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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 23, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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hide a cut to what we're giving the states under some guise of state flexibility. you want that, great, it's in the law. why does it -- you have to cut enormously what's in this program. the entire -- let me finish. these block grants actually end. under this law in 2027, all the money goes away. >> i actually kietds of argue with you on that. >> that has been the argument that what may happen in the first couple years is very different from long-term. we're going to have this conversation again. but we'll have you back because this is not done. thank you very much. this breaks news we're following the top of the hour right now out of north korea in a show of force, the pentagon says it flew b-1b bombers in international airspace in waters
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over north korea. this is the furthest north over the demill tar rise the zone the u.s. has flown in deck decades. this is the farthest north any u.s. fighter or bomber aircraft have flown off north korea's coast in the 21st century. a clear message that the president has many military options to defeat any threat. we are prepared to use the full range of military capabilities to defend the u.s. homeland and our allies. at any moment now the united nations, while many country leaders are speaking there at the general assembly at the u.n., we expect the north korean foreign minister to take the podium. it follows comment the he made yesterday that north korea to test a powerful weapon over the
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pacific hocean. the president of the united states once again taking game at the north korean dictators nuclear ambitions. >> we can't have madmen out there shooting rockets all over the place. and, by the way, rocketman should have been handled a long time ago. >> cnn global affairs correspondent elise labott with me now. a very strong statement and explanation from the pentagon on those bombers. >> reporter: that's right. a very strong show of resolve. getting very personal. both leaders kind of mentioning each other in the statements but you heard the north korean
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foreign minister threatening north korea would launch a -- hydrogen bomb over the pacific. of course we don't know if north korea really has the capability to do that. the but certainly these are very specific threats aimed at the united states, and this was a real show of resolve, not only the farrest north of the dmz. these were also escorted with air force one fighter escorts. so a warning, if you will, to north korea to not even think about launching any nuclear or long range missiles over the pacific because the response from the united states will be swift, and it will be overwhelmi overwhelming. >> thank you so much. let's check with the white house correspondent athena jones who is there in new jersey traveling with the president. so this is a very strong signal being sent from this white house
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by way of the pentagon with these bombers flying over north korean airspace -- internation airspa airspace. what more are you learning? >>. >> reporter: no more news at this point. we did hear the president last night doubling down or tripling down at this point on his name calling of north korea's supreme leader adding little in front of the term rocketman which we've heard him use not only at his speech on tuesday but also on twitter prior to that. now you have these two unpredictable leaders calling each other names, calling each other crazy. kim has called the president a rogue, gangster, frightened dog, and a dotard which essentially means an old senile lunatic fool. so certainly the rhetorical war of words is going on and now you see this display of force by the u.s. military. but the problem remains here,
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fred, that so far, in all these decades of -- last several decades or years at least, several administrations, diplomatic talk, economic pressure, diplomatic pressure, none of it has changed north korea's rout as it continues to try to develop nuclear weapons including one that is can reach as far as the u.s. so the big question is are we going to see a further excalation of this war of words between these two leaders. could it lead to a miscalculation that ends up being a dangerous one? we've heard from north korea's foreign minister suggesting that the country could detonate ant h-bomb in the atmosphere over the pacific ocean first the first time in some 37 years. that, of course, would have huge ramifications. that's the problem. big question mark what's going to happen next, what kim is going to do next and how the u.s. might respond. >> on a different level of seriousness when we talk about
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war of words, the president also expressed while in alabama last night campaigning for a contender in the senate race, bringing up the nfl and how he believes and using choice words, how he believes nfl team owners need to punish or fire players who kneel with the national anthem, and then in, in tweet storm this morning the president responding to stef curry, nba star who said he was thinking about not attending the white house upon the invitation of the golden state warriors coming to the white house, then the president tweeting this, going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. he is hesitating therefore invitation is with drawn. what's the position as to why the president feels like this is an important matter in which to engage in with stokes the
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fire -- you know -- between politics and sports, culture alley in this country, it just seems like it will worsen before it actually gets better. >> right. politics, sports and race. let's not forget when the president spoke last night calling the nfl players most many of them, most of them black who have been taking a knee during the national anthem to protest what they see as racial injustice and inequality in this country. he called them sons of b's which is a vulgar term not only insulting the players but also their mothers. it's interesting to see the backlash on twitter and off twitter. it's coming across the racial spectrum. sports analysts seeing more protests in response to the president's comments and a lot of folks asking where was this passion, the passion we saw from
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the president last night, where was it a few years ago when we saw you neo-nazi and kkk's protesting in charlottesville. >> this on the heel of his verbal spat with the spn's anchor. and now it is also provoked comments coming from nba star lebron james. let's discuss all of this further. thank you so much athena jones there. joining me now brian stelter, also the host of cnn's reliable sources. so, brian, what is this all about? and why is this the method in which the president wants to engage? >> well, part of this has to do with his setting. he was at a rally in alabama last night and almost entirely white audience that he was speelking in front of. yes, he was reaching people on television as well but primarily speaking to a white auz yensz in
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alabama when he kind of out of know where brought up the nfl and the anthem protests and also went into the ratings being down and issue of concussions. he seems to be the only one that wants to see a more violent form of football while there are these attempt the to make the game safer in light of all these cte studies, but all of this has a racial component we can't ignore. speaking to a mostly white crowd last night. then on twitter he reacts to the seth curry news. 's' been called a white sfreemt cyst. reacting to a black @athlete protest. and of course the curry, with lebron james, knanba stars, kob bryant in the caouple hour the.
