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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  September 21, 2017 2:00am-2:57am PDT

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to a dangerous category 3. conditions deteriorating. puerto rico wakes up 100% without power. we have reporter rs in san juan in punta cana. >> next cocity, a rush to save a little girl trapped under rubble from tuesday's devastating earth wake. that rescue obligation ongoing as the death toll rises to 230. it's a rec.e is a disaster. it's a train rec. and it's only getting worse. >> president trump pushing republicans to overhaul obamacare again as the senate plans for a vote as early as next week. does this bill have a chance? and how many more uninsured americans would b left in its wake? good morning, and welcome to "early start." >> clock's ticking on that one. i'm dave briggs, thursday,
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september 21. we start in puerto rico. plunged into darkness and despair by hurricane maria, 100% of the island nation without power this morning. hurricane maria's category 4 winds devastating the power grid which could be knocked out for several months. at least one person killed by debris with authorities add mitszing the number of kad casualties unknown. the government completely disconnected from the southeast part of the island with no communications, new images from the island of dom ini co. >> normally lush landscape stripped bare. >> a grim scene as well as in st. croix.
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ordering federal aid. let's begin in puerto rico where people are waking up this morning to this warning from the national weather service. port a reek cois completely under a flash flood warning, if possible, move to higher ground now. that is a freightening admission that there is more danger to come. cnn's nick valencia. >>reporter: good morning. communication continues to be an issue. our she h social media account filled with people asking us to get in touch with their family members. they may have to wait a very long time. the governor saying that the state-run power company has just been wrecked leaving the country 100% without power. those in the hotel are being powered off a generator. there are tens if not hundreds of thousands that aren't so lucky. weather continues to be a
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factor. the core of the hurricane has passed over us but the outer bands continue to affect us. seen thunder and lightning. flash flood warning in effect for the island. we understand why the governor was so derned about flooding. we tried to get out but it took us about an half and a half to go a few miles. part of the problem was the flooding. highways, interstate 26 to get out was inundated with water, downed trees, power lines, polls, making it complicated to try to travel outside of here. also a curfew still in effect that will be lifted in about an hour from now and go back into effect tonight for the safety of the residents who are dealing with so much. the. >> thank you. keep us up to speed. hurricane maria also pummeling the eastern dom minute condition republic.
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flooding and dangerous storm surge a huge concern. cnn's pal low sandoval live. >> reporter: dave, those winds certainly have now let up here. though the eye of the storm is off the coast. i can tell you we continue to see those wicked winds. because we're so close to a building, we're not being tossed around but if we were standing out there you can imagine what we'd be facing. these palm trees have been whipped around, when you look at the trunk is wet. the other is dry. that shows you how these winds are just pushing these sheets of rain sideways here. what does that mean for locals? obviously people are hunkered down. we haven't seen any signs of life. people are certainly listening to officials and choosing to stay indoors. as for tourists, there are thousands of them stranded here.
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they ended up in shelters or some of these hotels. they certainly hope they may, again i use the word may, be able to fly back home later this afternoon. authority the expect to reopen around lunchtime but it's all up to the weather which at this point those conditions continue to deteriorate as the storm continues. >> stay safe. we'll check with you in 30 minutes. >>et's go live to cnn weather center and bring in our meteorologist. >> the updates have come in from the national hurricane center saying it is remaining a category 3. look at the eye. 46 miles wide. the island across puerto rico 35 mile the wide. literally could swallow up puerto rico. beginning to regenerate. national hurricane center says it could intensify.
