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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 20, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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sitting with our own correspondent this week. as everyone is here. i'm brooke baldwin thank you so much for being with me. the "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. welcome to the "the lead" i'm jake tapper we'll start with the breaking news that is both in the world and national lead. two forces of nature leaving rescue crews scrambling to saves lives in mexico. powerful 7.1 earthquake now to blame for 126 deaths much focused attention on crumbling school building, a little girl trapped in the rubble. we've bring that to you live. but first to the national lead officials in puerto rico telling us that the entire island, 3.4 million people is out of power as it takes a beating from hurricane maria almost ten hours
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now after first making landfall. snapping trees in half. rifg trees out of the ground. at times hurricane force winds covering the entire island. east coast the cnn crew watched it rip a roof off the hotel. on u.s. virgin islands communication is sporadic and spotty. some there are relying upon facebook to ask about others who are missing. let's begin with cnn leyla sant in the capital of san juan. earlier you were being battered by high winds tough to stand. what are conditions like there now? >> reporter: you know still rain coming down, jake. so a little windy but not anything near what we saw earlier. the big problem now is the rain continues. and take a look behind me. there is quite a bit of flooding that has come as a result. many of the major roads
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impassable. but see that white van as a point of reference of what i'm seeing right now. you can see it's coming up on the back bumper. and it has come up pretty quickly from when we first got here. and this is not the worst we have seen. we have sent crews out and about in puerto rico. and they have seen the highways, major highways are impassable. but let miwe walk around here i san juan and take a look at that time this roof or part of the roof that came down on this street. i actually talked to a woman who lives right across the street. and she says when she heard it, jake, she thought it was the entire building. that's just how loud it sounded when this came down. and this is just another example of why roads are blocked. it's not just the blooding. it flooding.
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it's all of the debris. and i have to tell you one of the things that's caught my attention, you can see there are people walking around in the area. they are many coling out sort of to assess the damage. people peering outside their windows. and they have this sort of look of disbelief. it's like they are phased and in shock when they see all of this debris. the damage done to the buildings, these buildings, all of these buildings, i can hear generators right now. these buildings are without power. 100% of the island right now, according to the governor, is without power. jake? >> all right, leyla sant? san juan puerto rico. thank you very much. now we have in puerto rico northeast part of the island. you had to seek shelter. what's happening now with where you are? >> reporter: changing conditions basically. a couple of hours ago for a
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brief moment it was sunny then the weather started deteriorating again. and now we see some ominous clouds and a little bit of rain. but let me show you some of the debris all around me. this big limb from a palm tree, also chunks, really big chunks of insulation from some of the buildings around us. multiply this scene by 1,000 or even more, and that's what you find, not only around here, but all over the island. that's a situation that puerto rico is facing. and let's remember, jake, only two weeks ago this island was pummelled by another hurricane, hurricane irma, and it is still trying to recover from that when it happened all over again. now, the winds this morning were incredible. for a moment we felt like the windows in our roof were going to explode, and we had to make the decision as a team to get out of there and seek shelter. that was the same thing that dozens of people did, and
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luckily nothing happened to anybody. but it was definitely very, very dangerous. now, what's going to happen now? we have an entire island without power. but the governor says no matter how much it costs, they are going to get back on their feet. jake? >> all right. rafael in puerto rico thank you so much. meteorologist allison chinchar is in the center and this storm be began lashing early yesterday. devastation is not over yet. take us through mariale track. >> that's right. so crossing st. croix in the southern region of the u.s. virgin island. when the outer wall was meeting st. croix it was still 170-mile-per-hour. it did weaken a little bit as it pushed toward puerto rico, there making landfall with winds of 155-mile-per-hour. then it continued to cross over the island. and we now have the center point of circulation back over open water. the concern now is it now that
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it's back over open water will it intensify being in the open water. they say yes it's likely to get back into category 4 strength as encounters warmer water. this is not good news for other places that could in turn deal with the rein fence cages. then from there it will go over to the atlantic getting close to the u.s. bull good news much cooler water. here's a look at the long-term track, here you can see models in relative agreement. by the time we get to wednesday of next week, take a look at this, may not be a direct landfall but we could have similar impacts to what we had with jose, board walks, piers being washed out for states like new jersey like with jose, we may have to deal with the same thing with maria next week.
