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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  September 18, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. america first comes face to face with the united nations. donald trump's debut on this world stage just moments ago and there is much more to come. the president will be standing shoulder to shoulder with world leaders but his sharp elbows if you will that threaten to disrupt his first big appearance. tomorrow will be his much-anticipated first address to the general assembly but already today president trump is
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striking a different tone than you've heard from him about the u.n. in the past. >> we encourage all member states to look at ways to take bold stands at the united nations with an eye toward changing business as usual, and not being beholden to ways of the past which were not working. >> the big focus of the week, north korea, of course, and its rogue nuclear ambitions the iran deal president trump has spoken out forcefully against and the climate change agreement that president trump withdrew from but now or may or may not be having second thoughts about it. >> he thinks the speech is a tremendous opportunity, obviously, to reach so many world leaders at the same time and to emphasize really three themes. first is to protect the american people, the second is to promote american prosperity, and the third is really to help promote accountability and sovereignty.
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>> all right. so let us begin this hour at the united nations with jeff zeleny. jeff, the president has a very busy schedule this week in the next four days. what have you heard and what's ahead? >> well, kate, good morning. the -- the president here is making his first step into the united nations, even though he lives in new york city and is a product of new york city, being inside the united nations headquarters for the first time and when he left just a few moments ago, he did tell cnn this about his ideas for u.n. reform, he said this, the main message is to make the u.n. great, not great again, but to make the united nations great. obviously, talking about reform there in his campaign type speech there, but as the day goes on, kate, he does have a significantly important meetings. at 1:00 he will be meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, a couple hours later meeting with the french president emanuel macron. these are two of the world
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leaders he has developed a bigger relationship with. but, of course, north korea is still front and center on the agenda here on the minds of people here at the united nations. the rising nuclear threat. he did mention north korea briefly when he was going into the u.n. this morning. he said i think everyone knows how i feel about north korea. but, of course, again, options are limited for that, military options on the table, but this is a week of diplomacy here, kate, so the world is watching president trump getting a better measure of him, if you will, but he wouldn't be president trump if he didn't also throw in a bit of real estate talk there as you said. very opening words he mentioned the fact that he has trump world tower just directly across united nations plaza here from the u.n. and he said i saw great potential right across the street. so he built that tower. kate. >> mentioning that was such a success. great to see you, jeff. thank you so much. much more to come in this regard.
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let's discuss where his is headed. john alderman a senior vice president at the center for strategic and international studies, fred shafer a senior research fellow and tony is a global affairs stlanalyst and former deputy secretary of state under president obama. john, if you would, set the stage for this big moment on the world stage for president trump. how does america first meet the global mission of the united nations? >> well, i think already, the president has seen that a lot of things he wants to do, whether it's with iran or north korea, it is much easier if the u.n. is with you. there are a lot of things that the president has seen in iraq and elsewhere where having the u.n. out in front actually helps the united states and is cheaper for the united states. what i've seen and i think we got in the clip that you played, is a sense from the president that wochb when you're the president and you have to get things done you don't want to destroy the u.n., you want to reform and make it better.
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that something he seems to have a partner in the new secretary jenle. >> sitting next to each other on that front. tony, mcmasters as we played in previewing the big speech tomorrow, that the focus would be for the president accountability and sovereignty. what does that mean? >> well, first, kate, jon is right. the president is running into a wall but not a wall of his own making, but it's reality and the reality is most of the issues we confront around the world are not susceptible to unilateral solutions and there's no wall high enough to protect us against them, whether an epidemic crossing the frontier, a hacker leaving a firewall, a terrorist forming a global network, a rogue state amassing an intercontinental arsenal or a rising planet that's warming. a u.n. is the place where a lot gets done. what mcmasters is talking about and the president will presumably talk about tomorrow what is we mean about america first. in a way it's silly because every president puts america first. what do you mean by that, how do you define it? to date the president has
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defined it as meaning a zero sum world view. we have to win and others have to lose. that's in total contradiction to the foreign policy we've had for 70 years where we tried to have win/win solutions where the success and security of other countries benefited us. new markets for our products. new allies to deal with threats an aggression. new partners to deal with global challenges. if he can reaffirm that vision tomorrow, then i think he'll find himself on solid footing at the u.n. he did make a good start today. i thought his remarks were appropriately tempered and right to push u.n. reform. >> but this, as both jon and tony have been pointing to, brad, another instance where the president's words from the campaign come back to haunt him. what he -- here is what he said, to remind everyone on the campaign trail, about the united nations. listen to this. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy, it's not a friend to freedom, it's not a friend even to the united states of america where, as you know, it has its home.
