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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 23, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hoello again and welcome. president trump unleashing a tweet storm today. among trump's tweets this morning, going after nba souper star steph curry. trump tweeted going to the white house is considered a great hon thorough for a championship team. curry is hesitating therefore invitation withdrawn. here was the president talking about that last night in alabama. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody decembisrespect our flo say get that son of a [ bleep ] out of the field right now.
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he's fire. he's fired. >> let's bring in athena jones. why is the president choosing to go after professional sports stars in this manner and not letting go but instead kind of going full heartedly? >> reporter: it's hard to know what's in the president's head. we know he seems to enjoy picking fights with all manner of people whether it's fellow republicans or in this case professional athletes. here is what the nfl commissioner is saying in response to those harsh remarks from the president last night. this is the statement. he said the nfl and our players are at our best when we rep create a sense of unity in our country and culture. there's no better example than the amazing response from our
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clubs and players to the terrible natural disasters we have experienced. he said divisive comments demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl, game and players. he doesn't name the president in his response but it's clear that's what he's talking about. the president's remarks sparked an immediate backlash on twitter and off. not just from back athletes or black people of people that took issue with phrasing he used. using a phrase like sons of bs as well as their mothers. a lot of folks asking where was this passion, the passion we saw last month, where was it last month in response to those neo-nazi and kkk sport supporte
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were marching in char charlottesville. you read that tweet of the president direct eed at steph curry. that's because steph curry talked about how he doesn't want to come and be honored at the white house. the golden state warriors won the nba championship. it's kus mirrcustomary to go an honored. he said he doesn't want to take part in that honor. he doesn't want to go. the president responding by rescinding the invitation. that brings in lebron james who said who bum. steph curry already said he ain't going. therefore, ain't no invite. going to white house was a great honor until you showed up. here we have a president who is at odds with athlete, many of them black athletes and not just with athletes. we saw a similar situation where
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honorees said they didn't want to take part in a white house reception because they don't like what the president stands for. the president and first lady pulling out of that entire event and those festivities honoring artists and performers. >> we'll talk more about this right now. let me bring my panel in. good to see both you have. let's begin with you because the president now taking on the nba and the nfl when singling out particular stars or particular actions. what's the president have to gain by doing this. >> i think it's notable and easy to lose sight because this president behaves the way you behave. here you have the leader of the united states of america engaging with public wars of words with people who are ambassadors or athletes.
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i think that is notable. in this days you have donald trump doubling and tripling down on his base. folks who are hostile to many of these black athletes and commentators. folks that are offended by these protests like colin kaepernick. he knows this is red meat to his base. whether that because of some of the racial dog whistles involved in what he's been saying as some of the opposition to these protests. he just knows that his base doesn't like colin kaepernick and these national anthem protests. he knows that by attacking them in public he gains with the folks who support him. s >> you're saying strategically he doesn't want to be a uniter? >> i don't think he ever has based on what he said as candidate and what he said as president. he knows he's got a small chunk of support in the united states
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of america. the polling getting smaller and smaller. he knows he has very little opportunity to expand that. his ticket to the dance is to continue to hold onto that small amount of fervent support. weighing in on issues like this where many other presidents would avoid the topic all together. >> sorry to interrupt because it was the president of the united states on his inauguration where he said he wanted to unite and that was a unique use of word for him based on his jargon during the campaign and then now nine months in, a moment to be a uniter but not. >> you look even case like charlottesville where most people across the political spectrum saw this as a moment of moral clarity where you could condemn groups that were bigoted
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and espousing hate, the president chose to equivocate it. i'm not surprised by the behavior here. we also can't lose the reality in his comments last night at this rally, he was calling for professional athletes and their teams to fire them for their political speech. this is something that no matter how you feel about the issue of protesting during the national anthem, the idea that the president of the united states would use his bully pulpit to advocate private businesses firing people for people he doesn't like is something that should worry all of us that cares about the first amendment. >> keith, you have lebron james who has stepped in and you heard his tweet that athena shared. does this, and you have roger goodell making a statement. does this look beyond a black and white issue? the president of the united states targeting mostly black
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athletes. do you see that ovther athletes across the spectrum will be compelled to make a statement as it pertains to this issue. it's not just one issue. it's a big lblossoming thing right here. >> i think it's always been beyond a black and white issue. you have to remember to piggy back off of something wesley said. this began a couple of weeks ago when the president in the white house and attacked jamele hill on espn. attacked her for statements she made on twitter. a piece of the president's strategy here is to be divisive on the basis of race. we have to remember that the backdrop for this is the president is in alabama and stomping on behalf of the candidates to fill a senate seat down there.