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but a lot of things can change. >> thank you so much. joining me on the phone is jennifer gonzales cologne, resident commissioner for puerto rico. congressman, thanks so much for joining us, how are you and your community holding up at this hour? >> still? the house because we can't go outside. still tropical storm winds across the island. and that means up to 75-mile-per-hour winds. so it's dangerous to go outside. and even damage or debris that is all over the place. the main issue is that the whole island is without power. and for the people who are living in the mainland that have friends or family in puerto rico, they must know that a lot of communication towers went off line. so if they are trying to call their families or their friends in puerto rico, they are not going to reach them because communications are off. and that's the main situation we
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got right now. the second one is the flooding. we received between 18 to 35 inches of rain, which means the whole area is flooded. a lot of the rivers overflowed their banks. and that's a dangerous situation. it is a monster here storm again, very hard, less than two weeks we've been hit by irma. so in less than a month the united states got two hurricanes two of them here in puerto rico. i spoke last night with vice president mike pence and other members of cabinet regarding how are we going to put puerto rico back on track. considering the financial situation puerto rico got in the recent years. and thank god vice president pence conveyed the message of
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the president of the united states and the whole government is going to be helping out the island. as a matter of fact, there are more than 400 rescue teams and federal employees from all over the nation waiting until it is safe to go outside and begin the search and rescue already on the island. so that's the main issue right now. we can't go outside. still a lot of rain and windy tropical storm. the team of regional directors just told me that they are expecting to have a clear sky, in terms of sending the rescue team outside to see the debris and damage, between midnight and tomorrow morning. and that means make the assessment of the airport, the ports and the islands, all ports and airports which means nothing
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can get in and get out. so one of the issues we may need a lot of help is first recover the power grid and get electricity back on. and to that extent fema director and even vice president said they are considering sending electrical teams to help tus out. the second one is restoring the goods that are needed in the islands. there are so many things to get to this situation. >> all right. representative gonzales cologne. thank you. please stay safe. we appreciate the up date. still ahead back to mexico city a school crumbled because of yesterday powerful earthquake. we'll go live to mexico city. >> plus pushing back why he says wall street should give us reason to pause. i'll talk to the mayor live next.
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welcome back to "the lead." we are following two rescue stories. mexico city saving children trapped in the rubble after the horrific earthquake. also hurricane maria devastation all of puerto rico the island without pour. but we'll turn over to iran ratching up the tension between the united states after president trump said iran was embarrassment in the u.n. assembly. iran just said it was baseless and offensive. outside tower. and, jeff, they are anxious to see whether president trump will tear up the iran deal. he is not yet saying what he'll do. >> indeed, jake, president trump
1:16 pm
is dealing with two new confrontations on his hands. but earlier when he was meeting with the authority, he was asked about his plans about the nuclear agreement and if he made up his mind. let's watch. >> have you decided to stay or leave? >> i haven't decided. >> [ inaudible question ] >> i'll let you know. >> reporter: so the president there is saying he has decided if heel keep the u.s. in or withdraw the u.s. from that agreement. of course he blasted that yesterday in his speech to the u.n., but not disclosing what his decision is. jake, but the iranian president in no uncertain terms says the country does not want to have a nuclear bomb, enrichment only, compared to japan. but when asked about president
1:17 pm
trump specifically at a press conference in new york, this is what he said. >> yesterday mr. trump was extremely offensive to the people of iran. and before anything, we are waiting for president trump to issue apologize to the people of iran. >> reporter: so apology for the people of iran clearly not coming from this president, jake, but does raise the question in the next few weeks or so will president trump carry through with a campaign promise to rip up that nuclear agreement. and what affect does that have on the other confrontation in north korea? all one of the biggest challenges he's dealing with here as he has one more day of meetings tomorrow, jake, here at the u.n. >> all right. thank you so much. joining me now is former mayor he's chairing the bloomberg global business forum today with more than 50 heads of state and 250 ceos. mr. mayor, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> jay, happy to do it. >> so yesterday the president suggested he was prepared to
1:18 pm
tear up the iran deal called it an embarrassment to the u.s. president of iran just responding. what do you think? should the deal be renegotiated? kept as is? >> well, i'm not an expert on that. and certainly plenty of arguments on both sides. whatever we should do, we should do it diplomatically. sit and talk across the table rather than do it in the public. i think that's not the right way to make policy. >> i'm wondering what your response was to president trump speech at the u.n. yesterday? israel netanyahu called the speech one of the bold es and most courageous in 30 years in dealing with the u.n. that he's seen. do you agree with that characterization? >> i don't think so. i think that the speech was very unconventional. i'm not so sure it should be given in a diplomatic community. there are other places to express yourself and to say
