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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 22, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks, pamela. is this the ball game in the effort to defeat obamacare? "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, if it was a matter of friendship with lindsey graham versus leg sisac. the latter. mccain the latest health care bill, could be the final death blow? kim jong-un firing back at trump with threat to blow up hydrogen bomb. could this missny nuclear proporti proportions? plus uber why are drivers being told cherio? good afternoon, everyone. welcome "the lead." major blow to last ditch effort
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to repeal and replace. senator mccain from arizona announcing he cannot in good conscious vote for the graham cassidy proposal. you might remember his thumbs down in july which killed the last republican attempt. earlier this morning president trump had offered some, shall we call it, encouragement on twitter writing rand paul or whoever votes against health care will for be known as the republican who saved obamacare. cnn is on capitol hill for us. and phil,republicans can afford to lose two votes in the senate and still pass graham cassidy. where does the vote count stand right now? >> reporter: at least publicly mccain is out as no and rand paul out as a no. and susan collins saying she's leaning no. she has considered susan collins
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hard no throughout this process. just to quota gop aid iemt not breakingny news when i say this isn't good talking about senator mccain coming out as no vote. i want to get deeper into what he actually said. because jake as you remember quite well in july the senator came to the senate floor after his cancer diagnosis and gave a very lengthy speech in all of all of his colleagues castigating the senate for the way things have gone. he stayed true to that. saying quote i cannot in good conscious vote for this. i believe we can do now. democrats and republicans have not tried. nor can i support it not knowing how much it will cost and how many people will be hurt by it without a cbo full score that won't be available to the end of this month, we won't have reliable answers to toes questions. jake, every time i spoke to senator mccain over the last four or five days, he said repeatedly, process, order, those were primary issues. they are still his primary issues even though senate
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republicans tried to put hearing on the schedule next week. >> so mccain was no for process reasons. we know rand paul said it doesn't do enough to repeal obamacare. you've also been reporting about this provision that allows states to apply for a waiver to get rid ofny regulation if they want including the mandate for price protections for those with pre-existing conditions. they can do that as long as what they are pro importancing is adequate and affordable. although that term is not defined. what's latest on how the content, the actual policy is being received by senate republicans? >> reporter: look you need to susan collins. she was talking specifically about the pre-existing conditions protections specifically about this issue jimmy kimmel, senator cassidy going back and forth. and her quote is i'm reading the fine print on graham cassidy the premiums would be so high
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unaffordable. and she's referring to states opting out. and without an ambiguous definition what the states would have to prove to the federal government to opt out of that protection. ile also note lisa murkowski she's the one who i think a lot of people would come 0u9 as no, even before john mccain who is still gathering information throughout this process, throughout the last couple of months she has repeatedly talked about the pre-existing conditions issue. talked about how the house bill did not meet her standards on this issue. so this is having a clear effect. and not just that, there are several policy issues, when you talk to senators and staff, they are recognizing that they are moving so fast, very compressed time table, when you start to dig in here, a lot of problems they wished would have been addressed earlier, maybe in here ings, like what senator john mccain was asking for. >> okay. on capitol hill for us thanks so much. our political panel joins me now for more. senior white house official tells us the president is not
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ready to give up on the bill. keep reaching out to congress over the weekend. but for haul intents and purposes do you think it's dead or do you think it might pass? >> i think it's likely dead for the moment. i suppose there is a chance that collins might come on board. there has been some talk by these people who worked on this version of the bill to say, look, the flexibility of the states gives states different regimen where they could bring more money in and remedies for the states, alaska is one. so that might give them some flexibility that might make this flexible to them. but i think there is a status quo by us in the health care and you saw it in the obamacare debate and seeing it now. obamacare we'll change it for the better but also nothing will change that you like. that was a lie. and you can't make that argument again successfully and they shouldn't. but there is a status quo bias where they are innocenot going
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things. >> another thing senator mccain said they should be work together. now they have been working to the. but the whole point of this, and the reason there is this deadline, the end of the month, is has to do with senate rules. but basically it's whether they can pass something with 51 votes or they need 60 votes in will they need at least 8 democrats. so mccain wants it to be bipartisan. but the whole point of doing it now is avoid it being bipartisan. >> right. the problem with the whole debate is based on things that either don't make sensor aren't true. first of all, the republicans campaigned against obamacare saying if we repeal it and cut the amount of money that our country is spending on health care, suddenly your health care will get cheaper. that doesn't work out. and this is why this plan is now failing is because it's going to raise premium prices for people.
