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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 26, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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son. >> sure. i have many stories but i'll share this. fred and i think for our 25th wedding anniversary went to glacial national park and otto was in charge of the other two kids and he wanted to give them a special day. so he took them to a gorge, hiking on a day trip. and surprised them, and he told us he was going to do it. but that's what he was. he was a giver. he never complained about taking care of the kids. and he just gave them a great day that they'll remember. >> mr. and mrs. warmbier, thank you so much. >> hyou're welcome. >> i'm so sorry. your message is heard. the "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thank you. put center stage today. finally. the "the lead" starts now.
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people dying in hospital, a crippled airport making it difficult for any one to get in and out. food and medical supplies running low. a look at what they are dealing with the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico president trump says he'll visit in one week. then taking a look at facebook saying the russians used concerns about black lives matter and muslims to further divide americans. plus he didn't call him little rocket man today, but president trump is letting kim jong-un he means business, after north korea threatened to shoot down american planes. what is president trump saying about a military option? good afternoon everyone. welcome to the tleed i'm jake tapper i'm going to talk with president trump announcing today heel travel to puerto rico and
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u.s. virgin islands one week from today. that's scene of hurricane maria. six days later most remains without power. lines and lines of customers wait for money from the bank to pay for essentials. then we heard that two people died after hospital ran out of fuel for generator. local leaders are pleasing president trump to hear their cries for help. >> that sos needs to be heard loud and clear. and please let's just talk about that. let's not talk about the debt. let's talk about the deaths. >> the tearful one talking about it. the few returning flights as tsa will let them take. but the main airport in san juan
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is barely operational and fema is restricting flights. desperate passengers have been waiting days to get off the island. at the end of the day a message says it all, sos meant to be scene from the air, sos. moments ago fema said the military is activating u.s. comfort and also offered this blunt assessment. >> i think the last 35 days or so has been a gut check for americans that we do not have prepared for this country and we have a lot of work to do. i want to bring in puerto rico location slows down relief efforts as opposed to relief efforts in florida and texas. >> that's right. look, will is increasing concern how the federal government has responded to this crisis in puerto rico and concern whether this is something president trump had his eye on. today he wanted to make clear he is paying attention saying he'll travel next week.
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and insisting the trip is the earliest he could go. >> reporter: president trump laying the ground work to visit puerto rico early next week. >> everyone has said it's amazing of the work we have done in puerto rico. i'm proud of it. i'm going on tuesday. >> reporter: home to 3.4 million people. and entirely without power. >> as we speak, fema, our great first responders, and all available federal resources, including the military, are being marshalled to save lives, protect families, and begin a long and very, very difficult restoration process. >> reporter: today trump pointed to the heavily indebted islands existing infrastructure challenges saying that has inhibited re leaf efforts the infrastructure was in bad shape
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before the storm and in many cases it has no infrastructure so really starting from almost scratch. >> reporter: but other groups struggling to provide aid say it's the federal government's own red tape that's the hindrance. one official said flight left half empty because passengers couldn't be screened. broken equipment and power failures says they couldn't be checked. also says they had a flight loaded with 50,000 pounds of supplies ready to take off for san juan, only to be turned back by airport authorities. the airline says the number of flights to the island is being restricted. and it's plan to have 20 planes landing and taking off per day now down to just two flights per day. the faa says the tower is open but another federal agency fema is determining which flights are pry or tooised for take off and landing of the meanwhile, trump
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is in citiesing the government is working nonstop to restore airport operations. >> these are airports. these runways are devastated and broken. the airports are broken. >> reporter: access to that airport a key challenge that's straining the u.s. ability to provide them with food, fresh water and medical supplies. top priorities according to the chairman of the joint chiefs. >> we are doing all we can do to increase the humanitarian supplies. that's something that the u.s. military can provide. we also are providing some generators for power. we don't expect them to have power for sometime. >> reporter: while the federal government insists it's working as fast as possible. for those stranded on the island without power or means to contact loved ones, the frustration drags on. >> translator: i had bought a plane ticket before the hurricane and i've been here and haven't been able to leave. sleeping on the floor without air conditioner it's horrible and i have to sleep here again.
