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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 23, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the community so they'll threaten everybody. it is our way or we'll kill your family. the taliban is making it more difficult for police to target traffickers. in return, drug traffickers are financing the taliban and lodgisticly supporting them. "declassified" airs tonight at 9:00 right here on cnn. you are in the cnn newsroom. gate to have you with us, i am ana cabrera. we begin with president trump, the president calling out football players who kneel during the national anthem. >> would you love to see one of disrespects our flag to get that son of a [ bleep ] out, he's
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fired. >> president trump ramped his attack on twitter. well then the president turning his eye on the golden state warriors. curry turned down the invitation. the president tweeted this, going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. stephen curry is hesitating and therefore, his invitation is withdrawn. the golden state warriors responded. we have decided to go in february to celebrate equality and diversity and inclusions. lets get right out to white house correspondent, athena jones, the president doubles down, what are you hearing from
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nfl team owners? >> reporter: hi, ana, there is a strong backlash to the president's remarks and not only last night calling mostly black nfl players and son of bees which are insults to players and to their mothers. it is leading a lot of people to ask why is he picking fights with black professional athletes. why didn't say see that kind of passion and here is a news statement that we are getting right now from the owners of new york giants. here is their statement, comments heard last night from the president are inappropriate and offensive and devivisive.
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we are proud of our players. in roger goodell's statement, he said, our nfl players are at our best when we hope to create a sense of unity in our country. there is no better example than the amazing response from our club or players to the terrible natural disasters we have experienced over the last month. that's referencing to players like j.j. watt raising all the money and roger goodell is calling the president is decisive and that's on the owner and commissioner front, we are also hearing from several other players including player in the n nba and kobe bryant took to
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twitter in response to all of this saying a potus meaning the president of the united states, his words cannot possibly make america great again. this is something that's getting a lot of attention in addition to people on twitter asking why the president is focused on this and why is he fighting with black professional athletes and they are wondering why he's not focusing on other issues like he will care and north korea and instead of doubling down. the most recent tweets we have seen him dealing with this issue and not domestic policies or foreign policy challenges that the u.s. faces. something that's getting a lot of attention. we have oa lot of sport analyst predicting we'll see more protests at future nfl games and including tomorrow and rather than fewer protests in response to the president. there is an higher #nfltake a
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knee. >> all right, athena jones, i want to bring in our panel, our correspondent brian stelter and host of reliable sources and kristine brennan and paris denaurd. lets start with you, paris. >> the president did not have to go there. the president did not have to pick this fight, why is he doing it? >> no, the president did not have to pick this fight but it is a fight that he choose to engage in. if stephen curry who i respect had reservations about going to the white house to in honor of his championship, he should have had the conversations behind closed doors and the team should made a statement to the white house accepting or declining
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their invitations. in response to stephen curry, the president -- it is not about the man, it is about the white house and it is about the president of the united states no matter whom that person maybe honoring you for your achievement before the whole wide world. they forgot the moment. >> it is not just steph curry's tweet. the president made this statement regarding the nfl and football players kneeling during the anthem. again, we have north korea this week and we have the healthcare debate that's heated up this week. there are a lot of other depressing issues in this country calling these nfl players who are peacefully protesting suns of [ bleep ]. >> the president was in alabama. if you know alabama like i do, that was football country. he was talking to a large crowd of people there. he knows that those issues
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matter. another thing they take seriously is patriotism. that's what he was honing in on o f the national anthem. my family comes from a long line of athletes and both professional and college levels. i get it. what you run the risk of doing when you make displays that could be seen disrespectful and you ta i cke the focus off of y issues and making a distraction by doing something so disrespectful. >> kristine you made a comment. explain what you are going with that there. >> what a losing argument for
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donald trump. i want you want to take on the entire sport establishment. that's mind boggling and he's done it and here we are. the joke would be in the schoolyard and there is the bully. and in this case, it would be donald trump. you learn that you don't pick on the big guys. the serious part of this is so you got trump doing what he did and there was a moment this morning where everyone was saying, what's the response from the nfl, is roger goodell going to have a comment, can he repuluarepu repudiate the president and go against him. you saw the union had their response and roger goodell came out with a statement that's as strong as it could possibly be
