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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 18, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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people. people say that is really cool, what is that? it takes the motion of cross-country skiing and takes it to something you can do on a board with wheels. kind of like a long skateboard. you're carrying a single spike and you're using that to thrust yourself ahead. a lot of strength is required, but it doesn't impact. >> you feel the wind blowing through and it's fun and it's free. when i was a kid i used to skateboard and i felt comfortable. i'm 53 years old and i started piling up shoulder injuries from jujitsu and i needed something that wasn't high impact like heavy bags and spikeboarding didn didn't aggravate my back. it was that hard and over a period of months you build up the idea of getting up at the end of the day and going out in the sun. i look forward to it. it allows me to keep my body in shape so i can hopefully play with my grandchildren some day. . >> lady panel printed.
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>> all right. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke bolduan. thank you for being with me. the america first president meets the united nations, and any moment now on the sidelines president trump will sit down with the french president emanuel macron, president trump a longtime critic of the united nations has only been at the general assembly for a couple of hours today and has plugged one of his properties and told diplomats to pay up. >> in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement while the united nations on a regular budget has increased by 140% and its staff has more than doubled since 2000, we are not seeing the results in line with this investment. >> president trump may have mocked the u.n. in the past, but this week he is there to ask for help in dealing with north korea and the country's leader who he
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just referred to on twitter as the rocket man. so i have brian caron standing by, cnn political analyst and x executive editor for "the sentinel" newspaper. in listening to the president over the last couple of hours, you know, talk to me about the president's message and how you think he's done so far? >> his message, of course, he's a businessman and he's trying to address the business side of the united nations and it's not really a business. so he's kind of in conflict there. i think he's remained state and stoic, hopefully on script, but there could be a twitter storm and twitter litter at any moment and heaven only knows. the thing that he's facing as he goes there is the problems with north korea, iran and the far east. we've had natural disasters and we've had natural disasters in mexico and what he's also facing
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more than that is the consternation and concern for the third world that as he's asking for more accountability we're putting less into the u.n. and the very idea of trying to fight terrorism while at the same time hurting the least of our brothers who had not enough to even feed themselves will actually create more terrorism. so he's got quite a few member of a little things he's got to deal with while he's at the u.n. and he has a speech tomorrow morning and during that speech, many people are hoping that he stays on script and we'll see what happens if he goes on script and starts ad libbing, there could be history made at the u.n. tomorrow morning. >> the world will be watching and the speech will be at 10:30 a.m. eastern. we mentioned north korea a second ago. he likes his nicknames as we remember to the different nicknames from from the campaign trail and he's added one for kim jong-un out of pyongyang referring to him as rocket man over twitter.
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what, brian, what's the impact of that? >> well, that's -- i mean, at some point in time you have to remain a little bit presidential. i imagine bernie and elton john are not too happy with him using the term, but maybe he is burning his fuse up there alone, but the thing is that really, at some point in time has he said he could be presidential he has to actually do it and when you're undercutting efforts, diplomatic efforts, internationally by just chiding north korea with that kind of neck name, i mean, can you imagine if -- i don't know, roosevelt had said hitler was a doodihead before we started world war ii? it's very childish. it's not presidential and it doesn't do anybody any good. >> i know. i know. we'll talk in a moment with some ladies about the re-tweet over the weekend of the golf ball, you know, which again, raises
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questions and senator dianne feinstein questioning, obviously, just why he would do that being the president of the united states, but let me talk to you since we're on the u.n. and on iran that the iranian president telling cnn that the u.s. will pay the price for killing a nuclear deal. the pay the price. how will that sit with president trump? >> well, i mean, that's more rhetoric. we'll up the rhetoric. we have been very good with rhetoric, but it keeps you from actually reaching deals when the rhetoric is so hot and so flamboyant. so you expect that out of iran. you expect it out of north korea and you don't expect the united states to respond in kind. you expect us to be the big brother, us to be the adult in the room so hopefully we will respond as the adult in the room. there are real consequences involved in this, whether it's e ran or north korea and if we