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>> and obamacare didn't do that. >> it's slowed the price increase. >> 105% less. >> but the second problem is republicans are being driven by a strategy of just passing something. they are not being driven by a strategy of passing something good. now what senators alexander and murry are talking about is fixing a real problem is which is we need to stabilize the market. i think something will get done because both they are being realistic. and second they have an end state in mind good for people. just passing a bill for passing a bill, passing a repeal to repeal, that's not good policy and that's why it's not passing. >> and as we discussed many times, you are somebody who has not benefited from obamacare. you are on obamacare. your premiums have sky rocketed. >> the debate offer ignores the people who were hurt and pretends the status quo is fine or premiums did not go up or
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these high deductible plans are not manageable. >> they would have gone up. >> by the way, i also do not appreciate the argument that somehow there is not an end game of helping people just because you happen to disagree with the policy. i think that's part of what's broken. >> we have to take a quick break. stick around. we have lots to discuss. senators lindsey graham and cassidy will be debating. on the future of health care legislation. i'm going to moderate the debate with my cnn dana bash. all starts monday night 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up as president trump is going campaigning in a place where his popularity is still his trump card. should the white house even bother packing its tell a pr teleprompters? stay with us. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,...
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welcome back to politics lead. today president trump again labeled the investigation into putin directed russian interference in the 2016 election he won a hoax. this morning he tweeted, quote, russia hoax continues. now ads on facebook. what the dishonest media coverage in favor of krookd hillary. this comes after facebook says they would turn over thousands of ads russian troll farms allegedly purchased during the election. the impact of their meddling and whether they hadny american help, those matters remain unclear. and being investigated by the fbi, special counsel robert mueller and three congressional committees. but the idea that all of this is a hoax, that's not true. don't take my word for it. here's president trump ambassador former john huntsman earlier this week. >> there is no question underline no question, that the
1:14 pm
russian government interfered in the u.s. election last year. and moscow continues to meddle in the delaware democratic processes of our friends and allies. >> not good enough. here's our spokeswoman today. >> this entire government last been clear that russia met eld meddled in the election. that is inappropriate. no one takes issue with that. >> the president does. >> no one takes issue with that whatsoever. >> still not good enough. here are the men president trump headed. >> i am confident the russian meddled in this election. >> is there any decent within the intelligence community on the question whether the russians interfered with the american election? >> withere is no decent.
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>> no question at all. >> the list goes on and all. the secretary of state and fbi director who the president trump fired. general, secretaries, ambassadors, there is only one major figure in the entire u.s. national security apparatus who does not accept that russian election interference happened. and that happens to be the person who would have most directly benefited from it. there has never been before a president who is more candid about his opinions, even when they are contrary to facts and evidence, normally that direct line to the president is accessible to twitter. but this evening the president hits the campaign trail in alabama. poll suggests many trump supporters may be routing for the other republican in the race, judge moore. alex in some ways he seems like a more natural pick for president trump. >> reporter: absolutely, jake.
1:16 pm
in many ways judge moore is very much the outsider. routinely talks about drieng the swam. two things we have heard the president talk about on numerous occasions. the core trump supporters are much more in line with ray moore than with trump's pick luther strange. now, trump is going along very much so with the washington pick on this one. strange has been the recipient of millions of dollars in funds from a super pack that is aligned with mitch mcconnell. we have also seen president trump tweeting about the loyalty that strange has shown him. and we know that president trump is very much a fan of loyalty. for his part, strange is very keen to show that he is friends with the president. that he works with the president. that he does as much as he can to advance the president's agenda. that he is the president's man. in alabama where the president still enjoys massive support. but moore is trying to make clear his problem is not with the president's agenda but washington.
