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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the power of reuniting with their children that really got them through the 17 hours ordeal. john. >> it is so moving. in mexico city, ed, thank you very much. thank you all for watching "360." cnn's special report, "twitter and trump" starts right now. the following is a special report of cnn. it is a marriage man, message and machine unlike any other ever. i sit there at 3:00 in the morning, ding, ding, ding, our country is going to hell, we must stop it, we need leadership. >> i weak up everyday and laugh. he's losing it. >> do you think donald trump would have won this election without twitter? >> no. i love it. >> sometimes it is a sword.
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>> cuban swings like a little girl with no power and talent, mark as loser. >> other times it is a shield. >> this is the single greatest witch hunt. >> witch hunt. but, what happens to america? >> this man enters this office and puts a finger on this button. >> if donald trump implodes, it will be because of twitter. >> how will history remember the age of twitter and trump? these are the collected tweets of donald j. trump volume one. we have it printed and bound as a physical reminders that his
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digital words are these signs of our time and we'll be studying it for centuries. these tweets since he declared his run of the 45th president of the united states. he's new testament. the genesis of this story begins tens of thousands of tweets ago. >> here to present the top ten list, celebrity apprentice star, donald trump. >> way back in 2009 when his first tweet was implode to watch david letterman's top ten list. >> sell dakota to the chinese. [ laughter ] >> what's remarkable is on that day, only four people reacted to it. only four people react to what's arguably the most important influential social media account ever. [ applause ] >> two number, we are screwed.
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>> yeah, that's right. >> fitting because that tweet marked the low point. he was coming out of the bankruptcy again. >> "the apprentice" was in deep falling. the only thing worth of bankruptcy is soobscurity. >> the twitter of the era, right? >> that was a drop of a message down the airplane. >> trump was the master of the pseudo news events. the truth about trump, the fami family describes how he would work the press and created an image of success. >> you can send out a press release saying trump announced he sold 50% of the properties in a new development and it would get in the paper.
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>> as his son sets out to conquer manhattan, he borrowed dad's trip all the reporters and singing the phrases of the donald. >> you know i thought it was creative. he sort of made it looked like it was. he can say things of donald that would be outrageous if he were saying about himself. >> you have all the money that you possibly be and you established a great deal and you know you are only 34. >> i think it is a mean life and i would love and would dedicate my life to this country. i see it is being a lean life. i see somebody with a kind of years that are maybe a little bit unpopular which maybe right but maybe unpopular.
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would not necessarily having a chance to get selected of no great brain but a big smile. >> excuse me, where is the lobby? >> down the hall and into the left. >> even when the balance sheet was not red, he carried the image of success. >> in 2002, that image brought him the call of the founding father of reality tv. the pitch, survivors in the jungle of manhattan. ♪ >> fred jones would have loved it. america loved it. those first few seasons were must see tv. the definition of must see was about to change. the media is in for a size of shift. in 2006, the season five of "the apprentice" was shifting.
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jack dorsey, he just typed, "just setting up my twitter." >> i had 90 people watching what i am doing. >> what started of an idea of sending short messages to a network of friends grew to a social strand and exploded. >> for the first time we see more than 100,000 tweets in an hour, that's a sign that this is becoming a space that people are going to break and talk about news. >> this new tool captured the imagination of online markers. back in 2009, i was working for a publishing company. >> including the finding of new ways to promote donald trump's new book. >> we don't understand it, you are the expert, why adodon't yox pl plain it. >> that mentioned one hitch.
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>> that's when i suggested to him that we call him @donald trump. he's the authentic real deal. he nodded and he liked the sound of that. but, despite the pitch of authenticity, peter ran the account. he's the author of the david letterman club and most of the tweets are aspirational quotes and he copied from trump's book. >> one of the tweets that i posted was my persona. >> i rather build wall and cling to them. >> eight months later, trump takes over his own tweeting and right away shows off his brand dam vision of a type of and website. the people that should trump got it right. >> how do factors are supposed to compete with china and another country. >> the website has been set up
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by a vice president within trump's organization. why do you think he ran for president? >> well, the president had his son donald trump that we are superior and we had guest that is other people adopt have and so he assume that is he would be the best and the other thing was he was furious of barack obama. >> no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest to ban the donald. >> his adamant towards his predecessor was not only on politics but on the president joking about him mercilusly at the 2011 correspondence. >> that's because he can get back to focusing on the issues that mattered like did we fake the moon landing? [ laughter ] [ applause ] what really happen in roswell?
