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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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contain the word "fake" as in fake news which he used today talking tab facebook and russia story, and he said crooked hillary again, and he uses it as a weapon and shield to diminish those coming after him. >> you pointed it out that it is safe to say that book is one of the important ones of our time. thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> and don't miss twitter and trump tonight at 9:00. a anderson is next. the latest republican attempt to replace obamacare develops a pre-existing condition, and serious case of john mccain. john berman here in for anderson cooper. and lindsey graham and trump's best friend in washington had come after an attack by jimmy kimmel, and he has been at it all week, and also, the american medical association, and the aarp to name a few, and senator
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lisa murkowski is leaning no, and so the announcement of senator mccain means that he cannot support the bill, and leaving it one no vote away from defeat and so perhaps politically influential. no reaction from the white house on the mccain bombshell, but he is about to speak at this rally in alabama, and he has never been one to hold back on the rally, and so we will keep a close eye on this when he taks s the stage. so as we watch, that i want to bring in cnn's phil mattinglyt at the capital. what more are you learning absenator mccain's decision today? john, interestingly enough all you had the do is to lis own what the senator was saying, and where the senator could go and the great friends with lindsey graham, and the idea to repeal obamacare, but every time i have spoken to senator mccain, he has never wavered in the opinion
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that it was a wrong process, and just go back to july, and the senate floor speech just after he had been diagnosed with cancer, and he decried the direction that the senate had gone and the lack of bipartisanship, and he said i cannot in good consciousness vote for the graham/cassidy proposal and we do better working together as democrats and republicans and nor could i support it without knowing how much it costs and how it is fwo going to affect the insurance premiums, and how many people will be hurt by it, and everything that he had been telegraphing over to the course of the last couple of years. i am told that there was not much wavering despite what we have been hearing, and i have been told by senator graham that he would do this, but this is what he would do and on his own and setting thetone and stage f others have campaign ed on and
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made clear that it is the top policy priority throughout the first year of president trump's time in office. >> and rand paul says a no, but what about the other two votes, murkowski and collins? any better thinking of what they are going to do tonight? >> well, this is important, because they still don't have the third solid no yet, but however, leadership has told me that susan collins would be in the no column and told the "portland herald" that she is leaning no and went on the attack several pieces of the bill, but the big question is when she would announce that and becoming the third solid no to effectively kill this bill, and she is on a sunday show this week, and some speculation that is where it is going to be, but she wants to wait for the cbo score, and however curtailed and that is expected next week. lisa murkowski wanted to study the proposals and what it meant
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for the state, and the decision from her is not expected soon or even over the weekend and the third no is the death knell for this bill. >> and so in terms of the vote, phil, any suggestion that mitch mcconnell would bring it to the floor without the numbers? >> look, we have been covering this for too long the put a stake in its heart, because it has rizen from the dead too many times. bau calculation here, and this is a recognition that it came from nowhere, and put a lot of effort in at the deadline and they feel good that they have given it a shot, but the idea of putting the bill on the floor, and the senate floor and having another spectacular failure for everybody to watch, wait and see, and not only that, but put the members who have yet to come out in support of the bill to hold the fire and not do are have is to walg in on something attacked pretty much across the country at the moment, and there is no real sense to have them put through that, and that said, se a possibili it is still a possibility, and so when does the third no come,
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if it does. >> and thank you, phil. and the president is supporting one candidate and his hud secretary ben carson is supporting somebody else, and this is frankly odd, and not something that you will see in any administration. caitlyn collins is traveling with the president, and joining u live from huntsville, and back to the health care issue, and anybody said anything about senator mccain's announcement yet? >> well, there have been no official statements yet, john, but we have seen the white house say they will continue that effort, and they are not ready to give up yet, but they say it is no doubt that what mccain said today undeniably hurts the administration's effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. it is surely going to be brought up tonight, and the president is taking the stage here in alabama, and he does not forget when somebody scorns him, and we will go to the president right now, john, and see what he has
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to say. ♪ singing the songs about the south ♪ ♪ and i'll play it again ♪ ♪ well i heard mr. young sing about it ♪ ♪ well i heard old neil put her down ♪ ♪ well, i hope that neil young will remember ♪ ♪ a south man don't need him around anyhow ♪ ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ where the skies are so blue ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ lord i'm coming home to you
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>> thank you. thank you very much. wow. thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody. i love this place. and you know we set every record in alabama. i love alabama. it is special. thank you very much. [ crowd chanting "usa" ] >> well, i am. i am thrill ed to be here with the really great person that i have gotten to know luther strange, and with the hard working patriotic citizens of this great state, and you is some football games tomorrow, but we are going the have a lot of fun, and then you will win at football tomorrow. i love this state, and i love the people of this state.