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where do you ever see the united nations, the united nations in new york, they're wonderful do they ever settle anything? it's like a political game. the united nations, we pay for a vast -- i mean the money we spend on the united nations. >> that's getting to the reforms the president is talking about but any expectation he will come out this week with that level of criticism and if he doesn't, what does that mean? >> well, i don't think he's going to be coming to the general assembly with the bomb bast that he would on the campaign trail. a different venue, a different audience and different purpose. he's going to go there to advance the policies of the united states as he sees best. he's going to raise issues like north korea, iran, international terrorism, he's going to talk about bias against israel i imagine, need to reform the hall of fame rights council. all i -- the human rights council. previous administrations as well. which gets back to the
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president's criticism which is that problems tend to fester in the united nations, and he's impatient and they need to be solved because quite clearly we're running out of time, particularly in the case of north korea. >> and in the case of north korea, tony, let's talk about this since brett brought it up, it has to be a huge focus. the president, i don't know, ticking off where he's going to head with conversations on north korea or not, with this tweet mocking north korea -- the north korean leader calling him "rocket man." what can he accomplish this week that his administration hasn't been able to accomplish yet at the united nations with regard to north korea? >> one of the ironies they've actually done a good job at the united nations in dealing with north korea. two u.n.p security council resolutions. >> that's been where the action has been. >> and that's where there's some real teeth if those resolutions are implemented in good faith by the chinese and russians. continuing to ratchet that up,
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building comprehensive sustained pressure against north korea that's the way to go. the u.n. is the vehicle for that. that creates the international legitimacy for getting countries to take the actions we need them to take. again, by definition, this is not a problem we can solve alone. so i hope the president continues on the course that they've already set at the u.n. they've been doing good work at the u.n. on north korea. >> john, do you -- do you think the president needs to address his past remarks this week, the criticisms he's had for the united nations, the criticisms he's had for the body, the criticisms for the marble, does he need to address this in any way? are people expecting him to? >> i don't think he does. first of all what's gone is gone, as brett said, the campaign trail is one thing, governing is another. i think what the president understand and understand very well now is the united nations is a tool and it's a tool the united states is unusually well situated to use because the u.n.
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really works with the security council, the security council is dominated by the united states and the u.s. mission. this is a tool that he has at his disposal. i don't think he wants to destroy it. he wants to make it better. the interesting thing will be if he and the secretary general guterres can see eye to eye on the importance of reforms and how do it. guterres can use the president to press other member states, the other member states can see we need to keep the u.s. in so we're willing to do things. actually, being a little bit skeptical is not necessarily the wrong way to start. it actually may in the end make the u.n. stronger than it would otherwise be. >> fascinating. makes me more interested in what we will hear from the president tomorrow and what's going to happen this week. brett, finish it out for me, what is the biggest task for president trump in his debut appearance at the u.n.? >> i think he needs to press home the foreign policy priorities of this administration which are addressing preeminent threats like north korea, iran,
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international terrorism, dealing with some of the refugee issues, but also as the president was making clear in his u.n. panel today, pressing the organization to be more effective, more efficient, more focused in its application of resources, to actually address the problems that are facing not only just the united states, but the combined member states as well. >> stand by for the tweets. let's see if they jive -- if they go along with his speech. great to see all of you. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> we're keeping our eye on the united nations but several big developments in the russia investigation including president trump's lawyer overheard in public dishing on the russia investigation and some in fighting among the white house legal team. details on that ahead. breaking news, we have a new advisory for a new hurricane. yes. if you can believe it, the national hurricane center issuing an update on hurricane maria, getting stronger and heading towards the very same caribbean islands slammed by hurricane irma. that's next.