1:17 pm
here are both men in debate last night. >> we stredeveloped a close perl friendship. i've supported him. that's why he supported me. the problem is president trump is being cut off in his office. he's being redirected by people like mcconnell who do not support his agenda. >> reporter: but it is strange who got the endorsement. the polls are now very tight. so remains to be seen how much that endorsement and that rally here tonight will effect this very tight race. jake? >> all right, alex, thanks very much in alabama. a war of insults is getting nasty as rogue nation is threatening to detonate an h bomb. stick around. when a fire is going on,
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we're back to my political panel as we look ahead to talk about this. in many ways, ray moore is more trumpian, not in terms of his religious fever, but just in terms of not carrying about what is politically correct. under iffy conditions. >> strange choice. >> very nice. >> i think the question is is the trumpian force of moore more powerful than trump himself? and i think he's picked a good place to have this rally. there are plenty of votes for strange. but ray moore hits the pleasure centers that people in the trumpian vein like. so remains to be seen whether he
1:23 pm
can bring those over to a different kind of choice. >> although it has to be said i think luther strange, you can't deny it, would be a more reliable trump vote for stuff he tries to get passed. >> well, and for mitch mcconnell. i mean, a team player, so to speak. yeah, this is having to me. it has been closing in a way that's helpful for strange and momentum matters late in these specials. i'm fascinated that trump decided to show up there tonight. i thought he would be like i don't want anything to do with it. this might look bad. this might reflect on me. so i'm fascinated that he went and what he says and weighs in. >> it's going to be interesting. i can't imagine the poor john kelly of the world who is wondering about what he's going to say. >> it's a state a fair. brief speech. moving right along. >> but what if protesters in the crowd. >> also john mccain coming out
1:24 pm
against the graham cassidy health care bill today. he has been insulting mccain. and mccain has returned the favor in a different way. >> but the interesting thing if he does go off script, those folks who are pro moore, who like to see that, what does that do to the dynamic of this race? it's not luther strange but their guy up there on his behalf doing the things they like to see. >>'m told we have to go. i could talk politics with you both for the whole rest of the show. thanks so much. north korea making one of its most serious threats yet, detonating an h bomb over the pacific ocean. are president trump words fueling it or might it deter it. that next. oh, you brought butch.
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welcome back. turning to our world lead escalating crisis on northern peninsula. trump tweeting this morning, kim jong-un is a mad man will be
1:29 pm
tested like never before! . that warning in direct response to kim calling president trump mentally deranged and threatened the regime could conduct the strongest ever hydrogen bomb test in the hurricane ocean. barbara starr is with us. and the president was potentially open to dialogue with kim jong-un. >> well, the question is could north korea really launch a hydrogen bomb attempt against the u.s. and what could the u.s. do about it? north korea is already getting ready for next launch according to officials. possibly a missile that could hit the u.s. kim jong-un now threatening the highest level of hard line counter measure in history following president trump's speech at the u.n. north korea's foreign minister stuging the regime may launch potential devastation.
1:30 pm
>> translator: i think this could probably mean the strongest every ever hydrogen bomb test on or above the pacific ocean. >> reporter: this could change everything. >> what you are looking at from a radio active standpoint is it large areas of east asia, the western pacific, all the way potentially to the west coast of the united states being blanketed by radiation. >> reporter: the u.s. intelligence community will now watch for very particular signs. >> so what they could potentially see is special work being done on the missile itself. they could see certain things being moved around that would potentially indicate that a warhead of a particular variety was being put inside the missile. >> reporter: kim matching trump on the battle of words and getting personal. ile surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged u.s.
1:31 pm
dotard with fire. president trump responding kim jong-un of north korea who is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starving his people will tested like never before. all after a doomsday warning of president trump at the u.n. that if the u.s. is forced to defend itself orallies. >> we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> reporter: the head of the u.s. strategic command making the case for u.s. fire power as a deterrent to kim. >> we are right there and watchi watching all the time. and if you want to go that way we are ready so we can deter attack on north america or our allies. >> reporter: but kim jong-un is undeterred by all accounts moving ahead on weapons program. >> thanks so much. joining me now is the former director of kai and n strks sa.