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they have been so good to me. and we are producing. we are really producing. thank you. thank you. and on tuesday, we are going to send a real fighter and a real good guy from alabama to the united states senate on a permanent basis. and we have another great nern the a -- person in the audience tonight. mr. richard shelby. where is richard? where is richard? thank you, richard. stand up so they can see you, richard. fantastic. thank you, richard. respected manx and i will tell you that he is respected and loved in the senate, and he has only been there for something like 34 years or something like that, right? but he loves the people of
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alabama, too. and like all of you, luther strange knows the true source of america's strength. it is god, it is family and it is country. and luther is going to be taking over for a man that you all love -- what's his name, huh? senator jeff sessions. and you loved jeff sessions. he is doing a good job. he is doing a good job. we have him very busy watching the borders and lot of things are happening, but luther is taking over for jeff hopefully, and you are going to be so impressed with what we are going to do in washington. but before we begin, i want to send our thoughts and prayers to the people of texas and
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louisiana and georgia and florida and puerto rico and the rir gin eislands and all o-- an the virgin islands and all of the places that have been ravaged by floods. the other day i spoke to your governor and i said how are you doing? and she said, well, we have 17 million people who just entered alabama for shelter, and you took such great care of those people. you really did. i said, governor, you are the fastest growing state of anywhere in the world this week, and you really did, you did a great job, and your governor is doing a great job, too, by the way. when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. we grieve offaver all that has n lost, but driven by the strength and the resilience of the people, and together, we will
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recover and rebuild and return bigger, better, stronger than ever before and it is going to happen, and happen quickly, quickly. better. we also send our prayers to the people of mexico. they got hit hard by a devastating earthquake. taken a lot of lives and lot more than they even thought. i have spoken with the president of mexico and we have pledged our full support, and we are crews in there lifting up the heavy concrete, and it is a rough sight. a rough sight. we have a lot of people that we sent down with a lot of big equipment, but it is a tough go. it is a really tough thing to look at and to see and to see the sadness, but that is bad. i have just come from a very productive weekt at the united
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nations general assembly. ooh. [ crowd chanting "usa" ] >> and we have been working with the friends and allies to ensure a future of prosperity and peace, and we have some really good people that we know and tremendous relationships and some really, really bad people, and we are going to be taking care of the bad people. and it is about time. we are going to be taking care of the bad people. it is one of the greatest honors of my life to represent the american people on that world stage, and i will tell you the
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world is starting to respect the united states of america again. as i said during my address to the united nations, i will always defend america's interests above all else. i am here for you, and i'm not here for global interests, and we are not here for the rest of the globe, and we want to treat the rest of the globe right, and you know, when i say "america first" and everybody say, gee, i never liked it from the standpoint that you want your country first from the leader, but for years they have said america first, but aim ti am th who really means it. there is a big difference. and i said, look, it is going to be america first, and we are going to renegotiate the trade deals and bring people back, and
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the companies back, and you can see it in alabama. you can see it in alabama. but i am not going to worry so much about other countries. i want to treat them with respect, and treat them good, and i want their people to fight for them, and just like i am going to fight, but we are going to be like the football teams. we are going to win all of time. believe me. i believe the best path to a more peaceful world are proud, independent and sovereign nations that serve and respk their own people. when you are looking at what is going on in the world, there are so many who don't respect their people, but we want nations that
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cooperate together to create better for all people. that is what we are all about, and we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place. and by the way, rocketman should have been handled a long time ago. he should have been handled a long time ago by clinton -- i won't mention the republicans, right, but by obama, and this is a different, and this is a different time. this should have been handled eight years ago and four years ago, and honestly, and 15 years ago and 20er year eyears ago an
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years ago and this should not be handled now sh, but i am going handle it, because we have to handle it. little rocketman, and we are going to do it because we really have no choice. we really have no choice. now, he is talking about a massive weapon exploding over to the ocean. pacific ocean. which causes tremendous, tremendous calamity where that plume goes, so goes cancer and so goes tremendous problems, and i want to tell you something, and i am sure that he is listening, because he watches every word, and i will guarantee you one thing that he is watching us like he never watched anybody before, and that i can tell you. they can tell you. -- that i can tell you.