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a president whose name alone creates division and anger, can't possibly make america great again. so here we are, sports as a battleground in the culture war. i think the big picture here is that president trump, the trump presidency a test for the news media, for the courts, for the business community, for almost every institution. and that now includes the nfl and the nba. but specifically black athletes. lead's keep in mind tom brady when tom brady didn't come to the white house after the patrio patriots won. >> roger goodell also saying -- talking about this language being divisive. >> right. >> i think most people concluded who and what he was talking about. all right. thank you so much. of course you can watch brian and his show reliable courses every sunday morning 11:00 a.m. eastern. still ahead, president trump slamming senator john mccain as
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honestly terrible. repeal and replace because john mccain, if you look at his last campaign was all about repeal and replace. repeal and replace. so he decided to do something different. that's fine. and i say we still have a chance. we're going to do it eventually. >> all right. that was at a rally for a senator candidate in alabama but despite being just one vote away the president is reaching out to senators he seems to think might flip their vote. he singled out senator lisa mckowski tweeting quote alaska had a 200% plus increase under obama care. i know rand paul and i know he may find a way to get there for the good of the party. joining me now lauren fox. so rand paul has made it clear he's not voting for the bill as it stands. what do you make of the
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president's optimism that he will? >> i think the president knows he can only afford to lose one more vote. that is partially why he's working so hard to convince rand paul. sources tell cnn over the last 24 hours both the president and vice president have been in communication with senator rand paul, trying very hard to change his mind. you have to remember since graham/cassidy came out nearly two week as ago senator rand paul has been very clear. it does not repeal enough of the affordable care act for him and very concerned about how many of the taxes it keeps. after seeing some tweets from the president yesterday he tweeted that he could not be bullied into voting for this bill. so it's not looking very likely that he's going to change his mind at this point and sources from his office have said that it's not likely he's going to flip any time soon. >> so with mccain's no vote,
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does it mean it's essentially over? or are there other republicans who feel they too will follow mccain's lead. >> yesterday was certainly not a good sign for the effort. i think something that's become very clear is that senator john mccain coming out against this bill could give senators like lisa murkowski some cover to change her mind. but she'sen undecided. her staff has said over the weekend she was going to continue to look at this bill, study it and see what the effects were going to be for alaska. senator susan collins meanwhile, said said in port lland, maine e was leaning against it. that's a bad sign. if three republican senators come out against this bill, it would be a major, major defeat for the president. >> all right. lauren fox, in washington. thanks so much. don't miss our cnn special. this monday night debating the
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repeal and repla the trump administration will unveil new country-special restrictions to his controversial travel ban as the current ban on these six countries is set to expire tomorrow. cnn's supreme court joining us now. what are we hearing about these new country specific? >> it was signed in march calling for the temporary pause for the six majority countries and was only supposed to last 90 days. that expires on sunday. we've heard that the department of homeland security went to the white house last week and recommended new restrictions. we don't know a lot about it yet but we think we've broadened the number of countries involved but also tailored the restriction depending on how the country is
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screened. for instance for countries that allow electronic passports there might be restrik shns. or less restrictions for countries that share information about terrorism but one thing that's important is league the experts say this is going to impact the supreme court case. they're supposed to hear this on october 10. they were supposed to answer these big beady questions on the constitution nalt of the travel ban, and that could go away now because the justices might say look, we were reviewing the old travel ban, and now we've got to look at something new. that could change a lot, fred. >> who gets the in ex-move potentially? is that the white house? because of the expiration? or is it supreme court that we want to make a statement on this before you devise a new plan? >> well, no. the next move we think -- and we're not sure, but we think that the president sometime
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before sunday might offer this proclamation and he might say here are the new rooe strik sthns, if this' curs, what would happen next is his solicitor general would go to the supreme court and say look, chings have changed a little bit. there are these new restrictioning. then the ball would be in the court's court. it would say, look, maybe we should hear from both parties before we sit down for oral arguments to discuss not the legality of the ban but whether or not this whole thing is moot. so we should expect that sometime early next week, fred. >> all right. ariana thank you so much. thanks for being with me this saturday. so much more news room continues at the top of the hour. i first saw her nine years ago in vegas. i saw a flier for an audition. i think this is my chance. >> we held up this picture and said this is the guy: four days
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