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>> reporter: now u.s. military is also making clear that they are in the midst of a robust response to this. they have about 16 ships in the region. about department of defense personnel. of course one of the key issues is going to be increasing this flow of aircraft out of puerto rico getting people off that island and getting them help. >> all right. thanks so much. joining me now to discuss this is it daniel, deputy straig administrator. thank you for joining us. they are telling us they have no power or cell service, running out of water and medical supplies, yet the president said i think we are doing a really good job. explain to me the disconnect here. >> sure. certainly we are in the middle of a disaster responsement and our focus here atrophy ma and initial response to this disaster continues to be on life sustaining missions. obviously that means getting federal responders there to help those in need. to provide equipment such as generators to provide temporary
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power. commodities like food and water as well as fuel that we are seeing is a limiting factor. this no disaster response goes perfect. i think all of us can acknowledge this. and this is challenging situation. but i can assure you that the entire federal response, whether it be those people sitting behind me on d.c. or on the ground, nearly 10,000 federal responders on the ground conducting those life sustaining missions. >> director of children's hospital in san juan puerto rico told our correspondent there are 12 children on ventilators right now at risk because of the lack of power. hurricane hit six days ago. how can it be that children's hospital doesn't have the generator it needs to keep these kids alive? >> sure. well i can tell you that a top priority for generator support are hospitals. no questions that hospitals are the top of our list. the chal tension that we are facing aren't just simply generators, though, right.
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it's getting fuel. and even if we have this equipment, generators, fuel, et cetera, on that island, we have to deliver it to those places achblt some of these places are frankly very difficult to access due to debris, and due to the disaster conditions there. we do have disaster medical teams on the ground making contact with every single hospital and assessing what needs they have. those rescue operations are under way. and if there are patients that need to be evacuated they are absolutely in the process of being evacuated. >> we've been hearing from doctors who say their hospitals and clinics are running out of supplies fast. i want you to listen to san juan mayor talking to cnn this morning. >> we are finding dialysis patients that haven't been able to contact their providers. so we are having to transport them in near death condition. we are finding people whose oxyg oxygen tanks are running out. and there are disabled people, they live alone, they can't walk
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somewhere. >> what's being done right now to avoid further loss of innocent lives because they don't have power, fuel, or water, especially among these very vulnerable populations? >> absolutely. so temporary power is top priority. generators and fuel and all of those critical facilities are being targeted like hospitals. in addition, i can say in addition to the larger hospitals and main mel centers that we've absolutely made contact with and are supporting, we are getting out to the more remote areas today. helicopters, thanks to support from the department of defense and other federal partners are reaching those remote areas today and to the extent they need media cyst tans they are getting that. i'll give you one example, food shipments dropped in those areas, we have to get assistance out and doing it by any means
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possible. >> can you say that the federal government are getting out the same as in texas and florida? >> to us, certainly at fema, there is no difference. however, there is a huge challenge involved, right. only way we can get the supplies and personnel there is by error by ship. so it's certainly more challenging, but it is absolutely our responsibility to do this. and i feel as we sit here right now, we are doing it well. and we are doing it as best as anybody can possibly be expected to do it. >> deputy director, thanks for taking our questions today. >> thank you. >> as those hospitals are without power, they are, would go around the clock to get the fuel to run the generators keeping patients alive. stick around. we'll go to puerto rico next.
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back with our national lead. nearly after a week before hurricane maria ripped puerto rico a part, they have no running water. and two people died in a hospital because they ran out of diesel to run the equipment. >> i want to bring in leyla, you vitsed a hospital there. the fema deputy told us before the break that getting fuel to the hospitals is a top priority for the federal government. what are you seeing on the ground? >> reporter: right, as we visitsed a few hospitals today, they seem to be okay in having generators. but they don't have a way of getting diesel to actually run those generators. so keeping those running is the challenge. and the frustration is having to operate on a day-to-day basis. >> hurricane maria battered more than the buildings of puerto rico.
