another storm that is threatening the u.s. and again, we're still keeping a very close eye on the situation. the protests, the peaceful protests so far there in st. louis, that are marching against the acquittal verdict today involving a white police officer who went on trial for killing a
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donald trump is calling out espn after one of their hosts called him a white supremacist and bigot. he say, espn is paying a really big price for its politics and bad programming. people are dumping it in record numbers. apologize. the white house is standing by her at the same time. >> i think the point is that espn has been hypocritical and should hold anchors to a fair and consistent standard. espn suspended a long-time anchor linda cohn not too long ago for expressing the political viewpoint. the network's public editor said there's a perception that espn
12:23 pm
has become political and that has harmed the network. this is clearly a political statement. they should be consistent in whatever guidelines they have set themselves in that front. john? i'm going to try to cover as much ground as i can. john? >> reporter: do you stand by your statement when you said what jemele hill did standed for firing? >> i did. >> we have clay travis with fox sports here. good to see you. and clay, to you first, of all the different columnists or even magazines in the wake of charlottesville, specifically, that have called out the president as racist, why do you
12:24 pm
think he really took this particular target on espn and jemele? >> because espn is not in the business of commenting on political issues. if you look at their history, they established 18 months ago they don't believe their people should be in involved in non-sports related political controversies. they suspended and then fired kurt shilling for saying he disagreed with the north korea gender bathroom bill. that had nothing to do with sports and said, look, you can't have this opinion, it is too conservative. we are not going to allow it. that's a bad move. i'm a first amendment absolutist and believe in two things completely. the first amendment and boobs. >> wait, did you just say you believe in the first amendment and -- hold on, i just want to make sure i heard you correctly as a woman anchoring the show,
12:25 pm
what did you just say? you believe in the first amendment and b-o-o-b-s? >> boobs, two things that never let me down, the first amendment and boobs. those are the two things i believe in absolutely in the country. i don't think jemele hill should be fired, but i do think straight up once you make the decision that you're going to let kurt shilling go, you have to also make the decision you're going to let jemele hill go. espn made bad decisions that led to 13 million subscribers bailing on the network. they made bad decisions that have led to ratings collapsing. the television show is collapsing. ratings were down 20% last week over last year. i think that is why she's angry. i think that's why she went after donald trump. she's begging for espn to fire her to work somewhere else. >> okay. okay. keith? what do you think? >> listen, i'm astonished at almost everything i just heard.
12:26 pm
one of the things -- not just a colleague but a personal friend, one of the things jemele had to deal with in her entire career and many friends in this business that i've been friends with for a long time is sexism, blatant sexism, comments about her appearance, comments about her racially, comments about her inability or perceived inability to be able to comment on sports because of her gender. so for somebody to come on cnn and to say something like the only thing i believe in, and the discussion -- >> i'm just there, too. i want to be make sure i'm hearing, b-o-o-z-e or b-o-o-b-s? >> i believe in the first amendment and boobs. those are the two things i believe in this country. >> why are you sitting here live on cnn? >> did you notice he went straight to that? >> i did go straight to that. >> why would you say that live on national television, and with
12:27 pm
a female host, why would you even go there? >> i say that all the time on the radio because it's true and that's what i do. because i like boobs and the first amendment, which is exactly what i said. >> listen, brooke, i think that speaks for itself. i love the first amendment as well. i also love women. >> you don't love boobs, too? >> i'm not talking about that on television because it's irrelevant to the topic. it shouldn't be brought up here. >> why not? >> i'm a supporter of women in their careers. i'm a supporter and a stark supporter of women like brooke who have shared the airwaves before. and like jemele, a personal friend of mine for a long time -- >> i'm done, i'm sorry. i'm done. to have anatomy -- >> this conversation is over, yangi yanking mikes, bye. forgive me, live television happens and you think you heard something, you are not sure and then you realize it happened, so
12:28 pm
i apologize for him in that. let's move on. as we wait for president trump to speak live at joint base andrews, the white house says it will lay out specific priorities on immigration in the next seven to ten days. this comes as the president has been waffling about a deal with democrats to keep the dreamer program. we'll get reaction from the hispanic chamber of commerce president who says he quit the president's diversity council over the daca policy. you do all this research
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okay, we're back. i'm brooke baldwin. the white house says it will list its specific priorities on
12:33 pm
immigration in the next seven to ten days to provide some clarity to conservatives who said congress was close to reaching a deal on daca. but imagine the confusion for the nearly 700,000 dreamers currently enrolled in this program. my next guest actually left the administration over his disappointment with the president's repeal of daca. he is javier, the president and ceo of the united states hispanic chamber of commerce. so javier, welcome, sir. >> reporter: how are you, brooke? thank you for having me. >> thanks, i'm all right. to you, president trump seems to be warming to getting some kind of daca deal done. are you at all encouraged by his most recent comments? >> i'm very encouraged. >> you are. tell me more. >> listen, i am encouraged by our president reaching across the aisle to work with democrats
12:34 pm
to find a workable and permanent solution. that's what our association wants from the president. i'm encouraged by his comments as recently as yesterday. look at what he said. he said that these young people arrived here at a young age. he's correct and we agree. in fact, they all arrived here on average at the age of 6. he said that they are good and that they are educated. and he is correct. and we agree. in fact, some 65,000 of these young people graduate from high scho school. you either have to be enrolled in school or graduated from school. and he went on and further and said that they are, you know, employed, that they have jobs. again, he is correct, again, we agree, there's a 91% employment rate amongst dreamers. it's a better employment rate than native-born kids.
