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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it is the top of the hour. this is our breaking news. hours of protests in st. louis after an exofficer is found not guilty in the shooting death of a black man. this is cnn tonight. just want to get you out now live. protests are beginning to break up after a judge found a former police officer, jason stockly, not guilty of first degree murder in the 2011 shooting death of a 24-year-old black man anthony lamar smith. he shot and killed smith after a police chase over a suspected drug steel. stockly said he acted in self-defense and believed smith was reaching for a gun in his car. the shooting was captured on police dash cam as well as an internal video camera and cell phone video. again, our breaking news this evening on cnn, protesters are out in the streets of st. louis
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tonight. the situation has been tense all evening after a judge acquitted a former police officer of fist degree murder in the shooting death of a black man. ryan young has been out among the protesters all evening. he joins us now. ryan, it appears be to different than when we saw you last. >> completely different. look, we started this around 11:30 this afternoon. they were down by city hall originally. then we could hear the group talking about making a move into a community. they wanted to come to the suburbs. well, when you look at this, don, you can see that's exactly what they wanted to do and they cheated that mission. if you look down that way, that's where the rest of those officers right now. they want this street closed so they're flashing the light back this direction, telling people they cannot pass. they have buses and they are ready to load their officers back up once they deem this neighborhood safe again. i want to say something that was kind of interesting because you had the mayor who actually tweeted out that he was not in agreens with this decision, but despite that, protesters marched to his house right down the
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street here. we were marching with them, not realizing where we were going. we got in front of his house. they were obviously demanding for someone to come out. someone started throwing something in the window. we were all shocked at that point because up until then it had remained peaceful. even though they were carrying firearms, some of them, there was no back and forth with people as they walked through the streets. there were people at some of the restaurants handing water to the protesters as they walked by. people coming off their porch kind of celebrating them as they walked. when we walked by the hospital, don, and an ambulance was coming accident people who were protesting got out of the way of that ambulance and allowed it to come through. so you saw am so humidianity on both sides there. the place stayed back on most of the evening but when we got to this street and this neighborhood and when that rock went through that window, everything changed. the police gathered themselves together and they starred saying move back move back move back. and then we saw some of that
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group of protesters decide they were going to continue to taunt these officers. and we saw the professionalism on their side in terms of allowing that gas to sort of seep out at first and that kind of punched some of the people back. they decided they didn't want to deal with that. there were other people who decided they wanted to try to throw that back towards the officers. that et cetera when they allowed a little more gas to come out. and at that point we were all choking so we were trying to get away. it took about a half-hour for those people to get away and walk away from the situation. we've seen undercover police officers returning to the scene because we've seen them walking amongst us. this neighborhood and the people who have been preparing for this for quite sometime. we've seen them put boards up against windows, getting ready for this decision. i don't think people thought it was going to end as violent as it did. it kind of put a black eye on something that was very peaceful for most of the evening. >> all right. thank you very much. i want to get to dan simon in it st. louis for us. dan, last time we checked with you you were on the other side of where ryan is.