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and maybe something gets worked out, and maybe it doesn't, and personally, i am not sure that it will. other people like to say, oh, we want peace, and they have been saying now for 25 years, oh, we want peace, we want peace, and h then he just keeps going, and going, and going, and maybe something works out and maybe it doesn't, but i will tell you one thing that you are protected. okay. you are protected, and nobody is going to mes wis with our peopl and nobody is going to play games and nobody is going to be putting our people in that kind of danger. nobody. and japan and south korea are right up there with us, and by t the way, many other countries, and many, many other countries, and they are right up there with us, and i have to tell you that i made a friend in china,
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president xi, and yesterday, he basically took the banking industry away from north korea. never been done before. never been done. that is based on relationship. and relationship is very good, but we are dealing with somebody that we will figure out. he may be smart, and he may be strategic, and he may be totally crazy, but you know what, no matter what he is, we are going to handle it, folks. believe me, we are going to handle it. the foundation for progress begins at home with the government that protects and defends our citizens. that is what we have to do. that is why i'm here tonight to ask the good people of alabama to send luther strange to the united states senate so he can defend your interest, fight for
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your values and always put america first. go out and get out the vote. and i will just tell you this quick crazy story and why do i like luther and so some of my friends called and said, can you go with the other candidate and i said, yes, they feel, and of course they may not have a job on monday, right, richard? [ laughter ] and so this is a speech to pr-- and so this is a speech to prop up luther strange, and to defeat roy moore who has the support of sarah palin, and steve bannon and breitbart, and we will lis nen a littten in a >> and you know, they like to say, president trump is sitting
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in the oval office and not doing anything. and i am on the phone in the office for weeks yelling at people. and they gave me a list of ten republican senators, and now, john mccain's list -- john mccain was not on the list, so that sis a totally unexpected thing. terrib terrible. honestly, terrible, and repeal and replace, and if you are looking at the last campaign, i was about repeal and replace. repeal and replace, and so he decided to do something different, and that is fine, and i say, we still have a chance to -- oh, we will do it eventually, and with luther and even, we are going to do this, but i have to tell you this story, because we are here tonight for luther, strange and i am here sort of for luther, and i am here because it is a friday night, and really do love the people of alabama, because
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you have treated me so nice. and in fact, i said, e don't want to speak negatively, but i said though that if i lose this election, maybe i will end up moving to alabama or kentucky or some states, i mean, nice to the go where people love you and where you love them, because it is special. and so here is what happened. here is what happened, but we never want to lose, right? despite that, we don't want to lose, because we have a great agenda, and by the way, we are doing a lot of work, and getting a lot of things done, and they hate to admit it, and including a supreme court justice judge gorsuch who is going to save something by the way called your second amendment. and remember that? if crooked hillary had been elected you would not be having a second amendment and you would be handing in the the rifles and here, here they are.