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. breaking news. we have a brand new forecast on a brand new storm just out from the national hurricane center. hurricane maria is what we're talking about now, and it's strengthening fast and taking aim at the very same islands that were just devastated by hurricane irma two weeks ago. cnn meteorologist chad myers joining me now. almost couldn't believe it when i knew that we needed to talk about this. folks on the islands are barely getting back on their feet. some of them not even close to getting back on their feet and what are they looking at? >> and the people that were in barbuda, they moved to antigua or other islands because their island was uninhabitable and now they're getting hit by the next storm in places that they evacuate to. here we go, 120 miles per hour, category 3 hurricane headed to the u.s. virgin islands from here. right over dominica today. this is the area that's going to get hit the hardest and right over puerto rico. category 3 likely even category
8:17 am
4. hurricane hunter flying through it right now. 35 minutes ago, about 90s miles per hour. then they found the core and then they found the key to the storm and why they upgraded it to a category 3. the wind gust to 120 miles per hour and the latest millibar if you want to write this down, 958. so still dropping rapidly. by the time it gets to puerto rico, 150-mile-per-hour sustained winds. now this goes over the southern bbi, the u.s. virgin islands, all the way into puerto rico as a major, major hurricane likely category 4, on the verge of category 5, but at least so far not there yesterday. the water is warm. we know what happened to irma. irma was slightly farther to the north but these two are actually going to cross. here is day five, here is day six, seven, eight on the u.s. and the american models and the european model here. not going to move very much
8:18 am
after that. after that, after four or five days it's entirely a guess. i want to show you so far south florida not in the cone and also not in the forecast when it comes to search, eight days away in the computer models. nothing is out of the question. we saw that with irma. where does the cross happen? the yellow line is irma. the middle of this line here the red line, that is maria. over the turks and caicos, right over d.r., through punta canna and dominican republic and puerto rico where we will see big swells on the east side of the storm over st. croix with a damaging hit there. think about the u.s. vi and bbi their houses are torn up. doesn't take 100 mile per hour wind to blow things around and they may get 120. here is jose grabbing a bunch of dry air and killing itself. that's the good news. still swells here along the east coast and for new york all the way up to about boston, we will see tropical storm warnings that were just posted from this but
8:19 am
really jose is not much to worry about except if you stay out of the water you're in good shape. maria is the one we have to watch for the u.s., east coast, and certainly for all of the islands there in the northeast atlantic. >> and coming, coming fast. that had it going over puerto rico wednesday. this thing is coming. >> it is and the fact that it's moving quickly and not stalled over any water, means it gets to new warm water quickly and so that is more fuel to the fire. when it sit and spin in one spot like this is like jose you lose the water and lose the hot, lose the heat and humidity, so the storm kills itself. when it keeps moving, it keeps getting stronger and stronger. >> all right. we got to stay close to this. thank you so much. we're getting updates from chad throughout the day and days ahead. thank you so much. with this new forecast for hurricane maria at hand and a new threat, the new threat being real, how are the islands doing right now? can they come close to handling another direct hit?