12:35 pm
>> i hear you on all of this. and i hear that you are totally encouraged. since you are encouraged, do you think you would want to return to the diversity council? >> well, i want to focus on a solution. let me tell you where else i agree with the president. >> i'm going to hold you on that. the solution being, solution being would you go back to the count still cil council? >> i can't answer that question now, brooke. i'm always willing to help this administration or any administration work on issues where we see value. if we believe we can add value and for the betterment of the american people and american small business, i am 100% behind it and always be there. >> do you think the president -- hang on, javier, do you think if that were the case, do you think the president would have you back? >> i don't want to get into that discussion right now. there's no way to tell what is in his mind as it relates to me. what i'm focused on is the fact that we agree generally in three
12:36 pm
basic areas. that an executive order is not the solution. at best, that's a temper fix. second, this is a legislative issue. this must be fixed by the congress once and for all. that's where it needs to be fixed. and third, that immigration reform is an economic imperative for the continued well-being of the country. we agree in the three basic principles. and agree on all the things he tweeted about as recently as yesterday. i'm very encouraged and we are ready to help in any way we can. >> what about, you know, we talked live yesterday on trying to understand, because the president talked a lot, which was wonderful to be able to hear him be so open with the press. and there were talks of, you know, no deal and the no deal. and then a half deal. and then definitely a deal, but not amnesty. i was left a little confused. do you understand the deal that may be made? >> you know, i don't understand the puts and takes of the deal.
12:37 pm
i want to be focused on the fact that we're beginning to see some agreement in the basic concepts of the dreamer program. again, he is now saying that he believes that they are good, that they are accomplished, that they have jobs, that they're educated, that they serve in the military. and we absolutely agree with that. if we can stay and we can focus in the areas where we agree, i think we can work on those areas, which are, i think, getting smaller and smaller every day where we don't agree. but first, let's focus on the fact that we all want to do right by these 800,000 young people that are the living open bodiment of the young people we want in this country. again, a 91% employment rate better than native-born kids, none of them are eligible for welfare or government subsidies of any kind. these are good people. and i'm encouraged that the president is beginning to talk about the fact that they are actually valuable assets to the american people. >> let me move you off daca.
12:38 pm
i have one more question for you, javier, relating to the president as reports out today say that a couple months ago, when the president learned jeff sessions would be recusing himself in the whole russia investigation, he baa rated him publicly to call him an idiot. we have been talking about the president's temperament, you have been behind closed doors with the president, have you seen his temper flare like that? >> my interactions with the president personally have been actually very collaborative. he's been a gentleman with me. he's never tweeted about me. and, in fact, in the times that he has reached out, it has been, he has been a professional. i have to be honest. i have to be honest. so i personally, personally have never witnessed that. and i have to say, on behalf of his entire team, everybody that i have worked with at the white house, whether that is secretary purdue, secretary mnuchin, secretary perry, and ivanka, every one of them has been more
12:39 pm
than willing to talk to us. every one of them has been more than willing to reach out to us. so i got to be honest with you, our interactions have been very positive, very willing to listen to what we want to say to them. and again, i'm encouraged because the message seems to be getting through. at least according to the tweets that i saw yesterday from the president himself. >> javier palomarez, thank you, good luck. >> thank you for having me. speaking of the president, we are watching joint base andrews there, live pictures of the president expected to speak there in the midst of the new threat from north korea. we'll have that for you live. and -- let's take a moment here on this friday afternoon to honor this week's cnn hero. a south african woman nicknamed mama rose after opening her home to care for more than 5,000 orphaned, sick and abandoned children. ♪ >> i have a big heart for children. and for people in this
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even though the south is still reeling from two deadly hurricanes, the u.s. is now facing another threat. tropical storm jose is turning to the east coast. the question is, will it make landfall in the u.s. or turn into a hurricane? alisyn chinchar has the answers. alison, dare i ask, where is jose now? >> tropical storm jose is moving northwest at 9 miles an hour. going forward, it is expected to veer east and due north. by the time we get to wednesday
12:45 pm
morning, it looks to be about 225 miles due east of new york city. but you have to keep in mind, the margin of error of the tracks is also 225 miles. which means that while it may not be a high chance, we also can't rule out potential for cities like new york or boston, especially the cape. because the cape sticks out east in nantucket where they could get impacts from jose, even if they don't make a direct landfall over the regions. in the short-term, here's where the model guidance has it going through tuesday. this is where they are all pretty much in agreement. it's slightly after that where we start to see some of them take a more north, some of them take it due east. so again, this is where you have to keep in mind. you're talking seven days out and a lot can change. for the two models we talk about, the american model in the red, and the blue model which is the european, both have them clipping awfully close if not directly over portions of eastern massachusetts by the time we get to the middle portion of next week.
