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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 16, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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ecra evacuated several homes. earlier today officials said they made a significant arrest of an 18-year-old man. 30 people were injured when a bomb detonated an a rush hour train, isis is claiming responsibility but authorities are down playing that claim saying there is no evidence of its involvement so far. cnn's reporter is following the story for us from london. what more do we know? >> reporter: well, justice was we were coming to air, the london metropolitan police force confirmed they are keeping the terror threat level at critical, the highest threat level. that means they believe another attack isn't just highly likely but another attack may be imminent. this all as their investigation, as their searches continue. they say they're very happy with the significant arrest of the
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18-year-old. they say they have managed to get hold of -- common deer a number of people helping with the investigation. and they are not as yet ruling out he might have had broader support in the commissioning of this incident as they're calling it. that's what they're charging him with, the commissioning of an act of terror. the searches continue, the cordoning off of that neighborhood, continues. behind me you can see the streets surrounding the subway station returning to normal. there is a sense that this counter terror operation is really just getting going here in the uk. >> all right. thank you so much. president donald trump is preparing for his first speech not united stations general assembly and he'll address the world leaders on tuesday and is expected to focus on the need for better relations and
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cooperation on fighting common enemies like north korea. national security adviser h.r. mcmasterer says nothing has been ruled oud when it comes to pyongyang. >> i think we ought to make clear what's different about this approach is that we're out of time. professor haley said before, we've been kicking the can down the road and we're out of road. so for those who have said and commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. cnn's global affairs correspondent joining us now from washington, elise how big of a shadow will north korea cast over the general assembly and the president's expected remarks? >> well, i don't know if will cast a showed dough over the whole week. there are a lot of issues the trump administration and others are going to be talking about such as u.n. reform, hum tarrian assistance, but clearly north korea is one of the priority issues and one of the priority
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focuses that president trump and the state department say will be a key issue this week. i think that you can see that president trump will be speaking a lot about north korea and trying to get all of the countries on board to implement those sanctions. i think what could also be hanging over this is what is china why going to be. this really holds the key to make sure it doesn't escalate by imply emting tougher measures. >> kim young says he wants equilibrium. is that reasonable? >> i don't think it's reasonable, fred. i mean clearly north korea has nuclear weapons. we don't know if they can actually use them, marry all the components to actually launch one. they have a huge conventional army and they could do a lot of damage but i think any military
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moves by north korea would certainly be suicide for the regime. i think between u.s., south korea and japan and nuclear power is just completely overwhelming. there's no way for north korea to ever really have military par writty with the country like u.s. i think this is more rhetoric with yim young un. he could do a lot of damage. that's why it's almost a little bit of a deter rent even though general mcmasters says there's a military option, certainly nobody wants to use it. all right, let's talk more about this and the expectations of the speech. joined by the professor at princeton university. julian, good to see you. a challenge will be for this president, not -- in whatever he says, right? not to further escalate tensions, not to allow north
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korea to use that language that the president articulates as provoking yet another test, or worse. >> exactly. the president is now coming to speak at an institution where he's had pretty tense relations. but it's important that he build support for both sanctions and for increasing pressure otherwise. le maybe through military means on north korea. what would be a big mistake is if the speech actually backfires and starts to become a speech about or discussion about president trump rather than north korea. he does have to handle this with the kind of del cassy that we ant always seen from the president. >> in the past, candidate trump hasn't shown a whole lot of respect to the u.n. in fact, calling it a club for people to have a good time. even challenging whether it is relevant. so how might his demeanor, what he has to say, how he enter acts
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with u.n. nations, how night that change that dialogue or point of view? >> well, look, whether he likes it or not, he does, in the united states, needs the united nations right now to confront this really important challenge and dangerous challenge we face. his demeanor, his rhetoric, that's everything. he has issued some pretty harsh words about the u.n. as an institution and has promoted an america first agenda which is at odds with what the united nations is about. this is an important moment that he doesn't escalate those tensions at a minimum so he can get the support of at least many of the nations there sitting in the room watching him, who are being asked to participate in building the pressure on north korea. >> might be a lot of crossed arms from the other nations who take offense from the president saying america first when he's talking to domestic audience and sometimes global. but then trying to express