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again, it's red meat to the base. if there any place where that type of dog whistle racial politics will work, it's in this race right here. that's part of the backdrop. where this transcends race and sport s the president made it part of his mission to undermine the institutions that have typically united americans. americans have always sought to whether you liked the news media or didn't like the news media, you looked to the news media. you looked to television and to reporters to be able to give you factual information upon which you base political and other decisions. by undermining the news media, starting the trend of calling legitimate reporters fake news. now you're undermining sports reporters. now you're undermining and calling for the firing of professional athletes. when you look not that long this american history, go back to 9/11 and since, one of the things that's been important to the united states has been used
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as a uniter has been the nfl. right after the games that were played, i can remember the games that were played immediately in the aftermath of 9/11 being a patriotic moment where americans could come together, forget about their divisions and talk about professional sports. if you demonize those institutions, if you demonize the supporters that bring you the news then it's easier to distract the public that you're not addressing a lot of real issues going on. here we are a couple of days after puerto rico and american territory was devastated where millions of american citizens has us discussing colin kaepernick and steph curry and whether or not he will go to the white house and has us talking about lebron james tweet when i saw a video of carmelo anthony talking about his puerto rico heritage and many of his family
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members are on the island and don't have power. we're not discussing that because the president of the united states has made it a point since he began campaigning to be a divider and make sure that he undermines the things that have brought americans together. i think it's very tragic that he's taken the institutions of journalism and of american sports to do so. >> customarily sports and the arts great unifieunifies. wesley, you have some of the biggest stars who are speaking out about this from lebron james, steph curry and being pitted against the president of the united states or vice versa. do you see the nba as adam silver soon weighing in, do you see this momentum where there are more athletes, black and white, kneeling a as a result of what's happened here.
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who do you e see the next page being turned on this fierp y, emotional issue. >> i would be shocked if we don't suh many more players speaking out as well as taking a kneel or taking a fist tomorrow. you have to remember what it is the president said yesterday. the president called these players who protest sobs. where im from that doesn't start a conversation. that starts very different. i don't think that -- that's something that's serious. we are used to this flippant donald trump but if you're one of these athletes who had the audacity as something you view to be an injustice and needs there needs to be reform because -- >> under the umbrella of the freedom of speech. >> sure we talk about this. we have to remember, these are protests that are about police killings of black men and black women, about a criminal justice system that many americans, most black americans and many black
10:13 am
athletes view to not serve them and give them justice. you have people who are exercising their first amendment rights silently, respectfully in protest and they've been called pretty far out of their name for that. i would be shocked even if folk who is might have sat on the fence who didn't want to be involved stand up in solidarity with their fellow athletes because again, we saw with keith and i are friends of jamele hill. we saw this with her. if you come at someone this way and trying to silence them and intimidate them because they have the audacity to speak out, you almost always people to stand next to them. i would be very surprised if we don't see that tomorrow on the sideline of these games. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. meantime, keith was underscoring this huge, sizable
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problem in puerto rico. nearly 70,000 are on high alert right now in large part because of a dam on the brink of collapsing. so many people on the island without power. now you have new york governor there as well visiting, seeing first hand and now making his return from that devastated isla island. we'll hear his thoughts, up next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums [vo] quickbooks introduces he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students!