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what's happening now? what's the situation? >> reporter: well, hey, don. just a few protesters left on the street, but i can tell you there's still a whole lot of comes here. and people may be leaving, but i can guarantee you that police will be out here throughout the night making sure that things don't further get out of control. they seem to have done an effective job in getting the crowd to disperse, but you can see they're still in full riot gearment they're continuing to push whatever is left of the protesters down the street. skpl i tell you what, we did see a lot of tension earlier today and tonight, and as i said before, it's unsettling when you see protesters, especially the guys wearing the masks, and when you see them armed, it gets your attention. and i'm sure police are very weary of those folks, but the bottom line is while we did see
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some vandalism tonight, we did see police deploy their pepper spray, if that is the extent of it, i think the folks at city hall will be pretty pleased with that. we haven't seen any fires. we haven't seen a lot of vandalism other than to the mayor's house. we did see some folks burn some american flags. but as of right now i think you have to hand it to police. they've done a pretty good job thus far keeping this crowd under control at least to some extent, don. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. want to bring back -- areva, welcome to the panel. first of all, let's talk about what's happening out on the streets, the protesters announced this whole situation seems to be sim measuring down. just your assessment of what's
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happening on the street? >> well, don, i've been in contact -- as you know i'm from st. louis. this is my community, this is my hometown. so i've been in contact with relatives and friends throughout the week as they were bracing for this verdict. so i've been getting text messages all day as these protests were taking place. and i was hearing just what your reporters are saying which is essentially that these are very organized and very peaceful protests. but, look, this is a community that's very angry. this is happening on the heels of the michael brown shooting case and the whole ferguson incident is very fresh in the minds and in the hearts of people that live in st. louis, and they did not expect for a judge to find that this officer was not guilty. and more importantly, some of the comments that were made in his order. and i know your earlier program, some of your commentators talked about it, but that comment that the judge made about urban
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heroin dealers, that it would be an anomaly that they wouldn't have a gun or that an urban heroin dealer wouldn't have a gun. we know that the word urban is code for black, code for african-american. and when the residents heard that comment, i think it just added salt to the wounds. and this community is asking when, when ever will a white officer that shoots and kills an african-american be held accountable. and just a hot of frustration tonight. >> just as a point of fact, your thoughts are your thoughts, but as i heard some people discussing this, i mean, we have a heroin epidemic that's happening in this country across the board in all backgrounds, in all neighborhoods, in all economic ratios. heroin is not just an urban problem. heroin is an american problem at this point. jeff, i want to go to you and i want to talk to you about the reports you're getting prosecute your sources tonight as we watch the situation unfold in st.
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louis. what are you hearing? >> yeah. two officers on the way to the hospital. one hit in the head with a brick. the other fell and dislocated his shoulder trying to aid the other officer, as i understand it. i'm hearing that these protests are not over but are moving, don. i heard they're moving north up euclid and there was still a lot of property damage occurring. we played whack-a-mole all day with these protests with them being in various places downtown and then now in various neighborhoods in the central west end. so i'm not certain this is over, and i hope it is. i hope people are going home, but i'm worried that it's not over. >> can you see our air, neal? i mean, i'm sorry, jeff? jeff, can you see -- >> i don't have a monitor. >> i live right on this corner which is interesting because this is strauss it's right on the corner. it's right near the hospital and it's right in the central west end. and this is a very sort of hip neighborhood, youngish. >> right.
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>> that has been revital iced at least within the last ten years or more since i've lived in st. louis. and this is where the young folks go beside here, you know, maybe downtown a little bit further on a friday and saturday evening. and if you go a little bit behind where you see straufs is there towards the south, the neighborhood starts to change a little bit. and if you go north, you're getting into, you know, a different situation closer to the interstates there. but i have to tell you, jeff, if they were going to cordon off protesters, this is kind of a good place to do it because they've got the park in the middle and it sort of lends itself to doing that. >> yeah. it's a very trendy neighborhood. it is sort of boxed in by the park and then there's several hospitals on that main drag there that take up a big footprint. but, you know, what we saw in ferguson, don, you remember this very well, those late evening protests that turned violent,
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the agitators in the crowd would sort of disappear into a neighborhood and reemerge kind of out flank the police, kind of use the cover of darkness to pop off shots or to throw bricks. i'm getting reports just a few seconds ago they're now throwing lit road flares at the police. so while there was plenty of people, hundreds of people today that protested peacefully, what we have now is more reminiscent of ferguson and is volatile and hopefully the cops will continue to do a great job they're doing to attach that down. >> and listen, you have your sources. we're not -- that's not cnn's reporting. again, that's what jeff is hearing. we have not seen that. we've not witnessed it and have not been able to verify it. but stand by. i want to bring in david who is a cnn political commentator. today, david, the justice department as we watched these pictures announced that it is significantly scaling back a
