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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 23, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. happening right now, president trump slamming senator john mccain this time trying to pit mccain genagainst his frien senator lindsey graham. then, another missile test abroad. north korea isn't behind it.
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instead it's iran. this after iran's president called president trump's rhetoric ignorant and absurd. trump tells football players who kneel the nfl hits back showing trump shows a lack of respect for the league. the controversy exploding. that's all ahead in the news room. we're following breaking news out of north korea and iran. two mysterious seismic events, separate events that have been detected near the area of north korea's nuclear site. the cause unclear. a nuclear watchdog group says neither or the quake does not appear to be manmade. two south korean officials say so far the analysis shows it was a natural earthquake.
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one official says there is a quote slim possibility the seismic activity was caused by the collapse of a nuclear test site. president trump flaming his war of words with north korea during a campaign rally for a alabama senate candidate. the president once again taking aim at the north korean deck ta tor's nuclear ambitions. listen. >> we can't have madmen out there shooting rockets all over the place. by the way, rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. >> meanwhile, in defiance of the u.n. and president trump, iran is flexing its nuclear capabilities. iran testing a new ballistic missile that is capable of
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carrying multiple cwarheads and reaching u.s. allies. we have all of this covered with correspondents around the globe. le let's begin with ramin. good to see you. is this iran missile test a likely message to the president of the united states after his words at the u.n.? >> yes, it is. it's showing united states of america and especially trump administration in post-speech at u.n. iran wants to show it doesn't try to be obedient to any outside pressure. it is flexing muscles and give a lesson to trump. >> is this likely the end of the
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missile test? was that just kind of one to send a strong message from iran or more plans or to say something more bigger about the iran deal? >> it gives some hint to the iran deal because we see iranian side, iran wants to prove that nuclear deal is not renegotiatable but is ready for grand bargain for more negotiation about anything but nuclear deal. even missile test can be negotiated but on different ageneral daje agenda and different way. not the way america wants to impreez pressui impose pressure on iran. >> thank you so much for your time. >> meantime, eyes on north korea today where seismic activity was
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detected in the area where the country has conducted nuclear test in the past. the magnitude 3.5 was felt in the region early this morning and seismic activity is the first time they have conducted nuclear test. what more do we know about the gut instincts of experts there in south korea? >> they believe it was natural occurrence. they believe the we'ves show it has to be natural. they say it's a different pattern if it's man made. the interesting fact is it happened just more than three and a half miles from where nuclear test number six happened. this is where they carried out a number.
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in fact, all of those nuclear tests. this is why there's been so much analysis, so much discussion going on. 3.5 magnitude earthquake is not unusual in north korea. over the past few months we have seen a couple of events like this. the fact it's so close to where north korea, just a matter of weeks ago carried out that nuclear test number six has concerned people. at this point, south korean officials believes it was a natural occurrence. of course, there's been increased tensions between the u.s. and north korea. we've had the north korean foreign minister suggesting there could be a hydrogen bomb test over the pacific ocean. we've had that direct message from the north korean leader to the u.s. president over the last
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day or so. of course, tensions are high. that's why this is being focused on so much closer. unless we hear otherwise from the u.s. geological survey, till waiting for their answer, the koreans believe it was natural. >> thanks so much. we are watching the floor of the united nations where various country leaders are speaking right now. rhetoric between president trump and north korea continues to escalate via tweet and otherwise north korea's state media today referring to trump's you thiuni nations speech as rubbish. the war of words getting personal between trump and kim jong-un. trump calling the leader sort of whacko, a mad man, rocket han. he's said it while on the floor there at the u.n. he's talked about it via tweet
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and in alabama last night. kim jong-un has called trump a barking dog, mentally deranged and a dotard meaning a lunatic. he's called him other things as well. richard, north korea's foreign minister already said this week that potentially there could be bomb tested over the pacific. >> i can't say for sure. i think it's likely that the foreign minister of north korea who has been around the u.n. will return verbal fire. i can't believe that he will let pass the invective hurled by president trump last tuesday.