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the governor of puerto rico assuring residents it is holding for now even though portions had been breached. the evacuation of 70,000 in the area still being urged along the river. evacuations of this magnitude are difficulty. i want to bring this someone who just witnessed the devastation
10:19 am
on that island. new york governor visited puerto rico friday to survey the immense damage and also help to deliver emergency supplies. governor, welcome back. on the phone with us right now so many new yorkers with family ties in puerto rico. some even living in new york some part of the year and in puerto rico. give me an idea of what you saw and why it was so important for you to visit. >> good afternoon, fred. as bad as it looks on television, it's actually worse in person. the damage is widespread. it's all across the island. you have structural damage to homes, commercial buildings. you have flooding that is still hasn't receded on the island. flooding brings long term problems. it's water and the water leaves.
10:20 am
this isn't water anymore. it's water combined with sewage and chemicals. no power on the island. the only power are facilities that have a generator and the generators were running low on fuel. it's a terrible, immediate situation that requires assistance from the federal government and not just financial assistance. we're also going to have to provide capacity there. this is more complicated than just providing financial assistance to a state. they don't have the infrastructure. they don't have the contractor capacity, the technical expertise. it's going to be a -- it's dangerous situation and it's going to be a long term reconstruction issue for months. >> we heard the president of the united states say just before maria hit we are with you. we'll be taking care of you. you mentioned more federal assistance will be needed.
10:21 am
when you say it's far more complicated than the images we saw out of houston. buses and other means of transport could get people to other nearby texas cities or outside of state. what way of federal assistance do you see that people will need. >> you are exactly right. >> puerto rico has a terrible financial situation to begin with. it's not like you can drooi to a neighboring state or mover with
10:22 am
your family. it's not like yo ku can bring contracting crews or utility crews from around the state. they need everything brought to them. the airport was barely functional. without power you have no refrigerati refrigeration. you get into very real practical problems right away. food, health, evacuating people from hospitals. that's where they are now. yes it's nice to be with them in spirit, but it's better to be with them in practice. new york has the largest population of puerto ricans outside of puerto rico. it's very personal in new york. they can't get in touch with their family member. nobody knows whose alive. it's very real to us here. the federal government really should be moving and focusing on
10:23 am
this. i don't want to get political but i think this comes before a lot of issues the federal government is discussing right now. >> i know we're talking about puerto rico and life and death and survival in your observations there. i do have to ask you about another issue that has many people talking. i have a couple of guests on talking about how the president of the united states is tweeting this morning about the nba player steph curry being disinvited to the white house after his sentiments that he was hesitant about going to the white house with his team and at the same time the president in alabama last night using some choice words to challenge nfl owners to fire players who kneel in protest of the national anthem and calling them sons of bs. it was my guest who said why isn't the president tweeting
10:24 am
about the devastation and the people suffering in puerto rico. instead making it personal with high profile athletes. what's your point of view on this? >> it's exactly what we were saying. first of all, you can have your own political opinion. that's the beauty of this country. you can have your opinion about people's protests and about what they say. that's a conversation that is, frankly, irrelevant or secondary to a conversation like what's going on with puerto rico right now where people are suffering, people may be dying. you want to use the power of the white house. use the power of the white house to help americans in need now. p puerto ricans are americans.
10:25 am
people in the u.s. virgin islands are suffering. help american citizencitizens. we have a crisis now. that's what the federal government should be talking about and focusing on because it's real problem. it's life and death. it's not easily solved. i was there and i'll tell you, fred, i've been through, i worked in the federal government in the clinton administration. i've been to a lot of emergency sites and hurricanes and floods, et cetera. i know the federal government can be doing a lot more than they're doing now and they can be doing it better and faster and puerto rico is the place that needs it. we have footage on of some of the devastation on the island that we took when we were down there. i encourage people to look at it and then wonder why our federal
10:26 am
government isn't doing more. we're going to organize in new york and do everything we can. i think the private sector can help and a lot of people want to dona donate. we're going to coordinate that statewide. there's no substitute for effective government response. that's what we're loacking and these are images. >> we're all praying for the best. thanks for your time. >> thank you. up next, as trump wages war on the nfl and the nba, a new threats are developing overseas. details on the seismic activity in north korea. a defiant iran flexing its nuclear muscle. we'll discuss all of that, next. and found this. cd's, baseball cards... your old magic set?
