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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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you're live in the cnn newsroom. so great to have you here. ana cabrera. the nfl is bracing for possible protests tomorrow after president trump called out players for kneeling. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when someone disrespects the flag say get that son of a bitch off the field right now, he's fired, he fired! >> and the responses have been coming in all day. from max garcia, where was this response in response to
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charlottesville? just a short time ago goodell's statement prompted a direct response from the president on twitter. he writes "roger goodell just put out a statement trying to justify the total disrespect certain players show to our country. tell them to stand. our great american flag for country and should stand for the national anthem. if not, you're fired. find something else to do."
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congressman, with everything the president hag gois going on, "t president should not be telling the washington redskins to change their name. our country has far bigger problems. focus on them, not nonsense." shouldn't he be taking his own advice? >> that's fair criticism but knowing the president as i do that he can fire on all kinds of different cylinders and talk about big issues and small issues. i would say this is not a small issue to average americans, particularly the ones going to pay big money for game where elite athletes paid to kick, pass and punt and instead we get their political views and most fans don't want a political
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statement, they want to see the game. >> here's one that somebody writes, i want to ask you, of course they can protest, they should not go to work and go protest instead. what if a tv anchor wants to protest on the air? is that a fair point? >> no, it's not a fair point. if a tv anchor were asked to pledge allegiance every day, a tv anchor would have the right to say i don't want to do that. the problem with jack's argument presumes the argument on the protest. colin kaepernick and me and many other people simply have different politics. it's not neutral to pledge allegiance or sing the national anthem, it's an affirmation of the current empire. you can't say the people who stand are right and those who don't stand are wrong. it's free speech. >> the fact is the demographic is against it. the people who struggled to get
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that $50 to the go to the game, they'll never make $14 million a year. that's what colin kaepernick was making when he was protesting. making that kind of money and he can't stand. that's why when you see the 49ers and half the seats are empty, maybe there's a lesson there for the nfl that they as a business should pay attention to. >> go ahead. >> saying this is about the national anthem is like saying charlottesville was fundamentally about a statue of robert e. lee. it's simply a venue in which the the issue is being fought out. from the point of view of the president from literally the first day when he talked about mexicans and rapists and criminals, he's attacking
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prominent american athletes. it's a continuation of what we saw with david duke, charlottesville, his comments about black white matters. he has appealed to elements of white america that are most uneasy with black athletes. >> that's wrong. >> jack, let me finish. from the beginning the president has drawn husband most support from the vote who are are most uneasy about those changes and he is putting the republican party in a moment of significant choice because, you know, i think he sees these fights as benefiting him, as encouraging in effect more white voters to see themselves as part of an aggrieved group and shrinking majority he's standing up for but the country is inexorably diversifying and it's becoming the largest generation of the electorate in 2018 and the generation behind them is even
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more diverse and republicans have to consider the implications of his stamp on the party what the long-term competitors will be over the next decade beyond. >> so, ron, when he takes on hollywood, which is predominantly white, is he a racist? ron, this is what the problem is from my stand point is that those who do not like trump simply want to paint the rest of us as bigots, racists and it's not true tre. there's a cultural war here. the people making a tremendous amount of money feel they have a different standard than the rest of us. the emmys were the biggest recruitment party we've had. every single one of them has a wall around his or her house or
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palace, i don't want to call it a house, it's a mansion and then they lecture middle class america on how we should behave. that's what this is about, ron. it's a culture war. if you're into that race, you're missing it. >> this is a phenomenally bizarre accident. you keep mentioning how much money people make. the amount of money you make doesn't determine whether or not you can exercise your political view. donald trump has infinitely more money than colin kaepernick. colin kaepernick is even more principled. he has access and privilege and he's risking the most for people who don't have those things. nfl owners own teams, they don't own players. just because you play someone a lot of money doesn't mean they don't have a right to exercise their free speech. >> oh yeah? >> just one more thing.
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you said these fans don't want to hear colin kaepernick's perspectives. there are many fans and veterans who agree with him and did you consider maybe half the stands were empty because colin kaepernick, a quality quarterback, wasn't there? you're assuming it's for the opposite reaction. >> hold on. i want to play what lebron james is saying in reaction to the president's comments and then we'll talk on the back side. >> you look at him kind of asking the nfl owners to get rid of players off the field because they're exercising their rights and that's not right. and thennism see is see a colle mine has been uninvited to something he didn't want to go to in the first place to the white house, it's just something i can't stand for, man.