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water temperatures warm. so we're watching the storm system as it pushes away and still producing tremendous wa rainfall on the backside of this. flooding is immanent or occurring island wide. officials saying get to high ground if you can. 60% of the island is mountain nous in nature. that exacerbates the condition. models in the last run as far as where the storm system will end up. still think 400 to 500 off the east shore of the united states. still it will want to shift away to the east. remains a major hurricane category 3 at least through early sunday morning before entering cooler waters. that will cause it to weaken. temps in the waters could drop down into the upper 70s. the i was looking a the this, a disaster modeling group analyzes
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the amount of damage. estimated $40 to $50 billion for harvey. $30 billion in economic lost. you were just talking moments ago about the $70 billion in debt. not good news. >> just a tough situation. the. all right. a couple of national disasters unfortunate unfortunately. now to the tragedy infolding in m xico. the death toll climbing 245. vernment declaring three days of mourning. over 50 people have been rescued alive. search teams still digging through the rubble of a collapsed elementary school where at least 21 children lost their lives. let's get the latest from ed
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louisia lavandera. >> reporter: continuing, you can see the legion of volunteers shown up on the streets surrounding this school bringing all the supplies that the rescue workers just a block away might need to get through the evening. and also hear moments like this when they urge everybody to be quiet to rescue workers can hear what's going on. i was up close to that building several hours ago early why he in the day. and it was amazing just to be that close really gives you the sense of just what a profound impact and what a horrific scene it must be for those rescue workers crawling and channeling their way trying to make some sort of path to get to those people they believe are still trapped alive inside of that building. if they can pull somebody out alive, it will be one of the few bright spots in this horrific tragedy that has hit this country of mexico so strongly. a blglimmer of hope to pull out
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young child from here. this is definitely one the stories iacting the city and around the world. that search continues. they're just -- in anguish. anguish night for all. >> waiting on perhaps the worst news of your life. >> mine minutes past the hour. republicans moving full steam ahead on the plan to overall obamacare but the bill is already facing fierce bipartisan criticism. >> this is like the ping pong game on health care and the losers in a game like that are the people. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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concerns. if three vote no, it's dead. >> president trump firing up the twitter account targeting that's right paul, the most vocal critic of the plan. the president says quote he is a friend of mine but such a negative force of fixing health care. th white house is hoping senator graham's close relationship with senator mccain will help get the measure passed. so with each tick of the clock it intensifies. aarp, american cancer society, action network among the latest advocacy groups to reject. let's go live to washington. i want to just bring something that my moment state senator che chuck grassley said yesterday. he said this, which i think is just -- he's just revealing the
2:15 am
truth to his i journalists. i can maybe give you 10 reasons why this shouldn't be considered. but republicans campaigned on this so often you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. that's pretty much as much of the reason as the substance of the bill. >> this is politics, not policy. >> you could interpret it that way but also as republicans feel like voters sent them to washington to do this broadly, and it's up to them to work out the details. so, that may be driving it. but, yes, we are in a situation where at the beginning of the year, republicans passed a measure that procedurally allows them to pass a bill would only 50 in the senate. to do that, they have to act before the budget runs out on september 30, and so they're rushing to the finish line with
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the bill that most people hadn't even read as of a couple weeks ago. so it is a remarkable display of how our congress works or doesn't, depending on your perspective and that's why you're seeing some very honest reactions from republicans who don't seem to like it but feel like time is running out and want to take their last best shot as they see it. >> it wasn't the brilliant break through that led to this, it was really the calendar. unfortunately secondary we get to the policy of this which is now seeming to be between bill cassidy, a senator, and physician, and a late night comedian, jimmy kimmel. cassidy, yesteay on "new day," confirmed in his wos, this bill does pass the kimmel test and jimmy fired back last night. >> i'm sorry he does not understand. undergr states like maine, virginia,
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florida, missouri, bills more dollars to provide health insurance coverage for those in those states who have been passed by, by obamacare and protect those with preexisting conditions. >> i get it. i don't nar stand because i'm a talk show host. help me out. what part don't i understand. the part where you cut billions from federal health care assistance? am i not understanding the partss where states would be allowed to have insurance companies price you out of coverage for having preexisting conditions. or maybe it was a part where the plans are no longer required to pay for essential health benefits like maternity care or pediatric visits? >> is this how the debate will be framed moving forward and if so, who comes out on top. >> jimmy kimmel has given democrats and op points of this bill a remarkable gift his
2:18 am
ability to put in terms their concerns about the bill. cassidy keeps putting in if states want to waiver they have to provide adequate and affordable insurance. when politicians point to language like that, it's interpretation that matters. you could certainly conceive a situation where hhs or whoever's enforcing that piece of the bill, health and human services department, would see many things as affordable and adequate. that's not a very strong standard. so that's where some of the dispute is. that's what cassidy points to as preserving preexisting conditions but the truth is this bill gives wide latitude to states, and even if some states get more money, many states do not. that is really where the concern lies. in fact, one republican said the bill concerned him because he thought blue states do pass single payer why are it.
2:19 am
that gives you a sense of how ch latite it gives. >> according to a group, three sat states getting less money, maine, alaska. >> all right. let's talk about the mueller inquiry. cnn reporting as well that this inquiry is zeroing in on things happening inside the white house and oval office and on air force one, drafting the donald trump jr. response to that meeting with the russians. where is the center of gravity on this investigation today? >> reporter: well, it's -- this is what was predicted from the outset when it comes to a special prosecutor, that mueller is going to go where the facts lead him, and nothing is off limits. this is what happened with the clinton investigation. so, this is sort of what was predicted and the white house is really feeling the heat from it. >> all right. talk to you in about a half
2:20 am
hour. we love her. she's an early bird. a scary moment in the bronx, a young fan hit in the face by a screaming foul ball at yankee stadium rushed to the hospital. andy scholes with an update on the condition this morning's bleacher report. you can see that ball player is horrified. be back in a moment.