1:19 pm
that. and probably the next time i think the president should have called in the iranian ambassador and said what he disagreed with and see if there is ways to fix it and make it acceptable to both. a public he said or she said or yelling at each other doesn't really add anything. >> president trump taking to twitter this morning slamming hillary clinton for her criticism of his threat to quote completely destroy north korea and reference to kim jong-un as rocket man. this is what the president wrote, quote, after allowing north korea to build nukes, while secretary of state crooked hillary clinton now criticizes. >> yesterday you said there is no reaction to the problem. but diplomacy has not worked either. what do you think should be done? >> well, i think the lesson out of all of this is you have to work together. we cannot solve this problem by ourselves. and if there is any other
1:20 pm
country that we have to absolutely work together with in the north korean problem it's china because they have the most impact on north korea. but it's not just china. it's south korea. it's japan. it's europe. we are all in this together. and if you build relationships together the world can pressure and the world can reason with and the world can boycott or not supply or do a lot of things together. but you can't do this alone. that's for sure. >> and that's one of the themes of the bloomberg global business forums where ceos and heads of state have been meeting today. one of the items on agenda is immigration. white house is trying to work with democrats and republicans to find a possible legislative solution for the roughly 800,000 dreamers in the u.s. one of the proposals might fund -- >> that's great. couldn't agree more. >> would you go along with a border wall funding if it was part of a package?
1:21 pm
>> i think a wall is not very practical, number one. it would be almost impossible to build. it would be very good for the mexican economy, because we probably have to buy all the cement from mexico and use all mexican labor since we don't have enough people down in that area that could work on it. but the wall doesn't add anything. keep in mind, more mexicans are leaving the nuns going to mexico than coming from mexico. so all the wall would do is keep them from leaving. but we need to have borders where people that want to work here, want to take jobs that americans don't want to take, and that want to create new businesses, can do so. and i'm all in favor -- nobody is more supportive of creating jobs for americans. but the ways you do it is not to walk away from the trans par civic partnership agreement and not walk away or redo nafta which has been a god send for
1:22 pm
canadian, the united states and mexico. all of these things you can tweak and make better. but if we want to have jobs for america rather than posture, the way to do it to encourage trade. every study done shows that immigrants come here and they create an awful lot more jobs than they takeaway. and we have to have the best and the briets es from around the worldcoming here or they will go elsewhere and create the industries of the future and we'll be shut out. >> climate change also on the agenda at the bloomberg business forum today. you are also the u.n. special envoy on cities and climate change. president trump we are told was change earlier this week about the paris climate agreement. saying china got a good deal. u.s. did not. what is your response that the chinese needs to do more than this deal would require them to do? >> well, number one, the agreement was structured to
1:23 pm
favor america. because they knew that congress probably wouldn't approve anything. so the negotiators gave america a better break than anybody else. number two, we are halfway to accomplishing our goals already and we still have to go to the 2025. so you have another seven years to go. we are certainly going to make that. number three, i think it's true that whether china orny other country reduces their greenhouse gases, we all will benefit or suffer. if we reduce our greenhouse gases we benefit as does everybody else. and it would be great if everybody did it but we shouldn't penalize our self by not doing what we can. and i think the president is i'll advised by not understanding what it is. and whether you believe climate change and whether it's happening or not, there is at
1:24 pm
least you would have to admit remote possibility that people are right that it really has a potential to destroy our world. and if that's the case, then you have no choice but to buy an insurance policy, which means stopping polluting and all of those kinds of things. it is just totally irrational to not take precautions just in case. and if you were the head of a company and you went to your board and said, you know, i don't believe in climate change, we have that plant right by the water, but i'm not going to do anything. they would throw you out instantly. they would fire you. you will never see somebody on these television shows screaming about global warming being a hoax that works for a company because no company could put up with that. if you have a plant near the water, you move the plant, you build a wall, you have a back upsite, you buy an insurance policy, you have alternative ways for your people to go. you don't sit there and say this is bull. it isn't bull, number one. but even if you think it is, you
1:25 pm
are irrational if you don't take precautions. >> former mary, it's always a pleasure to have you on the show. thank you very much. >> happy to do it. >> former president obama on the offense, trying to dismantle obamacare. plus the silence that can save lives after yesterday's quake. that story next. endless shrimp is back at red lobster. and we went all out to bring you even more incredible shrimp and new flavors. like new nashville hot shrimp, drizzled with sweet amber honey, and new grilled mediterranean shrimp finished with a savory blend of green onions, tomatoes, and herbs. feeling hungry yet? good, 'cause there's plenty more where these came from.