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and you would be like -- you would be turning over your rifles. [ inaudible ] >> you have got to speak to jeff sessions about that. so, here's what happened with luther. so luther and get this list of ten names of people who are absolute total nos, and they were good people, and in all fairness rand paul was on that list and they said don't waste your time calling him, and he voted twice yes, and very good, and i have not given up on him, because i believe he may come
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around, okay. wouldn't it be ironic if he took john mccain's place, and they defini definitely do not like each other, and wouldn't that be eye ron ic, and very ironic for those of you who know the inner workings of the senate. and so luther, and i have a list and one of the names is luther strange and i know that he is the senator from alabama and i don't know him, but i met him once and i said, that is the tallest human being i have ever seen. i am tall and i never saw anything like that, and he should be on the new york knicks, because that i could use him, and that is why i call him big luther, and everybody is now calling him big luther, and so i have to tell you that i call up to different people, and well, mr. president, could ju dinner with my wife, my kids, my cousins and uncles and i would like to talk to you about it. so they come over with the family, and pictures all night, everything. okay. so i will get a vote or i won't,
5:24 pm
but brutal, brutal. and you know what that is, folks? it is called brutality, and soy call another one, and i say, senator, we need the vote, and i know that you are opposed to it, but i think that i can get there, but you have to do me afare and you have to see my brother and his wife and they love you and they want to have dinner with you, and they want to have breakfast with you and lunch. and then after you finish with them, how about we'll go out for a picnic someplace out there on the white house lawn and after that, then maybe we will start to talk about it. and oh, my -- it was brutal. you have no idea. and now i call luther strange, and oh, i have to call this guy, and he is a no, right. and i say, senator, i need your help. i said, i got to get your vote on health care, and he says, you got it.
5:25 pm
i said, what do you mean i have it? because i have been hammered by all of these people, right? what do you mean i have it. he said, sir, i was with you from the beginning, and i knew that you were going to the win, and you would win the whole thing and i have been for you and the my family has been for you, and honestly, mr. president, if you want my vote you have it. and i said, do i have to meet you someplace, and meet the family and i think that his wife is fantastic, but i said, do i have to have dinner with no, sir, nothing, because i have supported you from the beginning, and don't waste your time talking anymore to me, because you have my support. and i went home and told my wife, that is the coolest thing that ever happened to me in six months. true story.
5:26 pm
and then, time goes by. and he voted, and then of course, you know, john mccain went in and he went thumb's down at 3:00 in the morning. everybody, and oh, i know so much, folks, i could tell you. it was sad. and so we had a couple of other senators, but at least we knew where we stood, and that is like a horrible thing, and honestly, it was a horrible, horrible thing that happened to the republican party, and horrible thing. so anyway, so time goes by. and i see luther's in a race. and people are saying that he is friendly whether you like mitch mcconnell or not doesn't matter, but they are saying that he is friendly with mitch, and he doesn't know mitch. he was there for a few months and they put the mantle around his neck. i told mitch i would like to say this, because he doesn't know mitch mcconnell at all, and
5:27 pm
luther is a tough, tough cookie, and he doesn't deal with and kowtow to anybody. so, they put it around, and now, all of the sudden, i see that he is down in the race by a lot. i said, man, that is really unfair, they were giving him a bum rap, because he happened to be in the senate, they were giving him a bum rap. and i remember the call, and by the way, the other people that i called, and they are all fine, but you don't remember. the dinners and that this and that, and you don't remember it, but one sentence, sir, don't waste your time talking anymore and you have a lot of business to do, and you have my vote. and that is the coolest thing, because i remembered it and i called him and i checked and he was down because of being saddled with stuff, he was down by quite a bit. and i said, i'm going to endorse you, and he didn't believe it. he said, you would do that? i said, yeah, i'm going to do that because i don't want want to do that because the last
5:28 pm