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>> there at the end lebron was referencing trump lashing out at steph curry of the warriors saying he didn't want to go to the white house. who is the president appealing to by taking on these wildly popular sports figures? >> i think what the president is saying we've got a great country a and isn't it a great shame that the people who get the best perks from it doesn't want to stand for the national anthem. >> but why don't they want to stand for the national anthem, that is the point. colin kaepernick said the reason he wasn't standing had nothing to do directly with president trump. let me read you what he said at the time when he decided to make that statement. he said this -- he said i'm not going to stand up to show pride in a country that oppresses black people and people of
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color. >> i think he has the right to do that and people have the right to quit going to the nfl and that's what we're seeing. nfl viewership has dropped. rasmussen poll shows 32% of the nfl fans said this is a factor of them turning away from it. they have competition from college games, people are tired of paying big money to see nfl players and support the lifestyles and -- >> i'm glad you bring up money, jack, because a number of nfl owners have given large sums of money to trump, to his inaugural committee. you see the names all listed here. is there a risk, ron, for president trump to alienate these very wealthy people? >> i don't think that's the risk. i think the risk is alienating the broader part of the country.
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this is an inherently frustraau moment in the history of our country. the majority of public school students are kid of color, a majority of the under 10 students are kid of color. not everybody is entirely comfortable with that level of change in the country and it's a moment when you need leadership that is about reminding bus what we have in common. i think the president has soeen it in his interest since day one to jump up and down on that fault line. 60% of americans said they disapprove of the way he's handling race relations. i think he does view these kind of fights as benefiting him because they allow him to posture in a culture war that jack is talking about but the fact is that the country needs a very different style of leadership to work through a transition because these are the future workers, the future taxpayers, the future voters. the kid today are tomorrow's
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economy. and instead we are really seeing a president who feels it's in his interest to in effect mobilize older, white, nonemerging america against this emerging america and that doesn't serve anybody. >> hold on, jack, just a sec. i want to get mark back in here. >> on the nba situation i want to play what curry said that apparently set off trump. let's listen. >> we don't stand for basically what our president has -- the things that he said and the things that he hasn't said in the right time, we want stand for it. hopefully it will inspire change for what we tolerate in this country, what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to. >> and then president trump
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tweeted "going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team stephen curry is hesitating, therefore, the invitation is withdraw." and "i was in favor of the team visiting the white house and thought it was a rare opportunity for these players to share their views directly. i am disappointing that that will not happen." . is the president missing an opportunity here? >> the president is missing an opportunity here. tomorrow it hope every nfl player takes a knee in protest not just to donald trump but the
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broader problem that we're wrestling with, which is much bigger than donald trump. but the big issue is donald trump recent president obama, recent colin kaepernick. white supremacy recent free black people and the fact they can't control these people and what they do, they believe, whether they stand, it eats him alive. >> you're saying the president is a white supremacist. is that what you just said? you just said the president is a white supremacist. did i hear you right? >> i'm not sure if you're thinking you're cornering me or something. >> i'm just asking you what you said. i just want to know what did you say? >> if you stop talking you'll hear me. what i'm very unapologetically on national television is that
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donald j. trump is a white supremacist. >> that's all i needed to know because i know that the current thing on the left is to label the president as a white supremacist. it's so absurd. he doesn't take these fights based on skin color. he's picking it on the belief that standing up for your country is the patriotic thing to do. i'm going to agree with you that the players have the right not to but you'll agree that the fans have the right not to go to the game because they don't want politics mixed in with their entertainment. >> every time at halftime we have soldiers and salute wars of aggression, every time we sing a national anthem and engage in militaristic talk during the football game, we are engaging in politics. colin kaepernick didn't introduce politics in the nfl. the debate isn't about whether
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the fans come and go, it's about whether or not donald trump did something improper. >> mark, let me ask you this. you just called the president a white supremacist right here on our air. and that's also divisive language, is it not? >> no, being white supremacist is the divisive act. somehow we've entered this time when saying people are racist is worse than being racist. the president is trying to build a war that separates mexican. he has been sued -- donald trump has been sued for not renting to black people. on what planet is this not
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racist? or on what planet is this not a white supremacist? >> let him finish and then you can answer. >> and when we talk about language, colin kaepernick and these football players are protesting sons of bitches whereas he referred to the people in charlottesville in very fine people. there's a racialized distinction being made here. i'm not afraid to say donald trump is racist. do your thing. go ahead. >> marc, will the mlet me say t. i want to going back to the golden state warriors not going to the white house. i had a chance to go to alabama. many of my base said doesn't do this, it shows you're endorsing his politics. i said, no, he's the president of the united states and on air force i, if he gives me a chance, i'm going to be able to
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talk to him about savannah port, jobs for our area and things that are good for our country. when these sports teams get an invitation like that, it would be good to say instead of just the picture and cameo appearance, we'd like to have a real meeting to talk to you about some of these issues. >> guys, we have to leave it there. i'm out of time. i got the wrap. sorry. ron brownstein, jack lamont hill, this conversation is not going away. we will have you all back. authorities say a beach is imminent. puerto rico facing a new emergency as residents below this dam are told they got to get ot of theut of there. we'll take you live to puerto rico when we come back. he's on his way to work in new mexico. willie and john both work for us, a business that employs over 90,000 people in the u.s. alone.
