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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 22, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> the now new threats of an h bomb test. beneath the rubble. a search for survivors destroyed by a massive earthquake in mexico. c, nn is live on the ground. maria rages on. millions without power possibly for months as the monster hurricane leaves a trail of absolute devastation behind. the war of words between nuclear powers as president trump
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attacked north korea and the leaders of both countries thumbing their nose at the president. an insult between the leaders of the u.s. and north korea. he called kim jong un a mad man in a tweet after a statement was carried on state where he called mr. trump a mentally dereached do tard. he called him the rocket man. a new missile capable of carrying multiple warheads. ben weederman is in tokyo. tell us about kim jong un's response to president trump's remarks and the latest threat of a hydrogen bomb. things are escalating quickly. >> yeah, this statement from kim jong un was published on kcna, the official state news agency.
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this is the first time any korean leader and there have only been three since 1945 has directed such a statement in the first person singular. this is sort of one insult after the other. he calls president trump a rogue and a gangster. he ends the statement saying i will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged u.s. dotard with fire. the original korean is not dotard, but it's actually old lunatic. this is a crude vivid language that is unusual in a society like korea where age commands respect. in this case, jim, the statement is oozing with the lack of it. regarding this threat about the possibility use or explosion or detonation of a hydrogen bomb that came from the north korean
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foreign minster who is attending the united nations and he said after this original statement was issued by kim jong un that korea might detonate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. if that were the case and nobody really knows at this point whether concrete plans are being made to do so, it would be the first atmospheric nuclear test since it was conducted in the western part of the country. we have seen on the third of september, korea and north korea conducted the nuclear test and a variety of ballistic missile tests including two in the last month over japan. a missile tip with a hydrogen bomb that would be a massive escalation. >> the reality tv rhetoric getting too real. thank you very much.
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i wanted to discuss here with me, the cnn political and national security analyst, also the correspondent for the new york times and former deputy assistant secretary of state, heather conley and is the senior vice president at the center for strategic and international studies. how extraordinary is this? i was filling in on the situation room last night when the statement came in from kim jong un and that it came directly from him. typically we hear it from stayed media and so on. this came from kim jong un. what does that mean? how significant is that? >> it's unusual. he has not talked about president trump directly very much. it came from stayed media. president trump talked about him. it was the speech at the un that appears to have set this off. as long as it remained a war of words like this with the president this morning, with his tweet and what kim jong un said,
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i think people would be concerned, but not particularly exercised. what's different and you heard it from ben's description was this very specific threat from the north korean foreign minster that they might conduct an atmospheric test. it doesn't sound big, but it's a big difference. they have all been contained underground, radio activities contained and you are not worried about the winds. the atmospheric test which they agreed to ban in 1963, early days of the cold war is a different thing. hard to control. hard for north korea to pull off. will definitely raise the stakes for the united states about how it would respond to the north. whether to respond preemptively and it would alienate them from many ways in the chinese who did
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do not want to see them flooding around the specific. >> what is your sense of this when the north koreans are talking about an atmospheric test of a hydrogen bomb, the atmosphere conditions could make this a real nightmare for the region. >> it's a regional nightmare and we are seeing extraordinary concern from the japanese government, prime minister abe and president moon of south korea. these words are important. they matter. we are getting a text book lesson on why you don't make it personal and you don't use this kind of language. you keep climbing up and this is dangerous. we have under estimated the threat for years now and we have to start taking this very, very seriously and have to find a path for deescalation and using a war of words may be okay for the playground, but not okay for
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an incredibly serious moment for asia pacific. we have to start deescalating, but i don't see where we are with the leaders locked in a war of words. this is very, very serious. >> hard to find an off-ramp when the president is tweeting something like this. kim jong un of north korea who obviously is a mad man doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before. david, how do they deescalate things? when you hear from the white house, they love this criticism that comes from the beltway where the president tweets. they feel like we don't get it and the american people get it and the borders get it, but we don't. this is not the same thing. we are talking about national security issues of the highest importance. we are not talking about political issues that he has a better sense of than we do. >> the president used his tweets
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in the past to appeal to his base and frequently to talk directly to the american people. the difficulty is this this case you want to talk specifically to kim jong un. you have to recognize that in his culture as well accident backing down is as hard as it may be or harder than it is for president trump. the reason for that is the only thing that is holding the regime together right now given the state of the economy or shortages of food or the reign of terror he has there that the president accurately portrays in the tweet is the sense that the nuclear weapons that north korea has developed have brought north korea this tiny starving country up to a level with the united states. >> for has been a gift to him. >> it has been. we are sitting here talking about the leader of a country we would barely be referring to if he didn't have nuclear weapons. we are talking on par with the
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united states president. >> they are watching us all the time. let me ask you this. i heard it said since the president's speech when the president went out to the un and threatened to wipe out north korea, he gave him something of a gift back home. he doesn't have to stay and they can play the clip of president trump saying this. inside north korea. >> for does continue to give kim jong un a lot of power to continue to as the president said, continue to harm the people of north korea because it gives him a reason to keep tracking down because he has an external threat which is now the united states. yes, it raises it to a level and makes it very personal. i have to say this is burying the white house's lead. the sanctions that they just laid down are really significant.