thing that i want to do is to be involved in a primary and i could be sitting home right now getting to watch some of the games tomorrow, and getting ready, right? but, seriously, the last thing they wanted to do was to get involved in a primary, but i will never forget how he did that, and so i call him and i said, on the call first of all, how are you doing? and he said, honestly, i'm down a little bit, and i said, that i think that you are going to come back, luther, and you are going to come back, and kick everyone's ass and you are going to do great, because he got saddled with things that he should not have gotten saddled with. and so he started off here, and he was in third or fourth, and he went to third, and second, and now, it is like almost pretty even, right? and i called him up a week ago, and i said, you know, i think
5:29 pm
that you are down by a few points, and i'm going to come to alabama and i'm going to make a speech for you on friday night. and such a true story. and as soon as we announced and you are looking at arena, and you know the media, the fake news i call it the -- fake news. they won't show this. you know, they will say, donald trump spoke before a small crowd in alabama last night. it was a small crowd. very unenthusiastic crowd, and it was a terrible evening, and these are the most, an among the most dishonest people, and i mean it, among the most dishonest people, and for instance -- look at the crowd, and i'd love to have them show the crowd, but they don't show
5:30 pm
the crowd, they sew ey show me, the way, melania, and by the way, she has become very popular. there. i mean, she respects the white house, and we love the white house. they actually said about me that i called the white house a dump. i think that the white house is one of the most buildings that i have ever seen and i speak of it with reverence and they said that and they would not retract it and e hated it, because i speak so well that i love the white house, but my wife respects the white house greatly and so when she leaves the plane and we are going to texas -- >>. so there you have et, he said that you would not see the crowd that we would not show, and the president made some news that he said that he was surprised frankly that john mccain came out as a no vote on the graham/cassidy bill, and he
5:31 pm
called kim jong-un the little rocket man. and now joining us is ryan lizza and to you, the substance on what the president is saying, but a he is down there to endorse luther strange in the runoff and he talked about the health care status right now, and he said that he was surprised that john mccain came out as a no vote today as phil m mattinglys has been telling us that he has been telling us for days that he was a no vote. >> and i said that with the call list of the ten senators that he was describing, and first of all, the hilarious of the president lobbying the senators and asking trump for all of the favors and a picnic on the white house lawn, and so he was riffing in a humous way about ii -- humorous way, and i was unclear about the original votes in the the summer or the current
5:32 pm
graham/cassidy bill. it was not quite clear, and in either case, he had a list of the ten republican senators who he was told to lobby, and it is sort of an indictment of his political staff that john mccain was not on that list. they obviously did not do the work to understand that mccain was wavering whether it is on the first bill or the more recent one that that mccain came out against today, but certainly, at lot of frustration in his voice with john mccain, and trump being trump, i felt that he was a little bit more restrained than he usually is. >> yes. >> and he is harsher to people who kros him. >> and he was constrainted calling the mccain's vote horrible, horrible, and terrible thing for the republican party. we have a little bit of the sound. let's play that right now. >> president trump sat in the oval office didn't do -- i am on
5:33 pm
the phone screaming at people for weeks. and they gave me a list of ten people that were absolute nos, and these are ten republican senator, and john mccain's list -- john mccain was not on the list, and so that is a totally unexpected thing. terrible. honestly, terrible. and repeal and replace, because john mccain if you are looking at his campaign, the last campaign, it was all about repeal and replace, repeal and replace. so, he decided to do something different, and that is fine. and i say we still have a chance to -- oh, we are going to do it eventually. and he also said that john mccain did a horrible thing no the republican party, and jack kingston, he says that he still may be able to change rand paul's vote who is right now a no on this, and he believes he
5:34 pm
might get senator paul to yes, and is that possible or at this point, this thing is essentially dead? >> i think that it is possible. i would not give up on it yet. i think that rand paul realizes if this thing goes down, his legacy and the guy who may be a future presidential candidate again, but his legacy could be the republican who killed the repeal and replace opportunity, and so, i mean, this would be a horrible 30-second sound bite for any republican, and i have to say that the president is right. what mr. mccain did to the republican party today is a guy who was the standard bearer in '08 and somebody i worked for and all of us have worked for at one time or another, and he let us down, and let us down as a party, and his philosophy that he ran on in 2016 was repeal and replace, and his ads were all over the state of arizona about repeal and replace, so i think that it was a surprise and i do agree with chris that the president blended the lobbying if you will, because you don't
