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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 27, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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about the nfl. it all starts live 9:00 eastern time right here on cnn. i turn you over to wolf blitzer where you expect to find him in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. lowering rates. president trump unveils republican plan to cut taxes and sym p simplify the tax code. calls it a once in a generation opportunity. but after a series of very stinging defeats, can republicans sell their plan to the public and push it through congress? we have the votes. president trump insists republicans have the votes for their stald health care bill, just not yet. he also says he'll negotiate with democrats on health care. so which is it? embarrassed sources say the president is embarrassed after backing the loser in the
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primary. even deleted tweets on his dpeeted candidate. rubbing salt his wounds, he was ousted by backer steve bannon. and help on the way, millions are low on food in storm ravaged puerto rico. cnn gets exclusive access to military ship with supplies. but with commercial shipping and air traffic severely limited, can enough help get there in time? i'm wolf blitzer here in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, president reveals plan to cut taxes and simplify tax rates. the president calls it a once in a generation opportunity. but insists the plan won't have the richest americans, including himself. he says the plan will bring back jobs and wealth to the economy.
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but it's short on details and lawmakers will have to figure out how to pay for it. the push on taxes follows the latest failed effort by the president and the gop leadership to pass a health care bill. president insists republicans have the votes. but not right now. and at the same time, says heel negotiate with democrats on health care. the president is smarting from another big defeat after backing the loser in the alabama senate primary. his favorite candidate luther strange was badly beaten by far right former judge ray moore who twice was removed from the state supreme court. moore was backed by former presidential adviser steve bannon. all of this as the trump administration begins to step up aid for storm devastated puerto rico where 3 million american citizens are right now short of water, food and fuel on an island with virtually no power. i'll speak with senator republican foreign relations
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committee, and correspondents, they are standing by with full coverage. after a series of stinging defeats, president is taking on taxes. sara, the president doesn't have wind in his sails right now suffering two major defeats this week on health care and alabama senate pick. >> that's right, wolf chlgt the president is headed back here to the white house from indiana where he has been touting tax reform at a time when he really does need a political win coming on the heels of an embarrassing move throwing his weight in the alabama senate race. president trump trying to shrug off another defeat after putting his political capital on the line in alabama. >> we have a man that's going to be a great senator. >> reporter: lavishing praise on moore, the winner of the senate. even though he had luther
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strange. >> i have to say luther came along way from the time i endorsed him and ran a good race, but roy ran a really great race. >> reporter: trump happy talk on wednesday a far cry from his livid response from election results came in tuesday evening. >> calling the race. >> reporter: sources say president trump vented misled by political team and said mitch mcconnell all urged the president to campaign for strange. trump not only held the rally but flexed his twitter might with comprehensive words of praise that were deleted without explanation overnight. the results in alabama coming on the heels of another embarrassing blow to trump agenda. the latest failed attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the point is this, health care, we have it, we have the votes, because of reconciliation we have to wait until january, february, march, which we'll do.
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but in the meantime i'll negotiate with democrats to see if we can make a bipartisan bill. >> reporter: today the president is insisting he has the gop votes to pass health care. even though members of his own parlt killed the effort earlier this week. now health and human services secretary tom price's job could be in jeopardy. not because of the latest health care fumble, but because he repeatedly charted private planes on the taxpayer dime, a move that's under review by the in spec tr general at hhs and itching the president. >> i'll tell you personally i'm not happy about it. i am not happy about it. i'm going to look at it. i'm not happy about it. and i let him know it. >> reporter: all of this on a day when trump is supposed to be touting tax reform, traveling to indianapolis. >> you just want massive tax cuts. >> reporter: and rallying support to pair back from tax rates from 7 down to 3. 12%, 25%, and 35%. the president also vowing to
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fight for a 25% corporate tax rate. a sharp decrease from the current 35% rate. but higher than the 15% corporate rate trump had originally been vying for. >> i wanted to start at 15 so that we got 20. it just, the numbers were 15 were so low, we didn't take in the revenue. but i wanted 15, so we got 20. 20 is my number. so i'm not negotiating that number. >> reporter: now the president is clearly still stew go over this health care defeat. he has said over and over again today that the republican votes are there to make this happen. that is just not the case. even the bill's sponsors have acknowledged the votes do not exist. wolf? >> sarah, thank you. over at the white house. during his speech inane a india said targeted towards middle class jobs, not toward the wealthy. >> my plan is for the working people and my plan is for jobs.