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talking about the decisive rhetoric and lack of respect that donald trump is showing the nfl. that's a strong language from a commissioner, especially the commissioner of the most important league in the country. the nfl. >> does it surprise you? >> i have known roger goodell for a long time, i know he would feel that way but obviously when you got a lot of owners and some of them supported donald trump. >> yeah. >> jerry jones and the list goes on. those are the ones that donated a million dollars to donald trump. >> and roger goodell works for them and at their pleasure. the fact that he did this speaks volume of what a disaster pr move this was for donald trump. the goodness of the nfl's leadership going right at trump on those issues. the goodness of these people and
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including kaepernick who's reaching a million dollars that he made to charity. consider that, too. this man is giving a million dollars to charity. >> a lot of twitter backlash have been against what the president has said or his comments. but, i am seeing a lot of people on twitter and viewers who are saying we agree with the president's comments. >> polls indicated that people should not be kneeling during the national anthem. the president may have a majority report in that view. why did he take a baseball bat and swinging at this nest that's issues of racism and patriotism. what kaepernick was doing a year ago was trying to speak to systematic and in justice and racism in the country. the president in front of a
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white crowd in alabama bringing up the nfl and today to be tweeting about curry, another prominent black athlete. he's kind of going against the whole establishment today. >> you got lebron james saying the president is a bum. this is so unusual. it makes you think is the president doing this to get people talking about him as oppose to the russia investigation or kind of rand randomly picks these fights for no strategic reasons at all. >> i want to read the tweet of curry, he tweeted going to the white house is considered a great honor and stephen curry is hesitating, therefore, invitation is withdrawn. he's taking players like curry and kaepernick.
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the white house went after jamelle hill on espn, these are all african-americans. just so happens that the people are speaking out are african-americans. if you look at the totality of nfl athletes refusing to go to the white house. donald trump, there is certain instances where people are not going to the white house because of barack obama being in office or president george being in office. at the end of the day, it is not that big of a deal as it relates going to the white house. >> it is much more pronounced. >> say it again? >> it is much more pronounced with trump. >> what is much more pronounce now are two things, one, the
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level of disrespect that we have seen from these athletes as it relates to our country. number two, there is a high level of racial tensions in this country that predates the president that is being capacon. there is a falsehood that he's a racist. >> upon him or by him, paris. >> it is capaciexasberated uponr by him? >> everything he said or does is racist in your eyes. the fact that he speaks out against a person that's black and about an organization that's overwhelming the majority of african-americans that make up of the players of these association, then all of a sudden, he's a racracist. if you a taking a need to the national anthem, it is
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disrespectful. >> this is the president calling out the neo-nazis and calling african-americans athletes and son s of [ bleep ]. >> i would not have used that language. lets establish that. >> it is the action and that's why i made the point earlier. colin has the right to protest any way he wants to. when you do, you offend both americans black or white. when you do that, you run the risk of distracting of the issues and of racial issues and it is an important to highlight. don't do it in a way that disrespects the country or the flag. that's the only thing. >> the president in a similar position here, right?
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he's disrespecting the majority of the country and the majority of the country thinks he is disrespecting them. he's saying you should be fired if he disrespects the flag. well, a lot of americans think that he should be fired as well. >> kristine, this is a league that's accused of -- some say because of him making a political statement. >> right. >> when you look at the quarterbacks who gotten jobs and kaepernick has not, it is a valid question to ask and wonder why in the world this man who took a team to the super bowl five years ago, why is there a backup some where. the entire conversation moves right from saturday and sunday to see what happens as far as players and solidarity with
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kaepernick and twitter and all things that's going on there. it continues onto next week. maybe donald trump has some grand plans districting us to something else. to pick this fight, it seems like the sports world was the one thing that he had not picked a fight with. now he's there. >> it is thoroughabsolutely a l fight for him. by the way, there is a lot of fans that respect kaepernick or the right for kaepernick to have his first amendment rights. that's what donald trump questioned last night. can you imagine the president of the united states questioning and saying a man should be fired for exercising their first amendment rights. we are in interesting territory here and to have it in the intersection of sports and culture where it brings more people than any other conversations because you bring sports fans into this conversation. you have a national dialogue unlike any we had so far in donald trump of nine months of
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his presidency. >> it is fascinating >> thank you all, we'll leave it all. new rhetoric and actions in the u.s. north korea crisis, north korea taking aim at the u.s. president. we'll break it down ahead on cnn. the world is not flat. you can't just pinch it or swipe it. there's a whole world out there and no other card lets you experience it like the platinum card. ♪ ♪ backed by the service and security of american express. ♪ ♪ t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us. that's right, netflix on us. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network.