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we're back with our politics lead now. the battle over health care reform playing out on late night television. comedian jimmy kimmel calling out after his new obamacare repeal and replacement bill. which kimmel says would break a promise made by the louisiana lawmaker that all pre-existing
1:30 pm
conditions would be covered. which includes his son. and cassidy referred to these parameters as the jimmy kimmel test. >> i don't know what happened to bill cassidy, but when he was on this publicity tour he listed his demands for a health care bill very clearly. these were his words. he said he wants coverage for all. no discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. lower preen umts for middle class families. and no lifetime caps. and guess what? the new bill does none of those things. and this guy bill cassidy just lied right to my face. >> do you believe that every american regardless of income should it be able to get regular checkups, all of those things that people who have health care get and need? >> yes. >> so yep is washington for nope, i guess. stop using my name, okay, because i don't want my name on it. there is a new jimmy kimmel test
1:31 pm
for you called the lie detector test. >> cassidy was asked about the dialogue on new day, here was his response. >> i'm sorry he does not understand. under graham cassidy more people would have coverage and we protect those with pre-existing conditions. other states will be billions more dollars to provide health care coverage for those and those states who have been passed by by obamacare and we protect those with pre-existing conditions. >> cnn joins frus the capital. who is right for us? jimmy kimmel or senator cassidy? for instance, would the cassidy graham bill allow insurance companies in some cases to discriminate against those who have pre-existing conditions? >> let's take them piece by piece. these are two very wide bold wide ranging statements on an issue that's very complex. let's take the pre-existing
1:32 pm
issue, not unlike obamacare graham cassidy ensures the band for pre-existing conditions, that's accurate, that stays. but go further into the bill, this is what jimmy kimmel was talking about, states would gain a waiver to get out of specific regulations. one of the regulations price protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions. i want to read the language to you specifically. it says the state would be able to get a waiver for individuals with pre-existing conditions. that's right there cassidy says the guarantee remains. but those are ambiguous words. those words are not defined, adequate or affordable. and health insurers themselves, blue shield, has come out and said that gives states to do away with price protections. so in that right now if you talk to people outside of this debate right now, they believe the price protections for pre-existing conditions are very
1:33 pm
much in the air. now, jake, i want to move to another one. presume ums this has been a big issue throughout this debate. states giving flexibility is designed to bring down premiums. because this is done in a block manner, states would be able to decide what system they could put in place. they could decide how much money they could put to helping people bring down premiums. here's the issue the spending in the blocks would be less currently exist under obamacare. on top of that states dealing with budget right now. and not good statistics. another one lifetime caps this was a big issue with jimmy kimmel not unlike in the bill, the ban on lifetime caps exist, but the bill gives opportunities to waive health benefits, these two things are interconnected that's why when you talk to outside analysts they believe that's on the change block. and finally he talks more people being covered than obamacare.