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no, i don't benefit. in fact, very, very strongly, as you see, i think there is very little benefit for people of wealth. >> well, let's dig deeper. what's in the new republican tax reform plan, how it could effect you. joining us from new york she's a global business columnist from the financial times. al . he said this would provide little relief for wealth like himself. is that true? >> in reality, no. i'll caveat that by saying it's hard when 70% of your tax base individually is coming from the 10 top percent of the population, it's hard not to have a tax plan not to did that. but i think it's interesting talking about individual rates. the real thing is about corporate tax cuts. and it's very unclear as of yet what the implications will be.
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the white house said we'll cut the corporate tax rate to 20%. corporations are going to bring back all this money. invest it here on main street in the u.s. very unclear historical whether that is going to be the case. and we still have to see how much it's going to cost. >> how much is it going to cost potentially? >> i think a lot of experts believe this is not going to be a revenue neutral plan. a lot of it depends how much growth do you get from a tax cut. the white house and many republicans have said that tax cuts just simply create growth. but there is not a lot of evidence in the last 20 years that that's the case. now, that said, it is true that american corporate tax rates are higher than the average for most rich countries. 35% a lot higher than the oecd average. but corporations don't usually pay that 35%. you know the average american corporation pays about 19%. so really this is about getting the legal rate down to what it already is.
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in fact, in closing those loop holes which is a going to be a big fight between industries and the republican party. >> the president says the wealthy won't necessarily benefit. he wouldn't benefit. but in one area he would benefit tremendously. the removal of the estate tax. right now the first 11 million or so of the estate for a couple is tax exempt after 11 million there is significant taxes, 30, 40, 50% federal tax. if he's worth, as he says, $10 billion and he doesn't have to pay any tax on his estate, that would be an enormous bonanza for him and other wealthy people, right? >> absolutely. and another issue is are wealthy people going to be able to take advantage of the lower rate on small businesses. 25% rate on small businesses. a lot of wealthy people can actually declare their own income as part of a small business. it's called a pass through exemption. and that's something that's going to have to be very carefully crafted to make sure that that doesn't become a
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loophole. >> thank you very much. good analysis. let's get some more now joining republican. thanks so much for joining us. >> tlangs for having me. >> do you support the tax plan that the president released today? >> i like the direction of the plan. will is going to be a lot of debate ap amendments through open process. so i look forward to supporting a tax package for the american people that benefits working families across this country. >> but do you support this plan, this specific plan the president unveiled today? >> well, i think there is a lot of merit to this plan. lower the rates to 35%, 25%, bottom bracket of 0 if you take in account the married couple earns 24,000 yet won't pay taxes to zero bracket. so i think this is significant overcome plex system we have today. so i like this. i believe we can support this.
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a lot of work to do. and a lot of room to continue this debate. but, look, we live in ta country that spends the entire gdp of new zealand on tax preparation every year. that's how much the money businesses and families pay to prepare our taxes. that's insane. let's let american families and businesses keep more of their hard earned dollars in their pockets, and we'll see some incredible economic growth that benefits families. >> hand with all the cuts in taxes it's going to raise the deficit and there are various estimate right now, no hardest mate, but talking hundreds of billions, trl beyonce dollar, where is that money going to come from? >> i think discussion about offsets. that hapt been fully resolved yet. so hoop holes may be closed to make sure some of these expenditures are paid for. but i think it's also important to recognize the economic growth. i know you had ha analyst on that doesn't believe that. i don't believe that.