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program created during the barak obama administration to help reform police departments. the program is voluntary. what can you tell us? wouldn't police departments, i would think, and maybe i'm wrong, want to voluntarily figure out how they can make their relationships with the community better? >> yeah, don. a couple things. first of all, when we've seen all the incidents of police violence and police not being found guilty in cases where there has been police violence, whether you're talking about samuel did he bossy in cincinnati, walter scott in north charleston, where you're talking the case we're talking about tonight, whether you're talking about eric garner in new york city, the list goes on and on, you would think that there would at least be consensus around the idea that the justice department and police departments around the country should work closer hand in hand, as was the case with this program under the obama
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administration to try to find solutions that haven't been found yet to this problem. i want to say something about the trump administration. it's about a year ago that president trump gave his law and order speech, don, in wisconsin. then a little later he gave his speech to african-american voters in gatesburg. in both of those speeches he talked about getting tough on crime and being a law and order president. he also talked about being a president who was going to apply the law equally. what we've seen with the justice department is that under attorney general sessions has been the reenstatement of civil asset forfeiture, sort of a reinflation of the war on drugs, a push for increased sentencing and now today the announcement that they're going to get rid of this cops program, cops is the acronym. a lot of people are asking tonight, myself included, is this what they have in mind when they say that they're going to have a law and order administration that applies justice across the board? it's not clear at all.
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>> mike shils is here. he's a cnn political commentator. mike, why would the justice department make this move given so many incidents we've seen seeing across the country? >> well, look, i think that the trump administration did run on being a law enforcement -- or law and order administration, a law and order president. and i think that there are a great number of americans that are very, very concerned about how the police are being treated when they're watching people throw things at the police and the police are being attacked when you have nonpeaceful protests. and i'm reflecting that's what the voters think. i think that it's obviously i much, much deeper issue than that and the unrest that's happening in st. louis and cities across the country as these trials move forward are something that i think we have to have a much larger national dialogue on and why people believe that they're being treated unfairly. but one of the responses to what you see is a backlash from many
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americans that worry that police are being targeted, assassinated and the vast voter of police they believe are the kinds of police they saw in houston that were rescuing them and taking care of them. and that's what their vision of what law enforcement officers are. and that's reflected of what trump ran for office that we need to protect law enforcement officers. like i said, there's a much deeper issue than just looking at it very simply that way. >> go ahead. >> my concern is that when an agency is identified as having problems with the way they're policing, from back a few years ago, back ten years ago, what we would do is doj would involve themselves with that agency in what's called a consent decree or consent agreement to work with them. and that was a way to try and fix identified and undenial problems that exist in certain law enforcement agencies. we know it existed in ferguson,
9:16 pm
for example, because once we look at ferguson, because of what happened with mike brown, then all of a sudden we sort of uncovered the onion leaves and realized how difficult or how skewed low they were in the minority population in law enforcement. once doj had in the past identified those problem plimts, then come in and help. what jeff sessions said several months ago and what was identified again by doj today was that they're going to go hands off on local law enforcement even if they have problems. that is problematic. i agree that most cops are great cops and i would never want to be a cop to put my life on the line every day the way they do. but when we identify problem police departments, we have to have a federal oversight or federal overview of what they're doing. and doj is now saying hands off, take care of it yourself. and that is going to denigrate
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the interaction between law enforcement agencies and communities because we're not going to fix them with any type of federal oversight even when they need it. >> all right. >> wait -- >> stand by. i've got to get to the break. you'll be able to do it on the other side. we'll be back with our breaking news. there's a whole world out there and no other card lets you experience it like the platinum card. ♪ ♪ backed by the service and security of american express. ♪ ♪
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we're back now with our live breaking news. it's happening in st. louis. protests there marched by violence tonight. st. louis police department tweeting a total of three of our officers have been injured within the last hour. two transported, one refused treatment. the mayor of st. louis, lie da crew son tweeting this in response. officers injured, on way to hospital. violence is unacceptable. the former officer who was found not guilty in the fatal shooting of thoen lamar smith is speaking out tonight as well. to the "st. louis post-dispatch." i want you to listen to what jason stockly is saying. >> i did not murder anthony lamar smith. i did not plant the gun. as i testified at trial and to homicide on the day of, it was an imminent threat to my life. i had to. it's -- taking a life is the
9:22 pm
most significant thing that one can do, and it's not something that is done lightly, and it's not something that should ever be celebrated. and it's just a horrible experience altogether. but sometimes it's necessary. this is a completely reactionary event. if he takes off on a car, we follow. he turns left, we turn left. and unfortunately, you're reacting in those few second, and you have to make decisions based on limited information and limited time. and they're the most important decision you ever make because it could be your last. and it's a very stressful and in the end regardless of what happens, nobody wins. i do not remember stating that i was -- that we or i or going to kill, don't you know it. the first time that i heard that was when i met with the fbi.