8:20 am
michael holmes is in antigua as we were talking about with chad. what are you seeing there and can they handle another hit like this? >> yeah. antigua was pretty lucky when irma came through. didn't get a lot of effect, kate, but i can tell you we're already getting high winds and a big rain squall went through about 30 minutes ago. the seas behind me are rolling and get this, we are north of the projected track. we're really not in the extreme danger zone here. so if it's getting like this now, the storm is not here yet, it's a fair way away and we're north of the track, you wouldn't want to be on dominica which chad mentioned. they're going to get a direct hit from this. we've been around the islands the last few days going around, in anguilla for a couple days which was badly hit by irma. you look at places like that where they were astarting to patch things up, put band aides on and try to clean up from what irma did, such a powerful
8:21 am
hurricane, and you imagine as again chad was saying, 100 miles an hour through there everything they put back up is going to come back down. things that were weakened are really not in good shape to withstand it. a lot of concern, a lot of apprehension in these islands. the british virgin islands, martinique will take a bit of a hiding from maria. a lot of concern. this is the last thing they needed after a storm that they said was bigger than anything they'd ever seen before in irma. kate? >> absolutely right. a category 3 is the latest update from the national hurricane center. thank you so much. really appreciate it. coming up for us one of the president's top lawyers overheard in public venting about the russian investigation and the debates going on within the white house legal team, about how to respond. here's a picture of the discussion over lunch. plus, a health care hail mary. gop leaders now getting serious about a last-ditch effort to
8:22 am
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a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to the russia investigation back in the spotlight because of a lunch date. "the new york times" reporting members of president trump's legal team debating just how much to cooperate with special prosecutor robert mueller's investigation. how does "the new york times" know this? because of a lunch. a times reporter snapped this photo of ty cobb and one of trump's personal attorneys john dowd casually and loudly according to the reporting discussing the investigation at a popular d.c. restaurant. outside nonetheless. jessica snyder is here with more details on this. what exactly were these two talking about? >> as you saw it can be a small
8:27 am
town and two of the president's top lawyers discussed at that lunch very sensitive strategy about the russia investigation, all at that sidewalk table at blt steak here in washington, just a few blocks from the white house. as you said it was overheard by a "new york times" reporter and the new york times is reporting that don mcgahn erupted at ty cobb for discussing the matter in public and saying chief of staff john kelly reprimanded cobb for the carelessness. what exactly did white house lawyers cobb and john dowd talk about? they aired their suspicion with the president's legal team and talked about a white house lawyer who they didn't name calling that person a, quote, mcgahn spy. it seems that ty cobb and john mcgahn, the white house counsel, are a bit at odds and cobb says he wants to be transparent and turn over documents for the russian probe but mcgahn might not be of the same mindset saying mcgahn has a couple documents locked in a safe and
8:28 am
then cobb blamed a colleague for some of the earlier leaks we've seen throughout the past summer pointing to that same colleague trying to push jared kushner out. really, kate, a lot said in open in public on a sidewalk and that's where you're seeing questions about what kind of executive or attorney client privilege the president might try to assert in the investigation and kate, what's key here is that the question was this public discussion on this sidewalk any sort of waiver of that attorney-client privilege because the white house attorneys discussing it all right there in clear earshot of that "new york times" reporter. >> it is a small town but that's right by where "the new york times" washington bureau is. it's not like it's -- >> it's right underneath and a few blocks from the white house. >> it's not like some obscure restaurant that no one goes to. i mean, seriously. there's also this, i want to ask you about, president trump's long-time lawyer michael cohen set to appear before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow
8:29 am
for an interview. what are you hearing ahead of this. >> michael cohen long-time trump associate and attorney will go behind closed doors in a voluntary interview, sort of the same setup we saw with donald trump, jr. when he went before a senate jury. what investigators might want to talk to him about, his own disclosure he reached out to the russian government at the height of the campaign all to discuss or maybe pitch a potential deal to build a trump tower in moscow. cohen did admit that he had three conversations with then candidate trump about the proposal, but eventually abandoned the idea. president trump repeatedly stated out on the campaign trail, that he had no deals in russia throughout the campaign so this could be a major point of inquiry for congressional investigators when they do talk face to face with michael cohen tomorrow. kate? >> absolutely. great to see you. thank you so much. be careful where you do lunch. there is that but also this, a search warrant issued and facebook forced to respond, a spokesperson for the social
8:30 am