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that's been important. that's what will try to break the change and let's tone down the language and try to work on denuclearizing and not the war of words. >> it will be interesting to see if they can do more than have one kind of message. thank you very much for that. i top the keep moving because it's a fast moving news day. i want to turn to a desperate situation in the wake of hurricane maria. take a look at this dramatic rescue captured by the u.s. coast guard off of puerto rico. a rescuer is being lowered there. take a look at this. if you look at this shot, you will see a woman and two children balancing on a capsized ship. there it is. remarkable and waving their arms for help. all three were saved and the body of a man was found on the ship. on land this appears to be just as desperate. widespread flooding and
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buildings that are uninhabitable and the island is without power. the mayor said rescue operations are under way at this hour. >> i got an sos from that elderly orphanage. it was a text like from a horror movie. it said if anyone can hear us, please. we are stuck here. we can't get out and we have no power. we have very little water left. we got there just in time. it was a touching moment. if i can save one life, that would be good enough. i have too many to save. so -- >> cnn's layla santiago. the mayor is sounding very desperate and said a recovery plan is in place, but they had to take it one day at a time. what's the priority? it has to be the power because it's so widespread there on the island. >> right. the power is only part of it. the officials said that will
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take months to restore. resources coming in with fema on planes and on ships. and the priority will be distribution. i want to walk you around the kind of places that we are seeing right now. you can see how this home ended or a part of a home ended. this is a roof. you can see all of this by the way comes from that blue building. how do i know that? i talked to the item who lives there who said yes, this is part of my roof here. you can see doors on the ground. people's personal lives on full display after hurricane maria. when you hear the mayor of san juan getting so emotional, it is representative of what we are hearing and seeing on the streets. the government really dealing with the logistical nightmare. even they admit, they have not been able to reach parts of the
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island. when i say reach, i don't just by phone, but the roads are flooded and filled with debris like this. power a problem and communication a problem. for the people coming out and seeing this type of damage like jose ortega, the general whose roof is now standing in front of me, it is easy to understand why they are so emotional. he said he is waiting for help to arrive. that is a big priority. resources now coming in and new york sent a plane of water and generators and food, but allocating that will be a big challenge. >> i can see it's going to take months and months to recover down there in puerto rico. you are staying on top of it. layla, thank you very much. puerto rico is not the only island ravaged. i want to bring chad meyers.
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what an incredible storm. take us on the path and help us understand how much damage has been inflicted so far. >> sure. let's start five days ago when the storm was just a tropical storm. the islands here, dominica is right here. it was 60 miles per hour. we move you ahead about 12 hours and all of a sudden it's a category one hurricane. the people say let's batten down the hatches because it's getting worse. in 15 hour, it went to a category five over dominica. i was there in 2005 or 2006 on a cruz ship and this is the most lovely people ever. sw we swam in this beautiful rainforest. that will take a long time to
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recover. this is old fort and across the area here, the southern guadeloupe, but not as much as dominica. st. croix was next to be hit by this. significant damage and the entire island itself. a glancing blow, not a center core punch of the eye itself, but the eyewall. many times we say it's worse than the eye. the eye is calm. the eyewall did hit st. croix. the helicopter is on the way to get better video. it has been a forgotten little place. it was so hard to get to. couldn't get there with the weather. we move you ahead to the morning hours as it made landfall through puerto rico and across south of san juan. from a category four to a category one. it was so torn up and so much damage was inflicted on puerto
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rico. the storm almost killed itself. you go from there and move you ahead to the dominican republic. here's the flooding for the dominican republic. the wind damage and a lot of mountain ranges. the mountain ranges caught the water and that water ran downhill. we go to turks and caicos. the damage will be on the islands in the eastern part of of the turks and caicos, but that's where it is and the logistics of a storm that went from cat 1 to cat 5 back to 4 and hit puerto rico and now to 1 and 2 and 3. jud jim? >> i have been to the caribbean and i know you have as well and they watch cnn. i know they appreciate all the coverage and keeping on top of it. chad myers, thank you very much. a frantic search in the mexico earthquake. they believe many still may be
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it's a race against time in mexico city as they franticly try to find survivors. it has been three days, but people can still be trapped and alive in 10 buildings with each passing hour, hopes of seeing more scenes like this are fading. the resilience is unwavering. listen as crews take a break to sing their national anthem. ♪ remarkable how everybody is trying to stay in good spirits. let's go to miguel marquez in
10:22 am
mexico city. have there been signs of from what you can see? >> officials say there are signs of in here. they have been able to pick up the back of the building. how delicate this is. there was a stop work order and this building has become so unstable. japanese rescue crews may be an israeli crew on top of the building serving and trying to figure out how to get ropes and access to the back of the building. they have heat signatures for many people about several dozen people are missing and believed possibly in this building. clearly 72 hours it is critical that they get in there. the problem is how. with the rain they had over the last couple of days, it weighed down the building and all that water makes it very, very unstable.