9:23 pm
and i gave them the same answer that i'm giving you now, which was i don't recall saying it, but i never denied it. i can tell you with absolute certainty that there was no plan to murder anthony smith during a high-speed vehicle pursuit. it's just not the case. and i wish that i could tell you exactly what that was and what it meant, whether it was just heat of the moment or whether it was part of a larger conversation. i really don't -- i just don't remember. i thought that anthony smith's car at the end had spun a complete 360 degrees or actually more to make it in the direction that it was, but when i watched the dash cam, i can see that it was just a 90-degree slide. again, it's insignificant. it doesn't change anything. it doesn't change the decision-making. it doesn't change how things are viewed or judged, but it just shows that my memory is not
9:24 pm
perfect and neither is anyone else's. >> what i found to be most surprising specifically from the cell phone videos that were released after my arrest was how many officers were near the vehicle while i was searching it for the weapon. i saw everything first person. so, you know, if i'm looking down, that's what i'm looking at. and i didn't have that type of view from above where you could actually see who is there, what are they doing. but you can plainly see that there is no attempt to deceive from my actions. the driver's side door is open. the back windows were blown out from the crash. and people were looking in while i was in there. there was definitely in bizarre behavior in my mind at all. at almost every resisting of arrest, doesn't have to be a
9:25 pm
fatal shooting, every resisting looks bad. they never look good. so what you have to separate are the optics from the facts. and if a person is unwilling to do that, then they've already made up their mind and the facts just don't matter. to those people there's nothing that i can do to change their minds. but any person, any reasonable person who looks at the facts of the case will realize that the optics are nothing but an illusion. >> why is it so important for you to be so important about this? >> because i didn't do anything wrong. if you're telling the truth and you've been wrongfully accused, you should be shouting it from a mountaintop, which is why i have no problem -- beside the gag order that was put in place, i've never had a problem discussing the facts of this case with anyone that i'm allowed to discuss it with.