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detected. so far the analysis shows it was natural earthquake. in defiance of the u.n. and president trump, iran is flexing its nuclear capabilities. iran tested a nuke her missile that's capable of carrying multiple warheads and reaching u.s. allies. i want to bring in cnn glow bba affairs correspondent. president trump ramps up his rhetoric. are the president's of the united states options increasingly limited in terms of how he should respond or further provo provoke. >> i think he's backing himself into a diplomatic corner leaving himself very little space to find some kind of diplomatic solution. these, this rhetoric and this name calling between trump and kim jong-un, the leader of north korean is really getting
10:31 am
personal. these leaders are obviously getting in each other's head. kim jong-un never issued a statement in his own name and put one against the u.s. president is really extraordinary. he's so erratic, he's to unp unpredictab unpredictable, no one knows what will set him off. he could be doing things to plex his muscle. then you have all this talk about president trump about iran not living up to the nuclear deal even though the parties to the deal say that iran is in technical compliance of its nuclear commitments. then iran is trying to say, listen, our missile program has nothing to do with the nuclear program. president trump is trying to fold this all into his decisions on the nuclear deal. you have this muscle flexing from iran only actually almost
10:32 am
daring the president to do something because the rest of the international community is in agreement that ballistic missiles while clearly not favorable and no one is happy about that are not in violation of that nuclear deal. >> all right. we'll lever ave it right there. with me senior u.n. correspondent richard roth. north korea has threatened to test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. what might his message be today or what are people bracing for? >> reporter: the north koreans usually speak toward the end of the general assembly week. once again no different. he stopped and talked about a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean.
10:33 am
it's unclear exactly what he will say. if he matches the rhetoric shown on president trump on tuesday there will be high amount of of invective toward the united states. it will be interesting in donald trump's name will be mentioned but no doubt spahark talk. >> all right. tlot be expected. anything can happen. richard roth, thanks so mump. we'll check back with you. we'll be right back. i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had. the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss
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welcome back. facebook is cooperating with senate and house investigations into russia's meddling into the election. the tech giant is agreeing to hand over information it sold to ads about russia linked accounts. president trump tweeted the russian hoax continues now. it's ads on facebook. most americans are not so skeptical. 54% believe russian back content likely affected the election. if the ads did impact the polls, did the ads break election laws. let's talk with our legal experts all about of this. good to see you. facebook says it will change how it handles political ads by demanding political advertisers
10:39 am
detail where the money is coming from which is required by u.s. law for political ads on television and radio but not the case with companies like facebook. is this likely maybe rule will be imposed? >> absolutely, fred. with the modern age of technology and advancements in social media and facebook and twitter, they don't have the same obligations that television has in advertising. now congress is looking into this. i'm sure laws will be enacted where they will have to. facebook was not forthcoming at the out set but now they are. they've implemented their own internal protocols to determine the source of any advertising and the amount being paid.
10:40 am
he has an obligation if the russians hacked our election, which they did and if they used facebook to influence the election, he has an obligation to support that, not criticize it, not belittle it. he's so insecure with his election victory that he can't accept the reality of what's going on here. it's dehumanizing. it's pathetic to watch this play out by the president. this was a real event. we were attacked and we have to get to the bottom of it. >> what is the obligation for company like facebook to be as clear as possible about whether they did about ads. first facebook said no. there were no fraudulent russian
10:41 am
accounts. we said there's no real laws on policing this transition. as a free enterprise company were there laws broken by not revealing everything new. >> the amazing thing about this development and it is that no media, facebook or twitter is completely unregulated. social media is very that congress will -- yes, it's true. we have nothing.
10:42 am
>> the audio is so spotty. it's hard to hear everything. >> there are no laws enacted that compel facebook and twit r and other social media to provide this information. congress is looking at it right now. they're going to enact these rules and regulations for transparency. we want that. we don't want our elections hammed by foreign add vversarie who under the guise of fake accounts do advertising for one candidate or another. this is our province. this is our country. this is our election and we're entitled to a free democratic process without interference. >> all right. we'll leave it right there. thanks so much. there's so much to talk about.