10:23 am
there might be cavities where people might be alive. it's extraordinary difficult and you have crews from around the world. an enormous effort to make that happen. jim. >> miguel marquez doing his best. he has been whispering at the scenes the last few days and doing a lot of work covering that quake down there with the cnn crews. he is trying to nurse that voice. coming up, saving luther strange. president trump steps in to help the senator who based his campaign on one thing. allegiance to the president. can trump deliver the votes. the president not hitting like after facebook said they will deliver ads to the special council. his response is all part of an ongoing election hoax according to the president. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> president trump heads to alabama tonight in the middle of an ugly gop election to fill the senate seat to used to belong to jeff sessions. the senior national correspondent is in huntsville, alabama. we will number alabama tonight. luther strange gained mightily since my endorsement. he loves alabama and so do i. the primer is is on tuesday and the president setting expectations that while he helped, it won't go his way. what are you hearing on the ground? >> reporter: that is one of the strange twists. the voter who is traditionally turned out for president trump will be going against the candidate that president trump has not endorsed the red. roy moore. president trump has come out in favor of luther strange and talked about his loyalty. we know how important loyalty is to the president.
10:29 am
luther strange is eager to cast himself as the president's man. he took every opportunity being closely aligned and he fired the president's agenda in washington. s in a d.c. republican establishment against the grass roots and the super pac spent millions in tv ads against roy moore. many on capitol hill in the gop don't want to see moore's far right ultra conservative views up there in washington. we got a taste of his view for the country at last night's debate. here's what he had to say. >> political correctness and social experimentation like transgender troops in the bathroom and inclusiveness. our foundation has been shaken. crime, corruption, immorality, abortion, sodomy, sexual
10:30 am
perversion sweep our land. when we welcome one nation under god again, when liberty and justice for all reigns across the land, we will be truly good again. if we wait on congress to do everything, we will lose. it's our business to take care of our business. daca is wrong. dreamer is wrong. >> so moore there trying to play up how closely he is also aligned with trump. we saw a senator strange walking past and we asked him how he is feeling and he said he is good and excited for the event behind me. on monday, the day before the election, mike pence is swinging through town to campaign. the white house pulling out all the stops in this very tight race. jim? >> they are pulling out the stops. thank you very much. both roy moore and luther strange reports the agenda, but he wants to free the president from the shackles of the
10:31 am
establishment. listen to this. >> president trump is being caught off in his office. he is being redirected by people like mcconnell. they do not support his agenda. they will not support his agenda in the future. we need to go back and look at the things and what's going on. >> joining me now to talk about this, senior political reporter henderson and directioner and from the washington examiner, politics reporter and cnn editor at large. sarah palin and sebastian gorka talk about stranger things down in alabama. i think we are in the upside down. we have been there for a while. >> we have been there. not only those folks, but people like the guy from duck dinasty and sean hannity and james dodson and evangelical figures.
10:32 am
it is a very strange make up and shake-up here. we usually think of the president being aligned with his base. we have his real base. he will be voting in this campaign and i would really want to see tonight how donald trump handles this. what he says about luther strange and big luther and what he said if anything about roy moore. that's one of the things as well as what will happen in the pews of churches. they see what they think would happen. that's something interesting. roy moore is a trumpian candidate, but he sounds like a baptist preacher talking about the ills of the world. the latest polls i have seen have him up by about eight points. he was up by 16 before. it is tightening, but eight points is a lot.