9:26 pm
there's no question that is off limits in terms of what occurred that day. as far as how i feel right now, i'm obviously currently pleased that the right verdict came down and it feels like a burden is lifted, but the burden of having to kill someone never really lifts. >> former officer jason stockly speak tlg to "st. louis post-dispatch" reporter christine buyers. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. natalie allen picks up in atlanta right after this. good night. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
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we want to welcome our viewers across the u.s. i'm natalie alhelp and we'll continue to monitor the situation in st. louis and bring you any developments as we get them. these are live pictures from the scene in st. louis, missouri, where the streets have quiet down after people took to the streets to prostes a police
9:31 pm
officer not being convicted for shooting a black man in a case from several years ago. these pictures compliments of k tv i, st. louis, missouri, and we will let you know if there's anything else that we need to report on there. first we want to take you to the u.k.'s terror threat level which is up to critical after an explosion on board an underground train in london early friday morning. detonated wounding 29 people, but no one seriously. a manhunt is under way for whoever is responsible and prime minister theresa may is warning the public to stay alert. >> the joint terrorism analysis center, that's the independent organization which is responsible for setting the threat level on the basis of available intelligence, has now decided to raise the national threat level from severe to critical. this means that their assessment is that further attack may be
9:32 pm
imminent. >> our brian todd is following the investigation of the here he is. >> reporter: flaims emanate from a crudeel built bomb placed by the doorway inside a train on london's underground. officials say it sent more than 2 dozen people to the hospital with wounds like flash burns and singd hair. witnesses say it also caused a stampede of panicked kmurts desperate to get out of the parsons green tube station in southwest london. >> it was every man for himself. >> this wall of fire was just coming towards us. >> reporter: the suspect or suspects still at large. >> a further attack may be imminent. >> reporter: the full resources of scotland yard and british counter troers forces engaged in a manhunt. >> there are many inquiries going on now with hundreds of detectives involved looking at forensic work and speaking to witnesses. >> the bomb itself did not go off which for law enforcement is a great thing because the bomb in and of itself, it's sort of a
9:33 pm
fingerprint of the individual who made it. >> reporter: a british security source tell us cnn a timer was found on the device, that it's clear that although this was a crude bomb, it was intended to cause much greater damage. >> we're only aware of one device, so we now have remnants of that device. it's been examined by our experts. >> reporter: one source briefed on the investigation says an initial assessment of the bomb indicates it's highly likely to have contained ta pt, an unstable explosive that packs a nasty pufrmg. this video shows it kbusing just from a typey film canister. >> it is one of the most sensitive explosives known to the bomb tech community and it really takes very little initiation to set it off. >> now the fact that a timer was used and the suspect is still at large has londoners bracing for the worst. >> the timer is really what's freaking people out and did this individual place bombs in other locations. i mean, they are obviously sweeping all the train stations in london, all the tube stations
9:34 pm
right now at this particular time. they're looking for other devices. >> reporter: this mark the fifth significant attack in britain after the attacks at westminster bridge, london bridge, the mosque at finsbury park and manchester arena. experts say these attacks in britain along with the recent attack in barcelona means terrorists are going to keep coming after these cities. second only possibly to cities here in the united states. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> joining me now is cnn lauchlt contributor steve moor who is a former fbi special agent. thanks for talking with us. >> thanks for having me. >> what does it mean that the threat level in london has gone from severe to critical? >> natalie, what that means is that they know a lot more than they're letting on. you don't do that if you just see a bomb that went off low order or an ied that went off low order unless you know the source of that. and what that tells me is they
9:35 pm
know or at they at least have a suspect and likely know that there is more explosive material out there that hasn't been used or there could be people who are unaccounted for. >> i see. and so as for the device, analysts say it appears to be crudeel made. it did have a timer. it may have contained explosive ta pt. what does that say? how does that give them information? >> it gives them a wealth of information. first of all, ta pt is very hard to make without killing yourself. and it is very hard to get to go off when you want it to. the and what it says is this was an amateur. this is not someone who trained in the camps of afghanistan. when something goes off high order, that's called a debt nation. when it goes off low order, that's called a deaf la grags. it basically just burned very rapidly. so they know that this person isn't very adept, but it doesn't mean they won't get it right the second time. >> right. and isis is claiming responsibility.
9:36 pm
does this look like the mark of isis or is there any way to know that? >> ta pt is certainly the go-to explosive for isis right now because you can make it at home with peroxide and as he tone which you can get in stores. but they're going to claim it no matter what. and i don't believe it was anything more than an isis inspired attack, if that. it was somebody who was not in contact with them, who took this upon themselves to do it for whatever reason he felt he needed to contribute to jihad. >> and as far as trying to thwart these type attacks, steve, london has been hit over and over again and now it's the subway, the tube, the oldest subway in the world. it's very, very difficult to thwart something like this just as somebody behind the wheel of a car that runs people over.