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and where are biggie and tupac? >> trump is sitting there and trying to take it but you can see he's miserable and see that -- you can kind of notice that this was going too far. [ laughter ] >> president trump disputes the theory that this was the moment that he decided to run. a few weeks later, he decided to use twitter to attack brahm ma and a barrage would follow. he tweeted the birth conspiracy more than 60 times before finally admitted the truth. in 2012, it did not seem the matter. barack obama easily won reelection and the next day about 2:00 in the afternoon. trump tried a new line. we have to make america great again. few people noticed and today that has less than 1500 likes. that tweet would mark a turning point of america's history. ♪
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barack obama is not who you think he is. >> he's obnoxious and done, other than that, i like him very much >> i have never seen a thin person drinking diet coke. truly weird. a spoil brat without a properly functioning brain. >> every time i speak of the hater as and losers. >> i do so with great love and affection. >> they cannot help the fact that they are born without it. >> nice. [ bleep ]. >> by the time donald trump wrote an escalating letter into history. he spent five years learning how to weaponize twitter. >> tough guy, right? >> tough guy on twitter. >> his rivals all looked like they brought a knife to a gunfight. >> this is a tough business
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>> yeah, you are tough guy, jeb. >> we looked at jeb bush's most popular tweet. >> he had a popular one? >> he had one of 35,000 likes and a picture of his gun, do you remember that? >> no. >> which tells you everything you need to know, right? >> jeb's tweets were frankly not memoriable. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs and slobs and disgusting animals. >> only rose y o' donnel. >> every tweet going too far. >> he's losing it. >> we need a commander in chief and not a twitter in chief. >> each of these men are convinced that donald trump could not lose.
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>> this is beautiful. >> this is nice. scott adams is the creator of the come pick strip, a multi million dollar empire. >> though he admits his speaking take as great hit. >> you were one of the few people, few public people of america who saw this election coming long before anybody else. how? >> i have a background in this and i am interested in persuasions of all of its forms for years. >> donald trump, i have been collecting over decades >> bye, everybody. >> physical heights and unlichs brashes along with his infamous styles. >> i can stand in the middle of
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fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i would not lose any votes. >> what is it about his timing and all of that did you think made him successful? >> it is a whole bunch of things. >> the fact that it has to be brief to be in a tweets. >> like cartoons. >> like wise, i am very successful on twitter because i know how to make short, funny sentences. he knows as a persuader, someone training him of the way he's persuading that simple is more persuasive than complicated. if we can understand it, we are likely to say it. build al wall and there won't be so many people taking jobs. he keeps it simple and visual. he seems to care about the same thing i care about. did he get some factual? yeah. do i care? no, not at all. i don't care a bit. >> not letting facts get in the
10:18 pm
way of good story is a huge advantage, especially of raving against the president with a more careful demeanor. >> how much did you agonize over barack obama's tweets. >> there was a day where he wanted to put out a series of tweets on gun control. he was looking for statistics to use and make sure they were accurate and that's several it realizations. we wanted to make sure they. >> reporter: -- >> just as they were for any statements a president gave or any speech he delivered. >> meanwhile, raw and unfiltered trump was pushing it. >> after years of reality television, he understood that the audience loves conflicts. >> you see somebody ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? >> in the campaign, he never
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attacked anybody. >> trump is a teenage caddy and years later dropped everything to run social media for the campaign. >> the trump's train is all here. >> every harsh tweet was defense >> he never attacked anybody where he started. it was the opposing campaign throwing punches at donald trump. if you are going to throw punches at him, be prepared. it fires up everybody around him. >> one of my hobbies are text analysis and donald trump's twitter posts a real interesting text seasonanalysis. >> the ones that are coming out of donald trump are noticeably angry or absolutely. >> i can look the words that are
10:20 pm
most likely to be -- and see the words that are emotionall emotionally -- are ones like badly and crazy and reeks and jokes and dumb. >> yeah, once so often when he's insulting someone. >> his jabs are so shocking that you did not have to follow him on twitter to see every blow. >> over night tweet storm that had washington buzzing. he says it like owning washington post without the losses. >> it is on cnn five minutes y later. >> mr. trump loves communicating. he's a communicator. please welcome the president of the united states.