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continue to only engage in rhetoric and a rhetorical battle that gets us nowhere, we're the ones that are going to suffer and when iran says what iran says you have to realize the source and you can't play to the children in the room. >> brian cam, thank you so much for weighing in on all things u.n. let's also talk weather. we're keeping a close eye on the atlantic right now as another major hurricane is headed straight for a regional ready just devastated by the most recent one. now we're talking about hurricane maria following very close to that same, destructive path of hurricane irma and is quickly gaining strength. it is now one of three named storms churning down in the atlantic. meteorologist allison chinchar is in the cnn weather center for us. not again, not again. >> right, brooke. i imagine some of those folks hit by irma never pulled the plywood off the windows. might as well leave it and wait out maria because as you mentioned, it's going to be going through and impacting some of the same countries just hit
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by irma. right now irma maintains its strength as a category 3. we are only 5 miles per hour off from being a category 4 and we expect to to strengthen up to that level within about the next 24 hours. here you can see it kind of crosses over places like martinique, dommenica and guadaloup, and the exact area of landfall depending on whether it shifts farther to the north more than it does west, and the point is all three of those countries are still expecting incredibly dangerous impacts in the form of heavy rain, in the form of strong winds and in the form of potential mudslides and then the track goes from the north and west impacting places like puerto rico, dominican republic and turks and caicos and the exact landfall and the point may vary slightly, but they both say it's going to hit puerto rico. it's after that they start to see the big split and the european model takes it out over open water into the atlantic. the american model and the red color you see here has it
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pushing closer to the united states. the reason for that, a high pressure. this high pressure right here, the one that's been already steering the track. if it continues to stay where it is, it will push off to the north, but if that high begins to shift further to the west, it's going to also push maria out to the west. so something we will have to keep a very close eye on over the next seven to ten days, brooke? >> allison, thank you so much. also just in, a top democrat california senator dianne feinstein just called out president trump and ordered him to, in two words, grow up. he publicly chastised the president that depicted violence against his former campaign rival hillary clinton and this is the president trump teeoff and off the golf ball goes and smacks her in the back and she falls down there on the plane. let me read for you in its entirety, senator dianne feinstein's statement, quote, the president's sunday morning tweet of depicting an attack on
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hillary clinton is appalling and disgusting. he continues to obsessively lash out at her, at his rallies with his words and now through social media in a manner that is utterly unbecoming of the president of the united states. every one of us should be offended by the vindictive and candidly dangerous messages the president sends that demean not only secretary clinton, but also women. she closes with grow up and do your job. with me now, julie hirschfield davis cnn political analyst and white house reporter for "the new york times." brianna keilar, cnn white house correspondent and april ryan, cnn political analyst with the american urban radio network. ladies, good to have you on. brianna, to you first on senator feinstein's statement -- wow. what jumped out at you the most? the grow up piece or -- he's above this? >> i think maybe the grow up
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piece. i think, well, also the headline and the dangerous obsession which he certainly has an obsession, right? he's always coming back to hillary clinton on these things. >> yep. >> but the grow up and do your job, she may have said that publicly or in writing there, but i think there are a lot of people including many in donald trump's own party who completely agree with that because this is a big week for donald trump with the u.n. general assembly. >> huge week. >> that is what he should be trying to keep the focus and instead people are looking at what is a totally jerk move for him to re-tweet this, and i have the alerts that come up on my phone, i don't know if you do, brooke, and it was re-tweeted and i looked at the twitter handle which i can't say on air, and i thought, oh, my goodness, really? i'm constantly having these really moments and that was one of the ones i had in looking at the tweet that he re-tweeted. >> totally agree with you. it is a jerk move and julie, again, we can't crawl into the
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president's head and understand the why piece, right? that train left the station, but it's -- this is a big week for him to breanna's point. he's giving this massive speech in front of the u.n. general assembly and what part of him thinks this is okay? >> well, i think you're right. you can't get into the president's head, but we have seen this him do this and it's a pattern of behavior by this president that particularly when he feels he is painted into a corner or somehow criticized unfairly he will lash out and we just came off of a week when hillary clinton was out there promoting her book "back again" and we were talking about the 2016 campaign again and he was at bedminster and he has no experience with this kind of diplomacy and no experience with this kind of a large forum and him playing such a vital role or the united states playing such a vital role in the world stage and he's the representative, it