10:43 am
we have breaking news we have to go to now. now this breaking news in a show of force, u.s. air force bombers flying over international air space over waters east of north korea. cnn, elise is joining me now. elaborate. >> reporter: we're seeing a statement from the pentagon spokesperson who is telling us in this show of force u.s. air force bombers over waters east of north korea. fred, this is from guam along with air force eagle fighter escorts from japan. the fartherest north that any had flown off the coast in the 21st century. in statement saying this is a
10:44 am
mission is a demonstration of u.s. resolve and a clear message that the president does have military options. they threatened that north korea could launch a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. we don't know if they have the capability to do that. these threats are getting very specific and very targeted against the u.s. u.s. military might will be victorious here and north korea would be on a suicide mission. >> this report coming minutes away just before we're expecting to hear in north korea's foreign minister at the u.n. we don't know what that message is going to be.
10:45 am
one has to wonder if this air force b-1 bomber mission is to get a better view of that seismic activity or if it would potentially be one in which to intercept this hydrogen bomb if it were to happen over the pacific or if it was a show of force to know north korea that response time can be immediate, can be precise, can be more than regional? >> reporter: i think it's more about a show of force. a demonstration of u.s. resolve. a demonstration of military might. the u.s. has intelligence assets along with south korea and japan to monitor these seismic activities. you have a lot of other analysts that are working on that.
10:46 am
it has to do with a natural occurrence. it could be an affect effect of the nuclear test that north korea made weeks tg. it does seem to be a demonstration of u.s. resolve and a warning to north korea to not think of any type of military action because the u.s. response will be swift and overwhelming. >> that's breaking news. b-1 bombers flying over the waters of north korea. thanks for that update. we'll try to get more information on what this all means. we'll be right back. every year we take a girl's trip. remember nashville? kimchi bbq. kimchi bbq. amazing honky tonk?? i can't believe you got us tickets. i did. i didn't pay for anything. you never do. send me what i owe. i've got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots. are you serious? is that why you don't like them? those boots could make a unicorn cry. yeah, tears of joy. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure and simple way to send money.
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welcome back. first lady melani trump and britain's prince harry meeting for the first time in toronto. it marks the lady's first solo trip. also there canadian prime minister. there's the photograph of the
10:50 am
two meetings. what was that moment like? how important is this? the games are like a para olympics. >> prince harry started them this 2014. this isb-1b bombe . >> it's important. she walked in, she was very gracious, met the prince. the two shook hands and then ex-chained pleasantries and sat down as part of what's going fob a long day for the first lady. later on she'll meet with team usa, and then later on tonight she'll also meet with prime minister justin trudeau. she has a pretty long day. her schedule's quite packed. >> all right. thanks. we now she did meet with the prince. prince harry for the invictus
10:51 am
games. be sure to check out kate's podcast. mean treme president trump is going on the offensive to save the gop as last different effort to save the health care plan. the president tweeting this, john mccain never had any intention of voting for this bill, which his governor loves, he campaigned on repeal and replace, let arizona down. with mccain out, the gop bill is one vote away from failing. maine senator susan collins is leaning now and alaska senator is still on the fence. the plan, sponsored by senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy would end the obamacare and replace it with block grants to states. it also a waives certain areas
10:52 am
of preexisting conditions. >> senators graham and cassidy will make their case in a debate monday night. taking on two of the bill's fierce opponents. let's talk about what we know for now. for spirited debate on this critical issue. one of the key oarc fr architecs of obamacare with us. and steven moore who was a senior economic adviser for the trump campaign. >> hi. >> let's start with something millions of americans are really concerned about, talking about preexisting conditions. senators cassidy and graham insist the protections are still there saying it would require states to show they could provide adequate and affordable coverage to those. but if those states waived
10:53 am
obamacare price protections, adequate and affordable? it's not necessarily defined. how does this protect people with preexisting conditions? >> let's start with the overall philosophy. we've tried this way under obamacare for the last seven or eight years. it hasn't worked. >> well right now for people -- >> is with getting to that. i want to set the conditions. the idea is to send it back to the states very much like we did under welfare reform. that was a big success. your question is what are states going to do about preexisting conditions. >> what's affordable and accessible. >> i just read the law yesterday. it says if states have to come up with a plan that meets requirements that cover people with their preexisting conditions. that gives them kind of
