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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. john berman here. the headline in breitbart this morning, establishment gop brought to its knees. you know how much the president hates kneeling. president trump faces one of the biggest defeats to date.
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moore had the backing of many trump supporters, including steve bannon, who warned republican insiders this is just the beginning. the washington post calls this the republican civil war. how can you tell the republican doesn't like the results? he removed three tweets of his support for luther strange. three innocuous tweets backing a guy that lost, delete, delete, delete. i believe the president has spoken to the victor. >> reporter: that's right. president trump called roy moore to congratulate him on his victory last night over luther strange. he defeated him handily here in alabama. the president tweeted about that call this morning saying spoke to roy moore from alabama last night for the first time, and sounds like a great guy that ran
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a fantastic race and he will help to make america great again. this is somebody who just a day before in a radio interview with a station here in alabama, the president called roy moore the wrong name twice and had to be corrected by the host, and he called him ray, and that was not a good sign for roy moore. now it looks like he is supporting him and mike pence is also supporting roy moore. listen to what roy moore had to say. >> we can support the president. don't let everybody in the press think because he supported my opponent i do not support him and his agenda. >> roy moore is a contentious figure here in alabama, and he has been kicked off twice.
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now we are also seeing in the aftermath the president distance himself from his endorsement of moore's opponent, luther strange. he tweeted several times encouraging voters to get to the polls and vote for strange, and he said his endorsement of strange closed the gap of the two men. the president deleted some of his tweets saying the people should get out and vote for luther strange. what we are really seeing is him distance himself of an endorsement of somebody that did not win in alabama. >> he has not distanced himself from the twilight dating, but has distanced himself from strange. an attempt to kill the u.s. defense secretary, james mattis. the taliban claims it fired rockets where he was on an unannounced visit.
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mattis was not hurt nor was anybody else in the u.s. delegation. barbara starr at the pentagon for us. barbara, exactly what went down here? >> let's start with the most important thing, john. secretary mattis had actually left the airport when this rocket attack happened. some 40 rounds hitting the airport. the taliban claiming they were behind it and claiming they were after mattis, but he was long gone. he's on a trip to afghanistan visiting troops and talking to commanders about the security situation there. 40 rounds hitting the airport. what does this really mean? what it does show us is the taliban still has the capability to move munitions in and out of the capital despite the security presence of government and coalition forces. the government is always a tough piece of real state to land
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commercial aircraft or military. secretary mattis, we are told, going ahead with his schedule, and going ahead with his meetings about another 3,000 or so u.s. troops actually on their way to afghanistan, and they are going to join other troops there to try and help improve the security situation. the assessment by u.s. officials we are talking to is that the taliban are out to make some sort of high profile statement, try to say they have launched a significant attack. their attack today did not work, thankfully. five locals hurt in it. they got nowhere near the u.s. delegation, but it does underscore the taliban still 16 years after 9/11 posing a security threat in a country where the u.s. is fighting its longest war. >> thank you so much. one week after the puerto
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rico island took a direct hit from maria, and president trump said there's no such thing of zero responding. fuel and drinking water and food remain in critically short supply. power still only coming from generators. the san juan airport, some of the planes are flying people out though not nearly as fast as they would like. millions of americans are struggling to get food, water and gas, and lawmakers are trying to waive shipping restrictions to get aid to the island. they did that for texas and florida after the hurricanes there. the administration has not done that for puerto rico. why? cnn washington correspondent, joe johns, at the white house. what is going on here? >> reporter: good morning, john. we are still reporting things out, so this could change.