9:37 pm
>> you're absolutely right. and in a way the crudeness of the devices which are forced upon the terrorists actually makes it harder for law enforcement because you can't use a cell phone to debt nature. you can't radio debt nature an explosive device in the tube. so you have to use a timer or something like that. while that complicates it for the terrorists, it makes it infin atel harder to detect. you can't jam cell phone signals, but again, it makes it much more critical and it makes it harder for the terrorists to determine where the explosive is going to go off unless they're standing there pushing a button. >> and now we know that there will be more police officers on the streets. what does that do -- i mean, they know terrorists could strike anytime anywhere, so you would think the presence is there before an attack, right?
9:38 pm
>> yes. but keep in mind that what they're doing right now is they have reason to believe, for reasons they're not sharing with us, that another attack could be imminent. so this is potentially before the second attack. and people in these situations are frequently risk averse. and what you're going to do is not necessarily prevent the attack, but you're going to channel it away from areas where the police are and if the police are in areas where there are high concentrations of people, at least what you're doing is limiting the number of casualties potentially. >> steve moor, we always appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> thank you. >> u.s. president donald trump called british prime minister theresa may after the attack. he offered condolences, but he's also drawn rebuks from british officials for his response on twitter. for more here is our athena jones. >> i want to say that our hearts and prayers go out to the people
9:39 pm
of london who suffered a vicious troers attack. >> president trump responding to friday's terror ato come on london's subway system. >> radical islamic terrorism. it will be eradicated, believe me. >> those comments coming after a flurry of early morning tweets about the incident. another attack in london by a loser troers, trump wrote, adding these are sick and did he meant people who are in the sights of scotland yard. might be proactive. president's national security adviser later trying to explain what trump meant by in the sights of scotland yard. the london police department headquarters. >> i think what the president was communicating is that obviously all of our law enforcement efforts are focused on this terrorist threat for years of the he didn't mean anything beyond that. >> his tweets prompted strong push back from police who said
9:40 pm
they didn't know who yet was involved. >> i never think it's helpful for anyone to speculate on what's an ongoing investigation. >> targeting nearly all refugees as well as people from six muslim majority countries, a ban that is facing several legal challenges. trump tweeting the travel ban into the united states should be far larger, tougher and more specific. but stupidel, that would not be politically correct. asked to explain his tweet, he would only say. >> we have to be tougher and we have to be smarter. >> the latest terror attack on an ally coming in the wake of yet another missile launch by north korea. the second one to fly over another key ally, japan, in less than a month. a problem international diplomatic pressure has so far been able to solve. >> mr. president -- >> amid the escalating threat from north korea, the president visited joint base andrews outside washington friday, where
9:41 pm
he talked up the country's military might. >> when our enemies hear the f.-35 engines, when they're roaring overhead, their souls will tremendous bell and they know the day of reckoning has aarrived. >> white house koerntd reporting for us there. and still ahead, north korea's kim jong-un is sounding as defiant as ever toward the international community. he said friday's missile launch was flawlessly perfect and he indicated there will be many more. we'll go live to seoul, south korea for the latest.