10:33 am
>> is it a loss for the president if luther strange loses on tuesday? >> it's a loss for the president. the president from the republican point of view is commended for actually investing in his endorsements. he is going down there and laying the political capital is on the line. i don't think that voters will hold the president responsible if he loses. i do think republicans in washington are watching this closely. how much juice does the president have with his base? alabama is ground zero for the trump republican base. i think the other thing to watch here and why are republicans in town so worried about moore? it's not because he is conservative or ultra conservative, but he would vote the way they vote 90% of the time. it's his controversial rhetoric on social issues. this is like todd akin winning a seat and saying things that are intemp rate and republicans in
10:34 am
2018 will be forced to answer for things that moore will be able to amplify with the senate seat. republicans have spent so much money. senate leadership spend $9 million to elect luther strange. it's a huge investment. it's not just because strange is the incumbent, but the choices here, you either have luther strange or you have the rebel radical that is the cause of nothing but trouble. >> how much does it help the republican persuade the senators to go along with him when he is backing someone like luther strange? is there a connection where it helps him? >> the average person would think no, but anyone who spent time in washington, it's probably at the margins. luther strange is one of them. i think you have to remember that the senate is a very exclusive club. democrats and republicans, but yes, certain people don't like mitch mcconnell. at the end of the day, if you
10:35 am
support someone who is not incumbent, he could do that to me. it helps the margin. do i think it gets susan col ups to vote for him? no. i need to mention this. if you go back, i will be very interested if luther loses. the trump decision support strange. i assume mitch mcconnell was involved, but moore is a trump-like candidate that if he gets nothing from that, neither a win or good will, donald trump will take to twitter and make some of his views known. >> speaking of tweets, let's look at this tweet that the president fired off about rand paul. rand paul, whoever votes against the health care bill will
10:36 am
forever be known as the republican who saved obamacare. talk about not helping things very much. >> it's not going to matter to rand paul. we know where he is on this bill for sometime. he doesn't matter in terms of what's going to happen with this. where are they going to be? in alaska and the hopes on the ground there. topic number one i'm sure will be health care and those will matter. in terms of what happened last time in convincing those folks and i don't think they are looking to him at this point. >> he is not going to get a health care speech. he is going to intervene in the race with time running out on health care. it's incredible. this is a very important story. talk about the swamp. as i like to say, same swamp, different alligators. hhs secretary tom price and
10:37 am
tension for private planes. the hhs investigation is travel price that has taken a number of flights around two dozen or so at taxpayer expense while they are talking about potentially taking millions of people out of the health care system. does that resonate at all outside of the beltway? >> i think it does because it's the kind of misuse of government funds where you have figures in washington doing thing that is normal people don't do. they helped drive a lot of what we saw in 2016 whether it was on the left for bernie sanders or on the right for donald trump. tom price when he was a chairman of the budget committee would have gone crazy. kathleen sebelius would have been running around the country on private planes. >> quickly as we are about to go, does this put tom price in
10:38 am
trouble? are we there yet? >> you would think it would in a traditional presidency. the things that tend to put you in trouble is disloyalty tow donald trump and a little bit betting bad press on donald trump. if it blows up bigger in the investigation makes approximate it more likely it will blow up bigger, yes. he is under attack by the media and it's a double standard, he will be fine. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. a programming note speak of health care, be sure to watch for a town hall event. senators bernie sanders and amy debate brahm and cassidy on the bill this monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. man's evidence is another man's hoax. another man being the president. he swings against facebook and the ads link to the kremlin. a frantic search for survivors from the mexico earthquake. we will take you to this
10:39 am
building where they hope to see signs of and they are seeing signs of life. we will get back to that as soon as we can.
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we believe in real food. whole foods market. >> just when you thought president trump was in agreement that russia meddled in the election, he reverts back to calling it a phony story. he responded to the news that facebook is turning over ads to congress. the russia hoax continues and now it's ads on facebook. what about the biased and dishonest coverage in favor of who he calls crooked hillary. that contradicts what the national security adviser told chris cuomo. >> we have to find the areas of cooperation even as we confront
10:44 am
the destabilizindestabilizing. questions about who they did and who might have helped them, you believe those are all legitimate questions? >> of course and so does the president. >> cnn political director is like deja vu all over again. what do you make of the back and forth over whether russia meddled in the election. he can't stay with this. >> anything with russia somehow calls into question the legitimacy of his presidency. he seems incapable of separating those. he at times conceded yes, it's russia. move on. it's never consistent and here today he is calling it a hoax. >> we have polling released about this hour or just this hour about russia and the election. what are the numbers showing? >> take a look there.