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it crippled many of the island's hospitals in desperate need of fuel to keep generators running for power. at hospital there two patients in critical condition died. >> if it would be normal the patient would have more chance. we have more probability to manage the condition, but it was, even though they were so critical, we don't have the facilities to manage that type of patient. >> my biggest fear is we won't get to everybody in time. and we are not getting to everybody in time. >> reporter: the mayor of san juan, carmen cruz says she's getting sos text messages in the middle of the night from hospitals and homes for the elderly begging for diesel. >> when i say humanitarian crisis, it's not a phrase. you can touch, you can feel the life just coming out of people. >> our back is against the wall.
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we don't have the resources. >> reporter: staff at this emergency room tell us they have enough diesel to carry them through the next two days. he keeps the clinic running and he says they have 15 days worth of medical supplies. >> but come 15 days, we are going to have -- we are going to have lack of money, lack of resources. >> reporter: that's the fear for the people trying to get through maria's aftermath alive. >> we'll make it. but there will be a long list of people to remember on the way. >> reporter: and, you know, the concern is that more deaths could come if they don't get enough resources. as i was speaking to the director there at the hospital, he said, look, those critical patients who came in, their prognosis wasn't very promising from the beginning. but not having the power, well,
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we shouldn't be playing with people's lives like that, jake? >> leyla santiago in puerto rico. thank you so much. the third time is not the charm for republicans. so will the republicans try again or go to tax reform next. that story next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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great. so what are we gonna watch? oh! show me fall tv. check out the best of the best hand-picked fall shows on xfinity x1, online, and the xfinity stream app. thirsty? we're back with politics lead. latest republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare will not come for a vote on the floor of the senate. three republican senators as of yesterday afternoon publicly opposed the bill. cnn on capitol hill. phil, senator lindsey graham still saying this is not over. >> yeah, forever the optimistic. he was the reason why it was resurrected. but when you look at what they
1:24 pm
planned going forward cassidy tells it a little better. take a listen. >> we don't have the votes. speaking to the leadership and president, i think lindsey and he are on speed dial. we've made the decision since we don't have the votes we'll postpone that vote. >> and the stories actually quite familiar to the other iterations of this process we have seen fall apart before. at the moment republicans in the senate do not have 50 votes for any health care proposal. this he have not been able to bridge the divides between the conservatives who want to cutback further and the moderates. and as long as that exists while senator graham and cassidy say they continue to work and look for other vehicles that they can move forward, they don't have a path forward. and with that reality kind of facing everybody, senate majority mitch mcconnell made clear tax reform is next. that's what they are moving on to. releasing their framework for tomorrow. unified effort, house, senate and white house. that is going to be a heavy
1:25 pm
lift. everyone knows that's the case. but that's the ultimate prize. that will be the push going forward the issue they campaigned cycle for several years will be moved to the back. jake? >> as of next week they'll need 60 votes. to longer 50. thank you so much. we are learning how russian trolls used facebook ads to try to exploit america social divisions and impact the presidential election. what groups they referenced next. and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy. our guests can earn a free night when they book at
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any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. back with more in our politics lead and the pressure intensifying seemingly in the russia investigation. today we learned special counsel robert mueller could start interviewing current and former white house staffers later this week. that comes from two sources familiar with the matter at cnn and comes as the first tangible evidence of russia meddling may soon be revealed. they are poised to start going over 3,000 ads that facebook
1:30 pm
sold to russian linked accounts. they may give in sight as to how russian operatives tried to create divisions. but how did these russians know whom to target. today the senate intelligence committee said that is the million dollar question. manu joins me now. what account panel learn from these russians ads they are handing over to them? >> they want to know if anybody in the united states used ads in a way that would try to suppress the vote or drive up the voechlt o vote. one of the things we are learning is black lives matter portraying in a negative light to stoke aggravation among them. now starting to pour over some of this information. and he said the key question is whether anybody involved in the trump campaign or anybody else
1:31 pm