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more now on one of our top stories. north korea has now released photos that it says show leader kim jong-un overseeing friday's launch of an intermediate range missile. it was north korea's 22nd missile launch of the year and the second to fly over japan in less than a month. according to state media, kim praised the launch as flawlessly perfect and called it a meaningful and practical step toward nuclear deployment. cnn's ian lee joins us now from seoul, south korea with more. do these pictures indicate
9:46 pm
anything about this missile technology, ian? >> reporter: well, that's what analysts are skourg over to see if they can glean any information off these pictures and off the information that they detected. but this is a continuation much this missile program that weaver seen from north korea. this is the first missile that has been tested since north korea made that announcement that they could put a hydrogen bomb on top of an icbm, also since that test of 160 kiloton hydrogen bomb that they tested just the past few weeks. so this is very significant. this missile also traveled 3,700 kilometers, which is also roughly in the range of guam. so this could also be north korea sending a message to the united states. >> ian lee for us. thank you, ian. and still to come here, much more on the protests happening right now in st. louis,
9:47 pm
missouri. people out in force against a judge's not guilty verdict for the former officer who shot and killed a young black man. more about it right after this. people confuse nice and kind but they're different. it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we choose real ingredients like almonds, peanuts and a drizzle of dark chocolate. give kind a try. ♪
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we are following the growing anger in st. louis, missouri after a judge acquitted a former police officer in the 2011 shooting death of an african-american man. this is a live look as protesters against police brutality. a short time ago, demonstrators were hit by tear gasz police have arrested just 14 people, four people have been injured, at least two hit by a brick. critics are comparing it to the shooting of michael brown by ferguson police. the officer claim he acted in self-defense. prosecutored accused him of planting a gun to justify the shooting. >> hurricane irma struck the
9:52 pm
caribbean last week. and many survivors are still lacking fuel, food, and for the first time in 20 years no one is living on the island of bar bu ga baa. about 1 1/2 million do not have power in florida still. people that left the keys are starting to trickle back in, but the governor is warning of returning too soon. sarah sidener. >> a heart felt good biwho took these two teenagers in when hurricane irma plased st. john. >> we were in the shower laying
9:53 pm
down against the concrete wall and five minutes later the roof gets ripped off our head. >> that's moment i was terrified because i felt like irma was a spirit. i felt like i saw the hand grab the roof, squeeze it and throe it off into the wind. it was just -- it was crazy. >> reporter: they survived alongside their grandfather but the winds tore everything else apart on the island. >> i feel the best way to put the picture in your head and going down the highway in a car, you put your hand outside, and you feel the wind picture your face outside, your body, you're going to that speed that's what it felt like. >> when it was over they were left with nothing. their childhood home gone. >> there's nothing go back to. >> the brothers were picked up by a private boat like this one. that's where they met sue, her
9:54 pm
sons own the boat. she took one look at the boys and said you are staying with me, not in a shelter. >> what are your lives going to look like now that your house is gone. >> we're trying to make it to philadelphia to our mother. >> there were no flights out of the island. and then an unexpected gift arrived. >> there was nothing to say but thank you. i heard the guy wanted to stay anonymous, but thank you very much. >> the brothers were told an anonymous donor offered their jet to fly them to safety. we found out who it was, it was kenny chesney. >> i said one day it is going to be a good story to tell. >> now we're on cnn. >> soon they'll tell the story to their mother who's awaiting their arrival in philadelphia. >> we need more endings like
9:55 pm
that one from this terrible hurricane. when tragedy stuck on st. thomas one woman who lost her home doubled her efforts to help those in need. they've been serving free meals at a cafe and continue to serve 1,000 people a day as long as the need exists. she's able to give because of her love for the island and its people. if you would like to help the people of the caribbean, check out the shareties on our web site, at nearly 20 years after its launch nasa bid a fond fair well to its casini space graft. now it's running low on fuel, it transmitted its final signal.
9:56 pm
and nasa sent it into a death dive into sa turn's atmosphere. thank you for watching. anderson cooper is up next here on cnn. bed should face north ea. on it. you're trying everything to get pregnant. new one-a-day couples pack gives you both nutritional support you may need. for her to prepare for a healthy baby and for him to support healthy sperm. be in it together. need a hair smoother. get super fruit moroccan argan oil with fructis sleek & shine. hair is super sleek, for up to 3 days. no parabens. garnier fructis sleek & shine. super fruit. super hair. garnier. when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this. does your bed do that?
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>> we're watching closely protests st. louis. they had been thinking about trying to cut off a free way, it looks like police were out in a heavy presence to stop them, it's not clear where they are or how organized it is. first about one and a half million people are still without power in florida but already there's another hurricane that could


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