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the significance so far is it appears to show how a natural disaster like this can cause things to be boxed up in bureaucracy and make it difficult to get supplies to those that need it badly. a law from 100 years ago is called the jones act, and among them it requires supplies being transported between u.s. ports be carried by u.s. ships. this law was waived or suspended both in the case of florida as well as texas when the hurricanes hit there, but so far it has not been lifted, it has not been suspended for the territory of puerto rico. we have been trying to figure out why by talking to administration officials this morning. essentially what they tell us is, no request for this law to be waived has been denied by the government, and in fact the
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original report from the government is they got no question. apparently the problem is the department of defense has to request it because it needs to be put in terms of national security or domestic security. the department of homeland security has not received a request from the department of defense for the jones act to be suspended or at least that appears to be our reading of it right now. in the meantime, eight members of congress have written a letter to the department of homeland security, and we are told the governor for puerto rico has asked for it and expect for it to be lifted. apparently it could help the government, the dhs also told cnn this morning, as far as they're concerned, one of the difficulties is infrastructure.
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in other words, it might be difficult getting anymore ships into port in puerto rico at this time. they believe they have adequate american ships to do the job. we continue to check and the question is if and when the jones act will be suspended for puerto rico to allow ships other than the u.s. to take supplies into port there to help people. back to you. >> in the meantime, left with the perception they treated texas and florida differently than how they are treating puerto rico. it has been a difficult week for the president not only suffering the loss of his approved candidate in alabama but now players and owners in the nfl going after him. moderate republicans on health care, and it's only wednesday. all that, plus, special counsel mueller, his investigation ramping up and getting help from the irs.
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airports in puerto rico, scenes of chaos. some of it good chaos, supplies coming in, but so many struggling to get out and not able to. boris sanchez in puerto rico at the airport there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: i just want to point out what we are seeing now over at the american airlines counter. one traveler described it at airport lottery. they have a list of names for flights leaving puerto rico today. many have come to the airport by the thousands over the last few days, and some of them camping out on the ground with small children, and bringing patio furniture to be more come forab comfortable here, and it's not confirmed they will be able to fly out. we spoke to several people not on the rauoster, and it's
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extremely frustrating for folks not to get information as well, and getting answers has been a problem especially for problems that have unique needs. i spoke to a family with a child that has special needs earlier. they are afraid for their child's life after they were turned away at a hospital. they came here to the airport hoping they can catch a flight home to the mainland, and they are in dire straits. this is what they said. >> this is insane. this is completely unacceptable. we are human beings. we are not animals. we are being treated as animals. >> my son in this condition, he can die any minute here. we need to go. >> reporter: that family telling me they are looking forward to president trump's visit to the island on tuesday. they want him to see the damage firsthand. they say the puerto rican
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government were not ready for the storm. they are running off of 20 emergency generators, and using about 5,000 gallons of fuel per day so it's going to be a challenge to keep the airport open, and never mind trying to print boarding passes or get people through the airport screening. usually this airport presents 120 flights per day, and they are at ten yesterday. >> boris sanchez for us at the airport in san juan. what a scene behind you. such a complicated web to unravel there. appreciate it. and then health crisis
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growing in puerto rico, and fuel for hospital generators in such short supply. some relief is on the way. the pentagon is sending a hospital ship, and help cannot come soon enough. >> hurricane maria battered more than the buildings of puerto rico, it crippled many of the island's hospitals in desperate need of fuel to keep generators running for power. two patience in critical condition died at one hospital. >> the patient would have more chances. we have more probability to manage the condition. even though they were so critical, we don't have the facilities to manage that type of situation. >> my biggest fear is we won't get to everybody on time and we are not getting to everybody on time. >> the mayor of san juan says she's getting sos text messages
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in the middle of the night from hospitals and homes for the elderly begging for diesel. >> when i say it's a humanitarian crisis, it's not a phrase. you can touch, you can feel the life just coming out of people. >> our back is against the wall. we don't have the resources. >> staff at this emergency room tell us they have enough diesel to carry them through the next two days. and the man keeping the clinic running says they have 15 days worth of medical supplies. >> in 15 days we are going to have lack of money, lack of resources. >> that's the fear for the people trying to get through maria's aftermath alive. >> we'll make it, but there will be a long list of people to remember. >> cnn, san juan, puerto rico.