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it's simple. if you let american families keep more of their own dollars they'll invest it in jobs and the way their families want and spend it. and that's going to result in a dynamic model that results in more revenue to the federal government. tan that's better for economy and better for jobs and better for colorado. this is great way to start it. >> when senator shchumer says it's going to end up costing the american public lots of money what do you say? >> it's about an election coming up in 2018 where it's going to be difficult for him to go against people who have seen economic growth to the level we believe we can get it to. >> was it the health care repeal and replace cut in spending there, the cut in costs, going to supposedly pay for a lot of these tax cuts, since that failed, that money is not available any longer? >> well, again, i think it's about making sure that we look at this through a dynamic lens, the growth the economy will
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incur as a result of this. but again if you look at what 1% of gdp growth will mean, we are talking hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity that will be resulting from that. so this is exciting time to be investing in america. >> let's talk about the health care vote. the president said today a couple times he said we have the votes to pass health care under the 50 vote rule he blamed the failure to repeal obamacare. but that's not true based on reading. because three senators already stated their opposition to the latest bill. and that would put it short of the 50 vote requirement. so why do you think the president made that claim? >> well, perhaps the president had discussions with the members that i'm unaware of. but i know publicly stated opposition from rand paul and
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susan collins and john mccain made it difficult to pass the bill. >> because he said they had the votes but only because of senator thaad because he was i'll and in washington and it failed. that wasn't true. republicans as you know they are eager to move pass their failure to repeal and replace obamacare. if the gop can't deliver on a key promise like that, how is the party going to pass all of the significant tax reform? >> well, i think that's a great question f and i think the american people who around the country put a new majority in charge in 2014 in the senate, they elected majority in the house of representatives in 2010 for new congress in 2011, they want results. and campaign over the past several years focused on replacing and repealing obamacare. that can still happen. we have more work to do, obviously. but we can't fail on health care and tax reform. we have to previed results to the american people. look, there are far too many many people who, as i said earlier, haven't received the kind of wage increase, wage
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growth that we know we can deliver in this country. they haven't schein the kien of opportunities we know we can deliver. and passing tax reform is ab absolutely critical to that. >> as you know t mitch mcconnell is deeply irritated according to all these reports, the president. is mitch mcconnell's job do you believe in jeopardy? >> look, i'm not going to get into the intrigue of politics. i think we'll continue to support the work that's being done by the leaders. mitch mcconnell is the leader. we know we can do better for this country by making we pass pro growth, tax package that will put hard working families in a better place. >> are you happen which the job mitch mcconnell is doing? >> it's not about happiness with any individual. the american people are the utah mate judge of that t and right now the american people want us to do our job. they expect washington to get results to get out of the way. and that's what we have to do. >> this was a bad week for him, the defeat of the health care repeal and replace, and the
2:16 pm
defeat of his chosen candidate in the republican primary in alabama. and now all these reports that the president is deeply irritated with him. let me repoot the question. do you believe heel stay the republican leader in the senate? >> absolutely, yes. and look, what we have to do, we are going to stay in the majority as long as we can prove to the american people voters across this country that we'll do our job. and we have to do that. we have to make sure americans know in november 2018, 2020, 2022, that they are better off. it's not about politics and it's about doing what's right for the american people. >> senator, more we need to discuss, including escalating tension between united states and north korea. i'd like you to stand by. we'll resume our conversation right after this. >> thank you.