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may be that he just felt that this was -- he was tickled by this and this was a way of him blowing off steam, but no question that it has raised questions among republicans and even people in his own staff who see these things and they kind of roll their eyes no matter what message he's trying to send be it domestically or on the world stage, re-tweeting something like this and seeming to take joy in a message like this is just not helpful for the president. >> april, i know you covered the president and i want your two cents on this, too. i also wonder, you're there in washington, do you think other members of ng can, the president's own party and i say women and men, congressmen and women speaking up about it a la dianne feinstein. >> people are scared particularly of this president's party to speak up against him because they will get a tweet, a nasty tweet, and i've heard many
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republicans say that this was childish. not only is it childish, it shows he does not understand the magnitude and the majesty of the office that he holds and it makes you wonder, brooke, it makes you wonder about his sub conscious. why pick on someone who was your opponent when you clearly won, and it makes you wonder does he really believe that he is suited for this job in the midst of walking into this major international-focused week and whereas you had hillary clinton who was the former u.s. secretary of state where she was a u.s. senator where she dealt with these kinds of issues. it puts a glaring spotlight to me, just the tweet alone and the fact that he's tweeting about her and doing this childish prank, this high school prank on hillary clinton that he may feel uncomfortable going into this week. it just begs a lot of questions. >> briana, thinking of hillary clinton. today on npr, apparently hillary
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clinton has said that she, quote, would not rule out questioning the legitimacy of a 2016 election if the russian interference is actually deeper than currently known. what do you make of that? you cover her. >> yes. this is something that really bothers her, and even when you look at the reasons that hillary clinton lost and they are varied and they are numerous, this is one that really, of course, sticks in her craw, and so saying there that she doesn't or that she would question it if this went deeper, the problem with that is there's really no way to quantify what the interference was to votes, right? that's the difficulty in it. so she then would be questioning the legitimacy of donald trump as president which you know, obviously, is something that would really bother him, but i think this is something that she believes is very real. i think she believes that it is something that potentially did
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cost her the election and i think it really speaks to where she thinks the causes of her loss lie. >> ladies, do me a favor and stick around. i have more i want to ask of you including last night, emmys, sean spicer. what did we think of him coming on stage with his podium and making jokes about lying about crowd sizes, a punchline. was it outrageous? was it funny? we'll discuss that as he tries to repair his battered image and we'll talk live about the reporter who overheard the conversation between two of the president's lawyers openly griping about the russia investigation sitting outside of a d.c. restaurant and why he's reporting that white house officials are worried their colleagues might be wired. i'm brooke bolduan. you're watching cnn. oh, you brought butch.
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yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts.
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(laughs) we'll come to these live pictures. we will see them in just a moment. president trump sitting in a meeting with the president of france, president macron here at the united nations. let's see, i'll just stop talking and see what we hear. [ inaudible ] >> thank you very much, everybody. it is a great honor to be with the president macron of france who one of the greatest election victory was all time. i will tell you, that was an exciting evening, and i must say
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that i watched every moment of it. it was a very, very exciting time. he's doing a terrific job in france. he's doing what has to be done. he's respected by the french people, and i can tell you he's respected by the people of the united states. so we have a lot of things to talk about. we'll be discussing many different elements. i'm not sure we should discuss all of it with the media, but they probably know before we know. i just want to thank you all for being here. i want to thank your representatives for being here many of whom i know already and we will have very productive meetings. france is a great country, it's a beautiful country. i won't soon forget our din ner on top of the eiffel tower where we got to know our families and thank you very much. >> thank you, donald. thank you, everybody. i will say a few words -- i
12:19 pm
mean, i totally concur, and i will say a few words in french for the french people here. [ speaking foreign language ] >> these are just the moments and these are the windows that we have to the likes of the president here and others throughout the rest of the week as the world has really gathered here in new york with some exceptions, some heads of state for the u.n. general assembly. i have julie, brianna and april standing by. julie, let me ask you. france is a good, good friend of the united states. we think of the previous moments captured on camera between these two men and the famous white-knuckled handshake. the two seem to get on quite well, though, and this is just one moment of so many that the president will have this week. his first, right, as president during a week like this. >>. >> no question. their relationship seems to be a lot better than it initially did. the body language is much more