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those words you put up on the screen, not the average tone here during u.n. general assembly high levels speakers week which has been the super bowl for diplomacy. obviously, the stakes have gone wide open here. the north korean foreign minister is scheduled to speak in about an hour and a half, two hours. he also meets later today at the u.n. with the secretary general. one of the angles that people who think there's some hope in brokering an accord think the secretary general could be the honest, neutral broker. he's offered his services but no one is taking him up on that so far. fred. >> we will wait. about an hour, hour and a half from now more from the foreign minister. thank you so much. always good to see you. appreciate it. next, a fight is breaking out between the top man in politics and several top ath
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lets in this country. why steph curry and lebron james are going on offense against the president of the united states, next. it's not just the nba. the nfl is in the cross hairs as well. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. and found this. cd's, baseball cards... your old magic set? and this wrestling ticket... which you still owe me for. seriously? $25? i didn't even want to go. ahhh, your diary. "mom says it's totally natural..." $25 is nothing. abracadabra, bro. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure and simple way to send money.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of mexico where a 6.1 earthquake has been reported. it continues to rise. cnn rosa flores is in mexico. were people able to feel that activity hundreds of miles away from mexico city?
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>> reporter: in mexico city it was felt in certain areas. we did hear the sirens. behind my camera there's a at the present time city with a family that's been waiting for days, waiting to hear news about their loved ones. let me show you what's going on. these rescues stopped when the seismic alert went off. these men and women are risking their lives by being on the top of this mountain of debris. they all ran out to safer ground.
9:16 am
it has i was saying, as everything normalized and i'm going to bring my voice down because we have seen this in other locations and we have seen it here. when ever rescuers raise their fists up into the air, that means that they presumably have seen signs of life. i believe they are continuing their operations and using machinery again. just to let you know, when ever rescue workers raise their fists up in the air, they believe they have found life or listening for signs of life. this is the first time this morning that we have seen that happen. as you see it's a very active scene. a lot of rescue workers on top of that mountain of rubble trying to get to the people down below. there is a list of about 50 people who are missing.
9:17 am
a lot of their families are in the tent city. they are hoping and praying they will get good news. this morning is the first time rescuers started using big machinery. they are using cranes to remove the biggest chunk of debris. that is giving them some hope to see this crane removing the big pieces of the top roof i can't begin to explain how fragile this situation is. the family members are still alive and well inside. >> rosa, you did a great job touching on that moment when everyone is encouraged to be quiet so they can zero in on any potential sounds. explain a little bit further how
9:18 am
that goes and the level of cooperation in the area to allow searchers to try to zero on in on any sound they may hear from the flattened mass. let me ta let. >> reporter: let me take you through it. i've talked to some of the volunteers on the rubble when that happens. they will hear someone, one of the volunteers or one of the rescue workers scream out silence. i need silence. i believe i hear signs of life. that triggers everyone else that's there to raise their fists up high. as soon as that happens, it's almost like a wave because it starts with the rescuers and then it grows to everyone around this community. you will see us whisper. you will see everybody around here whether it's police officers, volunteers, friends, family members. there's people who are bringing
9:19 am
food to make sure the workers and volunteers can continue working. everybody is silent. it's an incredible sight to hear because you can almost hear a pin drop. that's the moment that people know these rescuers are listening for signs of life and also trying to follow those signs of life through this rubble. it's very critical and the response that we have seen here is incredible. you will not hear a thing and sometimes the only thing you hear are literally dogs barking. when you think of the size and magnitude of mexico city and it's such a hustle and bustle and for do you hear a pin drop in the middle of the day is an incredible sight to see. >> just that collective effort to try to find anyone who still maybe trapped more than four days now. it's an extraordinary effort. thank you so much for bringing it to us from mexico city.
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so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. he's fired. >> that's the president of the united states last night in alabama now upping the ante using harsh language when it comes to sports and politics.