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something different this week. >> i think there's probably a little bit of leeway. meaning many of them are expecting a little bit of that and understand that president trump can go off script at any second, so it's really a scale and scope question. the it's about how far he goes, in making those kinds of statements and going away from the kind of rhetoric that his speech writers will probably give to him. and we don't know. but crossed arms are okay, but angry arms would be a problem. and the president needs to understand this. we think his advisers do. the but this is not a time to make a speech simply condemning the u.n. it really has to be kept on the problem at hand. >> mm-hmm. the u.n. many bass door has already said she actually saw the speech or she read the speech. she used the word strong to describe it and says that it is one that has a very tough message. but what kind of modifications
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or would that make this many days ahead of his speech? >> well, look, the modifications are probably less relevant the improvisational with president trump. we've seen this again and again. you could hand him ten pages of papers or put whatever you want on a teleprompter but he's willing to say what he wants on the spot. so i think the crossed arms, by the way, won't simply be other nations watching, but it will be his own advisors, including the u.n. ambassador. he could obviously make adjustments right onto the day of the speech. but we're look to go what he does at the moment. president trump warned in his final speech to the u.n., which i think was in september of 2016, about the danger of building walls, about the danger of nationalism to the mission. and so in some ways, now we are going to see if those warnings were heeded or not. >> and apparently telling mr. -- mr. trump before inauguration that it would be north korea, which is the biggest threat.
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all right. julian as well let zer, thank you so much. >> as the white house gears up for the u.n. general assembly be sure to watch state of the union with jake tapper tomorrow morning. all right some people in florida finally getting the chance to return to their homes for the first time ins irma struck, and they will be seeing the kind of toll this hurricane has taken. we just got to take it one game at a time. next question. odell. odell. can you repeat everything you just said? my livestream won't load. (blows whistle). technical foul. wrong sport. wrong network. see you need unlimited on verizon it's america's largest most reliable 4g lte network. it won't let you down in places like this. even in the strike zone. (laughs). it's the red zone. pretty sure it is the strike zone. here use mine. alright. see you on the court champ. heads up! when it really, really matters you need the best network and the best unlimited. plans now start at $40 per line for four lines.
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from your partner. you'll wake up, feeling like a champion. savings end soon! through september 17th, save up to $500 on select adjustable sets. find your exclusive retailer at all right. it's the method so many floridians have been anxiously awaiting. giving all clear to return to their hopes. more than a week after hurricane irma. the northern keys through marathon key opened this morning and lower keys scheduled to open tomorrow. let's go to martin savidge in key west. >>reporter: yeah. well this key west was an area where there was still a lot of people that stayed behind. the evacuation was very successful but probably the most people did rerain were here. the part of the reason they still have this service going on.
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this is the national guard and others helping to distribute aid. you get water, depends how many family members, but you can load up with water at the first stop. then second stop mres then pull over to the very hot commodity with is ice. a lot of people still need ice. now let's have a conversation with the mayor and mayor, thank you very much for joining us. mayor of key west i should point out. with are do we stand on the recovery for your community. >> this town was not. structurally we didn't get that much damage. power was mainly from trees taking out services. they're put ug them up now. as of this morning it was 50% of the electric was back but now i believe about 75%. by the end of tomorrow it's supposed to be 100% except small pocket areas that had further damage. water's up, running eight hours a day now, and by the end of the week could be running 24 hour
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is. we got cell phone service back up. grocery stores starting to come back open. a priority before was get the hospital going. >> you got that going? >> yes. emergency room is operating and david clay, the head of the hospital said by tomorrow it will be about 75% and as the people start coming back further in the week he'll have 100%. >> what advice do you give to people who are starting to think about coming back. >> don't come back unless you can do most of the work yourself. or come down see what the damages are, line up the repair people. a lot of people don't have any other place to 125i. t stay. even having some issues in town. police the home and start putting the life pack together. >> this was not an easy