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sort of comfortable ever since president trump went and visited paris over the summer. they seemed to really have a little bit more of a personal rapport and they certainly seem to get along. they do have a lot of issues dividing them, you know -- >> sorry, julie. let's listen back in. i think they're back in english. hang on. >> it was two hours on the button and it was a tremendous thing for france and for the spirit of france and people don't know what great warriors they are in france and when you see that and you see the victories, it was a tremendous thing and to a large extent because of what i witnessed we may do something like that in july 4th in washington, down pennsylvania. i don't know. we'll have to try and top it, but we had a lot of planes going over and we had a lot of military might, and it was really a beautiful thing to see. it had representatives from different wars and different uniforms. it was really so well done, but
12:21 pm
i came back and one of my early calls were i think we'll have to start looking at that ourselves. so we're actually thinking about fourth of july, pennsylvania avenue, having a really great parade to show our military strength. we are spending this year $700 billion more than we've ever spent on our military which is a good news for france, and i think we really are looking forward to doing that. i am speaking with general kelly and with all of the people involved and we'll see if we can do it this year, but we certainly will be beginning to do that, so i appreciate it. most importantly, i appreciate you being here. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and i have to say just for the american people that our people in france were very proud to have you and your wife melania for bastille day, and people were proud to have you in front of them and -- thanks very
12:22 pm
much. >> i was glad to be there and also when emanuel called mead and he said it's the one time of year, in terms of timing for the world war. 100 years. i said that's a very important period so we went and i was very proud to say that we are very, very, very good friends with france. that was a beautiful day and thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. >> what are your plans with regard -- >> thank you all very much. thank you. >> mr. president, your plans on the paris climate accords? >> all right. looks like that's all we've got. you heard the question about pulling out of the paris climate accord. it looks like pulling the plug, lights out on the two of them talking and i have julia hirschfield davis and brianna keilar and april ryan.
12:23 pm
forgive me, we were dancing back and forth with the english and the french. to put a button on the point, the president had gone over to be with macron and the first lady over there. it seemed he was really wowed by the pomp and circumstance that was bastille day and all those celebrations and those two days in france. >> right. and you heard him talk about how he wants to have a military parade just like that and how much he enjoyed seeing all their manifestation of france's military might, and i feel like they bonded over that, but as you heard from the questions that were shouted on the end, they are still divided on the very important thing, the iran deal and the paris climate accord, the other. >> let's talk about sean spicer. he made quite the debut during last night's emmy awards. here's a clip. >> unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. is there anyone who can say how big the audience is. sean, do you know? [ laughter ]
12:24 pm
[ applause ] >> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmys -- period! both in person and around the world. >> wow! >> that really soothes my fragile ego. i can understand why he'd want one of these guys around. melissa mccarthy, everybody! give it up! >> and then the cut with melissa mccarthy and the look on her face. april ryan, you are in the white house press corps. you asked many a question of sean spicer. did you find that funny? >> no. not at all. i actually felt sorry for sean last night. i couldn't believe it when i saw it and let me explain why. sean has left the white house.
12:25 pm
we've heard many television networks say they're not going to hire hem as a contributor. sean is viewed as someone who lied. sean told everyone there's fake news that he's now going to to get a job and they're not hiring him so it looks like they're trying to re-brand him, change his image, but there's a lot of healing that needs to take place or redemption that needs to happen on his part. you know, that's the highest office in the land, and when you purposefully go out and change the facts or support something that's not true people's lives are on the line every day and those issues about lives are in that building and to lie is something deep and to make a joke about that, people are still very hurt about it, and you know, i think last night -- colbert kept jabbing at him because he even called him after he left the stage called him the
12:26 pm
wizard of lies. he was used as the butt of the joke. he -- i don't know. it just fell on deaf ears, and i was -- i felt bad for him last night. >> i hear you. i hear you on that. let me add this one nugget. "the new york times" apparently has interviewed sean spicer and sean spicer says he regrets berating reporters over the inauguration crowd sizes. >> oh, really? >> i -- that just is the kind of nuts to me because if you regret that then you go on the emmys and you make a big laugh out of knowingly lying to the american people who have trust in you and who are paying your salary, quite frankly. it's not like lols after that. you know? there's no lulls. it's not funny. >> that wasn't the only thing he lied about either, yeah. >> hollywood seemed to find it funny at the emmys, but i thought it was just sort of sad, as you said you felt sorry for sean. i agree with you on that, april.