10:54 am
flexibility to come up with bitter w better ways. let's let the states exsperment on how you cover people. you could have a small business association plans. all these kinds of things that are not awe loued under the obamacare bill. i think it will have a lot more options. that driving down costs will give states money to protect the people. look, i have a niece, who does have a preexisting condition. she has epilepsy. obviously my sister needs the funding to provide the care. the state of illinois. >> what are her worries? >> well, she wants an affordable plan for everyone. she beliefs. >> everybody wants that. but what are her worries if there is -- does she worry premiums will go up while at first it may seem affordable and accessible are at her finger tips and then later down the line? >> well i can't speak for her. but i mean look, for the vast majority of americans, the
10:55 am
addition -- we all know when you have more choice and competition prices fall. i think jonathan would agree with that. >> as a key ade visor in crafting the obamacare what do you hear about this latest bill and how does it compare when talking about affordable accessible? that's some of the language in this bill. what do you hear and interpret? >> well, fredricka, wrords are just words. the key contribution of the aforldable care act was to stop network from being the only developed country in the world where insurers could deny you insurance or charge you more because you were sick. my wife is a breast cancer survivor. the if if they went in for insurance before obamacare they could deny it or affine we'll offer you but we'll charge you $10,000 a month. that would become totally
10:56 am
possible under this law. the words adequate and affordable in the law, that means nothing. what matters is obamacare made a strict statement that we can longer discriminate against the sick, we can no longer make mentally ill people pay more for the health care insurance, make women pay more because they need maternity coverage. it said basically we to longer discriminate in insurance markets. if there was a solution that gave state flexibility -- the affordable care act has a provision which says that states can experiment, states can do what they want so long as they provide the same level of coverage under obama care. but don't do something which cuts what the states get. what florida gets under this law
10:57 am
falls by $3 billion. that does not mean flexibility. that means help poor and sick peep ale. >> this plan says adequate and affordable. senator cassidy got -- called out repeatedly this week by late night talk show hos jimmy kimmel. talking about the preexisting conditions. when it's peered on this show -- this is what kimmel had to say this week. >> when senator cassidy was on my show in may, he told me that he believed that every american family regardless of income should be able to get quality health care. and i believed he was sincere, sadly the bill he unveiled last week indicates he was not sincere. it is by many accounts the worst health care bill yet. >> steven, do you think that will influence voting members? >> well, it's pretty frightening
10:58 am
if the late night median is the liberal authority on health care. jimmy kimmel doesn't know anything about health care. but i'll say this. because i think jonathan makes some interesting points. here's where i differ with you. number one, the problem with the current way that the plan works, you're asking -- states now have an incentive to waste as much money on medicaid as possible. it's the dumbest program with respect to incentives. they're getting 90% of the money from washington. the what we want to do is give them a set amount of money. we did this in rhode island. worked very well. said look you devi vise a plan, that controls cost. and it worked very well. so the reason they're not doing it now is they don't have an incentive to do it.
10:59 am
the other thing is jimmy kimmel is wrong when he says this bill doesn't provide the protections. it is in the law if states opt out of the federal requirement, they have to come up with a plan that is adequate and affordable. we know what those terms mean. >> john a nan? why are you shaking your head? >> the reason is the words adequate and affordable are meaningless. what matters is what the law actually says they're meaningless because they're interpreted by the administration. basically mean whatever they want. let's say what the law does. rhode island. you're right. they put a innovative program. they took the same amount of money having to go with the same rate and reorganized it. you can criticize medicaid all you want but 80% are on private health insurance plans. the bottom line is we cannot
11:00 am
hide a cut to what we're giving the states under some guise of state flexibility. you want that, great, it's in the law. why does it -- you have to cut enormously what's in this program. the entire -- let me finish. these block grants actually end. under this law in 2027, all the money goes away. >> i actually kietds of argue with you on that. >> that has been the argument that what may happen in the first couple years is very different from long-term. we're going to have this conversation again. but we'll have you back because this is not done. thank you very much. this breaks news we're following the top of the hour right now out of north korea in a show of force, the pentagon says it flew b-1b bombers in international


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