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2:25 am
>> ande scholes has more. >> good morning, guys, this is the worst thing that can happen at a ball park in the fifth inning, yankees as todd fraser hit a ball that struck a young girl sitting with her grandfather. as you can see, everyone's attention immediately turned to whether the girl in the stands was okay. game was stopped for about four minutes while paramedics attended to the girl. she was taken to an area hospital and according to the "new york daily news" she remained there overnight. >> i thought of my kids. whien? i have two kids under three years old. and just hope she's all right. it was terrible. shaken up a little bit. i don't know really what happened. i hope she's all right but it was just something that i wish never happened. it was tough. tough to watch and tough to be a part of. >> teams are required to have protective netting to at least the start of the dugouts.
2:26 am
about a third of teams have extended the netting further. the yankees are not one of those team the. however last month, after a fan was hit the club said they were seriously exploring extending the netting for next season. golf's tour championship gets underway in atlanta and two guys close frids since the early teenage years and spoke exclusively to cnn about pushing each other to be their best. >> it keeps me push to go try to beat him because i feel like if i'm beating hip in the tournament there's a good chance i'm going have a chance to win. >> it's really cool for us to kind of say in 20 years, if we're both healthy and continue to go push each other like we have been, along with those ear extremely talented guys on tour it could be a special time for us. >> pretty cool to have two guys young like this going at it and the fact they've been friends
2:27 am
for quite a while, like spieth just said could be a rival we see for a very long time. >> good, good guy. two really good role models. justin thomas. >> 27 minutes past the hour. hurricane maria is strengthened. we're going to be live in dominican republican and puerto rico next foul. wrong sport. wrong network. see you need unlimited on verizon it's america's largest most reliable 4g lte network. it won't let you down in places like this. even in the strike zone. (laughs). it's the red zone. pretty sure it is the strike zone. here use mine. alright. see you on the court champ. heads up! when it really, really matters you need the best network and the best unlimited. plans now start at $40 per line for four lines. copdso to breathe better,athe. i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way."
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. hurricane maria regaining cagory h back now to a dangerous conditions wsening in the dominican republic and puerto rico now 100% without power. we have reporters in all three areas. >> in mexico city, a rush to save a little girl trapped under rubble from tuesday's
2:32 am
devastating earth quake. sleepne sleepless night. the death toll rise to go 250. >> obamacare is a cast. it's a rec, train rec, and it's only getting worse. >> president trump pushing republicans to overall obamacare again. senate plans for a vote as early as next week. does this bill have a chance with nine days left to cram it through? good morning welcome to "early start." fascinating rev lation. >> up first the devastation and dark nts and storm ravaged puerto rico, 100% of the island nation without power. hurricane maria's category 4 winds simply devastating overwhelming puerto rico's power grid. it could be out for months. at least one person killed by debris, authorities admitting the number of casualties in some
2:33 am
areas simply unknown. the government completely disconnected from the southeast part of the island with zero communications. new images this morning from the island of domenica, hurricane maria hitting that island with category 5 fce, flattening some buildings, wiping away parts of communities, 14 nfirmed dead there. the hundreds of homes gone. normally lush landscape stripped bare. >> the grim scene as well as in st. croi president trump declaring a major disaster. we begin in puerto rico where people are waking up this morning to a warning from the national weather service. puerto rico is now completely under a flash flood warning. if possible move to higher ground now. cnn's nick valencia live from san juan. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we are in a hotel
2:34 am
balcony so it gives a better perspective here of the damage and devastation that came through here with that category 4 hurricane. if you are having trouble this morning getting in touch with your family and friends in this territory, you are not alone. the problem is you ma have to wait for months. the governor saying that the state-run power company was severely damaged, wrecked even. if may be months before that's back up. meanwhile, weather continues to be an issue. the outer rain bands continue to drop down on us. never night that caused a flat flood warning toi go into effec. we saw how bad it was yesterday when we barely made it more than a few miles. the roads were inundated with water, some highways just swamp-like conditions. several trees blockin roads we
2:35 am
tried to pass to get out of the city center. even still, a curfew is still in effect. that is expected to be lifted in about 30 minutes from now, but it will go back into effect at 6:00 p.m. a lot of people here still in desperate need for help. dave? >> thank you. >> hurricane maria also pummeling the eastern dominican republic. storm still right now packing destructive category 3 winds. flooding and dangerous storm surge. that's the concern at this hour. cnn's paulo sandoval life. i know your communications are going in and out. you are experiencing the storm right now. tell me what you see. and we'll keep you up whoer as long as we can keep the link up. >>reporter: yeah. absolutely. communications are definitely a challenge as we have seen with the last several storms. we are also at a hotel balcony. it is providing shelter from
2:36 am
these relentless winds that just continue. we've seen them for hours. look over my shoulder you see the palm trees that are just whipped by the wind there. these are those bends. this is what an indirect hit feels like. remember, the eye of the storm is well off the coast of the dominican republic but the outer bands extend well outward. a very popular resort city. we have seen people from the united states, a couple i spoke to that trying to get to philadelphia late yesterday. they only made it as far as the airport. the result many people hunkered down and waking up to damage here. also new hope of trying to make it home. authorities say they would like to reopen the airport later this afternoon, but really, that is all going to be up to the weather. what does ma pen for locals though?