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breaking news right now the white house is stepping up its disaster response for puerto rico. and president trump now says the administration is thinking about lifting restrictions on shipments to the devastated u.s. territory. talking with senator. stand by. i went to go live first to puerto rico where millions of citizens are short on fuel and food on island with no power. our correspondent is on the scene for us. tell us what you are learning. >> reporter: okay, we have to look at how the military is trying to contribute with the relief and recovery effort,
2:22 pm
which is still has so far to go. we were flown out on navy chopper to the u.s. off the coast of puerto rico. shipped off from norfolk end of august, wolf, to help from damage from hurricane harvey, but instead it's been hit in the region by hurricane irma and now maria. and this ship and other ships in the region, they are able to fly from their fleet of helicopters, vertical take off os pry, from trucks and bulldozers here to the island, they can help. but there is just only so much they can do. and they are having to prioritize. the admiral said the challenge is to get to every hospital to help provide fuel so they can run their generators to speem in critical condition don't expire due to a loss of electricity.
2:23 pm
they shipped to the island potable water. so then you have added challenge that even some 2500 u.s. troops, not including national guard, can't really help with. there aren't enough truckdrivers and trucks with fuel in them. they there are long gas lines to distribute the food and water and fuel to various locations around the island. this is an island of 3.4 million people. so even the impressive military assistance we have seen thus far, and it's scheduled to expand, isn't enough, when people are running out of cash because even the atm machines don't work anymore. and it's become a virtually cash only economy here in just the last week. >> so understand ply the people there must be so frustrated. give us a little sense of that frustration. >> reporter: well, i'll give you one example. on board this assault ship, i met several u.s. navy sail ors
2:24 pm
who are themselves puerto rico and here they are sailing in sight of puerto rico and they haven't been able to talk to their parents and somebody blinks on this stricken island. can you imagine how that feels to be sailing offshore, to be loading helicopters with food ann and essentials but not check to see if your parents are okay. they say they are trying to help but heavy burden while also trying to help their home. just imagine that feeling of impotence there. >> it's an awful situation. we'll get back to you and our other colleagues in puerto rico. stand by. let's continue our conversation in the meantime with republican senator gardener of the foreign relations committee. senator, when is congress going to pass a significant aid package to help the americans of puerto rico?
2:25 pm
>> well, i know those conversations have been ongoing. i have many conversations with senator mcconnell and marco rubio gave us up date on his visit to puerto rico earlier this week. and that's what we have to do. congress has to pass a massive surge of assistance to puerto rico. the americans in puerto rico who are in need, dire need, as you just scene and heard. look, this isn't a one time thing. this isn't a one time infusion of emergency aid. this is going to go on for mochb months and years, where you are talking about destruction of things. they had to chainsaw their way to the radar to airport to get more flights into the airport. this is incredible challenge we face with an economy that was already battered prior to this horrendous event. so these are americans we'll help, we'll do everything we can, and it's going to be both a surge not only in the immediate time, but also a surge of congressional action going forward. >> that's critically important. indeed. you remember the foreign
2:26 pm
relations committee, senator, so let's turn to another subject right now, north korea. you praise the president's recent executive order targeting countries that do business with north korea. what's behind your optimism, though, especially given that years of similar sanctions and actions, at least so far over all of these years, haven't produced meaningful results? >> well, if you look at the last eight years, the previous administration plan or policy toward north korea was called strategic patience, that basically meant you let the kim jong-un, north korean regime do whatever they wanted without actually saying, huh-uh, that's enough, here's a red line you cannot cross. but what we have to do now is ratchet up the maximum pressure, economical economically through a station that hasn't been by the united states yet. in fact, if you look at work that's done, north korea is only fourth more sanctioned nation on earth. so we have a lot more diplomatic
2:27 pm
runway we can exercise when it comes to north korea. we have to focus on china. doi commend the president's executive order and the work that they've been doing. but china is still enabling north korea through banks and other activities that allow them to get money to the regime that they otherwise wouldn't have. we have to put pressure on china. pressure on north korean businesses around the globe to stop enabling this regime. >> thanks for joining me. still ahead alarming in sites into why the brother was assassinated in public and if full view of surveillance cameras.