1:32 pm
thanks for being here you've served. >> a couple of times. >> first of all, how big a deal would it be for north korea to de detonate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific? >> that would be off the chart. we have no environmental concerns for safety and so on. that would be so dramatic. you know, i may be a bit prejudice, you said i served in korea a couple of times. i'm used to the rhetoric coming out of north korea. but i'm discount what he said. all that said we have dueling hyperbole between yourselves and koreans. we should be embarrassed. distasteful. but, two, it could lead to places we don't want to be. so there is a reason for
1:33 pm
concern. >> what do you think the u.s. should do if north korea does conduct this test of a hydrogen bomb in the pa pacific? >> that is off the chart. such an a front to civilized life on the planet. it's been almost 35, 40 years since anyone has tested in the atmosphere, and that was done in a controlled environment within the national territory of china. so now you have this, how do they do it? do you put a notice to mariners and air man? do you create a closure zone out in the pacific or just take your chances? so i think we might see signals if that was about to happen t a. and then i think we would have to bring unbearable pressure. by the way you have president trump talking very tough. he's kind of regulated his language bit though. that over the top utter destruction has generally been about an actual northeanother a.
1:34 pm
i think our president would have broader consensus, that you are talking about can't happen. >> you said we should be embarrassed that we are going hit for at that time for this tlaung. called him rocket man and also in a speech at the united nations. and then today he called him a mad man on twitter. although i think the jury is actually kind of out on whether kim jong-un is actually a mad man as opposed to, you know, crazy like a fox. >> look, i'll vote for sane, rational, calculating, within his context. and his context is personal and regime survival. so, jake, what i think he's on is th this ark, he has to create the nuclear capacity that we find objectionable the kind that
1:35 pm
reaches the united states. and then maybe he'll be willing to talk about a changed relationship. >> what do you think -- let me tell you something. so the argument from the trump view of the world is, and i know this from reading steve bannon and reading president trump and listening to president trump, you bush and people, have been doing diplomacy trying to deal with north korea for a long time. done sanctions. we'll try it our way. do they not have an argument to make there? maybe tough talk might work? >> so they have a very good argument to make. and about a year ago, jake, i started saying within our current definition of acceptable risk, the north koreas get to that place i described. so the option is redefine acceptable risk. the trump administration has done that i don't object to that. but that has to be done with great care. i would love the american
1:36 pm
government as a whole to speak on this the way jim mattis speaks on it. i thisnk i know what his bottom line is. but you have the president and his language being imprecise and over the top that makes it hard, jake, for you and me to understand our bottom line. so what do you think kim is thinking? >> i don't know. i do want to ask you before you go about iran because the president is about to make an announcement of some sort about the iran deal. i was surprised earlier this week, an opponent of the bill, the house committee said the u.s. should stay in it. he said all those hundreds of billions of dollars has been given to iran. what we do is stay in it and enforce the deal out of it. what do you think? >> yeah, i've read about things i thought the iran deal. i have my owner personal thing about the deal.
1:37 pm
mattis pointed out the word of the united states has to mean something. so have yyou have that issue th are not changing course of action because we've had an election. there has to be some consistency. that has an impact on the north koreans. jake, only offramp because us and the north korean is ultimate negotiations. so why should we go out of the way to prove we are not as secure constant negotiating partner by ripping up this deal? now, that effects the northeast asia problem. the gulf nuclear problem is well served ripping it up. three boxes, nuclear now, nuclear in ten years, and everything the iran is doing elsewhere in the region. we have them kind of cabined nuclear now. i think we push back against all their other activity, and we begin to talk now with our friends and even some folks who aren't our friends that we can't let the provisions of the deal
1:38 pm
lapse in 10 or 12 years as it currently exists. but you leave this box here. we don't break it. now, if we push over here in these other boxes and iranians walk, that's on them. >> always great to have you on. i appreciate it. could president trump's tweets backfire? we'll answer that question twitter and trump airs tonight on 9 eastern cnn. first outlets to make it to st. croix after hurricane maria devastated. one man told us he would be rather be back in a war zone than be on that island. that's next. then uber kicked out of one of the largest cities in the word. what's that about? stay with us. when a fire is going on,