12:27 pm
it seems like he sort of liked the attention and the celebrity, but i thought it was sad. >> we'll have to read the rest of glen's piece. it just posted on "the new york times". >> he needs to apologize more for other things, too. >> shaking the head, calling tara palmieri an idiot. yeah, he needs to -- yeah. >> ladies, thank you very much. thank you. >> bye. coming up next, the reporter who overheard a conversation between two of the president's lawyers sitting outside at his table in a d.c. restaurant. his reporting on what the conversation revealed about the russia investigation and worries maybe among staffers about wiretaps at the white house. we'll be right back. endless shrimp is back at red lobster. and we went all out to bring you even more incredible shrimp and new flavors.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke bolduan. you have these trump lawyers speaking very openly, apparently loudly over lunch in public in a popular washington, d.c., restaurant. they're talking about inside stuff about the russian probe, about fierce co-workers maybe wearing wires and who do you suppose they just happened to be sitting next to?" new york times" reporter ken vogel. tie cobb and john's personal lawyer john dowd as they were sitting there in a public space eating lunch and talking very, very loudly. ken vogel is joining me now from washington. you were sitting there and got the picture and the whole deal. can you just tell me, how did -- you were obviously sitting very closely. how did you realize who these people were and that this was going to be this huge scoop in the public place? >> yeah, brooke, i actually was having lunch with a source and the source noticeded that these
12:33 pm
two gentlemen came in and the source said isn't it that guy ty cob? >> with the mustache? >> he's a pretty distinctive dude. he's not going to go unnoticed in washington particularly a restaurant that is frequented not just lobbyists and lawyers, but reporters. i should point out the restaurant is 171 feet away from "the new york times" washington bureau and not the best place to have this conversation and nonetheless, we're sitting there with the source and we finished up our lunch and the source got up to leave and wanted to know if i was walking out. i said you know what? i think i'll just stick around here for a few minutes and proceeded to sit there and drank a few more iced teas and really had to go to the bathroom and continued taking notes as they continued this conversation not with just me and the wait staff and sensitive stuff, as you pointed out, dealing with executive priviledge and document production and tensions within the legal team and when this got back to the white house because we started calling
12:34 pm
people and asking them about not just the substance of it, but we revealed to them that this is how we knew that these were issues that were up for debate, that precipitated a conversation which don mcgahn, the white house counsel and the chief of staff called out ty cobb for being so careless with this very sensitive information. >> okay. let's back up a couple of steps just to what you were overhearing in the substance of this piece that you write-up. a piece of this conversation you hear ty cobb talking about don mcgahn white house counsel and has important documents locked away in a safe. obviously, you and i have no idea what those documents contain, but why would they be in a safe? what would that signal to you or legal minds? >> i don't know, necessarily that it's not unusual that a lawyer who would be handling top-secret, classified information would have documents in a safe. that said, the fact that ty cobb was singling out that there were
12:35 pm
these documents in a safe in the context of a broader conversation about document production and different approaches to document production where cobb wanted there to be more disclosure of documents and mcgahn wanted there to be less disclosure or a more careful review of those documents before they were disclosed certainly suggests that ty cobb believed that these documents in the safe were somehow critical and should be turned over to muler and that mcgahn did not. we don't know what these documents are. all we know is there is a potential debate about that. >> as you explain in the piece, ty cobb is more of the school of thought let's just turn it all over and get this thing over with more quickly which is in contrast to what don mcgahn says. there's also a line in the piece, ken, where you hear talk of, of course, fears or tensions within the white house and so some people are worried that some people may be miked for bob mueller. why?