5:35 pm
really know the time sequence on that, but i will say that somebody who was a member of the whip team in the house, and it is not unusual for the members to say, i want to get my brother-in-law for the oval office for a photo-op for a vote, and he was absolutely telling the truth. >> and people that he was imitating were people from the south, because this is the accent that he used the describe the phone calls that he had. and now, i want the ask you, with the colleagues who were involved in the obama campaign in 2010 and 012 have sent out praises for john mccain about the action today and not the types of things they were saying in 2008 when he was the republican nominee, and frankly, not the types of things that they would have said when he was opposing obamacare when it was up for a vote or in 2016 when he ran against obamacare. >> and what we have seen of john mccain is really going back to the root of who he was in 2000
5:36 pm
and when he was thought of as the maverick and had a fair amount of support for the democrats and interesting candidate for president, and now, with the state of the world that we are in as donald trump as president, it has caused many democrats and including many obama team members to look back and say, wow, john mccain was not that bad and neither is mitt romney and we would take either of those guys over the current president. >> and ryan lizza, some people were surprised that john mccain would vote against or announce that he would vote gaiagainst a bill put out his his best friend in washington and his best friend in the world senator lindsey graham from south carolina. were you surprised? john mccain made it clear how he felt about that, and if i was surprised i was surprised that lindsey graham did not take this into account for the last few weeks. >> yes, two big factors that are surprising, and one, the close personal relationship that they have, and i mean, you can make a buddy movie about the relati
5:37 pm
relationship of the two guys. and the other thing is that the governor of arizona who was advising mccain on this was for graham/cassidy and that could have given him cover if he want wanted to come out for the bill, but on the other hand after the diagnosis for brain surgery and the first reappearance in the senate, he gave an impassioned speech about process, and he said that the bottom line for him was that the health care bill had to go through a bipartisan what they call in the senate regular order and the argument was that if you don't do that, then when the democrats are in power, they will flip the health care system back to something like obamacare and single payer, and unless you have a large bipartisan majority coming together instituting a system, it is going to be flipped back and forth and anyway, that is his process, and the process of graham/cassidy, anybody can defend it, the process. maybe you can defend the bill, but the process was frankly
5:38 pm
atrocious. and they are trying to do it by september 30th which this artificial deadline instituted by the senate parliamentarian and it has not gone through the regular order and there would not be a congressional budget office score which is routine to affect this chunk of the economy and so it would have been hard for mccain to come out to say, well, i love lyndsey graham, and so i am going the back the bill, and the process be damned. >> and so now, congressman? >> i would just say that when anybody is arguing the process in the u.s. senate, it is a cop-out, and he wanted to vote no, and he found that as a convenient excuse. it is not a new bill. >> and maybe the dislike for donald trump overcame his love for lindsey graham. >> and we will end it there, and we are keeping an eye on the president, president trump, and in a moment, we will go to
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the president speaking
5:42 pm
tonight at huntsville, alabama, and slamming john mccain's health care decision, but reserving a special moment for kim jong-un, and amping up the name calling. >> i want the tell you something and i am shure that he is listening, because he watches every word, and i will guarantee you one thing that he is watching us like he has never watched anybody before. they can tell you. they can tell you. and maybe something gets worked out, and maybe it doesn't. personally, i am not sure that it will. other people like to say, oh, we want peace. and you know, they have is been saying for 25 years, we want peace. we want peace, and he just keeps going, going, going. well, maybe something gets worked out, a maynd maybe it doesn't. but i will tell you one thing, you are protected. nobody is going to mess with our people, and nobody is going to
5:43 pm
play games, and nobody is going to put our people in that kind of danger. nobody. >> he called kim jong-un little rocket man and he wrote earlier that kim jong-un of north korea who is a mad man and does not mind starving and killing his own people will be tested like never before, and he has kacall president trump a fright evened and tired dog, and frankly a lunatic. and he says that he may test a hydrogen bomb despite the comments at the u.n. and so earlier we had a chance to speak with fareed zakaria from zakaria gps. would this be likely? well, we have been through this