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it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to president trump unveiling the broad outlines what he calls history tax relief program. includes steep cuts incorporate taxes which the president says will result in more jobs and higher pay for middle class workers. let's get more in sites from our specialists. let's talk about this tax plan. let's say it goes into effect, raise and improve the economy, grow the economy as president projects? >> you know, that's very much up tore grabs, wolf. if you look at the last 20 years, tax cuts really vicinity spurred any kind of long-term growth. they didn't under the obama administration and in 2001, 2002
2:33 pm
under bush. not a lot of evidence of that. now, that said, american taxes are high compared to the rest of the developed world. we look at 35% tax rate, much higher than most european countries, certain asian countries. the president is trying to get it down to really the real rate that most corporations pay is 19% with all the loop holes that we have. tan that's the big question here. okay, let's get it down lower. but can we close the loop holes and make sure that this plan doesn't raise the federal debt too much. >> you know, dana, a few times today the president said we have the votes to pass repeal and replace of obamacare. they didn't have the votes. they haven't had the votes over these past many months. >> no, they didn't. in fact, senator lindsey graham whose name was on ts bill, said we didn't have the votes. and he would know. i think what the president was trying to signal is we are not letting go of this.
2:34 pm
we are going to continue to fight. and even people like lindsey graham and bill cassidy and the sponsors of the bill believe, and at least they argue, that once it goes through, what they call the regular process, actually hold committee hearings, write it up, have a committee vote, bring it to the floor the way it's supposed to be done, legislation, that maybe they can bring on lisa murkowski of alaska who never came out and said no, and others who were reluctant because of the way the thing was truncated and chaotic. >> he was trying to completely deny a loss. because he is somebody that cannot process that and wants to recreate reality. so that was the other thing he was clearly trying to do today. >> how do you see it? >> i see it it's not right. this is crazy. we have the vote is prove bly false. that's like saying i'm 9 feet tall. you can figure i'm not 9 feet
2:35 pm
tall. >> or i am. >> we can figure that out. i think david is right. i think the reason he does this i think you can draw a line between the deletion of the way he's reacted and the way moore and his candidate losing in alabama last night and the way he's reacted to health care. which is he tells himself and his supporters a story of what happened. now, it often, not always, but it often does not comport to the facts of what happened. but in his mind if you tell it enough it's true. the simple fact is they don't have the votes. as long as susan collins, john mccain and rand paul are against it, they are at 49, doesn't matter who comes and doesn't, unless they find some democrats before it, willy think they won't. >> is mitch mcconnell safe as the senate majority leader? >> i don't see anything happening from member of his congress. remember it is the republican senators who give him that job, not voters. and i don't see any danger of him losing the job. but i was stunned when i heard you ask the senator from
2:36 pm
colorado who is on mitch mcconnell leadership team, head of the campaign arm for senate republicans, and you asked him, are you happy with the job mitch mcconnell is doing? and he refused to answer that question. he said this isn't about being happy with the individual person's job. you are one of mitch mcconnell deputies charged with keeping the majority for the republicans, and the fact that he didn't taens that was truly stunning to me. >> don't under estimate david's right and the fear of the running scaredness when you see one of your own, even when it's a pointed senator, lose. and you see it with the president and mitch mcconnell and $10 plus million lose by nine points, nothing scares them more than you see it plucked away. >> and i would add that steve bannon flew from alabama to colorado to begin aggressively promoting candidates out west
2:37 pm
before he goes to the south to do it again. >> it's a powerful message indeed. a lot more going on. we'll take a quick break. and resume all of our coverage right after this. with a $500,000 life insuranceay policy. how much do you think it cost him? $100 a month? $75? $50? actually, duncan got his $500,000 for under $28 a month. less than $1 a day! his secret? selectquote. in just minutes a selectquote agent will comparison shop nearly a dozen highly rated life insurance companies, and give you a choice of your five best rates. duncan's wife cassie got a $750,000 policy for under $21 per month. give your family the security it needs, at a price you can afford. since 1985, selectquote has saved over a million families millions of dollars on life insurance.