12:36 pm
>> yeah. i mean, well, if you think about it, brooke, you have a number of lawyers who are working ostensibly on the same side, that is, they're working for trump, trump's associates, the office of the president in as they handle this mueller probe. that said, they're competing imperatives here. it's not necessarily in jared kushner's interest for paul manafort to present information and vice versa. >> so you have people who serve different roles and there is suspicion about not just this issue of document production and who might be, we hear concern that there might be efforts to flip paul manafort, for instance or mike flynn and get them to talk about what they know about the trump campaign. so you have a lawyer who represents a paul manafort or a jared kushner and they're in opposition to each other in some
12:37 pm
way and yet they have to work together to some extent and that's where you have the potential for distrust at most, i don't want to use the word paranoid, but it's more so a suspicious extent could result in people being concerned that someone might be, if not wearing a wire at least revealing contents of these conversations to investigators. >> extraordinary. learning lessons for lawyers all around washington, d.c., ken vogel, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. coming up next here, it is repeal and replace coming back. the arizona governor has just backed a republican plan to overturn obamacare. how might that influence a very important republican in senator mckaine and also the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell pushing for a vote later in the month and we'll get into all of that. he's in charge of a nuclear armed north korea and kim john
12:38 pm
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replace obamacare gaining traction on capitol hill. lindsay graham and bill cassidy are pushing this bill to get rid of the affordable care act. what it would do is put the burden of health care back on the states depending on who you talk to, it's a long shot, but sponsors of the bill insist they're closing in on the votes. moments ago the bill picking up an important endorsement by the arizona governor, doug ducey
12:41 pm
announcing his support for the legislation saying graham cassidy is the best path forward to repeal and replace obamacare, and you're thinking why is this germane? it is because senator mccain, arizona, has indicated his decision will depend a lot on what the governor says. joining me to discuss this i have new york congressman tom reed with me, a republican. welcome to cnn. great to be here. thanks, brooke. >> you know the deal with votes and what they need. i guess, collins and paul, they're out so it comes down to even if mccain, depending on it sounds like how the arizona governor is going, it's lisa murkowski who says she's still looking at it, hail mary, congressman, is this thing going to go anywhere? >> the clock is ticking and the senate has to act. obviously, i'll believe it when i see it given the nature of where the senate's been. if they can move it we'll have to deal with it in the house, but at the present time it's up
12:42 pm
to the senate. >> on dealing with it in the house piece. if they pass it and we know because of reconciliation and because of whatever version comes through the senate, the house would have to sign off without any changes. >> pretty much. >> we know what it looked like and the different iterations before the big celebration in the rose garden. do you think that that is within the realm of -- >> i think it's too soon to tell. you have to see what comes out of the senate and what the final product looks like and what are the amendments going to do to it and i don't know if they'll try to bypass that, as we speak and bottom line is there were provisions in the bill i supported at the local level here in the state of new york, and that's critical to my constituents and i know that's not in this package and we're starting to see things in it that are concerning, but i never will judge a bill until i see the final details of it. >> what you really care about is tax reform. >> i really do. >> you really care about tax reform and you met with the president last week at the white
12:43 pm
house about this. did he seem more versed on tax reform than health care? >> you know, absolutely, i think this is something that he has been involved with. he knows the tax code intimately and with being a businessman and being the dealmaker that he is out of new york city here, and i think this is definitely something. he's got a great feel about, and i think he's going to be a great partner to get this to the finish line and by reaching across the aisle, i think that gives us a higher like he head of success to get it done for the american people. >> what about north korea, just in case you haven't seen this, the president tweeted over the weekend and we know about the tensions. he tweets i spoke with president moon of south korea last night and asked him how rocket man was doing and long lines for gas in north korea. too bad. this is a very serious, serious story and to hear the president reference kim john unas rocket man, all jokes aside, is that
12:44 pm
appropriate? >> in the day of social media and type of foreign policy i'll let people judge that and we're dealing with a grave situation and putting a spotlight on north korea, the way the president has done and raised the profile of this to the grave nature that it is, i think it is appropriate. >> obviously, we each have our styles of dealing with foreign policy and i would go a different path, but at the end of the day we're talking about a serious situation. we're talking about it now and it's being brought to the attention of the american people and it is a grave risk to us here on america with our fellow citizens. >> kim jong-un is no one knows what he's thinking and what he might do next. so the notion of belittling him by calling him rocket man, is that dangerous? >> well, you know, obviously, any time you're dealing with foreign policy and any statement you make has to be taken into consideration and the actions have to be taken with great consideration and what the president is doing, we're trying
12:45 pm
to put pressure on china in order to stabilize this area, and i think continuing to put pressure not only on china, but to also put the sanctions in place and this is where nikki haley was and focus the world's attention to put pressure on north korea and say this is unacceptable and deputy mati-- >> congressman reed, a pleasure. >> thank you so very much. >> ahead here, a fourth day of demonstrations under way in st. louis after a former police officer is cleared of murder charges in the shooting of a black man. the city has been on edge in the last couple of days and we'll watch what can happen tonight. you're watching cnn. we'll be right back. i was playing golf a couple days ago... love golf.