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the danger is not over. people are fleeing an imminent dam break. we know flooding is stillwide spread a -- still widespread all over the island. the death toll is rising with at least tn peop least ten people now killed because of the storm. tell us more about the response by the u.s. government trying to get people there help. >> reporter: the local official there is are trying to evacuate people by bus. about 70,000 people between two townships are in the pathway of life threatening floods. it seems the people of puerto rico cannot escape the dangers. as you begin to think the recovery and relief was starting, it was just moments ago we you a lightning.
5:25 pm
friday morning it was heavy pouring rain, not helping the conditions of the passageways and roads that lead out. it was earlier that we were at one of the shelters and we saw with our own eyes just how sad it was. it was a sight i'll never for get as a journalist, about 600 beds, almost all of them filled. an 8-year-old girl was looking through a pile of donations, trying to just find a toy. i'm sure all of the people here evacuated are finding a difficult time connecting, not at least this 8-year-old little girl that i saw. she walked away with something to find. as many donations that are pouring in, they can't find what they're looking for. they're still without power. they're going to have to wait for months and months and months. the mayor of san juan is trying to set the tone that they're going to be without modern life, without electricity for up to six months.
5:26 pm
there's no changing that. yes, they're trying to bring in generators and give out phones to these mayors, about 200 phones passed across the island to get communication going. the efforts by people on the mainland to try to get in touch with loved ones here is just very difficult. anna. >> nick valencia, thank you so much for that report from san juan puerto rico. as rescuers in mexico dig through the rubble, we'll hear a story of survival with pictures taken inside a collapsed building. their harrowing tale next. n. odell. odell. can you repeat everything you just said? my livestream won't load. (blows whistle). technical foul. wrong sport. wrong network. see you need unlimited on verizon it's america's largest most reliable 4g lte network. it won't let you down in places like this. even in the strike zone. (laughs). it's the red zone. pretty sure it is the strike zone. here use mine. alright. see you on the court champ. heads up! when it really, really matters you need the best network and the best unlimited.
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we are following breaking news, southern mexico getting yet another jolt. a 4.5 quake hitting more than an hour ago or so. it comes after a 6.1 magnitude this morning, both of the tremors centered 200 miles southeast of mexico city. as mexico's death toll reached 305 today, those who have been rescued count themselves among the lucky. that includes one group that got stuck with only enough room to lie down, and they waited 17 hours to be saved. ed lavandera went to see them at the hospital. watch this.
5:32 pm
>> a lock smith was replacing broken locks at an accounting office of this building when the world around him started to rumble. when the earthquake struck, what did you hear? he said the building moved back and forth two or three times. he said it started jumping up and down like a has. when the shaking stopped, martin found himself trapped with three women who he had worked with before in the building hooves advi -- he was visiting. could you move? me said he could only move like a worm. he said they started getting very nervous because they are running out of air, he thought they were going to suffocate. what came next, he said they had no time to react and could hear the floors above crashing down.
5:33 pm
>> what was it like when the earthquake struck? >> it all happened so fast, she says. we didn't have time to get out. in five or six seconds the building collapsed. deana said she reached to her phone and started sending these text messages to her husband, "love, the roof has fall i don't know -- fallen, we're trapped. i love you so much. we're on the fourth floor near the emergency exit. there are four of us. and then you could see she could no longer connect." that was enough to let rescue workers know there were people in the building. deana said the sounds were horrible, massive sheets of concrete around them, they used cell phone lights to see the dust billowing around them. there was no escape, no way out.