9:25 am
trump describing using choice words there how nfl team owners should punish players who neil during the national anthem. similar to how 49er quarterback k colin kaepernick spearheaded a year ago. the nfl commissioner saying divisive like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl, our great game and all of our players and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities. the executive director of the nfl players association also chiming in with a tweet this morning saying this quote we will never back down. we can no longer afford to stick to sports, end quote. we're covering this from all angles. we heard the president in
9:26 am
alabama last night but what more now. what new messages from the president on this issue today? >> reporter: nothing new today on the specific question of the nfl players protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem. those remarks sparked a backlash, an on end off twitter not just by black athletes or black people but from across the racial spectrum. people who took issue not just with the president condemning these players for protesting peacefully, largely of african-american players protesting peacefully at nfl games but also the fact he used such harsh language calling them sons of bs which doesn't insult the players, it insults their mothers as well. there's been a very harsh response. this is not just about the nfl. it's also about the nba. listen to golden state ward
9:27 am
yours guard explaining why he doesn't want to go to the white house to be honored his team won the nba championship. here is what he had to say at the team's media day yesterday. watch. >> we don't stand for basically what our president has, the things he said and the things that he hasn't said in the right times and we won't stand for it. by acting and not going hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to. >> reporter: this morning on twitter one of them the president sent out a message saying steph curry is hesitating so the invitation is withdrawn. the president saying it's an honor to be able to come and
9:28 am
visit the white house. listen to how another nba star cleveland cavalier star lebron james is responding to the president rescinding the invitation. you bum, steph curry already said he ain't going to therefore ain't no invite. going to white house was a great honor until you showed up. we're looking at an escalating war of words between the president and black athletes and one thing that a lot of folk vs be have been pointing out. he had such passion when it comes to these nfl protest. he showed more passion in responding to that than he did responding to the neo-nazi and kkk members and supporters marching in charlotteville last month. we could see more protests, not fewer protests in response to the president's remarks. one more thing i want to mention. this is similar, in way, to what
9:29 am
we saw last month with the kennedy center honors. that's the annual reception each december honoring artists and performers. several performers said they were not planning to attend the special white house reception in conjunction with that event and in the end the president and first lady decided they weren't going to participate in any of the kennedy center festivities in order to allow the honorees to take part without political distraction. you have artist, performers and athlete who is are at odds with the president and don't see it a as great honor to be invited to his white house. >> that does put a lot into perfective too because you're now underscoring the divorcing of having any kind of face-to-face encounters on very tenuous issues. they're not going away. it only seems to intensify. thanks so much.
9:30 am
already. good to see you. i have to say, this is sad, isn't it? doesn't this seem very sad you have this kind of tenuous circumstance taking place and instead of getting to the heart of the matter, now we have on display this fervor that says not going to confront the issue. i'm going to ininvite, disinvite. is it uninviting steph curry or is it the entire team? >> it appears to be the entire team. this isn't something we were sure if they were invited any
9:31 am
way. it seems that comment, steph curry's response is what made president trump tweet earlier this morning saying uninvited, withdrawn is the invitation to go celebrate the nba championship there at the white house. he used the word bum in there. this is a player, the most recognizable athlete on the planet in lebron james using strong words towards the president of our country. a player who president trump has tweeted positively about saying he's great person. that's where i think this is unique in that the big names, the heavy hitters in the sports world going against the heaviest hitter in politics in president trump. our nation has a rich history of athlete activism from tommy
9:32 am
smith, jesse owens and on and on the list goes. this is a time with these big names where these are dynamic times where we're seeing this intersection of sports and politics and the attempt to create positive change in our society. >> i say this is sad because isn't it the president that helps set the tone. isn't there an expectation that a president under any circumstances should be the one to help bring calm, propose calm or answer but instead in this form that we're seeing, just beginning with last night, but it goes back even further if we talk about other incidents as of late, that he's helping to incite a fervor? >> i don't think he's inciting anything. if you're going to get into politics and you're an athlete then welcome to the big league and enjoy the blow back you're going to get and the punches that will come at you. it's sad and embarrassing that
9:33 am
athletes somehow think they will make some big statement by saying they're not going to go to the white house and the questions of what. it's an honor to go to the white house no matter who the president of the united states of america is. for lebron james to call the president a bum is pretty disgraceful but he'll probably get a lot of street kred and a lot of players where high five him and chest bump him. i think it's a bad example to set. i think it's bad example for young people. i think it's a bad example for the country. i think the president here was making it very clear. if you don't want to come to the white house, then i'm not going to invite you to the white house. if you're going to sit out there and think that you're bigger than this country or bigger than this nation or what the white house stands for then you're not going to be invited. i'm not going to get into some game with you so move on. i also got to say this -- >> just for a second. isn't there a greater expectation that the president could be a bit more graceful in saying well it might be an honor
9:34 am
to come to the white house. isn't it about his tone? the use of language last night son of bs. showing that kind of passion or even his physical and vocal demeanor where at a completely different level than we've been able to see from him for the circumstances of charlottesville when people wanted to see that kind of level of intensity but they didn't. >> with charlottesville, let's be clear, they just declared state of emergency when he made his first comments there and gotten off the phone with a democratic governor who said he was terrifying of massive riots and people dying that night. we would have that debate another day. last night you're talk about sports and athathletes. i have a lot of athletes that come after me on twitter.