involved in this. >> that's the million dollar question. did they know this by following political news in america? did they geo target both on geography and by demographics in ways that at least first blush appear pretty self kated? the sophisticated? these what we need to get answered and that's why the public hearing. >> reporter: now he tells me he agrees there needs to be a public hearing along with twitter and facebook. but one thing he's not quite there yet is whether there is any collusion. he said no evidence yet that trump officials were involved in facebook ads but cautions still investigating this issue. a lot more to look into. >> also on the health today former trump adviser roger stone spoke with reporters after closed door. stone acknowledged one question
1:32 pm
he would not answer. what was that one question? >> he would not reveal the identity of an intermediate ary who he spoke with that spoke with the founder of wick i leeks that released all of the clinton emails during the height of the campaign season. he said he didn't have any prior knowledge of this hack that occurred. but he also would not say who this intermediary was who talked to him. this is how he described it after he was asked after the hearing exactly why he did not disclose this information. >> the reason i am not submitting that name is because the intermediary is adjourn alice, and our conversation was off the record. i'm an opinion journalist. he's a journalist. i'm not going to burn to somebody i spoke to. >> now the adam schiff came out one he needs to subpoena if he does not provide more
1:33 pm
information. and mike the republican leading the investigation, jake, tells meal he agrees with adam schiff that they may need to subpoena him. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> joining me now is democratic chris coontz in delaware. thank you for joining us. a as you know, the president's roger stone testified on the house side. yet ginl called for special counsel robert mueller to be fired today. the judiciary committee said protecting from such a move. is the senate going to act to protect bob mueller? >> jake, i hope we will move forward on the mark up of the bills that were subject of our hearing today. senator tillis, republican of north carolina and i introduced a bill late in the summer and early august that would provide further protections for special counsel against being abruptly fired without cause. there is a similar bill that
1:34 pm
senators booker and graham also introduced, some miner differences between them. and today we had a panel of four law professors giving us input. i believe our bill is constitutional. minor tweaks we might make, but my hope we will get a chance to move this bill forward through the judiciary committee. >> facebook has been taking a lot of heat in the roll of 2016 election. do you think they should be release today the american people? >> i think it's important for the american people to get a sense of what these ads were like by press reports, my impression is they were sharp and intentionally devisive. that russia through akts was purchasing and spreading ads through social media that were designed to take advantage of some of the divisions in american society. and in the american electorate.
1:35 pm
and i think if we are going to be on guard against fake news and this sort of misuse of social media going forward, it would be helpful. i am struck, jake, that it's ten months after the election, almost a year after the election, and facebook is only now coming forward to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigations into russia's meddling in last year's election. >> facebook promises to do stricter sales. we know he spoke to facebook zuckerberg to stop fake news. are these new guidelines enough for you? >> well, i don't know enough about the details. sounds like it's progress. but, frankly, one of the striking things to me, jake, about facebook ads is how possible it is for a relatively small amount of money to lead to a huge cumulative impact. earliest mates in public reports are that the russians may have spent $100,000 on this first batch of ads that are being released. and yet they may have been seen
1:36 pm
by literally millions of americans. because of the ways that ads and fake news profiles and stories are liked and shared and forwarded by affinity groups within the facebook community. facebook connects with millions of people every day and i think it's important that we have stringent controls on political spending and we close the door on allowing foreign hostile powers or other groups who might do us harm, whether terrorist groups or groups that don't have america's best interests at heart from overseas from inappropriately going into our elections. >> last week homeland security told electives in states that voter registration systems, most attempts failed were told, though not all. what more can you tell us about this? and is congress doing anything to stop it from happening again? >> well, jake, one of the states
1:37 pm
that was targeted is my home state of delaware. i know the head of our state election commission, and i think they are a professional, nonpartisan, actively engaged group. but there aren't enough resources dedicated to strengthening our electoral systems at the state level and county level across the country now that we know how aggressive they were in our last election. i know that the ranking senator on the rules committee which has responsibility for this area is working hard to move forward. my appropriations subcommittee has responsibility for this. i'm trying though move forward increased appropriations for this. but so far we are struggling to find ha good partnership across the aisle. and i think will is more we can be doing as a senate and congress. >> finally i want to get your quick reaction to new york times report that at least six current members of the trump
1:38 pm