media giant confirming yesterday they handed over russia linked ads and television about the accounts associated with them to special prosecutor robert mueller. what does this mean for the russia investigation rightp in dylan buyers has all the details and michael zeldin, cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor who worked with bob mueller at the department of justice. dylan, what exactly do we know about what facebook turned over and i guess even how much? >> well, we know that facebook turned over everything that they know they have, at least what they're saying. obviously there could be a lot more. in fact our sources inside facebook think there could have been a lot more of the shady ad buys that facebook doesn't know about yet. what they've turned over are the actual ads in question, the ads that were bought by russian patrols linked to a pro-kremlin troll farm, the details about who bought those ads and then also equally importantly, where and how those ads were targeted
8:31 am
and what the special counsel can do is take all of this, factor it in to his ongoing investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. election and this is where things get really important, the question about whether or not any of the campaign's own ad targeting was used by these russian patrols for their own ad targeting via facebook. a lot of questions here, a lot of unknowns, but all of that material is now in the hands of the special counsel and he can use that in his investigation going forward. >> at least we know it's an interest of the special counsel for sure. but also do we know if facebook is handing the same information over to the congressional committees also investigating russia's influence in the election? >> we do know that and the answer is no, they're not. there's a view from facebook here that they would much rather work with the special counsel because the special counsel has a targeted interest here in terms of going after a very specific issue which is russian meddling in the election. they look at congress, they look at that senate and house intel
8:32 am
committees and see political posturing, law makers who may be in over their head in understanding the significance of the data and they're also a private company and they still believe and argue that on the grounds of privacy, that they can't turn this information over to congress and it's only because special counsel mueller was able to attain that search warrant that they were able to hand over that information to him. >> that's right. that's right. that's fascinating. michael, i want to bring you in, what do you think this means for the mueller investigation? i've heard legal experts say this is a major development in the direction of where things are headed? >> well, it's a major development if there is any indication that the trump campaign and this russian troll farm organization had any coordination. remember there is the operation by jared kushner that was
8:33 am
targeted geographically for voters they thought were susceptible to the trump message. >> right. >> it seems from what we've read in the papers that those facebook ads were targeted in the same geography. how did they know that and was there coordination? if there was coordination it's a substantial breakthrough for the mueller inquiry. if it's not, if it's just coincidence, then maybe it points more to the nature of the counter intelligence investigation that mueller and the hill is covering than it is a collusion issue. so we have to see. >> also, very importantly, michael, where do you lunch in washington? seems to be the question today. i mean what do you make of the infighting reported by "the new york times" between the president's attorneys about the russia investigation? i mean ty cobb discussing it in public on a d.c. sidewalk essentially while sitting there having lunch with another attorney in full view and earshot of the "new york times" reporter. >> that was unfortunate for both john dowd and ty cobb, both who
8:34 am
are good lawyers. >> to say the least. >> it does interestingly point out the fight that's going on between dowd, who is a bit of a bull in a china shop, take no prisoners type of lawyer and cobb, who is a more under the radar, get along, cooperate, do the best you can for your client, and often has very good success in that respect lawyer. so, you know, i think you've got a battle of styles between those two lawyers. the interesting thing was this mcgahn question about whether he has documents that are squirrelled away. >> that's what i was going to ask you. when cobb says, he's got documents locked in his safe, what could be in don mcgahn's safe? >> what could be in don mcgahn's mind if that's true because there is no attorney/client privilege between the white house counsel's office and the president. the white house counsel is not john dowd. john dowd and the president have executive privilege. mcgahn and the white house do not. and mcgahn and the president do not. so if he's hiding information,
8:35 am
that in and of itself could be a crime. if he's hiding information at the behest of the president that would be evidence of obstruction. a lot to be sorted out through that lunch statements and i think that probably won't be lunching there again. >> to say the least. they've lost two customers. and the difference between attorney client privilege and if the president exerts executive privilege that's becoming a huge question in this moment as well. >> right. you can't assert executive privilege in the face of a criminal investigation. we've learned that in nixon and mcgahn doesn't have the attorney client privilege. i think the privilege stuff doesn't, you know, sort of fair well for the administration if there are documents hidden, they will be revealed and the process by which they got hidden will be the subject of mueller's inquiry as well. >> if they weren't before, they sure are now. great to see you. thank you so much. dylan, if you're still there thank you. coming up for us, will a last-ditch effort be the
8:36 am
charm -- will it be like the third and final charm or however many chances and attempts they've had in overhauling obamacare in the senate. that is the hope right now amongst some republicans. republican leaders are getting ready for possibly one final try. can they beat the clock and some in their own party to get this thing done?