9:35 am
if you want to get in the world of politics, don't expect us to give you a hug when you start trashing the white house and the president. donald trump is unorthodox. no one can say he will be a traditional president just the way he uses twitter and fight back. when you're invited to come to the white house, i don't care whose in the white house. it's an honor to go to the white house. if you win a national which i will, if you win a title. donald trump tweeted out when e lebron james was named player of the year, he said what great guy. he was talking about how great lebron james was. for the president to fight back now, i don't have a problem with it at all. >> as he was considering not going he said perhaps that would b an avenue to inspire change in terms of what we tolerate. >> what would he change? that's my question. what are you going to change?
9:36 am
>> here's my issue with this. first of all, i don't appreciate talking about what lebron james is doing as somehow trying to get street cred or something related to chest bumping. that's ghettoizing this problem. you spoke. let me speak. >> hold on. let me hear the whole context. >> let me speak. when muhammad ali protested the vietnam war and artists and athletes came to his side, he was -- he became a national hero. what these players are doing is doing exactly what donald trump said he does but i don't believe he actually knows how to do which is make america great again. that's why they're doing. >> what are they protest something. >> that's what their doing by protesting what they feel is injustice in this country. the fact of the matter is that i have never seen and never thought in my lifetime that i
9:37 am
would be able to witness such a di di dic dictorial president as donald trump who makes comments by calling these athletes sobs but to say they should not exercise their first amendment right. >> i'm not saying they don't have the right. >> they're employees of private institutions. this president just went up to rally and bullied them from his pulpit. >> he didn't bully them. they are grown men. >> he called them sobs. >> lebron james is a grown man. you don't bully lebron james. watch how he plays basketball. he bullies everybody else. he's an amazing athlete. >> he not only called them sobs but he was offering challenge to the nfl owners. he says this kind of display means they ought to be fired. he was speaking directly to the
9:38 am
issue. >> i agree. look, i'll say this. i think the nfl needs to make it clear that they stand behind the american men and women of all races who fauought, protecting d died to defend the flag. for them to allow their employees to sit there on the sideline during the national anthem is a disgrace. >> it is protected under freedom of speech. >> where does it stop? >> the commissioner had statement and addressing this saying it is american to allow his players to express themselves in this fashion. coy, his statement covered a lot of terterritory, didn't it? >> i think the word disrespect was used in there. i think this is unique in that roger coming out so soon with a statement you wonder what will
9:39 am
happen on nfl sunday. will we see more players joining in. >> this might have inspired something else. >> this may have opened the gate a bit. >> it will be interesting to see tomorrow and i'm sure. richard sherman has tweeted this morning. >> i think as an african-american man the first response i had to donald trump's statement is let every athlete of color take a day off from the nfl on sunday and see what happens. it's their first amendment right. if there are others from other communities that are supportive of this to show a sign of support, i am all for that. truth of the matter is that i do think and i agree with coy. i think this will inspire a number of the athletes to do the same thing and steph curry is right. this is a question of about what you're willing to tolerate and what is acceptable to you as an american. >> it will not be player that
9:40 am
does not show up to play. >> i think your microphone has dropped. it's hard to hear you. try it again. we are having some audio problems. we'll try to fix that because this conversation really is just getting started. all right. thanks for now. apologize for the problem with ben's mike there. 70,000 people in puerto rico trying to escape a life threatening ordeal. a failing dam has officials telling residents to get out now just days after hurricane maria devastated the island. we're going there live, next in the news room. i've always wanted to create those experiences for others. with my advisor's help along the way, it's finally my turn to be the host.