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cnn exclusive to morning, the ira sharing information on trump campaign officials in the russia probe. our crime reporter has details for us. >> the irs is sharing information with investigators, working with special counsel mueller. this comes after the two sides were at odds over the scope of the investigation. the issue is investigators wanting information on several people associated with the trump campaign including paul manafort
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and michael flynn, the former national security advicer. we are told by sources the irs had concerns because of the broad request of the information from the investigators, in the case of paul manafort. it includes possible tax and financial crimes that date back as far as january of 2006. we are also told at issue is the july raid of manafort's home in virginia. irs investigators were not part of this search, which is unusual in a case like this, john. >> so obviously when you talk about the irs, everybody wants to know what does this mean for trump's tax returns, which he has not released. might those be made available in the special counsel? >> that's not clear to us. it's not clear whether the special counsel asked for obtained president trump's tax returns. the irs is very restricted in what information it can share with other government agencies,
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and it would normally need a specific grand jury subpoena in order to hand over tax returns. sources say if mueller's office does have trump's tax returns, then rosenstein would likely have needed to sign off given the sensitivity. >> one more thing, the current fbi director heading over to capitol hill next hour to testify. what is this all about? >> that's supposed to start sometime around 10:00 a.m. basically this will be the first time the new fbi director will appear before a committee on the hill. the hearing is about world threats, and we certainly expect questions about some of the cyber security concerns and, you know, some of the intelligence threats, the counter intelligence threats that we have all been reporting on that are coming out of russia.
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we are also likely to hear about threats here from white supremacists groups and concern for domestic terrorism as a result, you know, there has been a lot of political discourse going on in the country, some of what we saw in charlottesville over the summer during protests at a white nationalists rally, and this has been a concern for the fbi. some of the right wing groups and domestic terrorists concerns, they monitor and keep track of groups and people to have an eye on the threat and see what is going on, so those are some of the issues that will likely come up in the hearing. >> thank you for your reporting. appreciate it. >> joining me now, part of the house intelligence committee. thank you so much for being with us, congressman. your reaction to our reporting right there, the irs involved in
6:27 am
the special investigation. >> i think we are talking about russian influence and the democratic process and the trump empire. it's not hard to imagine that they would develop into the economic aspects. >> we don't know they are part of it yet, but we know the irs is now cooperating. you were part of a hearing yesterday when trump confidant, roger stone, the famous political operator. you said after he came and testified in private i asked roger stone the one question he refused to answer, the question critical in explaining his connection with wikileaks. what do you mean? >> what he said afterward is he wouldn't answer who the intermediateairy was between him and wikileaks and putting this in context. roger stone is the one who said he had contact with julian
6:28 am
assange. clearly there's a fundamental reason we want to know who he was talking to to get to julian assange if it was not director. >> he said it was a reporter. are you willing to issue a subpoena to get that information? >> we left it to roger stone to come up and answer that question or face a subpoena. remember, roger stone was the one that said he wanted yesterday's meeting to be a public hearing and wanted the transcript replaced, and tape-record it and let the public hear it and the fundamental question is perhaps the crux of the russian involvement was who was he talking to to talk to julian assange. he needs to answer that question voluntarily or by subpoena. >> he said that paul manafort, who i guess he is friendly with,
6:29 am
believes he will be indicted. do you believe that to be the case? >> we have no knowledge as to who will be indicted or when they might be indicted. for somebody from my hometown it's clearly the path that you see, fbi raids, and discussions about subpoenas and so forth, and obviously it would not be a big surprise but we have no direct knowledge as to who might be subpoenaed and when they might be indicted. >> you were part of a public panel and you said if you have seen what i have seen you would want me to go full throttle on the russia investigation, so it begs to question, sir, what have you seen? >> the investigation has gone on now almost a year, and the trips i have taken and the people we have interviewed for those -- including the president of the united states say this is a witch hunt or those who say we
6:30 am