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tough talks just this afternoon at the general assembly. north korea's minister slams president trump. the spee this was further north than they ever flown in this century. add to this, mysterious seismic
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activity near knnorth korea's testing site. maybe this after shock is a result of a nuclear test earlier this month. elise, you have been covering the u.n. all week. how is the international community receiving this rhetoric coming from north korea. on one sense is a typical affair from north korea where they are blasting the united states. what's different is becoming personal against donald trump. you heard kim jong-un this week in an unprecedented statement of his own name attacking president trump and calling h him names a ahm a madman as well. it is really getting into president trump's head. that's really dangerous because you don't know what will put
2:23 pm
this erratic leader on the rink. >> how is it playing? is things different in terms of where we are at in this crisis? >> the fact that this is appearing now to be two leaders who are speaking to each other, leader to leader through the media. the fact that kim jong-un, the leader had a first person statement reading or holding what appears to be the statements condemning president trump for his assembly speech. the fact that you had that and never before, that's different. that took many people and observers and by surprise here and people covering north korea for many year and in some cases, for decades. now, it does not mean it became more tense but it does that i
2:24 pm
think the rhetoric some what. >> there are personal attacks, how does it set the stage for any kind of diplomatic solution, elise? >> well, it makes it difficult. they're boxing each other into a corner if you will. how can they talk about diplomacy when one is in all su the other one. first of all, you have these sanctions which secretary of state tillerson said this week or starting the work, you see few shortages in north korea and china this week announced and instructed banks not to do business with north koreans institutions. if you can see china starting to pick up the pressure and maybe that would cause maybe more likelihood of a diplomatic solution. i think that you know donald trump wants to show that he's strong.
2:25 pm
it does make it more difficult and reporters ask president trump is it still a chance for diplomacy and donald trump said why not? this is a very transactional president. if he saw an opportunity for diplomacy, he would take it. look, dealing with kim jong-un is very unpredictable and rhetoric like madman and saying all these things saying he's going to test kim jong-un and he's getting in his head is dangerous. >> we talked to other korean experts saying you don't fire with this guy. he's playing with fire. >> paula hancocks and elise, thank you both. desperate search for survivors. this morning, another big scare, there was another earthquake, we'll have a live report from mexico city just ahead. you are live in the cnn newsroom. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe...
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albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. we a following breaking news in mexico. watch this. [ whistling ] >> so that was the moment sirens warned of this earthquake in mexico city. the search and recovery had to
2:31 pm
halt their searches. today's quake was centered southeast of mexico city. that places the eppie center roughly of the 7.1 magnitude that struck on tuesday. i want to i want to bring in ivan watson in mexico city for us where the death toll has climbed, the last we heard was 325. ivan, do we know if today's quake caused more damage where you are? >> reporter: we have not gotten official notification of add d igs buona additional damages or casualties. we heard from the mexican officials that they believe, from the earlier earthquake that you reference at the beginning of the month with a magnitude of
2:32 pm
more than eight but it did not cause rescue workers at a different location where there is another collapse building suspending their work for fear and endangering the rescue team. ana, i spent with my team traveling through some of other state in mexico and there is damage in smaller communities and we encounter one very tragic story at a collapse church in a small village where residents were supposed to be celebrating a baptism when the earthquake struck and the village was forced to hold a funeral. >> a community in mourning and crosses on the street to honor victims of the deadly earthquakes that shook the villain on tuesday. it was not supposed to be this way. this morning locals gathered at this church in the center of bam
2:33 pm
of a 3 month old. it was the beating heart of this community. but that all changed in an instance when the earth began to shape on tuesday. a church's employee was assisting of the ceremony when the earthquake struck. >> lit was instant, when it started shaking pieces of it started to fall. >> i shut my eyes and when i opened them, everything covered with dust and i saw a little girl whimpering and she was under the debris. a day after the baptism, the village held a funeral.
2:34 pm
>> this is what it is so tragic and in comprehensible of a nature cal disaster. what should have been a celebration of a new life instead resulted in the death of an incident family. mo he list the victims as his wife and son-in-law and two grandchildren. and also killed the three-month old baby and the older sister and mother. deep in mourning, perez turned philosophical to explain the loss. >> god, he can take everything away, for example, when it rains hard, the road floods and the water sweeps everything down the river. >> like the flood most of perez's family have suddenly swept away. >> leaving him one daughter to hold on to.