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♪ did you know that george washington hated public speaking. one senator who was right here swearing in says our founding father would be comfortable facing any cannon or muskets that our crowd friendly americans, thomas jefferson, much preferred the written words. >> all he could do is shout. >> they had no microphone. >> so it went all the way back. >> the early retweets. >> that's exactly right. >> as communications evolve, the president we remember took
10:26 pm
existing tools and made them here own. >> teddy roosevelt quoted cartoons. fdr spoke into a radio microphone like no presidents before. >> everyone is mandatory to listen and -- >> and while truman and eisenhower with the first on tv. >> not because they are easy but because they are odd. >> jfk and reagan teared down this wall are considered the best. >> the president of the united states tweeting new criticisms. this was delivered on twitter. president trump tweeted this, quote, "which brings us to number 45, i will do it on twitter." >> i got to talk to donald trump about books and he does not read them. he has no interest about them.
10:27 pm
i talked to him about presidential history and never read one. >> what he rips office recent tv. >> one of the world's greatest news is ronald reagan. >> he's interested in ronald reagan gabecause he remembers i. anything that trump had oh attention span for. >> he's not alone, of course. >> as media got faster, the american tension ban got shorter. >> which gives rise to a leader not trained in policy or pot ticks. the tabloid headline. >> donald trump is learning a new deal, divorce. >> beauty pageant and reality tv. >> you are fired. >> thank you. >> donald trump created a persona when we are getting that
10:28 pm
on television all tl tihe time the first. he's so dramatic and so volatile. he's a villain of a large kind of most people in america. >> he's the ultimate hero of another group so i am afraid that we are living in a time where a persona president that does not know his real self is role-playing of what a president would be while we are watching reality tv or american political leader. >> you are going to be tweeting and whatever you are upset about, just put out there. >> it took a lot of form of communications. >> help me good. yeah! >> twitter hopes it would end after he won. >> oh, this is also lies.
10:29 pm
george bayhard who was fired from her last show. >> months after the win, it game obvious, celebrity in vuts a are -- i was working on this. al gore decided to sell the station. so he's lying. >> what was your reaction when you read that tweet? >> i said good, i would love to be on the amenity list. >> with twitter, you can see this president's enemy's list grows in realtime. many are wondering if they should be taken as an official statement. >> a favorite target by far. >> i want to find a friendly request. are the men and woman who covers donald trump's ram some raving
10:30 pm
in -- all president complained about the press and usually in private correspondence and maybe donald trump has made it them read meat. >> he likes the public. hey, i am not sure i trust these new sources or maybe this one or not thieves. >> that's the cost of that, what do you think. >> or is there one. >> the cost is he became the president of the united states. >> can you give us a chance? >> you are attacking our resources. >> in terms of his reporter in terms of his baer and coming forward. >> where are you from? sth >> quiet, quiet, can you give us a question? >> you are fake news.
10:31 pm
>> can you state categorically that nobody is -- the president calling him fake news. on the day h called me that and somebody went on my wikipedia to say that af died on january 11, 2017. >> that had had to be taken down. it became of this open sewer of this hate and content. what do we do about this? >> if the president calls it stake news, do we just fake it. >> do we not say anything? >> his spothers tacticing the messa messager, it is not above. >> and a politically krek world. >> i don't think americans want it but they are enjoy in doing
10:32 pm
it. >> the beauty contest and "celebrity apprentice." it is unbelieverable that you can be on a subway or at a doctor's office, all of a sudden, you see the same nephew from president of the united states, it is world leaders they are getting. >> i think if donald trump implodes, real, he never reads his e-mails. >> twitter he can get trunk of and and that could be report, at some point we my say something that may have consequences impeachment or a tweet too far. e rheumatoid arthritis?