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decision. i i mean by that there were other government entities in other parts of the keys, you went long, late and i heard very leaded sometimes last night trying to decide. >> well, absolutely, because key west, we were ready. we have our own police department and firearm. we own sewer plant, water utility is right here. we had our stuff up and running, but further up, for the next miles, they don't. they depend on the county. marathon is working hard to put the city back together but still have quite a ways to go. >> people are going to have to pass through arm a geden, almost just to get to key west. and that is a problem. >> exactly. the one the discussions is you're going to come through our city and thrslow us down on the road. it's all our road. we have to share it. our citizens have toe get back. we all come together. tn at the end of the day we're all
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happy and shaking hands. moving forward together for the communities. >> thank you very much for joining us. good luck to key west. thank you. >>reporter: there you have it. not everybody agrees that key west is ternly ready to open to business but other parts people have to travel through, especially when you get up to big pine, there are a lot of folks saying no, no, no, no one should go back there just yet because they are blasted. that is true. >> it's a huge undertaking coming back and then trying to figure out how to manage because as the mayor just said, at least for a lot of the places in the keys, when you go home be ready to do the work your self. martin savidge, thank you so much. investigators want to know who knew what and when as very investigate eight deaths at a florida nursing home after hurricane if hurricane irma a criminal
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investigation is open and questions linger about how much people knew about the deteriorating conditions there and how quickly were the channels notified. cnn's miguel marquez has the latest. >>reporter: the video seconds long and speaks volumes what was happening inside. in the hallway, a woman sits on a gurney entirely naked. the person who shot the video said the same woman was clothed in a gown when she saw her on monday but had grown so uncomfortably hot on tuesday she stripped or all other clothing seeking relief from the heat. the woman who shot the video did not want to be on camera but wanted others to see the conditions. in the video, her 89-year-old parents, gabrielle geraldo, were hospitalized after being evacuated. libya has since been discharged. gabrielle remains in the
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hospital with a urinary tract infection his daughter says he got because he was dehydrated. the person who shot the video said thee was at the facility monday and the air-conditioning was off. the video was shot tuesday night hours before the evacuation. it shows her father who suffers with always hiezheimer's. the second floor window open and curtains lifted up to allow as much air as possible. in the hallway a large fan is seen in effort to keep air moving in the facility. a spokesperson for the rehabilitation person says they contact the florida power and light and state emergency officials immediately after losing air-conditioning. spokesperson says the facility had adequate staffing and followed protocol throughout the rice sis. they also said water and ice were provided and disrobing residents is not protocol for staying cool. florida's agency for health care
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administration that regulates the facility told cnn at no time did the facility report conditions were dangerous or the health and safety of the patients was at risk. mg dwell marquez, cnn. >> new fallout from protests in st. louis outraged after a former police officer was acquitted after the death of a african-american man. how it is affecting other things in st. louis today. ice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ won't replace the full value of your totaled new car.
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people are gathering if protesting in st. louis over the acquittal of ex-police officer jason stockily who was charged with murder for the 2011 shooting death of a black motorist. this video shot moments ago showing large crowds gathering inside the shopping mall there, as the store doors are also being closed. the this is now the second day of protests in the st. louis area. cnn's ryan young just arrived on the scene.
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>>reporter: this is the second day of protest. we're told mow protests will be happening through the day. we are at the west county mall. i want to show you something. look down this direction you can see the lineup of officers who have gathered here just on the ramp right before you get into the mall. they've decided that we've been told, that all the protesters have moved out of this mall at this point. but we've been told by some of the protesters they're going to another mall and plan to do this over and over throughout the day. we were marching with them yesterday they said they wanted to make sure they disripted commerce in the areas. we were with them last night as they walk nood a neighborhood and trying to disrupt business in that area before moving into a residential nooib hood and we did them break the window of the mayor's home. at that point cops swarmed in h. at this point ats peaceful but they wanted to walk up and down this shopping mall disrupting
11:26 am
things. a lot of folks asking us what's going on. this is the first of many scheduled protests, we're told. this could get interesting once again. >> all right. ryan young in st. louis. thanks so much. keep us posted. and thank you so much for being with me. vital signs with cnn's sanjay gupta starts right now. what started as a passion to make something original... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. which adds up to thousands of dollars back every year... ...and helps keep my passion growing... every direction. what's in your wallet?
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