administration, including individuals rk individuals, and steven miller were used private email accounts. nothing classified or usage private server. but this news surprise you? >> jake, it's striking. the amount of energy that was dedicated during the last campaign to criticizing former secretary clinton for using private email and private email server when she was secretary of state. it's just striking that so many senior trump administration officials are using personal devices or private email to conduct public business. my hope is that all of us will learn a lesson here and follow better email hygiene and communications practices going forward. >> senator chris coontz thanks have much. riding a horse to the polls, just one glimpse into the special election in alabama that
1:39 pm
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welcome back to the lead. election day in alabama. they'll try to determine who will be the republican nominee for u.s. senate. ma trumps pick is strange. faces an uphill battle against moore, who strategist bannon campaigned for next year. shootings because cut god out of their ways. also suggested homosexuality
1:44 pm
should be outlawed. alex joins me. this is turning into ha proxy war in washington between bannon and trump. >> reporter: it really is, jake. this is more than a primary race. this is latest battle in civil war that has consumed republican party. drawn out all the names in the party with the president, vice president mike menz, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell supporting strange. and then on the other side controversy judge ray moore has the likes of steve bannon, and former alaska governor sara palin. >> now we saw this divide in full display with dueling rallies with mike pence with strange. and bannon for moore. wasting no time ripping into the establishment saying they are the most corrupt and incompetent individuals in this country. >> because they think you are a pack of morons. they think you are nothing but
1:45 pm
rude. remember, these are the same people that have tried to destroy done aald j trump since first day he announced for office rebellion said a vote for moore is for trump. making it clear he's not here to oppose the president. >> you said more controversial. he seems to be something of a front runner. something more about his background. >> reporter: yeah, he's definitely in the more extreme. that's why republicans on capitol hill don't want to see him up there. he has been twice kicked off the supreme court. first time was for refusing to remove the monument to the ten commandments that he had installed inside the supreme court. second time was for refusing to follow the ruling by the federal supreme court on gay marriage. this is a man who has said that things like 9/11 and school shootings have happened because americans have turned their backs on god. take a listen.
1:46 pm
>> homosexuality conduct should be illegal. >> you wonder why we are having problems in newtown, connecticut, all across our country with killings, stealing, committing adultery, because we have gotten away from god. >> reporter: now on the other hand strange has cut much more from the washington cloth. spent years in washington as lobbyist. now has the backing of the establishment. he became the alabama attorney general, and in that job he asked the legislature here to stop an investigation into the former governor bentley. and it was bentley who named strange to fill the seat left vacant by jeff sessions. so accusations of in prop pryty that he has denied. >> thank you so much. let's bring in my political panel. nina, you just heard some highlights or perhaps low lights
1:47 pm
from judge moore. he has also said in the past that president obama he doesn't think was born in this country. i could go on and on. would it surprise you if he won today? >> no, into the all. we are going from bad to ugly. i think on the republican side both bad and ugly. both candidates are pretty bad. it would not surprise me. many of these folks were at the polls that are angry and that's why president trump is the president. >> it's interesting that steve bannon is with moore and not the candidate that president trump is with. and it's hard to imagine any other senior adviser or former vo senior adviser going out and campaigning against his nominee. >> it's also another way vote for trump. i think the desire for this and tie establishment trumpism and
1:48 pm
sort of loudly making statements that make people angry on purpose, essentially, is what people desire more than trump's actual endorsement of strange who is a much more traditional candidate. and many people at the rally, according to reporting the other night, were pro moore but there to see trump. so get the best out of them, and they get to see trump in their hometown. so i would not be surprised. >> i was reading a hot air blog, and he said the reason why trump picks strange over moore is that strange will vote however donald trump wants him to vote. and roy moore will be more independent. for instance if president trump nominates a supreme court justice who does not commit to overturning the same sex more age ruling, judge moore, it's easily imagined him voting against that nominee and luther strange would never do that.
1:49 pm
>> right. in politics, often say the w no is better than the devil that you don't know or in this case the devil that you can control is better than the devil that you cannot control. >> one other thing about the vote on the health care. there is not going to be a vote on the senate bill. listen to paul ryan when asked about the fact that the senate is not going to vote on this last attempt. >> obviously, in the house we are a little frustrated because the house has done its job. we pass td the health care bill last may. >> once again, mitch mcconnell is to blame. >> well, it's a constant complaint. i also think the house did deliver on something, and it was hard to thread that needle just as hard to do on the senate, but they did it. and it may be attempt to keep trump off ryan's back. they are fighting each other and he's saying look i delivered something. mcconnell seems to be the favored punching bag of late. all right. everyone stick around.