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back with our political specialists. dana, it was an awkward exchange that the president had with reporters earlier when he was asked btd secretary of health and human services tom price taking a private jet flying around in a private jet. listen to this.
2:42 pm
>> i was looking into it. and i'll look into it. and i'll tell you personally i'm not happy about it. i am not happy about it. >> what will you do about it? >> i'll look at it. i'm not happy and will let him know it. >> you didn't hear the reporter follow up would you fire him? i'm not happy about it. i'll let him know it. that's not ringing endorsement with his secretary. >> you think? not even close. look, for any president to say what he said, making it a bun danly tom price is in a lot of trouble, goes pretty far for this president who is reluctant to bow to pressure, especially on cabinet members and members of his straks that he likes, and by all accounts he does like tom price a lot, says a lot. tom price is in trouble, period. >> but there are other members of the cabinet -- >> and by the way given what he did probably should be. >> are in trouble for flying around in private jets at
2:43 pm
american expense. >> yeah, head of the epa. what's stunning about some of this stuff, particularly price who spent years in congress, not a wealthy person who just came in. tom price knows the deal here. 20-plus private flights often to places like philadelphia from washington, where, look i would fly in private planes as much as the next guy. >> actually takes longer. >> yeah as a lot of cost to the taxpayers. i'm with dana. i would guess if you gave this scenario to most presidents they would ends up with time to go line. i think trump is well within his right to say this is bad. we'll think about it. i would not sleep comfortably if i was tom price today. >> not happy about it he said a few times. >> would you imagine working with a boss who takes pleasure in letting his staff sort of twist in the wind.
2:44 pm
this has happened time and time again where, yeah, well, i'm not happy. i'm going to look at it. it's such a weird dynamic that we don't normally see play out in public like this. it's one thing. the thing that's so different about this, wolf, and the thing that tom price might be seriously in trouble here, it goes against the grain of what brought trump thought dance. there are some washington scandals don't bow to the pressure, it will pass. but this notion of living high on the hogan flying private jets instead of serving the people who put you there. that is the very element of the argument donald trump was making to people across this country who votesed for him. >> to drain the swamp. >> this is, first of all, a former member of congress who is now using his perks as a cabinet secretary to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the taxpayers dime to do something that 99% of the public has never done, which is fly in a private
2:45 pm
plane. i this i if tom price did anything close to this when he was a member of congress he would be in trouble, and it's a lot harder to get rid of congress than cabinet member. >> and remember when tom price was in congress. >> railed against this usage. >> his colleagues from doing this time. >> so you add hypocrisy to the mix too. >> heaven by washington standards where there is hypocrisy on hypocrisy, this doesn't make sense, it really doesn't. it sort of -- is it possible that somebody is this inside the beltway? i mean, in the most metaphoric sense of the word, that they don't understand that it's not okay to spend taxpayer dollars to go $25,000 to go from philadelphia to washington when you railed against that when you were a member of congress? it just -- i really don't get it. almost feel like there might be something that we are missing here unless it really is that unbelievable. >> it also comes out, too, well
2:46 pm
he took three fights, then he took eight, now it's 25. the way it's played out. given about donald trump that he likes to leave people twisting in the wind and bring the hammer down. >> david makes a good point. the public re-butte of members of the cabinet, whether secretary price or attorney general jeff sessions, pretty ordinary. you can see the president is irritated, but they don't publicly admonish them the way this president does. all right. guys. stand by. quick reminder to all of our viewers be watching tonight when anderson cooper moderates cnn town hall patriotism, players and the president, 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. coming up deeply disturbing in sites into kim jong-un brother was assassinated in public. is his ruthless leader sending a message to the whole world? the opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain