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welcome back. destruction and devastation in puerto rico internationally the u.s. territory is facing a long difficult road of recovery after hurricane maria ravaged the island. a new normal. no power and running water and could last up to six months. images coming from puerto rico shows homes, streets, highways completely flooded. and with more rain expected today that could release mud slides. now joining me now from leyla from puerto rico. they issued a dire warning to a dam in the western part of puerto rico. >> reporter: right, jake, we actually watched the helicopter, which i suspect is carrying relief aid right now fly over us. i have spoken to the governor's office and they tell me that will require them evacuated 70,000 people. because this dam on the west
1:44 pm
coast, that area, has now created a flash flooding issue. that is going to be the big priority whether it comes to emergency management. national guard is there. emergency management there. and governor indicating that the coast guard is head that way. and that is only one part of the island. many parts like where i am right now, you see this type of devastation. the roads are flooded. there is debris across major inter states making impossible to reach all parts of the island. so the governor is saying, admitting that they actually don't have fool damage assessmen assessment at this hour. and i have spoken to one woman whose name is louise, and all she's asking for is it a roof over her head, asking for a bed that is not filled with water, water, and food. she became a little emotional when i asked her what the
1:45 pm
toughest part was. i want you to listen to our exchange. >> translator: she needs a roof. that's what she's saying. and a bed that's not filled with water. >> reporter: and you know she's asking for basic things. another thing that people here are asking for is just basic communication. many people still at this hour unable to reach their loved ones, jake. >> more than 3 million americans in puerto rico. leyla sant thank you so much. and of course not just puerto rico. hurricane maria nan annihilated on st. croix. >> reporter: this is in the west of saint krou u.s. territory. obviously behind me you can see
1:46 pm
the devastation caused here. we flew in from a helicopter about an hour from puerto rico and to the east of the island looks not that awful. here it looks a lot worst. aen on the ground quite devastating. people are getting quite angry. lack of attention. some of the statements from the governor st. croix have been saying that it sounds like not too much of a problem where their lives are being devastated. one guy screaming i would spend another year at war in iraq without sticking around here. the lost dog bar around the corner, that had the back torn off. the owners not sure when they are going to be able to serve next. a bees ness.
1:47 pm
relief effort starting under way. fema brought food to a school, but ran out very fast, five or six hundred people formed a cue to get it, then it ran out. discontent growing there as well. it may soon be alleviated because we saw an enormous c 17 cargo plane landing on the air fields here. but a u.s. territory without power potentially for months it's life totally transformed with hurricane maria. also battered by irma too. and a sense of anger growing that they need more help than they feel is coming their way. >> all right. thank you on st. croix in the u.s. virgin islands. thanks so much. he became one of the faces of the boston bombing. now he's on the big screen. next i'll talk to them about playing him in the film. stay with us up next. the way. with an estate plan
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yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes. today. uber is losing license. in london england. the city announced they will not renew it saying uber is not fit and proper in the populous city. blaming uber approach to promoting crimes and prevent law enforcement from monitoring the app. saying, quote, must not be at the expense of customer safety and security. uber has said it will challenge the decision. license expires in a week. but the company can continue to operate while it appeals. our pop culture lead now in the aftermath of the 2013 boston marathon terrorist attack. subject of this iconic photo,
1:53 pm
jeff bowman where he lost both his eyes. thrust him in the spotlight of symbol of boston strung. recovery is the subject of a new movie out today called stronger based on bowman memoir of the same name. >> okay. chest hup. chest up. chest up. good. good. okay. >> okay. >> stronger is a moving and nuance depiction of what remains a struggle for jeff bowman. as i discussed earlier with him and actor jake who plays him in the film. >> one of the great strengths of the film is you hear it through your ears, the term, people
1:54 pm
yelling boston strong. and sometimes it rings a little empty. sometimes it feels a little meaningless. ultimately it comes to mean something for you. but that might surprise some people. >> at first, you know, just dealing with my personal injury and trying to focus on who i was going to be and what my new life was going to entail as moving forward. so i was really focused 0en that coming right out of the hospital. and even in the hospital. but the boston strong stuff started to rest nate when i started to read all the stuff people was sending me and i could feel the connection through all the positivity that was being sent my way. it was magical. and it did force me to get up and get moving. >> jake, it's quite a transformation, it you really become, jeff, not just in posture and acticent and all th but inhibit his pain.