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petsmart - for the love of pets. and now come celebrate our grand opening in your neighbourhood. ♪ i am wolf blitzer, you are in the situation. there is a situation. >> every summer, this most beautiful place hosts a conference on our most horrible fears. >> looking to aseslyn plaent
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researchers. >> all gathering a rocket to talk terror. a director john brendon most served four years as cia director. >> one of the main topic is the insecurity echlt president trump this is what he said in a tweet, and it let both of you respond. >> intelligence agency should we not have fake news leading in the public. >> these types of comments are disgraceful and never should have happened. >> the first warning russia wedding a month before the e lks but it was barely by coverage of this. [ laughter ] >> i capt nnot do anything.
10:38 pm
>> after he won, the happy story game speeds. >> paradesing for russia and mocking america's jell dense. >> the man in charge of that sbel community, the nazi comparison made blood boil. >> it prompted me to call it. i could not let it work in the past. and not just to me -- we have seen you. i am talking about the files and people in transits and peop people -- and that was completely inappropriate. >> the president elect describing their calls of much difference. >> james clapper called me today denuanced the false of if dishs . he continues to bash his own.
10:39 pm
>> at home. the fbi has been in term oil, you know that and i know that. . >> and abroad. >> i remember when ifts sitting back and listening to iraq. they were wrong and it led to a mess. >> these insults are not the main concern. when it comes to america adversary and pyongyang or moscow, following to donald trump on twitter, what will you see the most. if i am a intendly sbel lens service, i got a new officer here. >> tell me what this man is saying? >> it is tremendous to reveal the president's hot pot. >> we know what upsets him and we know what he demands from his
10:40 pm
bo supportive. all of those things like someone saying like takes the pain higher. >> kracrashing out of the host. >> intentionally or not, it is the revolution that make jaws dropped of enemies and allieall. >> i can guarantee that there are services that have worked with us foreign intelligence who have decided to do a little self editing and eddiely, we don't know what he's dpoing to do. >> there is kfgs from the u.s. i have a fear that you might tweet it. >> can i ask you if you voted for him? >> we did. >> taker vey mattis. >> on the president.
10:41 pm
>> it is a matter of style and being unpredictable mad is controlled. >> it is controlled over religious of people. it reminds me -- i don't know if you are old enough to remember. when mixon dealt with the north korea enemies. >> it was of course to must, kissinger as a welcome i made go to deaf come tree. who knows who he's capable of. >> can you calm him down. >> what if trump's plays backup and what happens when the good top don't know the scrip? >> have you heard someon
10:42 pm
someone -- there is a disconnect between that they are hearing from the secretary of state. what the president communicates themselves and they're trying to figure out which end is up. cha is the policy and what do we believe? >> it is a source of confusion. i heard defenders say you got to tweet like crazy. >> that maybe good in the real estate market. >> i mean to have the world, most powerful nation be seen as consistent and unbriblable and unreliable. >> that's not a business event. >> what worries me is i think myself will some interpret that in a particular way and takiing action in a burglar way. then as a historians, i said to myself, madmen is not always the
10:43 pm
disadvantage. >> i say some of the people who's aking the craziest had been successful. >> for those who prefers strategy over wish full thinking, is there any way to get this man to change his way.
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and i tweeted. could you believe? >> thousands of mean tweets. there is no t one that president trump regret. >> it came when legend kim novak appeared in the 2013 oscars. >> friend say the 82 seerld-year-old is so devastated that she did not leave home for months. >> i think, why did you do that? >> his first response was i gint get into any trouble, did i? >> the president, trump eventually apologized.
10:48 pm
>> the fact that i caught him bothered and he has not good lucked about it quite a bit and of course, ray, it was not -- >> i think he was sensitive to the call out tweets. >> i don't see that's an appropriate comment. >> he's rude and prude. there is no shortage of kauing the president to cut back. >> tone it down. >> i am clouding his own voters. >> do uh-uh think he's doing? >> it is kracrazy. >> we have a twitter pretty soon and tweet list. >> summer polls 7 and 10 americans, it is a risky way. >> there are many borders that disagree. >> i just going to keep on
10:49 pm
thing. >> ef time you tweets, i am entertainment. and times i am inform and tells you what you want to carry today. >> stoims it is provocative and sometimes it is not. >> that's not a small thing. >> is there any mitigating circumstance under with you suspending the president's the. >> also, we want to plak sure guiding everyone to better outside. >> it is twitter's policy to send vuseusers requesting requeg interview >> so that's a yes or a no. >> we're always going to work with all our accounts and all
10:50 pm
people using our platform to make sure they're using it in healthy ways and to guide towards more positive impact. >> but among those who see real value in his tweets is a man who disagrees with almost all of them. >> so your twitter bile, patriotic america, proud immigrant, movie buff, banned by putin, fired by trump. >> it's a good bumper sticker, huh? >> he once ran one of the most elite crime fighting teams in america, prosecutors, investigators wielding subpoenas and grand juries. >> we will send you to prison. >> now when he sees injustice, all he has is twitter. >> you chose the president's favorite form of media to answer back after your firing. why is that? >> well, it's the only option.