1:34 pm
universal coverage. it's hard to see that working right now because of the money. because states would be getting less money. because the medicaid would be changed from open entitlement to per capital program. better coverage? perhaps. that's what they are going for right now. but more bold plans about more being covered, the numbers don't add up. >> and certainly sound like guarantees on pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps are not guarantees. thank you very much. let's bring in our political panel. and obamacare gave a key note address at the gates foundation earlier today. takes a listen. >> so when i see people trying to undue that hard won progress for the 50th or 60th time for fwils that would roll back protections for older americans or pre-existing conditions, the cancer survive or, expecting mom or child with autism or asthma, for whom coverage once again
1:35 pm
would be almost unattainable, it is aggravating. >> inappropriate for him to talk about this? it is his signature legacy. >> yeah, i have no problem with praumt weighing in on this debate. but i grew he with him this health care process is aggravating. and one thing i do see recognition from democrats is obamacare does have problems. what i don't see areny fixes coming from them. instead the problems contained in obamacare, they just seem to want to use as leverage to get medicare for all. so we are at this blocking point where people can't come up with good practical solutions. and what republicans are doing with this latest fix is saying let's find this way to make it not our problem. that's what this whole block grant program is designed to do. just get it stout of washington. and that's why no one knows what they are going to get. because we don't know what states are going to do for their own citizens, which is good theoretically from a federalist perspective, but if you are on a
1:36 pm
consumer on the ground not knowing what your health care is going to look like a year from now, that is hugely problematic. and i don't see how republicans are going to be able to message that. >> there was an effort to come together on a bipartisan health care bill, senator patty murry, democrat at washington state and senator alexander of tennessee were, would go on something, but apparently republican leadership put an end to it because they wanted to focus on this graham cassidy bill. >> that was one of the most encouraging things we have seen come out of this congress. they were finally acted like congress. acting in the best interests of the people in a bipartisan way. from everythingweare hearing on capitol hill that process of actually going very well, that murry alexander were working together quite well. they were going senator by senator saying, hey, let's take the politics out of this and decide how we get to universal coverage or not universal coverage at a later point. but for now let's make sure the program maintains and we can help people get the subsidies
1:37 pm
and tax credits at this point. we were hopeful that senator alexander would be able to talk some sense into republican leadership to say, hey, just because you are on a time limit and trying to jam this thing down by september 30th, please don't mess with my process. let this go forward. it was very discouraging to see him last night say the bipartisan process has broken down. that was really partisanship over the process. >> democrats say they have made concessions including allowing states to take up the slack. >> right. but listen you are not going to have excitement. i don't see excitement from anyone on either side of the aisle except maybe libdcy graham because he's trying to sell his own bill aboutny solution. because no one can guarantee that premiums, deductibles, actual costs are going down, until they can find a way to do that, i don't think anyone is going to pass anything. >> thank you very much. now to the world lead at least 225 dead, millions without power,s historic buildings badly
1:38 pm
damaged. next we'll go to mexico city still reeling from the earthquake and trying to dig people out from underneath the rubble. stay with us. i work overtime when i can get it.
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ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist about humira. this is humira at work. welcome back. another horrific natural disaster. citizens digging for signs in life in a school in mexico where 2 two children were children. missing. the mexican government says at least 225 people were killed. tragically that number is likely to go up. i want to bring in cnn miguel marquez live in mexico city. is there any other signs locating anyone who is missing? >> reporter: the pace here at the school has quick end in the last couple of hours, jake. i'm going to show you what's happening now. we're able to speak freely now. for the last hour, hour and a half, every few minutes will ask for complete silence, and they
1:43 pm
get it. hundreds, about 1,000 or more people gathered here will go pin drop silence to see if the rescuers can see if they can hear anything of a little girl trapped inside. just one heart wrenching rescue in this wide swatch of destruction. hand by hand, brick by brick, residents and rescuers alike are working around the clock to find survivors of the 7.1 earthquake in mexico. here in mexico city 75 miles from the epicenter. here they reach survivors that may still be trapped inside. immediately after the quake yesterday, these children were pulled from their collapsed classrooms. cnn has now learned at least 21 of their young school mates have died, along with four adults.
1:44 pm
>> emotions are very difficult to control and see what is happening to our neighbors, even though we do not know them. it hurts tusayan we put ourselves in the situation of the parents and of the children that are trapped in that school. that is really painful. >> reporter: across the city, scenes of determination as hundreds ban together to remove debris and find the missing. others, like these teachers provide comfort to the tragedies young es witnesses with songs. and more help is on the way at this airport in panama rescue workers in gear lined up to board flights headed for the disaster zone. here's what they will find. at this site of demolished buildings handwritten signs and fist it is raised high requesting silence so crews may hear calls from be night
1:45 pm
concrete. still the signs of sirens are welcome. a passing ambulance a possible indication that someone's loved one has been found alive. now, jake, what you are looking at are people holding their hands up. they have asked that the crowds go silent again. i can give you a sense of how quiet it gets here. it is earerie to think this is e sign of hope in mexico today. >> thanks so much. also breaking news in the russia investigation, a new report says special counsel is asking for donald trump actions as president. what might that be. we'll talk about it ton the democratic next. i needed something more to help control my type 2 diabetes.