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evacuations of this magnitude are difficult because of the devastation from hurricane maria. we're going to try to connect with nick who is there in san one. the situation is there such that communication is very powe rasp radsic. we know there's no power. cell towers have very potty. it's very difficult for people to traverse. nick, what can you tell us about this dam break? >> reporter: it was extremely dangerous situation last night. local engineers found a crack in the dam causing them concern leading to the e vavacuation of about 70,000 people affected in two townships. they are expecting it to fail. now they say the dam is holding. evacuations are still under way. people are being moved to shelters in the area.
9:46 am
we are at one of their shelters right now at the convention center that's one of the best shelters on the island. it has air-conditioning services from fema, red cross. about 600 beds here. we aren't allowed to film inside. one of the officials did give me a sneak peek. what i saw with my own eyes it was just extremely sad to be blunt about it. everyone from infants to a woman as old as 80 years old. i saw a little girl about eight years old shuffling through a pile of items just looking for a toy to play with. she walked away with flat should er ers. this is a press conference we're standing by for. they are updating them about the conditions of their own townships and cities, municipalities and we expect to hear from the governor. we should expect an update on the death toll as well as the efforts to bring back
9:47 am
communications on the island. it's probably one of the worst situations that i've been in add a journalist in terms of communication. these cell towers about 1500 of them across the island have been destroyed. people are having trouble communicated with family members. we spoke to one spokesman who said it was just today that he was able to communicate with his own mother. one person die frds heart attack. there was another interview that told me that family member who is are trying to get in touch with their loved ones here, they need to remain patient. no doubt we will hear of more
9:48 am
deaths. the devastation has been catastrophic throughout. >> horrible situation. a bad situation made even worse now that you've got this river dam break. thank you so much for bringing those details to us. we'll check back with you. we'll be right back. wemost familiar companies,'s but we make more than our name suggests. we're an organic tea company. a premium juice company. a coconut water company. we've got drinks for long days. for birthdays. for turning over new leaves. and we make them for every moment in every corner of the country. we are the coca-cola company, and we're proud to offer so much more.
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welcome back. tonight on declassify, dea agents hunt down the world's biggest heroin trafficker during the taliban uprising this afghanistan. >> afghanistan had 70% of the
9:53 am
land dedicated to poppy production in the world. it also produced over 90% of the world's heroin. most of the heroin in the world was coming out of afghanistan. it was also supporting the taliban. >> after war in 2001, the taliban wanted to return to power and recreate the islamic emirate of afghanistan. >> they wanted to institute shria law again which is fundamental islam and kick the americans out. >> the taliban would infiltrate local communities and threaten everybody and say it's our way or we're going to kill your family. >> there's a relationship between the taliban and the drug traffickers. the taliban is making it more difficult for police to target the trackers. in return the drug traffickers are financially supporting the taliban and logistically supporting the taliban. >> all right. with us now is former so
9:54 am
supervisory agent. you participated in the largest drug seizier on record and led to the conviction of a well known heroin trafficker. what do you believe was the lynch pin on helping to gain the advantage. even the police were kind of corrupt or had been bought by the drug traffickers. >> that's true. drug trachker was very difficult to bring to justice anywhere in the world but especially in a place like on a tenuous grasp on the rule of law. at 2006 and 2007 he was responsible for 19.7% of the world's heroin. it's a staggering amounts of money that were involved. a kilo of heroin was going for a little over $2100. to put this into context in the
9:55 am
united states a kilo of heroin was going for about $70,000. the amount of money come sboog this country if the heroin from the organization was 10 to 12% which is standard, it was 860 plus million dollars in one year. just unbelievable amounts of money. police and politicians and really anyone associated with the judicial system in afghanistan was vulnerable to his money and his threats. >> it's all extraordinary. really eye opening and clearly in large part as we saw in the small little snippet there. it helped fuel terrorism and vice versa. i wish we had so much more time. we're going to be watching tonight. we'll be right back. u don't letg keep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure.
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hoello again and welcome. president trump unleashing a tweet storm today. among trump's tweets this morning, going after nba souper star steph curry. trump tweeted going to the white house is considered a great hon thorough for a championship team. curry is hesitating therefore invitation withdrawn. here was the president talking about that last night in alabama. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody decembisrespect our flo say get that son of a [ bleep ] out of the fie


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