8:37 am
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put down the phone. and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every cent. grab your wallet. access denied. and if that's still not enough to help you save... ooo i need these! we'll just bring out the snowplow. you don't need those! we'll do anything, seriously anything, to help our customers. thanks. ally. do it right. a last-ditch effort to overhaul obamacare is campaigning traction on capitol hill. senator lindsey graham and bill cassidy unveiled their health care fix on this show over the summer. listen. >> if you like obamacare you can reimpose the mandates a the state level and repair obamacare
8:41 am
if you think it needs to be repaired, replace it if you think it needs to be replaced. it will be up to the governors. they have a better handle on this than any bureaucrat in washington. >> they want to put the burden of health care back on the states. not a repeal or a replace of obamacare. right now, it seems the only game in town and republican leaders are taking it seriously, a serious look at it right now, up against the clock in a big way. phil mattingly is on capitol hill following all of this and where this stands. graham cassidy, phil, the plan had been seen even when they rolled it out as a hail mary, acknowledged that this was the plan they thought had the best shot but it was a hail mary because discussions were elsewhere at the time. what's changed? does it have a shot now? >> that's exactly right. a hail mary would imply that they're on the field with a chance to throw the ball. nobody even thought they were getting on to the field with this proposal and that was as recently as early last week when
8:42 am
not just top senate republican aides but senators were dismissing this as there wasn't enough time. wasn't a reality based proposal. maybe they like the policy but didn't think they could get it there. that's different. let me tell you the seeds of this came really because of two individuals, senator lindsey graham, senator bill cassidy who have been working member after member calling in to breitbart and cnn trying to do whatever they could to sell this plan. they saw some of that pay off last thursday. closed-door meeting with senate republicans and people came out saying the idea was let's give it a shot. let's try. leadership now behind it, at least trying to help, trying to see if they can get the votes. the reality remains the same, kate. how you get to 50. they haven't been able to figure out how to do that up to this point with several proposals. how does this differ? instead of leaving a tax credit subsidy proposal in place it would eliminate it and use the funding to give block grants back to the states. the states would have flexibility to create how these
8:43 am
plans would work, repeals the video mandate and repeals the employer mandate. several elements very attractive to conservatives but leaves a lot of obamacare's taxes in place to finance the block grant. people like rand paul worried. over the course of time ending the medicaid expansion would reduce funding to medicaid, reduce funding on other places too. moderate senators worried as well. the bottom line here, kate, it's time to take this seriously. senate republican leaders are taking it seriously. members are taking it seriously. we'll find out over the next couple days if they'll try to put this on the floor. there's a deadline they have to have this done by the end of next week to pass it by a simple majority. they have to figure this out in like ten days. >> no problem. if you watched any of the health care debates so far. this is -- this is a no-brainer. great to see you, phil. again, here we go. can they get to 50, the same question phil has been asking for i don't know how long. joining me to discuss right now, former deputy labor secretary
8:44 am
under president obama chris liu and steve rogers a trump campaign advisernd and now a member of president trump's election board. first to you, bill cassidy was on last week and told me that the white house is on board. you said he had gotten assurances from the vice president and the president was on board. but it is as phil just laid out really well, it's not a repeal or a replace. it's not a repeal and replace of obamacare. can you count it as a victory then if it's not? >> there's no question it's a victory. look, the president made a promise to the american people, you asked the question before what's changed. what's changed the senate and congressional representatives realize we have a president who is going to get the job done. he's a chief negotiator, good negotiator, he said he know house to make deals and he has come to a point in time -- >> he hasn't been able to on health care. it's been one big no deal for the president this whole time. >> watch and see what happens. they're willing to make a deal. they realize they have to do smpg all these years they have done nothing and now a president
8:45 am
saying we will get this job done one way or another that's what's changed. >> you don't really see president trump pitching it. he is -- his tweets, put it on the senate and congress, chris, and says get it done or it's on you guys. it does keep the obamacare taxes in place which republicans have been against for so long. with that in mind could democrats see the cassidy/graham effort as the lesser of two evils in the end? >> i think if you look at this bill it is no better, in fact in many ways, worse than the senate bill that failed over the summer. tens of millions of people would lose health care and medicaid would be radically cut which would hurt the disabled, the elderly, people with preexisting conditions. >> we're waiting on the cbo score. >> we are. and that's a necessary precondition before we move forward. what is striking to me is that meanwhile, it have have been bipartisan negotiations that have gone on between lamar alexander and patty murray to come up with some reasonable fix and according to senator alexander there are upwards of