10:51 pm
i started a personal twitter account by happenstance a few days before i got fired not expecting to be fired. >> as the top u.s. attorney for new york's southern district, trump tower was part of his watch. and at first he thought he would keep it, even though he had once worked as chief counsel to top democrat chuck schumer. >> he asked me to stay, implored me to stay, in fact. >> and then he called you, a couple times. >> he called me a few times. unclear why to shoot the breeze, which is unusual. >> yeah. >> the number of times that president obama called me was zero. >> after he told the president's secretary that accepting another call would be inappropriate, he was asked to resign, along with dozens of other obama appointees. fairly standard after a change in the white house. but he refused and used twitter to let the world know it. >> so was that easy for you? was it liberating? >> i don't know if it was liberating, and i've heard some other people remark i'm a
10:52 pm
different guy. i'm not a different guy. i had a different job. i think there's a difference how you're supposed to import yourself when you're acting on behalf of the united states government as opposed to being a private citizen, something that the president himself doesn't seem to feel. >> so many of his defenders say, well, you've got to take it in sum total. this is donald, this is twitter. the rules are different. we take him seriously but not literally. what do you think of that? >> he's the president of the united states. what the president says matters. it's probably the purest suggestion of what is in his mind and what his intentions and wants are. and if some of those things are to restrict the free press, if some of those things are to make congress less democratic, if some of those things are to make to be out yat -- autocratic, then in some ways, there's an argument that those tweets
10:53 pm
matter more than anything else. >> how do you think his tweets should be regarded as a piece of american history? >> i think that that is i'm connecting with the guy back home who has often been referred to as the forgotten man. you know, i'm tweeting directly to him. and you know when those elitist insiders in washington, d.c. who support the status quo and the status quo in working for you, when they're raising hell with me, i'm standing up for you. and i think people do feel that somewhat in their gut. there's always been establishment. and there's always been the rub with the, if you will, the common man against the establishment. and i think donald trump has just tapped into that in a way that we haven't seen in a long, long time. and i don't believe any president will ever go back to not using twitter. they may be a little more careful, but they're going to be using twitter or the grandson of twitter, the next gen.
10:54 pm
>> when he uses twitter to push policy or take credit for economic success, to announce changes that can catch even the military off guard or retweet memes of himself hitting hillary clinton with a golf ball, critics may howl, but he's not tweeting to them. he's playing straight to the base, and they love it. >> i love it. >> i love what he does. >> it leaves you out, and you don't like it because it leaves you out. >> you know, i think that that is actually part of the appeal to many people that it's just raw and it's out there. >> i think twitter is a great thing for him. i hope he continues to do it. i hope he continues to hit back at people, who hit back at him. >> to me i love his tweets. i actually can't wait to wake up in the morning to see them. he's on his way to work in alaska. this is john. he's on his way to work in new mexico.
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10:59 pm
mount rushmore win an election now and how would lincoln play on twitter? oh, this is a good thread. with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness and the right as god gives us to see the rights, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have born the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. in the end twitter is just a tool, like a blade or a flame, it can be used to harm or heal, to create or destroy, and with all tools, it all comes down to the person holding it.
11:00 pm
>> with the exception of the late great abraham lincoln, i can be more presidential than any president that's ever held this office. that i can tell you. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. breaking news. the president speaking to a cheering crowd in alabama tonight. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. the president apparently has russia on his mind. listen. >> just in case you are curious, no, russia did not help me. okay? >> and he is doubling down on his rocket man rhetoric. >> we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place.


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