2:35 pm
>> reporter: ana, let me bring you up to date of the operation here. we are in mexico city. we got an update from an israeli defense force rescue team commander, there are rescue workers from four countries, the u.s., japan and israel and mexico working there over night, the mexican team recovered the body of a victim from this collapsed six story building and the israeli lieutenant colonel says there believed to be 50 or 60 people trapped inside. it is dangerous work and unfortunately, the lieutenant colonel is pessimistic of the chances of finding any more survivors and there are families
2:36 pm
of the people trapped in the building who have been camped out here since tuesday on a very difficult individual waiting to find out about the missing loved ones. ana. ivan watson, what an incredible story there. thank you. millions of people in the meantime in puerto rico have no power and many have no running water and in the after math of hurricane maria. there is a possibility of another disaster, a live report from puerto rico, next on cnn. in the mirror everyday. when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure. (con artists...)
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i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had. the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise i want to take you to puerto rico right now as we continue to follow the after math of hurricane maria. >> people are fleeing the dam break, the dam guajataca.
2:41 pm
ten people reported killed from the storm. >> cnn nick valencia is joining us, nick, you have new information of the government response there, tell us about it. >> reporter: the government is getting a lot of help. it is a short time ago, they tweeted out of 4,000 members of the u.s. army are here on the ground and that's to go along with the resources here from fema. many others that are helping out the local resources and trying to rebuild this infrastructure. as you know, ana, this was an infrastructure that was decimated by this storm when it made land fall and days after the core of this hurricane passed through puerto rico, we were experiencing severe weather yesterday. it did not do any justice for the flooded roads out there and the passage ways and gas stations under water. it is a first sunny day and been since the storm and that's going no doubt help with recovery
2:42 pm
efforts. >> tell us no doubt about that and what does it look like right now? >> about 1500 cell towers throughout the island here and communications, it is desperate at this time. we are getting a lot of messages from the people on the u.s. mainland and trying to get in touch with their loved ones. i spoke earlier with the governor of puerto rico, it took him two days to get in touch with his own parents. it is also officials part of the relief efforts having to go there you and part of the problem is gasoline and the belief among residents here that there is a gasoline shortage. those that are transporting these gas kacanisters of areas that's hard hit, they are dealing with their own matters. it is a struggle here trying to get things baack to normal. she's trying to set the tone and she's trying to set expectations
2:43 pm
there is not any resemblance here. ana. >> that's hard to imagine, nick valenc valencia, thank you for the report. the latest effort of repeal zg ing and replacing obamacare. we'll take a closer look at what to expect for obamacare. live in the cnn newsroom.
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the gop's latest effort to replace obamacare could be on the brink of failure on senator
2:48 pm
mccain saying he cannot support this graham-cassidy bill. >> senator susan collins and lisa murkowski voted no. all we do and i want to bring in our former public policy director for mitt romney and research follower at the hoover institution. i appreciate you coming on. i know you want to see this graham-cassidy proposal, why do you think this legislation is the right answer? >> it speaks to the two primary problem of obamacare. the first is rising cost in many states we have seen year over year making insurance unaffordable for some americans. in some issues obamacare taking the province of states and putting it at the federal level,
2:49 pm
those two problems are inner related and those are addressed by graham-cassidy. i do think it is headed this the right direction. lets take a look at how many don't want this legislation to go forward. these are some mayor healthcare group and ensurers to post this bill. we are talking doctors and the american academy of pediatric and nursing associations and all 50 medicaid directors say this bill will hurt people. compare that to the major healthcare group and ensurers that support this bill. none. not a single one that we can find that have vocally coming out saying they support it and insurance are against this bill. how are you explaining that? >> i would say a number of governors come out and favor it. they think it will give them greater flexibilities. what i would say is, i think
2:50 pm
people get used to that's the regime they're used to. i can understand a lot of these groups that are not interested in change. but i also think there are serious problems that were created by obamacare that do have to get solved. so it is unfortunate. you go back and look at many different health reform efforts over the years. these groups have opposed those efforts as well so i'm not entirely surprised this is where we are. >> you talk about giving more power to the state. that's something that the graham-cassidy proposal would do. you look at how that shakes out money, or fundingwise, and 34 states that get obamacare money right now because of the medicaid expansion would be getting a lot less money. in some cases we're talking billions less, including places like pennsylvania, $6 billion less, ohio, $9 billion less. michigan, $8 billion less. how do these states make up for that kind of funding?