10:45 am
the majority of the country, 54% of americans say it is likely that the russian-backed content on social media did affect the out come in 2016. like everyone else in american life, partisanship drives so much of this. look at the difference. among democrats, 82% think it's likely that russia backed content on social media. 55% of independents and only 15% of republicans believe that. you see where you stand idea logically determines how you see this. >> is it possible when people hear the question asked, if you are a republican on the line and hear that question asked, you automatically feel compelled to say i don't believe this? >> there is no doubt that happens. one other finding, we asked people do you know someone personally who changed their vote? that is a different story. only 11% say they know someone.
10:46 am
the majority believeses this stuff had an effect on the out come. >> 11% said yes and it was not a large number of votes that determined the out come of this election and hillary clinton won the popular vote by three million votes. 11% could have an impact. >> you are right. in the right places, it could have had an impact. this is on the democratic side what they were looking like. >> doesn't sound like a hoax to everyone else. coming up, we are staying on top of the breaking news after the major earthquake in mexico. search teams holding out hope that people are still alive in the rubble of nearly a dozen buildings. we will take you to one of them. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi hear you and we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all.
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president trump's critics say his use of social media is not presidential. bill examines the relationship between trump and twitter and tratss it from the past to the present. >> as communication evolved the presidents we remember took existing tools and made them their own. teddy roosevelt courted cartoonists. >> it became mandatory listening and everybody would lean forward and hear what the president had to say. >> the first on tv.
10:52 am
>> not because they are easy but because they are hard. >> jfk and reagan. >> tear down this wall. >> are considered the best. >> this was delivered on dw twitter. >> president trump tweeted this. >> which brings us to number 45. >> i'll do it verbally, on television. i'll do it on twitter. >> we have gone from fdr's fire side chats to president trump's fiery tweets. bill joining us live. it is hard to have this conversation without talking about the twitter, isn't it? >> it is. it becomes such a part of our wallpaper that i wanted to sort of take a sweeping view of this. the idea that all of these tweets to be studied for centuries he has reinvented communication and it comes with a cost. of course we'll get into the pros and cons tonight.
10:53 am
a madman and criticizing republicans. is there a downside do you think for the president to rely on social media? it doesn't appear to be a downside to this point. >> this is the guy who defied political gravity since he came down the escalator. you would think it would be a tweet too far. he is convinced the machine that helped make him will be his undoing. you of course got the drums of war beating calling him a madman, rocket man and north korea. it could bring us closer than any sort of one on one diplomacy. there is also the legal jep dichlt people say twitter is different. you should take it differently than when he is on a different
10:54 am
poed yuch podium. they are saying this is the most clarified look we have when he is tweeting at 6:00 a.m. watching cable news. don't take the phone away. so that's what's so intriguing about this. minute to minute we are watching to see which one will grab the news cycle and which one could elevate or lay him low. >> okay. hard to imagine scholars studying this for decades to go. be sure to watch bill's special report trump and twitter, twitter and trump. coming up new insults between kim jong un. did the nuclear stand off just get worse? live pictures of a factory that collapsed burg the mexico earthquake. we'll be live in a few moments. standby and thanks for watching. the mercedes-benz gle
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i'm pamela brown. in the 11th hour senator john mccain says he will vote no on the new bill being considered. i want to read his full statement just in. i'm reading this. bear with me. he says as i repeatedly stressed health care reform legislation ought to be the product of regular order in the senate. committees should mark up legislation with input from all committee members and send their bill to the floor for debate at amendment. that is the only way we might achieve bipartisan consensus on lasting reform. it effects one fifth of our economy and every american family will be subject to
11:00 am
reversal with every change of administration and congressional authority. similar offered by senators gram and kasz di were at the product of extensive hearings. the reconciliation deadline has hung over this entire process. we should not be content to pass health care legislation on a party line basis. as democrats did when they ran obamacare through congress in 2009. if we do do so it could be as short lived as theirs as they regularly do. too many lives at risk for it to leave the american people guessing from what election to the next whether and how they will aware health insurance. a bill of this impact requires a bipartisan


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