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12:51 pm
i see the bordered window behind you. >> reporter: yeah, that's really the theme here in st. louis. a lot of vandalism. we were in downtown st. louis. you can see this is the marriott convention center. the marriott hotel, take a look at that, very four large windows were broken. and, brooke, basically the scenario we have seen play out over the last few days is during the day you see these protests, they are calm, and peaceful. but at night things turn into chaos. what happens is when everybody leaves and starts to go home, you have a small ban of protesters, two or three dozen people, people wearing masks, they throw bottles at the cops, they throw rocks, then when the police move in, they run, and vandalism starts to occur. we know the national guard is on stand by if it gets under
12:52 pm
control. i can tell you over the weekend it got so bad, both u 2 and ed sheeran had to cancel the concerts. you are talking about not only concerts but all those folks lost out on revenue, hotels. >> so the city watch watches and waits on night number four. dan, thank you so much in st. louis. coming up next we have endured harvey and irma. and now look at this. all eyes on these three, especially maria just days after everyone has been reeling across the caribbean over irma. this new category 4 storm is heading towards puerto rico as we speak. we'll take you there live coming up.
12:53 pm
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this is cnn. the most trusted name in news. we are keeping a close watch on atlantic has another hurricane heading to a region devastated by the last one. now we are watching hurricane maria following the destructive path. quickly maria is gaining strength and one of three main storms churning in the atlantic. maria taking direct aim at puerto rico. let's go straight to san juan our correspondent there is standing by live. leyla, what's happening there? >> reporter: well, a lot of people are getting ready right now, brooke, you know, there are no schools open today. yet you still see a lot of traffic, even on this gorgeous
12:58 pm
day here in puerto rico because a lot of people are heading up to those stores trying to get last minute supplies. and when you think about the timing of this for this island, you know, very interesting. a lot of factors playing a role here. there is still 62,000 clients without power right now since irma came through. and really the power system took quite a hit. a power system that is already vulnerable given the economic crisis this island is in. and even though there wasn't power for days for a lot of people, puerto rico really opened its arms and took in a lot of ee vac evacuates from ot islands. i went to the town and they had a lot of people from evacuated from caribbean given the aftermath of irma. and now they are waiting here waiting to see what comes next
12:59 pm
from maria. that is taking a direct aim, as you said, to puerto rico. so not only has power been a situation, could be another situation. maria is certainly threatening puerto rico. when i spoke to a group of people within the last hour, i said what do you think the bigger threat was here, irma category 5 or maria category 3 expected to be category 4 to this island, there was no hesitation, all three of them immediately said this is a threat. this could wife pe us out and w don't have the resources. that said, the governor has state of emergency, requested a state of emergency from the united states. fema is on ground. and they do seem to be working to the. we have to wait and see exactly what maria does. although talking to people here, there is a lot of fear of what's to come. >> just to think of all those people in that convention center, as you mentioned from the last go-around, and do they
1:00 pm
wait it out in puerto rico watching this thing as power is already an issue already. leyla, thank you. i'll check back in you with tomorrow ahead of maria. and just a quick programming vote before we go. this friday at 10:00 p.m. a special report we are calling it twitter and trump. twitter and trump. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. the lead with jp starts now. thanks. mocks donald trump. well, welcome. the lead starts right now. asking the world body he has trold in the past for help controlling kim jong-un. dangerous deja vu, another hurricane getting power full by the second and taking aim at islands that irma just smashed into. plus an eye opening look opi


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