2:37 am
they are the ones who will stay behind and face a serious potential for flooding. we have to remember that the dominican republic was hit hard buy irma, jose, the ground is saturated, rivers and streams swollen. any participation we have seen will definitely pose a serious threat for flooding. >> thank you. stay safe. the keep us posted on developments. glad we could get to you and see you in that report. to the latest on hurricane maria's path let's welcome in our meteorologist in atlanta. good morning to you. what will polo and the dominican see? >> the worst is right now. the storm sits about 70 miles away. you see the convection, thunderstorm activity on the southern fringe of this storm very impressive, smaskt all quad grants of this storm extremely healthy with the center
2:38 am
measuring almost 50 miles across. this storm system beginning to get its act together. the national hurricane center thinks this could strengthen potentially to a strong category 3, base category 3, get up to close to category 4 inside the next couple of days. the entire island underneath what is a flash flood warning, imminent or occurring. mountain regions really enhancing the rainfall. up to 35 inches could come down in a 36-hour period. the storm begins to move away, the threat increasings for the turks and caicos. up to 12 food storm surge. elevations there, they don't have 10 to 12 feet to give near the coastal communities. that is complete des nation of some of those islands. stays a category 3 we think until sometime early sunday morning and then cooler waters
2:39 am
and a little bit of wind sheer bring it back down. the latest models coming in shifting the track a little farther to the east. that is fantastic news if this continues to play out. the american overlaid on top of the european, generally in the same spot going into monday next week, notice kind of meander close to the coast line but want to continue pushing away from the united states. it looks like the latest run is better news. >> sure. thank you. >> now to the tragedy infolding in mexico following tusz's deadly 7.1 magnitude earth quake. the death toll has risen now 250 with the governor declaring three days of mourning. some of those rescues here on television. search teams still digging through the rubble of that collapsed elementary school where at least 21 children were killed. let's gt the latest from ed lavandera in mexico city.
2:40 am
>> reporter: the frantic search for survivors inside that school building in the heart of mexico city continues. you can see the legion of volunteers shown up here on the streets and surrounding this school bringing all of the supplies that those rescue workers just a block away might need to get through the evening. and also hear of moments like this where they urge everybody to be quiet to rescue workers can continue to hear what's going on inside the rubble. i was up close to that ibuildin several hours ago. the it was amazing. gives you a sense of what a profound impact and how horrific for those rescue workers trying to make some sort of tunnel to get to those people they believe are still trapped alive inside of that building. if they can pull somebody out alive, it will be one of these few bright spots in this horrific tragedy that has hit this country of mexico so
2:41 am
strongly. a glimmer of hope to pull out a young child from here. this is definitely one of the stories that has impacted the people of the city and around the world. that search continues. >> all right. thank you so much for that. ahead, republicans moving full steam ahead on their plan to overhaul 0 obamacare. the bill already facing fierce bipartisan criticism. his is like the ping pong game on health care and the losers in a game like that are the people. that cause our symptoms. flonase helps block 6. most allergy pills only block one and 6 is greater than 1. with more complete relief you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest. flonase. 6 is greater than 1 changes everything. when people ask me now i tell them this. bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal. with glycolic acid...