are relitigating the election, let us finish the investigation. there's plenty to be concerned about what the russians did, and comey said they will be back and extraordinary concerns about involvement here in the united states with the russians. at this point in time, let me be clear. we are far closer to the infancy of this investigation than its completion. let us do our work. we're doing this the right way, following the facts wherever they take us, not rushing to judgment. all i am suggesting is, if you have seen what i have seen you would wanted us to go forward. >> and facebook turned over some of the ads purchased by russian operatives. the chairman of the intelligence committee said he has seen no evidence yet of collusion of trump associates and the russians to get these facebook
6:31 am
ads up. you have? >> i never disclosed what i have seen into the direction of absolutism, as to whether there was collusion or not. what i suggested was there's preliminary evidence to believe that there was coordination. i don't know what the word collusion means from a legal point of view. >> the coordination on the trump -- >> no, i am talking about coordination. look, somebody had told me months ago that we would have acknowledged e-mails to trump jr. in which he said, if that's what it is, i love it. i would tell you that's the smoking gun in which trump jr. was at least acknowledging his willingness to coordinate, so again let the investigation take its course. we are not jumping to conclusions. you don't ask a jury a quarter of the way through the trial is
6:32 am
the person guilt year or not yet, you let the investigation take its course. i am not prejudging one way or another. i am telling you there's enough evidence to go forward whatever our friends in the senate say. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. so you think you have had a busy week. just look at the president. stay with us.
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breaking news we have been talking about the need in puerto rico. moments ago a homeland security security plane carrying supplies landed on the island. rosa flores was on that flight. we're going to the tarmac right now. tell us about how much aid is
6:37 am
getting in? >> reporter: on this flight 3,500 pounds of supplies left homestead, florida, and literally just arrived moments ago. john, you know how much of a need there is here in puerto rico right now. on this plane there was water, there were mre's, and also baby care supplies to make sure that these supplies go to some of the hardest hit areas. from landing here on the ground i can tell you that you can see that puerto rico was slapped by maria. you can see trees down, and there are also parts of this airport where hangers are missing roofs, and they are missing parts of the wall as well, and you see trees and they are completely some uprooted and others just slapped with the wind. you can see cars in places they are not supposed to be.
6:38 am
boats as well. this was a dual mission, not only is the customs and border protection agents here in puerto rico to tdeliver supplies, they will also be returning to the united states with evacuees, and they are picking up 14 people here in san juan, puerto rico, and in moments we will board this plane and head to another airport where more people will be picked up and then we will head back to homestead, florida. again, john, the need here is critical. there are so many people without power, people who are beginning to go hungry, and people without water, and of course, there was that risk of that compromised dam that could further compromise people downstream. this is some of the federal resources being brought to make sure there's not only food, water and other supplies being
6:39 am
brought into puerto rico but also, even though it's a trickle down and even though it may be up to 28 people that leave on this flight we are on right now, little by little, hopefully people able to escape puerto rico and the wrath left behind by maria. >> every little bit help but they need a whole lot more than just a little. back to politics. it has been a difficult week for president trump. he backed a candidate in a primary and that candidate lost big, and then we just shared information about the irs sharing details with the special counsel mueller, and the president rebuked by the nfl players and owners, and criticism for his response to puerto rico and here to discuss rick santorum, former republican
6:40 am
senator, and we are so happy to see you alive and well with us here. you are well worth the wait. i want to talk about the president's week and the capstone of it. this loss in alabama, he backed a candidate who lost badly. what does it tell you? >> look, that was a campaign that roy moore ran against mitch mcconnell, not against donald trump. and moore is a fan of trump and tried to appeal to the trump voters. this is the outsider versus the establishment, and i want to be the outsider and not the establishment. there's also the complication governor bentley resigned from office and he was the one that put luther strange in and that sort of tainted luther's campaign. he had a lot of problems that had really nothing to do with luther and nothing to do with trump that resulted in that
6:41 am
election. >> tara, the senator is doing an effort here to try and make this a very limited situation, but steve bannon, the president's former adviser says it's just the beginning of more. he said you will see this in state after state, people challenging the republican establishment, and maybe even the republican incumbents, and he said the reckoning is coming. what does he mean by that and how far reaching can it be? >> you are seeing a weaponized steve bannon, and you are seeing a steve bannon outside the white house which he warned about when he left. he is riling up the base. it was amazing to see steve on the stage a few days ago speaking like a politician more than an adviser to the president or a media mow kgul, you might . it was steve versus the president, even though he wouldn't want to say that. that's essentially what you saw. i spoke to a senior