5:44 pm
before, and we have seen the development that china went through when it went nuclear. the united states. has always been very sober, and very restrained, and we have always let them be the crazy is guys, and we would be the grown-ups and restrain and sober, but in this case, it does feel as though trump personally can't stand the idea that kim jong-un gets the last word. he seems that he needs to counter punch, and remember a couplef times i think that it is kellyanne conway who said that he is always going the counter punch and what applies in domestic policy also applies in foreign policy, because if he punches, it is a need for them to counter punch, and it is not a good idea, because it is causing a needless escalation. in the case of the united states, our words are watched very carefully for a kind of credibility, and nobody thinks that kim juong-un is credible, but the president of the united
5:45 pm
states is meant to say things that have a kred bt behind them, and that we backup, and the fire and the fury and all of this stuff, and we are not going to destroy north korea, and so we should stop pretending that we are. >> and you hear from trump's supporters that nothing else worked. clinton's diplomacy did not work, and george bush's policies did not work, and neither did obama's, and so maybe different talk. >> and yes, you would say, we can be reckless and gamble, because other things have not worked, but you could still end up in a bad situation, and when a country feels existentially threatened and that it want to buy insurance, and that insurance in the world of international affairs is nuclear weapons, its is very hard to stop it. india went nuclear, and pakistan went nuclear, and they all suffered sanction, and china went nuclear and these things are not as easy to stop, because the nation feels that it is
5:46 pm
doing as the only way to guarantee survival. imagine that you north korea, and isolated in the world and you used to have the soviet union as your great benefactor, gone. and china does not support it much anymore, and the united states has been saying that we want to destroy the regime, and guess what, i would be nervous. >> and the president says that kim jong-un is going be tested like he has never been tested before, and how do you interpret that before? more sanctions or something else? >> the sensible smart policy that the trump edadministrations in large part following would be in terms of the actions to tightten sanctions, and people think that north korea is the most sanctioned country in the world, but it is not. the sanctions put on iran in the obama administration is much more significant and tighten the sanction, and get the chinese to put some pressure on them, and there is no real love there, but
5:47 pm
they are trying to create stability, and put together an international group there, but you also have to put out a carrot out there, and if you come to the table, this is what is maybe possible, and that is the intelligence strategy. if by tested he moons that we will try some limited military strike, it strikes me as very, very dangerous. you know, in all of these thing, could it work so? yes, but there is the chance that you are putting the lives of 20 million south koreans who live in artillery range in grave danger. >> thank you, fareed zakaria. we know that the president has special memes when he criticizes people, and so we will examine the twitter and trump tonight at 9:00 eastern here on c nshgs nshnn. meantime, breaking news on the federal investigation into the
5:48 pm
treasury secretary steve mansion's travemansionuchi mnuchin's travel, and that trip cost the taxpayer $25,000, and the secretary is not the only cabinet secretary under review for his travel. tom price has been taking 24 flights on private flights since early may. r randi kaye has more. >> this is another example of a fiscal irresponsibility run amok in congress right now. >> reporter: that was 2009. republican congressman tom price of georgia railing against spending hundreds of mill yons of dollars of private jets to ferry members of congress. >> and now we have four jets to zero jets. >> reporter: but that is then. in 2017, with price now health
5:49 pm
and human services secretary, it seems that he is fully on board with what he was once strongly against. private jets? yes, please. we are not talking about one flight on board a private plane, but perhaps as many as 24 private jet flights since may. that is a hefty price tag for the taxpayers and as much as 300,000, as reported by politico. five of those private flights appear to have taken place just last week. to and from massachusetts, new hampshire and philadelphia, all commercially serviced routes. the treatment center where price spoke outside of philadelphia is a mere 125 miles or 2 1/2-hour drive depending on traffic from the hhs head quarters in downtown washington, d.c. and the same trip by car would have cost an estimated $18 in gasoline each way for an suv and about $18 in tolls.