2:51 pm
>> well one of the things, one of the problems created by obamacare is you did have a lack of equality between states in terms of how much money the federal government was sending them that was a problem to start with. in fact whether they took this medicaid expansion this expansion of the program targeted at low-income americans. whether they took that money or not, you're seeing unequal distributions of federal funding. with of the things that graham-cassidy tries to do is equalize that. a lot of the states are going to have to make tough choices because health care costs are rising. states are going to have to make tough choices. as it is, the medicaid program in many states is crowding out spending on education, the environment, other important priorities, these are decisions that are going to come home to roost regardless of whether graham-cassidy passes or no not. i. >> i want to play you something that kellyanne conway said. >> is it perfect, no?
2:52 pm
is it the beginning of the end of obamacare? you have to be able to go home and look your constituents in the eye and say when you had the opportunity and chance to roll back what's wrong with obamacare and fill in the gaps of coverage -- >> senator rand paul who we mentioned who plans to vote no addressed this line of thinking saying quote, it's not a ringing endorsement when people start out saying it's better than nothing. what's your response to that? >> i think senator paul has said for a long time that he's interested in repealing obamacare. at this point what republicans are trying to do is they're trying to use this budget reconciliation vehicle. we've talked about this before. because there isn't any democratic support for getting rid of obamacare. as a result what they're putting through by definition is not going to be perfect. i think senator paul is allowing the perfect to be enemy of the good. we're all going to have different opinions on what perfect is the opinion that kellyanne conway was conveying
2:53 pm
is not unusual. i think all of us would love to see a different mix of things in the bill, that's not what we have. we have a vehicle that i believe will improve the health care system. that i believe republicans can pass, and i think that's what they should do. >> anything can happen. it looks unlikely right now that the bill is going to move forward because of the math. but president trump is not giving up. he tweeted this morning, he thinks rand paul might come around to voting yes. do you think that's possible? >> you know, anything is possible. honestly, it's very unlikely at this point that you said that this thing gets passed because of the math. we now that murkowsky and collins have been opposed to previous iterations of the bill. rand paul is on record saying he doesn't want to. i don't see how this happens, to be honest with you. but we didn't think we would be talking about obamacare repeal again after all the stuff that happened in june. yet, here we are. lonnie chen, thank you as always. make sure to tune in to cnn monday night. a special town hall, republican
2:54 pm
senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy will debate their health care bill with independent senator bernie sanders. and democratic senator amy klobuchar, at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. breaking news right now out of st. louis. 22 people have been arrested, during a protest at a mall today. it follows other protests in the area this week, sparked by the acquittal of a white police officer who fatally shot an african-american suspect. police say they made several arrests after telling the crowd to disburse. they say 150 people left peacefully, while the others began causing destructive actions. one officer was taken to the hospital and two protesters suffered minor injuries. childhood can be hard. and if you are homeless, foster care, living in poverty, it can be a lot more challenging. this week cnn hero knows the struggle personally. aaron valencia ended up hooked on drugs, he was in and out of jail. when he emerged from the cycle,
2:55 pm
he found a passion for car restoration that has now become his passion with low-income and at-risk kids finding their way to him. >> kids were kind of gravitating towards the shop to see what's going on. so it was like, let's have them come here and they can learn a trade, learn a lesson. >> going down. >> wiring, the fuel system, the carburet carburetor. >> no crazy cut lines it looks great. >> the whole time they're working we're dropping little bits of knowledge on how to make the right decisions in life. >> we're not looking for perfection, we're just like uptown looking for better than yesterday. >> to i'm ana cabrera, in new york, smerkonish is next. any.
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i'm michael smerkonish in fell la. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. last night president trump repeated his claim that the russian meddling story is a hoax. >> no, russia did not help me. i call it the russian hoax. one of the great hoaxes. >> the actual hoax involved russian-sponsored political facebook ads and fake accounts. that promoted trump and attacked hillary clinton. what did the campaign know? plus james comey shouted down at howard university. part of the ongoing campus battle over free speech and protests at berkeley have thwarted a right-wing free speech event amidst new data can says that many college students


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