12:46 pm
which again, means that at this point in time, we can't rule out impacts from that storm. however, regardless of that, for maine all the way down to, yes, even including florida, rip currents are going to be a big threat. those winds are going to push all of that water inland along the atlantic coast. so you are going to have that being potentially a big threat regardless of whether or not it actually makes landfall. and brooke, that could be a concern for a lot of the folks, say, along the coastline of south carolina, georgia and florida that are still trying to recover from irma over the last couple of days. so again, the good news is that it will be short-term because the farther north it moves, it will lessen the impacts to places like south carolina, georgia as well as into florida. but certainly something we will keep a close eye on over the coming days. >> i know you will, alison chinchar, thank you for now. just a reminder to you, live pictures from maryland, joint base andrews waiting for the president to speak there with
12:47 pm
his air fleet in the midst of this new threat from north korea. we'll take it live as soon as we see potus. stay with me.
12:48 pm
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north korea firing off yet another missile and a show of defiance while most of its citizens live in darkness, starving, struggling to survive. tonight, cnn is airing an exclusive documentaries. correspondent will ripley gets unprecedented access into the country that is north korea. >> reporter: i've reported from north korea more than a dozen
12:52 pm
times over the last few years. each time, we open the door a little more. ♪ and see this country and its people in unexpected ways. just like this. yep, even in north korea, kids love video games. for these 14 and 15-year-olds, these are not just games. this is practice for real life. most of these boys, and a lot of the girls, will spend their first years of adulthood serving in the korean people's army, just like their parents and grandparents before them. what do you like about this game? >> translator: killing the enemy. >> reporter: who's the enemy? >> translator: americans. >> reporter: this hatred of americans stems from the korean war. north korea contradicts western
12:53 pm
historians, saying that america started the war that killed millions of civilians and divided the korean peninsula. who do you want to fight? >> translator: to fight the sworn enemy, americans. >> reporter: what do they teach you about americans in school? >> translator: they forcibly invaded us, slaughtered our people, buried them. buried them alive. buried them alive and killed them. >> reporter: so they teach you that the americans are the enemy and you need to shoot them, to fight them? >> translator: yes. >> reporter: here's where things get awkward. what if i told you that i'm an american. do you want to shoot me, too? >> translator: yes. >> that documentary airs tonight only here on cnn at 10:00 eastern. again in any moment in maryland, we're waiting for this demonstration to begin with the president of the united states. stand by.
12:54 pm
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12:59 pm
>> come here. [ laughter ] >> oh, we love her. we miss her. that is melissa mccarthy playing the now former white house spokesperson sean spicer on "saturday night live," a performance that's garnered her an emmy award. sean spicer was just on "jimmy kimmel" the other night and joked about it when he was on. >> the president didn't think that was funny? >> i don't think so. >> is he particularly annoyed by the fact that a woman was playing you? >> i really didn't ask a ton of questions. [ laughter ] so that may have been a contributing factor. >> what a no-win situation. they're making fun of me and they're making fun of me for it. >> and she wins an emmy. >> "saturday night live" is tied with the hbo's show "west world" for the most primetime emmy nominations this year. the ceremony aired sunday night
1:00 pm
at 8:00 with steven colbert. please tune in tonight at 10:00. will ripley with exclusive access to all things north korea. i'm brooke baldwin. it's been a day. have a wonderful weekend. "the lead with jake tapper" starts now. thanks, brooke. is the trump administration preparing for war? "the lead" starts right now. there is a military option. that's the word from the white house today after north korea thumbed its nose at the world yet again launches yet another missile over japan. this went further than it would take to get to guam. terrorism and tweets. trump tweets, earning a scolding from the british prime minister. why did the president not wait for the facts? plus, right now protesters and police clashing in st. louis, missouri. an all too familiar


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