6:42 am
administration official last tphaoeu night after the results came in and they said trump was in shock over how badly the polls turned out for luther strange, and the person predicted by morning he would be angry when he saw the cable news and people talking about how this was a humiliation for him, and i think you saw the deleting of the tweets in support of luther strange, and that's the equivalent of trump walking away with his tail in between his legs. >> that's right. >> if i could make a comment. i am not saying this is not a defeat for the administration. it was. but it's a much bigger defeat, frankly, for the establishment republicans. steve bannon is not going after the president. he's going after the republican leadership, and the inaction of the house and senate because moderate republicans block a lot
6:43 am
of things from happening. he's sort of putting the hammer down. we are going to run conserbtive candidates against incumbents for the united states senate. >> if you are an incumbent, senator, how nervous are you right now? >> i would be pretty nervous. the fact that health care did not succeed yesterday -- i am still, as you know i have been involved in that, and i am confident that bill will pass early next year, but the fact that it was not passed right away is another big blemish, and a lack of trust and the folks who are running the united states congress, and if you are one of those congressmen, and you are at all responsible for this defeat you are going to have a rough time. >> tara, as if he is watching right now, the president just sent out a message to the world via his favorite medium right now, and he said no president has accomplished what we have accomplished the first nine
6:44 am
months, an economy roaring. in the face of what he is seeing this year, health care, and it's a big republican effort and it failed. he's still claiming that his administration has been wildly successful. what does this tell you about the ethos righted now in the west wing? >> it's an example of trump puffing up his chest. he had a very hard week with puerto rico, and north korea claiming that the u.s. had claimed war against them, and this is trump essentially, you know, using his own pr machine to say, no, no, no, look away, look away, sure, i supported, you know, a primary incumbent and they lost, and yes, i have not dealt with puerto rico, and you know, he's having a tough week. he has to, you know, use his spin machine. he thinks his twitter is more effective than the press secretary's podium, and any sort of communication the white house can do, and he might be right
6:45 am
about that, but i don't know if people are buying one tweet, this is the best ten months or nine months of the past, you know -- >> senator, you are good at explaining things. i want to ask you about the jones act and it says that cargo between u.s. ports has to be carried on u.s. ships. it was waived for texas and florida, and the aftermath of the hurricanes. it has not been waived for puerto rico. senator mccain has called for it to be waived and people of puerto rico have asked for it to be waived and it has not, and we are getting different responses as to why, but bureaucracy should not get in the way of this if it can help the people of puerto rico, should it? >> no, it should not. the ability for the united states government to support them is a lot better, and frankly the government -- you look at what abbott and scott are doing, governor abbott and governor scott are doing, the
6:46 am
local preparedness. they could respond. puerto rico has none of the infrastructure and none of the resources. plus, you can ship and truck and fly things into texas and into florida, and you have to barge large things, you know, a seven-day barge trip to get things into puerto rico. i talked to senator marco rubio yesterday and he was down there a couple days ago and he is sounding the alarm this could make katrina look like, you know, a minor problem that puerto rico is potentially facing. i think that's why the white house has stepped up their game and i think they realize the devastation here and the inability for the people of puerto rico to have any infrastructure to respond to it, and the difficulty in the united states, and even if wanted to, and we do, obviously, to get the materials down there in time to avert a humanitarian crisis. i think the president is clearly
6:47 am
focussed and they have their arms wrapped around this and need to get moving as quickly as possible and even moving quickly, it's going to be a tough go down there right now. >> we do appreciate you being with us. the white house setting the lowest cap on refugees coming to the united states in generations. we look at changing perceptions of those refugees that settle in the united states. >> these women share a common experience of being displaced from their home countries with young children. refugee family literacy program is a two-generation program providing education for refugee mothers and their young children. children come to our school and participate in an early childhood development program so that when they start school sunday they will hit the ground running. mothers are upstairs learning
6:48 am
english. our students are from about 20 different countries, and they didn't want to leave their home country. they left because they did not have any choice. that common experience transcends language. these women are able to support each other. most refugees were uneducated and improverished. many refugees have so much to offer us, and if you think of them as being uneducated because they don't know english, really that's our loss.