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2:46 am
all expressed concerns. if three of those republicans vote no, this bill is dead. >> all right. let's go live to washington and welcome in cnn political reporter tall copen. their states would lose money from where we are now. ave. a leer health has main, arizona and -- that's not where the debate is being framed. it really comes down to late night comedy right now because senator bill cassidy is in this battle with jimmy kimmel over preexisting conditions and,000 this bill takes care of the vulnerable. here's the back and forth. cassidy, who is a if physician on "new day" and kimmel last night. >> i'm sorry he ddoes not understand. we protect those. state the like maine, virginia, florida, more, billions more
2:47 am
dollars to provide health insurance coverage for those in those states who have been passed by by obamacare. the. >> i get it. i don't understand because i'm a talk show host, right? then help me out. which part? is it the part where you cut $243 billion from federal health care systems? am i not understanding the part where states would be allowed to price you out of coverage for having preexisting conditions? maybe i don't understand part where federal funding disappears completely after 2026 or maybe the part where plans are no long ber required to fay for ma turn ter scare in. >> call him a light nite comedian i think he's grasped that bill probably more than a few senators. affordable is the word that's in the bill. it is adequate and affordable. where he we headed on this? >> reporter: that's right. keep in mind, when you actually
2:48 am
read legislation, which some of us have to do. it can be extremely confusing and can you have words in there like states must prove they can provide affordable and adequate coverage. but just because that means something to the average american, doesn't mean that's how the government or the courts or states are going to interpret it. so, that actually leaves a lot more leeway than it might seem like to the state the. that's sort of what this bill boils down to. it gives states incredible flexibility to determine how they want to approach health care. in fact, one republican at first was concerned about the bill base he was worried that blue states would go too far not left when the health care policies, which gives you an indication just how wide the latitude is for states and jimmy kimmel is right about one other thing, many of those states will end up with less money over the long-term to do it. that's where the dispute is.
2:49 am
how much authority states have and how little money some of them may have to do in a. >> the conventional wisdom, theory here is that they promised this and have got to deliver and they're going to face a reckoning down the road in 2018 and beyond. and you heard from my home state senator chuck grassley yesterday who really put this in starkly political terms when talking to reporters yesterday. he said i could maybe give you ten reasons why this bill shouldn't be considered but republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. that's pretty much as of of a reason as the substance of the bill. so critics said wait a minute you're admitting this is bad but it's more important for political reasons than policy reasons. what did you make of that comment. >> you hear all the time don't let perfect be the enemy of good and there -- >> you also hear you can put
2:50 am
lipstick on a big. >> there's an idiom for everything. last best shot to fulfill a campaign promise. it's also understandable if it you feel voters sent you to washington with a mandate you want to live up to it. but admitting the policy of the bill and substance of the bill is factoring less into the calculation, doesn't look good. it's attack ad material. he may want that one back. it certainly undercuts the idea this bill gains momentum because of what it does. everything is pointing to the fact that is runs out at the end of the month and republican the are racing the clock. >> no one's mentioning the house. we don't know if that bill would sail through the house. we've got to talk about this russian investigation. i want your papers. that's bob mueller there, the special counsel because "new york times" reporting that
2:51 am
they've submitted documents from the white house on 13 different a couple of things, firing of n comey, firing of michael flynn and the meeting in the oval office with the russians, where president trump allegedly called him a nutjob. >> isn't that the meeting how the pictures even came out from the russian media? is. >> with the big smile and snaking hands. >> how does this tell us this investigation has changed or at least not solely focussed on russian interference in the election? >> this what is special counsels do. the he was hired and lauded as the type of person to go where the facts lead him. if he smells crimes or smells issues, he's going to hunt them out. this is exactly what the white house feared, what they tried to block with trump tweeting stay away from my finances or
2:52 am
speaking about that. of so, in fact, this is exactly what the white house was concerned about and they're absolutely feeling the heat. >> all right. nice to see you this thursday morning. a lot going on in your neighborhood there. the thanks. time for look at what's coming up on "new day." >> alice son cam rot ta joining us. >> in fact that is going to happen. so, we're going to be talking all about what you guys just talked about. the clock is clicking. health care. so we're going to find out where republicans are on this new cassidy graham plan. that's one. then the iran nuclear deal. the president says he's made a decision. what is that? so, h.r. mcmaster is going to be here live with us and obviously we're going to get him to sd light on what the thinking is on the deal. then the clock is urgently ticking for the three and a half million people in puerto rico, trapped without power. flash flood warnings. it is as bad as you can imagine
2:53 am
in the wake of maria. how are they going to get help? when are they going to get help? we have our reporters there. >> on the iran nuke deal, if this president pulls out of that, what kind of authority does he have to make a deal with north korea? you know? if united states doesn't abide by the agreements made by the american -- >> these are the questions. we will put to mr mcmaster. facebook being sharply criticized for its advertisements, this time, it's for allowing ads to target anti-semitic users cnn h. cnn money stream next. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned.
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