8:46 am
60 senators participating in that. there is a bipartisan effort under way to fix obamacare. meanwhile, the administration is still intent on going down this road that would have really dramatic effects for tens of millions of americans. >> let's see, i mean, we are -- let's not put the cart before the horse. see if this gains traction. because there is -- we've seen all along problems, this has been a problem when it comes to obamacare and what to do about it. we've seen that play over multiple times now in this session. you have rand paul speaking out calling this obamacare light again. he tweet the this, steve, graham/cassidy keeps obamacare and tells the states to run it. no thanks. he writes. do you -- do you think this is headed the way that all of the other republican efforts -- taking the president out of it -- when you look at the senate do you think this is headed the way all the other republican efforts has. >> because of the president's leadership this will get done. >> where has been the leadership on this, though? he has moved past it. all he does is mocking the
8:47 am
senate saying you guys rightfully or wrongfully saying you guys haven't gotten it done, seven years to do it, he's not the one who -- that pitched gram/cassidy. >> he's pitched it to them. they have to live up to their responsibility. that's part of the leadership matrix. let's add this you said one thing very interesting. cbo hasn't come out. >> that's right. >> obamacare has been destructive to the health care system in this country and now the president is going to fix it and believe me, at the end of the day, i think everyone is going to be very satisfied with what they come up with. they meaning the white house, and the congressional and senate delegation. >> let's all wait until we see exactly where this heads and if they can get to 50. chris, i have to get you on one other thing in tmidst of all th things, the president did take time over the weekend to retweet a give, making it look like he was hitting hillary clinton with a golf ball i mean, you see that and think what?
8:48 am
>> well, i see that and i know that as a former white house staffer, if i tweeted that i would have been fired instantly and as a private citizen i had been advocating voy lens against somebody -- violence against somebody under the secret service protection i'm sure the secret service might be looking me up. the incredible thing is the most important thing you have is the president's time and the fact that he's even spending a couple minutes doing this is just a poor use of his time given all of the other crises in the world. everyone has said the president needs to stop tweeting. he's not going to do that. i would say this, we don't ignore what he tweets. this is not simply saying oh, that's donald trump. this is the president, his words matter and you'll see over the next couple days in new york, the ability of foreign leaders to trust him really depends on whether his words matter or not. >> i still stick by it, everyone wants to fight me on him, i say take him both. >> do we have fun here? >> i demand it, steve.
8:49 am
>> let's lighten up. >> ever tweet something about hitting me with a golf ball you know where i'm coming -- >> chris, thank you as well. watch your back. steve's got a golf ball coming your way. that's all i know. coming up for us, protesters hitting the streets of st. louis this morning, this morning for a fourth straight day, after 80 people were arrested last night when demonstrations turned violent, we will go there live for an update. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic sfx: t-mobile mnemonic sfx: t-mobile mnemonic t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. sfx: t-mobile mnemonic
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>> protesters are taking to the streets in st. louis again this morning for the fourth straight day of demonstrations after a white police officer was acquitted in the shooting death
8:54 am
of an african-american man. more than 80 people were arrested just overnight. the police commissioner said they were sicking in believes and destroying windows. in solution with the latest, you have been on the ground. what are you seeing now? >> i think we need to be clear about what we have been seeing for the past few days. during the day they are organized and peaceful and at night they are chaos. i want to explain where we are. you can see the boarded up windows. this is the marriott convention center. lots of business people spend the night here. all those windows were smashed up. i want to explain what happens when the organized protests end,
8:55 am
some people refuse to go home. about two dozen or so are pairing masks and try to hide their identity. they throw rocks and paint and all hell breaks loose. you had many businesses vandtalized near washington university. about 20 businesses had their windows smashed and again the thinking is it could happen tonight for the fourth straight day. are they doing anything specifically to go into the fourth day to calm things down? >> there is not a whole lot they can do. they are trying to tell them to go home peacefully and you have
8:56 am
a group that refuses to leave and police are trying to figure them the best they can. >> still ahead, a new hurricane, a new forecast and a new threat. hurricane maria intensifying. we will have more on the storm track.
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>> welcome to inside politics. i'm john king. president trump is attending his first united nations general assembly. he talks for a leaner more effective un management. >> the main message is to make the united nations great. not again, make t


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