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as north korea tests its growing arsenal and threatens the united states with mass destruction, we're getting new insight on a gruesome personal message by kim jong-un. the murder of his own half brother. brian todd has been looking into this for us. brian, you're getting new information. what are you learning. >> we are, wolf. tonight, just duodays before the trial of the women who allegedly
2:52 pm
killed kim jong-nam begins, we're getting a new angle on the case. he tells us that kim jong-un wanted this murder to be a very public spectacle to send a message to north korea's rivals all over the world. don't cross us. for a cry that has several spy novel plot twists, this was the most public and brazen of murders. and tonight, one analyst tells cnn that's exactly how kim jong-un wanted it. february 13th of this year, in the middle of kuala lumpur's international airport, kim jong-nam, older half brother of north korea's dictator, has his face rubbed by two women. police athe substance on the women's hands was a chemical weapon, vx nerve agent. kim jong-nam suffocates and dies in less than 20 minutes. tonight, a professor named nam sung wook, a former analyst with south korea's intelligence agency, tells cnn in a phone interview, kim jong-un wanted the world to see his brother die. >> by using chemical weapons and
2:53 pm
then smothering him in this grotesque public way, pyongyang wants to send a worldwide message. >> and what is that message? >> don't think about the post-kim. nobody controls pyongyang without him. >> reporter: nam believes the moment he left his home to travel in malaysia, kim jong-nam was trailed by agents. and he says the use of a powerful weapon was part of the calculation. >> kim jong wants to reign a long time and negotiate as a superpower. the only way to do that is to keep the world in fear of his weapons. >> reporter: men who malaysian police say were north korean agents at the kuala lumpur airport didn't exactly try to hide their faces from surveillance cameras. >> the north korean state has elements of a mafia family. when they do a hit, they want it to have effect. they want to scare and
2:54 pm
intimidate. >> reporter: lawyers for the two women charged with kim jong-n jong-nam's murder say the women are innocent and were tricked into doing it by their north korean handlers. malaysian police dispute that. kim jong-un's regime denies ordering the hit. one former cia analyst says it's possible the north korean leader didn't intend to send a broader warning to the world with his brother's death. >> keeping the involvement secret would seem to be -- make more sense, they remove a potential threat to kim jong-un, but then adon't risk the response by the governments around the world or the u.n.. >> what most observers seem to agree on is that in the end, kim jong-nam's murder was a victory for kim jong-un. the north korean dictator got his half brother, who is a critic of his, out of the way. the north koreans got the brother's body back. no north korean has ever been held accountable for the murder, and they likely won't be. the only people charged in this case are two young women, one
2:55 pm
from vietnam, one from indonesia, who will probably be hanged if they're convicted. wolf, we'll learn a lot more when their trial begins on monday. >> interesting. and the north korean regime, brian, had made what two other runs at killing couple jong-nam before? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. analysts say the regime tried to stage a car accident in china to kill him in 2010 and they made another attempt to kill him in 2012. at that point, kim jong-nam wrote a letter to his half brother, pleaded with kim jong-un to top strstop trying t assassinate him. it appears the younger brother was just waiting for his moment. >> brian todd, thanks very much. coming up, breaking news, after a series of stinging defeats, president trump unveils a plan to cut taxes and simplify the tax code. he denies that it will benefit the wealthy. can republicans sell their plan to the public and push it through congress?
2:56 pm
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happening now. breaking news. tax and defend. president trump unfail veils a sweeping proposal to overhaul the u.s. tax system and defends his backing of the losing candidate in a gop senate race while deleting a series of tweets. and tonight, the president is also claiming he does have the votes to repeal obamacare. do his numbers add up? who targeted -- who was -- who russia targeted, i should say. we're learning exclusive new details about a facebook ad purchased by russians to influence the presidential campaign by touching on a very hot-button racial issue. which voters was the ad designed to sway? the price is wrong. president trump says he's not happy about the use of private jets by his health


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