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ncaa coach is accusing tens of thousands of dollars to bribe high school players. that story next. ue of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call 7 liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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welcome back. let's stick with our philadelphia particulars lead and continue the conversation with my panel, mary kathryn of the new york is times former current staffers including jared kushner, ivanka trump, plus others, discuss white house issues. entirely not the same thing hillary clinton did because not
1:55 pm
server. but as of right now didn't know about anything that shouldn't have been shared. but during the election he went after hillary clinton about using her private server. >> we know hillary clinton can't be trusted. you take a look at her email situation. can we trust her with our security? >> clinton's response height of hypocrisy. are you surprised? >> no, i'm not. i don't think they care about the practices for this thing. they think they can get away with whatever it is they do. and it would be smarter to have it done the correct way but that hasn't mattered in the past. and it is a difference of degree from hillary. but if you've based your entire campaign on this, just do the right thing. >> one of the things that hillary clinton was being hammered for, nina, was allegedly attempting to get around federal acts where the government controlled t and one
1:56 pm
could argue maybe that's why they are doing it too. >> maybe. and don't, as the adage said, don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. he and his team have been shirking the rules since the beginning so this should be no surprise and no consequence for doing this electorally. >> marry kathryn, president trump is going to visit puerto rico next week. you responded you seemed disappointed by some of the tweets president trump sent out when he was hammering puerto rico saying texas and florida doing great but puerto rico, which was already suffering from old electrical grid, much of the island was devastated, and banks must be dealt with, and food and water, hashtag fema. this was obviously very distressing to people on the island thinking why are you bringing up the debt thing. >> the debt thing is a dig when going through these crisises.
1:57 pm
this is a place where the president's tweets over shadow what the administration is doing competently in the moment in florida, texas, and to some extent puerto rico, much tougher place to get to, thousands of people of fema on the ground, there is coast grd and navy deployed. and he's over here taking a dig at these folks when let's just say thanks to the fema guys who are on the ground doing this work where there is much more to do. and also not minimize the fact that texas and florida have a long way to go. >> i want to get your response to the attorney general jeff sessions hammering the aed tn attitude of college students to free speech. >> freedom of thought and speech under campus are under attack. the american university was once the center of academic freedom, a place of robust debate, and forum of competition of ideas. but it is transforming into an echo chamber, political correctness, a shelter for
1:58 pm
fragile eggos. >> what's your response? >> i mean to be decent to people, to recognize people's humanity even if you disagree with them from another per sp perspective, and he thinks that's a polite police. doesn't make sense to me. why is he talking about that? so i totally disagree with him. somebody who is a college professor welcomed the diversity of ideas on most campuses. maybe he's concerned because maybe his ideas are not being upheld. >> i think sessions could be imperfect spokesperson on this, but on this issue correct, even speakers not controversy require more money because they have to pay for security because they are classified as controversy speakers. and georgetown campus totally without any shade, we are making progress. sessions just spoke and was not shouted down. i do think that is an example how we can do this well.
1:59 pm
people's protests were registered, message got out, we can criticize it here. >> good point. >> thank you so much to both of you. turning to our sports lead the feds are calling a foul on basketball. criminal charges have been brought against everybody people in ncaa wherein exchange for bribes ranging up to 100,000 drz coaches pushed advisers upon college players and their families. in some cases say student athletes were directly involved and would pledge to attend a specific university or promise to ultimately sign agreements with those bribe the players once they entered the nba. four basketball coaches at different schools have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and bribery. ncaa this afternoon said, quote, we have no tolerance for this alleged behavior. they said they will cooperate with the investigation. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter at jake tapper or tweet the show "the lead."
2:00 pm
cnn we. we actually respond them and actually respond. that's it for me jake tapper. let's turn it over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now breaking news, tremendous reviews. president trump defends his response to the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico insisting he's getting tremendous reviews and denying that he's been preoccupied by his feud with the nfl and national anthem controversy. follow the money, breaking right now cnn exclusive the irs is now sharing information about key trump campaign officials with the special counsel robert mueller. what are they hoping to learn? russian targeting learning new information about how russians use facebook ads during the election campaign to target divisions among american voters. and long time


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