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back with more on our politics lead and the widen scope of the russia investigation. "new york times" is saying the head bob mueller has asked the white house on more things president trump has taken while in action, including the firing of fbi james comey. mueller has also investigated the same man who brought him to the job about his role in commie firing. that's why we are learning reaching back into a decade chairman paul manafort looking for crimes committed as far back as 2006 which suggests the russian probe has widened considerably beyond russian meddling and into possible tax or financial crimes. joining me now is senator the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee. senator, thanks for joining us.
1:51 pm
your chairman says he planned to have a public hearing next month. i think one of the big questions is we know russian bots and troll factories took out fake news ads on facebook. is there any indication that any of these russians who were behind the social media campaign were givenny information fromny americans on the best way to in influence the election via social media? >> well, jake, we don't have the answer to that yet. it's one of the reasons why we want to hear from facebook. we'll hear from fwitwitter next week. what we do know in terms of the investigations russian hacked into and released information on one party to help mr. trump and hurt clinton. they attacked 21 states electoral systems and unfortunately our department of homeland security hasn't shared that information. so i'm not premard how we stop them coming back next year. and we increasingly know that
1:52 pm
they used both paid advertising and equally, if not more, i think significant, a number of fake accounts and dummy accounts to try to drive stories, drive -- actually seen more recent stories where they were trying to drive americans to come out to andty clinton rallies. so the level of some of the sophistication on the social media side and the level of targeti targeting really leaves me with a lot of questions that we want facebook to answer in public. >> but just to be clear you don't know ofny evidence as of now thatny russians gotny information on what states to target or demographics to target or anything like that from anybody in the united states? >> jake, i can't answer that question yet because we have not had all of the appropriate individuals in yet to be interviewed. and that's one of the questions i have. i am concerned, though, as
1:53 pm
somebody, listen, i'm a fan of facebook, user of facebook. majority of americans use facebook on a daily basis. but i've been worried for sometime that i raise this issue last winter, facebook response initially was, hey, these guys don't know what they are talking about. nothing there. we are increasingly seeing a lot more. and more comes out each day. and let me give you and the audience one reference point by the time the french elections happened in the spring facebook worked with french and took down 50,000 accounts they felt were related to return activity. in america so far, facebook has only identified 470 accounts. to me that just doesn't pass the smell test with that number of accounts with russia. i think there is a lot more. and i think we are seeing on a daily basis litany of stories coming out of things, and the scener facebook is more
1:54 pm
transparent the better. >> yesterday your committee excused early trump's business attorney michael cohen. you were upset that he had released a statement to the media. can you tell us more about that? and when might he be brought to speak before the committee and answer questions? >> well, we hope to bring mr. cohn back in october in a public setting. we've had most of these preliminary interviews in private so the staff can go through a lengthy process. and we have done this on an invitation basis. but we've also said to witnesses we won't have some witness come in without senators there, and then go out and make some public statement saying in effect there is no there there. that's not fair. that's not right. mr. cohn who has had a colorful past to say the least tried to pull a fast one and tried to put out a public statement. and we said you want to violate our rules, fine, we'll have you back in public and let all the committee members ask him
1:55 pm
questions directly. because clearly from mentions in t there are a lot of questions he has to answer. >> but i do want to ask you "the new york times" is has asked bob mueller questions including the firing of james comey. does that suggest that the president himself is target and possibly is being investigated for a possible obstruction of justice? >> i'm not going to comment. and shouldn't comment on the directions of mr. mueller's investigation. i do know that i think a lot of americans want to know why right after the president fired fbi director comey, he went in and bragged about it in front of the russian ambassador and said firing comey took a lot of pressure off. and he called comey no matter what you think of him, i think he called him a nut job or something like that, that seems to me inappropriate. and i have to tell you just as an american i would like to
1:56 pm
think what is the thinking behind the president at that point. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. coming ahead hurricane maria slamming and keeping the island in a blackout. coming up where this destructive storm is heading next. stay with us. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace.
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