5:34 pm
martine and the others talked to each other. martin's leg was broken. he sat there in excruciating pain. what was going through your mind? he said i was talking to god and hoping that the rescuers would hear us. as we talk, martin opens his phone and shares with us a picture he took of himself while he was trapped. he hadn't seen it. the emotions overwhelm him. i imagine you believe there was no way you believed you were getting out. >> yes, i did. i always believed i was going to get out alive, he says. finally after 17 hours, rescue workers pulled all four of them out alive. all these scratches came when he was pulled out. they are now recovering in the
5:35 pm
same hospital on the same floor but haven't been able to see each other since they were rescued. they were brought together in an unexpected moment of horror and survived. and i teach him a phrase in english that he and his friends can share. we made it. we made it. in english say we made it. ed lavandera, cnn, mexicocy. >> what a story. ed lavandera, thank you for that. coming up, president trump is picking a fight with several top athletes in this country, drawing criticism from the likes of lebron james and others. cnn's van jones explains why he thinks the president's approach is especially tone deaf next. you're live in the cnn newsroom. t-mobile's unlimited now includes netflix on us.
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reaction is pouring in on
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president trump's attacks on professional athletes who kneel during the anthem or refuse to go the white house. the president's had a busy week. earlier i spoke with political commentator van jones, a former obama adviser for his take on the president's remarks. >> we're still in the aftermath of these devastating storms when a president should be pulling the country together, and we could be on the eve of war with north korea when the president should be pulling the country together. and instead he's going for cheap applause lines at campaign-style rallies that strike a really tough nerve i think for testimonies. i think -- african-americans. if you're not from the united states, you might say what the heck is this about. owners are overwhelmingly white
5:41 pm
men. the players are overwhelmingly young black african-americans. to tell the owners to discipline all these black guys lands very poorly. big picture, you have three very important values at war here. you have the value of free speech, which is important, you have the value of respecting the flag in america, which is important and you have the value of civil rights of african-americans who feel that the police have been less than respectful of the humanity of african-americans all too often. and so you have -- it's a very complex situation. you need nuance and instead you get a bulldozer response of the president of the united states, one-sided, tone deaf and instead of pulling the country together in the aftermath of the tragedy and possibly on the eve of war, we're fighting over the weekend. >> van, do you think the president is using sports as a proxy for this racial divide in our country? >> you know, there's a long history of that. back when johnson was the first
5:42 pm
black heavyweight champion. if you knock out a white guy, there would be riots in the country. there's this whole kind of substitution effect with sports and politics. it goes back to the greeks. i do think that when he leans in to sports, he is in that tradition of kind of using this as a way to talk about some other issues. as somebody who is raising young boys, having a stuff curry out there gives somebody to look up to, his work ethic is unbelievable. lebron james has an incredible success story as well. these are people who we should be lifting up and celebrating and giving them high fives and pointing them out for the positive and instead we're in some sort of food fight of whether somebody will come to my birthday party or not. it's silly, it doesn't make any sense. >> north korea says a strike on the united states is inevitable,
5:43 pm
as u.n. bombers fly off the north korean coast today. much more straight ahead. "grandma! grandpa!" ♪ thanks mom. here we are. look, right up to here. principal. we can help you plan for that.
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the standoff between the u.s. and next seems to grow more dangerous by the day, and not just in words. the pentagon just sent bombers and fighter jets farther north of the dmz than any american warplane has been this century. and mysterious seismic activity today near north korea's nuclear testing site. now analysts say it may just be aftershocks from a nuclear test
5:48 pm
earlier this month. meanwhile at the u.n. today, north korea's top diplomat fired new insults at president trump. paula hancocks has the very latest from seoul. >> reporter: ana, it was a dramatic speech from the foreign minister saying that he had to respond to what the u.s. president donald trump had said on thursday in his address. he said they were violent words, that mr. trump had tainted the sacred claim behamber, saying h mentally deranged, that he's on a suicide mission that, he had made a mistake and made it all the more inevitable that the u.s. missiles could visit the mainland. he said the reason north korea needs the nuclear program is
5:49 pm
because of a hostile u.s. policy but what he said was that it's important that they had a balance of power with the united states. he said it didn't make a difference to anybody whether or not north korea was recognized as a nuclear state. this is something experts had thought north korea wanted, but he said the important thing was the balance of power with the united states. meanwhile, there was a show of force by the u.s. air force earlier on saturday. the pentagon saying that u.s. b1b bombers flew the farthest north of the dmz. there was concern there was another nuclear test. we're hearing from korean and other officials that it was a natural earthquake, possibly two natural objects.