1:55 pm
how did you do it? >> time, you know, time with jeff, trying to understand, you know, best i could, his circumstances at that time and how difficult it was. i think from the outset, you know, we were -- i knew that i would never get close to the understanding the pain that he had gone through, but i knew that i would try to put as much as i could put into to understand. and i spent time watching him, talking go to him, talking to other people who were suffering from injuries like his, amputees, working with the doctors and nurses that helped him recover. >> many of whom play themselves in the film? >> yes, we have pt and odessa the rot riler the nurse, and martineau brothers who designed the stuff. and we spent a lot of time with them beforehand. >> it's a hollywood movie but
1:56 pm
it's warts and all. i don't mean it like in the negative sense. >> right. so it's real. and people are flawed. how is your family dealing? you are excited about the portrayal. but how is your family dealing? >> not too excited. but they understand it's a tiny piece of their personality and those characters. so they are really just supportive of me. and my mom is really -- she likes jake a lot. so she is like he did a great job. >> you are all right. >> but she was upset her apartment was so dirty in the movie and clutterry. >> yeah. she was really upset about that. >> yeah, she's ocd really neat. >> so that part is not true for the record. >> for the record, patty's equipment is always clean. >> that's fake news. >> so i do want to ask because the film doesn't sugar coat anything. and as people in the media
1:57 pm
covering jeff and as viewers watching jeff, you know, we see the horrible pictures and read about them in the paper? a year later he pops up on the lead promoting his book standing on his legs. and people are like, oh, good story is over. but the film makes clear this is a struggle. this is difficult. it's painful. it's always going to be painful. >> we've always said about this movie, this movie is about a guy who learns how to take a few steps and enormous journey where he has to go to get there. and it is full of pain. but you know it's also full of laughter. and thing that made me fall in love with this character, and the sense of humor. >> that really comes across. >> yeah. and i this i thnk that is what tried to get as well. you can't shy away from the pain. i think life is full of both. and if you cut corners one place, you are going to have to cut corners the other and i
1:58 pm
think audience can feel that. >> i think so. what do you want people to take away from the movie? >> maybe inspiration. i don't want to be the center of attention in this movie. i want people to relate to my family and just getting through something, getting through loss, in general. and everybody deals with loss. in the movie, ideal with the loss of my legs and adjusting and trying to become a new person essentially. and i want people to relate to that. and look at the movie where is this going to go. then you get the leafty with the laughter and see people lift me up? you can see me now i have a 3-year-old daughter and everything is great. but it was hard. so i think people would definitely relate to everything in the movie, not just the tragedy and what happened to me. >> you said on facebook post the
1:59 pm
other day doesn't have to make headlines to be hard. and i think that's what this movie says. doesn't necessarily have to be the situation he finds himself in. but the stories have come just by proxy by being around them from history, everyone is struggling. and i think jeff shows us if he can do it, then we can do it, you know. >> and what is next for you? are you going to be doing some big hollywood block buster? are you going to do a super hero movie? >> no, i think i've already played one. so i'm good. >> all right. jeff and jake. thank you so much. >> thanks. our thanks to them. be sure to stay tuned for the state of the union and susan collins currently leaning no but hasn't made a decision. if she becomes a definite no then the bill will die. plus press secretary steve mnuchin to talk about sanctions. and starts 9:00 a.m. and noon
2:00 pm
eastern on sunday. that is it for "the lead" on this beautiful friday. i'm jake tapper i now turn you over to jim acosta he's in for wolf blitzer but he's still in the "the situation room." thanks for watching. i'll see you sunday. happening now breaking news two thumbs down after dooming the last republican health care bill, senator mccain reveals that he's ready to vote no again as the gnaw es gop attempt to repeal obamacare about to go down in flames. gangster versus mad man. president trump hurls a new insult on north korea leader battle with kim jong-un rare statement questioning mr. trump's authority and sanity. nuclear threat as tensions sword that it may test one of the powerful bombs on the planet. is it bluster or deadly serious warning? and call ks


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