6:49 am
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. all right. breaking news. republicans, including the white house and congressional leaders just releasing the framework for their tax plan. the president headed to indianapolis today to promote this plan. we honestly just got a copy to have the framework off the printer. joining me now to talk about it, cnn chief business star, christine romans. >> and a hat tip to our deidra walsh for this. this is the framework of the tax plan. this is shrinking of the brackets, it's doubling the standard deduction, it's cutting the corporate tax rate, it's all these things that are going to make the tax code more simple and fairer. so let's start at the top. the proposed tax brackets here, 12% would be the lowest. the middle class tax break of
6:54 am
25%, and then a top rate of 35%. and we're told there could be some room to add a fourth rate, perhaps if there's some outrage about how much rich people are paying. the president has suggested he would like to raise taxes on the rich. keep your eyes peeled for maybe a fourth tax rate there. here's the business tax cuts. a corporate rate to 20%. not the very rich 15% the president has mentioned on the campaign trail, but 20%, down substantially from what companies pay now or are at least advertised to pay at 25%. a pass-through rate of 25%, that's for small businesses that end up paying on their taxes their own personal rate on their business. what would disappear? some deductions. state and local tax deductions. that's something that would be really felt in california, in new york, in new jersey. some of these high-tax states. medical costs, student loans. we're told that they would double the standard deduction, so for the first $21,000 of income would be federally tax free. that's something that low-income americans would feel instantly,
6:55 am
a tax break there. still going through all the of the details here. there has been some concern, that i would tell you, that maybe this would just be tax cuts for corporations, that maybe they wouldn't figure out how to do real tax reform. but at least this framework, as we're calling it, this looks like tax reform. >> what we don't know yet is how much it will cost and we need some more details. two things that were notable, they're hiking the lowest tax bracket from 10 to 12%. >> but doubling the standard deduction, so that's where that is. >> and now a big tax cut for the wealthy. >> and killing the alternative minimum tax and repealing the estate tax, also two things that disproportionately help the wealthy. and the president has said again and again, he doesn't want rich guys like him to get off scot-free on this. he would raise their taxes if he could. we heard steve bannon talking about a 44% tax rate for the richest americans. so we'll see. there are a lot of folks in the house, fiscal conservatives, who don't want to raise taxes for anybody. so at least on paper, this is
6:56 am
tax cuts for everyone and tax reform. >> christine romans, great to have you with us. thanks so much. moments from now, threats to the united states, the fbi director on capitol hill. we're all over it. stay with us. duncan just protected his family with a $500,000 life insurance policy. how much do you think it cost him? $100 a month? $75? $50? actually, duncan got his $500,000 for under $28 a month. less than $1 a day! his secret? selectquote. in just minutes a selectquote agent will comparison shop nearly a dozen highly rated life insurance companies, and give you a choice of your five best rates. duncan's wife cassie got a $750,000 policy for under $21 per month. give your family the security it needs, at a price you can afford. since 1985, selectquote has saved over a million families millions of dollars on life insurance.
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all right. breaking news about just how upset the president is at one of his biggest political feats to date. in a word, very. the candidate he backed in a republican senate primary just lost badly, and now sources tell cnn the president went to bed embarrassed and pissed, their words. he's also furious at mitch mcconnell. cnn's kaitlan collins in birmingham with this report. and kaitlan, tell all. >> reporter: yeah, john, that's right. we're now being told by multiple so


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