5:50 pm
but what we're also hearing is that it could have been due to geological stress, which basically means that that number six, that nuclear test that north korea carried out on september 3rd could have had an impact. and this seismic activity that we saw today could be a direct result from that nuclear test. ana? >> first solo trip abroad. as first lady. she is in canada for the invicts game. it's put on by britain, prince harry. she met the prince earlier. they spoke briefly in front of the cameras and we understand she met one on one with some of the althletes competing in the games. the first lady is also expected to meet with canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. coming up ahead of tonight's episode of "the classified."
5:51 pm
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imagine if you were given the mission to capture the most prolific drug dealer in the entire world. in tonight's brand new episode of "declassified." we look at how they brought down a so-called god father with ties to the taliban. >> this is an area with a tradition of growing a lot of poppy. mountainous clan dest ien labs there. there's definitely a handful of large players but he would be one of the largest heroin dealers in afghanistan. >> our sources were telling us he was dealing in opium and
5:56 pm
heroin back into the early 1990s. >> his organization is extensive. >> he had hundreds of people working for him. >> he had had individuals that were growing poppy. there were laboratories where it was processed by chemists. individuals in charge of transporting product out to various countries. he was a criminal master mind. >> he had offices in pakistan, afghanistan and he had had distribution networks in 22 countries around the world. >> it became clear that he was kind of the godfather. he was really the man in the shadows that was in charge. the other people that were more well known, they kind of worked for him. >> the money that he was making, the profits were going into houses, vehicles, a significant portion of it was going to support terrorism. it was going to the hiconnie network, the pakistan taliban. there's untold numbers of people
5:57 pm
who died because of that heroin. and the money that was being generated from the it heroin sales was going to people who wanted to destroy the united states. >> joining me now is a member of the dea team that hunted down the world's biggest heroin trafficker. special agent jeffrey higgins. thank you for coming on. give us a sense of what it was like to capture this man who by all accounts was a criminal master mind. >> he was responsible for 19.7% of the world's heroin and he made at least a minimum of $261 million in a 12-month period from 2006 to 2007 and the kind of money that he made when it went overseas. we know 10 to 12% of the heroin from the united states comes from afghanistan and the difference in pricing is incredible. you can buy a kilo in afghanistan for 2100 and it goes
5:58 pm
to clo esto 70,000 in the united states. you're talking about someone who had had incredible influence with politicians, the police, the military and also with the business and people he had had to deal with in afghanistan. the people in eastern afghanistan were terrified of him. >> that's terrible. i know they suspected him of paying the taliban to protect his opium labs. how much money does the taliban actually get from drug tlaf trafficking? >> they estimated in the 2017 world drug report that the taliban had had upwards of $400 million in funding and as much as half of that came from drug sales. you have opiate sales, meaning opium that comes from the poppy plants. morphine and heroin is being sold there and it's the highest
5:59 pm
concentration of terror groups in the world. the president talked about this concentration. al qaeda, isis and the pakistan taliban and several other groups are at work there and they're working in an area that has 2/3 of the world's cultivatable land under poppy production. it's really the bread basket of the world for drug production and some of the worst terror groups in the world. so you have a sim biotic relationship. it's their number one source of income. >> thanks so much for shedding some light to us. we look forward to seeing "declassified." it airs right here on cnn coming up next. it's going to do it for us here on cnn. busy night. we'll be back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. i'm grateful for your company tonight. one more programming note.
6:00 pm
be sure to watch this monday for a democratic town hall event. they're going to debate on the new health care bill and the gram cassdy bill. 10 bombs exploded during the morning rush hour. >> in an attack like this all you can do is run. >> terrorism is an existential threat around the world. >> deadly terror attack in london on a bridge and at parliament. >> and terrorism needs money to be effective. that money is coming from drugs. heroin trafficking is fun


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