5:50 pm
instead, price's trip on board the private plane could have cost you, the taxpayer, as much as $25,000. and the comparisons hardly end there. our flight search showed that there was a commercial flight departing minutes earlier than price's pricey jet bound for philadelphia for a fraction of the price. that commercial flight would have cost between 500 and $700 and of course, there was also the option of amtrak, a train from washington to philadelphia even in first class would have cost the health and human services inspector general is conducting a review of secretary price's potentially inappropriate travel. in a statement the ig's office says the review focuses on kwl price's travel complied with federal travel regulations. >> meanwhile an hhs spokes woman tried to justify his jet setting
5:51 pm
ways saying the president has made it clear his administration will move power out of washington and return it to the american people. secretary price will continue meeting with the american people outside of the belt way to hear their concerns and ensure hhs makes decisions that best provide for their needs. in response the top democrat on the house energy and commerce panel reminded tom price in a statement that taxpayer funds are not meant to be used as a jet setting flush fund. >> randi, before your piece we mentioned the breaking news about the steve mnuchin trip. not even the first time that mnuchin, the treasury secretary has had his trips come under question. >> absolutely. he's come under fire recently for this government trip on board a government plane that he took to kentucky where he happened to get this great view of the solar eclipse from fort knox. his office has said that was strictly government business. also secured a government plain for steve mnuchin's honeymoon, his european honeymoon last
5:52 pm
summer. they said it was so he would have more secure communications available to him of the request for that plane was later withdrawn. he has come out and said the government has not paid for a penny of my travel. tom price has yet to personally come out and say the same. >> all right. flying in style. thanks so much. coming up, a story of survival in mexico with the incredible pictures from survivors trapped inside a collapsed building after 17 hours they are rescued. next. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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5:55 pm
an already devastating situation in puerto rico is getting worse in the island. the cam holding back a reservoir is failing. 70,000 people have been sold to evacuate immediately and that's on top of the fact that most puerto riconess are without utilities, running water or access to medical care. then there's mexico. officials say the top priority is finding anyone who still may be trapped in the quake are you able. in mexico and has an incredible survivor story with the pictures to match. >> reporter: at 1:14 tuesday
5:56 pm
afternoon he was replacing broken locks in a county office on the fourth floor of this building. when the world around him started to rumble. >> when the earthquake struck what did you hear? he said the building moved back and forth two or three times. i started jumping up and down like a horse. >> when the shaking stopped, he found himself trapped with three women he had never met before who worked in the office he was visiting. >> could you move? he said he could only move like a worm. he said they started getting very nervous because they were running out of air. he thought they were going to suffocate. >> what came next would test every shred of perseverance they could muster. they would no time to react and could hear the floors above
5:57 pm
crashing down. what was it like when the earthquake struck? it all happened to fast, she says. we didn't have time to get out. in five or six seconds the building collapsed. she says she reached for her phone and started sending these text messages to her husband. love. the roof has fallen. we're trapped. i love you. i love you so much. we're on the fourth floor near the emergency exit. there are four of us. and then you can see a series of phone calls that wouldn't connect. that was enough to alert rescue workers that there were indeed people still alive inside this building, but the rescuers couldn't hear them. she says the sounds were horrible. she recorded this incredible video of the space where she was trapped, massive sheets of concrete around them. they used cell phone lights to see the dust billowing around them. there was no escape, no way out. march teen and dina and the two
5:58 pm
others talked to each other, soothing each other's fears, waiting for rescue workers to reach them. his leg was broken of the he sat there in excruciating pain. what was going through your mind? i was talking to god and hoping that the rescuers -- as we talk he opens his phone and shares with us a picture he took of himself while he was trapped. he hadn't seen it. the emotions overwhelming. i imagine that you believe there was no way you were getting out? yes, i did. i always believed i was going to get out alive, he says. finally, after 17 hours, rescue workers pulled all four of them out alive. all these scratches came when he was pulled out.
5:59 pm
they are now recovering in the same hospital on the same floor and haven't been able to see each other since they were rescued. they were brought together in an unexpected moment of horror and survived. and i teach him a phrase in english that he and his friends can share. we made it. we made it. we made it. we made it. >> he joins us now from mexico city. i have never seen pictures like that. did you the people you spoke with, did they say how they survived? >> reporter: you know, they've been asking themselves that question. that's the building you see behind me where workers are still working, looking for survivors tonight. they say there were a couple of pieces of furniture that got lodged between the chunks of cement that they were able to kind of hide underneath. but they also relied on each other. they soortd each other. they actually told me they made themselves laugh a couple of the times. mostly it was the thought and
6:00 pm
the power of reuniting with their children that really got them through this 17-hour ordeal. >> we made it. so moving. thank you so much, ed. and thank you all for watching 360. the cnn special report twitter and trump starts right now. it is a marriage of man, message and machine unlike any other ever. >> i sit there at 3:00 in the morning, ding ding ding. our country is going to hell. we must stop it. we need leadership. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted because he's losing it. >> you think donald trump could have won this election without twitter? >> nope. and you know what? i love it. >> sometimes it is his sword.


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